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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Deuce ex Defcon

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                             COMMAND & CONQUER:  RED ALERT
      ____ ___  _   _ _   _ _____ _____ ____    ____ _____ ____   _____ _  _______ 
     / ___/ _ \| | | | \ | |_   _| ____|  _ \  / ___|_   _|  _ \ |_   _| |/ / ____|
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    |                         |        CONTENTS         |                         |
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    0.00)  General Notes
    1.00)  Walkthrough
         1.10)  Allied Missions
              1.11)  Sarin Gas 1:  Crackdown
              1.12)  Sarin Gas 2:  Down Under
              1.13)  Sarin Gas 3:  Controlled Burn
              1.14)  Fall of Greece 1:  Personal War
              1.15)  Fall of Greece 2:  Evacuation
              1.16)  Siberian Conflict 1:  Fresh Tracks
              1.17)  Siberian Conflict 2:  Trapped
              1.18)  Siberian Conflict 3:  Wasteland
         1.50)  Soviet Missions
              1.51)  Proving Grounds
              1.52)  Besieged
              1.53)  Mousetrap
              1.54)  Legacy of Tesla
              1.55)  Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi
              1.56)  Top o' the World
              1.57)  Paradox Equation
              1.58)  Nuclear Escalation
    7.00)  End
         7.01)  Version History
         7.02)  Closing
    NOTE:  You can access a special series of four Allied missions where you fight
           against giant ants.  From the main title screen, hold down your Shift
           Key and click in the upper-right area of the title screen.  I haven't
           included walkthroughs for these missions yet because I'm playing the
           game on The First Decade compilation, and the second giant ant mission
           always jams on me when I complete it.  If I find a way to work around
           this, I'll add walkthroughs for all four missions.
    NOTE:  If you're looking for detailed information about the units or structures
           in this game, please refer to my guide for the original Red Alert found
           here:  http://db.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/red_alert_d.txt
           Since Counter Strike is just a mission expansion of the original Red
           Alert, I didn't feel it was necessary to include this information in
           both guides.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |          0.00)  General Notes           |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    First, it's worth noting that this guide was written for Hard mode.  If some of
    my suggestions and comments in the guide seem unreasonable, it's probably
    because you're not playing on Hard mode.
    What's the difference between the different modes?  Well:
     - Easy mode will make everything you build cost approximately ten percent less
    than usual (which can add on to Russia's ten percent too, making things
    approximately twenty percent cheaper).  There's no change between normal and
    hard mode as far as costs go, but you'll note that the game moves much faster
    on hard mode, and the computers are much more aggressive.
    Next, I'll cover some of the most important keyboard/mouse functions.  If
    you've played at least one or two other RTS games before, most of these will
    probably be familiar already, but if not, you should defintely familiarize
    yourself with them.
     - The X key will make your units scatter, making them harder to hit.  If you
    get into a fight on equal footing (like classic light tank battles, for
    example), whoever scatters the best is most likely going to win.
     - The S key will stop the last command you gave to the units you currently
    have selected.  This is great for when you realize you just sent something
    somewhere stupid, or if you want to stop force-firing on something.
     - Pressing this will center your screen on your primary Construction Yard.
    This is useful when you don't have radar and accidentally bump your mouse or
    Ctrl+Left Click
     - Hold down the Control key, then left click on something to make your
    selected unit(s) force-fire on a target, even if it's a friendly unit,
    building, or just bare ground.  This is a great way to purposely destroy
    bridges and detonate mine fields.
    Alt+Left Click
     - This is similar to Force-Fire, only instead of firing, it'll force your
    selected unit(s) to move to the desired location.  The main reason you'll want
    to use this command is for smashing infantry - tell a vehicle to force-move on
    an infantry unit, and it'll actively try to run the unit over.
     - Hold down the Control key, then press one of the number keys from one to
    nine.  Anything you had selected at the time will now be in a group that
    corresponds to the number you pressed.  When you let go of that selection,
    pressing the corresponding number key again (without Ctrl this time) will
    automatically reselect those units.  This is an absolute must for efficient
    combat, especially in online games.  Note that pressing Alt + a group number
    will not only reselect the units, but also center your screen on the group's
    current location.
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    |                    |        1.00)  Walkthrough         |                    |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |         1.10)  Allied  Missions         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |     1.11)  Sarin Gas 1:  Crackdown      |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "A Soviet convoy of Sarin nerve gas has stopped at a riverside outpost for
     refuelling.  This is a perfect opportunity to destroy the Sarin shipment, and
     remove the Soviet threat in the area.
     Use your forces to destroy the convoy trucks and the base.  It is imperative
     that none of the convoy trucks escape.
     The Soviets keep their convoy information in their radar center.  If a spy was
     to infiltrate the facility, it may help us locate the convoy escape routes."
    The Soviets will be attacking you from the east when the mission starts, so
    immediately highlight your riflemen and have them slaughter the Soviet troops.
    Let them stand still slightly to the right of your other units, and they'll
    pick off the guard dogs on their own.  A single grenade guy will attack from
    the south after that along with a single rifleman from the north.  During this
    time, you should have plenty of time to build and place a power plant and
    As soon as your ore refinery is ready, place it to the north and concentrate
    your harvesting efforts there at first.  Get a war factory, then build a few
    light tanks before you even bother with a second ore miner or a radar dome.
    The Soviets are going to send more stuff at you, and you'll need those tanks to
    handle it.  Once you have five or so of them, get your radar dome and a second
    ore miner if you want them.
    A pair of guard dogs will make it a tad tricky to get your spies into the
    Soviet radar dome, but it doesn't really matter since I can just tell you where
    the trucks will try to escape.  Their first attempt will be via the road that
    exits the screen on the south edge of the map, directly east of the ore field
    that's south of your base.  Park some tanks or some riflemen there to blast it
    before it can sneak away.
    The next attempt will be out the road north of your base, so defend that as
    well.  The Soviets will also periodically send patrols this way, so you'll need
    to be prepared to defend against more than just an unarmed truck.  The thid
    spot the Soviets might use is the path directly east of your base (the road
    between your base and the Soviet base).  The trucks can't exactly take much
    damage - a pillbox or two will take them out before they can escape.
    NOTE:  If you want to make an attempt at the radar dome anyway, it's in the
           upper-right corner of the map.  You can approach it if you head due east
           through the small town, cross the bridge to the south, and then head
           north-east.  Two dogs will almost certainly stop your spies instantly,
           though, so you'll probably want to use an APC if you want to make an
           attempt at infiltrating the radar dome.
    Once the trucks are gone, you can just mass-produce light tanks and assault the
    Soviet bases to end the mission.  I suggest you move your tanks east along the
    southern part of the map, turn north to cross the bridge, and then assault the
    small base here first.  Once it's crushed, turn north and quickly attack the
    Tesla Coil on the south side of the main Soviet base.  Ignore all other threats
    and continue into the base to destroy the other Tesla Coils first, then finish
    off everything else.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |     1.12)  Sarin Gas 2:  Down Under     |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "We've traced the convoy's route to this underground facility.  We suspect that
     this is a hidden access to the Soviet's main Sarin plant.
     Lead your troops through the tunnels and remove any opposition you may find.
     Be careful -- the Soviets are conducting all kinds of research in this
     facility, and we don't know what they may throw at you.
     Use spies to scout and infiltrate factories where they can steal vehicles.
     The mission is complete when your forces reach the far exit of the facility."
    Wait for the Soviet troops to approach you from the right, and your riflemen
    will slaughter them instantly.  Send one of your men into the little terminal
    nook thing above your starting position to destroy the nearby flame tower, then
    slowly move your riflemen to the right until you find another pair of Soviet
    riflemen and a pair of flame towers.  Once the riflemen are dead, send your spy
    up the hallway to the north and find the next little terminal thing to detonate
    the upper flame tower of the pair that's blocking your path.
    Send the spy down the south hallway now and make your way into the war factory.
    Your spy will take the nearby truck and drive off the screen, then return a
    screen to the right.  An attack dog will come down there very shortly after he
    gets out of the truck, so you'll need to immediately run him up and to the left
    as soon as he's out of the truck.  There's another terminal on the wall here
    that'll detonate the lower flame tower that's blocking your other troops.  As
    soon as you detonate it, move your spy to the very upper-left part of this
    terminal area so the attack dog won't kill him when it moves up again.
    Move your riflemen to the spot where the flame towers used to be and wait for
    the attack dogs to approach.  Once they're dead, move farther to the east until
    you see some explosive barrels, then wait until the nearby Soviet troops walk
    into the middle of them.  Shoot the closest barrel, then retreat from the
    resulting explosion and heal your troops if necessary.
    Move east again until you see the group of grenade troops over the wall, then
    move closer until the two attack dogs attack.  Kill them, but don't get close
    enough to the wall for the grenade guys to toss any grenades at you.  Instead,
    go back down to your spy and send him up towards the room with the grenade
    guys.  In the lower-right corner, you'll find another terminal.  Activate it,
    and the grenade guys will all be slaughtered by some of the Soviet's Sarin gas.
    Move north past that room now, and you'll find another large room with some
    barrels and a pair of Tesla Coils in it.  Send one of your men to the terminal
    on the wall to the left, and the upper Tesla Coil will detonate.  The other one
    is friendly, and it'll handle the Mammoth tank that'll be approaching from the
    east.  Move your soldiers down that hallway once the Mammoth's handled.
    When the hallway turns to the south again, send a spy ahead.  There's another
    Mammoth tank parked in the middle of this large area, but the terminal on the
    wall to the right will pop a pair of Tesla Coils out of the ground.  Once they
    destroy the tank, move your troops to the lower-right hallway of this room.
    Kill the infantry, then use the terminal on the wall to free Tanya from her
    cell.  Send everyone back to the room with the Tesla Coils, then move Tanya to
    the lower-left hallway.
    Move south quickly and target the Soviet soldier before he can slaughter your
    prisoners, then quickly take care of the other soldiers to the right.  Take out
    the attack dogs to free your prisoners, then move them and Tanya back to the
    Tesla Coils to rejoin your other troops.
    Move everyone up the upper-right hallway now and deal with everything you
    encounter until you reach a hallway that heads south.  Send your men down there
    and have Tanya slaugher the infantry, then have a spy use the terminal near the
    three flame throwers to destroy them.  Move everyone to the eastern edge of the
    screen past those flame towers to end the mission.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |  1.13)  Sarin Gas 3:  Controlled Burn   |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "We have infiltrated the Soviet's Sarin facility.  However, the main entrance
     is guarded by a wall of Tesla coils.  We can't move a large force in until
     they are taken down.
     Infiltrate the power grid to the east and destroy the power plants.  Once
     done, reinforcements will arrive.
     Destroy the Soviet compound, but capture all of the Sarin processor buildings
     intact -- we can't have a chemical spill."
    Send your spy east until you see the path that leads north to an ore field.
    There's a Mammoth tank that moves through here on a set path, so follow it to
    the east until you see the Soviet base in the north-east corner of the map.
    There're some soldiers, a guard dog, and a pair of flame towers protecting the
    entrance, so your spy won't be able to get in.  Instead, send your APC over
    there (make sure you avoid the Mammoth).  Simply rush right past the infantry
    and flame towers and get to the north-east corner of the base, where you'll
    find some explosive barrels - detonate them, and the base should go low-power.
    You'll receive some reinforcements, including an MCV, on the path below the row
    of Tesla Coils.  Move them south along the road until you're in the very lower
    right corner of the map, then deploy the MCV and start building a power plant.
    You'll have to defend against some small Soviet attacks fairly soon after you
    reach the corner, so keep your light tanks ready as you build an ore refinery
    and a war factory.
    The ore fields in the corner won't last long, and the one farther to the west
    will likely have Soviet units guarding harvesters, so you'll need to harvest
    the one north of your base once you run out of ore to the south.  Use some
    light tanks to defend the western entrance of that ore field while you collect
    enough money to build an army of light tanks.  When you've got a cluster of
    fifteen or so, head down to the lower-left corner of the map and destroy the
    airfield there, then hang around the ore field to destroy any harvesters and
    Soviet units that wind up there.
    You'll want to assault the main Soviet base from here as well, but it won't be
    easy.  Several Tesla Coils and flame towers are guarding the entrance, and
    concrete and plenty of units will be slowing you down.  To make things worse,
    they'll replace anything you destroy fairly fast, so if you don't take out the
    construction yard in the first attack, they'll probably completely rebuild
    their defenses before you can produce enough light tanks.  You'll want to make
    the construction yard your number one priority.
    Remember not to destroy the five Sarin facilities on the west side of the base.
    You'll need to capture them with engineers to finish the mission, and you'll
    also need to wipe out the Soviets.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 | 1.14)  Fall of Greece 1:  Personal War  |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "With the fighting fast approaching Athens, Stavros has insisted that he be
     allowed to survey the damage in his own hometown in Greece.
     You must escort Stavros through the town and to a nearby friendly outpost.
     Once you reach it, evacuate Stavros to safety.
     If anything should happen, get Stavros to safety any way possible.  He must be
     kept alive."
    On Hard Mode, this mission has to be played pretty much flawlessly if you want
    to win it.  Every step Tanya and Stavros make has to be done instantly and
    without hesitation, or the units chasing you will kill you before you get
    remotely close to the rescue helicopter.
    As soon as Tanya and Stavros hit the ground, send them east and slaughter
    everything between your starting position and the Soviet troops in the small
    town.  Immediately turn north, then run into the small passage in the hills to
    the west to avoid the Mammoth tank rampaging its way through the village.
    Continue to the north, and you'll find a small Allied base.  Approach it, but
    don't bother going into it - it'll be swarming with Soviets soon, and then it's
    going to be blasted by a nuclear bomb.
    Ignore the base and head south-west instead.  Some infantry will be in your
    way, but the real threat is the pair of Mammoth tanks south of the explosive
    barrels.  Use Tanya to blast the barrels, then collect the medium tanks that
    come off of the transport on the coast.  Quickly use them to take out the
    western Mammoth and have Tanya and Stavros move south along the coast.  There
    are quite a few Soviet troops hiding behind the trees, so keep your eyes
    peeled (leading with the tanks will help you find them).  When you reach the
    bottom of the screen, look for the small crate - it'll heal all of your units
    for you.
    You'll receive some paratroopers to the west, but there's a Tesla Coil within
    range of their landing zone.  As soon as they hit the ground, rush them down
    around the concrete and detonate the barrels by the power plant to take out the
    Tesla Coil.  Immediately send all of your forces due west all the way to the
    edge of the screen, then follow the edge straight to the north.  Use your tanks
    to detonate the barrels in the north-west corner of the Soviet base, then use
    them to take out the flame towers while Tanya and Stavros head for the safety
    of the clearing the barrel explosion created.
    You'll receive reinforcements on the other side of the base, so use everything
    you've got to make a safe passage to the eastern side of the base for Tanya and
    Stavros.  Get them to the upper-left corner of the map, then stick them in the
    Chinook to end the mission.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |  1.15)  Fall of Greece 2:  Evacuation   |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "Soviet forces are moving into rural Athens, threatening the civilian
     population.  Evacuate at least one person from each of the four towns to the
     island in the northeast of the map.
     The civilians are hiding in the town churches, and will only come out when you
     enter the town.  Get in, get them out of the town, and to the island.
     The civilians are your primary objective here -- removing the Soviet threat is
    Send your troops and Rangers a little south to the clearing, then deploy your
    MCV (but leave enough room above it to place an ore refinery).  Some light
    Soviet forces will attack from the south-east while you're building your ore
    refinery, but your units should be able to handle them.  Get a war factory and
    a few more ore miners as soon as you can, then start pumping out light tanks.
    The first village the Soviets will attack is directly south of your base, about
    two thirds of the way down the map.  Move a cluster of ten or so light tanks
    down there before the Soviets show up, then send the civilians that come out of
    the church up to the safety of your base.  Continue building more light tanks,
    but send the cluster you already have directly west to find another small
    village.  Send those civilians up to your base for safety, then head for the
    very south-west corner of the map.
    Gather these civilians and send them to your base too, then move your light
    tanks back to your base.  The fourth (and last) civilian town is east of your
    base, directly south of the island you need to get the civilians to.  Rescue
    them, then retreat to your base to defend the civilians.  Your next objective
    is to clear out the beach north of the Soviet base in the south-east, so once
    your tanks have regrouped, send then to the shoreline to the east, then follow
    it south until you run into the base.
    The Tesla Coil on the top is really the only thing you need to worry about, but
    you should also make sure there aren't any loose units sitting around that
    might intercept your civilians on the way down.  Once you're ready, build your
    base far enough to the east until you can place a naval yard in the water, then
    build a few destroyers and clear out the water all the way down to the southern
    edge of the map.
    Once the water's clear, build a few transports and send them down to the beach
    above the Soviet base.  Get the civilians into the transports, then unload them
    on the beach of the small island in the north-east corner of the map to end the
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |1.16)  Siberian Conflict 1:  Fresh Tracks|                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "Soviet activity in Siberia is increasing.  A large shipment of atomic material
     is on its way through this area, and we need it stopped.  Destroy all of the
     Soviet convoy trucks and prevent the Soviets from furthering their atomic
     Be careful of the convoy truck cargo -- atomic material is highly unstable.
     The mission is complete when all the convoy trucks from each of the seven
     convoys have been destroyed."
    You'll need to mass-produce light tanks if you want to win this mission, and
    when I say mass-produce...  you'll need to build three more harvesters right
    off the bat just to have a chance to fund your light tank effort (on hard mode,
    of course).  While you're building harvesters, defend against the light Soviet
    attacks that'll hit the east and north entrances of your base.
    As soon as that last ore miner rolls out of your war factory, start cranking
    out light tanks.  Soviet heavy tanks, Tesla tanks, Mammoth tanks, V2 rockets,
    and so forth will be creeping onto the map throughout the mission, but your
    main objective is to intercept the groups of three convoy trucks that'll appear
    seven times throughout the mission.  When one of them gets destroyed, though,
    it drops a crate that'll result in a nuclear explosion if one of your units
    touches.  These are a big deal - they'll decimate a light tank column in an
    To minimize the threat of the trucks escaping, you'll want to block three key
    points on the eastern side of the map (if you wait long enough, Soviet troops
    will mark these three spots with flares).  As soon as you have six or seven
    light tanks, send them due east along the bottom of the map until you reach a
    bridge.  Destroy it using the explosive barrels, then head north and find the
    next bridge (and destroy it in the same way).  With those bridges destroyed,
    the trucks will only have two ways out on the east side, both of which are near
    the middle of the map.
    You'll want to park eight or so light tanks at both of those choke points, and
    you'll want to park another eight or so of them south of those spots where a
    road leads south off of the map (this is the third exit point).  Hold those
    three points, and the Soviets won't be able to get a truck out.
    While you're waiting for convoys to show up, continue building light tanks and
    park them in the middle of the map.  Use these to weaken Soviet columns before
    they can reach your choke points if possible, especially if you can actually
    destroy one of the trucks.  Those nuclear crates are dangerous near your choke
    points, but out in the open along the roads the Soviets will be using, they can
    be a crucial asset - if you get the chance to suicide a single unit while
    taking out several Soviet units, take it.
    Eventually some Soviet reinforcements are going to assault your base, so make
    sure you keep a few light tanks nearby to help defend it.  A convoy is also
    going to appear from the west side of the screen right next to your base at
    some point, and things can get ugly fast if you're not careful - those nuclear
    crates can be devastating if they're sitting in the middle of your base, so try
    to avoid destroying the trucks until they're a safe distance outside of your
    base (even if that means selling your turrets and pillboxes).
    Destroy all three trucks in all seven convoys, and the mission will be over.
    Note that it's not necessary to detonate the nuclear crates, just destroy the
    convoy trucks.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |  1.17)  Siberian Conflict 2:  Trapped   |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "The convoys have been traced back to a Soviet atomic processing station.  We
     need this facility destroyed, and all of the nuclear cargo safely
     Establish your base, and destroy the Soviet processing center.  In addition,
     no Soviet convoy trucks must be allowed to leave the area -- we can't have our
     operations into Moscow threatened by nuclear attack."
    Use your initial forces to fend off the attacks from the east, north, and south
    sides of your starting position, then place an ore refinery as soon as you have
    a power plant.  Your primary concern for the first part of this mission will be
    defending the lower entrance to your base as well as the two bridges that lead
    to the ore field north-east of your base.  The first two Soviet convoy trucks
    will attempt to exit the map through these areas (the lower exit first, then
    the bridges).  A few pillboxes will cut them off, but make sure you're ready
    to help them with some light tanks if necessary.
    Paratroopers and parabombs can be a threat to your base if you're not prepared,
    so try to get some rocket troops or a few anti-aircraft guns on the east side
    of your base.  Send some light tanks along the northern edge of the map and
    destroy the small Soviet base on the far eastern edge of the map next.
    After that, your next objective should be defending the ore fields north of the
    main Soviet base.  Take out any Soviet harvesters you find, and destroy the
    bridge that's over there.  Park a cluster of light tanks on both of the other
    exits, then continue cranking out light tanks for the assault on the Soviet
    base.  The northern entrance is a death trap, so you'll want to work your way
    south on the path on the west side of the map.
    Hang around the big ore field here long enough to take down any ore miners you
    find, then attack the Soviet base's south-west entrance.  Take out the Tesla
    Coil and other defenses/units first, then destroy every power plant you can
    reach to make sure the other Tesla Coils are useless.  Annihilate the rest of
    the base, and the mission will be over.  Watch out, though - the Soviets might
    try to sneak another convoy truck out of their base shortly before, after, or
    during your attack on their base.  Keep some light tanks ready just in case.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 | 1.18)  Siberian Conflict 3:  Wasteland  |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "The last of the Soviet's Siberian forces have wandered out onto the ice
     waters, where they've established a base.  Finish off their fortifications so
     our Allied forces will have no trouble moving through this area on their way
     to Moscow.
     The mission is complete when all Soviet forces and structures are destroyed."
    Deploy one of your MCVs right off the bat, and defend yourself with your
    starting units.  Go ahead and move the second MCV farther east while you're
    building your power plant, and deploy it about a screen east of your other one.
    Place the power plant, then start building an ore refinery (you'll note that
    buildings get built a lot faster with multiple construction yards).  After your
    ore miners have harvested the ore near your starting position, focus on the ore
    fields to the east rather than the ones to the south.
    Paratroopers and Chinooks will try to cause trouble for you, so watch where
    they like to land and stick a few pillboxes in the area.  The Soviets will also
    send small attack groups (mostly infantry and V2 rockets, sometimes a heavy
    tank or two) to annoy your ore miners and attack the edges of your base, so
    keep a few tanks handy to keep them under control.
    Pretty much the entire southern half of the map is a giant Soviet base.  The
    outside edges of the map, however, are relatively clean.  The best attack point
    is to take your tanks all the way to the eastern edge, then head south all the
    way to the bottom of the screen.  There're some silos and an ore refinery you
    can take out along the way if you want, but watch out for the Tesla Coils in
    the Soviet base.
    Once you're in the lower-right corner of the map, move due west until you cross
    under the small mountain thing.  From here, you can head up or farther to the
    left.  Either way, pick off power plants as fast as you can to neutralize the
    Tesla Coils, then take care of Soviet units, flame towers, and important
    buildings (especially construction yards).  Wipe out everything, and you'll end
    the mission.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |         1.50)  Soviet  Missions         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |         1.51)  Proving Grounds          |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "Information on our new Advanced Tactical Submarine was leaked to the Allies,
     and they have invaded our territory, determined to stop us.
     You must stop them.  Regain control of our bases as they are revealed by the
     signal flares.  Do not let any Allied attacks stop you.
     We have received word that a detachment of cruisers is on its way here.  Once
     you recover the sub pen, use the new ATS to prevent the cruisers from
     destroying our operation."
    Speed is important if you're playing this on Hard Mode.  Grab the two Mammoth
    tanks and move due north, frying the Allied troops you encounter on the way.
    Continue north until you cross the water, then turn east and follow the path
    all the way to the signal flare.  Don't let the transport with the tank and
    artillery slow you down too much - another transport's going to drop Tanya off
    a little farther to the right, and if she beats you to the ore refineries in
    the north, you won't have much of a chance to win this mission.
    Turn the Mammoths north as soon as you can and try to cut Tanya off before she
    causes too much damage.  If she destroys all three ore refineries, you might as
    well restart the mission.  If you can save at least one, start the three ore
    miners, then continue to the next signal flare with the Mammoth tanks (there's
    an easy path directly to the north on the east side of the map).
    This section of the base has a war factory, so immediately start cranking out
    heavy tanks.  Once you have eight of them, take then west along the very top of
    the map and make your way for the Allied airfields in the north-west corner.
    Destroy them, then head south on the right side of the water.  You'll run into
    some units, and the Allied navy will probably be firing at you, so keep moving.
    When you reach the signal flare by the water, you'll gain control of a sub pen
    and a construction yard.
    Build a submarine, but keep building heavy tanks too.  These are special
    submarines - their torpedoes have nuclear warheads, and a few of them will
    totally destroy any Allied boat.  Make sure you fire from a distance, though,
    or you'll obliterate your submarines in the process.
    Get rid of the Allied navy as fast as you can, then eliminate any surviving
    Allied units on the mainland.  Once everything's destroyed, the mission is
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |             1.52)  Besieged             |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "One of our key European command centers has been sabotaged.  The Saboteur has
     planted charges in key structures, and can detonate them at will.
     If the charges are detonated, our base will be rendered defenseless to the
     Allied presence in the area, and our command center will fall.  You must
     prevent this.
     Track down the saboteur and eliminate him.  Once done, remove the nearby
     Allied threat and ensure our command center remains intact."
    The saboteur's going to detonate your construction yard right off the bat, and
    he'll detonate most of your other important buildings as time goes on.  Your
    ore refineries will be among the targets, so eventually, you'll be unable to
    collect money.  One of your first priorities should therefore be to capture an
    Allied construction yard.
    Thankfully, you start the mission with plenty of heavy tanks to take out the
    north-west Allied base.  Send all of your heavy tanks to the bottom of your
    base, turn to the west, and then head north all the way up the side of the map.
    You'll see the spy on a small cliff here, but he'll run off before you can get
    close enough to kill him.  Blast your way through the Allied defenses and level
    the base, but leave the construction yard standing.  Return your surviving
    tanks back to your base, then send an engineer to capture the construction yard
    (you'll need something to damage it first).
    Make sure you build another ore refinery with your new construction yard while
    you've still got the money, then get an Allied tech center (the satellite will
    be quite useful).  To finish the mission, you have to destroy every Allied unit
    and structure on the map, including the research lab in the north-east corner
    where the spy is hiding.  There're two more main Allied bases - one on the far
    eastern side of the map near the middle, and one slightly south-west of the
    bridge that leads to the research lab.
    Neither of the bases are really a threat at all as long as you're still taking
    in credits, so beef up your tank pile a little and wipe them out.  The spy
    satellite will help you hunt down any stragglers on the mainland, and you'll
    need to build a couple subs to take out the boats in the water north of your
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |            1.53)  Mousetrap             |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "A longtime thorn in our side, the Greek commander Stavros, has finally been
     cornered.  He has taken refuge in an underground bunker full of his
     Chronosphere technology.  Prove to him that no Allied tricks can stop the
     wrath of the Soviet Union.  Track him down, and eliminate him.
     Return with results -- we do not want to hear of his escape...  only the
     creative manner of his demise.
     We have provided you with engineers that, given the opportunity, can use
     Chronosphere technology.  Do not squander them."
    Move your four riflemen forward a little right at the start of the mission, and
    they'll intercept the Allied infantry on their way down towards the rest of
    your men.  Make use of the small terminal in the wall on the left, then turn to
    the hallway on the right and be ready to intercept some more soldiers.  Move
    down the hallway once they're gone, moving past the Iron Curtain crate and up
    the hall to the north.
    Another small terminal in a nook to the right will detonate the nearest
    Chronosphere.  There're a few Allied riflemen along the wall north of that
    terminal, and there're a few more east of it.  Slaughter them all, then move
    your troops up the hallway in the north-west.  Bypass the first path to the
    right when you see it - the second path has two healing crates in it.  Use one,
    then take the lower path to detonate another Chronosphere.
    Send an engineer to the flashing Chronosphere south-west of here, then have him
    grab the Iron Curtain crate when he pops out on the other side.  Quickly run
    north through the gas while you're invincible, then use the control panels on
    the wall to the north.  This guy's stuck here now, but you won't need him
    again anyway.
    Use the rest of your column to head east along the final hallway.  Don't get
    anywhere near the clouds of gas, or they'll kill you instantly.  Instead,
    bypass them by using the little passages above and below them.  (Don't let the
    absence of the colorization trick you, either - it'll still kill you whether
    you can see it or not.)
    Stavros and a pile of Allied troops will be waiting for you to the north.  Kill
    the troops that're in your way, then kill Stavros to end the mission.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |         1.54)  Legacy of Tesla          |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "Command Directive:  543-Prochnov
     Authorization:  Moscow Premier
     Directive:  The Allies have stolen vital data on the design of our MIG
     aircraft.  We have learned that the Allies are constructing a Mig of their own
     with a nuclear payload.  We have established a base in the area, now it is up
     to you to destroy their prototype aircraft and the bases defending it.
     You have been given a group of our new Tesla tanks to facilitate your task.
     They are irreplacable, so do not waste them."
    South of your base, there's a large Allied base.  There's another smaller
    Allied base in the north-west corner of the map, and there're two islands on
    the western side of the map with Allied buildings on them (including an
    airfield on the southern island that's got a nuclear Mig on it).
    The tricky part of the mission is that once you attack either base, the nuke
    Mig's going to blast the crap out of everything you own.  It can take an insane
    amount of damage, too, so shooting it down won't be as easy as you'd hope.
    Start by building heavy tanks until you run out of ore in the ore field by the
    north-west corner of your base.  You can also grab some quick funds by selling
    your tech center and the concrete walls on the north and east parts of your
    base.  When you need another ore field, gather your heavy tanks and move west
    along the top of the map.  Park them below the entrance to the next ore field,
    then collect a few more trucks of ore.  You'll want to build at least five
    engineers before you attack the western base, and you'll want a barracks ready
    When you have all that stuff ready, send the tanks to the western base and
    crush everything that threatens your engineers.  As soon as it's clear, send
    the engineers into the construction yard one at a time until you take it over,
    then use the extra one to instantly repair it.  The nuke Mig will likely drop a
    bomb on you soon, so run all of your tanks north of the construction yard.
    Place a barracks above the construction yard, then try to build three or four
    anti-aircraft guns below the construction yard.
    The Allied nuke Mig will repeatedly attack the construction yard - it should
    survive the blast if it's fully repaired when it hits, and the anti-aircraft
    guns should also survive.  As soon as the bomb detonates, train an engineer at
    your barracks (which should be too far to the north to be damaged by the bomb)
    and use it to repair the construction yard.  Repair your anti-aircraft guns in
    the usual manner.
    When you have the money, build a naval yard east of the construction yard right
    after a bomb's dropped.  Crank out a half dozen destroyers and keep them out of
    range of the nuke Mig.  The island directly to the south is crawling with
    choppers, and there're a few destroyers waiting for you around it (not to
    mention several turrets).  Wipe out everything you can reach with the
    destroyers, then move farther to the south.
    The next island isn't as well-defended, but there're some more destroyers below
    it that you'll want to wipe out before you land forces on the island.  This
    island is the one with the airfield on it - load some tanks onto a transport,
    then dump them on both islands.  Wipe out everything on both islands, then
    return your focus to the mainland.  Without the nuke Mig bothering you, you
    should have no trouble wiping out everything else on the map to finish the
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 | 1.55)  Soviet Soldier Volkov & Chitzkoi |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "The Allies have stolen a new armor plating from us.  With it, they can make
     structures nearly invulnerable.  Their processing plant must be destroyed.
     For this critical a mission, we are allowing you access to Soldier Volkov.
     Use him and his cybernetic dog to sabotage the Allied control center, allowing
     our units in the southeast access to the alloy facility.
     The mission is a success when Volkov destroys the control center, and our
     units destroy the alloy facility."
    Volkov and Chitzkoi can both take insane amounts of damage without being
    destroyed, so there's really no strategy necessary for this mission...  Use
    Volkov to destroy everything on the west and north parts of the map (including
    the cruisers in the water).  Basically, you'll just be heading along a single
    path north of your starting position, then due east across the top of the map,
    then south again on the eastern side.
    If you somehow take enough damage to make you worry, grab a health crate from
    one of the transport trucks or the church on the west side of the map.
    Once Volkov's cleared out everything on his part of the map, use your tanks and
    V2 rockets to annihilate the Allied defenses around the alloy facility.  Use
    the V2 rockets to pick things off from a distance to avoid unnecessary losses.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |         1.56)  Top o' the World         |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "A critical cargo held in this supply truck must reach the waystation atop this
     mountain.  The way is blocked by Allied squads, but do not let that deter you
     -- the cargo must reach its destination.
     In addition, the onset of nightfall has brought sub-zero temperatures with it.
     The Allies are prepared for this -- our units are not.  The life expectancy of
     your troops in these extremes is limited.  Infantry may last 20 minutes, while
     vehicles could survive for up to an hour.  You have little time.  Go."
    Make a team with your tanks, a separate team with your V2 rockets, a separate
    team for the transport truck, and a fourth team with your dogs and infantry.
    Send the tanks and V2 rockets north through the passages in the hills.  There
    are a few units, some turrets, and some anti-aircraft guns along the way, so
    destroy them all as quickly as possible.  Keep the transport truck right behind
    the tanks and V2 rockets for safe-keeping.
    When your vehicles reach the river crossing, use the V2 rockets to pick off the
    Allied units on the other side.  Finish off any survivors with your tanks, then
    continue to the north.  There're a few more turrets up on the hill on the right
    side of the passage, so use your V2 rockets to destroy them from a distance.
    Continue east along the top of the map, but make sure you deal with the next
    set of turrets on the hills again when you turn south.
    All that's left to do is destroy the Allied vehicles between your current
    location and the Soviet base in the north.  Drive the transport truck between
    the base's Tesla Coils to finish the mission.
    Note:  If your vehicles take severe damage when you cross the river, you can
           try to send your infantry to the east along the bottom of the map.  If
           you're fast enough, you can take out the Allied infantry before 20
           minutes passes.  Turn left when you see a turret on the far eastern side
           of the map, and you'll find a healing crate.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |         1.57)  Paradox Equation         |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "TO:  Field Commander S7
     FROM:  Soviet Command
     We received this garbled transmission from a scout group sent into a suspected
     Allied test site:
     All...  te.t area di..overed!  Chronos...  test g... crazy!  Weapons...
     effected by...  air units inop...  Area unst.able!  Ch...osphere must be
     You are to investigate this.  If the Chronosphere is indeed behind it, this is
     a perfect opportunity to capture it.  See that it happens."
    Send your MCV north until you're in the larger clearing, then deploy it.  Build
    a power plant to the right of the construction yard, then build an ore refinery
    right above the ore field on the right edge of the map.  Get a war factory, a
    radar station, and a spare ore miner after that.
    As you'll soon notice, many of the standard Soviet and Allied units are a
    little different on this map than they usually are.  For example, your heavy
    tanks are much more expensive than usual.  Why?  Instead of their standard
    shells, they fire Tesla blasts.  Your Mammoth tanks will fire flamethrower
    blasts, so they won't be as useful as they usually are.  Your V2 rockets will
    cause nuclear explosions when they fire.
    On the Allied side of things, you'll find that their infantry are much stronger
    than usual - riflemen can usually survive three or four hits from your heavy
    tanks' Tesla shots.  Medium tanks have insane fire rates, and artillery fire
    cruiser shells instead of regular artillery shells.
    The good news is that your special heavy tanks will make this mission very
    simple.  Build several of them to defend the western side of your base, then
    send some north of your base to protect the ore field there.  When you've
    collected ten or so of them, move west along the bottom of the map and crush
    the Allied base there.  Repair the damaged ones, then move to the north-west
    part of the map and level the larger Allied base there.  Leave the naval yard,
    though - the rest of the mission will be simple if you capture it.
    Once you've captured it, build some destroyers to finish off the Allied navy,
    then build a transport and land some of your heavy tanks on the island.  Wipe
    out the Allied units and structures, then capture the Chronosphere in the
    middle of the island with some engineers to finish the mission.
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                 |        1.58)  Nuclear Escalation        |                 |
    |                 |                                         |                 |
    |                  -----------------------------------------                  |
    Mission Briefing
    "The Allies are testing a new air-fuel bomb in this area.  Terminate their
     Destroy the Allied presence in the area, but be wary of their test-runs.
     The target coordinates for the tests are kept in their relay station in the
     western base.  If you take control of the station, the location of the tests
     will be revealed to you.
     The runs themselves can be stopped by destroying the tech center in the
     northeast base.
     Do not fail us."
    Leave your forces alone at the start of the mission, and they'll handle the
    initial Allied assault on their own.  While they're busy, deploy your MCV and
    start building a base.  Build a war factory as soon as you have your ore
    refinery, then build a second ore miner.  Take your tanks and infantry due east
    to the next ore field, then use them to clear out the Allied forces at the top
    of it.  Return them to your base for protection after that.
    You'll want to get a few Tesla Coils in place to defend your base, then start
    pumping out heavy tanks.  There're two Allied bases on the map - one near the
    middle of the left side, and one in the north-east corner of the map.  The one
    in the north-east should be your first target - if you destroy the tech center
    there, the nuclear tests will stop.  The base is well-defended, though, so
    you'll want to bring a few V2 rockets to pick off the defenses.
    I suggest you approach the base by heading all the way to the top of the map,
    in the middle, then turn to the right.  Take out the harvesters in this ore
    field, then use your V2 rockets to pick off defenses and structures from the
    safety of the ridge on the left side of the base.  Move your tanks in when it's
    safe, then head right along the very northern edge of the map.  The tech center
    is up here, and the construction yard is in the very north-eastern corner.
    Take both of those out first, then crush the rest of the base.
    Take some time to repair or replace your tanks if necessary, then assault the
    second Allied base from the eastern side.  Use your V2 rockets to pick off the
    defenses, then move in and wipe the place out.  You'll need to destroy every
    Allied unit and structure on the map to finish the mission, including
    |                         --------------------------                          |
    |                        |        7.00)  End        |                         |
    |                         --------------------------                          |
                                7.01)  Version History
    January 27th, 2007
     - Posted the entire walkthrough for the 16 Counter Strike missions.  Since
    this is just a mission expansion of the original Command and Conquer:  Red
    Alert, I'm not going to include detailed information about the units or
    structures.  If you want to see that information, please refer to my guide for
    the original Command and Conquer:  Red Alert found here:
                                    7.02)  Closing
    As always, any comments are more than welcome.  If you need more specific help,
    feel free to contact me on The Brink, and I'll see if I can't hook you up with
    a quick screenshot or two to help out.
    Otherwise, you can drop me an email at deucestaley@gmail.com or try me on AIM
    at "Deuce ex Defcon".  Enjoy the game, and thanks for taking a look at the
            DEUCE                         EX                         DEFCON

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