Review by Renatus

"Perhaps the best C&C game to date."

Rating: 9/10

I love C and C games. I think the style of play, the Real-time Strategy, is awesome. Tiberian Sun, though, blows all other C&C games away. Almost everything about this game is awesome, from the missions to the graphics. The missions can get tough if you don't do optional missions that will make the level ore simple. Anyway, let me explain the game.

Tiberian Sun starts out like a movie. If you picked GDI, General Solomon will be on the bridge of the Philadelphia observing a battle unfolding. It's more than just a terrorist's Kane! Kane has come back from the dead to control NOD yet again. He calls on you, Comdr. McNeal, to go send reinforcements to a base near Phoenix, which NOD has begun to attack. This is the start of an epic war that will take you across the globe, deep into prison compounds, against overwhelming odds, and the like.

If you play as NOD, you begin as a captured Commander in a disputing NOD. You are being accused of being a GDI spy by General Hassan and nearly executed, but your loyal second in commands, knowing who the General in charge of the execution is, rescue you. Now you must fight Hassan's army while attempting to prove who he really is (I won't tell). Once Kane makes his dramatic entrance back into the game, you will begin to fight GDI.

STORY: 95/100
Read above. The only thing wrong with the story is in a few minor areas, nothing too severe. A for Story.

GRAPHICS: 90/100
Good graphics, better cities and buildings and troops! One problem though, is some parts are a bit too...dark and the water looks so unreal. Still, though, the buildings have went from small houses to skyscrapers, and everything is in a more 3D environment, like RA2. An A- for graphics.

GAMEPLAY: 90/100
Great gameplay. Challenge is definitely in the game, and you must keep a constant flow of Tiberian (money) in order to upkeep your base and it's defenses. Tough, if you ask me. The base part is like a Sim City-sort of thing, but just the base building part. A- for gameplay.

CONTROLS: 95/100
Great controls, like in all C and C games. Even better with waypoints and laser lines to see what path your troops are taking. Solid A for this category.

My 10/10's are VERY rare, but this game will keep you going for at least 6 months. Now, if you ask me, that's good for a game. Playing the Skirmishes with people and the computer is a lot of fun. I'm giving this one a true A+.

RENT OR BUY: Well, seeing you can't rent PC games, buy! It costs 10-20 bucks in most places because it is a few years old, but is my favorite C and C game. It's worth the $15.99, trust me.

Overall, Tiberian Sun is an awesome game. (It got a 10/10 in CONTROLS, so it can't be bad) No true C&C fan cannot like this one, IMHO. It's definitely worth it's cost. Thanks for reading my review. Enjoy Tiberian Sun, and happy gaming!

AVERAGE: 9/10 (Solid A):
Summary: Great Game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/18/02, Updated 07/18/02

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