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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by L33t Masta

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    						Command & Conquer:
    					Tiberian Sun FAQ/Walkthrough
    						Version Final.1
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    ^-^ Table Of Contents
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    0.1.....................................Updates & Copyright Info
    0.3.....................................Character Info
    0.4.....................................Background Info
       0.4.1.......................................Tiberian History
       0.4.2.......................................The Brotherhood Of NOD
       0.4.3.......................................Global Defense Initiative
       0.4.4.......................................The Forgotten
    0.5.....................................GDI Missions
       0.5.1.......................................Reinforce The Phoenix Base
       0.5.2.......................................Secure The Region
       0.5.3.......................................Capture The Train Station
       0.5.4.......................................Secure The Crash Site
       0.5.5.......................................Defend Crash Site
       0.5.6.......................................Destroy The Radar Array
       0.5.7.......................................Rescue Tratos
       0.5.8.......................................Destroy Vega's Dams
       0.5.9.......................................Destroy Vega's Base
       0.5.10......................................Capture Hammerfest
       0.5.11......................................Retrieve Disrupter Crystals
       0.5.12......................................Rescue The Prisoners
       0.5.13......................................Destroy The Chemical Supply
       0.5.14......................................Mine The Power Grid
       0.5.15......................................Destroy Chemical Missile Plant
       0.5.16......................................Destroy The Prototype Facility
       0.5.17......................................Weather The Storm
       0.5.18......................................The Final Conflict
    0.6.....................................NOD Missions
       0.6.1.......................................The Messiah Returns
       0.6.3.......................................Free The Rebel Commander
       0.6.4.......................................Destroy Hassan's Temple
       0.6.6.......................................Eviction Notice
       0.6.7.......................................Salvage Operation
       0.6.8.......................................Capture Umagon
       0.6.8B......................................Capture Umagon (Part 2)
       0.6.9.......................................Sheep's Clothing
       0.6.10......................................Escort The Bio-toxin Trucks
       0.6.11......................................Destroy The GDI Research Facility
       0.6.12......................................Rescue The Villainess
       0.6.13......................................Establish NOD Presence
       0.6.14......................................Destroy Mammoth Mk 2 Prototype
       0.6.15......................................Capture Jake McNeil
       0.6.16......................................Illegal Data Transfer
       0.6.17......................................A New Beginning
    0.7.....................................Unit & Structure Info
    - 0.1 Updates And Copyright Info
    Version 0.1 Beta
    7/29/2002 Started this FAQ. Keyboard is broken, I had to copy and paste letters
    8/2/2002 3:38 AM Finished Hammerfest. 
    8/4/2002 3:03 AM Finished GDI Missions.
    8/7/2002 9:12 PM Updated the borders to fit the screen as perfectly as possible
    8/7/2002 11:22 PM I finished Sheep's Clothing
    8/8/2002 2:00 AM Typing "Rescue The Villainess"
    8/8/2002 6:00 AM Finished NOD missions.
    8/10/2002 2:56 PM Fixed dates in Update section and totally re-did the borders.
    8/12/2002 2:54 AM Updated this FAQ to Version 0.2 Beta
    6/01/2003 3:04 PM Updated to version 0.3 Alpha and fixed some spelling errors.
    29/9/2004 11:09 AM Updated to Final version. Fixed a minor errors and stuff
    This FAQ may be use used by CJayC on GameFAQS without asking, as well whoever
    runs GameSpot may use it as well.
    Anyone else wanting to use it must ask.
    ^ 0.2 Review
    My review for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun:
    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun combines a perfect story line with a great
    game. It has some of the Original C & C,Red Alert, Red Alert 2, etc combined
    with some pretty cool new things. Firestorm Generator, Ion Cannon, Hunter
    Seeker Droids, etc It is an addictive and is fun game. With the Skirmish
    option, you can test out all the technology that GDI and NOD have to offer.
    The multiplayer is fun as well. Except for those who suck REALLY badly.
    Now the game has such a good story line that it is almost the work of the
    best of the best of the best at Westwood. Wait...it is the work of the best
    of the best at Westwood.
    I give Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun a 10 Ĺ out of 10
    = 0.3 Character Info
    0.3.1 General Solomon
    General Solomon led the first revolt against Kane and the Brotherhood.
    He resides in the orbiting Space Station Philadelphia. He is the top
    official who gives McNeil his orders from the space station. He and
    an elite group of soldiers lead GDI, and beat Kane and
    The Brotherhood Of NOD. He is haunted by the image of Kane accepting
    the Ion Cannon blast with open arms.
    0.3.2 EVA
    Eva is the Kodiac's onboard voice controlled super computer. EVA has helpes out
    in many missions
    with approach evaluations and probable outcomes as well as what factors would
    give GDI the upper
    0.3.3 McNeil
    McNeil. That name strikes fear into the hearts of the most hardened NOD
    infantry. He is one of
    the top ranked officials of GDI. He has a little brother named Jake stationed
    in Hammerfest
    in Europe. McNeil hates all things NOD with a fiery passion
    0.3.4 Umagon
    Umagon is part of "The Forgotten". A race of Tiberium-induced mutation. Umagon
    is found by McNeil
    while he was inside an alien craft. Umagon calls McNeil and GDI "Blunts" due to
    the fact that they
    use brute force to accomplish things. She and McNeil have a little "thing" for
    each other as seen
    in the many cutsceans with her in them...
    0.3.5 Slavic
    Anton Slavic is Kane's highest advisor's son. He had more support than Hassan
    thought. Hassan and
    Solomon tried to frame him as being a GDI spy, but his team helped him by
    giving him an antidote
    for the toxins that were inside him at the time.
    0.3.6 Cabal
    Cabal is the same as EVA with a few differences: It is a male voice, and has a
    propaganda of it's
    0.3.7 Kane
    The charismatic leader of The Brotherhood Of NOD. Said by some to be a Messiah
    from god. He admits
    he is not God, but a close second place. He was declared dead by GDI officials
    and rumors of his
    appearances surround old NOD bases. When he reappeared to General Solomon,
    Solomon thought he was
    a ghost. But he was real. And hadn't aged a day. The most memorable quote of
    the game is:
    "It would be a sad error in judgment to mistake me as a corpse"
    0.3.8 Hassan
    Hassan was the temporary leader of The Brotherhood Of NOD. Until Slavic killed
    him in front of all
    NOD forces and claimed himself leader.
    ! 0.4 Background Info
    0.4.1 Tiberium History
    Rumors have it that Tiberium came to earth via a comet. Tiberium has deadly
    effects to the soil,
    surrounding vegetation and all life forms. Tiberium mutates the DNA of living
    organisms so that
    they look like jelly-like ooze that ooze and combinewith other ooze. These
    things are called
    Viseroids. The babies can't do any damage. But once they combine with another
    they become a big threat. Tiberium drains the soil of any and almost all
    minerals. Creating
    a weird yet stunningcrystal formation. The Brotherhood Of NOD was the first to
    find a way of
    harvesting it into a usable substance. Thoughdeadly, it is the main source of
    credits in GDI
    and NOD campaigns.
    0.4.2 The Brotherhood Of NOD
    The Brotherhood Of NOD or NOD as it will be referred to for the remainder of
    this FAQ, was
    started by the charismatic Kane. Kane led NOD to many victories until GDI
    arrived. NOD tried
    to eliminate GDI, but in the end GDI used their super weapon,The Ion Cannon.
    But Kane
    welcomed it with open arms, while it vaporized him. His body was never found.
    There were
    rumors ofhim appearing near old NOD bases. 10 years later, he reappeared. Not
    looking a day
    0.4.3 The Global Defense Initiative
    The Global Defense Initiative or GDI, was formed to keep the peace in all of
    the world.
    their first appearance was a totaldisaster. NOD tried to frame them many times.
    But in
    the end, General James Solomon lead a campaign to defeat NOD and theirTemple Of
    He used the Ion Cannon to vaporize Kane and the Temple. The one thing he did not
    understand was why Kane welcomed it with open arms whilst it vaporized his
    entire body.
    0.4.4 The Forgotten
    The Forgotten or "Shiners" as they are called, refers to the shiny tiberium
    that grow on their bodies. Their leaderis Tratos. The second in command is
    Third was Ghost Stalker. Tratos translated the Tacidus for Kane. He told him
    the way
    to change the earth into a tiberium waste land.
    GDI 0.5 GDI Missions
    GDI missions need more brute force rather that stealth and logic that NOD uses.
    has more brute units rather than the stealth unit  I like them better than NOD.
    That is my opinion..you be the judge!
    ! 0.5.1 Reinforce The Phoenix Base
    Objectives: Rebuild The Barracks And Refinery
    Eliminate All NOD Forces
    Ok. as soon as the computer gives you control, have your infantry kill the NOD
    infantry and then move them into the base.
    Start building a refinery and barracks. You will get reinforcements in the form
    of wolverines. Send these reinforcements
    plus 9 or 10 light infantry will be enough. After you think you have enough
    infantry to handle a hand of NOD and a NOD power
    plant and 3 NOD infantry, take your infantry north east. Attack the hand of NOD
    first. Then attack the infantry that are
    guarding it and those (if any) that come out of it when it is destroyed. Then
    do the same to the power plant. ATTACK IT!!!
    When all NOD structures, vehicles and infantry are dead, you win the mission.
    You get a nice little cut scene to go with
    your stunning victory.
    ^ 0.5.2 Secure The Region
    Objectives: Eliminate NOD SAM Sites
    Destroy The NOD Base
    You start out watching two Orca transports getting shot down by NOD sam
    (Surface to Air Missile) Sites.
    When the computer gives you control, you will have an mcv, 3 light infantry and
    2 wolverines.
    After you deploy your mcv, start building a power plant, refinery and barracks
    in that order. Once you have some barracks,
    that reminds me! If anyone says to you: The barrack doors are open and Private
    Ryan is attention! ZIP UP YOUR FLY!
    Now back to the walkthrough. Build 10 light infantry and 10 disk throwers and
    an engineer.
    Send them north. Have the engineer repair the bridge and go north to the nod
    base. Attack the lasers here. You will lose
    some men but not alot. Then ATTACK THEIR BASE TILL IT IS DUST! Now on to the
    sam sites. There are two in front of your base.
    Take them down, if you haven't yet. Then there are two near the NOD base. Take
    a group of infantry north of your base and
    their should be one here. Take another group of infantry east of your base.
    There are two sam sites here. Once all of them
    are destroyed, GDI transports will arrive to pick up a "significant" population
    of three people. Yes. Just 3.
    Now the base is already destroyed, you win! Cutscene Ahoy!
    * 0.5.3 Capture The Train Station
    Objectives: Destroy All NOD Structures
    Capture The Train Station
    You should ALWAYS do the optional missions. They make your main objective in
    the main mission easier.
    You start out with 3 engineers, two light infantry, two wolverines, and two
    disk throwers. Start by going west. Try to get
    your infantry up first because they can be healed by the medic that will
    arrive. Kill everything until you see a civilian
    array guarded by a light tower. capture it for reinforcements of a medic, an
    engineer, a disc thrower and a light infantry.
    Now head south west until you see a ramp leading up. Take that ramp up and kill
    the three light infantry. Now guarding the
    nest civilian array are 3 cyborgs. Take them out and capture the civilian array
    for 2 disk throwers and 2 wolverines.
    Now split up your forces into two groups. One grope have one wolverine, one
    disk thrower and one light infantry.
    Send these units across the bridge you saw while getting there.  Have them
    destroy All the NOD things they come across.
    Now with the other infantry and things, send them back to ground level. Now
    send them north. you will find a bridge guarded
    with a cyborg and a light tower. kill em both. DON'T CROSS THE BRIDGE! Instead,
    go west of the bridge. You will get some
    titans. Have the titans get as close to the power plants as possible from your
    current position. Have them destroy them and
    the lasers will be disabled. Now cross the bridge. Ravage their base and send
    an engineer into the train station to win.
    + 0.5.4 Secure The Crash Site
    Objectives: Secure The Crash Site
    Capture Any NOD Technology Centers
    You will see a short in battle cut scene. After that you will receive an MCV,
    two titans and two wolverines. Use the
    Wolverines to scout out a fairly nice tiberium patch. Then have pairs of one
    titan grouped with one wolverine. Send one
    group to the left of the broken bridge and the other to the right. Now start
    building your base. Make a refinery and place
    it next to the patch of tiberium. You will want some vulcan cannons for base
    defense. Build some barracks, and a radar. You
    will also want a war factory but you will have a better place to put it in a
    few minutes. Now once you have a formidable
    fighting force make some engineers. Now take your force (engineers included)
    north to the NOD mini base. Don't attack it yet
    The titans have a better range than the lasers guarding the gates. Use the
    titans to take the lasers out. Now get rid of
    that gate and take down any defenses they have but let your engineers capture
    every structure there. Now place a war factory
    there and some barracks along with some Vulcan Cannons. Send some titans and
    disk throwers south-east of your new base and
    you will find some NOD buggies and Tick tanks. Eliminate them and the two light
    towers and you will have secured the crash
    site. You get a transmission. Now in your new base, make a good sized attack
    force with some titans, disk throwers, and
    wolverines. Send the titans up to the bridge north east of your new base. Have
    the titans kill the lasers and then bring the
    rest of your troops up there too. destroy everything in this base EXEPT the NOD
    technology center. Have an engineer capture
    that. Now the mission is complete.
    = 0.5.5 Defend The Crash Site
    Objectives: Survive Until Reinforcements Can Arrive
    Prevent NOD From Destroying The UFO
    Ok. This mission is sorta difficult. When reinforcements arrive, they will
    crash because of an Ion Storm. The storm lasts
    10 min.  NOD will attack your radar and one of your power plants. Sell them to
    make money. The radar wont work anyway
    because of the Ion Storm and your base will hold up with just one power plant.
    Keep all your Vulcan Cannons alive. If they
    get destroyed you will not have a chance. Keep most of your forces to the north
    west entrance. Most attacks will come from
    there. Keep all of your men INSIDE your base. But if you have to, move some
    outside to distract NOD and keep your cannons
    alive.The time just shows how long until you receive reinforcements. Nod will
    try to sneak troops into your base using
    Subterranean APCs. Have infantry on the bottom of the UFO and to the right of
    the barracks to welcome them. Make a medic
    and send him in guard mode at the north west entrance. Now just fight off NOD
    until your reinforcements arrive.
    When the reinforcements do arrive, NOD will send big forces of attack cycles,
    Buggies and tick tanks. Your units can easily
    take care of them. Once they are gone you win.
    + 0.5.6 Destroy The Radar Array
    Objectives: Destroy The Three Relay Stations
    Destroy The Radar Array
    Your starting forces are 4 light infantry, two disk throwers, and a medic. When
    you kill the two light infantry in front of
    you will receive two wolverines and two disk throwers. Go east with all your
    units. after a while, there will be a
    clearing where two light infantry and a NOD buggy. Destroy these to get
    reinforcements in the form of one titan. Go east
    some more and you will find 3 subterranean APCs will pop up. but they should be
    no problem dispatching them. There is a
    small NOD base to the south-east. If you are lucky, the Tiberium Fiends will
    help you out. Once the base is gone, you will
    receive 2 disk throwers, two light infantry, a titan and a wolverine. The south
    relay station: Once you get close to the
    tiberium veins, NOD will have some troops stationed there. Beat em to the
    ground and then continue to the relay station.
    There is nothing special about this station except that you can't send the
    titans or the veins will kill them. Once the
    station is dead you will get a medic, two disc throwers and four light
    infantry. The North west relay station: Only thing
    here is a couple of NOD vehicles on the route to the station. When you get to
    the station, 2 subterranean APCs will pop up.
    Raze um dead. Once this relay station is destroyed, you get a wolverine, two
    disk throwers, two light infantry and a titan.
    Then near the first relay station there is 2 lasers and a wall "o" concrete.
    Blast the lasers with the titans and take down
    all of the wall. There will be some nod structures ahead. Ignore them. Enter
    the tunnel to emerge just east of the Array.
    Use the titans to take out the lasers. then use all of your forces to destroy
    the array and tick tanks.
    After that is done, use the remaining Titans to destroy the lasers and gate to
    the south ease and then take the titans
    northeast. Have them attack the lasers. then have all your forces attack the
    last radar station. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
     Go north and you will find a NOD mini base consisting
    - 0.5.7 Rescue Tratos
    You start out with Umagon, Ghoststalker and a Mutant Hijacker. Umagon can kill
    all types of infantry (cept Cyborg) in one
    hit and Ghoststalker can kill infantry (cyborgs excluded) and vehicles in one
    hit. He can also lay C4 charges in buildings.
    But keep his sight clear. He will kill anything (Umagon included) in his way.
    Now Mutant Hijacker can hijack any vehicle.
    Now on to the mission: Don't do anything at first. Let Umagon and Ghoststalker
    kill the three light infantry in front of you
    Next, head west. There will be one infantry guy running for an attack buggy.
    Kill him and take the buggy. But there is
    better ones available in a few minutes. Continue southwest. You will come
    across a patch of tiberium with a fiend in it
    getting attacked by NOD units. Destroy the NOD units to gain him as an ally.
    You don't control it. It just follows you home.
    (Can I keep it mom?) Now send al your units to heal in the tiberium. Yes.
    Mutants heal in tiberium. Now head in a north-west
    kind of direction. Avoid the base for now. Have Umagon kill the lone infant
    beside the attack cycles. Now you can hijack
    this vehicle two ways. If you hijacked the buggy, have your Ghoststalker kill
    the buggy to get the hijacker back, or B
    Just hijack it if you didn't hijack the buggy. Now use the cycle to shoot the
    crates inside the small base to blow up a
    power plant. Now destroy the units inside and coming to get you. Once done,
    have the attack cycle blow a section of concrete
    wall up. Send your troops to heal in the tiberium if they have to. Other than
    that, cross the bridge. You will come across
    some infantry. shoot the three infantry and the crates behind them. When you
    shoot the two crates closest to the SAM site,
    it will blow a hole in the laser fencing. A timer will start. Bring Umagon and
    Ghoststalker inside the base. Have Umagon go
    to the hospital and have Ghoststalker take care of the cyborgs and light
    infantry. Now here is the tricky part. Most people,
    including me, have had trouble with this part. You need not bash the game if
    Tratos won't have the "Enter" icon. Just take
    him near the ship and he will be beamed inside ("Beam me up Scottie!") and will
    be taken away. After that you will get an
    MCV and other units. Start a modest base because all you will need are titans.
    Once you have a kamikaze giant force of
    titans send them southwest to the new NOD main base. There are laser fencing
    and tick tanks and all sorts of defenses that
    NOD has at this technology level. SAMs Included. But kamikaze titans should be
    enough to destroy them. Once all NOD
    structures and units are done for, Mission accomplished.
    & 0.5.8 Destroy Vega's Dams
    Objectives: Destroy Vega's Electric Dams
    When you start out with two titans, three light infantry and one disk thrower.
    Head east to find two NOD buggies. Destroy
    them and head south. Both bridges will be blown out of order so you have to
    take the small piece of land that connects them
    at the bottom. Next head north to the NOD base. Dispatch the base to eternal
    damnation and you will receive reinforcements
    in the form of three wolverines. Next keep heading south east until you get to
    the bottom of the map. Then head east then
    north east. You will then receive three wolverines and two disk throwers.  Kill
    all NOD units in the way until you find
    a NOD cargo truck. Heal with it and then go north. Continue until you find NOD
    light towers and such. Destroy everything and
    go north west. Kill the two tick tanks to receive 2 titans, two engineers and
    three light infantry. Now head north west
    across the bridge. If you killed all of the NOD SAM sites, you will get one
    engineer before the Transport is destroyed. Have
    him go into the bridge repair hut. Now send all your units across the newly
    repaired bridge and destroy everything there.
    After that head north. You will see a shoot-able ridge. Shot at it and lead all
    your units through the tunnel to find a NOD
    base. Use the titans to destroy the lasers. Now ravage the base and destroy
    everything in it. All civilian buildings as well
    Now if you want, you can do this two ways. You can destroy the Regulator
    Station or the dams them selves. The easiest in the
    first option. Now once you have destroyed all the SAM sites you will receive
    two wolverines. Now go across the bridge to
    find another NOD base. On the way across you will get two titans. Now destroy
    the NOD base and the regulator Station to win
    the mission.
    # 0.5.9 Destroy Vega's Base
    Objectives: Destroy The NOD Base
    Capture Vega's Pyramid
    When the computer gives you control, start up a base. The timer is only for the
    SAM sites being offline. For this mission,
    you will want concrete walls, gates, vulcan cannons, and pavement. Spare no
    expense in base defenses! Now the only way to
    get to Vega's NOD base, is across a bridge. Now there are NOD lasers and a NOD
    gate in the middle. Use titans to turn em to
    dust. Now the bridge will blow up. But in a few minuets NOD engineers will
    repair it. But by now you should have base
    defenses like SAM upgrades, gates and pavement, make a kamikaze army of disk
    throwers to take care of all the NOD defenses.
    But first, send a lone light infantry across the bridge to make the hidden
    artillery unit. If the timer is done, make two
    Orca fighters. If it isn't then just make one. Have It/them attack the
    artillery. It should become dust. Mow send the
    kamikaze disk throwers to the NOD base to decimate it. After it is decimated,
    in the bottom right corner of the map there is
    3 lone NOD structures, and a few NOD units,. Artillery, a few rocket infantry
    and some light infantry. Using air units such
    as Jumpjet Infantry, and Orca fighters. Once all the NOD-related things on the
    map are done for, capture Vega's pyramid to
    finish the mission. NOTE: If you want to see something weird, have a whole
    horde of fighters. THE PYRAMID ABSORBES ALL THE
    ) 0.5.10 Capture Hammerfest
    Objectives: Recapture Hammerfest
    Rid The Area Of All NOD Forces
    SLEEP! You will get VERY irritated because this
    mission need your full attention. P.S. CAFFINE DOESN'T COUNT AS AWAKE! I tried
    to make this mission at 2:03 AM and I am VERY
    tired after doing so. I need some coffee really bad.
    NOTE 2: If you are mad at the game after that last mission, don't play this
    When you start the mission, you will watch the hover MRLS blow the bridge up.
    Now once you gain control, load all the
    engineers into the APC. The crates up ahead you don't need right now so don't
    waste them. Save them for later. Now avoiding
    the crates, head northeast. leave the APC at the beginning for now. Using the
    hover MRLS to destroy all the vehicles.
    If your MRLS are badly damaged, use a crate. Bring the APC to where you are.
    Now if you head southeast, on the east edge of
    the map, you will find another crate inside a truck. Now head back to the rest
    of the group. Take the MRLS northwest
    CAREFULLY and destroy the lasers and radar station. Now if you move north or
    up, you will find a destroyable cliff wall.
    Shoot it and go up and to the right. Destroy the power plants. A rocket
    infantry or two may come along, but concentrate on
    the power plants. Once those are gone, head back south and get back into the
    main water. Head east and then north, when you
    see a bridge to the west, go under it. There will be a ramp and a few infantry
    units. Decimate them to a pulp and go up the
    ramp. o north and you will come to a NOD mini base. Try not to get spotted by
    the base. Head east into the water. Now head
    north, then NORTH. Now follow the main river until you find a destroyable cliff
    wall Hammerfest is southeast of your
    location. Keep the APC here and send the hover MRLS to scout out the base. It
    is in BAD shape. There are two power plants
    that you see first. Capture them to bring down the Firestorm generator. Capture
    the construction yard and the rest of the
    base will be yours. Once everything is up to par, the NOD base is to the south.
    I use the "Build Anywhere" glitch here with
    an emp cannon. There is a horde of NOD units protecting the NOD base. 3:00 A.M.
    BARS! Back to the FAQ.... Now once you have found away to destroy all the NOD
    forces guarding inside and out, send a team of
    you guessed it! KAMAKAZI TITANS! Ravage the base! Leave nothing standing! There
    are still a few NOD units scattered on the
    map. Get rid of them and you have... "WON A NEW CAR!" you wish. Just the
    mission. No car. I need some sleep now.
    ^ 0.5.11 Retrieve The Disrupter Crystals
    Objectives: Retrieve The GDI Disrupter Crystal
    I have my own little strategy for this mission:
    When you start the mission, ignore everything except the APC and MRLS. Take
    then south along the east edge of the map. You
    should hit water. Sent the hover MRLS near the bridge, and destroy the train
    engine. Now bring the APC on land and unload it
    Have the MRLS destroy the lasers and the entire train. Have any one unit touch
    the crate to win the mission.
    %* 0.5.12 Rescue The Prisoners
    Objectives: Secure The NOD Prison Camp
    Evacuate All Mutant Prisoners
    When you start, you will want to head as north as you can. Avoiding patrols is
    vital to your success. When you come across
    a civilian building, force attack it to receive a mutant hi-jacker and
    Ghoststalker. Now keep heading east along the
    northern boarder until you have to got through the civilian city. Watch out for
    the flame tank on the way. There is also a
    train that will kill anything that gets in its way. Now keep heading east until
    you find a building called Ambrose Lodge.
    Now head south. You will find a bridge. Once your units are on the bridge, blow
    up a section so you won't be followed by
    NOD units. Now send the titans to destroy the laser guarding the camp. There
    are not many defenses in the prison after the
    laser, so go in and destroy everything. Once the sam sites are destroyed, the
    prisoners will be airlifted. Mission Complete
    %+ 0.5.13 Destroy Chemical Supply
    Objectives: Find A Suitable Location For A Base
    Destroy The NOD Chemical Station
    ok. This mission can be tricky. First, wolverines and hover MRLS are immune to
    the orange veins. So are infantry. Anything
    else that is mechanical that goes on these veins, get destroyed in seconds.
    Second, Disrupter tanks will kill anything in
    the path of the beam regardless of allegiance. They wont hurt other disrupter
    tanks. Third, NOD will send chemical missiles
    your way. Once the missiles have hit, they will spurt out toxic tiberium gas
    that will float around and hurt other buildings
    It will turn infantry into viceroids. So keep your buildings spread out and
    when you hear "Missile Launch Detected" get all
    moving things out of your base. Be sure to have the repair-mode icon on when it
    does hit. You will be doing a lot of
    repairing. Now onto the mission...
    When the mission first starts, send the disrupter tanks east, being careful to
    avoid the tiberium veins. Have them clear the
    way for all the other units. Next, once everything is cleared, send everything
    else to the ridge to the south of the spot
    where the chemical supply tanks were. Set up base here. REMEMBER WHAT I SAID
    Now NOD will waste no time before sending missiles at you. Don't build
    component towers or silos. They are favorite targets.
    Build a silo to act as bait. Other than that, NO. Next start pumping out..
    KAMEKAZE DISRUPTORS!  Send them east, then north
    to clear the way. after that, send one lone mutant to the west to scout out the
    Artillery. Build a helipad and an Orca
    fighter. Take the artillery out with the Orca. Next send the disrupter tanks
    west some more and up onto the cliff that the
    artillery was on. destroy the supply tanks here. Next head southwest and ravage
    anything that gets in your way. Now the NOD
    main base is west of your position so head there. Destroy every structure
    there. Once all the power plants are destroyed,
    all the SAM sites stop working. Send some Jumpjet infantry to the top left
    corner or the map and secure the train station.
    A Ghoststalker will appear at the starting point of the mission. Make sure he
    makes it safely to the train station to enable
    the next mission. After that, eliminate anything NOD on the map. Mission
    ^ 0.5.14 Mine The Power Grid
    Objectives: Plant C4 At All The NOD Power Plants
    This is another fast mission. First all NOD forces will be occupied with
    destroying the train. Hijack a tick tank and have
    all the people head west. Don't worry about destroying the units. Keep heading
    west until you find some power plants. C4
    them with ghost stalker and then head south. You will find more power plants.
    C4 them too. The one that is surrounded with
    laser fencing, once C4'ed, the laser fencing will pop up. Take out one with the
    C4 as well. there are more power plants
    to the west and south. All must be C4'ed. Once all of the power plants have
    been C4'ed, you win the mission. Good Job.
    % 0.5.15 Destroy The Chemical Missile Plant
    Objectives: Destroy NOD's Missile Silos
    Destroy All NOD Forces
    If you did the last mission you will have more fun.  There is a tiberium field
    south of your current position. But take the
    MCV the right of that. Use the same basic rules as before, buildings spread
    out, all moving things out of the base, etc.
    Now wait until the timer is done and have some engineers on hand to capture
    everything.  Now there is a cloaked NOD base to
    the east. Make a mobile sensor array and get it a.c.a.p (as close as possible)
    to the base. Make sure you have a bomber and
    that you have captured the tiberium waste facility with the vein harvester. Now
    you might get one or maybe two chemical
    missiles but not much more. Now ravage the NOD base's defenses with the bomber
    and be careful of SAM sites. There are also
    more NOD units to the northwest and southeast. Once all NOD related things are
    done away with you win the mission. Congrats
    * 0.5.16 Destroy Prototype Facility
    Objectives: Destroy The NOD Prototype Facility
    This is the most southern of the two mission choices. You start out with
    Ghoststalker, Umagon, mutant hijacker and a few
    unimportant mutants. Head east until you find a lake. Now head southeast until
    you find a NOD mini base. Destroy the lasers
    by force firing behind them. It only takes 3 shots and you take less damage.
    Now in the middle of the base there will be a
    subterranean APC. Hijack it and load all your units into it. Go across the
    river to the north and keep going north. When you
    reach the northern edge of the map, head eat. Unload and bring Ghoststalker
    southeast to the NOD base. Use the laser
    strategy and make your way through the base with the Ghoststalker until you
    find the prototype facility. To avoid problems
    destroy the landed banshees. Now you will receive reinforcement including the
    infamous Mammoth Mark Two tank. Build up a
    base and the NOD base is to the northeast. There are lasers and obelisks
    guarding the entrance so be careful! Now once the
    NOD base is destroyed, you win the mission. Great job slick.
    $ 0.5.17 Weather The Storm
    Objectives: Protect The Kodiak At All Costs
    Destroy All NOD Forces
    Now this is called an ion storm. The things that won't work are... Hover MRLS,
    radar and any flying unit. You can repair
    the Kodiak like any normal building. Now when the mission starts, move all your
    starting units south of your site. Now there
    is a small rock to the south. Don't move any units or build anything past that
    rock yet. Now  build a refinery but stop the
    harvester.  Now send all your troops east. you will find a few artillery.
    Dispatch them to eternal torture and then clear
    the tiberium field. Now send them south of your base past the small rock and
    you will find an attack cycle, an artillery
    unit and a few other NOD units. Get them to have a nap in the dirt and then
    build another harvester. You will want a radar,
    not to see what is happening, but for a mobile sensor array. With these titans
    and the mobile sensor array head northwest.
    You will find ramp up to a ledge.  Now head east. Deploy the mobile sensor
    array once you think you are about the middle of
    the map. You will find a bunch of advance NOD Power plants and a stealth
    generator. Now make an engineer and  capture the
    stealth generator and all the other structures. After a while, the ion storm
    will dissipate. Now all units are working.
    Have a couple titans go to the stealth generator. The NOD base is southeast of
    the generator. Blow it to smithereens
    and every unit on the map to win the mission. Now to the final GDI mission.
    ^ 0.5.18 The Final Conflict
    This is it! The Big One! The Final Conflict! Now don't get confused with the
    timer. You have three separate timers. One
    hour for each ICBM launcher. Now with your starting forces, destroy the NOD
    radar to receive two wolverines and three titans
    Destroy the rest of the base to receive an MCV. Deploy it inside the old NOD
    base. An in-game cutscean tells you about an
    old GDI base to the west. Donít worry about that now. NOD will use missiles so
    think about that while building your base
    and act accordingly. Spread your buildings out and the unit rule. Now you will
    want two refineries and four harvesters for
    this mission. Make lots of kamikaze disk throwers. Now there is a bridge to the
    west of your base. send a wolverine to
    scout it out. Send the kamikaze disk throwers across the bridge. Have them take
    out the obelisks and have one unit stand
    in that place so that NOD can't build it again. Now the first ICBM launcher is
    in the north of the base. Once that is gone
    another one hour timer starts up. You now have another hour to destroy another
    ICBM launcher. The next launcher is to the
    southwest. On an island protected by SAM sites and not much more. So what I did
    was I got a carryall and a Mammoth Mk. II
    and took it to the island. The SAM sits almost got it but not quite. Now ravage
    the base into submission and destroy the
    ICBM. Now to the west of the island there is a destructible cliff wall. This
    made me mad the first time I beat it.
    I looked everywhere for the last stealth tank and it was hidden by that
    destructible cliff wall. Now you have to destroy
    the third and last ICBM launcher, the "Pyramid Of NOD" and "The Temple Of NOD"
    to complete the objective. Now head to the
    southeast corner of the map to find the NOD main base. Ravage it with the
    mammoth and other units. I suggest airlifting APCs
    full of disk throwers and titans. After the base and ICBM launcher is
    destroyed, head north. You will find the two cool NOD
    structures... (Drum roll)"The Temple Of NOD" and "The Pyramid Of NOD"! Destroy
    them and every NOD unit on the map to finish
    the mission. Now you get a final GDI cutscean. On to NOD....
    NOD 0.6 NOD Missions
    NOD missions require more stealth rather than brute force. NOD has some tricky
    strategies while GDI is all blunt force.
    Hence Umagon calling GDI "blunts"
    @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @
    @ 0.6.1 The Messiah Returns
    @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @)@ @
    Objectives Build A Refinery
    Destroy All Of Hassan's Elite Guard
    This is a training mission. Just like the first GDI mission. Its not hard
    at all. Now first you see the weird sight of
    the one buggy killing two men at once. Now when you gain control, move all the
    men inside of your base. Now move ALL men to
    northwest entrance to your base. Don't worry about the other entrance to your
    base. The lasers will take care of all
    units that come that way. Now build a refinery and harvest the tiberium to the
    north. Now most of the elite guard will come
    to you. But there are two units you have to hunt out two units. One is to the
    east of your base and the other is too the
    north. Also a subterranean APC will pop up in the eastern most corner of the
    base. Destroy it. and once all of Hassan's
    elite guard is dead, you win!
    $)$ $)$ $)$ $)$ $)$ $
    $ 0.6.2 Retaliation
    $)$ $)$ $)$ $)$ $)$ $
    Objectives: Capture The TV Station To The North
    Destroy What Is Left Of Hassan's Elight Guard
    When you get control, Deploy the MCV and start building up a base. You will
    want lasers on the north of your base. 2 or 3
    should do it. Now make an attack force of kamikaze light infantry and rocket
    infantry and send them north. The NOD base is
    only defended by lasers, some rocket infantry and some cyborgs. Once all the
    base is in shambles, send an engineer up into
    the T.V. station up the cliff. Before he enters it be sure to move all your men
    up the slope with him so they do not get
    shot at. Now the T.V. station will start broadcasting and this will appear on
    the top of your screen: "***BROADCASTING***
    We have been touched by the spirit hand of Kane. And are ready to serve the
    peace. Peace through power!"
    Now most of the newly arrived reinforcements will change sides and become
    yours. Now send one lone rocket infantry near
    the bridge to the south and have him attack the bridge to win the mission.
    * 0.6.3 Free The Rebel Commander
    Objectives: Locate And Free The Rebel Commander
    Ok. Medium timed mission. Once you gain control of your troops, take them west
    and then south. You will see two groups of
    units attacking each other. Kill the three that are attacking the GDI guy. The
    GDI guy will leave in an Orca bomber and take
    out a tick tank for you. Now head through the tunnel and up to the NOD mini
    base. Don't destroy anything except the cargo
    trucks. Once they are destroyed, you get a few engineers and one light infant.
    Now capture the refinery while the harvester
    is unloading. Next capture the hand of NOD and a power plant. Now make two more
    engineers and capture the two silos for more
    money. Now build about 15 light infantry and 10 rocket infantry and have all
    your units attack the base wall. There will be
    lasers so be careful. Use the attack cycles to break a hole in the wall and use
    all your forces to take down the lasers.
    Now have the rebel commander go back to the starting place and into the harpy
    to win the mission.
    -_- 0.6.4 Destroy Hassan's Temple
    Objectives: Cross The Bridge And Destroy All The Enemies
    Deploy The MCV And Start Building A Base
    Locate And Destroy Hassan's Temple
    Ok. Now when you start this mission, destroy all the enemies on this side of
    the bridge. Now take all your forces across
    the bridge. Take out all the enemies on this side to get an MCV. Take it across
    the bridge and deploy it. Capture the other
    buildings (EXCEPT for a refinery) and start pumping out...KAMIKAZE UNITS! Now
    head across the bridge with an ample amount of
    units and ravage the base. BUT DO NOT DESTROY THE REFINARY! Capture the
    refinery when the harvester is unloading. Now build
    a sub base here with lasers near the enemy gate. Now build another couple of
    units to compensate what you lost. Now send
    them through the enemy gate. Destroy everything within the base. Now you can
    see the tip of the temple. Up the temple hill
    there is two lasers guarding the temple. Destroy them and the temple. NOTE: If
    you capture it instead, you donít get to see
    Hassan get shot down. Mission accomplished.
    - 0.6.5 Black Out
    Objectives: Locate And Destroy The GDI Radar Facility Before The Ion Storm
    Now when ION storms are in affect, arial units do not function, nor do radar.
    Once you gain control, destroy everything in the area where you plan to set up
    your base. Now build up lots of units because
    both bases are well defended. You have one hour and thirty minuets. Lots of
    time..sorta. But before you start building your
    units, destroy the bridge to the northwest to avoid GDI from sending units that
    way. Get two harvesters going and get the
    credits rolling (hey, that rhymes!). Now when you think you are ready, send an
    engineer into the repair hut on the bridge
    and cross it. Capture everything and use this base as a rally base. Now the
    main GDI base is north of your current rally
    base. But it is guarded by RPGs, titans and vulcan cannons. Make some kamikaze
    disk throwers and take down the base defenses
    Once the base defenses are down, the base is yours for the taking. Destroy the
    GDI radar to win the mission.
    # 0.6.6 Eviction Notice
    Objectives: Locate The Temple Of NOD
    Destroy All GDI Forces
    Now start building up a base when you get control. All you need is a modest
    little base. Now there are two unusual things in
    this map. There is a train being blocked by a truck. Destroy the truck and the
    train will roll down the hill and destroy a
    vulcan turret for you. And there are GDI transports that will e-vac civilians.
    You can destroy it but it wont do any thing.
    Now get a kamikaze attack force of anything and head north. Now there is a GDI
    base here. It is not very well defended with
    only two vulcan  cannons so it should be easy to take out. Now once all GDI
    related things are destroyed, Take a unit to the
    top left corner of the map and you win the mission. Now on to the stupidest
    mission made by Westwood
    * 0.6.7 Salvage Operation
    Objectives: Locate The UFO And Retrieve Kane's Artifacts
    Stop The Transport Of The Tacitus At All Costs
    Once you gain control of your units attack the GDI units attacking the train.
    Now follow the train tracks. You will have to
    fight a titan so be careful. Follow the tracks until you can reach ground
    level. Then head southeast. DO NOT GET SPOTTED BY
    engineer into the UFO and you will discover the
    tacitus is gone. Now send all units south. You will find a ramp leading up.
    Kill the engineer and then the train. Have one
    unit touch the crate to win the mission
    / 0.6.8 Capture Umagon
    Objectives: Find And Destroy The Three GDI Sensor Towers Without Being Detected
    Capture The Medical Base Before Umagon Can Be Evacuated
    This is the northern mission. I find it easier so it is what I will describe.
    Build up a base and deploy the artillery. Next
    you will receive reinforcements. Now head towards the top sensor with your
    reinforcements first. When the titans and
    wolverines are destroyed, Send your artillery in. Do this by undeploying them
    and bringing the attack cursor on the sensor.
    They will get close enough to kill it. Now Deploy your artillery past the north
    of the bridge by your base. They will scout
    out a titan and a few wolverines and take them out. Now undeploy them and have
    them target the bottom sensor. When it is
    destroyed, now the last sensor, keep your units deployed and they will shoot
    it. Once they are destroyed, the entire map
    will be revealed. Shoot a building. Then a train will come and try to get
    Umagon away. But have an artillery target it
    and destroy it before it leaves the map. Mission accomplished.
    @ 0.6.9 Sheep's Clothing
    Objectives: Capture The GDI Construction Yard
    Use ONLY GDI Units To Attack The Mutants
    Capture the construction yard and repair the towers and anything else. Set up
    base defenses. Also sell off the walls by the
    tiberium.  The mutants will use souped up civilian transports (cars and trucks)
    THE MUTANTS! When you think you have enough units, go east and then north. The
    observation towers are actually mutant guard
    towers and will attack you. So destroy them. The mutants will sent tiberium
    fiends after you so be careful. After this
    small mutant outpost is destroyed, make a BIG BIG BIG group of kamikaze titans
    and send them north past the destroyed mutant
    outpost. Ravage all the things inside the base and once the mutant headquarters
    are destroyed, Tratos will appear and tell
    you to take him in exchange for the mutants. Mission Complete.
    ^ 0.6.10 Escort Bio-toxin Trucks
    Objectives: Locate The Bio-toxin Tankers
    Escort The Bio-toxin Tankers To The Rendezvous Point East Of The Base
    Ok. Watch the spy get killed and then use an engineer to repair the bridge.
    Send all units to kill the disk thrower. Now
    head to the top right corner of the map using the sweet Cyborg Commando to
    clear the way. There will be a meteor shower on
    the way. Once you find the bio-toxin tankers, escort them to the rendezvous
    point east of the base using the Cyborg Commando
    to clear the way. Mission Accomplished.
    ! 0.6.11 Destroy GDI Research Facility
    Objectives: Contact The Mutants
    Clear GDI Forces From The Tunnel And Main Road
    Locate And Destroy The Research Facility
    You will have control of a spy. You will need to head northeast to a truck.
    Destroy the Damaged GDI unit to rally the
    mutants. Now head north west and destroy all GDI things you come across. You
    will find a tunnel. On the other side is a
    titan. Have the mutants destroy it for reinforcements. An MCV, some engineers
    and a few buggies. Move them up near the old
    GDI-NOD structures. Capture them and start building up a base. You will want
    artillery and back-up for the artillery
    all the while receiving mutant reinforcements that will throw themselves at GDI
    to be destroyed. The bio-toxin trucks will
    arrive and give you one, count it one, o-n-e multi-missile to use against GDI.
    Only one. Use it wisely. Now once you have
    artillery, place them on each side of the GDI base with their ground support
    and plummel it with shells. Once this outpost
    out, continue across the bridge to the main GDI base. This base has one RPG at
    the back and has a few SAM and Vulcan cannons
    I had no trouble just going in with a subterranean APC full of engineers and
    capturing the helipad whilst the fighters
    were reloading and I used one to flush out the SAM sites. From then I just
    build a hand of nod and emp cannon inside their
    own base. I just obliterate them. The Research facility is in the northern half
    of the base. Destroy it and you get captured
    Mission Accomplished. P.S. If you don't watch the other cutscean watch this
    one. It is well worth it.
    % 0.6.12 Rescue The Villainess
    Objectives: Locate And Free Oxanna
    Steal A GDI Transport
    Ok. After a sweet cutscean and a brief in game cutscean, move everyone out of
    the prison encampment. Load Slavic, the Cyborg
    Commando, a rocket infantry and a single Light infantry into the APC. BE SURE
    TO LEAVE A SPACE FOR OXANNA! Now you should
    receive two tick tanks, two attack cycles and two NOD buggies. Use the
    engineers to capture the radar and one power plant.
    Oxanna's location will now appear on the sub-map. She is in the top right
    corner. Now don't have her shoot at anybody. Just
    Take the APC near he position and use the cyborg Commando to break her out. Now
    once she is in the APC, An Orca transport
    will arrive. All you have to do is direct Slavic and Oxanna into it and you win
    the mission.
    & 0.6.13 Establish Nod Presence
    Objectives: Locate And Secure The Old NOD Base To The North
    Destroy The GDI Base.
    When you have control head north. You will have to fight a titan and some
    mutants along the way. There is a mutant hijacker
    so use your infantry to dispose of him. Keep heading north past the tiberium
    monster. You will find the old NOD base. Repair
    everything. Now send the weird harvesters to harvest the veins. They will
    deposit them in the waste factory. When possible,
    build stealth tanks to scout out the GDI base. Once you have seen it all,
    launch chemical missiles at it and raze it to the
    ground. Once the GDI base is destroyed, there is another small GDI base in the
    top left corner of the map. Also in the
    bottom right corner of the map and north of the main GDI bas. Once those bases
    are destroyed, all you need to do is
    destroy everything GDI to win the mission.
    + 0.6.14 Destroy The Mammoth Mk. II Prototype
    Objectives: Spy On One Of GDI's Comm Centers
    Destroy The Mammoth Mark II Prototype
    ok. You start out with a chameleon spy. Donít be in any rush to spy on a comms
    center. Instead search large portions of the
    map so it will be easier for you later. When you've seen enough of the map,
    enter a GDI comms center. Watch the
    Mammoth Mk. II. It looks intimidating huh? Oh well, gotta destroy it. Start up
    a base with a refinery and at least two
    harvesters. Once you have the credits, build a few artillery and ground units
    such as light infantry and rocket infantry.
    Now sent them all near the Mammoth Mk. II test site. Now start pummeling the
    base and use the artillery to destroy the
    base and Mammoth Mk. II. Once the Mammoth Mk. II is destroyed, you win the
    NOTE: you might destroy A mammoth and the mission might not be done. GDI might
    have another one that isnít a prototype
    so you have to destroy the prototype.
    = 0.6.15 Capture Jake McNeil
    Objectives: Capture The GDI Outpost
    Capture Jake
    EVAC Jake
    When you start you have three GDI APCs and three toxin soldiers. Load the toxin
    soldiers into the empty APC. Now head west
    keeping as south as possible. Keep going west until you find a shootable cliff
    wall. It can only be destroyed by the one
    rocket infantry inside the APC with your toxin soldiers. Shoot it and go up.
    You will be inside the GDI outpost. Capture
    everything. Once the construction yard is yours, the guns stop working. Now
    when Jake enters the base, shoot him with the
    toxin soldiers. Take Jake back to the starting point using an APC. Load him
    onto the subterranean APC to complete the
    $  0.6.16 Illegal Data Transfer
    Objectives: Steal The Three Ion Cannon Codes
    EVAC The Spy
    After a great cutscean, send all your units north. Watch out for a GDI patrol
    of light infantry. After they are dead keep
    heading north until you find a mobile sensor array. Then there is a
    destructible cliff wall. Shot it and sent just the spy
    up it. Keep heading east. You will find a GDI upgrade center. Send the spy in
    to get the first code. Right next to the
    upgrade center is a shootable cliff. Shoot it and send your units down. Follow
    the road until you find some crates. Shoot
    them and the cliff will fall. Send your spy in to retrieve the second code.
    Send all your fighting units down the road near
    the newly infiltrated comms center and destroy the wolverine. Go north and you
    should spot the last comms center. Once the
    spy gets that code get him back to the starting point and EVACed. Mission
    Now for The Brotherhoods Final Victory!
    ~ 0.6.17 A New Beginning
    Objectives: Deploy The Three ICBM Launchers
    OK The Final NOD Battle. When you gain control, capture the firestorm generator
    and sell it. Once the enemies are destroyed,
    capture everything EXEPT the refinery. GDI will destroy it with the ion cannon.
    NOD you can use the ion cannon against them.
    Now build up a base and get some units. Shortly after a one hour timer will
    start up. don't let it confuse you. You don't
    have one hour, you have three. For those of you who have seen American Pie 2:
    it is the rule of 3. It is an exact science.
    Now you see once you have a radar, that one of the spots is just north of your
    base. Have a temple of NOD as well. Now send
    an ICBM launcher up to that spot and it will deploy itself. Be sure to have
    some rocket infantry and an artillery. Now this
    mission isn't hard at all actually. The GDI base in the top left corner, is
    easy to dispatch with only a cyborg commando.
    I destroyed the entire base with the torso of a cyborg commando. Now once this
    base is destroyed, send an artillery,
    an ICBM launcher, some light infantry and some rocket infantry. Now the last
    location is a easier. All you need to do is
    target the group of wolverines that rally there The coast is clear to send and
    ICBM launcher there. Mission Complete!
    Now you get to see the earthís future.. A TIBERIAN FUTURE!!!!
    @ 0.7 Unit & Structure Info
    This section contains the tech trees for both GDI & NOD as well as unit info on
    all the units and structures.
    * 0.7.1 GDI
    All infantry except cyborg types, mutants and airborne Jumpjet infantry, take
    damage when going through tiberium fields.
    Now all infantry are immune to tiberium veins.
    Light Infantry: These are the cheapest at $600 for 5 or $120 for 1.
    Light infantry are what NOD and GDI use most often for other ground units such
    and Cyborgs, other light
    infantry and all other units. They have less of an effect against vehicle and
    buildings. They cant hit air units or
    subterranean units. Useless in a large group against a cyborg commando. They
    are armed with M16 Mk. II pulse rifle.
    Tech Level: 1
    Disk Throwers: Disk Throwers are better but come $1000 for 5 or $200 for 1.
    Disk throwers are better that any other infantry unit other than the cyborg
    commando. The throw grenades and are just like
    the grenadiers on the other C & C games only they throw disk-shaped grenades
    allowing for a more aerodynamic flight. Their
    shape allows them to skip along the ground if they miss their targets.
    Tech Level: 2
    Jumpjet Infantry: There are expensive at $3000 for 5 or $600 for 1.
    Jumpjet infantry are like regular light infantry with jet packs and a better
    gun. They wield a smaller version of the vulcan
    cannon and are vulnerable to rocket infantry, MRLS, attack cycles, SAMs, rocket
    infantry, the Mammoth Mk. II and the stealth
    tank. They also provide air support to enemy aircraft.
    Tech Level: 6
    Medic: Medics are expensive like Jumpjet Infantry at $3000 for 5 or $600 for 1
    Medics are the infantry healers. GDI doesn't consider infantry expendable. They
    are like most armies now. They consider
    every life to be important. Good. These heal all infantry type even NOD units
    if you have a hand of NOD. They can only heal
    Jumpjet infantry when they are landed and it can't repair vehicles.
    Tech Level: 4
    Engineer: These are not as expensive as Jumpjet infantry and are $500
    Engineers are good for three things. Capturing enemy structures, repairing
    bridges and when it would cost more than $500 to
    repair a structure, they heal it up to full health regardless of how damaged it
    is. They carry no weapons and are very slow.
    Tech Level: 2
    Ghostalker: you can only have one at a time and are $1750 each.
    The Ghostalker is a mutant type of unit. As such, it can heal in tiberium and a
    medic can heal it. It has a small rail gun
    and carries C4 charges. C4 charges are not at all like plastic explosives. They
    are the big stuff that are used by the
    Moffia. He is very slow.
    Tech Level: 10
    Wolverine: These are cheap at $500
    These are like exo-suits for infantry. They are armed with light machine gins
    and are immune to Tiberian veins.
    These are like NOD buggies only a bit faster and more effective against
    infantry. A group of 5 can easily take on a group of
    10-15 light infantry no problem.
    Tech Level: 2
    Titan: These are expensive at $800
    These are like the suits in Mechwarriors. They outrange the regular NOD lasers.
    It uses a 120mm cannon and is most effective
    on vehicles. These titans can smush all ground units except cyborg types. A
    group of 10 can easily take out a NOD base
    without obelisks.
    Tech Level: 3
    Amphibious APC: These are $800
    These vehicles are heavily armored and have nothing to attack with. It carries
    up to 5 infantry units including cyborg
    infantry and Jumpjet infantry. These can float across water and are not immune
    to tiberium veins.
    Tech Level: 6
    Hover Multi-Launch Rocket System: These are $900
    These are the Hover MRLS. They also outrange the NOD laser and provide Anti-air
    support. These will not work during an Ion
    storm and since they hover, they can cross water and tiberium veins without
    Tech Level: 7
    Disrupter: These are expensive at $1300
    The disrupter is a slow, medium armored, and are vulnerable to tiberium veins.
    They shoot harmonic resonance beams that hurt
    anything other than other disrupters, regardless if they are ally or not. Enemy
    disrupters will not be damaged by your
    Tech Level: 9
    Mammoth Mk. II: VERY expensive at $3000 each. You can only have one at a time.
    The Mammoth Mark(Mk.) Two(II) is the ultimate ground vehicle. It has anti-air
    defenses and shoots a twin rail gun capable
    of killing a line of infantry in one shot by targeting the last guy. It is also
    effective against buildings. And if it's
    health is below 50%, it repairs itself to 50% and you have to get it to a
    repair bay. NOTE: In order to heal itself, it
    must not be firing or moving. It also is vulnerable to tiberium veins.
    Tech Level: 10
    Mobile Sensor Array: Expensive at $950
    The MSA is a deployable unit that detects stealth units or units inside a
    stealth generator radius. It has no defenses so it
    needs guards. It is vulnerable to tiberium veins.
    Tech Level: 6
    Harvester: These are $1400 each
    Harvesters harvest the tiberium crystals and take them back to a refinery to be
    converted to cash. The harvester is very
    heavily armored, and is not affected by tiberium veins. It can only hold 5
    "bails" of tiberium. They have no defenses and
    if filled with all blue tiberium, when destroyed, makes a BIG explosion.
    Tech Level: 2
    Mobile Construction Vehicle: At $2500 each
    In most missions you get an MCV without having to pay. But it is always good to
    have one around in case your first one
    is destroyed while deployed. It deploys into a Construction Yard needed to
    build buildings. It is vulnerable to
    tiberium veins.
    Tech Level: 10
    Air Units
    Orca Fighter: $1000 each.
    They are expendable but try not to get them killed. These fighters can carry 5
    rounds, shooting 2 missiles each round for a
    total of 10 missiles. These are effective against buildings and vehicles. They
    suck against infantry. Watch out for SAM
    sites, rocket infantry and other anti-air defenses and units. These need to
    re-fuel and re-load on a helipad
    Tech Level: 5
    Orca Bomber: These are a bit more expensive at $1600 each.
    These are more powerful than the Orca Fighters. They carry 10 bombs in two
    rounds and are better armored than the Orca
    Fighters and I wouldn't consider them expendable unless you have cash to burn
    in a fireplace.
    Tech Level: 8
    Orca Carryall: These are not expensive at $750 each
    These are great units. They can carry any machine-base unit anywhere you can
    see. NOTE: If it is shot down, the unit it is
    carrying will also be destroyed. Good to use when dropping off a
    blue-tiberium-filled harvester into the enemies base right
    next to their construction yard and war factory.
    Tech Level: 9
    + Structures
    These are all the GDI structures available with the tech level needed to get it
    included as well as price.
    Construction Yard: Nothing if you got one during the mission to complete an
    objective, $2500 if you made one.
    These are the foundation of all bases. This is what builds every structure.
    This is the most important structure! Protect it
    at all costs! Tech Level: 1
    Power Plant: $300
    This structure provides all the power to your base. GDI's power plant is
    upgradable. The power output is 100 and once you
    upgrade it fully, it produces the same amount of power and costs the same as a
    NOD advanced power plant.
    Tech Level:1
    Power Turbine: At $100 each, you use these to upgrade a GDI power plant. It
    increases power output by 50 and with two of
    them the power is 200 and the cost is $700. The same as a NOD Advanced Power
    Tech Level: 7
    Tiberium Refinery: $2000
    This structure includes a harvester. This is where the harvester takes the
    harvested tiberium and turns it into cash.
    The Refinery can only hold so mush tiberium before the other loads will be
    lost. It can hold up to $2500
    Tech Level: 1
    Tiberium Silo: $150
    This is where you store excess tiberium when your refinery is full. These are
    usually used when you are winning a
    mission and don't want to lose cash.
    Tech Level: 1
    Radar: $1000
    This is used to give you a sub-map in the top right of the menu-bar. These also
    allow for air units to become an option.
    Radar doesn't work during an ion storm.
    Tech Level: 3
    Electro-Magnetic-Pulse Cannon: $1000
    Called the E.M. Pulse Cannon as it is called in the game, it takes immense
    power but it has a good effect on mechanical
    and cyborg units. It also takes out laser fences for 1 min. A radar will go
    offline for a while. All mechanical vehicles
    will not be able to function for a while including weapons.
    Tech Level: 6
    Helipad: $500
    helipad are build to make Orca units. Orca units need to reload on a helipad.
    Helipads don't do anything else but that.
    Tech Level: 5
    Component Tower: $200
    This tower is the base structure for GDI defenses. The upgrades are: SAM,
    Vulcan Cannon and RPG
    Tech Level: 2
    Vulcan Cannon: $150
    A vulcan cannon is the equivalent to a NOD laser. It shoots 50mm shots at
    ground units and deals a decent amount of damage.
    Tech Level: 2
    Rocket Propelled Grenade Update: $600
    The are called RPG in the game. These have a minimum distance so if something
    gets right next to it, it won't be able to
    defend itself. So it is best to group it with a vulcan cannon.
    Tech Level: 9
    SAM Upgrade: $300
    These are GDI SAM sites. These attack air units and not any ground units.
    Tech Level: 5
    War Factory: $2000
    This is used to make vehicles such as titans and wolverines. It doesn't do
    anything else.
    Tech Level: 2
    Barracks: $300
    This structure makes infantry units such as Jumpjet infantry, disk throwers,
    medics, etc...
    Tech Level: 1
    Concrete Wall: $100
    This is a wall made of concrete. Explosive things such as Rocket infantry can
    shoot through it.
    Tech Level: 6
    Pavement: $75
    This is the cheapest thing in the game. It prevents craters in your base, and
    subterranean vehicles are forced to come
    out near the edge of the concrete. Units also go faster on pavement.
    Tech Level: 6
    Gate: $250
    These are use to keep unwanted units out and lets your units in and out. It
    comes in two directions. Horizontal and diagonal
    Tech Level: 6
    Tech Center: $1500
    This is used to make unit and structure production faster and it gives you
    access to higher technology and units.
    Tech Level: 6
    Service Depot: $1200
    This is used to repair vehicles. It does cost money to repair and NEVER press
    "S" when a unit is getting in or it will
    Tech Level: 7
    GDI Upgrade Center: $1000
    This is where you can upgrade your base to be compatible to use the Ion Cannon
    and Hunter Seeker droid.
    Tech Level: 10
    Firestorm Generator: $2000
    This is another base defense. It takes a lot of power and is very effective if
    against NOD as it defends against missiles
    and all nod units except subterranean.
    Tech Level: 9
    Firestorm Wall: $200
    This is what you build to make a firestorm defense around your base. You can
    place it 5 squares away from each other for
    a cheap wall.
    Tech Level: 9
    Ion Cannon Upgrade: $1500
    This allows you to use the Ion Cannon. The GDI super weapon. The Ion Cannon can
    not be defended from and you can target
    anywhere on the map.
    Tech Level: 10
    Hunter Seeker Upgrade: $1000
    This allows for the construction of the Hunter Seeker droid. The hunter seeker
    droid attaches itself onto one randomly
    chosen enemy unit and self-destructs taking itself with the enemy unit. But it
    targets firestorm wall sections and infantry
    as well as buildings.
    Tech Level: 10
    / 0.7.2 Nod
    Light Infantry - See GDI Light Infantry
    Rocket Infantry: $250
    Rocket Infantry are used for a number of causes. Anti-air defense is a big one.
    These units fire rockets that deal damage
    more damage to vehicles that infantry.
    Tech Level: 2
    Cyborg Infantry: $650
    Cyborg infantry are the end result of recent Nod experiments in combining
    tiberium-mutated humans with machines. They are
    fitted with heavy body armor and a high-power pulse rifle.
    Tech Level: 4
    Engineer - See GDI Engineer
    Cyborg Commando: $2000
    This is the elight cyborg. He has a chain gun and a flame thrower. He is just
    like a cyborg. He can be besides himself.
    He can be a torso without legs at the cost of his already low speed. He can
    destroy infantry in one shot but has no air
    defense. Too bad. He also heals in tiberium but can't re-grow his legs.
    Tech Level: 10
    Mutant Hijacker: $1850
    This is a cool mutant. He can hi-jack any enemy unit and make it yours to use
    against the enemy.
    And he can heal in tiberium
    Tech Level: 10
    Harvester - See GDI Harvester
    MCV - See GDI MCV
    Tick Tank: $800 each
    These tanks can burrow into the ground to up their defense. They can fire while
    deployed and not deployed.
    Tech Level: 3
    NOD Buggy: $500
    These are like NOD wolverines. They are not effected by tiberium veins. A group
    or 5 can take out a group of 10 infantry.
    Tech Level: 2
    Attack Cycle: $600
    These are just motorcycles with a rocket launchers.
    Tech Level: 5
    Stealth Tank: $1100
    These tanks are cloaked rocket launcher. It can be cloaked or fire. Not both at
    the same time due to the large amount of
    power needed to keep it hidden. Ground units and a MSA can detect it as well as
    an elight titan.
    Tech Level: 8
    Subterranean APC: $800
    This is an APC that can dig underground. Pavement is the only thing that can
    stop it. It can hold up to 5 units, including
    the mutant hijacker and cyborg commando.
    Tech Level: 6
    Artillery: $975
    This is NOD's long range unit. It can kill infantry in one hit and it outranges
    many NOD & GDI Units.
    Tech Level: 6
    Mobile Sensor Array - See GDI MSA
    Mobile Repair Vehicle: $1000
    This unit is like a Mobile Repair Depot but it doesn't cost money.
    Tech Level: 7
    Devils Tongue Flame Tank: $750
    This is a lightly armored unit that sucks. It can drill underground and is
    really effective on infantry.
    Tech Level: 7
    Weedeater: $1400
    This unit "eats" the tiberium veins and takes them to the tiberium waste
    Tech Level: 10
    Air Units
    Harpy: $1000
    This unit sucks even more that the stealth tank. The only thing it is good at
    is infantry. Keep Infantry away from this.
    Tech Level: 5
    Banshee: $1500
    This unit is better at attacking in large groups and not infantry. Their armor
    is like that of an Orca Fighter
    Tech Level: 9
    Here are the NOD structures
    Construction Yard - See GDI Construction Yard
    Power Plant: $300
    The NOD power plants are the same as a basic GDI power plant only it cant be
    Tech Level: 1
    Missile Silo: $1300
    This is where you launch The Multi Missiles and Chemical Missiles. More on
    Missiles later
    Tech Level: 10
    Tiberium Waste Facility: $1600
    This is where the weed eaters take the tiberium veins and turn them into a
    chemical missile.
    It comes with a weedeater.
    Tech Level: 10
    Obelisk Of Light: $1500
    This is like the NOD laser only more powerful, goes offline when you have low
    power, takes lots of power, has a better range
    Tech Level: 9
    Laser: $300
    This is a good base defense. It gives a cool animation when it kills an
    infantry units
    Tech Unit: 2
    Laser Fencing: $300
    This is like a cement wall only it sucks. If you have a wall of them, it takes
    lots of power, if your enemy destroyed one
    post they blow a big hole in your wall.
    Tech Level: 8
    Temple Of NOD: $3000
    This is (scary music) "The Temple Of NOD". It allows you to make a cyborg
    commando, mutant hijacker and a hunter seeker
    Tech Level: 10
    Advanced Power Plant: $500
    This is like a fully upgraded GDI power plant. Same price and power output.
    Tech Level: 7
    Stealth Generator: $2500
    This structure takes up A LOT of power and in return it cloaks anything in a 16
    x 16 square radius
    Tech Level: 9
    Tiberium Silo - See GDI Tiberium Silo
    War Factory - See GDI War Factory
    Pavement - See GDI pavement
    Concrete Wall - See GDI Concrete Wall
    $ 0.8 FAQ
    This is where I answer questions that werenít covered in the walkthrough.
    1. What is the Ion Cannon?
    The Ion Cannon is the GDI Super weapon. It shoots a high intensity beam of ion
    radiation that vaporizes regular men and most
    structures. The ion beam is capable of hitting anywhere in the world and was
    used to kill Kane the first time in GDI's
    2. Do you have any life at all?
    Take a look at the times on the update section and see "About Me" for this
    If you can't read it that FYI: No.
    I will post more when I get some e-mails with questions.
    # 0.9 Cheats
    Ok. here are a few cheats....
    Build Anywhere
    Change your keys to be:
    Scroll East - Numpad 6
    Scroll West - Numpad 4
    Scroll North - Numpad 8
    Scroll South - Numpad 2
    Now get a tiberium silo ready. Click and HOLD the left mouse button and slide
    the cursor under the "Power Gauge" and scroll
    using the keys I listed above while keeping the mouse button down. Once you
    have scrolled to a flat piece of land, let the
    mouse button go and it will build the structure if you placed it right.
    This isn't really a cheat so much as a strategy
    Fill a harvester full of blue tiberium and send it into the enemy base right
    next to the construction yard or any other
    structure and let them destroy it. It will blow up and make a BIG explosion.
    @ 0.9 Vocabulary
    This section is filled with online vocabulary and a dictionary.
    NOTE: This is not A - Z
    ICBM - Inter Continental Ballistic Missile
    SAM - Surface to Air Missile
    RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade
    MRLS - Multi Rocket Launch System
    WTF - What the ****
    Acc. all - accept all
    Lol - laugh out loud
    Rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing
    FYI: For Your Information

    FAQ Display Options: Printable Version