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"Great game, but 1 flaw held back a lot of stuff"

Let me tell you that Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun was one of my early computer games. So back when I was smaller, this game was pretty neat, but I was bad at it. Now I've come to be a better player and to like the game more.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics shouldn't be a problem for your video card, but they're fairly good. The buildings look cool and so do some of the units, like the Titan and Wolverines. But this game's default resolution is 640x480, and the game looks weird on this resolution. But a lot of stuff is detailed and nothing has been rushed. You can easily pick out a GDI or NOD unit without a problem, and Tiberium is easy to locate. The maps are realistic, as some maps have ice, snow, and even trees to make a map look nice. The color you can choose for you're bases color also looks great, such as red or green.

Gameplay: 8/10
This is where the big flaw comes in. Unless you are playing online with a friend, be prepared to be rocked from the computer. They can build twice as fast as you (by the time you make a refinery, they'll already have a War Factory), they seem to have much more money than you do, and here is the big problem. At the beginning of the game, the computer may battle each other until one of the bases are eliminated. But once a base is eliminated, ALL of the bases will gang up on you and destroy half your base with ease. So be prepared with plenty of money and plenty of great units.

Other than that, the gameplay is fun if you can avoid the computer players. For the campaign mission, you'll have to follow the objectives and you'll finish each mission once each objective is done. If you are playing a Skirmish game, you can choose between GDI or NOD. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages, like GDI has better aircraft and NOD has better units. But you can play both and use the one you are comfortable with. You will start with a Construction Yard (which allows you to build stuff, so protect it at all costs), and you can keep building stuff to make your base better, such as towers or lasers. Then you can make your army to attack someone else. Once all bases are eliminated, you will be the winner.

Controls: 10/10
From the get-go, you'll have no problem using the controls at all. All you need is a mouse and not much from the keyboard either. One click can make a building and then you drag it to the spot you want it to be in when it is done (if it is white, you can deploy it there). A red target is an enemy and a green target is where you can tell your troops to go. There are more, but you will find out yourself as you play this game. Using the mouse should not be any problem for you.

Sound Effects: 7/10
Sometimes these sound effects will make me want to smash my computer's speakers. The sound effects are ok, but the sound of an ion cannon hitting you over and over again will get really annoying. But the sound effects are realistic, such as a soldier going "Yes sir" or "Orders received" when you tell them to go do something. You'll eventually get tired of the same sound effects over again, especially if you've been playing this game for a few hours. So take a break when you need to.

Music: 8/10
Watch out for the music as well, especially if you have a weird sound card or weird speakers. Sometimes the music is really quiet, and then out of nowhere the music will explode, causing it to be really loud even if your volume is at low. But a lot of the tracks on this game are pretty good. You can choose which song you want to play (there are about 15 of them on this game), and you have the option to repeat the song or shuffle through them in order. If you are in the mood, you can find which song you like and play it during the game.

Replayability: 9/10
You may or may not want to do a campaign again, as it gets long and boring. But for skirmish games, you can play as many as you want. You can play more games to get better, develop new strategies, switch from GDI or NOD, play more maps, or to simply have fun. After each game you play, you'll still have a lot to do, as you can even create your own map. But there is a load of options you can choose from to play each game. Even when playing online, it will be fun playing against someone or teaming up.

Final Recommendation
If you're someone who loves strategy games and wants to try out something, than the Command and Conquer series, especially Tiberian Sun is just for you. A lot of the computers these days should be able to hold this game without a problem. While you're at it, you can also get Tiberian Sun: Firestorm for this game. Firestorm is a great expansion pack in this game, which has more sound tracks to pick from, more units, maps, and buildings, and much more. A Tiberian Sun fan should also have Firestorm as well. But if you do not like strategy games or cheap computer players, then do not get this (or try it out first).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/08/05

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