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"This mission disc can entertain you for long time!"

Command & Conquer: Red Alert The Aftermath is a second mission disc that had came out, after Counterstrike. With the second CD, there are simply dozens of things you can do with this CD, that I don't have any doubt with it!

Graphics – 9
I don't know whether it's my eyes but it seems to me that the graphics still maintain the same quality, detailed and colourful. The backgrounds are more interesting and since there are more units, you can see and enjoy the wonderful designed new units.

Musics – 9
Fortunately, there is more background musics for your ears to tune on. The musics are battle-themed in it to make your war much more exciting! And, the realistic sound effects really effect the game!

Gameplay – 9
You'll have to see. There are more than 10 missions that you can play and it's challenging than ever. If you are not satisfied with that, you can select more than a hundred multiplayer maps to play. If you're still NOT satisfied with it and want a longer, lasting battle, you can. Thankfully enough, Westwood added a bunch of Mega Maps to play and they're twice the size of your largest map. Cool, eh? This definitely exciting map will provide you more than two hours battle so if you want to play the Mega Maps to the fullest, make sure you have a whole day free or you'll simply have to wait the next day to play. More new units to play will enhance the game if you want more. There are the simply M.A.D. tanks that will shock you because of their ‘madness', the mega-cool Chronotank that can teleport you and more. Excited, buy this CD now!

Replayability – 8
You won't be bored and you'll be satisfied with this game. What with the bunch of new units and the cool Mega Maps, you can't be bored! The usual playing over the Internet ability will satisfy you and shock your friends. But, I think you'll be bored after completing the whole lot of maps. Don't be angry, it's just my opinion!

Overall – 9
This is better and will last long! You'll simply need to have lots of time to play so this game will satisfy you almost for months!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/24/00, Updated 02/24/00

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