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"The War Continues"

The Aftermath, a sequel to the original Red Alert provides new replay value to it. Offering new units, this expansion boasts 18 more missions for you to Command your troops, and Conquer the world.

Graphics (8/10)

While not the best PC graphics I've ever seen, they're still pretty good, considering all of the units they had to design. You can clearly distinguish your troops when clustered together which is necessary for you to effectively plan out your strategy. However, when you've got infantry clustered together, the whole ''Distinguishing thing'' just seems to go out the window. Also worth mentioning, whenever your artillery units or tanks shoot at the ground, there is a crater or a scorch mark, depending if it's a shell or a bomb.

Control (9/10)

While there aren't any controllers to contend with, it's still reviewable. The basic point and click is all that's really needed, but fortunately, Westwood has included hot keys that make selecting units and telling them what to do, easier. Just assign them a number and you can recall them anytime.

Gameplay (10/10)

Finally, a strategy game that makes you think. The developers did a good job of varying troops and balancing the powers. With so many varieties, you could easily make a huge army with that's powerful and have other troops to cover its weaknesses. The terrain also plays an important role. Just like in real life, units occupying higher ground have an advantage on the units below them.

Sound (8/10)

The sound rocks. When one of your men die, they scream and each unit has their own individual sounds when you click on them. For example, if you click on a spy, he might say like ''For king and country'' in a British accent. Also, some background music plays and a voice even says sometimes ''Reinforcements have arrived.''

Replay Value (10/10)

There are tons of replay value. You can try to beat levels at a higher difficulty or play skirmishes against the computer. If you're still bored with how easy the AI is, you can always go online and battle it out with human opponents to see who is better.

Overall (9/10)

Providing you with a perfect opportunity to show your skills as a commander and lead your forces to victory. This is a must have for any strategy gamers, novice and veterans alike.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/12/02, Updated 05/12/02

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