Review by therater13

Reviewed: 04/28/08


Command and conquer tiberian sun. This was a pretty disappointing game for me, it felt very messy and it was not very organized, this was said in another review but it is true. The game feels very zoomed out and messy. I will get to the specifics on what I did not like about this game later but overall it was not very fun at all.

Audio: The voice acting in this game was not very good. The unit sound effects were also pretty bad. The only voice acting that was good was 1 man, the main character in the g.d.i campaign. He was the actor from aliens and the terminator, he was also in navy seals, good actor in my opinion.

Story: This was a standard command and conquer story, the evil nod wants to do evil things and G.D.I wants to stop them since they are the good guys. I must say the cut scene’s were quite well done, even if the acting was very cheesy, Micheal Beihn, the main character from G>D>I did a good job and the main nod guy was alright, but not as good as Michael Beihn.

Graphics: Honestly the graphics in this game are not very good, everything is so zoomed out and small you pretty much need 20 20 vision to see whats going on. The unit models look very small and the fights feel pointless in this game. The maps are detailed pretty nicely but they are not amazing.

Game play: Boring, this game is very boring, most of the missions are very long and annoying. The bigger fights in the missions are pretty small and, well boring. This game is just boring, there is no other word to describe it, it is also very messy, the interface in this game is just horrible. It is so hard to do anything, to build a base is kind of confusing and building armies is also a bit confusing, overall it is just hard to control anything in this game. I didn’t even get past the 5th mission in the g.d.i campaign and I only did 1 nod mission then I gave up.

Even if you liked the older command and conquer games do not bother with this one, it will only disappoint you. And you may never try a command and conquer game after trying this one. Bye bye.

Overall score: 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (US, 08/24/99)

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