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    Side Selection FAQ by Psxmasta

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Command & Conquer:
                           Tiberian Sun
                  Side Selection/Unit Comparison FAQ
                Written By: Michael Detwiler (Psxmasta)
                          Last Update- 6/9/02
                            Version: Final
                       E-Mail- Mike0101@att.net
    Version 1.5
    Table of Contents
    i.     Table of Contents
    ii.    Copyright Information
    iii.   Version History
    1.0    Introduction
    2.0    Choosing Your Side---
                 GDI              vs.           NOD
    2.1    Infantry
    2.1.1  Light Infantry         vs.   Light Infantry
    2.1.2  Disk Throwers          vs.   Rocket Infantry
    2.1.3  Jump Jet Infantry      vs.   Cyborgs
    2.1.4  Engineers              vs.   Engineers
    2.1.5  Medic                  vs.   No Medic
    2.1.6  Ghost Stalker          vs.   Cyborg Commando
    2.1.7  No Mutant Hijacker     vs.   Mutant Hijacker
    2.2    Ground Units
    2.2.1  Wolverines             vs.   Attack Buggies/Attack Cycles
    2.2.2  Titans                 vs.   Tick Tanks
    2.2.3  Hover MLRS             vs.   Stealth Tanks
    2.2.4  Amphibious APCs        vs.   Subterranean APCs
    2.2.5  Disrupters             vs.   Devil's Tongue Flame Tanks
    2.2.6  No Artillery           vs.   Artillery
    2.2.7  Mammoth Mk. II         vs.   No Mammoth Mk. II
    2.3    Air Units
    2.3.1  Orca Fighter           vs.   Harpy
    2.3.2  Orca Bomber            vs.   Banshee
    2.3.3  Orca Carryall          vs.   No Orca Carryall
    2.4    Special Ground Units
    2.4.1  No Weed Eater          vs.   Weed Eater
    2.4.2  Service Depot          vs.   Mobile Repair Vehicle
    2.5    Base Defenses
    2.5.1  Vulcan Cannon Upgrade  vs.   Laser
    2.5.2  RPG Launcher Upgrade   vs.   Obelisk of Light
    2.5.3  SAM Upgrade            vs.   SAM
    2.5.4  E.M.P. Cannon          vs.   E.M.P. Cannon
    2.5.5  Concrete Walls         vs.   NOD Walls
    2.5.6  Firestorm Walls        vs.   Laser Fences
    2.5.7  No Cloaking Device     vs.   Stealth Generator
    2.6    Special Offensive Units
    2.6.1  Ion Cannon             vs.   Multi Missile
    2.6.2  No Chemical Missle     vs.   Chemical Missle
    2.6.3  Hunter-Seeker Droid    vs.   Hunter Seeker Droid
    3.0    Totals
    4.0    Tech Trees
    4.1    GDI Tech Trees
    4.1.1  Structures
    4.1.2  Units
    4.2    NOD Tech Trees
    4.2.1  Structures
    4.2.2  Units
    5.0    Credits
    5.1 My Suggested Strategy Games
    Copyright Information
    I'll make this short. You may not post this FAQ on your site
    without permission from me, you may not use it for anything but
    your personal use, and you may not alter or sell duplications
    of this FAQ.
    Version History
    Version 1.0- The first post. I coverd anything in
      3/28/01    the FAQ that I do not list below.
    Version 1.5- Added Section 4.0- Tech Trees.
       Final   - It's been a while, hasn't it? This is the last
      6/9/02     update of the FAQ, and the only thing I changed is
                 my email address and added a "My suggested stratedy             
    games" section. Sorry if I caused any trouble
                 with regards to sending emails to my old address.
    1.0 Introducton
    Tiberian Sun is a great game. A pre warning to any who has not
    yet bought this game: IT IS VERY ADDICTING. When I bought it I
    was hooked right away. In addition, it is also one of the first
    real time strategy games I have ever played and now I am hooked
    on the genre. Anyway, In this FAQ my goal is to help you see
    the strengths and weaknesses of both armies: Global Defense
    Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of NOD (just NOD). My
    suggestion to you is to play both armies equally because they
    are both fun. Afterall, why did you pay the full price of the
    game if you are just going to play one side?
    2.0 Choosing Your Side- GDI vs. NOD
    Like I said before, you should really try both sides. GDI, in case
    you haven't figured it out, are the good guys. They try to stop
    NOD, who are the bad guys. Caught in between the war are the
    Forgotten. They are the mutant race. They side mostly with the
    GDI, but mutants have been known in the NOD side, too. GDI is
    the more traditional side who fights the good war. NOD will stop
    at nothing from stopping the GDI who are trying to stop them so
    they can.... well, I'll leave that as a surprise. Anyway, in the
    next section I will compare units in the two armies based on
    what I think. There is no proof of this in the game or the manual
    or anything. It is based solely on my opinions, nothing else.
    Because something tells me that when this FAQ does get posted I
    will get tons of e-mails telling me that I am an idiot because
    of my judgement calls. So, if you disagree send me an e-mail
    of why I am wrong and you are right. If it is an intelligent
    message I will post it so please leave me your name.
    2.1 Infantry
              GDI's               vs.           NOD's
          Light Infantry           |        Light Infantry
      GDI's Light Infantry carry   |  NOD's Light Infantry are
      an M-16 shock rifle and are  |  exactly the same as GDI's in
      only effective in groups or  |  every way.
      sometimes as scouts. They    |
      are no different than NOD's  |
      Light Infantry.              |
          0 Points                Tie         0 Points
             GDI's                              NOD's
          Disk Throwers            vs.      Rocket Infantry
      Disk Throwers are grenade     |  Rocket Infantry are a step
      throwing infantry. They are   |  above Light Infantry. Instead
      called Disk Throwers because  |  of a gun they carry a rocket
      their grenades are shaped     |  launcher that is efficive
      like disks. I prefer these    |  against buildings, vehicles,
      over NOD's Rocket Infantry    |  and also airplanes, but not
      because they are effective    |  other infantry. They are more
      against infantry, ground      |  expensive then Disk Throwers,
      units, and buildings          |  and can easily be taken out
      especially in groups of 15-20.|  by a smaller group of Light
      They are also $50 cheaper than|  Infantry.
      Rocket Infantry.              |
          1 Point                  GDI        0 Points
              GDI's                             NOD's
         Jump Jet Infantry          vs.        Cyborgs
      These are GDI's top of the     |  Cyborgs are NOD's shock
      line infantry. They are        |  troops. They have much more
      infantry with jet packs on     |  armor than Jump Jet Infantry
      their backs. Never ever send   |  and carry a high-powered
      them into an enemy base; they  |  shock rifle. The nice thing
      will be taken out in seconds   |  about Cyborgs is that they
      by SAMs. However, they can be  |  heal in Tiberium because they
      useful against lone infantry   |  are made with Tiberium. A
      or vehicles without any air    |  group of about 5 of these can
      defense. Also, for having just |  take out a group of light
      about no armor they are very   |  infantry of about 10-15.
      expensive at $600 a pop.       |
          0 Points                  NOD         1 Point
              GDI's                              NOD's
            Engineers               vs.        Engineers
      It took me quite some time to  |  NOD's engineers are exactly
      figure out that an entire base |  the same as GDI's. NOD,
      with weak defenses in one area |  however, has the
      could be taken over by         |  Subterranean APC, which I
      a group of engineers. They     |  like to load up with
      carry no weapons but they can  |  engineers and surface in the
      repair or capture buildings,   |  middle (or any unpaved area)
      and they can repair bridges.   |  in the fort and take over
      An attack of engineers will be |  every building I can.
      costly because they cost $500 a|
      piece, but it will be much     |
      quicker than an attack of      |
      infantry.                      |
         0 Points                   TIE        0 Points
             GDI's                                NOD's
             Medic                  vs.        [No Medic]
      Medics are guys that run around|  NOD considers infantry
      and heal infantry. They are    |  expendable so they have no
      very useful especially if you  |  medic.
      are having an attack on a base.|
      Go in, blow up a few buildings,|
      and come out and have the      |
      Medics cure your infantry.     |
        1 Point                     GDI          0 Points
             GDI's                                 NOD's
         Ghost Stalker               vs.      Cyborg Commando
      GDI's Ghost Stalker is really a |  The Cyborg Commando is a
      part of the Forgotten, or mutant|  much more powerful form of
      race. He carries a rail gun     |  of a regular Cyborg. He
      which cuts through any infantry |  carries a gun that shoots
      in his way. Beware, for his gun |  bullets similar to those of
      will also cut through any       |  the Banshee aircraft; only
      friendly units in his way. He   |  a lot more powerful. He is
      also carries C4 explosives to   |  more efficient at destroying
      blow up buildings, and he can   |  buildings because the Ghost
      heal in Tiberium. You can only  |  Stalker must get right up
      have one in the game at a time. |  to them. He is also
                                      |  effective agaist everything
                                      |  else except aircraft. His
                                      |  gun shoots much faster than
                                      |  the Ghost Stalker. He also
                                      |  heals in Tiberium. You can
                                      |  only have one in the game
                                      |  at a time.
          0 Points                    NOD         1 Point
              GDI's                                NOD's
       [No Mutant Hijacker]          vs.      Mutant Hijacker
      GDI has no Mutant Hijacker, or  |  The Mutant Hijacker simply
      any person that has the ability |  just steals vehicles,
      to steal vehicles.              |  either the enemy's or
                                      |  civilian's. This can be a
                                      |  great advantage: say GDI is
                                      |  marching a Mammoth Mk. II
                                      |  toward your base. Simply
                                      |  distract it with a few Light
                                      |  Infantry and steal it. Also,
                                      |  Civilian vehicles are good
                                      |  for transpot. You can only
                                      |  have one in the game at a
                                      |  time.
        0 Points                     NOD         1 Point
    2.2 Ground Units
               GDI's                            NOD's
             Wolverines             vs.     Attack Buggys/
                                     |      Attack Cycles
      Wolverines make great scouts.  |      Attack Buggies
      They are fast and lightly      |
      armored, but aren't very       |  These are the same as
      effective for attacks although |  Wolverines but instead of
      they can withstand some damage |  being a walking machine they
      before being destroyed. They   |  are small buggies. They are
      are immune to Tiberium Veins   |  also immune to Tiberium Veins.
      and cost $500 each.            |
                                     |      Attack Cycles
                                     |  Attack Cycles are the best
                                     |  scouts in the game, in
                                     |  being that they are the
                                     |  fastest unit in the game.
                                     |  They have virtually no armor
                                     |  and shoot rockets similar to
                                     |  those of the Rocket
                                     |  Infantry. They are not very
                                     |  effective at all in attack
                                     |  because of their light armor.
                                     |  They cost $600 each.
             0 Points                NOD        1 Point
               GDI's                            NOD's
              Titans                vs.      Tick Tanks
      Titans are huge walking        |  Tick Tanks are regular tanks
      machines that are complete     |  other than the fact that
      rip-offs of the ones in Star   |  they can burrow in the
      Wars. A group of five can do   |  ground and become cannons.
      quite a bit of damage to       |  They can also squash
      vehicles and buildings with    |  infantry but I usually use
      their guns and can squash      |  them for base defenses
      infantry. Unlike Tick Tanks    |  instead because it takes
      they are better for offense    |  a while to deploy a whole
      than defense. They cost $800 a |  grop of them while attacking.
      piece, and even though they are|  These also cost $800.
      a  rip-off, they are a pretty  |
      darn good one :)               |
             1 Point                 GDI       0 Points
               GDI's                            NOD's
            Hover MLRS              vs.     Stealth Tanks
      The Hover Multi-Launch Rocket  |  Stealth Tanks are exactly
      System is a hover tank with    |  the same as Attack Cycles
      duel rocket launcers, so it can|  other than that they are
      shoot two rockets at a time.   |  slower, more expensive,
      It has barely any armor but    |  have duel rocket launchers,
      other than the Mammoth Mk. II  |  and...they are invisable.
      the Hover MLRS is the only     |  They are great scouts but
      mobile unit that is capable of |  by the time you get them in
      hitting air units, although it |  the game the enemy has the
      can be taken out with a few    |  Mobile Sensor Array so you
      shots. One of its positive     |  will be detected.
      features is that is can        |
      accompany Amphibous APCs in the|
      waterways.                     |
             1 Point                 GDI        0 Points
               GDI's                             NOD's
           Amphibious APCs          vs.     Subterranean APCs
      Amphibious APCs are used to    |  Subterranean APCs are used
      transport infantry units, up to|  for the same reason as
      five at a time. They are simply|  Amphibious APCs with one
      transport tanks that can float |  main difference: they carry
      across water. They have light  |  infantry underground to a
      armor and cost $800 each.      |  target. These are great
                                     |  when you have them but they
                                     |  can be a pain if your
                                     |  opponent has them. To
                                     |  prevent engineer attacks
                                     |  as soon as you get some
                                     |  basic defenses pave your
                                     |  base. These also cost $800.
             0 Points                NOD        1 Point
                GDI's                             NOD's
             Disrupters             vs.      Devil's Tongue
                                     |         Flame Tanks
      Disrupters focus very powerful |
      light beams on enemies. They   |  These might as well be called
      are also very expensive and    |  "Flame throwers on wheels"
      have great armor. The only     |  because that's all they are.
      problem with these is that     |  Other than that they can
      whatever caught in the light   |  burrow underground and cost
      beam, friend or foe, will take |  only $750 these suck against
      damage, and that is why it is  |  everything except infantry
      not a good idea to use these as|  because of their light armor.
      defenses in the middle of your |  They weren't ment to be
      base. You can do a lot of      |  used in attacks.
      damage to buildings in your    |
      base.                          |
           1 Point                   GDI        0 Points
                GDI's                            NOD's
           [No Artillery]            vs.       Artilllery
      For one of the world's best     |  NOD's artillery is the best
      armies GDI kinda' forgot a long |  ground unit in the game.
      range delivery system like      |  While being great for
      artillery. Well, that's their   |  offense they are even better
      loss.                           |  for defense. Who needs
                                      |  walls when you can have
                                      |  50+ artillery units around
                                      |  the perimeter of your base?
                                      |  You heard me right. As soon
                                      |  as I build a war factory I
                                      |  start pumping out artillery.
                                      |  You know you have enough
                                      |  when one shot from all your
                                      |  artillery can wipe out any
                                      |  unit in the game. The only
                                      |  drawbacks of artillery
                                      |  is they can only shoot
                                      |  when deployed and can only
                                      |  move while not deployed.
                                      |  Also, they cannot shoot at
                                      |  close range.
         0 Points                     NOD         1 Point
                GDI's                             NOD's
           Mammoth Mk. II            vs.   [No Mammoth Mk. II]
      In case you havn't already      |  NOD has no Mammoth Mk. II
      figured it out the Mammoth Mk.  |  but you can get one much
      II is the largest tank in the   |  cheaper as NOD. How you
      game. Unfortunatly biggest      |  ask? Remember the Mutant
      dosen't necessarily mean best.  |  Hijacker? He costs $1800
      First off, it is expensive      |  some, much less than the
      ($3000). Also, it is slow making|  tank itself. Simply buy a
      it an easy target for artillery.|  Mutant Hijacker and steal
      When you first get to use a     |  one.
      Mammoth Mk. II it seems great   |
      but the novelty quickly wears   |
      off when it gets destroyed and  |
      you have to dish out another    |
      $3000 to buy another one. On the|
      positive side it is very        |
      efficient against lone ground   |
      units as well as air units.     |
           1 Point                    GDI           0 Points
    2.3 Air Units
               GDI's                              NOD's
           Orca Fighter              vs.          Harpy
      The Orca Fighter is your average|  The Harpy is a load of crap.
      helicopter. It is lightweight   |  It swirls around its target
      and fast and carries 5 rounds,  |  much like the Orca Fighter
      each round containing two shots.|  but is much slower at
      They can be very effective in   |  delivering its payload all
      groups and are the cheapest air |  the time being shot at by
      unit of the game (well, accualy |  SAMs. They are even slower
      the same price of a Harpy) at   |  than Orca Fighters. The
      $1000. They are most effective  |  only thing the Harpy has
      against buildings and ground    |  going for it is that it
      units, but not infantry.        |  is effective against
                                      |  infantry. Stay away from
                                      |  Harpys at all costs.
              1 Point                 GDI       0 Points
               GDI's                              NOD's
            Orca Bomber               vs.        Banshee
      The Orca Bomber is the best air  |  The Banshee is very weak
      unit in the game and beats the   |  for being the better of
      crap out of the Banshee. They are|  the two aircraft of NOD.
      slow but their awesome firepower |  Even though it has weak
      makes up for that. They are      |  firepower the speed makes
      effective against every unit in  |  up for that. The problem
      the game and are also great for  |  here is the cost. Even
      defense. A group of about 4-6    |  though they cost $100 less
      (depending on how many SAMs are  |  than Orca Bombers you must
      in the base) can take out any    |  buy more than double of
      building/unit in the game.       |  these than the bombers.
                                       |  Also, their armor is weaker
                                       |  than that of the bombers
                                       |  and they are not effecive
                                       |  against infantry.
              1 Point                  GDI       0 Points
               GDI's                               NOD's
           Orca Carryall              vs.    [No Orca Carryall]
      The Orca Carryall is a fun little|  It's too bad NOD has no
      toy to use. Costing only $750    |  transport plane/helicopter.
      trasnsport planes pick up any    |  However, Helipads and
      of yours on the battle field and |  Service Depots are usually
      take it somewhere else. They are |  not very heavily guarded,
      great for engineer attacks via an|  so if you are able to
      Amphibious APC. Also, they are   |  capture one of each the
      great for dropping a Mammoth Mk. |  Carryall will become
      II or multiple Disrupters right  |  avilable to you.
      in the middle of your opponents  |
      base. Beware, they have very     |
      light armor and take only a few  |
      hits by SAMs to destroy. If they |
      are destroyed while carrying     |
      something what they are carrying |
      will also get destroyed.         |
                1 Point                GDI        0 Points
    2.4 Special Ground Units
                   GDI's                         NOD's
              [No Weed Eater]         vs.      Weed Eater
      Because GDI has no Weed Eater    |  Weed Eaters make Chemical
      they have no Chemical Missles.   |  Missles possible. They go
                                       |  around and collect Tiberium
                                       |  Veins and drop them off
                                       |  into a Tiberium Waste
                                       |  Facility.
               0 Points                NOD       1 Point
                 GDI's                            NOD's
             Service Depot            vs.  Mobile Repair Vehicle
      The Service Depot is where       |  Mobile Repair Vehicles are
      vehicles get repaired. Simply    |  way better than Service
      select the unit or units that you|  Depots for these reasons:
      want to be repaired and lead them|  (1) It is free to repair
      to the Service Depot. It costs   |  vehicles, (2) it costs
      money for vehicles to be         |  $200 less, (3) and they
      repaired, however. Also it is    |  move. Have at least three
      interesting to note that when you|  of these guys. You can
      are playing a multiplayer game   |  also share these with your
      you can share Service Depots with|  allies.
      you allies.                      |
              0 Points                           1 Point
    2.5 Base Defenses
                GDI's                             NOD's
         Vulcan Cannon Upgrade         vs.        Laser
      The Vulcan Cannon Upgrade is      |  "All I asked for were
      simply a gun turret on a Componet |  sharks with friggin' laser
      Tower. All upgrades are placed on |  beams on their head!"
      a Component Tower which costs     |  Well, sorry Dr. Evil but
      $200. The Vulcan Cannon itself    |  you'll have to settle for
      costs $150. So do the math: $200  |  plain old lasers. Lasers
      for a tower plus $150 for the     |  shoot pulses of laser
      cannon equals $350. One problem   |  beams. They fry infantry
      when building multiple towers     |  and are also effective
      versus lasers is that they take   |  against other units. They
      longer to build since you have to |  cost less than Vulcan
      build two buildings.              |  Cannons at $300.
             0 Points                   NOD       1 Point
                 GDI's                            NOD's
          RPG Launcher Upgrade      vs.      Obelisk of Light
      The Rocket Propelled Grenade   |  This is a giant laser. It
      Launcher is most effective     |  is like the laser in most
      against vehicles. The problem  |  ways except that is slower
      these is that if a few Rocket  |  to reload, costs much more
      Infantry get too close to      |  ($1500), shoots a MUCH more
      RPG launcer it won't be able to|  powerful laser, takes up
      shoot at them and will get     |  more power,...okay, so it
      destroyed, so that is why it is|  isn't like the regular laser
      a good idea to pair these with |  at all. The main reason I
      Vulcan Cannons. They cost a lot|  like this better than the
      less than the Obelisk of Light |  RPG Launcher is it is much
      but are weaker.                |  more powerful. It can kill
                                     |  infantry and lightly armored
                                     |  vehicles in one shot.
            0 Points                 NOD        1 Point
               GDI's                              NOD's
            SAM Upgrade             vs.            SAM
      Surface to Air Upgrades are    |  These SAMs are exactly the
      GDI's only defense against     |  same as GDI's only they are
      air units besides the Mammoth  |  quicker to build because
      Mk. II and the Hover MLRS. They|  NOD has no Componet Tower.
      cost $300 plus the Component   |  This is a slight advantage
      Tower. Don't let your power    |  but when you find your
      fall into the red or else your |  opponent is planning a
      SAMs will not work.            |  huge air attack it can
                                     |  make all the difference.
            0 Points                 NOD         1 Point
               GDI's                              NOD's
           E.M.P. Cannon             vs.      E.M.P. Cannon
      The computer never sends attacks|  NOD's E.M.P. Cannon is the
      big enough to use the E.M.P.    |  same as GDI's.
      Cannon, or Electromagnetic Pulse|
      Cannon. What these do are shoot |
      a pulse that makes any vehicle  |
      helpless for a short time. They |
      have saved me many times in     |
      multiplayer games over the      |
      internet. Just imagine your     |
      opponet tryes to rush your fort |
      with 30-40 Titans. Fire an E.M. |
      Pulse and destroy the vehicles  |
      before they recover.            |
           0 Points                   Tie          0 Points
                GDI's                             NOD's
           Concrete Walls            vs.        NOD Walls
      Concrete Walls are designed to  |  After much testing (well,
      keep the opponent out. Not to   |  maybe not that much) I have
      many opponets online build      |  concluded that while the
      walls, but I do. Even if you do |  two types of walls look
      have your fort paved engineers  |  different, they are the
      still may be able to get in.    |  same strength.
      They make good defensive        |
      perimeters if a Component Tower |
      is placed every five squares.   |
              0 Points                Tie         0 Points
               GDI's                              NOD's
          Firestorm Walls             vs.     Laser Fences
      To build Firstorm Walls you must |  Laser Fences are the same
      first build a Firestom Generator |  as NOD walls (even in
      which drains $$$ and power. Then |  price) but suck power and
      you must build the walls         |  just plain old suck. By
      themselves which is a pain. From |  taking out one post you
      what I've told you probably think|  will take down a huge
      I like Laser Fences better.      |  part of the grid making
      Wrong. This is the only structure|  it easy for you to invade
      in the game that defends against |  the enemies fort or vice
      missles. Enough said.            |  versa.
             1 Point                   GDI        0 Points
               GDI's                               NOD's
        [No Cloaking Device]          vs.    Stealth Generator
      GDI has no cloaking device, or   |  The Stealth Generator
      anything that makes your fort    |  makes your fort invisable.
      invisable.                       |  If a scout has already
                                       |  seen your base don't
                                       |  bother to buy one. If you
                                       |  do but one make sure you
                                       |  have extra power plants
                                       |  because if one gets
                                       |  destroyed and you have
                                       |  little power then your
                                       |  base will decloak.
          0 Points                     NOD        1 Point
    2.6 Special Offensive Units
               GDI's                              NOD's
            Ion Cannon                vs.     Multi Missle
      The Ion Cannon shoots an Ion Beam|  I like the Multi Missle
      of moderate power wherever you   |  better than the Ion
      wish. It can destroy most smaller|  Cannon becaue it spreads
      buildings but won't be able to   |  instead of hitting one
      destroy things like the the      |  target, so one of these
      Construction Yard. To shoot an   |  with one airplane or
      Ion Beam you must have a Upgrade |  Chemical Missle can
      Center and and Ion Cannon Uplink.|  destroy a large building
                                       |  like a Construction Yard.
          0 Points                     NOD         1 Point
    From Zeratul at mahon@birotec.ro -
       Hey there!
           I've just read your FAQ and there was something that came
     to my attention: you consider NOD's Multi Missle better than
     GDI's Ion Cannon. I understand, your reasons are quite logic,
     but you forgot one thing: GDI can stop a Multi Missle via
     Firestorm Wall, while an Ion Cannon round cannot be stopped by
       Anyway, I'm a big GDI fan (I think you figured that already)
     and I think it's not right not to take this fact into
     consideration when giving that point to NOD.
     Hey people, see this (^)? It's from a reader, like you. If you
     catch any info I missed or if you think I'm crazy for saying
     Cyborgs are better than Jump Jet Infantry send me an e-mail!
     See section 2.0 for more.
              GDI's                                NOD's
       [No Chemical Missle]          vs.      Chemical Missle
      As you can tell GDI isn't in to |  Firing the Chemical Missle
      missle technology, for they have|  requires that you have
      no Chemical Missle.             |  a Tiberium Waste Facility,
                                      |  at least one Weed Eater,
                                      |  and a Missle Silo. The
                                      |  Missles are not very strong
                                      |  against buildings but
                                      |  are great for killing
                                      |  infantry. A bonus is that
                                      |  when the infantry die
                                      |  they turn into Visceroids,
                                      |  which can do a good amount
                                      |  of damage to a base.
            0 Points                  NOD        1 Point
    From Zeratul at mahon@birotec.ro -
        A way to f**k up really bad a base by launching three missiles
    in a row: wait until the Weed Eaters gather enough waste to
    build the Chem Missile, then wait until the waste reserves are
    full again. Then, launch the Chem Missile, wait a few seconds,
    and launch the Multi Missile. By the time you do that, the
    second Chem Missile is ready, and you can launch it too.
    Target them in different points of the base for more
    devastating effects.
               GDI's                              NOD's
         Hunter-Seeker Droid         vs.   Hunter-Seeker Droid
      The Hunter-Seeker Droid comes   |  The NOD Hunter-Seeker
      from the Upgrade Center and     |  Droid is the same as GDI's
      cannot be controled. What they  |  only it comes from a
      kill ranges from one infantry   |  Temple of NOD.
      man to a Construction Yard, so  |
      you never know what they will   |
      strike.                         |
              0 Points                Tie        0 Points
    3.0 Totals
    Here are the totals of who won and who won what. The results
    will surprise you because they even surprised me.
                                                    GDI      NOD
    Infantry                                           Points
      Light Infantry vs. Light Infantry              0        0
      Disk Thrower vs. Rocket Infantry               1        0
      Jump Jet Infantry vs. Cyborgs                  0        1
      Engineers vs. Engineers                        0        0
      Medic vs. No Medic                             1        0
      Ghost Stalker vs. Cyborg Commando              0        1
      No Mutant Hijacker vs. Mutant Hijacker         0        1
                                              Total: 2        3
                                             Winner:     NOD
    It could have gone either way with the infantry because after
    playing around with the Jump Jet Infantry more it was a really
    close call. They are really great for defense. Other than that
    it was almost evenly split.
    Ground Units
      Wolverines vs. Attack Buggys/Attack Cycles     0        1
      Titans vs. Tick Tanks                          1        0
      Hover MLRS vs. Stealth Tanks                   1        0
      Amphibious APCs vs. Subterranean APCs          0        1
      Disrupters vs. Devil's Tongue Flame Tanks      1        0
      No Artillery vs. Artillery                     0        1
      Mammoth Mk. II vs. No Mammoth Mk. II           1        0
                                              Total: 4        3
                                             Winner:     GDI
    This is the part that I am surprised about. I thought NOD would
    win for sure but when I layed it all out GDI had better troops.
    I think by now you should be able to guess who my favorite is.
    Air Units
      Orca Fighter vs. Harpy                         1        0
      Orca Bomber vs. Banshee                        1        0
      Orca Carryall vs. No Orca Carryall             1        0
                                              Total: 3        0
                                             Winner:     GDI
    ...and this is the part I'm not so surprised about. NOD has a
    sorry excuse for air units, so if you like planes side with GDI.
    Special Ground Units
      No Weed Eater vs. Weed Eater                   0        1
      Service Depot vs. Mobile Repair Vehicle        0        1
                                              Total: 0        2
                                             Winner:     NOD
    This is a very important catagory; probably the most important
    in the game because without this catagory there would be no
    MCV. I left out a lot of things because both sides have them
    and they are both the same (like the Mobile Sensor Array).
    Base Defenses
      Vulcan Cannon Upgrade vs. Laser                0        1
      RPG Launcher Upgrade vs. Obelisk of Light      0        1
      SAM Upgrade vs. SAM                            0        1
      E.M.P. Cannon vs. E.M.P. Cannon                0        0
      Concrete Walls vs. NOD Walls                   0        0
      Firestorm Walls vs. Laser Fenses               1        0
      No Cloaking Device vs. Stealth Generator       0        1
                                              Total: 1        4
                                             Winner:     NOD
    Heh, NOD just has better defence, not counting Artillery. A
    hint to GDI though: set up a waypoint around your base and have
    a lot of Jump Jet Infantry (20-25) follow it and shoot at
    anything they see.
    Special Offensive Units
      Ion Cannon vs. Multi Missle                    0        1
      No Chemical Missle vs. Chemical Missle         0        1
      Hunter-Seeker Droid vs. Hunter Seeker Droid    0        0
                                              Total: 0        2
                                             Winner:     NOD
    Here is where NOD makes up for their huge losses in air and
    ground units. Their is one nice thing about the Ion Cannon
    though: there is no defense against it.
    GRAND TOTAL:    GDI:  10        NOD:  14
    My Personal Favorite is:
    NOD. Even though they got outvoted in infantry and ground and
    air I look at it this way; what is easier to destroy? One
    heavily armed tank like the Mammoth Mk. II and 5 Disrupters or
    30 Attack Buggys? And Besides, I like stealth better than brute
    4.0 Tech Trees
    The folling tells you what tech level things become available
    and what buildings you must have to build them.
    4.1 GDI Tech Trees
    4.1.1 Structures
           KEY       |
      CY=Construction|                    CY(1)
         Yard        |                     |
      PP=Power Plant |                    PP(1)
      TR=Tiberium    |                 ____|____            |-PV(6)
         Refinery    |                |    |    |           |
       B=Barracks    |            TR(1)  PT(7)  B(1)----------CW(6)
      TS=Tiberium    |          _____|___       __|__       |
         Silo        |         |         |     |     |      |-AG(6)
      WF=War Factory |         |       TS(1) CT(2)  WF(2)
      CT=Component   |         |           ___|___      |
         Tower       |        R(3)----|   |   |   |     |
      VC=Vulcan      |      ___|___   SU(5) VC(2) RU(9) |_____
         Cannon      |     |       |                    |     |
      SU=SAM Upgrade |   EP(6)    HP(5)               TC(6)  SD(7)
      RU=Rocket      |                               ___|___
         Propelled   |                              |       |
         Grenade     |                           FG(9)    UC(10)
         Launcher    |                              |    ___|___
       R=Radar       |                           FW(9)  |       |
      HP=Helipad     |                                IC(10)  HS(10)
      EP=E.M.P.      |
         Cannon      |
      CW=Concrete    |
         Wall        |
      AG=Automatic   |
         Gate        |
      PV=Pavement    |
      TC=Tech Center |
      PT=Power       |
         Turbine     |
      SD=Service     |
         Depot       |
      FG=Firestorm   |
         Generator   |
      FW=Firestorm   |
         Walls       |
      UC=Upgrade     |
         Center      |
      IC=Ion Cannon  |
         Upgrade     |
      HS=Hunter-     |
         Seeker      |
         Control     |
    4.1.2 Units
                    Unit               Tech Level
      Light Infantry            |          1
      Disk Thrower              |          2
      Engineer                  |          2
      Harvester*                |          2
      Wolverine                 |          2
      Titan                     |          3
      Medic                     |          4
      Orca Fighter              |          5
      Jump Jet Infantry         |          6
      Amphibious APC            |          6
      Mobile Sensor Array       |          6
      Hover MLRS                |          7
      Orca Bomber               |          8
      Carryall                  |          9
      Disrupter                 |          9
      Ghost Stalker             |          10
      MCV                       |          10
      Mammoth Mk. II            |          10
      Hunter-Seeker Droid       |          10
      Ion Cannon                |          10
      *You get a harvester whenever you build a Tiberium Refinery
       no matter what the Tech Level is.
    4.2 NOD Tech Trees
    4.2.1 Structures
           KEY       |
      CY=Construction|                 CY(1)
         Yard        |                  |
      PP=Power Plant |                 PP(1)
      TR=Tiberium    |               ___|___                |-AG(6)
         Refinery    |              |       |               |
      HN=Hand of NOD |            TR(1)    HN(1)--------------NW(6)
      TS=Tiberium    |           ___|___    |_________      |
         Silo        |          |       |       |     |     |-PV(6)
       L=Laser       |        TS(1)    R(3)    L(2)  WF(2)
      WF=War Factory |               ___|___       ___|___
       R=Radar       |              |   |   |     |       |
      HP=Helipad     |            HP(5) | SM(5) AP(7)   TC(6)
      SM=SAM Site    |                  |         |       |
      AG=Automatic   |                 EP(6)    LF(8)     |
         Gate        |                       _____________|______
      NW=NOD Walls   |                      |      |      |      |
      PV=Pavement    |                    SG(9)  OL(9)  MS(10) TN(10)
      TC=Tech Center |                                    |
      EP=E.M.P.      |                                  TW(10)
         Cannon      |
      AP=Advanced    |
         Power Plant |
      LF=Laser Fence |
         Post        |
      SG=Stealth     |
         Generator   |
      OL=Obelisk of  |
         Light       |
      TN=Temple of   |
         NOD         |
      MS=Missile Silo|
      TW=Tiberium    |
         Waste       |
         Facility    |
    4.4.2 Units
                   Unit               Tech Level
      Light Infantry            |         1
      Rocket Infantry           |         2
      Engineer                  |         2
      Harvester*                |         2
      Attack Buggy              |         2
      Tick Tank                 |         3
      Cyborg                    |         4
      Attack Cycle              |         5
      Harpy                     |         5
      Artillery                 |         6
      Mobile Sensor Array       |         6
      Subterranean APC          |         6
      Mobile Repair Vehicle     |         7
      Devil's Tongue Flame Tank |         7
      Stealth Tank              |         8
      Banshee                   |         9
      MCV                       |         10
      Cyborg Commando           |         10
      Mutant Hijacker           |         10
      Hunter-Seeker Droid       |         10
      Multi Missile             |         10
      Weed Eater                |         10
      Chemical Missile          |         10
    5.0 Credits
    -To CjayC, the original poster of this FAQ.
    -To Westwood, for creating this game.
    -To the game manual, for where I got info on the different kinds
     of guns units carry. (ex. A Light Infantry carrys a M-16 shock
    -To the following people who sent me tips/corrections:
     -Zeratul (Section 2.6.1, 2.6.2)
    -And to all my readers.
    5.1 My Suggested Strategy Games
    -Other Command & Conquer games: Very good strategy games, if you
    haven't played them already (The Original, Red Alert 1 and 2).
    I must warn you though, Tiberian Sun is the black cat of the
    bunch. It does share some similarities to the other games in the
    series, but Tiberian Sun is much more a defensive game.
    -Starcraft: If you loved the setting in Tiberian Sun you _must_
    try Starcraft. It does take a little getting used to if you're
    fresh out of the C&C series, but I highly suggest it.
    -Sudden Strike: This is not like C&C or Starcraft, but rather a
    realistic RTS set in WWII. If you're tired of the simplicity of
    C&C you might want to check this one out.
    Copyright 2002 Michael Detwiler

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