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"A game that makes war fun!"

It’s in the future, probably over 21st century. The two separate alliances, GDI and Brotherhood of Nod are fighting over each other to conquer their enemies’ rightful places for their own personal use. This whole new game with lots and lots new features make the game easier to navigate and fun. It’s a new way to enjoy war.

Graphics – 9
The graphics proved to be wonderful, colourful, detailed and amazing. With the first introduction scene appeared, you’ll only managed to see blinding green lines flashed as if using high-tech computers and dull. Explosions are so real and the cut-scenes after and before missions are real humans and clearer than before. Though the movies are not that great, the personal enjoyable experience and fun raging war makes this up.

Music – 9
Background music are well lined up in each mission and the music proved not to be soothing in order to live up with the war theme. So, you probably one more real-to-life sound effect, right? The agony of screams and crushed humans are real but if wilder an madder screams and sounds are put into this game, the game will look, as well sound, better. Loud explosions, shoots from weapons and the voices (every ‘sides’ have their own commanding voice, I guess robotic) in every mission and movies are simply wonderful.

Gameplay – 9
It’s yet another Command & Conquer game… or so you thought. It’s mistakenly thought by people as the sequel of Command & Conquer: Red Alert, but it’s a brand new game that lives up to its name by now. As explained above, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun has much better graphics, wonderful music and breathtaking missions than before.

Of course, this all means that more deadly weapons, units, powerful infrastructure buildings and all together a new story. The missions are pretty straightforward but some requires you to explore the whole territory before you can actually complete the specific mission.

New weapons, such as Laser will replace the previous Tesla Coils as it is much powerful. More human units (dressed up as astronauts) are available more in their own abilities as well as gorgeously big tanks to crush and kill your enemies. Some old units like the useful Medic and Engineer are still available in this version.

The most convenient feature in the game (well, missions specifically) is the target line when you command your units to attack enemies or move to a direction. Green computerized lines will represent moving and red will represent attacking the enemies. Of course, if you are not used to this feature, it could be turned off by going to the Options menu.

When selecting a building or unit, you can clearly see it in 3D form (three dimensional) with the health and other statements for certain building. To collect money, you’ll need to collect Tiberian in two forms which the other one dangerous and the other are not. The dangerous Tiberian can explode when contracted with fire and it’s great to do this to enemies.

Generally, GDI is the ‘good side’ and Nod is the evil one that keeps wanting to conquer GDI once and for all. This make the battle even interesting as the story unfolds.

Replay Value – 7
It’s a pleasant change to have another war game like this but, after playing all those difficult and challenging missions, there is nothing left to do. Perhaps playing it all over again but most people won’t do that.

Overall – 9
If you want a new set of strategy games, grab this one for yourself. It’s packed with whole set of features and missions and you won’t want to miss this!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/11/00, Updated 06/11/00

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