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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Vortex

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/13/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             C O M M A N D                 &               C O N Q U E R
      _________ __  __________  _________  _________   __    ______     ________
     /__    __/|  |/_   ___   |/_   ____/ /_   __   | |  |  /_     \   /_   __  \
        |  |   |  | |  | __|  | |  |____   |  | _|  | |  |   /  /\  \   |  |  |  |
        |  |   |  | |  |/__  <  |   ___/   |  |/  __| |  |  /  /__\  \  |  |  |  |
        |  |   |  | |  |___|  | |  |_____  |  |`. `.  |  | /  //____  \ |  |  |  |
        |__|   |__| |_________| |________/ |__|  `._`.|__|/__/      \__\|__|  |__|
    _____________________  ________   ___     __   ________  _____________________
     `'=~----------. .-'` |   ____/  /_  |   |  | /_   __  \ `'-.  ,----------~='`
                    `.`.  |  |_____   |  |   |  |  |  |  |  |  ,','
                      `.`.|_____   |  |  |   |  |  |  |  |  |,','
                        `.`_____|  |  |  |__ |  |  |  |  |  |,'
                          |________|  |_____/|__|  |__|  |__|
                             `-.`-.                   ,-',-'
                                `-.`-.             ,-',-'        
                                   `-.`-.       ,-',-'
                                      Tiberian Sun 
                               By: Dark Vortex (Quan Jin)
                                      Version 1.1
    This guide may be found on the following sites:
    [http://faqs.ign.com]-----------------------------------------------[IGN FAQs]
    [http://www.dlh.net]-------------------------------------[Dirty Little Helper]
    This guide is copyright (c)2005-2006 Quan Jin
       ---- Table of Contents ----
          1. Introduction...............................................[1000]
          2. FAQ........................................................[2000]
          3. Basics.....................................................[3000]
                   3.1. Main Menu.......................................[3100]
                   3.2. The Interface...................................[3200]
                   3.3. Hotkeys.........................................[3300]
          4. Walkthrough................................................[4000]
                   4.1. Evolutionary Response...........................[4100]
                   4.2. Deus Ex Kane....................................[4200]
          5. Overview...................................................[5000]
                   5.1. Infantry........................................[5100]
                   5.2. Vehicles........................................[5200]
                   5.3. Structures......................................[5300]
          6. Version History............................................[6000]
          7. Legal Disclaimers..........................................[7000]
          8. Credits and Closing........................................[8000]
       ---- 1. Introduction ----                                            [1000]
    I loved the Command & Conquer series. Although pretty old, Tiberian Sun still 
    hasn't lost its novelty to me. Today, this game still remains one of the
    best strategy games I've ever played.
    This is actually my first attempt to cover an RTS such as Tiberian Sun in
    a guide. I'm not the most experienced strategist in the world, so don't
    expect a very analytical piece here. You will find a walkthrough, plus a 
    rundown of the units and buildings within the game. 
       ---- 2. FAQ ----                                                     [2000]
             [Q] Which alliance is better?
             [A] This is a question that really has no answer. It all depends on
                 your preference.
                 GDI relies more on brute force and heavy firepower through its 
                 Titans, Orca Bombers, Mammoth Mk.II, etc. Nod, on the other 
                 hand, relies on stealth and speed to win its battles. Each side
                 has its advantages over the other. Try out both sides equally
                 to see which one works for you. 
             [Q] Why is the "Destroy Chemical Supply" mission not ending?
             [A] Make sure that you destroy all of the white "Chemical Tanks."
                 I believe there are two next to the Waste Facility you find at
                 the beginning of the mission. There is a whole group of them 
                 east of the other two Waste Facilities in the same mission, plus
                 another three inside the Nod base. Once they're destroyed, the 
                 mission will proceed. 
                 After that, you must send a unit across the bridge north of the
                 Nod base. There, you will reveal a train station. Send Ghost
                 Stalker onto that train to finish the mission. 
             [Q] Where is the train station in the "Rescue Umagon 'B'" mission?
             [A] The train station might not look like a train station to you.
                 It can be found at the western edge of the map in the form of
                 a large, white building next to the track. I passed this 
                 building on my first playthrough without even knowing it was
                 the train station myself. Westwood really disguised it there.
             [Q] ACK! Why is the GDI transport not appearing in the "Villainess
                 In Distress" mission?
             [A] Even if you freed Oxanna from her prison and killed all 
                 surrounding GDI forces, the transport might not arrive for a 
                 few seconds. Be patient and wait for it. You will be notified
                 when it comes. 
             [Q] I was attacked by a Mammoth Mk.II in "Destroy Mammoth Mk.II 
                 Prototype" mission. I destroyed it but the mission didn't end.
                 What's up? 
             [A] The one Mammoth Mk.II you MUST destroy is inside the main GDI
                 base. GDI may send a second Mammoth Mk.II to attack your base.
                 I don't see how this works here, but that Mammoth Mk.II is not
                 the prototype that your objective means. Destroying the 
                 prototype inside the base will finish the mission. 
             [Q] What are those cactus-like things standing in the center of 
                 tiberium patches?
             [A] They play an important role. At regular intervals, they will 
                 spit out Tiberium (or seeds or something, I don't know). With
                 one or two of these within a Tiberium patch, the amount of
                 Tiberium can never run out as they will keep growing. 
       ---- 3. Basics ----                                                  [3000]
    There are a few aspects of the game that could use some clarifying. If you
    are already mastered in the game, there's no need to read through this
    section. Most of this can be found in the manual.
            3.1. Main Menu                                                  [3100]
         New Campaign ~
              This button does exactly what it says, it starts a new campaign. 
              Upon clicking it, you will be prompted to choose your side and set 
              the difficulty level. Then the game starts obviously.
         Load Mission ~
              If this is your first time opening the game up, this button will be
              dark. That means that you currently, have no games saved. When you
              save your game in campaign, go here to load the games up. You don't
              expect to complete the game without saving, do you? ;P
         Multiplayer Game ~
              This is the Multiplayer tab. It goes to five more tabs, each with a 
              different option.
                    Internet -- This brings you to login page where you
                      can login to the Westwood servers. Keep in mind that you 
                      need a username as well as having the "Shared Internet 
                      Components" installed. 
                    Modem/Serial -- So you got a phone line connection? Well, you 
                      can use it to play. Clicking on this will bring to a page 
                      with different options of play. 
                    Network -- If you're connected through a network, you can 
                      use this function to play locally. 
                    Skirmish -- This is kind of like a custom game that you can 
                      make to fight against the computer. Set the map (or make 
                      your own), the amount of players, AI levels, etc. But, you 
                      can only play against the computer. 
                    Main Menu -- Guess what this button does. 
         Intro/Sneak Peek ~
               This isn't anything special. Clicking on it will bring up the intro
               movie for either the GDI side or Nod side (depending on the CD
               inside the tray). After the intro, another cinematic/s of 
               different games produced by Westwood will appear. For the record,
               I have a preview Nox on mine. 
         Options ~
               Clicking on this will, of course, bring you to more buttons.
                    Game Settings -- Change the game speed, scroll rate, as well 
                      as a few other miscellaneous options.
                    Display -- Change the resolution. 600x400, 640x480, and 
                      800x600. Just for the record, I use the 800x 600 set. 
                    Sound -- Change the amount of emphasis put in music, voices, 
                      or FX sounds.
                    Keyboard -- Change hotkeys to whatever you want. 
                    Network -- Change your network settings (if you don't have 
                      one, this is useless). 
                    Main Menu -- Take a wild guess, my friend. 
         Exit Game ~
               Press this button to quit out of the game after a long session of
            3.2. The Interface                                              [3200]
    Below is a (rather terribly done) ASCII of the Tiberian Sun game interface
    which appears along the right-hand side of the screen. 
                       1  0  0  0  0      
          |||¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|##     [1] This is the amount of 
          |||                                |||         credits you currently
          |||                                |||         have.     
          |||                                |||         
          |||                                |||     [2] This is the map. Of
          |||              [2]               |||         course, there's no map
          |||                                |||         on this ASCII example.
          |||                                |||         
          |||                                |||     [3] This is the "Fix" button.
          |||                                |||         It resembles a monkey
          |||                                |||         wrench. Click on it and
          ##|________________________________|##         then click on a damaged
          ####----|    |    |    |    |-----####         building to slowly repair
           #######|[3] |[4] |[5] |[6] |########          it (it costs money).
          ####    `----'----'----'----'     ####         
          #| |----------------|---------------|#     [4] This is the "Sell"    
          #| |                |               |#         button. It resembles a
    [7]--->| |                |               |#         "$" symbol. Sell 
          #| |      [8]       |      [9]      |#         buildings and get half
          #| |                |               |#         the credit you spent 
          #|-|________________|_______________|#         back.
          #|-|                |               |#          
          #|-|                |               |#     [5] This is the "Power Down"
          #|-|                |               |#         icon. It resembles a 
          #|-|      [8]       |      [9]      |#         lightning bolt. If at any 
          #|-|                |               |#         time, you have a power
          #|-|----------------|---------------|#         shortage, disable a 
          #|-|                |               |#         building's power flow to
          #|-|                |               |#         get some extra power.
          #|-|      [8]       |      [9]      |#         
          #|-|                |               |#     [6] This is the "Waypoints"
          #|-|________________|_______________|#         button. Assign your units
          #|-|                |               |#         waypoints this way.
          #|-|                |               |#         
          #|-|                |               |#     [7] This is the power meter.
          #|-|      [8]       |      [9]      |#         Keep an eye on it and 
          #|-|                |               |#         don't let it get too red.
          #|-|                |               |#     [8] The buildings you can   
          #|-|                |               |#         build currently. 
          #|-|      [8]       |      [9]      |#      
          #|-|                |               |#     [9] The units you can build 
          #|-|________________|_______________|#         currently.
          ######|     |     |###|     |     |###     
          ######|[10] |[11] |###|[10] |[11] |###     [10] Scroll up.     
                |-----|-----|   |-----|-----|
                                                     [11] Scroll down. 
            3.3. Hotkeys                                                    [3300]
      [Guard Object]--------------------------------[CTRL + ALT + Mouse Button] 
      [Scatter Units]-------------------------------------------------------[X]  
      [Stop Units]----------------------------------------------------------[S] 
      [Follow Unit]---------------------------------------------------------[F] 
      [Force Fire]----------------------------------------[CTRL + Mouse Button]  
      [Force Move]-----------------------------------------[ALT + Mouse Button] 
      [Set Rally Point]-----------------------------[CTRL + ALt + Mouse Button] 
      [Waypoint Mode]-------------------------------------------------------[W] 
      [Connect Waypoints]--------------------------------[SHIFT + Mouse Button] 
      [Waypoint Guard Patrol]-----------------------[CTRL + ALT + Mouse Button]
      [Delete Waypoint]------------------------------------------------[Delete] 
      [Set Tactical Map Locations]------------------------------[CTRL + F9-F12]
      [Center Tactical Map on Base]-----------------------------------------[H]  
      [Sidebar Up]----------------------------------------------------[Page up] 
      [Sidebar Down]------------------------------------------------[Page down] 
      [Toggle Power Mode]---------------------------------------------------[P]  
      [Screenshot]---------------------------------------------------[CTRL + C]  
      [Next Unit]-----------------------------------------------------------[N]
      [Previous Unit]-------------------------------------------------------[B]  
      [Select All]----------------------------------------------------------[E] 
      [Create Team]------------------------------------------------[CTRL + 0-9]  
      [Select a Team]-----------------------------------------------------[0-9] 
      [Center on Team]----------------------------------------------[ALT + 0-9] 
      [Add Unit to Team]-----------------------------[SHIFT + Left mouse click] 
      [Toggle Alliance]-----------------------------------------------------[A] 
      [Toggle Radar Map]--------------------------------------------------[TAB] 
       ---- 4. Walkthrough ----                                             [4000]
    Below is the walkthrough. The GDI campaign comes first and the Nod campaign
    follows afterwards. I've tried to be as descriptive as possible in my 
    strategy, while still providing room for you to do your own thing and enjoy
    the game. 
    Be sure to finish all optional missions within the campaign. They will help
    you a lot in coming missions. Along with that, I will walk you through the 
    game as if you DID complete them. 
            4.1. Evolutionary Response                                      [4100]
         >> Objective One: Build a Tiberium Refinery.
         >> Objective Two: Build a Barracks.
         >> Objective Three: Destroy all Nod forces. 
         Watch the Cyborg chasing the single GDI soldier. Once the reinforcements
         come down, they'll dispose of any remaining Nod forces in the immediate
         vicinity. When you gain control, start construction on a Tiberium 
         Refinery. At the same time, GDI will send you reinforcements in the form
         of two Wolverines. 
         Once the Tiberium Refinery is finished, place it anywhere you'd like.
         Now, your second objective is to build a Barracks. Select that and place
         it somewhere inside your base as well. That's really it for Phoenix 
         Base, although you can build a Tiberium Silo to store any extra Tiberium
         if need be. Gather up your preliminary units and scout them around the
         map. Build more Light Infantry at the Barracks if you feel like it. 
         Be sure to check south and southwest of your base to find any stragglers
         hiding at the base of the cliff. Occasionally, Nod units will rush 
         themselves toward your base. The two Vulcan Cannons that are situated
         there will rip them apart, so no worries. There are two bridges east of
         your base. The southern bridge will be hit by meteors, so don't venture
         over there. However, the other leads to a small Nod base. There's a 
         Power Plant and a Hand of Nod to be destroyed. Take down the structures
         and any remaining enemy units to finish the mission. 
         >> Objective One: Deploy the MCV and begin building a base.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy all Nod SAM sites.
         >> Objective Three: Destroy the Nod base. 
         Watch the two GDI Transports fly in and get obliterated by the Nod
         missiles. Shortly thereafter, a MCV will appear. Deploy it and begin
         constructing a base. Be sure to build a War Factory to make more 
         Wolverines. Vulcan Cannons aren't necessary in this mission, as Nod
         attacks are sporadic. 
         Anyway, about those SAM sites. The first two are to the east of your
         base. You should already know where they are. Bring your starting units
         and have them destroy the two sites. Once those are gone, bring the
         Wolverines north along the edge of the river. There's another SAM site
         on a plateau by a broken bridge. That's three down, only four more
         to go. Build 2-3 more Wolverines and send them south from your base 
         (along with your two starting Wolverines) along the dirt path. Leave 
         some Light Infantry back at your base to fend off any attackers. 
         With the Wolverines, have them follow the path. There are scattered Nod
         troops in the area, but the Wolverines should easily take them down. 
         You might come across a few Rocket Soldiers and Attack Buggies along the
         way. After climbing a ramp, you should unveil two more SAM sites. 
         Dispose of them, of course. Continue this way until you reach the 
         civilian town. The Nod base is very close to here. 
         Head a bit east and north from the town. Go up the ramp and search along
         the cliff edge for a SAM site. You should be able to find it, along with
         the broken bridge leading back to your base. Feel free to repair that
         using an Engineer for easy access between your base and the opponent's.
         Destroy the SAM site and bring your Wolverine party a bit to the east.
         The second SAM site is on the opposite cliff. By now, some units from
         the enemy base should be attacking you. Fend them off and destroy the
         last SAM site. 
         The GDI Transport will appear and do his job. Now, build a few more
         Wolverines and a bunch of Disk Throwers. Have an Engineer repair the
         bridge. It will give you a shortcut to the enemy base (so you don't have
         to walk all the way around). Send in your forces and begin tearing at
         the Nod base. There are two Lasers guarding the entrance, so prioritize
         those first. Once the defenses are down, send your units in and destroy
         the rest of the base. Once every single Nod unit is dead, the mission
         will be complete. 
         (Optional Mission. Most western of the two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Destroy all Nod structures.
         >> Objective Two: Capture the train station. 
         You begin the mission with two Wolverines, two Light Infantry, two
         Disk Throwers, and three Engineers. Move your units westward, keeping
         the Engineers at the back of the party. You will come across a Civilian
         Array. There are a few units surrounding it, so dispose of them. Watch
         out for the incoming Attack Buggies as well. Send an Engineer into the 
         building and you'll be reinforced with a Medic, another Engineer, a 
         Light Infantry, and a Disk Thrower. 
         You will also be shown another Civilian Array on the plateau to your 
         south. Have your units continue west.  The Medic and Engineers should 
         stick back to avoid any conflict. After crossing the Tiberium patch west 
         of the captured Civilian Array, begin heading south under the bridge. 
         Climb up the ramp and kill all the Nod units hanging around (Light 
         Infantry and Cyborgs). Then send an Engineer into the building. Two 
         Wolverines, two Disk Throwers, and a single Engineer will come down to 
         assist you. 
         Now you should have a pretty sizeable force. Group them all together and
         send them near the Tiberium patch west of the first Civilian Array. From
         there, begin heading north. You will go under a bridge and reach another
         one that's guarded by a Cyborg. Your forces should easily overpower it.
         Before crossing the bridge though, send a Wolverine west and along the
         water's edge. When you hit the end, two Titans will come to support you.
         Use them to destroy the two Power Plants to the north. The power will
         fail and the defending Lasers will be destroyed. That will make the job
         much easier. 
         Go ahead and cross the bridge. Send your Light Infantry and Wolverines
         first. There will be enemy units on the bridge, and your Disk Throwers
         and Titans can accidentally "break" the bridge if they fire upon it.
         In that case, just use an Engineer to fix it. After the bridge is clear 
         of all enemies, it'll be safe to send the Titans and Disk Throwers 
         across. Fight your way inside the base and destroy the buildings. There
         will be little resistance. When the base is destroyed, send an Engineer
         into the train station to the north. 
         >> Objective One: Locate the Crash Site.
         >> Objective Two: Capture any Nod Technology Centers. 
         You begin the mission with two Wolverines, two Titans, and of course, a
         MCV to begin your base with. Deploy it exactly where it drops and begin
         constructing your base. There are a number of Nod infantry and Attack
         Buggies in the city to the north. Feel free to dispatch them with your 
         starting force. While building up your base, don't worry too much about
         base defenses. Two or three Vulcan Cannons is plenty. Position them 
         northeast of your base by the Tiberium patch. Most, if not all, Nod
         attacks will come from that direction.
         Once you have your base built and a good stream of credits going, 
         construct two more Titans. Group them together with your other two 
         Titans and send some infantry along with them. Directly northwest of
         your base is a small Nod installation. The entrance is guarded by two
         Lasers. Because the Titans have a longer range than the Lasers, send
         the four of them to destroy the defenses. The infantry squad should 
         fend off any attacks. Once the Lasers are down, enter the small base and
         kill every Nod unit. If you'd like, you can capture the Hand of Nod and
         the Power Plants. 
         Now, take that same squad of Titans and send them southeast from the 
         small Nod base. Destroy the Gate first, of course. You'll meet some
         resistance in the form of Tick Tanks and Attack Buggies. After a little
         bit, your Titans will reveal the crash site. Clear the area of all Nod
         units to secure it. You will be greeted by a transmission upon 
         completing that objective. 
         The Nod Technology Center is at the center of the main Nod base in the
         area. Reaching it is no problem. However, you will need a sizeable force
         to assault the base. The Nod base is actually directly north of the 
         smaller Nod base, on the cliff. When you have an attack force of about
         four Titans, plus Wolverines and infantry, send them northeast from the
         small Nod base. You'll go under a rail bridge. When you pass it, look
         to your right for a ramp leading up to the cliff with the bridge. 
         Send your units up and clear any Nod units in the vicinity. The main
         Nod base is across the rail bridge. When you're ready, send the attack
         force in. The base is guarded by two Lasers at the entrance along with
         a few more Lasers scattered inside the base. You'll also be met by an
         armada of Tick Tanks. The Titans should reign supreme. Your objective
         is not destroying the base, but capturing the Technology Center. Send an
         Engineer into the building and finish the mission. 
         >> Survive until reinforcements can arrive.
         >> Prevent Nod from destroying the UFO.
         You have a small base, limited funds, and a bunch of Nod forces knocking
         at your door. An ion storm cuts in to add insult to injury. Once the
         static dissipates, you'll see that you have 10 minutes until the ion
         storm ends. Only then will you receive reinforcements. Two Vulcan 
         Cannons guard the northwest entrance and two Vulcan Cannons guard the
         southern entrance. Keep all four alive, as they are very useful in 
         keeping Nod out. 
         The first thing you should do is sell one Power Plant and the Radar
         Installation. Because of the ion storm, you have no radar, so that's
         useless. You only need one Power Plant for the Barracks. Plus, the
         extra funds and infantry will come in handy. Train more infantry in
         the form of Light Infantry and Disk Throwers and place them at both
         entrances. No one should be idle, so take all of the infantry in the
         middle of your base and have them help the others out. 
         If you need more money, destroying the truck to the northwest will net
         you a money crate. Apart from that, make sure that none of your units 
         leave the confines of your base. Exploring the map is not important. 
         What's important is keeping the Nod forces away from the UFO. Assuming 
         that you have enough infantry at both entrances, Nod should not be able 
         to break through. About halfway through the mission, some Subterranean 
         APCs will appear by the UFO. Place some units on both sides of the UFO 
         to meet them. If the UFO is damaged, use one of the Engineers nearby to
         repair it. That's what they are there for. 
         This is not a difficult mission at all. Just make sure that both your
         entrances are defended as best they could. Reinforcements arrive after
         the ion storm ends. Use the Titans and Wolverines to clear out the rest
         of them. That's it!
         (Optional Mission. Most western of the two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Destroy the three relay stations.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy the radar array. 
         There are three targets on your radar. The three relay stations are 
         plain in sight. The radar array is roughly in-between the three others.
         Your job is to snuff them all out. 
         Your starting units consist of a few Light Infantry, Disk Throwers, and
         a Medic. Have them take out the two Nod soldiers nearby. Two Wolverines 
         and another Disk Thrower will appear once they're taken care of. Have
         the infantry lead the way eastward. Let the Medic stick back and heal
         whenever necessary. Climb the ramp onto the cliff and take out the Nod
         Attack Buggy and infantry. Once they're gone, a Titan will appear back
         at the starting point. Send your units a little bit east. Three 
         Subterranean APCs will appear. Don't worry, it's nothing more than
         Light Infantry. Clear them out and have the Medic heal anyone who needs
         From there, send a single Wolverine to the south. A Tiberium patch will
         be revealed, along with a number of Tiberium Fiends. DO NOT attack them.
         Our first target will be the southern relay station. From the flat area 
         (where the Subterranean APCs appeared), head east and up the ramp. 
         There, you will find a Hand of Nod and a handful of Nod infantry. Use
         the Titan to destroy the Laser because it outranges it. After destroying
         the Hand of Nod, reinforcements will appear at the start. 
         From your current position, head a little bit more to the east. North
         of the south relay station is a Nod position consisting of two Lasers,
         a Tick Tank, and some infantry. Have a single soldier approach them and
         he'll come under attack. A few Subterranean APCs will also appear, 
         dropping off Rocket Infantry. Send the single soldier back toward the
         main group and lure the enemy infantry back. Dispose of all of them and
         approach the Nod position. Your Titans should easily take care of the
         Tick Tank and Lasers. Ignore the Lasers by the Nod wall to the north-
         east for now. 
         Now you should be right by the south relay station. Because of the veins
         by the station, DO NOT send your Titans over. Have your Wolverines and
         infantry take out the Laser Fence Post and dispose of this relay 
         station. Reinforcements will come in the form of more infantry and a 
         very valuable Medic. Use him to heal your other Medic if necessary. 
         Now, off to the northwest station. West of the plateau (with the Tick
         Tank on it) is a small body of water. Bring your units over there and
         destroy the Tick Tank north of that. Follow the dirt path in-between 
         the two cliffs and take out any infantry you come across. This path will
         soon bring you to the ramp leading toward the northwest relay station. 
         Walk toward it and three Subterranean APCs will surprise you. Defeat 
         every single soldier that attacks you and then focus your attack on the
         relay station. Destroying this station nets you some more infantry, 
         plus a Titan and Wolverine. 
         Take all of your units and return them to the area where you were 
         originally stationed (by the south relay station). See the two Lasers
         by the Nod wall? Destroy them if you feel like it. Don't send your
         units through the wall though. Instead, have them proceed along the
         cliff overlooking the wall on the left side. Your group will slowly 
         approach the main radar array. When you reach the gate leading into the
         stronghold, begin attacking the various defenses around. There are a 
         number of Tick Tanks and Lasers. Your forces should still overpower 
         them. When the coast is clear, take out the radar array. 
         There is one last target northeast of the array. From the gate, send 
         your units up there and destroy the two guarding Lasers. Once those are
         taken care of, focus all your firepower on the final relay station. 
         Assuming you've destroyed everything else, the mission will end. 
         >> Objective One: Rescue Tratos from prison.
         >> Objective Two: EVAC Tratos at specified site.
         >> Objective Three: Destroy the Nod base and test facility. 
         If you didn't complete the optional mission, then you have 10 minutes to
         enter the base and extract Tratos. If you did, then you will not be 
         detected. Therefore, you won't have a time limit.
         You begin the mission with two special units. One is Umagon. She
         can kill infantry with a single shot, but her gun doesn't deal much 
         damage against vehicles or buildings. Ghost Stalker, on the other hand,
         is capable of killing infantry with one shot and most vehicles as well.
         He is also fitted with C4 charges, which can blow up buildings 
         instantly. Be sure to have him lead, as his gun can accidentally hit
         Umagon (the gun is capable of going through multiple targets). In that 
         case, MISSION FAILED! And lastly, there's the Mutant Hijacker. He can
         steal any vehicle that he walks into. 
         Kill the enemy infantry at the beginning and send your units ahead. 
         There are a few more soldiers patrolling the area. You will also notice
         a Nod Buggy stationed at a civilian gas station. If you'd like, go ahead
         and capture it using the Mutant Hijacker. It doesn't really matter if 
         you do or not, but the extra firepower can help. There is also a
         Tiberium patch to your west. Have Umagon kill the two Nod soldiers 
         attacking the Tiberium Fiend. The Fiend will now follow Umagon and help
         you out. Heal your mutant units in the Tiberium if necessary. 
         Now, send your units north along the dirt path. A Cyborg and some Light
         Infantry might cross your path at some point. When you hit the two 
         broken bridges, change directions and head southwest. Be wary of any
         Nod units running around. Stay north of the road to avoid wandering into
         the Observation Tower's sight. If you do, the base will be alerted. 
         Instead, head above the small stronghold and have Umagon destroy the 
         crates by the Advanced Power Plant. Without any power, you can safely
         proceed through. Be careful though; the Laser is still operational. 
         Mop up any Nod units hanging around. 
         Cross the bridge to the southwest and you'll be at the doorstep to the
         Nod testing facility. Kill any units close to you and then have Umagon
         destroy the crates at the corner of the base. It'll blow a hole in the
         wall surrounding the facility. A 4-minute timer will commence. That will
         be more than enough time to extract Tratos, so no worries. First, send
         Ghost Stalker to secure the area. Kill any infantry that are inside
         the base. Afterwards, have Umagon walk toward the hospital building. 
         Tratos will be revealed. Now it's your job to send him to a GDI 
         transport due east of your current position. Have Umagon and Ghost 
         Stalker escort him to safety. You should not meet any resistance, but
         if you do, act accordingly. 
         Once Tratos is safe and sound, you will be given a MCV at the northeast
         corner of the map. Send it a bit to the south so you'll be closer to the
         Tiberium patch. Be sure to destroy the weak cliff wall to access it.
         Build up your base as you normally would. You'll obtain reinforcements
         after constructing your Refinery. Don't worry about anything other than
         the War Factory. Build up a large force of Titans and send them west
         along the dirt path. Follow it until you find a weak cliff wall. Take
         it down and have your units walk up and around. The main base is to the
         south. Destroying it will be no problem, although you will find a 
         large number of infantry within the base. Two or three waves of about
         six Titans each should do the trick. 
         (Optional Mission. Most western of the two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Destroy the dams any way possible.
         You begin with two Titans and a small handful of infantry. Using these
         forces, plus reinforcements, your objective is to destroy Vega's dams
         or the regulator stations, which will destroy the dams as well. It's a 
         big map, so try not to get lost. 
         Begin the mission by sending your units east. You'll come across a Nod
         division of two Attack Buggies and some Rocket Infantry. The Buggies
         will attack, but the infantry will cross the bridge and destroy it! 
         Don't worry though, as there is another way to access the other side.
         Head southwest along the dirt path and down a ramp. There, you'll find
         a land-bridge connecting to the other side of the bridge. Climb up the 
         ramp and proceed over to the Nod installation to the north. Kill the
         three Rocket Infantry and have the Titans destroy the Laser. Mop up the
         rest of the base (consisting of a Hand of Nod and Power Plant) and 
         destroy the truck for a health crate. Reinforcements, in the form of
         Wolverines, will also be dispatched to your position.
         Take all of your units and send them southeast along the dirt path. Keep
         the infantry behind, as you might come across a Devil's Tongue while 
         traveling this way. When you reach the ramp, head down and past the
         Tiberium patch. Reinforcements will appear again. Once your troops are
         together, send them northeast across the narrow strip of land. Infantry
         will come to attack you. Dispose of them as they come. 
         At the end, you'll reach a civilian building and a Nod truck. It 
         contains a health crate if you need it. Some Tick Tanks might also 
         come down the nearby ramp. Destroy them in that case. Climb up to a 
         civilian town of some sort. First, destroy the three SAM Sites. Then
         take care of the two Tick Tanks stationed northwest of the town. A
         transport should appear with an extra Titan, two Engineers, and some
         more infantry. When the SAM Sites are out, another transport will appear
         to the north. It'll be destroyed, but a single Engineer will crawl out.
         Have him repair the bridge to the west. 
         Now, send your units across the bridge northwest of them. There will be
         a few enemies around here. DO NOT fire upon the bridge unless you want
         it destroyed. Wait for the enemy infantry to reach the small island 
         and then fire at them. Be careful of the five Cyborgs coming from the
         northwest. They can do a lot of damage before they go. Now, you have two
         ways to move on. One bridge leads northwest, the other leads northeast.
         If you choose to go northwest, you will come to the west regulator
         station and reach the dams quicker. However, the way there is full of
         enemy forces.
         I would suggest you take the northeast bridge because it pits you 
         against less enemies. Personally, that's my way of choice AND it's the
         way I'll lead you through. When you reach the other side, head north and
         around the plateau. Destroy the weak cliff wall and enter the tunnel.
         When your attack force emerges again, destroy the weak cliff wall right
         in front of you. Heading up this way will put you right behind the main
         Nod base in the area. Have the Titans take out the Laser defenses 
         scattered around. You should have no trouble taking out the buildings
         and enemy units. The first regulator station is in this base. 
         The second regulator station is across the bridge that is southwest of
         your current position. It is lightly defended, so taking it out will be
         no problem. While crossing the bridge, you should reveal the two dams 
         as well. However, the only units capable of hitting them from the bridge
         are the Titans. It is much quicker destroying the other regulator 
         station across the bridge. Once both are down, the dams will be 
         >> Objective One: Destroy the Nod base.
         >> Objective Two: Capture Vega's Pyramid. 
         You start off with a group of infantry. You also have a 20 minute timer,
         but that only represents the time that the generators will remain
         offline. Send your infantry south and kill the two Light Infantry
         hanging around. Don't worry about the Subterranean APC that escapes. 
         When your MCV drops, deploy it and begin constructing your base. Take
         your two Titans and have them explore the rest of your island, 
         destroying any SAM Sites they come across. 
         There is a multitude of Tiberium both on the ground and on the plateau
         to the west. You should not run out of Tiberium even with three
         Harvesters going. Build up a good amount of static defenses to fend off
         Nod attacks. Be sure to buy Pavement for your base too and place it
         in strategic locations such as around your Construction Yard. Therefore,
         Nod Subterranean APC attacks won't be able to get in near your key 
         buildings. Set up a Mobile Sensor Array if you're paranoid about 
         subterranean assaults. Attacks will mostly come from the ramp southwest 
         of where your MCV was dropped. 
         You can use Amphibious APCs, but they are honestly more trouble than 
         they are worth. There is a good ramp to reach the water southwest of 
         your base. If you do plan on using them, send them down this way to
         reach the other bases. Vega's main base is west of your base across a 
         very small bridge. I would, however, suggest that you destroy a smaller
         base that is at the southeast corner of the map first. That base also 
         has a bridge connecting to it. I strongly suggest you use your Orca 
         Fighters to destroy it, as there is an Artillery stationed right by the
         bridge. Once that mini-base is gone, you can focus on Vega's main base.
         First, have some Titans destroy the two Lasers stationed in the middle
         of the bridge. Once they are taken out, you can proceed. However, Nod 
         will destroy the second bridge before you can cross. That is easily
         fixed with an Engineer. Build up an attack force consisting mostly of
         Titans and send them across. Be careful of the Artillery pieces deployed
         around the area. They don't deal THAT much damage to Titans, but they
         can seriously weaken your force. 
         When you bring your Titans up the ramp, head northwest along the right
         side of the base. When you reach the upper-right corner of Vega's base,
         blow a hole in the laser fencing and begin wreaking havoc on the rows
         and rows of Advanced Power Plants you see. Start advancing south and
         obliterating the rest of the base. Vega's Pyramid is in the center. The
         rest of the mission is pretty straightforward. Capture the building and
         then blow up the rest of the base. Be sure to destroy every single SAM
         Site to complete the mission. ALL Nod forces must be gone in order for
         the mission to end. 
         >> Objective One: Find a way back to the GDI base.
         >> Objective Two: Re-capture the base with engineers.
         >> Objective Three: Destroy all Nod forces in the area. 
         The mission begins with your Hover MRLS tanks destroying a bridge. Two
         trucks will fall through to reveal two crates. Resist the temptation to
         pick these crates up. They are health crates, and you obviously don't
         need them now. Leave them back here and save them for later. I won't 
         tell you when to pick them up, but use your brain and head back for
         healing when you know you need it. 
         Now, load up your APC with the four Engineers and send them and the 
         Hover MRLS tanks northeast. You will soon run into some Attack Cycles 
         on the plateau. Don't attack them from down there though; your missiles 
         will only hit the side of the cliff. Instead, proceed forward and go up 
         the ramp onto the same plateau. Get rid of the Attack Cycles and begin 
         moving northwest and down the ramp. Be careful of any Attack Buggies or 
         Cycles that may appear behind you. A Laser and Radar will be revealed
         up ahead. Use the Hover MRLS tanks' greater range to take out the Laser 
         painlessly. Afterwards, destroy the Radar. 
         Now, scan the cliff wall to the north for a weak portion. Blow it off
         and head up the ramp that appears. Three Power Plants will be revealed
         to your right. Your Hover MRLS tanks only have enough range to destroy
         the Power Plants. Do just that and take out all three. The Rocket 
         Infantry might damage you quite a bit so be careful. When those are down
         for the count, move your units back southeast to the same plateau you
         came from. From there, make your way down the other ramp to the
         beginning area.
         Go south through the narrow strip and proceed to the southeast corner of
         the map. You will find a truck with a health crate by an abandoned 
         factory. From the southeast corner, head north toward a powerless 
         Obelisk. Because you destroyed the Power Plants back there, the Obelisk
         won't do anything. Destroy it and advance northward. Keep going until
         you see a ramp on your right. Climb up and head northwest to find a 
         Nod installation. There are two Lasers you can destroy along with a 
         Hand of Nod and Power Plant. The truck stationed there has a health
         When you're done pillaging that base, go down the ramp to the right of
         it. Head north and around the mini-base. You are currently at the
         northern portion of this map. Send your units west along the edge. Stay
         as north as possible! You should not meet any resistance during this 
         portion of your excursion. When you get as far northwest as you can, you
         should see a weak cliff wall at the dead end. Blow it up and send your
         units up to the Tiberium patch. 
         You are right by the base. All you have to do now is bring the Engineers
         in. Use the Hover MRLS tanks to destroy any enemy units that threaten
         them. First, send two Engineers into the two Power Plants outside the
         Firestorm barrier. That will lower the power and allow an Engineer to
         access the Construction Yard. Send an Engineer into the Construction
         Yard and this base will be yours. Quickly get to work repairing and
         powering up the structures that are powered down. Be sure to sell the
         Firestorm Generator. It's useless and it's a big power hog. 
         If you come under attack, have your Hover MRLS tanks take out the 
         opposition. Get to work training a few Disk Throwers to help defend
         the base as well. There are numerous forces around your new base, so get
         to work seeking all of them out and killing them. Also, destroy all of
         the SAM Sites around your base to get some reinforcements. Once you have
         the base in shape, you can begin constructing an attack force. Focus
         around building a bunch of Titans, of course. 
         The Nod base is that gigantic black shroud at the lower-left corner of
         the map. The quickest way to reach it is heading down the western-most
         bridge on the map. Be forewarned however, as there are two Artillery
         pieces west of the bridge. Wolverines and Hover MRLS tanks will be
         ripped apart by their shells. If possible, send in the Titans first
         because they have heavy armor. Use them to destroy the Artillery. 
         Titans are best for razing the Nod base due to the Artillery that are 
         stationed INSIDE the base. Prioritize those vehicles first and then 
         begin firing upon the rest of the base. You'll meet a lot of opposition,
         mind. Once you destroy the base and all Nod forces in the area, you will
         have completed the mission. 
         >> Objective One: Locate the train and destroy the locomotive before Nod
            engineers repair the bridge. The cargo car holds the crystals.
         >> Objective Two: If the bridge is repaired and the train successfully
            reaches the Nod base, then you must locate and destroy this base
            to recover the crystals. 
         Speed is of the essence in this mission. If you follow me, you should be
         able to get to the train within two minutes. First, group all of your 
         vehicles and infantry together. Ignore the APCs and Engineers. Send them
         west and up a ramp. When you're on top of the plateau, begin heading 
         southwest to find a weak cliff wall that you can destroy. Fire upon it
         to create a ramp. Head down that way and you'll be just outside the
         train stop. 
         Use the Titans and Hover MRLS tanks' greater range to take out the two
         Lasers. Then get rid of the gate and proceed to the train. Nod units
         will be attacking you, but they won't be able to stop you from 
         destroying the train. Focus your fire on the locomotive (first car) 
         to disable the train. Then destroy the last car to find the crystal.
         Simply have a unit step on it to complete the mission.
         If you're slow and the train manages to leave, you will have to follow
         it toward the Nod base. Cross the repaired bridge and follow the tracks
         southward. Soon, you'll come across two Laser installations. Take them
         both out and proceed into the main base. Ignore any Nod forces 
         attacking. Focus only on following the track. Two or three Artillery
         guns will also be firing at you. Eventually, you'll reach the train.
         Destroy the last car to find the crystal. Retrieve it here. 
         (Optional Mission. Most southern of three choices.) 
         >> Objective One: Locate the Nod prison. 
         >> Objective Two: Release and evacuate the prisoners. 
         You begin with a pretty sizeable force. Umagon is also with you. Begin
         by heading northeast at first along the water's edge. You will soon 
         come across a few Attack Buggies. Allow your infantry to take the 
         damage because the Medic can heal them. When you're done fighting them
         off, take your units and head eastward. Umagon will reveal a mutant
         building. Send her to it and Ghost Stalker and the Mutant Hijacker will
         appear to help out.
         Have all of your units head northeast to the northern border of the map.
         From there, send them east along the edge. You might encounter groups of
         Cyborgs periodically. Have Ghost Stalker kill them, but make sure that
         his line of sight is clear! It would be a good idea to let him lead the
         pack for that reason. Eventually, you will hit a Nod observation tower.
         Feel free to destroy it. You might encounter quite a bit of Nod 
         resistance in the area surrounding this tower. Once the area is clear,
         continue east until you find some train tracks.
         There is a train running through this city that WILL NOT stop if one
         of your units happens to get in its way. Be sure to have your units off
         of the tracks. Be wary of any Nod forces in this city as well. There is
         definitely a Devil's Tongue somewhere in there. Try not to wander 
         either because this city is flanked by two Artillery guns to the east
         and southwest. In fact, there's no need to even enter the city. Simply
         head west along the north edge of the map until you leave the city
         boundaries. You should find a dirt path after climbing up a ramp. 
         Follow this dirt path. You'll come across some resistance. When the
         dirt path splits, begin heading south along the south way. You should
         appear by a bridge guarded by a Laser and two Cyborgs. Take out the
         Laser with the Titans and neutralize any other Nod units in the 
         immediate vicinity. Don't wander northwest into the observation tower's
         view. Now, head southeast along the bridge to reach the prison complex.
         Have the Titans take care of the Laser emplacement. Umagon can get rid
         of any Light Infantry while Ghost Stalker and the Disk Throwers take
         care of the Cyborgs.
         All you really need to do at this point is destroy the gate. The 
         prisoners will run off. Now, all you have to do is neutralize the four
         SAM Sites on the small island. Two of them are the southwest and
         southeast and the remaining two are at the north end of the island. 
         Destroying them should be no problem. When that's done, a GDI transport
         will appear to pick up the prisoners safely. 
         (Optional Mission. Most northern of three/two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Find a suitable location for a base.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy the Nod Chemical station. 
         Your forces at the beginning consists of two Hover MRLS tanks, two 
         Disruptors, a handful of Mutants, and a MCV. The portion that you start
         at is DEFINITELY not a suitable location for a base. You are going to
         have to seek out a new location. You have Disruptors with you right now
         as you can asee. These tanks are incredibly destructive. However, make
         sure their line of sight is clear because their beam will damage ALL 
         units in-between them and the enemy. Since they have heavy armor anyway,
         allow the Disruptors to lead. Have the MCV keep a low profile for now 
         and send your fighting units eastward. 
         Along the way, you might come across a few Stealth Tanks. Although they
         pack quite a punch, they should fall quickly to the Disruptors. When
         the dirt path ends, your group will come to some veins. DO NOT send the
         Disruptors into them unless you want to lose them. Veins are destructive
         to most vehicles. Be sure to send your units north and above the veins. 
         Eventually, your group will come to a Nod Tiberium Waste Facility. Feel 
         free to destroy it and the Laser guarding it. Although you could set up
         a base here, there's a much better location on the plateau south of the
         Waste Facility. Send your units east and up a ramp to the southeast.
         When you're on the plateau, head west until you're directly southeast
         of the original Nod Waste Facility. Set up base here. 
         This is a very nice location. You have a Tiberium patch right next to
         you and your base has only one point of entry. That narrow entrance
         should be no problem to defend. Station your Disruptors there to fend
         off any attacks for now. The only thing you'll have to worry about is
         subterranean attacks. Be sure to pave your base and position infantry
         around your base as you see fit. Do not waste your time on Component
         Towers. You do not need them, and Nod will only target them constantly
         with their chemical missiles. Later in the mission, Nod will begin
         sending Artillery toward your base. I would suggest having an Orca
         Fighter/Bomber on standby at all times for that very reason. 
         Yes, Nod has access to chemical missiles. When they impact, they deal
         light damage, but release clouds of chemicals. They will damage 
         buildings and units. You will see a lot of these until you manage to 
         destroy their Missile Silos. For now, just spread out your buildings 
         and be ready to repair anything that's hit. Avoid building Silos as 
         well. Nod has a tendency to attack those. If you feel like it, you can
         build up a Silo or Component Tower and put it far away from your 
         important buildings. Therefore, you can avoid getting the other 
         buildings damaged. Of course, you'd have to replace that particular
         object every time it is destroyed. 
         Obviously, the Nod base is located in the northern half of the map. 
         Luckily, Nod separated their Waste Facilities from their main base. You
         don't need to assault their main base to just stop the chemical missiles
         from coming. On ground, you must first head east from your base along 
         the soutern edge of the map. There will be a dirt path for you to follow
         north along the eastern edge of the map. When the path splits, head
         west and continue to follow the path. This will lead you to the Nod 
         Waste Facilities. Be forewarned though; there are a number of Laser 
         emplacements and an Obelisk guarding them!
         However, there are no SAM Sites guarding them. Just train a group of
         5-10 Jump-Jet Infantry and send them northward to the Waste Facilities.
         Taking care of those defenses will be no problem. Once the Obelisk is
         down, you can proceed to take out the Waste Facilities. When you're 
         finished with that, begin constructing an attack force. You should be 
         able to do it without distraction (with the missile threats neutralized).
         I would either suggest a force of ALL Disruptors or a mixed force of
         Titans, Wolverines, etc. When you're done constructing them, send them
         up the same way to the original location of the Waste Facilities. There
         should be no defenses around. The base you're looking for is southwest
         of there. 
         There are many ways you can choose to assault their base. You could 
         always tackle it head-on or you can be smart and take out the Power
         Plants in the rear of the base first to shut down the Obelisk. Whichever
         way you choose to go about it, defeating this weak Nod base should be
         nothing you haven't already seen before. There will be quite a bit of
         resistance, but from here on out, the rest of the mission is just 
         piecing away at the Nod base. 
         There is one last thing to do once everything is gone. Send a unit to
         reveal a train station north of the main Nod base to reveal a train
         station. Simply send Ghost Stalker onto that train to finish this 
         strenuous mission. 
         (This mission will only be available if you completed the "Destroy 
          Chemical Supply mission previously.)
         >> Objective One: Plant C4 at the power plants. 
         Watch as the train moves into the area. Soon, you'll be attacked by a 
         large force of Nod infantry and vehicles. Immediately find Ghost Stalker
         and send him west to clear his line of fire. Umagon should also be 
         on the train. Have her kill any infantry that threaten you. The Mutant
         Hijacker is kind of pointless, but you can have him help by stealing a 
         Tick Tank. The Medic should heal any of your forces that get hurt. 
         Once the area quiets down a bit, you won't have to distress over keeping
         your units alive. 
         Have the Medic heal all the units that you have alive. Ignore the Tick
         Tanks on the southeastern plateau. There's no point in destroying them.
         Your main objective is taking out the Power Plants and that's it! Now,
         go north and climb the ramp. Follow the dirt path you see westward.
         There will be two Advanced Power Plants here with some scattered
         defenders including, but not limited to: Light Infantry, Cyborgs, and
         a Stealth Tank. 
         Eliminate the resistance first. Be sure to keep Ghost Stalker's line of
         sight clear. Also, try not to get anyone squashed by the Stealth Tank.
         Afterwards, go ahead and blow up the Power Plants using Ghost Stalker.
         Continue southbound from there to reach four more Power Plants. Get rid
         of the Nod forces hanging around down there. When the area is secure, 
         destroy the last four Power Plants to complete this very, very short 
         >> Objective One: Destroy Nod's missile silos.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy all Nod forces.
         If you did the optional missions, this mission will become that much 
         easier. Take your starting units and send them east. There, you'll find 
         a nice, open area to deploy your base. Upon doing so, you'll be 
         notified of some Mutant's sabotaging the Nod defenses. You have 30 
         minutes before the Mutants offline some Obelisks and various defenses. 
         Don't worry about attacking right now. Set up your base as you normally
         would. Spread out your buildings because Nod will be using their
         chemical missiles. Again, Component Towers and Silos will still be
         primary targets for those pesky missiles. Helipads are also a prime
         target (for some reason). Try to hold out for the 30 minutes. Set up a 
         Mobile Sensor Array to tell you of any Stealth Tank attacks. Get a 
         bunch of Harvesters going as well. The blue Tiberium around you will 
         net you a lot of money and you want it as quickly as possible. 
         In order to reach the enemy base, you must first climb the ramp onto
         the plateau northeast of your base. From there, proceed east into the
         civilian town and cross the bridge. A bit past that (toward the middle
         of the map) is a LINE of defenses along with a Stealth Generator. I 
         do not suggest you attempt to get through until the Mutants take down
         the power. Even when they do, there are still Artillery guns around
         that area. The safest way to dispose of those is Jump-Jet Infantry, or
         even better, Orca Bombers! 
         Once you clear out the defensive perimeter Nod created around their
         base, you can send in the main assault force to destroy the base itself.
         Before doing that however, you can destroy a Missile Silo and Waste
         Facility. The two structures can be found on the plateau directly
         east of the defensive perimeter. This Missile Silo is the first of
         Do mind that the main base is shrouded by Stealth Generators. If you
         want to make your job easier, send in a few Mobile Sensor Arrays to 
         uncover different portions of their base. Keep in mind that the power 
         to the main Nod base is not connected with the power to the defensive 
         line. The Obelisks inside the base are still operational. Even so, an
         armada of Titans won't be stopped by a few Obelisks. Obliterate the 
         rest of this base and every Nod unit on the map to finish the mission.
         (Most southern of two choices. You can either complete this mission or
          following one. It's your call.)
         >> Objective One: Using mutants, you must locate the Prototype 
            Manufacturing Facility. 
         >> Objective Two: Once the facility is located, reinforcements will be 
            sent to help construct a base. You are to destroy the Manufacturing
            Facility at this time. 
         You begin the mission with Ghost Stalker and Umagon by a tunnel. Three
         Banshees will pass over and the Mutant Hijacker, plus two more mutants,
         will appear. Have Ghost Stalker lead and send your units eastward up 
         and down a ramp. When you hit some water, turn and go southeast. You
         will soon reveal a Nod stronghold by the river. It is guarded by three
         Lasers and a number of infantry. First, have Umagon kill the infantry.
         It's best not to destroy the Lasers, but you still have to take out
         the Laser closest to you (at the corner) to create an opening. Take the
         Mutant Hijacker and tell him to take the Subterranean APC inside the 
         base. He'll get hit a few times, but that won't matter. When the APC is 
         yours, send it back to the main group. Load everyone up inside it and 
         send them northeast and across the river. 
         Unload your units and send them in a generally southeast direction.
         You want them to follow the bend of the river on the right side. Use
         the river as a guide and follow it south. DO NOT wander too far east 
         unless you want to be zapped by an Obelisk. Eventually, you should see
         a ramp to the east. Follow it up to the top of the cliff. Now, this next
         part has to be done with extreme care. You want to go southwest along
         the very edge of the cliff. DO NOT wander too far east as there are 
         Obelisks stationed there. 
         After a bit of walking in that direction, you will come across a forest
         atop this cliff. Pass it and then head down the ramp a bit past it. From
         there, go southeast to another ramp leading up to another cliff. Head on
         up and go a little bit northeast. There's a bridge here that you should
         cross. Further northeast is the Prototype Facility. Just walk to the
         edge of the cliff to reveal it!
         Now you will be sent a MCV to begin your base at the southwest corner.
         You will also be sent a Mammoth Mk.II! This powerhouse of a tank can 
         deal some heavy damage. Now, send your MCV a bit to the east and put it
         in-between the two Tiberium patches. The northwest patch needs a weak
         cliff wall to be destroyed in order to accessible. Set up your base as
         your normally would from here. Nod attacks occasionally, so put up a few
         Component Towers to fend them off. If you'd like, put up a few SAM 
         Sites as well. 
         Since you already have a lot of the map explored, you can find multiple
         ways to assault their base. If you go north from your base, you can
         find a number of Mammoth Tanks (OLD Mammoth Tanks, that is) in which
         Nod is using as target practice. Apart from that, there's nothing else
         on this map but the Nod base that is north of the Manufacturing 
         Facility. I would suggest sending a team of Titans to pound the base
         using the entrance east of the Nod mini-base you found in the beginning
         of the game. Take out the Manufacturing Facility to complete the 
         (Most northern of two choices. You can either complete this mission or
          preceding one. It's your call.)
         >> Objective One: Using mutants, you must locate the Prototype 
            Manufacturing Facility. 
         >> Objective Two: Once the facility is located, reinforcements will be 
            sent to help construct a base. You are to destroy the Manufacturing
            Facility at this time. 
         Watch as the Nod Banshees fly over the mutant dwelling. A GDI transport
         will drop Umagon, Ghost Stalker, and the Mutant Hijacker in. Send all of
         your units northwest along the path until you reach a ramp. If you 
         choose to go north from here, you will locate a Nod mini-base. There's
         a Subterranean APC there that you can steal, but it requires you to
         destroy a few Lasers too. I personally see no use for the APC, so ignore
         it if you don't want it. 
         Take the ramp to find a bridge. Cross it and then go northeast and above
         the Nod base. From there, head north along the narrow cliff. Be careful
         of any Nod patrols in the area. They usually consist of a Cyborg and two
         Light Infantry. When you reach the northern edge of the map, start
         moving westward. You might come across two Banshees flying around here.
         Ignore them because they won't do anything. 
         Just keep heading in that same direction. You won't meet any resistance
         along this way. When you finally reach the northwest corner of the map,
         there will be a weak cliff wall that your units can blow off. Do just 
         that and send your units up and south. Head this way down about 3/4 the
         length of the side until you reach the end of the cliff. From here, you
         should be able to see the Manufacturing Facility. 
         Finally, you'll be sent a MCV to begin your base with. However, the area
         on your plateau is void of any Tiberium whatsoever. If you want, send 
         the MCV a bit to the northeast (off the plateau entirely if you'd like)
         and closer to the Tiberium patches. Go ahead and set up your base as
         usual. Put up a few defenses to fend off any Nod attacks. SAM Sites 
         might be a good idea, as it is typical for Nod to send in Banshees and
         Begin constructing an assault force of Titans and such. Your Mammoth
         Mk.II can help too, but I just left it back for base defense. The Nod
         base is toward the southwest corner, near the Manufacturing Facility.
         There are a few defenses in position there, but it's really nothing. 
         If you feel up to it, bring in a few Mobile Sensor Arrays to uncover the
         various stealthed positions of the Nod base. From here on out, all you
         have to do is destroy the Manufacturing Facility. It's nothing difficult
         at all. 
         >> Objective One: Protect the Kodiak at all costs.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy all Nod forces.
         Nod has your position pinned down with Tick Tanks, Artillery, and the
         like. Deploy your MCV where it is and get to work. First, take some
         units and send them south where two Tick Tanks will come in. Destroy
         both and then send them back to the east side of your base. Two more 
         Tick Tanks will come from there. Now, begin construction on a Tiberium
         Refinery. When it's finished, have the Harvester go all the way to the
         northwest corner of the map. That is the only safe Tiberium patch at 
         the time being.
         Two Artillery guns might position themselves on the cliff north of your
         base. I'd suggest putting your Titans there just in case. Build a 
         Barracks and a War Factory. Make sure you do not place them too far
         east or else you'll be smashed with Artillery shells. When you finally 
         have a War Factory up, construct a few more Titans and send them east.
         You might get pocked with a few Artillery shells during your walk. 
         Destroy both Artillery guns at the top of the cliff so you can extend
         your base further east without getting hit. 
         The last Artillery gun to put out of commission is south of your base.
         Send the same Titans down there to the Tiberium field. Kill the two 
         Cyborgs and Attack Cycle. Then aim your guns at the Artillery on the
         ridge. When it's gone, you can send your Harvesters to the south
         Tiberium field safely. Your base perimeter is now safe, so go ahead
         and get your base fully running. Build a few Component Towers to stop
         any future Nod attacks. For now, focus on building up an attack force.
         Nod's base is shrouded by Stealth Generators, so bring a few Mobile 
         Sensor Arrays to reveal different portions of their base. You might want
         to target their Power Plants first at the north end of the base. It's 
         all your call though. Once the base is revealed, piecing away at the 
         rest of the Nod forces will be no problem. 
         >> Objective One: Clear the zone for MCV Dropship deployment.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy the ICBM launchers.
         >> Objective Three: Destroy the Pyramid Temple.
         >> Objective Four: Destroy all Nod forces.
         Here we are at the last mission! You will be dropped a few soldiers. Use
         them to destroy the small Nod base right here. Send them inside and 
         begin wreaking havoc on the buildings. A few seconds later, you will be
         given some Titans and Wolverines. Have the Titans take out the two 
         Lasers at the lower end of the base and mop up the rest of the 
         buildings. Once this little position is clear, you will be sent a MCV 
         to begin your base.
         Deploy the MCV within the confines of the Nod walls. Begin constructing
         a Power Plant and a Tiberium Refinery afterwards. You will come under
         attack by two Attack Cycles immediately, so use your Titans to get rid 
         of that threat. There's a Tiberium patch to your east, but there is
         also another one to the northwest. Send a Harvester up there if you'd
         like. The timer will begin once you construct Barracks. Also, be sure
         to spread your units out. Nod has access to cluster missiles. They will
         be less annoying if you spread your buildings out. 
         You have access to Ion Cannons in this mission! Try to construct one 
         quickly so you can make full use of it. Ion Cannons are great for 
         taking out enemy static defense positions or groups of troops. Nod will
         send some forces at you. A few Component Towers of your own will be
         good. Be wary of Stealth Tank attacks. Nod likes to send those beasts
         at you. If you have the money, invest in a Mobile Sensor Array to 
         notify you of any stealth or subterranean attacks. 
         Anyway, the timer will tell you that you have one hour. However, there
         are three ICBM launchers. Each launcher has its own separate timer. 
         Therefore, that timer right now only represents the ICBM launcher in 
         your quadrant of the map. Spend the first 20 or so minutes building up
         your base and constructing Titans. The first Nod base is to the west.
         In order to reach it, you must first climb atop a plateau to the 
         southwest. The bridge there will lead you to the base and ICBM 
         The base is defended by an Obelisk, SAM Sites, and probably a few 
         Artillery units. The entrance is guarded by two Lasers and some Tick
         Tanks. When crossing the bridge, be careful of the Tick Tanks! If they
         manage to destroy the bridge while your Titans are still stationed 
         there, you will lose them all. The Obelisk is not too far northwest of
         the entrance. Obviously, destroy it as quickly as possible. There's 
         another at the west end of the base. When you get rid of all the 
         defenses, you can either lay waste to the rest of the base or capture 
         some things. Their Construction Yard is not guarded at all, so if you 
         manage to capture that, Nod's technology will be yours. 
         The first ICBM launcher is at the north end of the base. However, don't
         take it out until the timer is almost finished. Take some time to get 
         your base together and stockpile some money. Build up a force of Orca
         Bombers if you'd like. West of the Nod base you just obliterated is an
         old GDI base. Send a unit over and you'll be rewarded with three Mammoth
         Tanks (not Mk.II). When you destroy this ICBM launcher, the map will
         lengthen quite a bit (didn't think that the map was going to be that
         small, eh?) and you will be given a fresh hour to destroy another ICBM
         There is another ICBM launcher on an island in the middle of a large 
         body of water. I would suggest sending one or two Hover MRLS tanks to 
         find it first. South of your main base is a body of water. Send your 
         Hover MRLS tanks across this and then continue in a generally southwest 
         direction. You'll pass a civilian town along the way. When you do, 
         switch gears and head due west. You will go over some water before 
         finding a gigantic plateau in your path. Another Nod base is located 
         atop this plateau. 
         The only way to enter this base is through the weak cliff wall in the 
         back. However, that entrance is guarded by an Obelisk. Before you can
         do anything, that Obelisk must be taken out. Send in some Orca Bombers
         to do the trick. The SAM Sites might rip one or two apart, but taking 
         the Obelisk down should be your primary concern. If you don't feel like
         wasting money on Orca Bombers, you can always hit it with the ion 
         cannon. When that's gone, you can send in the Hover MRLS tanks. 
         Consider bringing a Mobile Sensor Array via Carryall as well. The base
         is shrouded by a Stealth Generator.
         With enough Hover MRLS tanks, you should be able to destroy the base
         easily. The ICBM launcher is right in the middle of the base. Like
         before, don't destroy it until the timer winds down. That will buy you
         a lot more time. When you need to, blow up the ICBM launcher. There's
         only one more to go after this one. It can be found at the southeast
         base. You can directly assault it, but there is a better way. Take the
         same Hover MRLS tanks that you used to attack the island base and send
         them east. Search along the coast for an old Nod base. 
         From there, go northeast into the town and then east toward the river.
         Now, follow the river as it twists south. Try to stay to the right
         because there are Obelisks around. Go under the bridge and you should
         find a large number of Power Plants on your left. A bit past those is
         the third ICBM launcher. Now, you can go ahead and destroy it right now
         if you'd like. Since the timer only applies to the ICBM launchers, 
         taking out this last one will get rid of the timer altogether. Be sure
         to destroy the Power Plants as well to cripple the base's power. 
         The only thing you really need to do now is blow up Kane's Temple 
         Pyramid. It can be found on the opposite side of the bridge you went
         under to reach the third ICBM launcher. Therefore, you must first 
         destroy the base on the west side of the bridge or cut a swath through
         the base to reach the pyramid. Kane's little island is not well-defended
         at all. Once the pyramid is down, it's smooth sailing for the remainder
         of the mission. Clean up any remaining Nod forces and neutralize every
         Nod unit in the area to finish the last mission of the GDI campaign.
         Enjoy your ending!
            4.2. Deus Ex Kane                                               [4200]
         >> Objective One: Get production online by building a Tiberium 
         >> Objective Two: Destroy all of Hassan's Elite Guard.
         The mission begins with some of your Light Infantry moving back toward
         the base. Hassan's Elite Guard are making a mess of things, as you can
         probably tell. When you gain control, start constructing a Tiberium
         Refinery. At the same time, train a few more soldiers and scatter them
         around your base. Hassan will occasionally send in Subterranean APCs
         with infantry inside. It's best to take them out before they deal too
         much damage.
         Place the Tiberium Refinery anywhere you'd like. The Harvester will 
         automatically head north to the Tiberium patch up there. That's really 
         all you need to do to get your base in order. Begin training a number of 
         Light Infantry at the Hand of Nod. Bring the Attack Buggy with them and 
         send the group northeast. Kill any enemies that pop up around you. Search
         the area to the southeast first. There is probably an Attack Buggy in 
         the area. 
         Head north to find a small civilian town. There may be a few enemies in
         this area. Be sure to check the ridges as well to flush out any 
         remaining forces. Once you clear the area of all enemies, the mission
         will end. 
         >> Objective One: Capture the TV station to the east.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy Hassan's Elite Guard. 
         You begin the mission with a MCV, two Attack Buggies, and group of 
         infantry. Move your MCV a bit to the east (closer to the Tiberium patch)
         before deploying. Set up your base as you normally would and take care
         of any enemies that attack you. Take note of the TV station at the 
         upper-right corner of the map. That's where you want to get an Engineer
         eventually. You can do that later. 
         For now, just get a Harvester going. You can put up one or two Lasers
         but you honestly don't need them. Hassan will send nothing more than
         Light Infantry and the occasional Attack Buggy. Once you have your base
         going, build up a medium-sized group of 3-4 Attack Buggies and 10 Rocket
         Infantry. Send them northeast until you find a Tiberium patch. A base
         is just to the east. Send your units that way to find it. There's a Gate
         and two Lasers. Have the Rocket Infantry take care of the Lasers and
         then mop up the defenders. 
         There's not much inside that base apart from a Hand of Nod, a Tiberium
         Refinery, and some Power Plants. Clear the area of all enemy forces. 
         Now, train an Engineer and send him toward the TV station. He should not
         meet any resistance along the way. When you approach your destination,
         Hassan will, for some strange reason, blow up the bridge next to it. 
         There's honestly no need to repair it because it leads nowhere. Just
         worry about getting that Engineer into the TV station.
         When you complete that objective, a bunch of Subterranean APCs will
         surface at the original location of the enemy base. Pull your units
         away from that area for now and wait for the broadcast. About 3/4 of 
         the units that just surfaced will turn to your side. Allow them to kill
         the remaining enemies that did not convert. You even have some Cyborgs
         to assist you now. Your last objective is to destroy the remaining base
         at the southeast corner. Group all of your units together and send 
         them south and across the bridge. There's little resistance at the 
         base. Blow everything up to finish the mission. 
         (Optional Mission. Most western of two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Locate and free the Rebel Nod Commander.
         You start off with a well-sized force of Attack Cycles, Attack Buggies,
         and some infantry. The imprisoned commander is in the base to the 
         northeast as you can see. Attacking the front gate directly won't get
         us anywhere, so go south along the west edge of the map. You will find
         a GDI soldier and three of Hassan's troops. Kill the latter and let the
         GDI soldier escape in his Orca Bomber. He'll destroy a Tick Tank for you
         at the opposite side of the tunnel.
         Now, use the Attack Cycles to blow a hole in the sandbags and proceed
         into the tunnel. When you appear at the other side, head northeast up 
         the ramp. There is a small mini-base here. When you enter, DO NOT 
         destroy the Tiberium Refinery, Hand of Nod, or any Tiberium Silos. 
         Leave at least one Power Plant standing as well. First, get rid of the
         Light Infantry in this base and then destroy the two trucks in the
         rear. You will be rewarded with three Engineers. 
         Capture the Power Plant and the Hand of Nod. Wait on the Tiberium 
         Refinery a bit. Only capture it when the enemy Harvester is unloading.
         Therefore, you will capture both the Harvester as well. If you want,
         produce a few more Engineers and have them capture the two Tiberium 
         Silos for some extra credits. Now that you have a functioning infantry
         production base, you can begin training a number of Rocket Infantry. 
         You will need them for the coming base assault. 
         There are two ways you can assault the base. The first is heading west
         up and down two ramps onto another ridge area. From there, you can go
         north to the base. The second, more sneakier way is through the back
         entrance. First, send an Engineer to the northeast and repair the 
         bridge there. Send your units across and you'll be at the very rear of
         the base. The defenses aren't as concentrated here. You don't have to
         destroy everything, so only take out the enemies that threaten you.
         The rebel commander is in the pen south of the Construction Yard.
         Once you destroy the Gate, the rebel commander and his troops will be
         free. Use their help to take out whatever needs to be destroyed. A Harpy
         will appear at the area where you originally began the mission. Break a
         hole through the front entrance and send the rebel commander down and
         into the Harpy. Make sure he isn't killed or the whole point of the 
         mission will be defeated. After he evacuates the area, you will have
         completed the mission. 
         >> Objective One: Cross the bridge and destroy the enemies on the far
         >> Objective Two: Deploy your MCV and begin building a base.
         >> Objective Three: Locate and destroy Hassan's Temple. 
         Your preliminary forces should be more than enough to kill the infantry
         at this end of the bridge. Feel free to destroy the observation towers
         as well. Cross the bridge and you'll encounter some more enemies in the
         form of infantry and Attack Buggies. If at all possible, kill the 
         Engineer before he reaches the bridge. Don't worry if you fail to kill
         him. Clear the area of any remaining enemies and a MCV, plus some 
         assorted units will appear.
         Send the MCV across the bridge and begin constructing your base. Feel 
         free to capture a Power Plant or a Hand of Nod with your starting 
         infantry. You should also receive two Subterranean APCs with Light 
         Infantry and Rocket Infantry inside. The crate by the Hand of Nod has
         some money for you. Begin setting up your base as normal. All attacks,
         for now, will come from the base to the southwest. Don't repair the
         northeast bridge yet unless you want attacks to come from there too. 
         Before assaulting Hassan's main base, it would be in your best interest
         to take out the smaller base to the southwest. After all, once it is 
         clear, you won't have to worry about attacks from that direction. It
         is guarded by nothing more than a Laser and a few Tick Tanks. A sizeable
         team of Light Infantry and Rocket Infantry should be able to destroy it
         painlessly. After clearing it out, you can focus on Hassan's Temple. It
         is on the other side of the broken bridge. 
         Build up an attack force of infantry and vehicles, focusing heavily on 
         Rocket Infantry. Send them across the bridge and begin wreaking havoc on
         the buildings and units in the area. Hassan's base is spread out further
         to the northwest, but for now, focus on obliterating everything in this
         area. Destroy the Hand of Nod and continue. There's a Gate by the 
         Tiberium Refinery. Destroy it to clear the way. The main portion of 
         Hassan's base is past this little wall. 
         Now, you can either just make a beeline for his Pyramid Temple or 
         slowly destroy the rest of his base. His Pyramid Temple can be found 
         further to the west and up a ramp guarded by Lasers. You aren't 
         obligated to clear all of his forces out of the area, so don't worry
         about destroying every single building in his base. Once his Pyramid
         Temple is nothing more but a smoldering wreckage, Hassan will attempt
         to escape through the back tunnel. Luckily, he'll be shot down before
         he can get anywhere. Pity. 
         (Optional Mission. Most southern of two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Locate and destroy the GDI Radar Facility before the
            ion storm ends. 
         Two Hover MRLS tanks will begin attacking your units. Attack back in
         earnest and the ion storm should begin. The Hover MRLS tanks are now
         sitting ducks as they cannot function during an ion storm! If you didn't
         already know, radar and aerial units cannot function during ion storms.
         Move your MCV closer to the Tiberium patch to the west and begin 
         constructing your base. You have an hour and 30 minutes to destroy the
         Radar Facility before the storm ends. Trust me, that will be more than
         enough time.
         This is really the first mission in which you'll probably want some 
         static defenses in the form of Lasers. Place them around your base and 
         form a defensive perimeter of infantry as well. GDI has been known to
         use Amphibious APCs to rush in Engineers. You don't want them to get
         through. I'd suggest walling in your Construction Yard to prevent 
         capture. You don't really need to rush, but it's not good to go at a 
         snail's pace either. Get some more Harvesters going to increase your
         cash flow. 
         You should begin your attack when the timer is at its halfway point (45
         minutes remaining). A group of 5-6 Tick Tanks with some infantry support
         should be able to get pretty far. The quickest way to reach the first
         GDI base is across the bridge to the north. However, if you sneak around
         west and around, you can enter the base through that way. Either way, 
         you will still encounter a number of Vulcan Cannons. Tick Tanks have
         greater range, so use them to destroy the Component Towers. 
         If you chose to go west, you will encounter a gigantic meteor shower 
         in the large Tiberium patch. If you are not careful, you will lose the
         majority of your attack force. There's not much inside this GDI base. 
         Your Tick Tanks should be able to overpower the buildings and destroy
         any vehicles around. Have your infantry take out other infantry. Once
         the base is clear, reinforce your original attack force with a few more
         Tick Tanks. The main GDI base is across the bridge to the northeast.
         Send your units across and down the ramp. The base with the Radar 
         Facility is pretty small, but it's guarded by a RPG launcher along with 
         two Vulcan Cannons. If you aren't quick in eliminating those threats,
         you will lose your units within seconds. The Radar is at the very north
         end of this base. If you don't feel like leveling the rest of the base, 
         just make a beeline for the Radar Facility and destroy it. Mission 
         >> Objective One: Locate the Temple of Nod.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy all GDI forces.
         Deploy your MCV where it is and start your base. Send your Attack
         Buggies to explore the area surrounding your map. Construct a few 
         Lasers and put them around your base. Your base is at the southeast 
         corner of the map. The GDI base and Temple of Nod can be found in the
         northern portion of the map. There's a river running through the halfway
         point of the area. 
         There is one tiny strait that leads from one half to the other though. 
         Explore along the river until you find it. It is guarded by a Vulcan 
         Cannon and a handful of infantry. Instead of directly attacking the
         Vulcan Cannon, explore to the west of it and find a train blocked by a 
         car. Destroy the car and the train will move down and crash into the 
         Vulcan Cannon. The impact will destroy it! Now that the strait is clear,
         you can begin exploring the other side. 
         There is a civilian city to the northeast. West of that is the main GDI
         base in this sector. You can take care of that base after you find the
         Temple. Avoid walking into the base and check the very northwest corner
         of the map. There's an old Nod base there. In the rear is the Temple of
         Nod you are looking for. Upon accomplishing that, you can begin 
         constructing a force to destroy the GDI base. You honestly don't need
         that many units. A few Tick Tanks and assorted infantry will do the 
         The GDI base is guarded by two Vulcan Cannons. It's best to attack it
         from the side or rear though. Take your Tick Tanks and drive them up
         the side. There, you can blow a hole in the sandbags and infiltrate the
         base. There will probably be a bunch of Titans walking around. Take out
         the buildings and then mop up the rest. Once all GDI forces are clear of
         the area, you will be shown two Mutants escaping the Temple of Nod. 
         >> Objective One: Locate the crashed UFO and retrieve Kane's artifacts.
         >> Objective Two: Stop the transport of the Tacitus at all costs. 
         Take your units and follow the bottom set of tracks to two bridges. 
         Kill the GDI soldiers on your tail if they pose a threat. After you
         cross the bridge, switch tracks and follow the other one leading east. 
         You will cross another bridge before hitting a dead end at a broken 
         bridge. Switch gears and begin heading north to the other set of tracks.
         Follow this one northward. 
         Eventually, you will come to a GDI Gate and some Wolverines. Destroy the
         latter and head down the ramp. You don't want to try to force your way
         through the Gate. After descending the ramp, begin moving to the 
         southeast. The crashed UFO is just ahead. If you were really slow in
         getting here, GDI will have received a MCV via GDI transport. There
         might be a small base around the UFO. Quickly get an Engineer inside
         it and he'll tell you that the Tacitus is missing. You must destroy the
         train before it leaves!
         Take your units (leave your Engineers behind) and have them move 
         southwest. You will pass under a broken bridge. A bit past that is a 
         ramp leading up to Vega's base. Quickly get your units to the train and
         destroy it before it can leave. It will leave behind a crate that you
         should pick up. Once a unit touches it, you will have completed the 
         (Most northern of two choices. You can either complete this mission or
          following one. It's your call.)
         >> Objective One: Find and destroy the GDI sensor towers without getting
            too close and getting detected by them.
         >> Objective Two: Once the towers are destroyed, move on the base and
            capture the medical colony before Umagon, the Mutant, can escape. 
         Immediately deploy your two Artillery guns so they can destroy the 
         incoming Wolverines. You will also receive infantry reinforcements via
         Subterranean APC. Move your Artillery guns a bit further northeast and
         have them destroy the enemies hiding in the Tiberium patch up there.
         Construct your base as you normally would. Don't worry about building
         defenses. Also, money isn't really an issue in this mission. You don't
         need more than one Harvester. 
         The three Mobile Sensor Arrays scattered around can only be safely 
         destroyed by your Artillery. Now, send your Artillery, along with a 
         few Rocket Infantry, up the ramp at the northwest corner of the map. 
         Cross the bridge, but don't go too much farther than that. The first
         Sensor Array is just to the east. Take it out with the Artillery and 
         then move east to the position in which the first Sensor Array 
         originally was. The second one is a bit to the south. Inch your 
         Artillery closer (without going too far) and destroy it. 
         The last one is right to the south. You should have no problem getting
         your Artillery to blow it to pieces. Now, have your infantry units run
         east toward the enemy base. The entire map will be revealed to you. 
         Have the Artillery take out the various defenses scattered around the
         outside of the base. Sometime thereafter, you will be told that Umagon
         has boarded the train en route to the south GDI base. How convenient,
         you're there right now! Send your infantry down to meet the train as 
         it comes. The first shot that hits her will finish the mission. 
         (Most southern of two choices. You can either complete this mission or
          preceding one. It's your call.)
         >> Objective One: Locate the train station in the area and capture it
            before Umagon flies in and boards the train to escape into the 
         >> Objective Two: If Umagon boards the train before you have captured
            the station then you must stop the train before it leaves the region.
            Destroy the locomotive and we will be able to capture Umagon. 
         Deploy your MCV and begin constructing a base. There is a load of 
         Tiberium around your base, so have a few Harvesters running. You really
         aren't in any sort rush in this mission. If you dawdle around for too
         long, a 10 minute timer will begin, telling you how much longer you 
         have until Umagon's dropship arrives. You should be able to finish the
         mission long before the timer even comes up. 
         GDI attacks will come from the bridge to the west. Leave the Artillery
         inside your base and have it defend against any enemy assaults. Suggest
         putting a few Lasers and deployed Tick Tanks there as well to fend off
         anyone that gets through. When you have a steady income, begin building
         a small assault force. It doesn't need to be anything big as you'll be
         sneaking around the majority of GDI opposition. A few Tick Tanks and
         Attack Buggies will work. 
         Train about three or four Engineers. Send the first into the north 
         bridge to repair it and bring the others with the attack force you 
         have already built. Cross the repaired bridge and continue westward.
         After descending a ramp, you will come across a Power Plant and a GDI
         Barracks. Neutralize any resistance in the area and have one of your
         Engineers capture the Barracks. You will want to train a lot of Disk
         Throwers along with a few more Engineers (if you feel like it). 
         Take your force and send them west along the northern edge of the map.
         You are currently at the north end of a civilian city. Keep heading 
         west until you reach another Barracks. There are about three RPG 
         launchers around here, so take caution! Focus on the Component Towers
         and keep your Engineers alive. If they were killed, train some more and
         send them nearby. Follow the train tracks south of the Barracks and have
         your Engineer enter the white building. That's the train station. Once
         you have captured it, the mission will end. 
         >> Objective One: Capture the enemy Construction Yard awaiting you.
         >> Objective Two: Use GDI units to destroy the Mutant's base. 
         This is an interesting mission. You will be controlling and constructing
         GDI units to use against the mutants. First, you must train an Engineer
         to capture the Construction Yard. Mop up any remaining GDI units in the
         base and begin constructing your "GDI" base. Place a few Vulcan Cannons
         around to keep mutant's out of your base. Also, sell off the walls 
         surrounding the Tiberium patch to allow it to grow bigger. 
         There are two mutant bases in this sector. The first is directly to the
         east. I would suggest you use Orca Fighters to take out the majority of
         it. There are no air defenses inside that smaller base so your Orca
         Fighters shouldn't be troubled. Keep in mind that the civilian 
         observation towers are the mutant's vulcan cannons, so to speak. Don't
         be surprised when one ends up shooting at you as you pass by. Also, try
         to avoid crossing paths with Tiberium Fiends. These monsters deal heavy
         damage to infantry and vehicles alike. 
         To reach the larger mutant base, you must cross the bridge next to the
         mini-base. Send a force of Titans and Wolverines over there. Be 
         forewarned though; there is an Obelisk stationed near the base. How
         the mutants got their hands on one of those is beyond me but even so,
         destroy it quickly. The mutants also have their hands on some outdated
         Mammoth Tanks as well. They still deal some heavy damage, so prioritize 
         those tanks accordingly. 
         You may be attacked by a Harpy squadron. Since they don't deal that 
         much damage anyway, I would suggest just ignoring them. Their Helipads
         are at the very east portion of the base. You can actually hit those
         from the plateau outside the base. Anyway, when you're inside the base,
         just destroy all of the mutant buildings. It shouldn't be hard taking
         out the remaining mutant forces. One building will reveal Tratos, of 
         whom surrenders his base (after you destroy his building). 
         (Optional Mission. Most northern of two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Locate the bio-toxin trucks. 
         >> Objective Two: Escort the trucks to the checkpoint east of the base.
         This is a very, very easy mission mainly because the Cyborg Commando 
         is with you. His plasma cannon can obliterate groups of infantry and
         destroy most vehicles within one or two shots. The other units won't
         really do much, so have your Cyborg Commando to do the majority of
         the killing. First off, follow the AI-controlled soldier east along the
         dirt path. Don't worry if he dies. There will be two Light Infantry and
         a Disk Thrower by the broken bridge. Have the Cyborg Commando or your
         other units take them out. 
         Before you repair the broken bridge, send the Cyborg Commando to the 
         edge of the river (DO NOT step onto the broken bridge). There should be
         a Titan on the far side. Use your Cyborg Commando to destroy it before
         you repair the bridge. Because the Titan's gun can blow a portion of the
         bridge out in one hit, it's best to take it out before you attempt to 
         cross. When it's gone, send an Engineer in to repair the bridge. Be wary
         of any Hover MRLS tanks in the area as well. 
         Now, send your units along the dirt path leading northeast. Have your
         Attack Cycles scout out ahead and clear any resistance in the area. When
         your team reaches a ramp, stop and send one of your Engineers up. He 
         will trigger a deadly meteor storm that will probably end up killing 
         him. Even if he survives, it doesn't matter much. From that ramp, it's
         just a short trot northwest to the bio-toxin trucks. Don't worry about
         the buildings inside the base (they're a bit damaged). Send your Cyborg
         Commando into the hospital if he needs healing. 
         The area where you need to bring the bio-toxin trucks will be shown to
         you. The way to the northeast corner of the map is guarded to some
         extent. Send your Cyborg Commando along that way and destroy the Vulcan
         Cannon you come across. There is also a Titan in the area along with 
         some scattered infantry. Once the way is clear, bring your bio-toxin
         trucks to their destination and the mission will end. 
         >> Objective One: Contact the mutants.
         >> Objective Two: Clear GDI forces away from the tunnel and main road.
         >> Objective Three: Locate the research facility.
         >> Objective Four: Destroy the research facility. 
         A car will come in and drop off a mutant spy. With it, go north and kill
         the GDI Light Infantry by the truck. The mutant there will gather a
         group of mutants. You can't control them but they will follow you. Send
         the spy southwest along the edge of the cliff. Be wary of any infantry
         in the area. After a little bit, an Amphibious APC with GDI infantry 
         surrounding it will appear ahead of you. Neutralize the threat and 
         destroy the APC.
         North of that position is the tunnel. Make sure that you aren't being
         attacked and head northeast through the tunnel. At the end is a Titan,
         but your mutants should be able to kill it easily. At this point, you
         will be sent a MCV with some more units. the area above the tunnel will
         be revealed. To reach it, send your spy to the north and up a ramp. 
         Have your Engineers capture a Power Plant and the Missile Silo. Two 
         trucks will appear to deliver a multi-missile. You only get ONE, so 
         try to use it wisely! 
         Deploy your MCV by the Tiberium patch near the Power Plant and Missile
         Silo. Set up your units to defend the base and begin building. Be sure
         to build some Artillery to help defend your base. Having a good number
         of those defending your base's perimeter will make Lasers useless; they
         will be able to kill enemy units before they even reach your base! 
         However, you should still have some SAM Sites up because GDI uses Jump-
         Jet Infantry a lot in this mission. You will also have a constant stock 
         of kamikaze mutants moving in and exploring various portions of the map. 
         You can't control them, so just let them go and kill themselves. 
         By now, a group of mutants should have revealed the entrance to a GDI
         base northeast of your base. It's guarded by two Vulcan Cannons. I
         would suggest you build some Artillery units and send them to take them
         out. Artillery excel at destroying buildings, so use them to wreak havoc
         on this GDI base. Of course, send some Rocket Infantry and Attack 
         Buggies along to help defend the fragile Artillery gun. Once the
         defenses are down for the count, you can move in other units or just
         use your Artillery to level the rest of the base. 
         The research facility is not inside this small GDI position though. 
         The main GDI base is further to the north across a bridge. However, they
         will blow it up after a single unit crosses. Send a Light Infantry and
         then repair it with an Engineer (you will have to go down the ramp into
         the Tiberium field, up the ramp, and then back around to the other side
         of the bridge). I would suggest you build a few more Artillery cannons 
         to assault the main base. However, feel free to use other units as well. 
         When you're ready to attack, send your units across the bridge and to 
         the base. Alternatively, you can attack the base from the rear. However, 
         going around is more trouble than it is worth.
         There may be a few RPG launchers inside the base. Use the Artillery to
         take those positions out safely. There's no need to destroy the entire
         base, as your main target is just the research facility. However, it 
         would be a good idea to destroy as much as possible to cripple this 
         base. The research facility is further to the northeast. Send whatever
         forces you have left to destroy it. 
         >> Objective One: Locate and free Oxanna.
         >> Objective Two: Steal a GDI transport to make an escape. 
         Watch as the Cyborg Commando and his team make a daring prison break. 
         When you gain control, immediately use the Cyborg Commando to destroy
         all enemy units that threaten you. Two Titans will approach after the
         break. The Cyborg Commando should take care of them easily. A
         Subterranean APC will show up with two Engineers and some Rocket
         Infantry to the south. Even further south, some Attack Buggies, Attack
         Cycles, and Tick Tanks will move in. I DO NOT suggest you send the Tick
         Tanks across the ice. They will surely break it. Instead, just leave
         them there; you won't find much use for them anyway. 
         Use your two Engineers to capture a Power Plant and Radar Installation.
         Oxanna's prison area is to the northeast. Load Slavik, the Cyborg
         Commando, and any remaining infantry into the Subterranean APC and send
         them above her location. Immediately unload the APC once it reaches its
         destination and have the Cyborg Commando wreak havoc on the defending
         GDI forces. Try to keep Oxanna and Slavik out of trouble though. If they
         die, you fail the mission. 
         When the GDI transport appears, just load Oxanna, Slavik, and the Cyborg
         Commando into the APC. Send it to the southeast, where the transport
         awaits. Because you are underground, you will be moving past the
         majority of GDI opposition in the area. There is a Vulcan Cannon east
         of the landing site. Destroy it quickly with the Cyborg Commando. Take
         out the Gate as well. You should be able to get Slavik and Oxanna onto
         the transport before the Titan arrives, but if it comes in and causes
         trouble, have the Cyborg Commando silence him. Once you have both units
         inside the transport, you will have completed the mission. 
         (Most northern of two choices. You can either complete this mission or
          following one. It's your call.)
         >> Objective One: Establish a base and build a Tiberium Waste Facility.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy the GDI base. 
         You begin your mission at the southeast corner of the map with a MCV
         and a few units. Begin constructing your base as you normally would.
         Have the Attack Cycles scout around the area and explore some land. If
         you run into Hover MRLS tanks, don't fight them. There are many of those
         scattered around the area, and you will want to figure out where they
         are first. The Hover MRLS tanks will, for the most part, stay where they
         are, guarding the dirt path leading down the middle of this map. 
         Attacks will mostly come from the west/northwest. GDI will send 
         Disruptors in this mission. These powerful tanks are effective base-
         wreckers. If one manages to get into your base, you better destroy it 
         quickly. Disruptors also have heavy armor, but a group of Artillery 
         should be able to destroy one before it enters your base. Even so, it 
         wouldn't hurt to have an Obelisk or two. Don't forget about SAM Sites 
         either. Orca Fighters will occasionally attack your base. 
         Do not build your Tiberium Waste Facility until you have cleared all
         GDI forces along the middle dirt road. When you do build one, you will 
         be sent Weed Eaters. They are computer-controlled and will automatically 
         head southeast along the dirt path to reach your Tiberium Waste 
         Facility. When you have the money later, you can send an attack force 
         down this dirt path. There is a RPG launcher stationed along this path 
         as well. Clear all of the Hover MRLS tanks, Titans, and any structures
         you find along this path. 
         When your Weed Eaters finally start coming, you can focus on destroying
         the GDI forces in the area. Apart from the Barracks in the southwest
         corner of the map, the main GDI base is in the northern sector. First,
         send a small team of infantry to the civilian city in the southwest 
         corner. From there, head a tiny bit north to find the Barracks. If you
         want, capture it. 
         The main entrance to the GDI base is directly northwest of your base.
         You will have to climb a ramp to reach it. This entrance is guarded by
         a RPG launcher and many GDI units. However, there is another entrance
         that is less guarded. Directly northeast of the single GDI Barracks is
         another ramp leading up to the GDI base. I strongly suggest you send 
         your attack force up this ramp. Once you are inside the GDI base, 
         destroy as many important buildings as possible. This is a pretty
         strong base, so expect some difficulty.
         Although you should be able to destroy the base before your first
         chemical missile even finishes, you can launch one off if enough Weed
         Eaters have come. If not, don't worry about it. You aren't obligated
         to use your chemical missiles anyway. Once the GDI base is down and all
         GDI forces have been eliminated, the mission will end. 
         (Most southern of two choices. You can either complete this mission or
          preceding one. It's your call.)
         >> Objective One: Locate and secure the old base.
         >> Objective Two: Destroy the GDI base.
         You start off with a number of Attack Cycles, Tick Tanks, and infantry.
         You also have a Harvester and two Weed Eaters along with you. Try to
         have them stay somewhat back to avoid any fighting. Begin by seending 
         your units northeast along the road. Just before the bridge, your
         forces will run into a Titan and a single soldier. Dispose of them 
         quickly and proceed across the bridge.
         A little bit past the bridge is a civilian city. Leave your vehicles
         behind and send your Light Infantry up ahead. A group of mutants will
         appear and attack. First, kill the Mutant Hijacker. He will attempt to
         take one of your vehicles. Make sure he is eliminated before sending in
         your vehicles to help out. Once the mutant attack has been stopped, you
         can continue northeast along the road. You won't meet any resistance
         from here to the old Nod base, of which is further to the northeast and
         down a ramp.
         Some of the base buildings are damaged. Get to work repairing them and
         have your Harvester start gathering Tiberium. Harvesters are immune to
         veins, so don't worry about them. Leave your other vehicles out of it
         though! Likewise, have your two Weed Eaters begin gathering veins to
         produce chemical missiles. Begin getting your base into shape. You still
         need to buy a Radar, Tech Center, Missile Silo, etc. Place Pavement
         around the veins right by your base so they won't spread. Sell off the 
         Tiberium Silos as they will be destroyed by the veins. You can build
         some more elsewhere. 
         For defense, put some Artillery units by the Nod wall to the west. 
         An Obelisk there would be a good idea too. GDI will use Disruptors in
         this mission. They can wreck your base within seconds if one manages
         to get in. Several Artillery guns and an Obelisk at the west side of 
         your base should be enough to stop any Disruptor attacks. GDI units
         might also come from the south. One or two Artillery cannons stationed
         there will stop anything that attempts to get through. 
         GDI has four bases scattered through the map. Only one of them is really
         a full base. I strongly suggest you start with the one in the southeast
         corner. There's a War Factory there along with four Helipads. Destroying
         the Helipads will stop, if not all, Orca Fighter attacks. However, there
         is a RPG launcher in the mini-base. Launch a chemical missile to take
         it out. Take out the rest of the southeast base anyway you choose. 
         Without the RPG launcher, you won't meet much resistance down there.
         Build up another attack force and send them west along the dirt path.
         When you hit a bridge, cross it and then follow the next dirt path 
         northwest. This way leads to a small GDI position. There are two Vulcan
         Cannons guarding a Barracks and some Power Plants. Feel free to destroy
         whatever you want. Capture the Barracks if you'd like. A bit south is
         another small GDI position. There's a Tiberium Refinery here. Level
         all of the buildings. The main GDI base is just to the south and from
         your current position, you can enter it through the back way. 
         See the ramp south of the original location of the Tiberium Refinery?
         Send a sizeable force up that ramp and down into the GDI base. There may
         be a few RPG launchers around, so take caution. Use your chemical 
         missiles to help weaken portions of the base. Just keep attacking until
         the base goes down. Afterwards, mop up any remaining GDI units in the
         >> Objective One: Spy on one of the GDI Comm Centers. 
         >> Objective Two: Destroy the Mammoth Mark II prototype.
         You begin with a Chameleon Spy at the lower-left corner of the map. He
         is invisible to enemies so don't worry about getting detected. The 
         closest Comm Center is across the bridge in front of you and to the
         north. However, I wouldn't suggest that you infiltrate it right now. 
         Instead, use your Chameleon Spy's stealth and explore as much as the
         map as you'd like. Of course, you don't have to explore the entire map, 
         but try to reveal a large portion of the map before you enter any of the
         three Comm Centers in the area. When you do, you will be shown the 
         location of the Mammoth Mk.II. 
         Watch the demonstration of the Mammoth's power and you will be sent some
         units to start your base. Due to the open space in this area, you can
         set up your base practically anywhere. The two best positions are as 
         follows: 1) head across the bridge and go north until you find a ramp 
         leading up a cliff. There is a Tiberium patch on top of the plateau. 
         2) Head east across two bridges toward the southeast corner of the map. 
         Deploy your MCV in-between the two Tiberium patches you find there. 
         I found both positions equally effective. The second one is a bit 
         closer to the enemy base so consider that. There are numerous GDI 
         patrols in the area. Suggest killing them before they cause any trouble.
         For base defenses, be sure to set up a few Artillery cannons along with
         one or two Obelisks. The GDI base is at the northeast corner so position
         your defenses accordingly. SAM Sites wouldn't be a bad idea either in
         case some aircraft come your way. The attacks won't be too bad, but
         if you are careless, they can take off a chunk of your base. 
         The entrance to the GDI base housing the Mammoth Mk.II is just southwest
         of the Mammoth demonstration area. Bring some Artillery with a few Tick
         Tanks and Rocket Infantry outside of that area. There is an RPG launcher
         on a ridge, so be careful when approaching the entrance. Destroy the
         base defenses with your Artillery units and have your support units
         kill any GDI forces that threaten your Artillery. When the defenses are
         out of the way, proceed inside the GDI compound. 
         There's no need to destroy this GDI base, but if you feel like it, you
         can take out the Barracks and War Factory. If you dawdle around long
         enough, the Mammoth Mk.II will come to you. If you don't feel like 
         luring it out, proceed into the rear of the base where the monster is
         stationed. Keep in mind that the Mammoth Mk.II is OPERATIONAL! It can
         easily rip apart your units with its powerful rail gun. However, if
         you pound the Mammoth Mk.II with Artillery shells from afar, you can
         eliminate the threat painlessly. Finishing it off will complete the
         >> Objective One: Capture the GDI outpost.
         >> Objective Two: Capture Jake.
         >> Objective Three: EVAC Jake at the specified location. 
         Take the three Toxin Soldiers you begin with and load them into the 
         first Amphibious APC. There's a single Rocket Infantry inside that one;
         the others are all filled with Engineers. Begin moving west along the
         south edge of the map. You want to stay as far south as possible to 
         avoid being detected by GDI. If you are detected by the Mobile Sensor
         Arrays or observation towers, you might as well restart the mission. 
         Catching Jake at this point would be too much trouble. 
         If you managed to proceed undetected, you will pass a brown building and
         hit a dead end at a cliff wall. Unload your Rocket Infantry from one of
         the APCs and shoot the weak cliff wall. It will dissipate and form a 
         ramp. Bring your APCs up to the outpost. Do not go too far in though!
         Unload your Toxin Soldiers and have them eliminate the GDI infantry 
         around. Once the area is clear, send in the Engineers to capture the
         buildings. Take the Construction Yard first and then begin taking the
         rest. DO NOT destroy any buildings or else Jake will be alerted. 
         Don't worry about the Component Towers. As long as the Construction 
         Yard is yours, they won't function. When every building is captured,
         the base will have a change of color scheme. Train a few infantry to
         take out any GDI forces that threaten your plan. Don't worry about 
         building a Harvester or anything like that. All you need to do is wait.
         When Jake enters the base, quickly get one of your Toxin Soldiers to
         shoot him. 
         Once Jake is under your control, you can just send him back to the 
         Subterranean APC at the position that you started at. Send him into one
         of your APCs and bring him over there. Load him up into the Subterranean
         APc to finish the mission. 
         (Optional Mission. Most southern of two choices.)
         >> Objective One: Infiltrate the Comm centers and steal the codes.
         >> Objective Two: Evacuate the Chameleon Spy. 
         You have access to the Chameleon Spy again. This time though, his job
         won't be so easy. Begin by taking your units and having them follow
         the path. It will turn toward the entrance to the GDI base. You don't
         want to go that, so continue north and up the ramp. You should run into
         a GDI infantry patrol around this area. Use your infantry to neutralize
         them. Continue northward until you unshroud a Mobile Sensor Array that
         you should destroy. Once it's gone, proceed to shoot the weak cliff wall
         by the Comm Center at the base of the plateau. Create a ramp and send
         the Chameleon Spy into the first Comm Center. 
         There is another weak cliff wall to the north. Destroy the crates by it
         to create a ramp. Send the Chameleon Spy up that ramp and head east. 
         Have your other units walk down in the direction of the first Comm
         Center you infiltrated. There are a few soldiers up ahead that need
         to be killed. Your Chameleon Spy, at the same time, should reveal a 
         second Comm Center. Quickly infiltrate it to steal the second code. Once
         that's done, bring the Chameleon Spy to the area that your other troops
         just cleared. 
         Send your units southeast and then head east when the area widens up a 
         bit. Find the path and follow it in a generally eastward direction. Have
         your infantry units lead the way as you will probably encounter a
         Wolverine and some infantry. This path will lead you to the third and
         final Comm Center. Don't worry about the Barracks stationed next to it.
         Once the code is in your grasp, you will be told to bring the Chameleon
         Spy into the transport. That transport is a Subterranean APC directly
         southwest of your position. Bring your Chameleon Spy back to it and
         load him in. Mission accomplished. 
         >> Objective One: Deploy the ICBM launchers at the three beacons. 
         Kane's vision is at hand! Watch the opening scene as Jake McNeil moves
         in. He'll disable the Firestorm Generator and your units will be free to
         move in. Once you clear the infantry, the three ICBM launchers and your
         MCV will appear. Send in your units and capture whatever you'd like. 
         Don't take the Tiberium Refinery though; GDI will first target it with
         the ion cannon. After they do that, you will have access to the ion 
         cannon thanks to the codes you obtained.
         When the timer appears, it displays only an hour, but that is actually 
         the first of three. The Philadelphia requires three passes before it 
         can zero in on your location. Each pass takes an hour. In actuality, 
         you have THREE hours to complete the mission. Assuming you are a 
         competent player, you should be able to finish the mission well before 
         the Philadelphia makes its second pass. 
         Begin constructing your base as normal. The first beacon is right near
         your current position. However, you will want to hold off on deploying
         your ICBM launchers at the moment. Deploying them this early will only
         leave them open to GDI attack. Of course, you must keep each ICBM
         launcher alive. For credits, have about three or four Harvesters 
         running. Have some Artillery units defending your base as well. GDI 
         will not be lenient when it comes to assaulting your base. A few 
         Obelisks and SAM Sites wouldn't hurt either.
         There are two GDI bases in the area. Scattered throughout the map are
         various Component Towers and GDI units too. Luckily, you don't have to 
         destroy them all. All that matters is bringing the ICBM launchers to
         their destinations. The first of two GDI bases can be found somewhere
         in the middle of the eastern edge. The best way to reach it is by taking
         the path leading east out of your base. Send a sizeable force of
         Artillery and infantry that way. You may come across a few GDI units 
         and a Mobile Sensor Array stationed in the civilian city. If so, be 
         sure to destroy those. 
         When you reach the southeastern corner of the map, begin heading north
         along the eastern edge. After passing a field of blue Tiberium, you 
         should come to the first of the GDI bases. Level it with your Artillery
         units and have the infantry mop up any remaining forces here. The second
         beacon is a tiny bit to the northeast. Again, do not deploy your ICBM
         launchers until you are just about finished with the mission. Once this
         base is gone, attacks to your base won't come as often.
         There are numerous Component Towers and GDI units in the middle of the
         map as I stated before. If you feel like it, you can go ahead and take
         those out on your own time. The final base is to the northwest by the
         third beacon. Even though this is the last mission, it isn't THAT big.
         There are different ways to reach it, but the safest is by heading all
         the way to the southwestern corner of the map. From there, just go 
         north until you hit the entrance to the base. Bring some Artillery with
         you. Train a Cyborg Commando (prerequisite: Temple of Nod) and send 
         it along as well. 
         The Artillery can easily level any defenses inside the base along with
         GDI units. Once you've cleared enough of the Component Towers (SAM, RPG,
         Vulcan Cannons), you can go ahead and send in the Cyborg Commando. 
         The Cyborg Commando should be able to survive on its own while the
         Artillery cannons provide cover fire. Whatever GDI happens to throw at
         you can easily be obliterated. When that base is gone, all three beacons
         will be accessible. If you still have a lot of time left, you can go
         ahead and have some fun with the remaining GDI forces in the area. 
         Deploy all three ICBM launchers to at last, complete the mission and 
         ultimately, the Nod campaign! 
       ---- 5. Overview ----                                                [5000]
    Below is an overview of each infantry unit, vehicle, and building found 
    within this game. Note that this section does not include the Firestorm 
    expansion pack. 
    Now, in no particular order...
            5.1. Infantry                                                   [5100]
         Light Infantry ~
              Cost: $120
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Light Infantry are cheap, weak, and pretty poor troops 
                           overall. However, they can make good scouts as they 
                           don't cost too much and their speed isn't shabby. 
                           They can do some damage in groups. Their M16 Rifle is 
                           effective against other infantry. 
          Disc Thrower ~
              Cost: $200
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Disc Throwers wield "Aerodynamic Grenades" that 
                           explode on contact. Disc Throwers are great infantry 
                           units, being effective against vehicles, buildings, 
                           and other units. When in large groups, they can do 
                           some serious damage. Also, their discs can bounce 
                           around a bit so they may very occasionally miss their 
         Rocket Infantry ~
              Cost: $250
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Wielding shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, Rocket
                           Infantry are Nod's answer to enemy vehicles. They are
                           effective especially against vehicles and buildings.
                           Furthermore, Rocket Infantry can attack air targets
                           as well, making them perfect for makeshift base
                           defenses. However, Rocket Infantry deal very little
                           damage to other infantry. 
         Engineer ~
              Cost: $500
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Engineers serve a far more important task than regular 
                           infantry. Apart from being able to repair your own 
                           buildings to full health instantly (you'll lose an 
                           Engineer for that), you can also capture enemy
                           buildings by sending an Engineer into it (you'll lose 
                           an Engineer for that). They are expensive and slow so 
                           its best to send them in APCs to avoid wasting them. 
         Medic ~
              Cost: $600
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Medics are very important around other infantry. 
                           Medics can't attack other soldiers but the Medics work
                           to heal your infantry to full health. However, you 
                           have to try to keep your Medics alive as they aren't 
                           cheap. Leave them in guard mode and they will 
                           automatically move around and heal friendly soldiers.
         Jump-Jet Infantry ~
              Cost: $600
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Jump-Jet Infantry are basically soldiers capable of 
                           hovering. They are fitted with a jump jet which allows
                           them to stay in the air, thus making them invulnerable 
                           to ground fire. However, anti-air weapons will rip 
                           them apart. In groups, Jump-Jet Infantry can take down 
                           buildings, heavily armored vehicles, and convoys of 
         Cyborg ~
              Cost: $650
              Available To: Nod
              Description: With an incredible amount of armor, a powerful shock
                           rifle, and the ability to heal in Tiberium, Cyborgs
                           beat out most other infantry classes easily. Being 
                           very strong, a single Cyborg can easily take out a
                           group of infantry without a scratch. Despite that, 
                           $650 is a lot of money to spend on one Cyborg. Plus, 
                           Cyborgs have no anti-air abilities. Invest in Cyborgs 
                           if you can use them effective. 
         Ghost Stalker ~
              Cost: $1750
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Ghost Stalker is the only unit you can train in the 
                           game that holds C4 charges. Ghost Stalker can blow up 
                           buildings just by clicking on them. Also, Ghost 
                           Stalker is armed with a powerful Rail Gun which is 
                           effective against both vehicles and infantry. It can 
                           also go through multiple targets (of which can be BOTH 
                           a good or bad thing). Before firing, check if there 
                           are any friendly units in his line of fire. Ghost 
                           Stalker is capable of healing in Tiberium. 
         Cyborg Commando ~
              Cost: $2000
              Available To: Nod
              Description: The Cyborg Commando is arguably the best of the best
                           in terms of infantry. Its plasma cannon is VERY 
                           powerful, being capable of killing groups of infantry
                           and most vehicles within a single shot. Buildings also
                           crumble after a few shots, making the Cyborg Commando
                           ideal for base attacks. There is no wonder as to why 
                           many choose to lead their infantry assaults with the 
                           Cyborg Commando. 
         Mutant Hijacker ~
              Cost: $1850
              Available To: Nod
              Description: The Mutant Hijacker is an interesting unit. I 
                           personally do not find much use for him though. At
                           $1850 for ONE, the Mutant Hijacker is very expensive.
                           The Mutant Hijacker is capable of stealing any 
                           vehicle you fancy. If you can manage to steal a 
                           Mammoth Mk.II, then by all means, the Mutant Hijacker 
                           more than makes up for its cost. If you steal civilian
                           vehicles, you can use them as transports. 
            5.2. Vehicles                                                   [5200]
         Tiberium Harvester ~
              Cost: $1400
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: The Harvester is the workhorse of your base. After 
                           harvesting bushels of Tiberium, the Harvester returns
                           to the Tiberium Refinery to drop off its stock as 
                           credits. The Harvester is a very slow vehicle, but its
                           armor can help resist small arms fire. Note that the
                           Harvester is unarmed, so try not to put it by the 
         Weed Eater ~
              Cost: $1400
              Available To: Nod
              Description: In order to obtain chemical missiles, Weed Eaters
                           must collect material from Tiberium veins and send
                           them to a Waste Facility. When enough has been 
                           collected, the chemical missile may be fired. Weed
                           Eaters do the dirty work, collecting the chemicals.
                           These have sufficient armor, but can't stand up 
                           against concentrated fire. 
         Wolverine ~
              Cost: $500
              Available To: GDI
              Description: This little mechanized walker can rip through infantry
                           very easily. However, their machine guns don't really
                           deal enough damage to heavily armored vehicles or 
                           buildings. Their fast speed and immunity to veins 
                           makes them healthy candidates for scouts. In groups, 
                           Wolverines can deal a lot of damage. Wolverines cannot 
                           take too much damage as their armor is pretty light. 
         Attack Buggy ~
              Cost: $500
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Attack Buggies are armed with a machine gun that can
                           take care of infantry and lightly armored vehicles
                           painlessly. However, against more heavily armored
                           vehicles and buildings, they lose out. Fast speeds and
                           immunity to veins make Attack Buggies great scouts.
                           Attack Buggies cannot take too much damage due to 
                           their light armor. 
         Attack Cycle ~
              Cost: $600
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Attack Cycles are easily the fastest ground units in
                           Tiberian Sun. However, their speed is accounted for by
                           their armor, which is practically non-existent. Attack
                           Cycles are best used in hit-and-run attacks. Even 
                           better, they make amazing scouts as well. Whenever you
                           are threatened, just drive away and you'll easily 
                           leave your opponent in the dust. 
         Titan ~
              Cost: $800
              Available To: GDI
              Description: These gigantic mechanized walkers have it all: armor,
                           guns, the works. Their 120mm cannon can decimate other
                           vehicles and buildings. In large groups, Titans can
                           take down buildings within seconds. Their weakest
                           point is their speed though. Don't expect to catch 
                           enemies faster than you. Also, Titans are a bit less
                           effective against infantry. Then again, you could 
                           always squish them. 
         Tick Tank ~
              Cost: $800
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Being Nod's standard armor, Tick Tanks are durable,
                           strong, and can pack a punch. When undeployed, these
                           are your standard mobile tanks. However, when you 
                           deploy a Tick Tank, it literally digs into a ground
                           and acts as a turret. Tick Tanks are effective against
                           vehicles and buildings. However, they aren't too good
                           against other infantry. 
         Artillery ~
              Cost: $975
              Available To: Nod
              Description: This is one of the more capable vehicles in the game.
                           In its undeployed state, the Artillery gun is a 
                           sitting. Only when its deployed can it actually shoot.
                           Artillery also bear light armor and are pretty slow.
                           However, the sheer power of their cannons is enough
                           to convince many of their usefulness. Their extremely
                           long range allows them to bombard enemy bases or 
                           defend your own base from enemy attacks. Artillery
                           shells are very powerful. However, if you plan on
                           using these, suggest defending them with other units.
         Hover MRLS ~
              Cost: $900
              Available To: GDI
              Description: The Hover "Multi-Rocket-Launching System" is a 
                           somewhat expensive hover tank. Its hovering ability
                           allows it to cross water (the only other GDI ground 
                           unit capable of that is the Amphibious APC) and get
                           past veins unscathed. Its missiles are powerful and
                           deal a nice amount of damage. 
         Stealth Tank ~
              Cost: $1100
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Expensive, yes. Useful, YES! Stealth Tanks are one of
                           my favorite Nod units. These tanks are invisible to
                           radar and the player's eye when they are not attacking.
                           If you were to sneak a team of these into an enemy's 
                           base (without getting detected by defenses), you can
                           deal a lot of damage before your opponent figures out
                           what's going on. Stealth Tanks can camp around and 
                           attack passerbys or stay in a Tiberium field to harass
                           enemy harvesters. Their rockets deal good damage 
                           against vehicles and buildings, although not infantry.
         Mobile Sensor Array ~
              Cost: $950
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: This vehicle is much more practical for GDI than Nod.
                           Its sole purpose is to detect subterranean or stealth
                           units/buildings within its detection radius. Deploy it
                           in the field to make use of it. Putting one by your
                           base can help you see enemy stealth/subterranean
                           activity around your base. Putting one by an enemy's
                           cloaked base will reveal the buildings and shrouded
         Mobile Repair Vehicle ~
              Cost: $1000
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Although Nod is not capable of building a Service
                           Depot, they make up for it with a Mobile Repair 
                           Vehicle. Simply highlight a damaged vehicle and the
                           Mobile Repair Vehicle will double-time it over there
                           for repairs. 
         Amphibious APC ~
              Cost: $800
              Available To: GDI
              Description: An Amphibious APC can carry five infantry units. They 
                           are used as a fast mode of transportation. These are
                           also capable of crossing water, which makes them
                           very valuable if water provides an opening into an
                           opponent's base. 
         Subterranean APC ~
              Cost: $800
              Available To: Nod
              Description: A Subterranean APC is capable of carrying five 
                           infantry units. As opposed to traveling over land,
                           a Subterranean APC can literally burrow underneath 
                           the ground toward its destination. Therefore, any
                           unit (apart from a Mobile Sensor Array) will not be
                           able to see it. Keep in mind that a Subterranean APC
                           may not surface on pavement or water. 
         Disruptor ~
              Cost: $1300
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Disruptors are very powerful tanks that don't rely
                           on conventional cannons, but use harmonic resonance
                           waves to deal heavy damage. Holding that beam on a
                           soldier, vehicle, or building will deal constant
                           damage. A group of Disruptors is almost unstoppable
                           if you manage to get them inside an enemy's base.
                           Also keep in mind that anything between the Disruptor's
                           beam and its target will be hurt too (with the 
                           exception of other Disruptors).
         Devil's Tongue ~
              Cost: $750
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Nod's flame tank is not as effective as one might
                           think. The Devil's Tongue has the ability to burrow
                           underground and re-surface anywhere where there is 
                           not pavement or water. Flames are not very effective
                           against vehicles, but infantry will burn up within
         Mammoth Mk.II ~
              Cost: $3000
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Is the Mammoth Mk.II really worth it? Well, $3000 is
                           kind of pushing it. This walking behemoth sports two
                           powerful rail guns that can decimate buildings in 
                           seconds. Also, the Mammoth Mk.II is capable of hitting
                           air units with dual missile launchers. You can only
                           have one of these babies on the field at once though.
                           Although powerful, the Mammoth Mk.II's slow speed 
                           makes it a prime target for Artillery and hit-and-run
                           attacks. Even though it is big, it isn't invincible.
         Mobile Construction Vehicle ~
              Cost: $2500
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: This vehicle's only point is the deploy itself into
                           a Construction Yard to begin a new base. It is very
                           slow and cannot outrun enemy units too easily. 
                           However, it does sport some heavy armor which helps
                           defend against small arms fire. Once you deploy it,
                           the MCV is gone (unless you have 'Redeployable MCV' 
                           switched on). 
         Orca Fighter ~
              Cost: $1000
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Orca Fighters sport dual rocket launchers with five
                           rounds each. They are pretty fast flying through the
                           air, but their armor is only sub-par. Orca Fighters
                           are good for taking out vehicles and weak buildings.
         Harpy ~
              Cost: $1000
              Available To: Nod
              Description: This air unit honestly isn't as effective as the 
                           others. Its chain gun deals next to nothing against
                           buildings and heavily armored vehicles. However, it
                           is capable of taking out infantry quickly. It holds
                           five rounds. 
         Carryall ~
              Cost: $750
              Available To: GDI
              Description: The Carryall serves a very straightforward purpose.
                           It is meant to carry one unit from one place to
                           another. First, you must pick up a unit and then drop
                           it elsewhere. A Carryall can only carry one unit at
                           a time. I find it great for transferring APCs or the
                           Mammoth Mk.II. 
         Orca Bomber ~
              Cost: $1600
              Available To: GDI
              Description: This is the DEFINITIVE aircraft. At $1600 a pop, you
                           don't want to be wasting your money for nothing. With
                           enough bombs for two passes, the Orca Bomber can deals
                           heavy damage to buildings, vehicles, and infantry
                           altogether! Plus, the Orca Bomber's heavy armor allows
                           it to take a bit more punishment than others. Its 
                           biggest flaw is its speed though. The Orca Bomber is
                           the slowest attack aircraft. 
         Banshee ~
              Cost: $1500
              Available To: Nod
              Description: The Banshee is an effective aircraft against buildings
                           and vehicles alike. The plasma cannon is powerful.
                           Holding enough ammunition for three passes, the Banshee
                           can deal a lot of damage before having to go back and
                           reload. Banshees are weak against three infantry. 
            5.3. Structures                                                 [5300]
         Construction Yard ~
              Cost: $2500 (cost of MCV)
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Construction Yards work as the central structure in
                           all bases. After all, you need one to build anything
                           at all. This building allows you construct new 
                           buildings to expand your base. Without it, you cannot
                           build new structures. Undoubtedly, it would be in your
                           best interest to protect it. 
         Power Plant ~
              Cost: $300
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: All bases need power to function. When you need more
                           power in a base (view the power sidebar to see your
                           power usage), build more of these Power Plants. 
         Power Turbine ~
              Cost: $100
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Place extra Power Turbines on an already existing GDI 
                           Power Plants to increase the amount of power a Power 
                           Plant produces. 
         Tiberium Refinery ~
              Cost: $2000
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: The Tiberium Refinery is a drop-off point for your
                           Harvesters. Your credits are collected here and 2000
                           credit values of Tiberium can be stored within the
                           Refinery. The Tiberium Refinery comes with a Harvester
                           upon building it. Therefore, the Tiberium Refinery in
                           itself costs $600. (2000 - 1400 = 600)
         Tiberium Silo ~
              Cost: $150
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Tiberium Silos store any excess Tiberium that cannot
                           fit inside the Refinery itself. They can hold a max of
                           1500 credits. Although very cheap, Tiberium Silos are
                           easily destroyed. Opponents may target your full 
                           Tiberium Silos and therefore rid you of 1500 credits 
         Barracks/Hand of Nod ~
              Cost: $300
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: GDI's Barracks or Nod's Hand of Nod works to produce
                           and train infantry units. Infantry cannot be trained
                           without at least one of these structures. 
         Radar ~
              Cost: $1000
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: The Radar provides an overhead map of the area you are
                           currently fighting in. The Radar also allows you
                           to build certain units and buildings. 
         War Factory ~
              Cost: $2000
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: The War Factory constructs the vehicles you need. 
                           Without a War Factory, vehicles cannot be built or
         Service Depot ~
              Cost: $1200
              Available To: GDI
              Description: The main purpose of the Service Depot is to repair
                           vehicles. Simply have a vehicle/aircraft to step on
                           the Service Depot and it will slowly be repaired. Some
                           credits will also be drained from your stockpile to
                           account for the repairs. Also, you can sell vehicles
                           that are repairing by holding the "$" sign over them.
                           It will turn green to confirm that. 
         Concrete Wall ~
              Cost: $50
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Enemy units cannot walk over walls and certain units
                           cannot fire through walls. If you wall off some of 
                           your important structures, they will be more safe from
                           enemy attacks. 
         Pavement ~
              Cost: $75
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Pavement has two uses: it prevents the re-shaping of
                           any land it covers, and prevents subterranean units
                           from surfacing at any paved area. 
         Automatic Gate ~
              Cost: $250
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Automatic Gates will allow your units to pass by 
                           freely, but will not open for enemy units. 
         Component Tower ~
              Cost: $200
              Available To: GDI
              Description: The Component Tower is required to build static
                           defenses around your base. You cannot place a
                           Vulcan Cannon/RPG/SAM without first having an empty
                           Component Tower.
         Vulcan Cannon Upgrade ~
              Cost: $150
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Vulcan Cannons rip through enemy infantry easily. 
                           They also deal a good amount of damage to vehicles.
                           Their range is less than par however, and a few units
                           can easily outrange it. 
         RPG Upgrade ~
              Cost: $600
              Available To: GDI
              Description: These Rocket Propelled Grenades deal heavy damage to
                           infantry and vehicles alike. Their range is great, but
                           they cannot hit units that are too close to them. 
         SAM Upgrade/SAM Site ~
              Cost: $300 ($500 Nod)
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Surface-to-Air missiles are very effective against
                           aircraft and airborne units. That, of course, are the
                           only units they are capable of hitting. Nod's SAM 
                           Site can be build for $500 without any Component Tower
         Laser ~
              Cost: $300
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Lasers are Nod's standard mode of defense. They deal
                           mediocre damage against infantry and vehicles. Do 
                           note that they are easily outranged by higher vehicle
         EMP Cannon ~
              Cost: $1000
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: The Electro-Magnetic Pulse Cannon does not deal damage
                           to whatever it hits. Instead, it prevents the vehicle
                           that it hits from functioning. Due to its short range,
                           it is mostly used to stop enemy rushes in their
                           tracks. Take caution as your units can also be 
                           affected by the cannon. Also, the cannon has a charge
         Helipad ~
              Cost: $500
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Helipads allow for the construction of aircraft units.
                           Even if you do not have enough Helipads for the amount
                           of aircraft you have, you can still purchase more
                           aircraft. They will fly in toward your base upon
                           buying them. 
         Advanced Power Plant ~
              Cost: $500
              Available To: Nod
              Description: The Advanced Power Plant produces more power. However,
                           it is more expensive and takes up more space. 
                           Eventually, you will want to replace all of your 
                           Power Plants with Advanced Power Plants due to the
                           extra power. 
         Laser Fence Post ~
              Cost: $200
              Available To: Nod
              Description: In order to build these properly, you must first
                           build one post. Then, you build another post farther
                           away depending on how far you want the laser to 
                           extend. When used properly, it can actually be 
                           cheaper than Concrete Walls. Keep in mind that laser
                           fencing takes up quite a bit of power. 
         Tech Center ~
              Cost: $1500
              Available To: GDI/Nod
              Description: Building a Tech Center will give you access to a lot
                           of powerful vehicles and structures. A Tech Center
                           takes up a lot of power, so watch your meter when
         Upgrade Center ~
              Cost: $1000
              Available To: GDI
              Description: In order to obtain the Hunter Seeker/Ion Cannon, you
                           must first build an Upgrade Center to support the
         Seeker Control ~
              Cost: $1000
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Upon adding these to an Upgrades Center, you will have
                           access to Hunter Seekers. After the charge time is up,
                           you can release a Hunter Seeker droid. Whatever enemy
                           unit or building it touches is immediately destroyed.
                           However, you cannot control where the droid goes. 
         Ion Cannon Uplink ~
              Cost: $1500
              Available To: GDI
              Description: This uplink gives to access to GDI's most powerful
                           weapon, the Ion Cannon! After the charge time has
                           elapsed, you can pick a location anywhere on the map
                           to blast. Most weak buildings can be destroyed in a
                           single hit and enemy units will be vaporized. 
         Temple of Nod ~
              Cost: $2000
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Upon constructing a Temple of Nod, you will have
                           access to the Hunter Seeker droid. Whatever enemy
                           unit or building it touches is immediately destroyed.
                           You cannot control the droid however. The Temple of
                           Nod is also responsible for producing the dreaded
                           Cyborg Commando! 
         Obelisk of Light ~
              Cost: $1500
              Available To: Nod
              Description: The Obelisk of Light focuses a very powerful beam on
                           any enemy units that pass by. Infantry and lightly
                           armored are destroyed instantly. Even so, the Obelisk
                           has a low rate of fire; it cannot stand up against
                           concentrated enemy fire. 
         Missile Silo ~
              Cost: $1300
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Building a Missile Silo gives you access to the very
                           destructive Multi-Missile! When the missile is done,
                           launching it at a target will destroy most units and
                           some buildings surrounding the target zone due to the
                           "splash" effect. 
         Tiberium Waste Facility ~
              Cost: $1600
              Available To: Nod
              Description: If you're interested in Chemical Missiles, you will
                           need a Tiberium Waste Facility. Using Weed Eaters, 
                           collecting enough material from Tiberium veins will
                           produce a Chemical Missile. When it hits something, it
                           will deal weak damage and release nine poisonous gas
                           clouds that wreak havoc on anything they touch. 
         Firestorm Generator ~
              Cost: $2000
              Available To: GDI
              Description: The Firestorm Wall is an inpenetrable barrier. Nothing
                           can pass through it without getting zapped. However,
                           it must be charged, of course. The Firestorm Wall needs
                           Wall Sections to be constructed in order to actually
                           serve its purpose. Duh. 
         Firestorm Wall Section ~
              Cost: $50
              Available To: GDI
              Description: Build these wherever you want the Firestorm barrier
                           to affect. Construct the Wall Sections as you normally
                           would to a regular wall. 
         Stealth Generator ~
              Cost: $2500
              Available To: Nod
              Description: Although expensive and a major power-hog, the Stealth
                           Generator will cloak your base and make it invisible
                           to radar and the player's eyes. Suggest shrouding your
                           important buildings to leave your opponents in the 
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