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    FAQ/Walkthrough by madmax777

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    Tiberian Sun: Firestorm Online Strategy Guide
    By Westwood Studios, PC
    Version 1.00
    Last Updated (15/3/06)
    Written by: Cristian Cismas (Chronobanjo777@yahoo.ca)
    Written for www.gamefaqs.com 
    Sites Accepted: Gamefaqs
    Copyright 2006 Cristian Cismas
    V0.30 (9/31/05): Rough outline complete.
    V0.40 (10/1/05): Log Entries added from manual.
    V0.50 (10/1/05): New Unit Descriptions added.
    V0.60 (10/2/05): Added strategies for all scenarios. 
    V0.70 (3/14/06): Got back into working on this. Done GDI strategies.
    V0.80 (3/15/06): Done Nod Strategies!
    V0.90 (3/15/06): Done the Endings section!
    V1.00 (3/15/06): After 6 months of working on this, it is DONE!!
    V1.01 (3/15/06): Fixed a few more spelling mistakes.
    I. Introduction
    	- Firestorm Manual Entries
    	- Updated Unit Descriptions
    		i. GDI Arsenal
    		ii. GDI & Nod Arsenal
    	- New Unit Descriptions
    		i. GDI Arsenal
    		ii. Nod Arsenal
    		iii. GDI & Nod Arsenal
    II. Single Player 
    	- GDI
    	- Nod
    III. GDI Strategies 
    IV. Nod Strategies
    V. Endings
    	- GDI
    	- Nod
    VI. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    	- How to Contact Me
    VII. Credits
    VIII. Legal
    Firestorm (2000) is the expansion of Tiberian Sun (1999) made by Westwood. It
    takes place after the first Tiberium war in the C&C storyline, where GDI
    destroys Kane and his Temple in Sarajevo with the Ion Cannon, Or did they?
    Kane goes underground and hides there, emerging from his hole and taking 
    over Nod as leader once more. With this, Nod launches attacks on the world,
    and finally gets stopped by GDI once more. This time Kane is gone for good, 
    having been impaled, but the Brotherhood are long from gone. Slavik is now in 
    charge of the Brotherhood and won't stop at anything to get on top and defeat 
    GDI once and for all.
    =Firestorm Manual Entries=
    Personal Log: Commander Michael McNeil
    Access: Red-7-Delta-DeUa-9
    December 12th, 2030 
    Lately, I look around and wonder how we got to this point. We continue in 
    struggle to survive the Tiberian insanity. This bickering over food, the wars 
    for supremacy, and the out of control mutations are increasing at what seems 
    like an exponential rate. Tiberium was supposed to change the world for the 
    better, a limitless resource with unimaginable properties. It may have 
    started out as our best hope for a new and exciting future, but that future 
    is not one that we designed. I wonder how the earth will look in another 50 
    years and if we will even recognize it? I just don't know anymore. All I know 
    now is that Kane is dead. There's no way he's going to snake out of this one, 
    I saw that evil light drain from his eyes when I ran him through. It's too 
    bad that the rest of the snakes body is still wriggling around striking at 
    anything that moves. Nod is broken and the new power players are stepping up 
    to the plate. I know Slavik is licking his wounds and hatching new plans.
    The turbulent and gloomy weather that we are seeing lately is a reflection of
    my faith. I can't fight nature and this Tiberium beast which is ravaging us
    all. I can only roll with the punches and keep pounding against the
    onslaught of doubt I have. Give me a hoard of Nod's elite guards; those
    I can handle and beat, but this Tiberian plague is hard to grasp. It is
    hard to even comprehend where to begin. I can only rely on the scientists
    and doctors who are diligently working on the problem. With Kane gone
    and his temple now in our hands, maybe we can decipher what he was working
    on. We have the pieces of the puzzle now; we just have to figure out
    how they all fit together. Maybe the Tacitus can help lead us to those
    answers. Another week is what they say it will take to pack this place
    up and ship it out. It's not soon enough; I hate sitting around waiting
    and watching.
    Log Entry 635 - Slavik, Anton - Commander
    Entry Date: 12-17-2030
    Entry Time: 19:30 hours
    Access Level: Gold-7-Epsi1on-Gamma-62866
    Burn them all! Nod has enough problems with the GDI jackals digging
    through the ruins of Kane's temple, but now these new "Generals",
    more like fools, continue to bicker and vie for power. I cannot
    allow this infighting to continue. The inner circle is divided and
    I need to remind them that even though Kane is gone, his plans
    live on. I have not survived death time after time and stood at
    Kane's right hand this long to see everything crumble all around us.
    Our lack of communication and inaccurate information is a severe
    hindrance - without CABAL's presence, we are deaf and blind to the rest
    of the world. I cannot let anger distract me from my path. Kane's plan
    will become reality - I will see to that. The steps have been taken and
    the machine has been set in motion. I will not let Nod degenerate into
    chaos as it did in the past. We are stronger than that - I am stronger
    than that, but first things first. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day...
    =Updated Unit Descriptions=
    The jump jet troopers primary advancement is in its sensor package. We
    have increased its sensory range and its ability to locate cloaking fields
    while in flight. Unlike the earlier models of the jump suits, new models
    move faster and can detect cloaked bases or units from the air. The increase
    in Nod's stealth technology and the loss of many jump-troopers in flight
    made this upgrade a dire necessity.
    The addition of the Limpet Drones to the GDI (and, it is rumored, Nod)
    arsenal made it necessary to upgrade the DSA to detect these drones. The
    DSA can now detect most forms of otherwise invisible drones and mines in 
    addition to the cloaked and subterranean units it can already locate.
    We have upgraded all of our EMP Cannons to reflect the ever-changing arms
    race. The addition of the mine/drone technology inspired this change to
    the EMP technology. A higher resonance factor incorporated into the EM pulse 
    blast causes all drones in its area of effect to detonate instantly, making 
    minefield clearing fast and efficient. The resonance factor also short
    circuits subterranean units' guidance systems, causing them to surface 
    =New Unit Descriptions=
    	RANGE: Medium [circular area of effect)
    	ARMOR: Light
    	WEAPON: Electromagnetic Pulse Wave
    	GDI Arsenal
    The Mobile Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon is a new addition to the GDI
    arsenal. This lightly armored unit now allows us to take down small
    groups of vehicles in a quick radial blast. The pulse blast is capable of
    incapacitating vehicles, destroying cloaked drones, and even shorting out 
    subterranean unit's guidance systems, causing them to surface. Sacrifices
    had to be made, of course; this unit has a lengthy capacitor recharge rate
    as well as a severe decrease in effective range compared to a fixed
    placement EMP cannon.
    	RANGE: Long
    	ARMOR: Light
    	WEAPON: 3 120mm Cannons
    	GDI Arsenal
    Analysis of our previous battle data during the last campaign brought to
    light the fact that GDI forces lacked effective long-range support fire.
    Using a modification of both the Titan delivery system and ship-based
    artillery technology, our technicians have come up with a tremendously
    powerful weapon. The Juggernaut, although slow, can deliver a lethal
    barrage of shells at long range. This unit is a much-needed addition to
    our arsenal and can soften up even the most well protected bases with
    relative ease. The limitations of the Juggernaut come from the fact that
    it has a slow firing rate and has to deploy to fire. It is utterly
    defenseless when un-deployed. Being a long-range weapon, it has another 
    drawback: its effective minimum range is limited, so be cautious
    deploying this unit close to the front lines of battle.
    	RANGE: Global
    	ARMOR: N/A
    	WEAPON: Veteran Infantry Drop Pods
    	GDI Arsenal
    This new addition to the Upgrade Center has finally been perfected. GDI may 
    now make use of the Infantry Drop Pods in combat on a global scale. Unlike 
    paratroopers of the 20th century, these drop pods can deliver their troops 
    from the orbital command stations to any battle location with greater 
    accuracy and speed. Only veteran infantry members have been chosen for these 
    decisive strikes. We never want to send our troops in unprotected, so the 
    drop pods have been equipped with an anti-personnel weapon built into the 
    exterior to help clear the path for your deploying troops.
           RANGE: Medium [circular area of effect)
           ARMOR: Light
           WEAPON: Cloaking field
           NOD Arsenal
    The information on this unit is incomplete and only one has been seen in the 
    field to date. The MSG is Nod's mobile version of their stealth generator. 
    Fortunately, early reports show that the MSG must be fully deployed in order 
    to function [movement seems to interfere with the stealth fields when used on 
    such a large scale). This unit also has a much smaller area of effect than 
    its immobile equivalent.
           RANGE: Medium/Short
           RMOR: Light
           WEAPON: Multiple missile launcher & Anti-personnel netting launcher
           NOD Arsenal
    The existence of this Nod unit is only a rumor, though it is already a staple 
    topic of gossip. The reaper appears to be a cyborg torso attached to an all-
    terrain walker base. From early reports, it seems to be equipped with dual 
    cluster-missile cannons (similar to Nod's larger and more powerful multi-
    missile) and an anti-personnel net launcher. Only blurred recon photos of 
    this unit exist (most believe the photos are doctored or are of some new 
    Tiberium-spawned life forms).
    Rumors exist of other Nod inventions that were never fully produced, and with 
    Kane now dead and the remaining Nod forces in disarray, it is doubtful we 
    shall ever see them. Keep in touch with our intel division to follow up on 
    any other details that might arise.
           RANGE: N/A
           ARMOR: Heavy
           WEAPON: N/A
           GDI & NOD Arsenal
    The Mobile War Factory affords us countless new opportunities. This new unit 
    allows us to move unit production to wherever our forces need it most. 
    Although slow and costly to produce, this unit allows you to set up a mobile 
    staging ground anywhere the battle lines move. Protect this unarmed unit as 
    you move your forces around the battlefield. Our production site worked hard 
    and fast on this unit. However, recent reports indicate that Nod forces have 
    a similar vehicle in production named the Fist of Nod.
           RANGE: Short
           ARMOR: None
           WEAPON: N/A
           GDI & NOD Arsenal
    The Limpet Drone was developed as an optional method of detecting Nod bases 
    blanketed with a stealth generation field and has been used by our covert 
    operations teams. When deployed, the drone buries itself and waits for any 
    passing vehicle before it attaches itself to the underside of that unit. The 
    device requires a mass larger than a man before it activates. The drone has 
    two effects: first, it interferes with the electrical system of the vehicle, 
    slowing it down to a crawl. Second, it contains a highly sophisticated 
    sensor/camera device that reveals terrain and relays the recon data back to 
    the radar facility. You will see what the "limped" unit sees. The drone 
    attaches itself by spot-welding, so it can only be removed using an automated 
    repair bay or the equivalent. It is rumored that Nod has also procured this 
     Single Player
    =GDI 1=
    1. Find the Kodiak and determine if it can be salvaged.
    2. Recover the Tacitus and return it to the pickup zone.
    - Put all engineers in APC
    - Go south and than go east to the bridge
    - Use engineer on the bridge repair hut
    - Go over bridge and go east until you reach Nod base
    - Use another engineer on the Nod radar to gain full map vision
    - Take out all engineers but one, and take the APC over the river to the 
    - Use engineer with the Kodiak
    - Nod MCV with two tick tanks will arrive from North, which should be easy to 
    - Take truck to Kodiak to pickup the Tacitus. When done, head over to the 
    	pickup point
    =GDI 2=
    1. Protect the small cluster of civilians and escort them to the designated 
    	airlift zone.
    2. Defend the base from attacks until reinforcements arrive.
    - Sell a Power Plant, the Repair Bay and the Tiberium Silos
    - Start cranking out titans
    - Upon the first Tiberium mutation attack, send a few titans and kill the 
    	Tiberium mutations
    - Once you have evacuated the civilians, send forces to the northwest area of 
    	the island 
    - Rinse and repeat as before
    - Send your units to the village in the northeast area
    - Rinse and repeat as before
    - Send your units to the city in the south
    - Rinse, repeat, and you are done
    =GDI 3=
    1. Neutralize the four riot leaders without killing any of the civilians or 
    2. Prevent the supply depot from being destroyed.
    - Quickly select and order all units to go to the supply depot
    - Select your riot infantry and send them to the northeastern corner
    - Once there, locate and neutralize the riot leader
    - Do the same for the other riot leaders found in these locations
    	a. Northeastern corner
    	b. West of northeastern corner
    	c. Southwestern corner
    	d. North of southwestern corner, in city
    =GDI 4=
    1. Destroy the enemy bridges to stem the flow of reinforcements.
    2. Infiltrate and capture CABAL's core.
    - Set up base, and scout with your wolverines, enemies will come from 
    - Once you get a barracks up, train 5 disc throwers for early defense
    - Build 3 titans and than another harvester and a sensor array
    - Keep units near your base, as devil's tongues love to pop up near power 
    - Crank out titans nonstop after the sensor array is complete and deployed
    - Send about 5 titans to the bridge to the north, killing a cyborg commando
    - Destroy the bridge and head them back to base
    - About 15 titans will take out the small outpost northeast of you easily
    - Keep pumping out titans, even once the outpost is destroyed
    - When you have about 20 to 30 titans, barge through the heavily defended 
    	door of the Nod base
    - If you ever feel like you're going to die, retreat, but 30 should do the 
    	job easily
    - Destroy the entire Nod base, and when you get to the CABAL core, build an 
    - Get the engineer in there and you're done!
    =GDI 5=
    1. Reconnoiter the area and identify the Temple of the Tacitus.
    2. Recover the Tacitus from the temple and proceed to the designated airlift 
    - Bring the juggernaut south and kill the 3 tiberium fiends
    - DO NOT step on the tiberium veins with the juggernaut, bring it to the edge
    - Use the ghost stalker to kill the fiend south of the group of believers
    - After you have killed the fiend, proceed to kill the believers
    - After this, proceed east, with the Ghost Stalker in the lead, and the medic 
    	close behind
    - When you reach the temple, tell the archeologist to go in
    - He will find nothing
    - Proceed as before, until you reach the third temple
    - The archeologist will announce that he has the Tacitus now
    - Send your units to the transport that will arrive
    =GDI 6=
    1. Escort Dr. Boudreau to the GDI outpost for immediate evacuation.
    2. Fortify this outpost and destroy CABAL's base.
    - At once when you obtain command take all your units southeast
    - Take Dr. Boudreau to the marked spot for immediate evacuation
    - Defend with the rest of the units
    - After the doctor has been evacuated, an MCV will arrive
    - Start building your base, and don't worry about Nod attacks after the first 
    - Build two RPG towers at the entrance of the base, and than build titans 
    - Once you have about 20-25 titans, build two sensor arrays
    - Lay both of them near CABAL's base (watch out for the obelisks)
    - When you feel ready, destroy CABAL's base with your titans
    =GDI 7=
    1. Warn the local civilians of the CABAL threat.
    2. Establish a base and destroy CABAL's forces.
    - Go east to watch CABAL's forces take prisoners
    - After the cut-scene, go south
    - You will see two Cyborg Commandos. Wait and they will leave
    - Go down into the river and grab the money crate on the ice
    - Go back on land and go southeast to get to a village
    - After your guy tells the people to arm themselves, 4 trucks explode
    - Grab the money crates from where the 4 trucks were
    - Go south and than west to get to another village
    - Either dodge the cyborg reaper on the way, or kill it with the units from 
    	the village
    - Go across the bridge to locate a cyborg production plant
    - Ignore this for now, and continue north to get to another village
    - After you warn these villagers, continue north over the bridge
    - Go into the city and talk with the civilian there
    - North of the civilian and east are some trucks which have money in them
    - After you talk to the civilian you will be given an MCV
    - Use an engineer on the bridge repair hut
    - Go back and take back the outpost that CABAL had taken over at the 
    - Repair and build up your base
    - Build RPG towers at your power plants as they are attacked frequently
    - Build titans nonstop, and send them to the southern entrance
    - Build about 35-45 titans
    - At this point, build 3 sensor arrays
    - Bring out all your units to the village south, but leave a few for base 
    - Go south a bit until your reach a tiberium field. Lay down a sensor array
    - Rush in south with all your titans and destroy the stealth base
    -Once you are done, head your force to the cyborg assembly plant
    - Destroy it, and than head west till the edge of the map, head south now
    - Deploy your array sensors, and destroy the Nod base south of you
    =GDI 8=
    1. Insert the infected cyborg into the defensive outpost's network center.
    2. Destroy the cyborg manufacturing facility.
    3. Destroy all remaining CABAL forces.
    - Leave Huey behind
    - Take your forces over the bridge and order all of them to attack the 
    - Once those are destroyed, destroy the lasers, and than the gate
    - Once completed, go down the hill and destroy a laser fence post
    - Now, grab Huey and order him to run over to the middle of the 4 facilities
    - You will be given control of a few reapers. Use them to destroy the cyborgs
    - After that is done, use your remaining units to destroy the SAM sites
    - More units will arrive now, including an MCV
    - DO NOT deploy the MCV In this area, as there is no tiberium- Bring units to 
    	the area northwest of you, beside the tiberium patch
    - Deploy the MCV there and start a base
    - As soon as you feel established, build titans nonstop
    - When you have around 30-40 titans, build 3 sensor arrays
    - When done, send your units over the northwestern pass
    - When you get to the end of it, and attack the base
    - Deploy your sensor arrays in the south part of the base
    - Destroy the entire base
    - Scan the map for any CABAL units, and destroy them too
    =GDI 9=
    1. Build a base and repel initial attacks.
    2. Capture the 3 control stations to shut down the laser fences and firestorm 
    	defense system protecting CABAL.
    3. Destroy CABAL's core.
    - Send your wolverine to the north, it will be destroyed
    - A mobile EMP tank will come in now, EMP the cyborgs
    - Once that is complete, destroy all 3 of them
    - Quickly send your units over the right bridge and destroy the two 
    - You will notice 2 more artilleries on the other side now
    - Send your mobile EMP to them to EMP them, and than send your wolverines
    - You should have gotten an MCV now, so bring it up over the right bridge
    - Deploy your MCV at the end of the bridge
    - Start building your base, and prepare for cyborg attacks
    - Also, watch out for multi-cluster missiles every few minutes
    - Build mass titans of around 30 for now
    - Go west a little bit, and than north
    - Destroy the obelisks guarding this small outpost
    - Build engineers and capture these refineries for extra cash
    - Build a war factory in this new outpost, and use this as your base
    - Build 3 sensor arrays, and than mass produce titans nonstop till the end
    - Now, send a lone troop over the bridge to the north
    - CABAL will use an EMP on him, and try to ambush him
    - At this point, bring in your titans and destroy this outpost
    - Build an engineer and capture the control station
    - Now, gather all your titans and head them west to the base there
    - Destroy the base but capture the control station
    - Gather your titans once more and head east through the small passway
    - Head southeast now up the hill and into a stealthed CABAL base
    - Destroy this base as well and build an APC or some carryalls
    - Insert at least 2 engineers into the APC and than use the carryall to lift 
    - Bring it on the other side of the broken bridge, and repair the bridge
    - Send your titans over and destroy this missile complex (about time)
    NOTE: Before the next step, make sure to save your game
    - Capture the final control station
    - Regroup ALL of your units and wait for the core defender to come
    - Mass it with EVERY unit you have
    - EMP has no effect on it
    - Once you've defeated it, go and destroy the final CABAL outpost
    NOTE: There is an easier way to complete this mission. I've noticed that you 
    can bring titans over to the top-east side of the firestorm wall at the final 
    CABAL outpost and attack the firestorm generator THROUGH the firestorm defense 
    system. This way, there is no need to capture the 3 control stations. Also, 
    multi-missiles can sometimes go through the firestorm wall and can be used to 
    destroy the power plants or firestorm defense system.
    =Nod 1=
    1. Infiltrate the GDI base.
    2. Locate the three pieces of CABAL's core.
    3. Return to the drop zone for immediate retrieval and evacuation.
    - Head your units south, and than head east
    - You'll notice a tiberium fiend coming out and killing three GDI soldiers
    - Once that happens, steal the APC- Put in an engineer and 4 units that 
    	attack (cyborg, rocket infantry, etc.)
    - Head the APC north to the Temple of Nod
    - Use your engineer from inside of the APC to capture it
    - Your next target will be given, head north with the APC
    - Collect the crate here as well, and than head southwest into the GDI base
    - Once inside, head northwest and destroy the gate
    - Go inside this area and destroy the truck holding the crate
    - Grab the crate and return back to the rendezvous point
    =Nod 2=
    1. Remain hidden from the GDI forces in the area.
    2. Use drugged civilians to lure life forms out of the Genesis Pit to cleanse 
    the region.
    - Put your units in the APCs and head north to the village there
    - Drug each civilian (there are 6) with the toxin soldiers
    - Head north (ignore the first bridge)
    - Repair the second bridge
    - The drugged civilians will now head off to the Genesis Pit
    - Head your APCs quickly to where you started off this level
    - Watch the mutations come out and start attacking everything
    - You're literally done here... Just watch them kill everything
    =Nod 3=
    1. Attach limpet drones to GDI units to penetrate the base and locate Tratos.
    2. Deactivate the firestorm defense system and neutralize the sensor arrays.
    3. Assassinate Tratos.
    - You cannot attach a limpet drone without the guard finding it
    - Deploy your APCs and take all your cyborgs to kill the guard.
    - You can also force an APC to run over him.
    - Once that is complete, take out the vulcan tower
    - Capture the power plant and the barracks
    - Make as many disc throwers as you can
    - Hide your units to one side, and lay a limpet drone
    - The drone will attach to a truck and you'll be able to see inside
    - Gather all your disc throwers, cyborgs and rocket soldiers
    - Use them to barge through the entrance
    - Once through, destroy the vulcan towers guarding the construction yard
    - Head northwest and when the harvester is unloading, capture the refinery
    - Once you have taken over a harvester and refinery, create more units
    - Destroy the vulcan cannons near the other refinery and capture that one too
    - Capture the construction yard as well
    - Build a small base, and build about 5 titans
    - Build 7 engineers
    - Take the titans northeast, up the hill
    - Use them to destroy the wall to the power plants
    - Capture these two power plants. 4 left to capture
    - Use another engineer on the bridge repair hut
    - Head on over, and capture these two power plants as well
    - Now, head back to base, and head southeast
    - Capture the two power plants here as well
    - The firestorm generator will now explode
    - Gather some units in an APC
    - Send them to where the firestorm generator lay
    - Deploy the APC and kill Tratos
    =Nod 4=
    1. Locate the mutant encampment.
    2. Recover the Tacitus and return it to the drop zone.
    3. Destroy all remaining mutant forces.
    - DO NOT deploy where you start off
    - Move your MCV northwest and deploy in the area surrounded by tiberium
    - You can take your 3 stealth tanks and scout to the west if you wish
    - Build a base, with at least 2 refineries
    - Build 5 artilleries to kill the vein monster to the north and west
    - Build about 30 tick tanks now and 10 artilleries
    - Send them all through the northern pass to the mutant base
    - The truck containing the Tacitus is located in the northwestern corner of 
    	the map
    - Barge in through the base and clear a path for the truck
    - Once you find it you have to deliver it to the southeastern corner
    - Destroy the remaining mutant forces
    =Nod 5=
    1. Evade CABAL's forces and find the abandoned airfield.
    2. Repair the array to call for an immediate evacuation.
    3. Retreat to the Montauk.
    - Just head west, killing the two cyborg reapers
    - Once you enter the airfield area, you will be given control of two harpies
    - Use these to kill the cyborgs which try to ambush you
    - Enter the array with the engineer to call the Montauk
    - Rush to the Montauk with the two buggies
    =Nod 6=
    1. Reconnoiter the area to find the GDI base and civilian towns.
    2. Create distractions to draw away GDI base's air support.
    3. Get an engineer into GDI's radar facility to steal the EVA unit.
    NOTE: This mission is tricky, and this is the best way I could complete it
    - Take your stealth tanks west and attack the truck in the civilian town
    - Grab the health crate from the now destroyed truck
    - Leave one of the stealth tanks behind at this village (NOT the star veteran 
    - Now, go north along the river until you reach a bridge 
    - Cross the bridge and head west until the cliff ends
    - Enter the GDI base by going over the firestorm tracks
    - Find the cluster of power plants, take shelter in there
    - There are two helipad clusters, one to the south of you, and one to east
    - Save the game, as this may take a few tries
    - Take the star veteran stealth tank and send it to the cluster to the east
    - There is a sensor array which will detect you
    - QUICKLY place the stealth tank in the middle of the cluster of helipads
    - The tank will blow up from the helicopter attacks
    - Since the tank was a star veteran, it will create an explosion
    - It will take out the helipads surrounding it
    - Now, tell the APC full of engineers to go to the radar
    - Quickly save the game again as you can easily get this part wrong
    - When the APC is almost there, attack some villagers with the stealth tank 
    - The orcas will rush to the stealth tank
    - Quickly take out the engineers out of the APC and capture the radar
    =Nod 7=
    1. Repair the bridges to allow for reinforcements.
    2. Capture the command center to shut down the laser fencing surrounding 
    	CABAL's Core.
    3. Destroy CABAL's core and all defenses.
    - Cyborgs will attack you from both left and right
    - After the initial attack, build a base
    - There is a lot of tiberium to the right of you on top of a hill
    - Build nonstop tick tanks for a good strong force
    - When you have around 20 tick tanks head northeast
    - Secure the bridge and fix it with an engineer
    - Head over west now for an ambush
    - Kill the cyborgs and head northeast
    - Another ambush will take place, but there are also two obelisks
    - Destroy this small base but capture at least one of the missile silos
    - Create 5 more engineers if you want some extra cash
    - Head the tick tanks west now along the top
    - You'll run into a refinery outpost, which you should capture
    - Once you've captured it create a small base here
    - Make about 10-20 more tick tanks and a motion sensor array
    - Go southwest now and destroy the stealthed base
    - Head on west to get to the command center and capture it
    - Watch a lot of missiles explode over your units as CABAL gets away
    =Nod 8=
    1. Save the civilians and their town from CABAL's siege.
    2. Disrupt and prevent CABAL's tiberium harvesting.
    - Deploy your fist of Nod
    - Crank out tick tanks nonstop
    - Start killing off harvesters
    - When you feel safe, send out one tick tank southwest
    - Along the way you will see a shoot-able cliff
    - Shoot it to reveal a passage to two money crates
    - Going northeast will reveal a chasm with two more money crates
    - Build a subterranean APC to obtain these
    - When the civilian village is under fire, go and defend it
    - Shoot the three loaded trucks in the village for some more money crates
    - Once defended, you will obtain some money and some engineers
    - You will notice a few more crates near the northwestern corner
    - Send the subterranean APC there and get the money crates
    - Send it back after and insert the engineers into it
    - Build some artilleries
    - Take out the vein-hole monster to the west with the artilleries
    - Once that is done, take over the base to the west
    - Capture the refinery while there is a harvester unloading in it
    - Also capture the construction yard
    - Build a hand of Nod and dish out some engineers
    - Take over the other refineries or important buildings
    - Build a strong force of tick tanks
    - Build a mobile sensor array
    - Barge through the entrance of the 2nd CABAL base
    - Destroy any silos, harvesters, refineries or weed-eaters you find
    =Nod 9=
    1. Build your base and survive the initial onslaught of CABAL.
    2. Capture the 3 control stations to shut down the laser fences and firestorm 
    	defense system protecting CABAL.
    3. Destroy CABAL's core.
    - Defeat the cyborgs on this little island
    - After a few more attacks, you obtain two APCs
    - Use those to transfer your units to the other side
    - An MCV will be airdropped, ignore it for now
    - Destroy the CABAL units on this side too
    - Use your two engineers to capture the radar and the power plant
    - Take your units and MCV down the hill to the north
    - Deploy the MCV near the tiberium
    - Start building your base
    - Progress slowly by building mass tick tanks
    - Build around 20 tick tanks, and send a lone solider east
    - The EMP will go off, and he will be ambushed
    - At this point send in all your tanks
    - Destroy the entire stealthed base found here
    - Build at least two banshees to take care of the juggernauts
    - From the stealthed base, head south and than southwest
    - Destroy the base here to stop the hover MRLS attacks
    - Backtrack a bit and head east instead of southwest
    - Capture this tiberium refinement base for extra cash
    - There are tiberium veins to the east, so you can not go further
    - Pump out around 20-30 rocket infantry at this time
    - Use the rocket infantry to take out the vein-hole monsters to the east
    - While they do that, gather up all your tick tanks
    - Build around 10 more tick tanks
    - Send all of them north from your base
    - Destroy the base here, but capture the silos and refineries
    - Build about 5 APCs full of elite cadres and rocket soldiers
    - Send them up to the control station in the northwest corner
    - When that area is secure, send up an engineer and capture it
    - By this time the veins should have receded in the east
    - Send all of your units eastward
    - There is another control station here - capture it
    - Also, along the cliff to the north should be a bridge
    - Near it should be a shoot-able cliff
    - Shoot the cliff
    - Climb up and head to the broken bridge
    - Build an engineer to fix the bridge
    - Head over and destroy the missile silos (finally!)
    - Start producing tick tanks now or about 50 rocket soldiers
    - Lots of banshees are also a good idea
    NOTE: Before the next step, make sure to save your game
    - Capture the control station with an engineer
    - Quickly rush your units into one big group
    - Wait for the core defender to come to you
    - When it comes, ambush it, surround it
    - Once it's down, rush over to the CABAL core
    - Destroy the CABAL core
    NOTE: There is an easier way to complete this mission. I've noticed that you 
    can bring titans (capture a GDI base) over to the top-east side of the
    firestorm wall at the final CABAL outpost and attack the firestorm generator 
    THROUGH the firestorm defense system. This way, there is no need to capture
    the 3 control stations. Also, multi-missiles can sometimes go through the 
    firestorm wall and can be used to destroy the power plants or firestorm
    defense system.
     GDI Strategies
    Here are some strategies that work well online. Some of these don't work well 
    in skirmishes, as the computer acts differently then a real player, so keep
    that in mind. 
    GDI is built for offense but lack Nod's Stealth, so it's a good idea to keep 
    your units hidden until the last second so the enemy can't prepare for your 
    coming assault. Everything is in steps as to what to build first.
    |Infantry Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    	- 3 disc throwers for scout
    	- 20+ disc throwers/light infantry for assault
    - Build gate at entrance, if any
    - Refinery
    - Build a component tower + RPG at entrance for a bit of defense
    Pros: Usually there are too many infantry for the enemy to kill.
    Cons: Rarely the enemy will do the same thing, or build enough defenses, but 
    	if they do, this rush will fail.
    |Titan Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    	- 3 disc throwers for scouting
    	- 20 disc throwers (or more if you feel the need)
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    	- 5 titans, and than send them + disc throwers to enemy.
    	- As more titans are built, send them over as backup.
    Pros: Catches enemy off guard if attacked from a direction they did not
    Cons: If enemy sees incoming assault, they will prepare.
    |Titan Army|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    	- 3 disc throwers for scouting
    	- 5 disc throwers for early base defense
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    	- Build 50+ Titans. The more the better
    - Build EMP cannon just in case enemy does the same 
    Pros: Enemy is pretty much screwed unless they have army too.
    Cons: Enemy might have EMP cannon, so space out units.
    |Jump Jet Infantry|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    	- 3 disc throwers for scouting
    - Refinery
    - Radar
    	- 20+ Jump Jet Infantry for assault
    Pros: Perfect for destruction from air early in the game.
    Cons: Bad if used later in the game, as enemy might have SAM sites.
    |Disruptor + Carryall|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    	- 3 disc throwers for scouting 
    	- 5 disc throwers for early defense
    - Refinery 
    - War Factory
    	- Keep pumping out titans for defense
    - Radar
    - GDI Tech. Center
    	- At this point pump out some Disruptors
    - Helipad
    - Service Depot
    	- At this point pump out some Carryalls
    - Attach the Disruptors on the Carryalls and take them in enemy base
    Pros: Destroys buildings in seconds!!
    Cons: Bad if enemy has lots of air defenses.
    |Ghost Stalker Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    	- 3 disc throwers for scouting
    	- 5 disc throwers for early defense
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    	- build 1 Amphibious APC as soon as possible
    	- keep pumping out Titans for defense
    - Radar
    - GDI Tech. Center
    	- build Ghost Stalker
    	- build 4 engineers to go with Ghost Stalker
    - go through back entrance to enemy base (if there is water)
    - Use Carryall to get inside enemy base
    - Helipad
    - Repair Bay
    	- Build a carryall
    - Take APC with Ghost Stalker in the enemy base and C4 everything
    - Build lots of carryalls and disruptors and send everything in
    Pros: Usually COMPLETE destruction of enemy base, if used correctly.
    Cons: Bad move against if enemy has TONS of air defense. (unlikely)
    |Engineer Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    (Here is where you can "gamble")
    	- 3 disc throwers for scouting 
    	- 3 engineers for scouting (upon finding a structure you can steal it)
    (If you want, continue building and build some APCs later on)
    Pros: Can usually destroy the enemy's base if the rush is unexpected.
    Cons: Some people find this kind of unfair - it also might not work if the 
    	'multi-engineer' setting is set on.
    |Orca Bomber Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Barracks
    	- 3 light infantry for scouting
    	- Build a few RPG towers for defense
    - Refinery
    - War Factory 
    	- Build a few Titans for defense
    - Radar
    	- Start building Helipads
    - GDI Tech Center
    	- Build as many Orca Bombers as you can
    Pros: 3 Bombers should easily be able to take out any structure.
    Cons: Watch out for SAMs!
     Nod Strategies
    Nod is more defense based, and so there are far less strategies for them in 
    comparison with GDI.
    Note: For any mass unit strategy, you can build lots of obelisks and wait for 
    the enemy to attack. Once the enemy is dead, simply move out your mass army 
    of tick tanks, cyborgs, etc. from the back of your base and attack the enemy 
    base (as they wont have very many units at this point since they just died).
    |Infantry Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- 3 light infantry for scout
    	- 20+ rocket soldiers/light infantry for assault
    - Build gate at entrance, if any
    - Refinery
    - Build a few lasers for a bit of defense
    Pros: Usually there are too many infantry for the enemy to kill.
    Cons: Rarely the enemy will do the same thing, or build enough defenses, but 
    	if they do, this rush will fail.
    |Cyborg Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- 2 or 3 light infantry for scouting
    	- 20 to 30 cyborgs
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    	- *optional* 5 tick tanks or so to back up the cyborgs
    	- Send all of your units upon completion to the enemy base
    Pros: The enemy will be destroyed if not prepared for such a big assault.
    Cons: If done to slow, they will build an EMP and take out the cyborgs.
    |Tick Tank Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- 3 light infantry for scouting
    	- 20 rocket soldiers (or more if you feel the need)
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    	- 5 tick tanks, and than send them + rocket soldiers to enemy.
    	- Continuously pump out tick tanks
    	- As more tick tanks are built, send them over as backup.
    Pros: Catches enemy off guard if attacked from a direction they did not 
    Cons: If enemy sees incoming assault, they will prepare.
    |Tick Tank Army|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- 3 light infantry for scouting
    	- 5 cyborgs for early base defense
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    	- Build 50+ Tick Tanks. The more the better
    - Build EMP cannon just in case enemy does the same 
    Pros: Enemy is pretty much screwed unless they have army too.
    Cons: Enemy might have EMP cannon, so space out units.
    |Cyborg Commando APC Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- 3 light infantry for scouting
    	- Build a few lasers for a little defense
    	- Build as many Cyborgs as you can
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    - Radar
    	- Build a few artillery for defense
    - Nod Tech Center
    	- Build as many Subterranean APCs as needed for your Cyborgs
    	- Build a Cyborg Commando
    	- Insert all units in the Sub APCs and attack the enemy
    Pros: Might catch enemy off guard, if they have no mobile sensor arrays.
    Cons: Watch out for pavement!
    |Cyborg Foot Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- Build as many cyborgs as you possible can and then attack
    Pros: Might catch enemy off guard, and the force might be too much
    Cons: if they have an EMP, you're screwed.
    |Artillery Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- 3 light infantry for scouting
    - Refinery
    - War Factory 
    - Radar
    	- Build as many Artillery as you can. Attack once done
    Pros: If you have too many Artillery for the enemy to handle, a lot of ground	
    	can be won.
    Cons: If the enemy can get close to you, the Artilleries can't hit them.
    |Engineer Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    (Here is where you can "gamble")
    	- 3 light infantry for scouting 
    	- 3 engineers for scouting (upon finding a structure you can steal it)
    (If you want, continue building and build some APCs later on)
    Pros: What's there to lose! Free buildings!
    Cons: You can do the early Engy rush with the 'Multi-Engineer' setting on.
    |Banshee Rush|
    - Construction Yard
    - Power Plant
    - Hand of Nod
    	- Build a few lasers for defense
    - Refinery
    - War Factory
    	- Build a few Tick Tanks for defense
    - Radar
    	- Build a few artillery for defense
    - Nod Tech Center
    	- Build a few Helipads and as many Banshees as you can
    Pros: Fast building destruction!
    Cons: Watch out for SAMs!
    This section contains spoilers!
    CABAL's Core has been destroyed, the Tacitus retrieved, and GDI is at peace 
    with Nod. GDI's ending is more of a happy ending when compared with Nods. Dr. 
    Boudreau is shown with General Cortez talking when all of a sudden the 
    Tacitus merges into one; uncovering advanced engineering, genetics, and other 
    far advanced data. There is still a hope of recovering the Earth now, 
    cleansing it from its Tiberium plague!
    This is more of a mysterious ending, and leaves a lot of mystery shrouding 
    it. CABAL is dead, Nod is once again re-united, but where is Kane? Slavik is 
    giving a speech out, about how Nod once again is reborn from ashes. He then 
    talks about how Nod and GDI remain a unified force, but once Kane returns, 
    they will truly be unstoppable. Once the Speech is complete, he starts a 
    chant, "In the name of Kane!" "Kane lives in Death!" The camera then 
    disappears from the room that they are all in, and the chant gets quieter, as 
    if everyone is still close by. A room is now shown, with lots of pods with 
    people in them. You can't make out their faces very well, but either they're 
    all different people, or they are all clones of Kane. The camera moves in 
    closer, centering on the pod in the middle of them all. Much to everyone's 
    surprise, Kane is sitting in there, alive, well, but in a state of 
    hibernation. The view then goes up over his pod where there lies a television 
    set. On it is Kane's face. It starts to talk, and is it does, it changes to 
    CABAL's and back. Along with that, the voice changes too. Throughout these 
    final sentences, Kane and CABAL stutter, and stumble upon words that describe 
    themselves (me, you, etc.). Here is what he says: "My - our - my vision has 
    permutated. My - my - your - my plans have followed a path, unpredicted, by 
    the union of Nod and GDI. Your - my - our - our directives must be 
     FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Q. Do you need Tiberian Sun installed to play Firestorm?
    A. Yes you do.
    Q. Does Firestorm have its own serial?
    A. No. It runs off the one that Tiberian Sun uses.
    Q. What are some new features in Firestorm?
    A. More Tiberium mutations, new units, a new map generator and new missions!
    Q. What are some of the new mutations?
    A. There is now Tiberium fauna and flora, and a new mutation (Tiberium 
    	Floater) that looks like a jellyfish, which zaps everything it touches.
    Q. What are the new units?
    A. Please check the GDI & NOD ARSENAL UPDATES section.
    =How to Contact Me=
    If you wish to contact me, with any new information, corrections, or any need
    of help, do not hesitate. Please do so at chronobanjo777@yahoo.ca.
    Thanks to CJayC (www.gamefaqs.com) for creating the best site on the net, and
    for the hosting of this guide. 
    Thanks to my friends and family, as I couldn't have done it without you.
    Thanks to Westwood Studios for designing this game, and for the countless
    hours I've wasted with your amazingly addictive games (especially this, Red 
    Alert and Renegade).
    No thanks to EA, for wrecking a perfectly great series.
    Also, thanks to "Martin from Holland" and many thanks to everyone at 
    This guide is copyright 2006 by Cristian Cismas (banjo1231, chronobanjo777,
    madmax777). This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except
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