Review by JHarris

"Westwood have come back with a killer sequel"

Tiberian Sun is the 3rd instalment for Westwood's seucessful Command & Conquer series.And by the looks of the game,i can olny say 3 words...IT KICKS ASS!!!!!

TS story goes something like this, Int eh 21st century,a UFO lands and a team called NOD proclaims before GDI can get it.So this game takes place in the 21st century where you build enhanced buildings and big beefy units to destroy the opponent and attract members of the opposite sex.

The units range from Mini gunners,Snipes to Tic Tanks and Mutant Commandos(NOD unit,obviously)And you get big special weapons like Ion Cannons,Nukes and different settings for these weapons making a total of about 5 special weapons.

What I personally like about TS is how completely non-linear the missions are.After finishing a mission you can choose which place you want to attack.Sometimes there are 3 settings of the mission to choose from.

Graphics:9/10 This game has some of the best graphics in a stradegy game to date.

Sound:10/10 This game has the best sound in a war game to date!!!If you ever like listening to heavy metal while playing games,GET THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!

Gameplay:9/10 I simply love this gameplay,each of the 2 teams has different characteristics(NOD has good units,low armour while GDI is vice versa,sorta)

Lifespan:10/10 2 sides,completeley non-lenear missions,LAN,Skirmish,Online,what more could you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall:10/10 Absoulutely the best RTS game EVER!!!!!!!! Get it now!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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