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"Kane should have just stayed 6 feet under"

It has been like 4 long years since the original C&C came out.After playing Westwood's masterpeice,i coudn't wait for the sequel especially after the trailer at the ending of the first game.Waited i have for 4 long years.Sure Red Alert did show up but it's not a true sequel.So imagine the joy i felt when i finally held Tiberian Sun in my very own hands.

Okay...after the dramatic installation,i quick loaded the game.Startin with the good guys,GDI i loaded the first mission.The very first thing you noticed is the cartoonish graphics.Sure the background is breathtaking bu the units are mapped cartoonishly.Very well, i said to myself.Graphics is not that important in an RTS game.I quickly got through the mission and i pretty soon found myself finishing the game.After playing it,i sat down and gave it a good tought.Was the game great?

No.The game was terrible.Let me explain before everybody decides to rip my head off.Everything in the game remains the same as Red Alert.Sure you had new units,mainly Titans,Wolverines and Nod's Tick tank.Aside from the few units,everything else remains true to the original game.Medics and crates still can be found throughout the game.What really annoyed me was the sound effect that came when the medic stars healing infantry units is exactly the same.Dont tell me Westwood can't even do something about the sound?

Secondly,the game requiers no strategy.Zilch.All i had to do to win the entire game was to build massive amount of Titans,and nothing could stop me.Unlike Starcraft where you had to attack with a combination of air and ground units in C&C2,all you had to do was to build up the same particular unit and attack.

Thirdly,after finishing the GDI scenario,i just coudn't get myself to finish the game with NOD.The reason?Everything's the same.In Starcraft,all the 3 clans had very very differnt units and building sequences.In this game,it all remains the same.Deploy MCV,build power plant.Build refinery.Build barracks.Build war factory.Start pumping out Titans.Attack.You win.See?

I am not a zombie.The only joy i had while playing the game was to discover the new units 1 by 1.This happend while i played GDI.But when i swiyched to NOD,the magic is just not there anymore because all the new units in NOD has been show while youre playing as GDI.

With talents like James Earl Jones and Michael Beihn,you expect something special.But seriously the acting was lame.Very very lame.What really pissed me off was the ending clip for GDI.The ending was already lame,and backed up by very dumb acting,it coudn't be worse.The soundtrack was not helping at all.The music was terrible and comparing to it's prequel,it sucked.

If this game was released 5 years ago,it would have been a great game.But after 4 long years and with no improvement,i'm ready to use my cd as a frisbee.If anybody's interested in purchasing my cd,contact me at only Westwood allowed some major changes in their game.The original game was really good.The sequel which is exactly what the original is isn't.The tired formula need a major overhaul.Till Westwood decides to do something about it,i guess i'll just have to continue waiting for Stacraft 2.That's a cue to you Blizzard.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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