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Reviewed: 04/09/08

Tiberian Sun is a must buy for all PC gamers

Tiberian Sun is probably one of the best war simulator games out there. Case Closed. Along with incredible game play, you will also find high quality graphics and sound. This game is has a fair rating of T, because, as you will probably know, it's got guns in it. There is not a lot of blood in this game, but when you see you're people die, they disappear in a small mush of red, black, and green. I'm assuming the red is for blood, but never know! There is violence in some of the cut scenes as well, but nothing that would make people turn green at the sight of it. So it's semi-clean with guns and stuff. Probably wouldn't recommend for kids under 8 but would DEFINITELY recommend it for everybody else. That's because it rocks.

Graphics - 9/10
The graphics in this game do not leave much to be desired. In regular game play, you can tell which tanks are which, which people have which capabilities, and if your entire base just got blown up. The cut scenes are unbelievable. You can't even tell if they're computer animated or not. It looks just like a movie! The cut scenes will make your computer run a lot slower though. But it's totally worth it just to watch and drool at the unbelievable animation. The graphics in the game, as mentioned before, aren't quite as amazing but they are still very good. You will NEVER run into some stupid little glitch that sends shivers up your spine. They did an excellent job of making armies appear like armies and not a bunch of little blobs, as well as not having ridiculous mistakes when attempting to maneuver your people. You also have a little mini map in the upper right corner. This mini map is immensely helpful when fighting a war. It does not tell you which units are which, it is simply a bunch of little color coordinated dots. There is almost nothing to complain about throughout the entire game. So if you hear someone telling you the graphics in this game are terrible, don't listen to them. There are very good!

Sound 8/10
There is not much sound to be heard in this game. I'm pretty sure nobody wants to hear the sounds of real war. But there is background music. The background music is relatively catchy, but I'm sure they didn't exactly go for a Grammy with it. The voices in the cut scenes are extremely realistic. They had a bunch of extremely talented voice actors come in and do the sound for them. The sounds in the game also sound really good. When you have your little person shooting things, it makes a gun sound! Nobody saw that one coming I bet. They did a great job of having sound become louder as you move the screen closer to it. If you are watching a battle, the sound of it is loud and realistic, and then as you move the screen away, it slowly becomes quieter and quieter until you can hear it no more. All the laser beams and missiles have their own sound as well, which is good. All the weapons don't share the same sound effect because that would be lame. They also have your people yell when they get shot and die which I assume is realistic. When playing the game, you have a voice telling you what's going on, and the voice changes depending on which side your own. NOD has a robot-like guy telling you that you have just lost one of your units, while GDI has a girl. So overall, this game has pretty solid sound.

Game Play 10/10

Game Play A: Campaign
If you buy both discs, there is a campaign for both NOD and GDI, the two sides of the war, both of which are incredible. Will you go spread death, destruction and chaos with the Brotherhood of NOD? Or will you attempt to create peace in the world again, and rid the land of NOD with the forces of GDI? Both campaigns are loaded with all sorts of interesting missions for you to accomplish. Some of them are stealth missions while others include building a base, creating an army, and having a full on war with the opposite side. Some of the stealth missions include sending an engineer behind enemy lines to try to steal some technology, while others are attempting to rescue a captured general and bring him back to safety. Both styles of play are a blast and are totally worth you're time.

Game Play B: Skirmishing
This is the main reason I play this game. With endless possibilities of different maps and enemies, you will never get tired of this. For the inexperienced commanders, you can choose the simple Technology Level 1, where all you command are your light infantry and your money gatherers, (Harvesters), or for the more experienced veteran, choose the Technology Level 10 and battle against your opponent with all kinds of nukes and tanks along with the latest technology in weaponry. Along with having amazing difficulty levels, you can also create your very own custom map for you to play on. Do you dislike rocks getting in the way of your base construction? Then simply tell the map to take the rocks out! You can also do this with hills, cliffs, vegetation, and everything else that drives you nuts. After fighting a skirmish, you can view the statistics of the battle, seeing how many enemies you killed and how many of your own units were destroyed. There are many different battle strategies when fighting. You can simply defend your base, build up a magnificent army, and go squash the enemy without any trouble at all, or you can build up an army that would regularly stand no chance against whatever you're fighting and put engineers in it to sabotage their base. The possibilities are endless! Although strategy varies upon what level of technology you are playing at, if you get good enough at one of them, you shall be practically unbeatable.

Game Play C: Online Play
This is another reason why most people will play the game. You can create your own maps, team with another player, and go destroy another team, or you can create your own base and fight off however many opponents come knocking at your doors. You can create all sorts of random things on your maps. You can give every player an unlimited amount of tiberium, or you can make it so nobody even has a building. You can also create custom buildings, tanks, people, or NPCs. I have had a lot of fun making all sorts of unbeatable forces and pitting them against opponents who stand no chance. If you play online, you will meet some profanity, though. You cannot avoid all those people who play the game just to flip out at other people. But if you do meet them, be polite and make this world a better place for gamers.

Replay Value 10/10
You will always be able to come back to this game and enjoy it as much as you did the last time you played it. It will never, ever, EVER get boring. You can play it as much as you like and simply change the settings in the game to your fancy. If you have beaten the same level over and over again, make your own and put in all the things that you dislike to make it more challenging for you. You can keep changing the difficulty and technology level to make it harder for you. You will never get tired of internet play because there are always new people to fight against and new strategies to try against people who always beat you. Sometimes, people make games that you can play forever. This is one of those games.

So Tiberian Sun is one of the best games on the market. It's got some of the best game play I've ever seen and will blow away anybody that plays it. It's full of all sorts of little things that will make your play more enjoyable. With all the different ways of playing, I'm surprised that this game isn't more popular.
Once again, this is Sebbisismo! I hope you enjoyed my review!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (US, 08/24/99)

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