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"Real treat for C&C fans!"

Following the story from the previous games in the series (exclude Red Alert), Tiberian Sun is the sequel to Command & Conquer. The magic of C&C is not lost, it still is there, but with diminished strength.

Storyline 8/10
Nothing seems to be more fun than crisis-striken Earth, huh? The story revolves around Tiberium again, though more aspects are involved now. Story is told through the cutscenes, which are filmed BTW. Really iinteresting if youre into this kinda stuff, but still leaves much to be imagined. Plot is ok, but the connection isn't that close.

Controls & Interface 9/10
Well, whats to be said of a strategy game's controls? Simple mouseclicks and some keyboard intervention is the way here. No more hard times trying to pick out infantry (unlike the original C&C). Responsive, relatively simple. A few things could have enhanced it, scrolling using the keyboard is hard (you have to go customize it first). Instead of the continous smooth scroll from one side to the other, pressing the key or holding will only move the screen a teeny bit. So, like, you gotta tap till your keyboard's stuck (not recommended).

Gameplay 8/10
What else to say, great and easy to play! Units have better AI now, though they still are a bit braindead. Tiberium still hurts infantry, but now there's the all new veinhole monster! It will grow these weed-like thing, and spreads slow (given time and some space, it will expand a lot). Vehicles will get damaged rapidly, though infantry is not affected (huh?). Funny thing is, armored infantry DO take damage (huh again?) Unit commanding and also waypoint usage is a bit important, but not necessary.

Sound 7/10
Nice audible effects, fun voices and also deathcrys (heh heh). Repetitive though. Not many fancy an infantry shouting back ('acknowledging') every time you give orders. At least the battle sounds are distinct and easily traced.

Graphics 7/10
Using 3D, units, buildings and environments are better expressed now. Terrain is also rendered accurately. Special effects fill the screen about every moment, and lighting is also present, giving some realistic feel to dark places which have only a lamppost. Details are comprehensive at best.

Real nice game, but buy only if you're a fan of strategy games and (not necessarily) a C&C fan. Otherwise, you should pretty much stay away. Nothing much to keep you interested for long in that case.

Overall Score 7/10
Replayability: Medium (special cases)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/09/00, Updated 07/09/00

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