Review by computerguy1489

Reviewed: 07/08/05

Command and Conquer 64 turned into a computer game.

Okay. Well to start this off, I would say that this game is just like Command and Conquer 64 for the Nintendo 64 system, only it's a computer game now.

Well, here is a twist. Instead of the usual GDI fighting the Nods, now the story changes into a war between the Allies and the Soviets. The Allies want world peace, but the Soviets want to dominate the world.

Game Play:7/10
There are quite a lot of missions, each one getting harder and harder. Actually, I gave this a seven because some of the missions only give you a certain amount of men and you have to use them to destroy a base or capture this guy while killing at least fifty enemies. Those are really hard, and if you actually beat those missions, the next one is somewhat easy. Also the multi-player skirmish is really bad as no matter what technology level it is, the A.I will still build faster than you and create big attack forces, sometimes of just soldiers or sometimes just tanks, or mixed.

The graphics are just terrible. I mean the environments don't even look real, and the trees are weird. The explosions are just pitiful and a guy would expect to see at least a few chunks of debris fly out of destroyed things, but there aren't any. The infantry units don't have faces and the water is unrealistic. The tanks look good though and the lightning bolts and fireballs look cool too.

Almost everyone says the same thing and that can get annoying sometimes. The only good thing is the variety of the songs you can choose from.

The controls to this game are nicely placed and are easy to learn. If you have played any other command and conquer games, then the controls should nearly be the same.

Once you finish the Allied missions you can do the Soviet missions or vice versa so that is good. The bad things are that you can't unlock anything and if you beat both sides, the multi-player skirmish is really boring. So most people wouldn't play this mission again. It may get so boring that you might want to toss this game in the trash.

Buy or Rent: I would say that if you liked to play Command and Conquer 64, then you should buy Red Alert because it's almost the same, but a little better. If you like action games, then rent this game and see how it's like. If you love this game then buy Red Alert 2 or it's expansion pack.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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