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"Deserves more credit"

T-sun's graphics are terrific. Buildings explode in flying shrapnel and debris when destroyed, explosions leave craters, trees catch fire, lakes and rivers erupt when hit by stray gunfire. All the units look creative and great, and they animate well. For instance, if a tank were to drive over rocky terrain, then you can see it bumping over it, instead of just driving over the ground like its flat. The infantry look cartoony but personally I don't mind because they are animated and detailed well: a lot of people said this idea sucked but I think its a unique blend of different kinds of graphics. The lighting is pretty good too; there is a day-night effect in the game, but night time really makes the lighting effects shine. Tiberium glows green over the area it is on, explosions light the area, and many of the structures give off realistic lighting, such as the searchlights, lamposts and so on. The cinematics effectively combined CG backgrounds with the actors, and Joe Kucan has done a great job in the direction which is why I look forward to every rewarding cinematic at the end of each mission. I would also like to say that this game isn't starcraft, so please people, stop saying it is better than this game! Starcraft may have had good looking units, but T sun has much better looking environments and effects.
SOUND 8/10
The sound is pretty good, with some flaws. The flaws are that some of the explosions sound a bit weird. The titan's shells impacting targets sound like warped burps, as does the noise of certain vehicles exploding. Everything else is realistic, because the sound editors used real noises for the sound effects. The unit voices are not annoying, at least to me, so I don't see why some people are complaining about them. The advisor voices are also useful; now they inform you if you're harvester is under attack, or if you're base is under fire. The voice acting in the cinematics aren't good but what were you expecting? The actors actually do a better job in the cinematics than most B movies, and this is especially true for Kane, played by Joe Kucan. Overall, sound, good.
First let me say that because this is the year 2002 i only play T sun for the single player, because it delivers in that. Both sides are balanced well. GDI has units armed with heavy firepower and is well equipped for attacking an enemy base, while NOD is armed with more stealthy units that rely on a more cunning commander to operate. This doesn't mean GDI is for newbies, however, since NOD themselves sport some cheap tactics that newbies would love to use. People have said that starcraft was better in terms of gameplay, but again, this game isn't starcraft so don't compare T-sun to it. The game makes you really feel like you're in a war, and you can control armies consisiting of an unlimited amount of units. T-sun is a totally different experience from Starcraft because it is a more realistic war experience. In the single player you pick GDI or NOD campaign, and each one follows a separate storyline that ends differently. So if you want to see NOD win the game, play as NOD, and vice versa. After each mission you usually get presented with 2 missions to play. Most of the time one of the missions will make the other one easier, while choosing the other one will progress your game faster, albeit with more difficulty. The missions are mostly not boring; they don't just involve you building a base and destroying the enemy. For instance, in one NOD mission you have to build a base and destroy a mutant base, but you have to do it with GDI units so as to frame GDI. The maps are mostly huge, and in missions where you control a task force you can find alternate paths to your objectives if you look hard enough. The SP missions are all varied which makes T-sun's single player experience much better than most RTS games. Furthermore, each mission success is rewarded by a cinematic with live actors. These are usually entertaining to watch since Westwood makes the best RTS game cinematics. This is not to say they have great special effects or great acting, however. The skirmish mode is why I took a point off. I would have really liked it if you could one, disable superweapons because they are really annoying and two, be able to choose what enemy you want to fight. Other than that skirmish is a pretty good experience if you can stand the above two flaws. In terms of multiplayer, as far as i remember three years ago it was a blast. Again, please don't start thinking of starcraft. Westwood made a game with their own tastes in mind; they weren't trying to copy starcraft, but instead stuck with the C&C formula. RA had good multiplayer but some of the units were really screwed up in terms of what side they belonged to. T-sun's multiplayer is great; it is well balanced on both sides and when allied with human players you can specialize, like being an air force commander or ground force commander, etc..(there isn't a mode for this{though in the upcoming Generals there will be}) and with the new expansion pack you get the world domination mode which is a step above all RTS multiplayer modes. So overall, T-sun's gameplay is very enjoyable especially on the single player.
Its the year 2002 and I've decided to re install this game because I really loved the single player game. For the c&c fan this is a game you'll be playing over and over again because its SP part is great. If you're a starcraft junkie then you probably will not play this after the first time. The expansion adds more life into the game with an single player part that adds to the game greatly. Overall Replay is good, but this rating is only with c&c fans in mind.
STORY 10/10
This is a big reason why the SP is good. C&C has the best storyline I've ever experienced, the best in any game I've played. The missions are all part of the game's story, and each cinematic forwards it. The secret behind Kane and the brotherhood of NOD is one of gaming history's greatest mysteries that many would love to know. Read the storyline faq on the FAQ section of this page: it really shows off the game's intricate yet entertaining plot.
Since its the year 2002 now, you might as well buy this game if you're interested and havn't played it: it won't cost a lot anyway. And, while burning games is illegal, i guess you could do it with this game since its too old to make money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/01/02, Updated 10/01/02

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