Review by Cronoblade

"The gameplay is nice but multiplayer is average"

Well,all I can say is the Tiberian Sun story,mission and the graphic is nice...but for those who like to play multiplayer game than mission,I don't think you will like it.I will write it shortly so here goes:

Well...the graphic is QUITE nice.It is much better than Red Alert somehow.The building,the units,the background and the explosion are very NICE.Now for the bad things about it is the NOD cyborg look like bowling ball head with a big fat body look more like ballman.

Cool sound,screaming and most of all explosion sound.Of all the screaming sound I like the most is 'Medic!'.The cutsences sound and talking are nice.

I love the music of all C&C so no complain about it.The Tiberian Sun music is so cool and challenging.

The mission is very nice and some of them are kinda hard.The best of all is everytime you win a mission,there gonna be cutsence and some of the cutsences is nice.The multiplayer is extremely boring if you all the time.There's one bad about the multiplayer is the most powerful unit like commando,hijacker and mammoth tank can be only be built one at until it's unit be destroyed.

Replay value:8/10
What can i's a Strategy game.Thanks to the westwood online this game can quite last longer but the multiplayer can get boring easily.

Multiplayer rating:5/10
Bad1-Money income very slow.The dumb Harvester eat tiberium very slow and give money also very slow.
Bad2-Before you can build more advanced unit,the computer attack with triple more advanced unit(and sometimes ion cannon your building before you begin to build war factory)
Good1-there are civilian building and some kind of mutated monster patroling around the your or tiberium field(it will eat your unit when it come near to your army and grow bigger)and also mutated monster guarding some of the tiberium feild.

Buy this if you are real C&C fan.For those multiplayer fan only rent it to try the multiplayer game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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