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"It was a first in many areas, but even for a first try, they could of done better."

Almost eight years ago,the successful Command and Conquer franchise underwent its most radical transformation from being a top-down, limited 3D game in which you would direct modern and slightly futuristic units towards the enemy and watch as your units reduce the enemy into a scrap heap, to being a futuristic 3D fight.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are still doing a good job at giving it the edge of realism. In previous titles, there was only one time of the day that you would fight: daytime. Now in Tiberian Sun, you can fight at anytime of the day. Day, night and fights can now shift from day into night as you play. The rest, such as explosions isn't that impressive. While there shouldn't be an individual explosion for every explosive object, most of the explosions appear to be just a yellow or brown cloud that disappears with a slight boom. The flames that one unit uses in the game is also abit...2D.

However, seeing the green glow of a tiberian field at night is rather nice of eye candy. Ramping the graphics detail to high will show lights blinking on structures and smoke emitting from badly damaged structures and vehicles.

Also, this is where the series went from a birds eye view game to a limited 3D view. As the camera can't be moved to see around cliffs, which at last have depth in them, it can go up some people as a unit that was carefully placed behind that cliff and severely damage your units.

Sounds and music: 6
Bit of a hit and miss here. Some of the music is rather irritating, especially one song which starts at virtually every mission. Most of the music is pretty much the same, but there is one or two songs that can speed up the gameplay. But it's a disappointment that it's similar.

Gameplay: 7
Before this game was released, there was alot of features promised such as the night affecting the unit's targeting, thus light posts were needed, laser turrets popping from underground like what the movies show etc. Instead we were given the bare basics. Had of Westwood (Now absorbed by EA) delayed the game a little longer and took the time to implement them, it would of been a blast to do all of those extra things that could of given that little edge.

Westwood also attempted something that was a first at the time. Unlike the previous Command and Conquers, in which the briefings were done entirely as first person, Westwood hired some actors to be the general giving the orders to a commander which was supposed to represent you. It was an attempt that had potential but failed as the scripting was weak and the endings for one campaign was a complete anti-climax. I'll only go as far as saying it was rather pointless.

On the subject of the story, it's not really that different from the original: GDI must destroy NOD, NOD must destroy GDI. But as it is set after the success of the GDI campaign of the original game, playing the NOD campaign has it's own mini story before launching attacks against GDI. But after that, it's just a typical "Destroy GDI" story.

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun is still fun to play. I still play to this day, but something...something could of made this game so much better. It was a first in many areas, but even for a first try, they could of done better

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/07

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