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Reviewed: 10/30/01 | Updated: 10/30/01

Nice boredom buster

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is a fun way to create a base of your own and attack enemy bases. There are many options you have, and there are many modifications you can make to the game, some of which are neat, and some of which are, well, dumb. Anyhow, let's cut to the chase:

Gameplay (9/10):
The overall gameplay of C&C:TS is pretty good, but that depends what kind of memory you have on your computer. Personally, I have played it on a computer with 64MB of RAM and my own which has 120MB. You'll want to play it on the higher memory. It functions pretty well on 64MB of RAM, but the game errs a lot, and there is much more slowdown. I recommend above 64MB of RAM, with Windows NT or XP. Anyhow, as for the actual game, there's not usually too much slowdown, unless you put a lot of moving objects on the screen. Other than that, it's all pretty smooth.

Story (8/10):
I never really paid a lot of attention to the story, since I mostly play the multiplayer skirmish mode, but I did play part of the way through a campaign once. If you watch the videos, the story they tell is pretty neat, and it's a lot like a movie..but you play it. Not much to say here, but it's all good.

Graphics (9.3/10):
Ah yes, the graphics. As with most computer games, the graphics will be pretty impressive, and C&C:TS does not fail. Explosions look pretty neat, fires burn, and even if you aren't directly hit by something, you can still suffer collateral damage. When you shoot into the water, it looks like you shot into the water. If you shoot a building, it looks like you shot the building. The only thing that takes away from this game is the fact that not everything is very realistically done (for instance, take an array of six Banshees, it takes at least one unit of ammunition from each of those six to kill one infantry).

Sound (8.8/10):
Again, pretty realistic. Building things isn't the most realistic sounding function, but it sounds pretty neat when your tanks and artillery shoot the crap out of the enemy. When stuff blows up, it also is pretty cool. One of the most annoying things is when you play as NOD against GDI and you hear the GDI Hunter Seeker droid plow into a power plant or when you hear the Ion Cannon's beam electrify your Tiberium Refinery. But then again, if you are GDI, those can be some very welcome sounds...

Challenge (Variable/10):
The challenge in C&C:TS is completely variable. You can set the enemy's AI in multiplayer combat at 0, 1, or 2, and you can set the single player to be easy, medium, or hard. At the same time, that's not the only limit. With the help of a modification, you can seriously increase or decrease the difficulty.

Replay Value (10/10):
Replay value here is pretty much infinite. You can modify the game's settings in so many ways that I couldn't tell you how many there are, and along with that, no battle is the same. You can also download maps to play on, and more of that good stuff. All I have to say is that the replay value is high.

Buy or Rent?:
If you are in any way interested in war, buy this game. It's always fun to see how many casualties you caused, how much of the economy you got, and how many units you lost.

Overall Rating: 9.0

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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