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"A Challenging Game"

Command and Conquer: The Aftermath is not a bad expansion. It adds 18 new missions with admirable quality but is not known to most people in the PC World. Back then, Red Alert was really a hot, popular game, of course, console gaming reached it's peak with Playstation and such, it became dead almost immediately. The Aftermath is basically following the Red Alert storyline, what happens after the war.

_Graphics_ - 7

Back then, video game graphics were pretty primitive so they didn't exactly live up to par. The people look pretty stiff and tanks move smoother but with fewer frames. This game looked like it was running at 5 frames per second. Although some of the Atomic effects are pretty neat and the Vortex, it doesn't look like it was too much worked on. It looks like a 2D game with a 3d element. It was very nice but some times, the frames tend to freeze up, making it look very bad. The blood looks unreal and it gushes out everywhere.

_Controls_ - 6

Oh no! What happened here? Sometimes the tanks and infantry move very responsively but sometimes they just stand around as you click madly at an enemy. The scroll rate is too fast or slow and edging the cursor to an area might make the how map fly by. Sometimes they could be delayed and the infantry are amazingly slow. Building is pretty hard and things tend to freeze easier that usual. I, myself was patiently telling an Attack Dog to attack a soldier and it refused, blowing itself to bits. The controls would be nice if it was more responsive. I failed thousands of missions because of the control, but if used to, you can manuever very well. Even though point-and-click games can be frustrating, mastering the control is wonderful.

_Sound_ - 8

Hey! The sounds are pretty good. From the ominous laugh of Tanya to the oily, thick accent of the Spy. It sounds pretty well. This game also comes with extras so you can actually hear battle music as you face off with your opponents. The explosions are great and the great scream as you land an Atomic Bomb on your opponents heads are delicious. The sound is very good but sometimes is off track. The sounds are very well recorded and sometimes, despite the graphics make me feel like the war.

_Replay_ - 9

The Aftermath has admirable replay. You will have fun building new units and sending them to blow up enemy bases. The Aftermath has 18 New Missions which help very much with certain, special units like Volkov and Chitzkoi for your enjoyment and amazement. The difficulty is tuned to the highest level and amazing. I loved the Chrono Tanks and such. There were so many new units, it would be hard to list them all. There are also about a hundred skirmishes for you to test with. The skirmishes have very good maps, but the ultimate challenge is making your own. I enjoyed killing my friends from another country, this is one game you will never forget.

_Story_ - 9

The story of The Aftermath is the continuation of the Brotherhood of Nod after the World War. Of course the Allies or the Soviets still had some business to take care of so bla bla bla. The story is well delivered for a strategy game. I've heard other stupid stories such as ''To rise as the best'' and ''become a master (pokemon)'' For a Strategy game it is pretty good. I am talking about the Red Alert game and this game simply picks up after it left. The story content was pretty lame but I enjoyed it unlike some games.

_Gameplay_ - 9

The gameplay was overall pretty good. Even if some persistent bugs and cheating newbies were in the way it was pretty nice. The story was cool and unique and the music was great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/09/01, Updated 07/09/01

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