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"Greatest. Expansion. EVER."

I don't have a little story to go with this game, so I'll just give the review. I had this posted before, but then it disappeared. Hm. Oh well. Anyway, on to the review.

Gameplay: 9/10
-One of the best games I have ever played. Everything is fun, especially blowing up the enemy's War Factory. There are several fun modes: Single-Player(GDI and NOD), with I think 10 missions each and 3 difficulty settings; Skirmish, with more combinations than you can shake a stick at; and online modes, to keep you playing for months on end. (Well, you gotta eat/sleep/get on with your life, but whatever) Incredible replayability.

Story: 8/10
-Takes place right after Tiberian Sun, which was also an excellent game. If you've never played Tiberian Sun, you should try it. It's almost as good as this.

Graphics: 7/10
-They're ok, but they really aren't too special. If you've seen any of the previous C&C games, it's just a little better than those. Except this is futuristic, and those were set in the past. Whatever. The units look average, and the buildings look quite good.

Controls: N/A
-You just use the mouse and click here and there and everywhere. There are a few button commands, such as Ctrl+F9 to set a ''screen point'' or E to go to the last E.V.A. event, but those are not really necessary.

Sounds/Music: 9/10
-Now, this is a HIGH 9, for your information. The sounds are excellent, every unit says something, and mostly have about 7 different sayings, so that's very nice, and there are several tracks of background music. These are EXCELLENT. I got the Firestorm pack just for the soundtrack, that's how good it is. My favorite track is Scout, sometimes called Scouting. Great, great music.

Buy/Rent: BUY, BUY, BUY!
-Well, you can't rent computer games, can you? If you can, you might want to try it first, but chances are YOU WILL LOVE IT. If you've ever played one of the C&C games, StarCraft, WarCraft, or any other strategy/war game and liked it, you WILL LOVE this. I am 100% sure. Well, no, there are some people who wouldn't like it, but... Screw them. YOU MUST BUY THIS.

Overall: 9/10
-Once again, a VERY HIGH 9. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because of the graphics. I just think they could be better. In conclusion, I must say: ''You MUST get this game, or the gaming gods will get you.'' ...I just said gods... I'm atheist, wow, I must really love this game. Get it, and I guarantee that you will too.

What are you still reading this for? Go out and buy this game NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/22/02, Updated 09/22/02

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