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Reviewed: 03/14/00 | Updated: 03/14/00

Firestorm is a MUST BUY Expansion Pack

Westwood has recently released the ''Firestorm'' Expansion pack for the hit game ''Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun'' . Firestorm is a must buy for anyone who has ''Tiberian Sun'' for many reasons.

''Firestorm's'' retail value is only $30. ''Firestorm'' adds 18 new missions to play, 9 GDI and 9 NOD (You allready have your money's worth right there). The new missions are more action packed and original the the Tiberian Sun missions. ''Firestorm'' gives you a 1st person view of the missions, where the commanders are telling you what to do right to you, rather than you watching them.

There are a handful of NEW units in ''Forestorm'' for both NOD and GDI, including the Juggernaut, Mobile Stealth Generator, and the lethal Cyborg Reaper. There are also new tiberium life forms lurking in the around...

''Firestorm'' also prvoides a new Multiplayer game for over the internet game-play, ''World Domination'' . In ''World Domination'' , you are brought to a map of the United States. There are Red Sections, which indicate NOD victories, Gold Sections, indicating GDI victories, and Striped areas, indicating Contested territory. Each section of the map has different types of battle conditions, such as amount of tiberium, number of starting units, etc. When you choose a Contested territory to play on, you are brought into a game to play. If you win, your side gains new territory.

To add to all of these exciting new features,
''Firestorm'' also provides a new Custom Map Editor, which has several new options, such as Ion Storms, Blue Tiberium, Veins, and Life Forms. There are also a bunch of new ''Firestorm'' multiplayer maps to play on.

So there you have it. I recommend ''Firestorm'' for everyone who has ''Tiberian Sun'' and wants more units, new missions, etc. The price is low, and it's well worth it. So go to your local Computer Game store and buy it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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