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"Cabel finally manifest its ambition"

Tiberiun Sun: Firestrom is more than just an expansion pack; it's actually a short biography of Cabel itself. Both GDI and NOD played crucial role in writing such biography, but unintentionally.

To understand how Cabel revives, you must play both GDI and NOD missions; as you progresses on each side, more missing pieces has been found to make the whole story more complete. The only difference is the final mission, which you must choose one side to totally destroy Cabel.

Speak of Cabel, some believes that, Cabel inherits and continues to pursue the utopia that Kane has yet to accomplish----with a more ambitious plan. In original Tiberian Sun, Cabel once briefed to the commander but said, " my...your will". Although Cabel kept tight lip on the plan in his mind, his true personality will soon emerge...

There are several new additions and revision in this expansion pack; some units' homing ability has been revoked and reduced, resulted in fairer gameplay.

Some new life tiberium life forms are discovered, and exotix plants with green slimes can be found throughout the game.

New units, like Juggernuat, help GDI defend bases against long-range weapon like artelliry; and NOD reaper supplements the most needed anti-air defence. For both sides, there are also mobile EMP vehicle that put EMP cannon on the wheel, successfully solved the problem of EMP cannon---it's fixed.

In addition, new game BGMs are composed; you could listen to Frank's Raining in the Night Part 2, Elusive, Hacker, Slave to the System, Machine deployment and etc. Frank is well-known for composing musics that fit the scenerio so well; if you see someone who set "Ion Storm" Track to repeat while playing a mission with ion storm occurring, that's me.

Overally, I recommend this mission expansion pack to everyone who has some interests in understanding how evilness the Cabel is, and why should GDI and NOD cooperate.

"Peace thou power! Peace thou power! Peace thou power!" Please follow my slogan!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/18/06

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