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"Mabye not game of the year, but still a great game"

After a long wait, the sequel to the original C&C is upon us. C&C: Tiberian Sun is one heck of a game. Why, you ask? Let me tell you.

The game picks up where C&C left off. The year is 2030, and Earth is being overrun by Tiberian, that strange alien crystal that is deadly to all livig things. The Global Defense Initiave (GDI), which destroyed NOD in the first tiberian war, is evacuating people to the polar regions, where tiberian growth is slowed by the adverse weather. Meanwhile, the GDI commanders are watching from their spacestation above Earth, while scientists are trying to figure out how to stop the growth of tiberian. All of a sudden, Kane (the leader of NOD, who was presumed dead at the end of the first war), returns, with a new NOD army. Their goal: global domination. What did you think they wanted? Your job is to pick a side to lead, either GDI or NOD, and destroy the other side.

The gameplay is excellent. The missions are non-linear. There are even optional missions, that while not required to beat the game, affect later missions and can make them easier. The two opposing forces are very different. While NOD has faster units, their armor is lacking. However, they have steath and burrowing units, which makes them sneaky and the choice for a commander who likes to use brains over brawn. The GDI, on the other hand, have slower but heavier armored units. In fact, one of their units, the Mammoth MK.II, a huge walking tank with super-powerful guns and it's own anti-aircraft missles,can be so devestating that only one is allowed on the map at one time. They also have Titans, giant mechs that carry lasers that can destroy the most heavily armored building or unit in seconds. The only complaint I have with the gameplay is that there isn't much stratgey involved. It would have been nice to have to work your brain more in the missions, but that's just a minor gripe.

Next up, graphics. This is where TS is lacking the most. Many of the units look cartoonish. Take a look at an infantry man and you will see my point. On the other hand, some units, like Titans, look almost 3D. The scenery is well done. The buildings are also great looking. And while the explosions and real time lighting aren't as spectacular as Westwood would have you to believe, they are still very nice.

Sound is also an area where the game falls a little short. The voices are good, and some of the effects and voices really help you in the battlefield, giving you warning or notice of an event. Music, however, is another story. While it is fairly good, it doesn't compare to the music of the original. For the best experience, turn the music off, sound effects and vioces all the way up, and play a MP3 or CD with a great beat.

Multiplayer is very good. As usual, you can customize settings (tech level, starting credits, AI intelligence, starting units, crates, etc.) to your liking. There are a decent amount of maps to choose from, but if none of them suit your fancy, you can try the random map generator. Just select how much vegatation, tiberium, water, cites, etc. you want, hit the button, and VOLIA! A ramdom map meeting your specifications will appear. You can then save this map for future play. My biggest complaint is that there is no map editor. The random generator is good, but not as good as being able to build your own battlegrounds to destroy your friends on. The actual multiplayer gameplay is good, but it can be a tad slow.

Overall, TS is a great game. While it has it's flaws, they are cancelled out by it's many strengths. If you are fan of the C&C series, or a fan of RTS games in general, you need to get this game. It will be interesting to see how TS competes against Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, which is another stellar RTS. Thank you for reading my review. My ICQ# is 57049791. Give me a call if you have any questions or comments regarding this review. Enjoying playing TS!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/16/99, Updated 12/16/99

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