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    Walkthrough by Ted

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    Walkthrough for "D" (AcclaimNation)
    Gorgeous graphics, animation & sound, but very little game-play. You
    have 2 hours of real-time to solve the game & no save-games are allowed.
    The following will take you through the game but do stop off and look at
    the scenery for additional visual effects -
    Entry room: turn around & experience vision. Turn around again & exit
    through door on far left. Climb stairs & enter room directly in front 
    (door on left has graphic scene but no puzzle). Move to chest of drawers. 
    Open drawer I and get paper. Move to fireplace & get key. Exit room and 
    return to entry room. Turn right, forward, then left. Use paper on bowl 
    sitting on table. Roman numerals IV & II appear. Return to room with 
    drawers. Open drawer IV, then drawer II & get wheelbrace.
    Descend stairs, turn left into room with barrel. Turn right & try to
    walk forward (animation of spikes - near miss). Turn left & use
    wheelbrace on barrel & spikes will slide back in place. Go forward &
    descend stairs to door with '78' written on it (locked). Return to entry 
    room & walk forward & use fireplace key to open locked door facing you.
    Enter room and turn left. Go forward (twice) and use machine to dial up
    '78' (difficult to stop dials at right place - persevere. Stop left dial
    at '9' & will turn to '7'; stop right dial at '1' & will turn to '8').
    The machine opens - get ring. Return to '78' door stopping off to look in 
    mirror for a vision. Open door with ring.
    Descend stairs (animation scene from Indiana Jones complete with rolling
    Enter room and head towards picture of young girl. Look at it & see
    vision of 4 animals - deer at front. Walk around room & approach object
    on table to left of exit door (locked). Turn object until deer picture
    is directly to the front. Then open exit door.
    Enter room and move to door directly in front of you. Open it & enter.
    Move forwards & get yellow key from skeletal hand. Return to room with
    picture of girl. Move around until you can approach desk. Open desk
    drawer with yellow key & get book. Exit room to big room with busts &
    bookcase. Move around & approach bookcase. Put book in bookcase (opens
    secret stairway).
    Ascend stair & enter circular room with machine (CD No. 2)
    Turn wheel on machine 10 times. Turn around & descend stair to armor
    room with pit. You are attacked by knight (watch bottom of screen for
    highlighted arrow keys). Quickly turn left when arrow key is highlighted, 
    then right (after highlight), then left again (another highlight), then 
    hit spacebar (last highlight). You push knight in pit & get sword. (If he 
    pushes you in the pit, climb ladder & try to dodge again).
    Return to circular room & turn wheel 7 times. Turn around.
    Ascend stair, move forward, then left. Open locked door with sword.
    Climb stair & approach telescope. Turn right & turn telescope attachment
    to symbol of bow & arrow. Turn left & look through telescope. Note color
    of stars (Sagitarius - green). Turn right & adjust attachment to pair of
    wavy lines. Turn right & use telescope again (Aquarius - light blue).
    Descend tower & exit. Turn right & approach Sagitarius statue, then press 
    green button. Approach Aquarius statue and press light-blue button. See 
    vision of rising chest on water from spiked pit.
    Return to circular room & turn wheel 10 times. Turn around & descend
    stairs. Turn left and open chest - get gun.
    Return to circular room. Turn wheel 3 times. Turn around and approach
    stained-glass window. Fire gun. Window breaks & animation scene of you
    climbing tower & entering window.
    Turn around & walk forward. Turn right & look at wall (secret passage
    opens). (Can also go to end of corridor before entering secret passage
    to receive vision).
    Approach machine. Use switches & button to move red ball on left wheel
    to centre right of left wheel. Use switches & button to move right wheel
    only to pick up red ball. Machine moves back opening up stairway.
    Ascend stair & confront your father. He tells you the family history.
    You have the blood of Dracula in your veins (hence 'D' ?) and as a child
    you killed & ate your mother (yuk!!). Your Dad wants to eat your flesh &
    starts to change into a monster. Fire gun at him.
    Goodbye Dad (can you kill Vampires with bullets?). Cry over his dead
    body while the credits roll. What happens to Laura now????
    The game ends with a suggestion to start all over to see missed scenes.
    I doubt too many players will bother - ted

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