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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gunner

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    D - For Sega Saturn
    by Gunner 
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    What was it New Kids On The Block sang a couple of years ago, "Step by
    Step", and that's exactly what we will take you with this guide how to
    successfully go through "D" within 15 - 20 minutes. 
    If you plan to play the game, do not read this guide, the
    pleasure will be destroyed, totally.
    The Point of no Return
    Go to the second floor, go to the door straight ahead, open the IV
    drawer, then II and you will receive a barrel opener.
    Go to the fireplace in the same room, collect the door key. Exit the
    room and go back to dining hall to the locked door.
    Open locked door in dining room by using the key from the fireplace. Go
    directly left, then forward, forward and you will see the ancient safe.
    The combination is 78. turn to number 7 and then to 1, the counter will
    go backwards to number 8. Exit the room.
    Go to barrel room, use barrel opener from second drawer to eliminate
    trap. Go downstairs and use the ring from the safe to open door.
    In the bed room, go to the bed, right side, turn the, whatever it is,
    "wheel" three times by pressing "A"-button to be able to open door.
    Go through the door, through the room, open the next door, go forward,
    forward, press "A" to collect key stuck in corps. Exit and go to the
    In bedroom, use the latest key to open the drawer to the right on the
    desk with the candle stick. Get the book and go to "middle" room.
    Go to the book shelves, place the book there, and a secret door will
    open itself.
    Upstairs in the "secret room", turn the wheel to enter different levels
    of the building.
    1 turn - wall
    2 turns - wall
    3 turns - Basement with chest
    4 turns - wall
    5 turns - Outside
    6 turns - Window room
    7 turns - wall
    8 turns - wall
    9 turns - wall
    10 turns - Knights room 
    11 turns - Wall
    12 turns - Steel bars (then floor 1 again)
    (The knight and tower part can be skipped to solve the game faster)
    Go to the Knights room, defeat the armor by following instructions on
    screen, Laura will automatically take his sword.
    Go to the "Outside" and stick the sword in the door to the tower, and it
    will open. In the tower you can look at stars and collect the right
    colors for the statues "Outside".
    Go to the statues, press Green button on the one to the left, the bow
    and arrow statue. Press the Light Blue on the one to the right, the
    Aquarius. Now the fountain will drain itself and make the chest in the
    basement float up from its pointy killer poles.
    Go to the basement and open the chest, get the gun.
    Go to the Window room, shoot the window and Laura will automatically go
    through the window and climb the tower.
    Go to the first "automatic stop" in the middle of the hallway and go
    left, go forward and a secret door will open itself. 
    In the second secret room a strange machine is placed, your task is to
    turn the shifts the right way so the red "dot" on the left wheel will be
    seen through the right wheels hole. To make it as easy as possible, turn
    the shifts like this:
    M = Middle
    U = Up
    D = Down
    PB = Push Button in between the shifts
    M, M, PB
    D, M, PB
    M, M, PB
    U, M, PB
    U, D, PB
    M, M, PB
    ...and it should be solved, unless you f--k up. If so, keep on turning
    till you solve it, 'cause you can't start over again. 
    Now go forward to the painting and you will go to back to your own
    dimension and face your father. He will tell you that you really are a
    vampire and that he is bad news when he transforms. - then he transforms
    and tells you he needs her flesh, just like Laura needed her mothers.
    So, now your not only a vampire, but also a murderer!
    After the explanation you can either go forward and give yourself away
    to him and be rewarded with the Bad End by the programmers...
    Or you can use the gun to shoot him and see the real ending.
    You receive a few words from Laura's dying father, so now you killed
    both your parents. Nice girl, be sure not to date her, she's probably
    out there under an alias, Lorena Bobbit perhaps?
    Now you will see the end credits, in a normal up-scrolling movie style.
    You will also se non professional photos of the Japanese computer nerds
    that made the game, huh!
    by Gunner 
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