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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's exactly was Westwood has done with TibSun. The interface is the same. Some units are the same. Some other stuff are the same too as C & C. But never the less, it's still damn fun.

If you're a C & C veteran, you'll know this game straight away. You'll probably just need a quick flick through the manual and you'll practically know everything there is to know about TibSun. As usual, You just need to build harvesters to harvest tiberium, your only source of resource in the game. However, a new waypoint mode has been added which really help, and now you can manually turn off and in buidlings.

Following the storyline of the original Command & Conquer, Nod forces have been defeated and GDI are victorious. However, they never recovered Kane's body (the leader of Nod) and they just presumed him dead. Well, in TibSun, Kane has returned and united Nod forces to once again battle GDI.

There are two sides you can play, the GDI (Global Defense Initiative) and the Brotherhood of Nod. There's a third race which isn't playable, called the Forgotten, but I won't give away anything about them..... There is one main resource in the game. Tiberium, which must be harvested then deposited at a Tiberium Refinery. Another sort of resource, is power. It's required to keep your base functioning at all times. Nod can build power plants, and later in the game, advanced power plants. GDI can build power plants also, but they can't build advanced power plants but instead upgrade existing power plants with a power turbine. Another strange 'resource', is Tiberium veins. They injure normal units, so GDI hate them, but Nod can harvest them to build a chemical missle and the Forgotten can heal in them. Pretty cool, huh?

A nice change to the two races, are now they're completely different, unlike in C & C. For example GDI can upgrade their buildings and Nod can't. But Nod has underground and invisible units. Nod has some really cool units now like an artillery. They have to deploy to fire. When they're deployed, they can't move either. It's things like this that make TibSun really cool.

The single player is where TibSun really shines though. The FMV is really extensive, not to mention cool. Another cool addition is there's optional missions. Whether you do these missions or not, they affect the game. For example, there's this main mission where you gotta destroy this guy's dam. If you play an optional mission, where you must take out his power, and complete it, and play the main mission again, his building won't be operational for a while. The only downfall is the endings are so predictable. Couldn't they have put in a surprise ending?

There are more bad things though. The manual is simply stupid. It hardly tells you anything, and some parts of it are all lies. The graphics leave a bit to be desired. After three years of development, you'd expect state of the art 3D graphics but I guess they couldn't be bothered. Never the less, TibSun is an extremely enjoyable game. But C & C fans might be disappointed if they're expecting a completely original game, different from the original C & C.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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