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Reviewed: 01/23/03 | Updated: 01/23/03

Another Great Westwood Real Time War Game

Overall 8/10

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun is another great game in the Command and Conquer series. Again you choose the role of either the NOD or the GDI. There are new weapons, units, and a whole new plot. You can play a campaign, skirmish, or you can play with others online. Anyway Westwood has developed another great real time war game.

Gameplay 8/10

Hearing your troops guys respond when you choose them makes you feel as if you are a real commander. There are so many different commands you can give to your troops. There is a great ground force while still having a decent air force. The only bad thing is that there is no navy. Each side has a transport that can cross water but no actual military in the water. The GDI and NOD have totally different units so that the game is more challenging. Basically, with the exception of the names and appearances, both sides have buildings that have identical purposes. Overall the game is great and never repetitive.

Campaigns 8/10

The campaigns are very challenging. Actually they start out so easy that you might even quit after two minutes. Eventually though the levels get harder and harder. At the start though you start at the lowest tech level so you can’t exactly build the best units and structures right away. If you like getting big weapons and blowing the opponent’s base to pieces in a matter of minutes then the campaigns more that likely are not for you. Otherwise the campaigns can be extremely challenging. Sometimes you even have to fight overwhelming odds.

Story 7/10

Basically you take the side of either the GDI or the NOD. The GDI (Global Defense Initiative) are like the futuristic marines. They are meant to protect the world from the bad guys such as the Brotherhood of the NOD. If you fight as the GDI you will fight against the NOD. If you choose the side of the Brotherhood of the NOD you will get to lead the bad guys trying to take over the Tiberium and use it to create weapons of mass destruction. You fight the GDI who are trying to stop you from using the Tiberium. You can also fight a group known as Hassan’s Elite Guards.

Graphics 7/10

All things considered the graphics are pretty good. You are looking at a bird’s eye view of the area so the graphics really can’t be all that good. You can see the firing of weapons and you can see good detail on the buildings and the units.

Sound 5/10

Basically the sound is about a little better than annoying. It’s repetitive, doesn’t have a good beat, and just plain out is about as bad as bad can get. Well maybe just a little better.

Length/ Replayability 10/10

This is possibly the best part of the game and maybe even the best of any real time strategy war game. There is no length. Beat the campaigns and you can play skirmishes or you can play others online. Since there is no way to determine how you opponent will react in a certain situation you can play over and over and never know what to expect.

Final Thoughts

If you hate blood, gore, and killing then by all means do not buy Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. If you love blood, gore, and violence then by all means buy Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. If you have played another Command and Conquer game then you will not be disappointed by Tiberian Sun. If you have never tried a real time war game then here is a great place to start.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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