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"Wow...3 hours have passed?"

Well, I'm here to review the game Tiberian Sun. If you are reading this you will probably know that this is part of the command and conquer series. This if the first one from the Series I have. It came as a freebie with Black and White. Well onto the reviewing.

Sound. 9/10
This game has decent Sound effects. When you direct a unit you get a different response and its fun to listen to the other troops scream in agony. I do have some complaints though. 1. no back ground music, 2. you don't hear a sound when the troops or other units move, only when they begin to move. But overall really nice sound effects. I love when the Orca Fighters take off.

Graphics: 7/10
This game isn't 3D, this is good in some cases as you won't need a 3d card. But it looks a bit too ''cartoonie''. However it gets the job done, the shadows are cast when an aircraft takes off and the explosions are really nice. You can complain about the low class graphics but this game is 4 years old.
This game dose however feature real people as actor for cut scenes, this may sound funny but it’s a nice touch. Although you may find the acting a bit iffy.

Story: 8/10
The Story is ok, not Shakespeare or anything but it gives you a sense that you MUST complete the mission. You get to play from both sides GDI and NOD, both on different CDs. These both have different Missions and you view things form opposite ends. Kind of like Resident Evil 2. Anyway, it works out nicely.

Game Play:10/10
I must say that this game is really fun to play. The Story mode dose get annoying at times but the Skirmish games are great. You can sit down to play one skirmish map and get up 3 hours later. You get loads of units, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. I see air and land but no sea though. The Amphibious APC can go through water but nothing else. There isn't much water in the game anyway. You can be engrossed by this game very easily. VERY Easily.

Controlls: 7/10
The interface is ok when you get used to it, and you can move around quite freely. But it has problems, you cant attack an enemy until you can see it and also if you have selected units you cant move around on the Radar map as usual to tell units to attack a certain place. Also when you move around I fin it a bit slow.
This is the only major downfall of the game.

Good sound effects
Amazing game play

Cant save in skirmish maps
No background music

A Game that has its problems but is still addictive. I suggest getting this one just to play when you need something to do, The story isn't very engrossing., But its still a good game too mess around with and lose a bit of time on.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/03, Updated 01/05/03

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