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"A truly Horrible Game"

This game is horrible. Having played both Starcraft and Total Annihilation, This game doesn't compare to either of them. Total Annihilation took RTS games 3D and offered a variety of (mostly identical) units while Starcraft has style flare and play balance along with a great interface and story. The Interface for this game is identical to it's predecessor (Command and Conquer) which is both difficult to use and inefficient. The units are mostly a updated versions of units from the previous game. Almost every unit has a counterpart in the original and most of the NEW units are very high in the tech tree.

GRAPHICS- 5 / 10 :
Both Starcraft and Total Annihilation look better despite released before C&C:TS. 2 years after those games were released this game looks like a slightly updated version of the original. Running at a 16 color depth in 640 x 480 by default, even at 1024 x 760 it's ugly.

INTERFACE- 2 / 10:
Although it's nice not to have to click on the buildings to create units, it's a pain not to have quick keys for certain units. As well the fact they you can't issue an attack command without a target is annoying, the AI just isn't smart enough to move towards a threat, instead you have to press s to stop them and then have them move into position, considering the time it was made, it really should have some AI for the units.

GAMEPLAY- 0 / 10:
This is the really sad bit. The Single player missions only give you some horribly grainly eye candy and a few bits of badly acted story to move you on, it's very tedious to create a large army (even with 3-4 factories) and move them about and the only good strategy is to mass some medium level tanks and rush with them, this is due to the fact that advanced units are too expensive and not really effective and lower tech units are nearly useless. As well the sides are not even, the burrowing abilities of the NOD by it'self unbalances the game. Who ever balanced this game surely never Worked for Blizzard (or was fired for incompetence) and wasn't as creative as anybody from Cavedog (God rest their Souls).

STORY - 4 / 10:
The story is a bit interesting, though the porr acting really really does detract from it. But it's not compelling enough to make you want to play. Storylines like those in Starcraft make you want to play so bad you'll miss dinner/graduation/weddings (I mean yours) to play it. Spending 4 hours finishing a stage and still coming back for more. 30 minutes into each stages and I get sick of it, mass tanks and kill everything on the map. The storyline is sad but slightly interesting.

If you want a Good Solid RTS with great graphics and great story buy Starcraft, if you love toys and diversity and really like games in 3D buy Total Annihilation, if you like big complicated RTS that resemble Civilizations with more violence get Ages of Empires I or II. If you want a great story line, 3d graphics, 4 sides to fight with, great graphics, amazing play balance and great multiplayer action... get Warcraft 3. IF you wanted to be bored buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/24/02, Updated 06/24/02

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