Review by neokoolkid64

"RED ALERT! A good game has entered your vicinity!"

Ok, Neo back to tell you which games to buy, or rent. Now this game is a extremely great game. My review begins now.

Graphics: 8/10

Pretty bland graphics, not that much tank detail and sometimes pixely but the framerate is aewsome. The smoothness of textures is pretty nice and everything looks in proportion. Here is teh detailed section of red alert's graphics:
Framerate: 9/10
detail: 6/10
smoothness: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

First I will list the cons of the sound. It has generic explosions and gun sounds. That is all that is wrong with the sounds! The music has a huge selection of top notch music and all the sounds are of a high quality. The sound effects for the game (Not the explosions or guns) are really nice. The music I can't even begin to list teh aewsomeness of it! You get a feel of the game while going on a killing spree with Hell march playying in the background. Here is the detailed pros vs cons:
Music: 12/10
Gun/explosions: 7/10
SFX: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Here is the bread and butter of the game. First you choose your side. Soviets or allied forces. Then you go into alot of missions with a plotline. It is sort of a high tech WWII. And there are online skirmishes and you can even create your own maps! It is a very good game and you have to use strategy with mining ore trucks to get you money, Silos to store money, and you have to build buildings near buildings. Each team has thier own unique units making no team the best team. Other than all that it is a pretty great RTS game and gets you immersed well!!! here is the detailed pros vs cons:
Immersion: 9/10
map maker: 7/10 (no scenario builders)
Pace: Fast
A.I. level: modifiable from ignorant to just plain demi-gods

Rent or buy?: BUY! it is a great game for cheap!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/28/04

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