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"One word Synopsis: Retrogaming."

I'm a C&C fanatic. I love the games, and I've thus far learned to love Tiberian Sun, though the wanning in peroid was a pain.

Command & Conquer 2 returns you to the semi-timeless conflict of GDI and Nod. The world is now scarred and dieing due to the massive Tiberian growths, and Nod tries to rule the world. This is about it going in, and I won't spoil more.

The gameplay? Play Red Alert, and you have it. But people who've knocked it for this I believe are missing the point. I've either found a gem of true geneius from Westwood, or I'm reading far, far to much into this game:

The entire game, from the graphics to the graphics, is purposely retro.

For us RTS freaks who have, well, evolved over the past 4 years, coming back to C&C can be something of a pain. The graphics are cartoonish, the stratagy is rather non-existant...but it's /fun/. It's hard to pin-point just why, maybe like the first C&C, but the brain-dead mixture works. Westwood was wise not to change it.

The acting is truly and utterly lame...but purposely. I'll site a example below (note: If you absolutely want no spoilers, avoid next paragraph, but I will only site things from the introductory sequences, so I doubt it's going to hurt much).

Watch the GDI scene, and tell me that isn't a parody. Complete with fat general, the insane close up that is obviously a different take, with the weighted voice. Your GDI character is a friggin rip straight from Spaceballs, and damn good with it. This is lame, 70s action-military show lame. Look at Nod. God, where do you begin? Draped in constant dark red light is a nice clue, swathed in russian-style black. You might as well call the oragnization KAOS ("I ment to do that..."). Let's not forget the Execution of the Day, overt propaganda, and the Bobba Fett costume party. This is purposely ultra-villany.

If you take it as this; Cornball Villians fighting The Posturing Good Guys, this game has a charm to it. To add to the belief that the plot is purposely dumbed down is the times that it shines through. Somebody please confess to me that they wern't impressed by the movie after the 3rd/4th Nod mission. I'd like to think I was simply obsessing.

Playing C&C2 is like watching one of Webber's early musicals; if you go in expecting something with respect, you're going to be bummed. If you go in with your seriousness left at the door, you'll come out happy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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