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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Strikerkid

    Version: Final | Updated: 09/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version Final
    By: Strikerkid
    Contact me at freespacemaster1@comcast.net
    Table of Contents:
    1. Version Log
    2. Introduction
    3. Ships
     3a. Terran Fighters and Bombers
     3b. Other Terran Ships
     3c. Vasudan Ships
     3d. Shivan Ships
    4. Weapons
     4a. Lasers
     4b. Missiles
    5. The Eon Awards
    6. FAQ
    7. Mission by Mission Walk-through
    8. Stats of Weapons
    9. Alternate Missions
    10. Cheats and Secrets
    11. Thanks to... and legal junk
    Version Log
    1.0- Created FAQ/Walkthrough, included Version Log, Introduction,
    Ships, Weapons, My Favorites, and Mission by Mission Walk-through to
    Pandora's Box
    1.1- Updated Ships, My Favorites.  Made Cheats and Secrets and Thanks
    to.  Mission by Mission Walk-through up to The Hammer and the Anvil.
    1.2- Mission by Mission Walk-through up to First Strike
    1.3- Mission by Mission Walk-through up to La Ruota Della Fortuna
    1.4- Mission by Mission Walk-through up to Shell Game
    1.5- Mission by Mission Walk-through up to Playing Judas
    1.6- Elaborated on My Favorites section, Mission by Mission Walk-
    through up to Exodus
    1.7- Mission by Mission Walk-through up to Good Luck.  That means I'm
    done with the walkthrough part
    1.8- Added FAQ.  Changed My Favorites to Eon Awards and remade entire
    section.  Revised strategy for some missions and added mission
    debriefings to missions.  Re-did introduction and added legal
    1.9- Began remaking Ships section to be more detailed.  Began remaking
    weapons section also.  Began adding all ships to the Ships section.
    Discovered alternate missions and created Alternates section.
    2.0- Fixed error in location of Alternate missions section.  Finished
    adding ships to the Ships section.
    2.1- Finished Weapons section finally.  Now I am done with just about
    every main and important part of the walkthrough.
    2.2- Yessss!  I made my ASCII art about 100x better than it was
    before!!!!  I know that the old one was probably the worst one ASCII
    art on the web but it isn't now!!!  Yessss!!!
    Final- Just added another Eon award, added stats for lasers, and moved
    the document into Word from Wordpad, added a cheap strategy for A
    Failure to Communicate, spell checked this gargantuan, fixed my email,
    fixed the ASCII Art, and added Neptune strategies submitted by Heretic.
    2. Introduction
    Descent Freespace is a space simulation game.  In this game you combat
    against various ship types and species.  The game has great graphics
    and has a great storyline with many unsuspected twists.  I have
    thoroughly mastered the game and have purchased the sequel, and enjoyed
    it greatly too.  You will find this game has a great deal of replay
    value, since I have been playing this game for nearly three months, and
    most of my games last 1 month in my top slot if they are very good.
    This guide gives the command briefing if any, briefing, ship and weapon
    selection, mission objectives, in-mission directives, debriefing if
    any, and most importantly, strategy on what happens in the missions and
    how to complete them.  Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions or
    information that I might have missed in this guide.
    3. Ships
    3a. *Terran Fighters and Bombers*
    *Apollo- Original space superiority fighter of the GTA fleet.  Highly
    versatile.  Often doubles as Assault type.  Low weapon compatibility.
    Type: Space Superiority
    Length: 16 m
    Max Velocity: 70 m/s
    Maneuverability: Fair
    Armor: Good
    Gun Mounts: 4
    Missile Banks: 2
    Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.
    Compatible with: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Prometheus, Mx-50,
    Disruptor Missile, Fury, Hornet, and Interceptor
    *Valkyrie- High speed recon and bomber-intercept of the GTA fleet.
    Offers high weapon compatibility and payload.
    Type: Interceptor
    Length: 16 m
    Max Velocity: 85 m/s
    Maneuverability: Good
    Armor: Light
    Gun Mounts: 4
    Missile Banks: 1
    Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.
    Compatible with: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Banshee,
    Mx-50, Disruptor Missile, Fury, Hornet, Interceptor, and Phoenix V
    *Athena- Excellent for hit-and-run bombing.  Good speed for its size,
    with a high capacity afterburner reserve.
    Type: Light Bomber
    Length: 20 m
    Max Velocity: 60 m/s
    Maneuverability: Average
    Armor: Meduim
    Gun Mounts: 2
    Missile Banks: 3
    Manufacturer: Dynamic Metameter
    Compatible with: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Disruptor Missile,
    Fury, Interceptor, Phoenix V, Synaptic, and Stiletto
    *Medusa- Suitable for any size target.  Carries most missile types, but
    few cannons.  Armed with defensive turret, but still requires escort.
    Type: Heavy Bomber
    Length: 36 m
    Max Velocity: 50 m/s
    Maneuverability: Poor
    Armor: Heavy
    Gun Mounts: 2
    Missile Banks: 3
    Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.
    Compatible with: Ml-16, Avenger, Prometheus, Mx-50, Hornet, Phoenix V,
    Synaptic, Stiletto, and Tsunami
    *Hercules- Low max velocity offset by its tremendous offensive
    Type: Heavy Assault
    Length: 20 m
    Max Velocity: 50 m/s
    Maneuverability: Average
    Armor: Meduim
    Gun Mounts: 6
    Missile Banks: 2
    Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.
    Compatible with: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Banshee,
    Mx-50, Disruptor Missile, Fury, Hornet, Interceptor, and Phoenix V
    *Ulysses- Developed in a joint operation by the Vasudan and Terran
    governments, the GTF Ulysses is an excellent all-around fighter.  It
    offers superior maneuverability with a high top speed.  Smaller
    missile payload than other GTA fighters.
    Type: Space Superiority
    Length: 16 m
    Max Velocity: 70 m/s
    Maneuverability: Excellent
    Armor: Light
    Gun Mounts: 4
    Missile Banks: 1
    Manufacturer: Triton Dynamics
    Compatible with: Ml-16, Disruptor, D-Advanced, Avenger, Flail,
    Prometheus, Mx-50, Disruptor Missile, Fury, Hornet, and Interceptor
    *Ursa- Designed to annihilate capital ships and cruisers.  Slow, but
    offers unparalleled assault bombing capability.
    Type: Heavy Bomber
    Length: 36 m
    Max Velocity: 45 m/s
    Maneuverability: Very Poor
    Armor: Heavy
    Gun Mounts: 5
    Missile Banks: 3
    Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.
    Compatible with: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Mx-50,
    Disruptor Missile, Fury, Hornet, Interceptor, Phoenix V, Synaptic,
    Stiletto, Tsunami, Harbinger
    3b. *Other Terran Ships*
    *GTDR Amazon- The Amazon is a simple drone used for basic combat
    training.  They are unmanned, and carry only the weakest of weaponry.
    Overall Value: .5
    *GTDR Amazon Advanced- The Amazon Advanced is a larger drone, used by
    the GTA for subsystem and large target training.  They are unmanned and
    Overall Value: .75
    *GTS Centaur- The Centaur Support ship is designed to get in and out of
    battle as quick as possible.  It is fast and quite maneuverable,
    allowing it to dock with fighters in a minimum amount of time.
    Most notable about the Centaur, however, is its extremely large
    explosion radius.  The amount of warheads carried on a support ship
    makes it very dangerous to be close to an exploding Centaur.
    Overall Value: 3
    *GTFR Poseidon- The Poseidon is the standard military freighter in the
    GTA.  It is designed to protect its cargo from any kind of attack, and
    has four turrets with which to do so.
    Overall Value: 5
    *TC 2- The TC 2 is the standard issue cargo container in the GTA for
    deep space cargo transport.  It has all the electronics and systems
    needed to preserve any cargo within it at whatever conditions are
    necessary.  TC 2s are cheap to manufacture, and are heavily used
    throughout the Alliance.
    Overall Value: 4
    *GTFR Chronos- The Chronos is a freighter of civilian design.  As the
    Terran Vasudan war dragged on, more and more of these vessels were
    commissioned by the GTA for use in military operations.  These
    vessels are slow but strong.
    Overall Value: 6
    *TAC 1- The TAC 1 (called the TacOne by most pilots) is a heavily
    armored container, usually for carrying volatile or dangerous
    substances.  It is also the preferred supply container for use
    in front line operations.
    Overall Value: 4.5
    *TTC 1- The TTC 1 is another example of civilian equipment used by the
    GTA League of Defense.  It is primarily a Tech Container, used for
    research purposes, especially Zero-G development operations.  It is not
    very strong, however, and is often a target of enemy attacks.
    Overall Value: 2
    *GTC Fenris- The mainstay of the Terran Fleet, these vessels have
    served in both strike and defensive purposes.  From nose to tail is
    measures 260 meters.  With a full array of weapon systems and a strong
    enough hull to withstand the strongest enemy warheads, a Fenris cruiser
    can be found in almost any system that the GTA is operating in.  The
    Fenris cruiser was originally designed as a strike weapon, hence its
    fast speed and decent turning rate.  It was later decided that a second
    line of cruisers would be produced, for defensive purposes, once it
    became apparent that the V-T war wouldn't be over in a few months.
    Overall Value: 8
    *GTC Leviathan- After the Vasudans began making incursions into Terran
    Space, Command decided that it needed a new defensive cruiser.  Changes
    to the Fenris led to the GTC Leviathan line of cruisers, produced as
    mobile defense battleships.  Their speed and maneuverability were
    greatly reduced in tradeoff for more powerful weapons and a stronger
    hull.  Production was discontinued when the GTA thought they would win
    the Vasudan war after the battle of Gulnara, and then production was
    started again after the defeat at the Talania system.  Because of this
    on-again off-again nature of this vessel's production, almost all the
    the Leviathan cruisers have different armaments, but all have
    consistent hulls and speeds.
    Overall Value: 8
    *GTSC Faustus- The Faustus Science vessel was, and still is, a civilian
    craft.  However, in the 14 years since the Terran-Vasudan war began,
    more and more of these were commissioned by the GTA to pursue military
    research.  However, its obvious value, poor fighting capabilities, and
    lack of speed make it a prime target for enemy ships.
    Overall Value: 7
    *GTD Orion- The Orion is the capital ship to the GTA.  Measuring a
    frightening 2.1 kilometers in length, the cost to build one of these
    far outweighs the cost of paying the crew of this ship for 3 years.
    There is no more important symbol of Terran Pride than a ship like the
    Galatea or the Intrepid cruising past a colonized planet, patrolling
    the system and ensuring safety.  In the course of the 14 year war, very
    few have been lost, making the destruction of an Orion a truly horrible
    Overall Value: 10
    *GTI Arcadia- Early Terran space stations were constructed much
    smaller, and were mostly used for Zero-G research purposes.  Later on,
    with advancements in space construction technologies, stations grew
    bigger and bigger.  When the first Arcadia-class station was
    commissioned, the GTA decided to rename it to an Installation rather
    than a Space Station.  Used for a variety of purposes, almost all major
    systems are home to at least on Installation, which is often used as
    the center of trade and communications.  Home to scores of small ships,
    including repair vessels, fighters, and transports, an Arcadia class
    Installation is always a safe haven for a convoy of attack ships,
    returning from battle.  While the Orion is the symbol of Terran power,
    the Arcadia is the shining beacon of stability.
    Overall Value: 10
    *GTT Elysium- Since the start of space colonization, this standard
    transport has been used by everyone, both civilian and military.  While
    it has undergone minor changes time and again, it remains a simple
    design: A vehicle meant to transport personnel from one place to
    Overall Value: 4
    *GTSG Watchdog- The Watchdog is the standard unmanned defensive sentry
    turret for the GTA.  It fires two standard plasma bursts at any nearby
    hostile targets.
    Overall Value: 1
    *GTSG Cerberus- The Cerberus is an advanced version of the Watchdog,
    with stronger weaponry and the ability to withstand more damage.
    Overall Value: 1.5
    *GTEP Hermes- The Hermes Escape pod has been used since the destruction
    of the GTD Goliath over 12 years ago.  They are used by the crews of
    destroyers and installations to escape destruction.  It is always best
    to be prepared.
    Overall Value: 2.5
    *Vasudan Ships*
    *PVF Anubis- The Anubis is the weakest fighter in the Vasudan Navy.
    However, they are extremely cheap to manufacture, and are often used in
    swarm situations to try and overwhelm the opponent with numbers.  A few
    radical Vasudans have been known to load the ship with explosives and
    attempt to steer themselves into GTA capital ships.  The first
    occurrence of this was the battle of Rexias 4, where the GTD Goliath
    was destroyed by a squadron of kamikaze pilots.
    Due to its lack of afterburners and low weapon capacity, the GTA has
    classified the Anubis as a class D threat.
    Overall Value: 3
    *PVF Seth- As the slowest fighter in the PVN, the Seth has earned
    itself a reputation as the turtle of the Vasudan fleet.  Even though it
    is quite compact in size, the Seth can carry a massive payload, and has
    a lot of shielding.  Its standard impulse engines aren't very powerful,
    but the Seth gains an incredible speed boost when using its
    afterburners.  The Seth is primarily used for convoy attacks and
    capital ship escort duties.
    The GTA considers the PVF Seth to be a class C threat.
    Overall Value: 4
    *PVF Horus- the Horus Interceptor can outrun any ship in the PVN or the
    GTA.  This makes it extremely dangerous.  Its above average weapons
    capacity, combined with good maneuverability and shielding make it one
    of the most well designed ships in the galaxy.  This ship is
    responsible for the destruction of more GTA bombers than any other.
    As a class C threat, Horus Interceptors should be dealt with as quickly
    as possible.
    Overall Value: 4.5
    *PVF Thoth- The Thoth is the most dangerous ship to be created by the
    PVN.  Manufactured solely at the Altarian Ship Yards, the Thoth has
    only been produced in small numbers as of yet.  When the Altarian Yards
    defected to the Hammer of Light rebels, the production of Thoths by the
    PVN dropped to nil.  The Thoth is now completely in the hands of the
    Hammer of Light.
    What makes the Thoth so versatile is its small size, extremely high
    maneuverability, and advanced weapons systems.  It is extremely
    diffucult to hit, in the hands of a skilled pilot.  The design for the
    Thoth was simultaneous with the design for the Ulysses, and these two
    ships were designed by some of the same technicians.  Thus they are
    quite a match for our Ulysses class fighters.  This is why they are
    considered a class B threat.  Any non registered Thoths should be
    destroyed immediately, and their presence reported upon completion of
    the mission.
    Overall Value: 5
    *PVB Osiris- the Osiris has now become the standard bomber class ship.
    It carries a massive payload and has become the standard bomber for use
    in PVN operations.  It has replaced the Amun, correcting man of the
    faults of its predecessor.  It is not quite as sturdy, but it has
    nearly the same weapons capacity, and is faster and more maneuverable.
    The Osiris should be considered a C class threat to Fenris class
    cruisers, and a D class threat otherwise.
    Overall Value: 3.5
    *PVB Amun- The Amun is the Vasudans heaviest bomber class ship.  It
    carries a massive payload and has been responsible for the destruction
    of at least 3 Orion class destroyers in the past 2 years.  Fortunately,
    it is slow and has low maneuverability, making it an easy target for
    our fighters.  Fighter pilots should be wary of the two turrets on this
    ship: they are not to be ignored.
    The Amun is considered a B class threat to all cruisers and capital
    ships.  They should be given top priority in target selection during
    escort operations.
    Overall Value: 5.5
    *PVS Scarab- The Scarab is very similar to our Centaur: We believe the
    Vasudans stole the design of this ship from us.  It is used for in
    flight rearming of fighters and bombers.  In longer engagements, these
    ships can mean the difference between victory and defeat.  The major
    difference between this ship and the Centaur is that the Scarab is
    *PVT Isis- The Isis transport is quite fast and maneuverable for a ship
    of its size.  Most often it is used for personnel transfer, although
    occasionally they have been known to act as repair ships and tugboats.
    It is well protected with its turrets, and it is not unheard of for the
    PVN to use a wing of Isises to conduct an assault on a fortified
    Overall Value: 4.5
    *PVFR Bast- The Bast freighter is unarmed, and considered a non threat.
    We believe that it is mainly used by Vasudan civilians, but we have
    seen some in front line operations.  It has very low target value, but
    should be destroyed, as any king of resupply ship is a danger to the
    Overall Value: 1.5
    *VC 3- The standard Vasudan cargo container is only slightly different
    from our own.  The primary difference is that the Vasudan cargo
    containers are atmospheric as well as deep-space.  Vasudans used cargo
    containers well before we did, as they needed to transport raw
    materials from other systems to their own barren world.  Our cargo
    container was modeled after theirs, although ours is slightly superior
    in durability.
    Overall Value: 0.5
    PVFR Ma'at- With three turrets, the Ma'at is a hairy target for GTA
    pilots to attack.  However, it's slow enough that it can be destroyed
    with enough patience.  As always, supply ships for the PVN are
    considered to be valid targets.
    Overall Value: 4.5
    *VAC 4- The VAC 4 series of cargo is much like its normal counterpart,
    only it has much more plating.  However, this container is no more
    dangerous than the standard version, and is nothing more than ML-16
    bait without protection of some kind.
    Overall Value: 1.5
    *PVFR Satis- The dreaded Satis freighter was though to be a warship
    when it was first encountered in the Aldebaran Encounter.  It has five
    turrets and a strong hull, making it quite dangerous to the
    inexperienced pilot.  However, most experienced pilots in the GTA know
    enough to attack the Satis' main weakness: its weak plating around the
    turrets.  Disarming a Satis is most often the best way to destroy it.
    While capturing supply ships is often an intelligent plan, the Satis
    has been considered dangerous enough to rank as a class C threat.
    Treat it as one.
    Overall Value: 6
    *PVC Aten- The Aten class cruiser, while far stronger than most of the
    Vasudans warships, falls short as an attack cruiser.  It does not have
    the armor or the firepower to stand up to GTA weaponry.  With a cruiser
    speed of 25 m/s and only six weapon turrets, the Aten just cannot
    muster the kind of firepower needed to do real damage to targets of
    Most GTA pilots have learned to exploit the primary weakness of the
    Aten: its extremely weak weapons subsystem.
    The Aten class cruiser is considered by the GTA to be a Class B threat.
    Overall Value: 7
    *PVD Typhon- Where the Aten cruiser failed, the Typhon succeeded well
    past expectations.  The Typhon is an incredible work of engineering and
    the model of Vasudan technology.  When the first one was sighted at the
    Vega Engagement, it was laughed at by our technicians as a foolish
    display of non utilitarian design.  The subsequent destruction of the
    GTD Eisenhower and the total decimation of the 4th fleet changed their
    minds very quickly.
    The Typhon should never be underestimated.  It wields massive weaponry,
    and has more armor plating than any Terran Destroyer.  Its only known
    weakness is its turret armor, which is significant, but lower than
    expected.  In the two years since this ship first appeared, we have
    only managed to destroy two of them.
    The Typhon is a Class A threat to any ships within the same system.  Do
    not engage without backup.
    Overall Value: 10
    *PVSG Ankh- The Ankh is the standard Vasudan sentry gun.  Its most
    common usage is guarding supply depots.  However, since the development
    of the Anubis, its usage has dropped off significantly.
    Overall Value: 2
    *PVEP Ra- The Ra has been used by Vasudans since our first encounter
    with them.  Every Vasudan capital ship has a few of these lifeboats.
    Overall Value: 8
    *Shivan Ships*
    *SF Dragon- The Shivan Dragon is easily the most impressive
    fightercraft we have yet seen.  Its maneuverability is unmatched, and
    it has quite a few other advantages, including a good top speed,
    powerful afterburners, and strong shields.  It is the only Shivan
    fighter we have been able to study up close, and we have learned a
    great deal about Shivan  engineering from it.
    It seems that the Shivan shield systems are extremely strong, but their
    hulls are far weaker than our own.  They also rely on primary weapons
    far more than secondaries, as evidenced by the Dragon's small capacity.
    The GTA considers the Dragon as a Class A threat.
    Overall Value: 7
    *SF Basilisk- The Basilisk seems to be a Shivan heavy attack fighter.
    It is not as maneuverable as other Shivan fighters, but packs quite a
    punch, and it is very resistant to our weaponry.  Most often they have
    been used in attacking our supply convoys and transports.
    Treat the Basilisk as a class C threat.
    Overall Value: 3.5
    *SF Scorpion- We originally thought the Scorpion was the Shivan's best
    fighter.  However, we now believe that the Scorpion is nothing more
    than a Shivan scout ship.  Their vast numbers and seeming unimportance
    to the Shivan war effort leads us to this belief.  Regardless of its
    purpose, the Scorpion is highly maneuverable, fast, and difficult to
    destroy.  It can also do damage equivalent to our space superiority
    In the event that you encounter Scorpions, regard them as a Class C
    Overall Value: 5
    *SF Manticore- The Manticore is not listed in the Tech Room so I will
    make up my own description.  The Manticore has a strange design and
    would be probably the second most alien of Shivan ships.  However, they
    are very maneuverable and are extremely difficult and annoying to kill.
    They are usually used as an escort ship.
    Treat the Manticore as a class C threat.
    Overall Value: 5
    *SB Shaitan- The Shaitan bomber is only slightly superior to our own
    bombers - its shielding is far better but its capacity seems to be far
    worse.  Perhaps the Shivans were so assured that they would need only
    one payload to destroy a target.
    We consider the Shaitan to be a Class C threat.
    Overall Value: 4.5
    *SB Nephilim- The Nephilim class bomber is the most alien of the Shivan
    ships.  We are still unsure as to why the Shivans chose this odd shape
    for arguable their most powerful attack craft.  However, with four
    primary cannons and two turrets, as well as a massive payload, the
    Nephilim is undoubtedly a serious threat to the GTA.  We have already
    lost two Orion class Destroyers to a wing of Nephilims.  Unless we
    learn a weakness soon we will most likely lose two more.
    The Nephilim has been designated a Class A threat to GTA Destroyers and
    Cruisers.  In unpopulated systems, it is considered to be a Class B
    Overall Value: 6.5
    *ST Azarel- The Azarel is most likely a Shivan transport.  While we are
    not completely sure of its uses, we do know they can house many
    Shivans.  It is not very heavily armored, and its weaponry is not too
    strong.  This makes the Azarel the most common target for capture
    Overall Value: 5
    *SFR Mephisto- The Mephisto freighter behaves much like one of our own.
    Only it is far more powerful and dangerous.  Very little data is
    available on this ship class.
    Overall Value: 5.5
    *SC 5- We believe that the Shivans use cargo containers such as these
    as storage depots.  We have yet to see a Shivan land on a planet.  This
    leads us to believe that the Shivans plan on keeping all of their
    materials in space.
    Overall Value: 1
    *SFR Asmodeus- Almost no data available on the Asmodeus freighter.  We
    are aware that it has a strong hull and four turrets.  Any further data
    on this ship should be immediately delivered to Terran Intelligence.
    Overall Value: 4.5
    *SAC 2- What we have dubbed the Sac-2 is simply more heavily armored
    form of the standard Shivan cargo container.  We believe that this is
    where the Shivans keep their more precious supplies.  Sac-2s are to be
    captured or destroyed at every opportunity.
    Overall Value: 2
    *SC Lilith- While more rare than its counterpart, the Cain-class
    cruiser, the Lilith is one of the most ferocious cruisers we have had
    the misfortune of combating.  It has extremely strong weapon systems,
    as well as a very thick armor which our cannons can barely penetrate.
    One for one the Lilith can destroy any of our cruisers.  It is for this
    reason that they should be considered a primary target for all bomber
    squadrons in the GTA.
    The Lilith should be considered a Class A threat to any ships that
    encounter it.
    Overall Value: 8
    *SC Cain- The Cain is by far the most common cruiser in the Shivan
    fleet.  It is also the weakest.  However, the Cain should not be
    underestimated.  It has many turrets, as well as a cluster bomb
    defensive mechanism.  As a strike cruiser, the Cain mostly appears in
    attacks against GTA or PVN capital ships and cruisers.  In these cases,
    it should be destroyed immediately.  The primary weakness of the Cain
    appears to be its unshielded turrets.  Most of the turrets on the Cain
    can be destroyed with minimal damage.
    The Cain is a Class B threat.
    Overall Value: 7
    *SD Demon- While the Demon-class Destroyer is easily one of the most
    massive ships we have yet seen, it is not the biggest or most powerful
    in the Shivan armada.  However, it is still quite dangerous
    with a plethora of missile turrets and two full squadrons of fighters.
    It is suggested that these capital ships be destroyed by bombers, since
    all cruisers that have attempted to engage a Demon have been destroyed.
    The Demon is a Class A threat in any allied system.
    Overall Value: 9
    *SD Lucifer- The Lucifer is the greatest threat to the survival of the
    GTA, the PVN, and both the Terran and Vasudan species.  It wields three
    massive Flux Cannons which can destroy one of our capital ships in a
    few hits.  These same cannons have been seen bombarding colonized
    worlds.  With four full fighter squadrons and a massive array of
    defensive turrets, the Lucifer would be extremely difficult to destroy.
    The fact that it is protected by a stealth shielding system, which
    makes it impervious to any kind of kinetic or plasma damage makes it
    impossible.  We have yet to find a way to breach this shielding
    technology.  It is hoped that a solution will be found soon.
    Assuming that a solution is found, we have managed to gather enough
    data on the Lucifer to destroy it.  In a recon mission, we were able to
    determine that the Lucifer is powered by five primary reactors.  If
    these reactors are destroyed in a short amount of time, the Lucifer
    will be stopped.
    If we cannot stop the Lucifer, we do not expect to defeat the Shivans.
    We have no way of knowing if there are more than one Lucifer-class
    destroyer.  However, any that exist should be considered more dangerous
    than a Class A threat.
    Overall Value: 10+
    *SSG Trident- We believe that the sole purpose of the Trident is to
    guard Shivan repair and supply depots.  It is not too strong, but in
    mass quantities, can be dangerous.
    Overall Value: 3
    4. Weapons
    4a. *Lasers*
    GTW Ml-16
    Tech Room Description
    Argon laser weapon - uses transport ceramic technology in order to
    create an optical system that is extremely durable and stable under
    battle conditions - provides adequate destructive damage to the hull of
    enemy ships by vaporizing molecular bonds at the target area and
    destabilizing molecular bonds across the grain of the hull material
    My Opinion
    Its not that great.  It does fine against hulls but won't touch
    shields.  Once you have the Avenger cannon, never use it again.
    GTW-41 Disruptor
    Tech Room Description
    A gas-focused krypton laser - when the ship is in flight, the chamber
    of the GTW-41 rotates at a constant speed - a small amount of NO2 is
    injected into the container .05 ms prior to the emission of the laser
    light - the rotation of the NO2 in the chamber focuses the laser pulse
    to a state that is only very slightly (1%) diffused - after the laser
    pulse is emitted from the chamber into space, the chamber expels the
    NO2 into space (thus expelling ionized molecules and moisture) - the
    process repeats itself for each subsequent burst of laser energy - as
    this laser is very slightly diffused, it is not as effective a
    destructive weapon, but as a tactical weapon -  the Disruptor cannon is
    best suited and is used for the permanent disabling of enemy ships
    My Opinion
    It is good at the beginning but is never needed again after the
    Stiletto.  Does practically nothing to hulls but does a moderate amount
    of damage to subsystems.
    GTW-15 Avenger
    Tech Room Description
    A rapid-fire, computer-controlled radar and gun system-capable of
    firing at a rate of more than 4500 rounds per minute - used primarily
    for close-defense situations - uses closed-loop radar technology to
    locate, identify, and direct a stream of highly destructive 45 mm
    projectiles to the target
    With the advent of shield technology, the GTW-15 is preferred over the
    Ml-16 in any ship that can carry it.  It's extra damage against hulls
    make it one of the best anti cruiser weapons.  It also has proven very
    effective against Vasudan fighters.  However, it's substandard anti-
    shield capabilities make it a poor choice for dogfighting Shivans,
    although far better than the Ml-16.
    My Opinion
    It will impress you the first time you use it but once you get used to
    it, you'll wish you had a better laser.  It's good against hulls but it
    is just okay against shields.
    GTW-32 Flail
    Tech Room Description
    A rapid-fire, low energy, ceramic optic focused, krypton laser - used
    in tactical situations to distract or lead an enemy to their
    destruction at the hands of other allied fighters - this weapon,
    if used over an extended period of in-flight battle, can destroy an
    enemy fighter, but, as a destructive weapon, should only be used as a
    last resort
    The fast firing rate and high mass of the Flail make it great for
    changing the velocity vector of an enemy fighter or bomber.  It is
    slightly more effective than the Avenger against shields, rated at
    damage/second.  Its low energy consumption makes it useful for
    prolonged engagements.  Note, however, that once you have taken out the
    enemy's shields, switching to another weapon is advised.
    My Opinion
    I rarely use it because it is really a piece of shiny trash.  Just
    don't use it, period.  It's worthless.
    **** NOTE: This weapon is a GEM in multiplayer dogfight missions
    against other humans.
    No Tech Room Description
    My Opinion
    It is only available to you in two missions.  You are forced to use it
    in Enter the Dragon and you have a choice to use it in The Great Hunt.
    The Ulysses is the only fighter that can equip the D-Advanced.
    Obviously, it is an improvement on the Disruptor.  It is okay, but is
    has an incredibly slow firing rate.
    GTW-7 Prometheus
    Tech Room Description
    Named after the Titan who gave fire to humanity, the Prometheus is a
    laser-based weapon - an advanced radar and X-ray tracking system lock
    on the target and determine the target's structure - argon laser
    focused via transparent ceramic optics - the laser generated at the
    destructive frequency (full out-of-phase) for the target's material
    structure - emitted no more than .02 ms after targeting and activation
    by the pilot, the Prometheus stands out as one of the GTA's most
    effective deterrents to enemy attack, an effective form of defense for
    GTA pilots, and as a durable, portable, and highly destructive
    offensive tool
    The Prometheus works best against target hulls.  Against shields, it
    only achieves mediocre performance.  Its slow speed and high energy
    consumption work against it as well.  However, the primary advantage
    of the Prometheus is that it can be equipped on almost any fighter in
    the GTA.
    My Opinion
    It is a great overall weapon, and I use it every mission I can.  The
    description understates this weapon's power.  It works good against
    shields and has a slow refire rate but that is not too bad.  It works
    incredibly well when combined with a Banshee.
    GTW-7 Banshee
    Tech Room Description
    An electromagnetic weapon - sends rapid pulses of exceptionally strong
    electromagnetic energy resulting in a 1.63 x 105 J blast that forces
    its way through any known shield technology and produces a dramatic
    shearing effect which quickly destroys the target ship's materials -
    named for the fact that in an atmosphere, the pulse creates an
    atmospheric disturbance similar to a quasi-human scream at 180 dB -
    uses up a tremendous amount of available ship energy - already it
    has been used by many GTA fighter aces and test pilots as a coup de
    grace, although such a use for this massively powerful weapon is
    officially viewed as poor sportsmanship by the GTA
    The GTW-7's impressive anti-shielding capabilities makes it the weapon
    of choice against the Shivans.  The main limitation of this weapon is
    low weapons compatibility.  It can only be fitted on a GTF Valkyrie or
    a GTF Hercules.
    My Opinion
    This is a great weapon.  Will take out the enemy's shields almost
    instantly.  It uses up tons of gun energy and has a really slow refire
    rate but the damage is worth it.  Great results when paired with a
    4b. *Missiles*
    GTM Mx-50
    Tech Room Description
    Available for all space battles, defensive and offensive; medium
    payload (16.5 Kt); infrared tracking and semi-intelligent targeting;
    pilot chooses desired target, and the MX-50 tracks the chosen target
    based off the emission of heat from the engine, the weapon bays, and
    the cockpit of the target ship; the MX-50 will always attack a target
    that is determined to be hostile by the onboard computer of any GTA
    combat vessel, thus ensuring a higher kill rate, should the pilot find
    himself in a heated battle situation where precise aiming might be
    My Opinion
    This is a missile that you will use until you get the Interceptor.  It
    is quick and easy to fire.  Just point and shoot.  If you have the
    unlimited weapons cheat on, you can string out about 20 Mx-50s on your
    target's tail.  It works pretty well.  Does moderate damage to hulls,
    little damage to shields.
    GTM-2 Fury
    Tech Room Description
    Small, fast dumbfire missiles; fired in swarms; GTA fighters can carry
    more Fury missiles than conventional missiles, due to their small size;
    used for distraction and other tactical measures; very small payload (3
    My Opinion
    It is pretty useless.  You can hold a lot of them but they are useless.
    They are faster than your lasers which means that you won't be able to
    hit your target with both the Fury and your lasers unless you are very
    close to it or it is very big.  It is dumbfire (appropriately named)
    and does not home in on your target.  It does good damage to hulls and
    little damage to shields.
    GTM-9 Interceptor
    Tech Room Description
    All-aspect seeking; laser tracking senses energy reflected off a target
    from the primary weapon systems of the target, increasing single-pass
    kill probability; medium payload (18.5 Kt); missile is designed to
    pierce reinforced hull, thus securing itself to the target, prior to
    detonating (15 ms delay).
    My Opinion
    This is one of the best missiles in the game.  You should use this in
    every mission you can when it is available to you until you gain access
    to the Hornet.  It takes about two seconds to lock on and then whisks
    away toward your target.  It is the fastest missile in the game.  Does
    high damage to hulls and extreme damage to shields, often taking out an
    entire quarter of the target's shield.
    GTM-43 Stiletto
    Tech Room Description
    All-aspect seeking; laser tracking similar to the Interceptor; missile
    is protected by a small shield system, allowing for greater success in
    payload delivery during busy melee situations and intense firefights;
    fast, but low in-flight maneuverability compared to other missiles of
    comparable size; low maneuverability due to the size of the missile's
    payload (60 Kt) and on-board shield system.
    My Opinion
    This is a great missile.  It can destroy most subsystems in one hit and
    it will home in on its target to some extent.  Use it whenever the word
    "freighter" is mentioned to disable it to prevent its escape.  The best
    missile against subsystems.  The best anything against subsystems.
    Does nearly nothing to hulls with ultra extreme damage to subsystems.
    GTM Phoenix V
    Tech Room Description
    All-aspect seeking; same tracking system as the Interceptor; large
    payload (50 Kt), but somewhat slower than the Interceptor; one of the
    best fire-and-forget missiles ever developed; many fighter pilots
    within the GTA regard the Phoenix V as the weapon of choice against
    high value, heavily defended targets.
    My Opinion
    It really sounds good, but it's worthless also.  It only works against
    idiot bombers who don't care to avoid it.  It is slow, and rarely hits
    any moving targets.  Does extreme damage against hulls and extreme
    damage against shields.
    GTM-3 Tsunami
    Tech Room Description
    Intelligent tracking similar to GTA targeting system; prior to launch,
    communicates with ship computer, gathering data about enemy target
    types and whereabouts; slow, low maneuverability; antimatter warhead
    (500 ton mass-to-energy conversion); due to instability of antimatter,
    no more than 6 may be carried on board a GTA bomber at any given time,
    unless pilot is granted a special permit by an appropriate governing
    body or pilot is to participate in a glory mission.
    My Opinion
    I don't like it that much because it needs a lock to be fired.  The
    lock on is too slow and tends to target turrets which just happen to
    shoot it down.  Does heavy damage to cruisers and moderate damage to
    capital ships.
    GTM-1 Synaptic
    Tech Room Description
    Missile propulsion unit carrying several small intelligent "bomblets";
    when distance to target is less than 100 m or when time to impact is
    less than 2 sec., bomblets direct missile to the most vulnerable part
    of the ship of those parts of the ship facing the missile; bomblets
    then separate from missile propulsion unit and form a sphere; inertia
    continues to carry bomblets in the direction of the target; the missile
    propulsion unit continues to advance toward the target; when the
    missile hits the target or 1.5 sec. after the missile should have hit
    the target, the bomblets explode; the spherical shape of the formation
    of the bomblets helps to ensure a fairly even level of damage across a
    sensitive area on the target; the spherical shape also ensures that the
    target will not be able to effectively maneuver away from the blast,
    thus "pinning" the target to a specific area in space; can also act as
    dumbfire; medium payload per bomblet (15 Kt); very small payload for a
    missile (2 Kt).
    My Opinion
    This may be the single reason that you return to base after a bombing
    mission.  The Synaptic is very good for bombers because it allows it to
    damage the target cruiser or carrier and still attack or distract enemy
    fighters at the same time.  Does moderate damage to hulls and moderate
    damage to shields.
    GTM-4 Hornet
    Tech Room Description
    Infrared and ultraviolet tracking; designed to fire in small groups of
    4 missiles per burst; light medium payload per missile (12 Kt); semi-
    intelligent on-board tracking; single-pass kill probability will not
    exceed 60% on average; designed as an offensive version of the Fury.
    My Opinion
    This is only the best missile in the game in my opinion.  Because you
    shoot four missiles at a time, two are almost guaranteed to hit, which
    will almost guarantee that the shield section will be hurting.  They
    are very hard to escape from, and do very well in almost any mission.
    Does high damage to hulls and high damage to shields.
    GTM-31 Disruptor Missile
    Tech Room Description
    Advanced signal processing; high precision interception capability;
    small payload (9 Kt), combining both conventional explosives and a
    localized blast of energy caused by the effect of impact upon the
    laser-propulsion system of the missile; designed to temporarily disable
    subsystems on hostile targets.
    My Opinion
    I really hate this missile.  You get it way too late in the game to
    make a difference.  It will shut down a cruiser for about five seconds
    but it doesn't have any real purpose.  Don't use it.
    GTM-N1 Harbinger
    Tech Room Description
    Fusion bomb surrounded by 3 salted fission bombs; propulsion unit is a
    half-size version of a regulation GTA fighter thruster (Class II);
    given the weight of the payloads, the missile is slow despite the power
    of the thruster; as the Harbinger is exceptionally large, GTA fighters
    and bombers are limited to carrying 2 of these weapons at any given
    time; the resultant shock wave from this weapon is potentially deadly,
    due to the size of the payloads (5000 Mt in total); use near allied
    installations or allied ship groupings is strongly discouraged by the
    GTA; most effective when used in preemptive defensive strike against
    non-military installations.
    My Opinion
    I really like this missile.  It doesn't need a lock to be fired (thank
    God!) which makes it easy to just get really close to the target, shoot
    and run.  The targets are so big, why would you need a lock anyway?
    Does ultra extreme damage to hulls.
    5. The Eon Awards
    Welcome to the Eon Awards!!!
    And the nominees for best overall ship: Athena, Hercules, Ulysses,
    Valkyrie, and Ursa
    And the Eon goes to (drumroll please)... the Valkyrie Interceptor
    In second place... the Hercules Heavy Assault Fighter
    In third place... the Ursa Bomber
    And an honorable mention... the Ulysses Advanced Space Superiority
    The Valkyrie wins because of its control and speed.  It can also carry
    the Banshee which is very useful.  Hercules comes next because of
    superior dogfighting ability.  The Ursa is a great bomber that can just
    about kill anything it wants to with little effort.  Equip it with
    Hornets, Synaptics, and Harbingers and you can destroy anything.
    And the nominees for best overall primary weapon: Banshee, Avenger,
    Flail, Prometheus, D-Advanced
    And the Eon goes to... the Prometheus Cannon
    In second place... Banshee Cannon
    In third place... Avenger Prototype Cannon
    And a honorable mention... Flail Cannon
    Prometheus wins an easy victory here because of its low energy
    consumption and its all around damage.  The Banshee doesn't do jack to
    hulls and will wipe out your energy very quickly but it can take
    shields the best.  Avenger is okay because I said so.
    And the nominees for best overall secondary weapon: Interceptor,
    Stiletto, Phoenix V, Hornet, Harbinger
    And the Eon goes to... the Hornet Swarm Missile
    In second place... the Harbinger Bomb
    In third place... the Interceptor Missile
    And a honorable mention... Phoenix V Anti-Bomber Warhead
    Hornet is fast and four missiles in one makes for a powerful punch.
    The Harbinger is slow and has an annoying lock time (to say the least!)
    but it packs a powerful punch (to say the least!).
    And the nominees for best against subsystems: Disrupt. Missile,
    Stiletto, Harbinger, Tsunami, D-Advanced
    And the Eon goes to... the Harbinger Bomb
    In second place... the Tsunami Bomb
    In third place... the Stiletto Space Bomb
    And a honorable mention... the D-Advanced Cannon
    The Harbinger is the best for taking out subsystems.  If you think the
    Stiletto is better, try attacking the subsystems on a Typhon with one
    Stiletto, then try it with a Harbinger.  Observe the difference.
    And the nominees for best ship for dogfighting: Ulysses, Valkyrie,
    Athena, Hercules, Apollo
    And the Eon goes to... the Valkyrie
    In second place... the Hercules
    In third place... the Ulysses
    And a honorable mention... the Athena
    The Valkyrie is so quick that it can fly circles around most fighters.
    The Herc has more plating but does not have the vital speed that the
    Valkyrie has.  The Ulysses has great maneuverability so it is a champ
    in the dogfighting category also.
    And the nominees for best bomber: Medusa, Ursa, Athena
    And the Eon goes to... the Ursa
    second place... the Medusa
    third place... the Athena
    This is common sense.  Ursa can carry Harbingers.  Medusa can carry
    Tsunamis.  Athena can carry Stilettos.  Easy, right?
    And the nominees for best bomb: Synaptic, Harbinger, Tsunami, Stiletto
    And the Eon goes to... the Harbinger
    In second place... the Synaptic
    In third place... the Tsunami
    The Harbinger is the best obviously the best for its incredible damage.
    The Synaptic tops the Tsunami because it doesn't need a lock and will
    keep the fighters off your tail.  Tsunami is the obvious choice for
    And the nominees for best cannon against shields: Prometheus, Avenger,
    Banshee, D-Advanced, Flail
    And the Eon goes to... the Banshee
    In second place... the Prometheus
    In third place... the D-Advanced
    And a honorable mention... the Flail
    This is so simple.  The Banshee runs away with this one.  The next slot
    is hard to decide.  The D-Advanced is very good against shields, but
    with a slow refire rate, it is not something to carry onboard at any
    time.  The Prometheus is an obvious choice for second.
    And the nominees for best cannon against hulls: Prometheus, Banshee,
    Flail, Avenger, Ml-16
    And the Eon goes to... the Prometheus
    In second place... the Avenger
    In third place... the Banshee
    And a honorable mention... the Flail
    This category wasn't hard either.  The Prometheus is the best against
    hulls and nobody comes close.  The Avenger is twice as good against
    naked hulls than against shields.  The Banshee doesn't do jack to hulls
    but still is good enough to make third.
    And the nominees for best missile against shields: Interceptor,
    Synaptic's Missiles, Hornet, Pho. V
    And the Eon goes to... the Phoenix V (No Contest!)
    In second place... the Hornet
    In third place... the Interceptor
    And a honorable mention... the Synaptic Mini Missiles
    This is not a hard award to dish out.  The Phoenix V can knock out a
    Dragon with one missile.  The Hornet is runner up here because four
    missiles in one shot is unstoppable.  The Interceptor is next because
    it is the next logical choice for this award.
    And the nominees for best missile against hulls: Pho. V, Hornet,
    Interceptor, Synaptic's Missiles
    And the Eon goes to... the Phoenix V (No Contest!)
    In second place... the Interceptor
    In third place... the Hornet
    And a honorable mention... the Synaptic Mini Missiles
    This again is given to the Phoenix V.  It may seem like a great missile
    from these two awards but it really is not that good.  It is worthless
    against any fighter because it is so slow.
    And the nominees for the most annoying weapon to get hit by: Flail,
    Interceptor, Synaptic, Tsunami, Disruptor Missile
    And the Eon goes to... the Flail
    In second place... the Disruptor missile
    In third place, Synaptic
    Grrr........... the Flail knocks your ship around like a ping-pong
    ball... dang it.  Disrupter makes you unable to move (not fun) and is
    extremely annoying, and Synaptic sends 500,000 mini missiles through
    your exhaust pipe.
    And the nominees for best weapon compatibility: Hercules, Ursa,
    Ulysses, Valkyrie
    And the Eon goes to... the Ursa
    In second place... the Hercules
    In third place... the Valkyrie
    Duh!  The Ursa can carry every weapon except the Banshee and D-
    Advanced.  Hercules can carry 12 weapons, the Valkyrie can carry 11.
    And the nominees for worst weapon compatibility: Medusa, Athena,
    Valkyrie, Apollo
    And the Eon goes to... the Medusa
    In second place... the Athena
    In third place... the Apollo
    The Medusa can only carry 9 weapons.  The Athena and the Apollo can
    both carry 10 but the Apollo can carry better weapons.
    Thanks to Tahna Los, from the message boards for these Eon Awards...
    Easiest Vasudan Fighter to engage in a dogfight:
    Nominees: Anubis, Seth, Amun, Osiris, Horus, Thoth
    First Place: Anubis
    Second Place: Horus
    Third Place: Seth
    Explanation: The Anubis is perhaps the weakest fighter in the entire
    game. Two to three good blasts from a Prometheus/Banshee combination is
    guaranteed to take it down. The Horus does not do any better in the
    Shields/Armor department despite the fact that it is faster than the
    Anubis. The Seth may have good armor and afterburners, but it is slow
    and does not pose much of a threat.
    Easiest Shivan Fighter to engage in a dogfight:
    Nominees: Scorpion, Basilisk, Shaitan, Manticore, Nephilim, Dragon.
    First Place: Basilisk
    Second Place: Scorpion
    Third Place: Shaitan
    Explanation: All you have to do is attack the Basilisk from the rear
    and open fire full blast. The Basilisk is S...L...O...W... and has very
    poor maneuverability, making it a moving bullseye. The Scorpion may be
    maneuverable, but it is weak and can be easily destroyed. The Shaitan
    is perhaps the weakest bomber in the game, evidenced by its poor
    capacity and lack of defensive turreting.
    Easiest Terran Fighter to engage in a dogfight:
    Nominees: Apollo, Valkyrie, Athena, Medusa, Hercules, Ursa, Ulysses
    First Place: Apollo
    Second Place: Medusa
    Third Place: Ulysses
    Explanation: Bleah. Apollo may be good, but it's not great in
    dogfighting period. Neither is the Medusa, it's poor weapon
    compatibility makes it an easy target. And for some reason, I find it
    easier to engage Ulysses class fighters than the Valkyrie.
    And Finally......
    Most Annoying Fighter in the game:
    Nominees: Shivan Dragon, Terran Valkyrie, Vasudan Thoth, Terran
    Hercules, Vasudan Thoth, Vasudan Seth, Shivan Manticore.
    First place: Shivan Dragon
    Second place: Terran Hercules
    Third place: Terran Valkyrie
    Honorable Mention: Shivan Manticore
    Explanation: How do you hit a extremely fast moving target that has a
    lot of shielding? I find the Dragon the most annoying to kill of all
    fighters. Though it may be slow, the Terran Hercules packs a BIG punch
    and will do a lot of damage before you figure out what's really going
    on. Finally, the Valkyrie may not be the fastest, but it is fast, and
    is difficult to keep a bead on, though not as annoying as the Dragon.
    6.	FAQ
    Q: My ship spins around uncontrollably.  How do I stop this?
    A: I have this problem too.  Play around with some of the sliders on
    the joystick to see if that helps or recalibrate your joystick.
    Q: Why can't I get some of the medals?
    A: You might be playing on Very Easy or Easy.  To get some medals you
    need to be on Medium difficulty.
    Q: What are the system requirements for Descent Freespace?
    A: For required,
    *Pentium 133 with 3d accelerator (Glide or D3D only) or Pentium 166
    without 3d accelerator.
    *Windows 95 with DirectX 5.0 or Windows NT 4.0 with DirectX 3.0
    *32 MB RAM
    *8X or faster CD-ROM drive
    *210 MB available hard drive space
    *100% Microsoft-compatible mouse
    *Direct Sound compliant sound card
    Q: What are the recommended system requirements for Descent Freespace?
    A: *Pentium 200 with 3D accelerator (Glide or D3D only)
    *48MB RAM
    *PCI or AGP video card with 2MB of RAM
    *Joystick supported
    Q: Do I get anything special for playing on the harder difficulty
    A: Not that I know of
    Q: There is an empty space in the weapons section of the Tech Room.  Is
    there a weapon I'm missing?
    A: Again, not that I know of.
    Q: Are there any secret ships or weapons?
    A: Not that I know of.
    Q: Which missions can I use cheats on?
    A: All of them but the only ones that you can accept with cheats are:
    Tenderizer, Evangelist, Reaching the Zenith, The Great Hunt, and Good
    Q: Some of the cheats don't work.  Is there a problem with my game?
    A: Probably not.  Some don't work on my game either like Destroy
    Subsystem, Descent style physics, request rearm for target, and send
    messages to enemies.
    Q: How do I use multiplayer mode?
    A: You must go online to www.pxo.com and get a callsign and a password,
    then you must create a multiplayer pilot, then you must go to options
    and enter your password and callsign, then you can play multiplayer.
    You must be connected to the internet to play on multiplayer.
    *Bewar'!!!  Thar' Be Spoila's Ahead*
    7. Mission by Mission Walk-through
    Training Mission 1
    Difficulty Rating: 0 of 10
    Mission Briefing
    Welcome to phase one your basic training.  Your instructor will walk
    you through multiple flight controls and HUD gauges.
    In the first section, you will learn the basic HUD gauges.
    Your effectiveness at clearing multiple targets (cargo containers) will
    then be evaluated.  Good luck, pilot.
    Preferred Ship: Apollo
    Preferred Laser: Ml-16
    Preferred Missile: None
    Available Ships: Apollo
    Available Lasers: Ml-16
    Available Missiles: None
    Target instructor
    Face instructor
    Face instructor
    Match speed
    Fly within 75 units
    Drop back 200 units
    Use afterburner
    Go full speed
    Come to a full stop
    Target drone 01
    Approach drone 01
    Target C-01a
    Inspect C-01a
    Shoot C-01a
    Destroy C-01a
    Destroy C-02b and C-03a
    Destroy all cargo
    Warp out
    Just do whatever the instructor tells you to do.  You'll pass it with
    no trouble.
    Training Mission 2
    Difficulty Rating: 1 of 10
    Mission Briefing
    Welcome to phase two of your basic training.
    A cargo container will be delivered to the training area.  You will be
    expected to demonstrate the targeting and firing skills that you
    acquired in phase one of your training.
    After reviewing phase one of your training, you will learn advanced
    targeting and firing techniques.
    Preferred Ship: Apollo
    Preferred Laser: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Preferred Missile: Mx-50
    Available Ships: Apollo
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Available Missiles: Mx-50
    Target the cargo
    Destroy the cargo
    Switch primary weapons
    Target drone A
    Target drill instructor
    Target drone A
    Target drone A sensors
    Destroy drone A sensors
    Target drone B sensors
    Destroy drone B
    Destroy drone A weapons
    Jump back to base
    Just do what the instructor says.  If you do this you will pass.
    Training Mission 3
    Difficulty Rating: 1 1/2 of 10
    Mission Briefing
    Welcome to the final phase of basic training.  In this phase, your
    dogfight ability will be put to the test.
    You will be required to engage multiple waves of fighter drones.  Some
    will be armed.  You are expected to destroy as many as possible.  Good
    Preferred Ship: Apollo
    Preferred Laser: Ml-16
    Preferred Missile: Mx-50
    Available Ships: Apollo
    Available Lasers: Ml-16
    Available Missile: Mx-50
    Target instructor
    Target drone
    Match speed
    Destroy drone
    Destroy 2 and 3
    Destroy drone 4
    Destroy 8 and 9
    Destroy 10 and 11
    Destroy 12 and 13
    Destroy 14 and 15
    Destroy 16 and 17
    Jump back to base
    Just do what the instructor says.  Use Mx-50s on the drones.
    Eve of Destruction
    Difficulty Rating: 1 of 10
    Command Briefing
    Operation Thresher
    Operation Thresher in the Antares system did not proceed as planned.
    Terran Command estimates Terran losses at 504 pilots dead, fourteen
    missing and presumed dead.
    The Vasudan foothold on Vasuda Prime and the subspace node remains
    solid.  However, their supply lines have been cut off, which means they
    are most likely lacking reinforcements and supplies.
    Expect more on that in tomorrow's briefing.
    There have been many rumors about the appearance of another sentient
    species.  These are rumors, nothing more.  Investigation of the Ross
    128 attack has determined nothing.
    Concern yourself with the known enemy, the Vasudans.  There is to be no
    more talk of phantom ships.
    New Pilots
    Let this serve as a "welcome aboard" to all newly-arrived pilots aboard
    the GTD Galatea.  Since you're here, your flight records must speak
    highly of you already.  Serve the Galatea well, she's a fine ship.
    Report to your flight stations at 0830 for your squadron briefings.
    Familiarize yourself with the specifications of the GTD Orion-class
    destroyer, the Apollo space superiority fighter, and the Ml-16 laser.
    Information on all of these can be found in the Tech Room.
    Mission Briefing
    Pilot attend: Welcome to the GTD Galatea.  Your first assignment as a
    part of the Galatea's crew is to stand the third watch.  You will
    patrol the area surrounding the GTC Orff.  The GTC Orff suffered an
    engine breakdown in the Betelgeuse system, and is awaiting repairs.
    You will be on watch with one other ship, Alpha 2.  Since this is your
    first watch, Alpha 2 will be piloted by Lt. Harbison, a seasoned
    veteran and top-notch pilot.
    You will begin your watch by jumping to Betelgeuse near the GTC Orff.
    We have reports of Vasudan fighters in the system, so stay alert.
    Engage and destroy any hostiles that threaten the Orff.
    At the end of your watch, you will be relieved by Delta wing.  Upon
    Delta's arrival, you are to return to base.
    Your primary objective is to protect the Orff until the end of your
    watch.  We expect you to carry out your orders to the letter.
    You may confirm your ship hardware and weapons loadout for this
    mission.  If found satisfactory, commit to the mission.  Galatea
    quarterdeck signing off.
    Preferred Ship: Apollo
    Preferred Laser: 2 Ml-16
    Preferred Missile: 2 Mx-50
    Available Ships: Apollo
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Protect the GTC Orff
    *Ensure no hostiles escape
    Destroy Virgo
    Destroy Cancer
    Destroy Aries
    Destroy Leo
    Destroy Pisces
    Jump back to base
    You'd almost have to try to fail this mission to actually fail it.  At
    first all is quiet.  Then suddenly 2 damaged Anubis fighters (Virgo
    wing) jumps in.  After you destroy those, 2 more damaged Anubis
    fighters (Cancer wing) will attack the Orff.  Next will be 3 more
    damaged Anubis fighters (Aries wing).  3 more damaged Anubis fighters
    (Leo wing).  Lastly, 3 damaged Anubis fighters (Pisces wing) will
    challenge you.  Delta wing will then relieve you of your post.
    You did a fine job on your first watch, Pilot.  Your strong sense of
    duty will serve the Alliance well.
    The presence of Vasudans in this system gives us little reason to
    worry.  The ships that attacked you and the Orff were probably remnants
    of the Vasudan convoy that we hit last week.
    The Field of Battle
    Difficulty Rating: 2 of 10
    There have been a number of recent attacks by the Vasudans in the
    Betelgeuse system.  They have been making strikes on Terran convoys en
    route to the Betelgeuse-Antares jump point.  The Vasudan attacks have
    been stages from a nearby asteroid field.
    Terran intelligence is certain that there are four small attack wings
    responsible for the attacks on our convoys.  There have also been
    reports of a Vasudan ace piloting one of the Seth class fighters in the
    You are to sweep the asteroid field and take out the four Vasudan
    attack wings.  Be aware that the asteroids will be causing interference
    with your sensors.  You won't be able to target the Vasudans until they
    are near, but they won't see you either.
    If you encounter the Vasudan ace, you may use your discretion whether
    or not to engage him.  Keep in mind that your primary objective is to
    take out the four attack wings.  Check your loadouts and commit when
    Preferred ship: Apollo
    Preferred laser:  2 Ml-16
    Preferred missile:  2 Mx-50
    Available ships: Apollo
    Available lasers:  Ml -16, disruptor
    Available missiles:  Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Destroy all Vasudan wings
    Bonus Objective
    *Destroy Vasudan ace
    Find Hostiles
    Destroy Pisces*
    Destroy Cancer*
    Destroy Aries*
    Destroy Virgo*
    Return to base
    *These directives will appear in the order in which you encounter the
    Vasudan attack wings
    If you fly straight at the beginning of the mission, you will see a
    formation of red dots flashing on your radar.  The group that is the
    farthest to the left is Pisces wing.  The top-most is Cancer, the top-
    right one is Virgo, and the bottom-right one is Aries wing.  Keep
    one group of red dots in the center of your radar and fly straight.
    You will eventually encounter a wing of 3 Anubis fighters.  Destroy
    them and fly toward another wing.  Repeat this process again.  After
    you destroy the third wing of fighters, the Vasudan Ace 1 will jump in.
    He flies a Seth class fighter.  He will shoot missiles at you when you
    encounter him, so make sharp turns or just keep flying in circles until
    you have dodged the missiles.  Once you have neutralized the attack
    wings and the Ace, jump out.
    Nicely done, pilot.  By destroying the Vasudan attack wings you have
    helped to ensure that our convoys will make it through that subspace
    Dispatching the Vasudan Ace showed outstanding skill, pilot.  You and
    your squad are to be commended.
    Basic Training Stage 4
    Difficulty Rating: 1 of 10
    Welcome to advanced training.  In today's course you will learn the
    basics of messaging, countermeasures, and the support ship.
    Preferred Ship: Apollo
    Preferred Laser: 2 Ml-16
    Preferred Missile: 2 Mx-50
    Available Ships: Apollo
    Available Lasers: Ml-16
    Available Missiles: Mx-50
    Target freighter 01
    Call reinforcements
    Order disarm
    Order disable
    Order destroy
    Order destroy
    Launch countermeasures
    Call support
    Just do what the instructor says.  You can't be killed in this mission
    because you are invincible.  If you don't believe me, just fly into the
    explosion of the freighters when they are destroyed.  You won't take
    any damage.  I challenge anyone to try and destroy the Neptune.  If you
    can, e-mail me and tell me how you did.
    Heretic has, however, and here was the strategy that Heretic submitted:
    "First set both ML-16 to the "on" position and set your missiles to
    dual fire mode. I had the unlimited missile code on during the time. As
    soon as the Neptune jumps in, target her main turret. Start firing at
    it with a combo of your ML-16 and MX-50 before missiles come after you.
    Since you are invincible, don't worry about dodging them when you are
    taking the turret out. The reason I'm saying this is because the turret
    is the missile launcher, taking it out will make the second part
    Now for the second part. Disable the Neptune after the turret is gone.
    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT call on the support ship until you have
    disabled the Neptune. Once she is disabled, she will not be able to
    jump out, thus giving you all the time in the world to dispose of her.
    If you want you can call on the support ship after the engines are
    taken out. Keep in mind that if done fast enough, you'll have time to
    fart around before the mission is over."
    This document Copyright 2001 Chris Dodge
    Small Deadly Space
    Difficulty Rating: 2 of 10
    Terran intelligence has detected unusual activity in the Vasudan cargo
    depot at Antares.  You are to destroy all hostiles in the area.  When
    the area is clear, our salvage crews will pick up the cargo for
    analysis.  Do not destroy any cargo.
    The contents of the cargo containers is not known.  Due to the unusual
    activity, GTA intelligence suspects they have military value.
    You will be flying this mission with Epsilon wing from the 3rd
    squadron.  Delta wing will be available for reinforcements if
    necessary.  If you get into trouble, don't hesitate to call them in.
    Reconnaissance missions have determined that there are typically two
    wings of Vasudan fighters guarding the depot.  The fighters are your
    primary concern.
    Recon has also determined that this depot is heavily used.  Taking
    control of it will seriously impede Vasudan attacks from this system in
    the future.
    It is likely that there will be freighters in the area transporting
    cargo.  All Vasudan vessels must be destroyed!  None must escape as
    they will surely bring reinforcements.
    Once you have secured the area, the GTC Orff will arrive and maintain
    watch over the outpost.  Good luck, pilot.  GTA command out.
    Preferred ship: Apollo
    Preferred laser: 1 Ml-16, 1 disruptor
    Preferred missile: 2 Mx-50
    Available ships: Apollo
    Available lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Available missiles: Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Secure area until Orff arrives
    Secondary Objectives
    *Protect cargo containers
    *Eliminate all Vasudan freighters
    Bonus Objective
    *Find weapon prototype
    Destroy fighters
    Destroy Aires
    Destroy Cancer
    Wait for Orff
    Destroy Virgo
    Destroy Scorpio
    As soon as you begin the mission, target freighter 1 (Bast) and then
    target its engine subsystem.  Switch primary weapons using {.}.  You
    now should see a green arrow pointing to the disruptor.  Destroy
    freighter 1's engines and then do the same to freighter 2 (Ma'at).
    Then hit {T} until you have targeted cargo 2.  Get within 150 units of
    cargo 2 and scan it.  That will complete your bonus objective.  Next
    clear out any remaining fighters (Anubis) that your wingmen haven't
    destroyed, and then clear out the freighters.  Then an Omega transport
    will jump in.  Just scan the all the cargo containers so you won't go
    crazy waiting for Omega to take the prototypes away.  Soon some
    fighters (Anubis) will jump in.  After you have delt with them, some
    more will come.  Destroy those also.  Soon the Orff will jump in.  Then
    jump out to base.
    The destruction of the Vasudan fighters was very important.  Not only
    have we gained control of that depot but we've shown the Vasudans in
    that are not to be trifled with.
    Elimination of the Vasudan freighters will hinder the transport of
    necessary supplies to their forces in that sector.
    All Vasudan cargo was captured and brought to our base.  Intelligence
    will analyze it.
    It appears that among the cargo were some stolen weapon prototypes.  We
    had feared that the Vasudans had already found and moved them from the
    area.  Recapturing the weapons would have been a great victory.
    Unfortunately, the contents of the cargo were stolen by a traitor,
    flying the Omega transport.  These will need to be recovered.
    Avenging Angels
    Difficulty Rating: 3 of 10
    Command Briefing
    Lt. Alex McCarthy
    Terran command has informed us that Lt. Alex McCarthy, formerly
    stationed onboard the GTD Intrepid, has defected to the Vasudans, along
    with an unknown number of fighters and several personnel.
    He has also managed to steal the plans for the Avenge prototype cannon.
    Those need to be recovered immediately.
    Vasudan agents under Terran control have leaked information regarding
    McCarthy's plans to the Antares system.  Since the Galatea is already
    in Antares, we have been assigned to lead an attack on McCarthy's
    This operation is to be carried out by the numbers.  Traitors to the
    Terran cause will not be tolerated.  McCarthy will serve as an example
    when he is brought in.
    New Technology: Valkyrie Interceptor
    The Galatea has received a full complement of the new Valkyrie
    Some of you may remember the Angel Scout Fighter.  It has been
    completely modified and fitted with two additional engines, making it
    the fastest fighter in the fleet.  It has been re-designated the
    Valkyrie.  It should enable you to make short work of enemy fighters.
    Report to mission briefings in twenty minutes.
    Plans for the Avenger weapon prototype have been stolen by Lt.
    McCarthy.  His transport has been located here in Antares.  It has been
    designated Omega.
    One of McCarthy's accomplices has been captured, and revealed his
    intentions for the stolen plans.  Not suprisingly, McCarthy intends to
    sell the Avenger to the Vasudans.  His Vasudan contact has been
    designated Rasputin.
    Your squadron will arrive before the exchange takes place.  You are to
    destroy all hostile fighters, including any renegade Terrans.  However,
    we want McCarthy alive.  Your ships have been equipped with Disrupters
    suitable for disabling the Omega.
    Alpha wing and Beta wing, each consisting of four fighters, will be
    sent in to carry out the mission.  You will jump in approximately six
    kilometers away from the exchange.  Get to the Omega as soon as
    Expect to encounter significant resistance.  Beta wing will focus on
    attacking the Vasudan forces.  Alpha wing will be expected to disable
    the Omega.  Request Beta wing's assistance if necessary.
    After McCarthy's transport is disabled, the GTT Comet will jump into
    the area and dock with it.  You are to ensure the safety of the Comet,
    especially during the docking operation with Omega.
    After the Comet and the Omega have left the area, it is your
    responsibility to eliminate hostiles.  Once the area is clear, you are
    to jump back to the GTD Galatea.
    Note that you will be required to engage Terran pilots.  These pilots
    are traitors to the Alliance, and no quarter should be given.
    Thousands of lives are at stake.  Do not hesitate to use deadly force
    on the traitors.
    If you encounter significant resistance or experience severe losses,
    Delta wing will be sent by Terran command to assist.  If further
    assistance is needed, call in Epsilon wing.  Good luck, pilot.
    Preferred ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred laser: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Preferred missile: 2 Mx-50
    Available ships: Apollo, Valkyrie
    Available lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Available missiles: Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Disable and capture the Omega
    Secondary Objectives
    *Destroy all enemy fighters
    Bonus Objectives
    *Disable and capture the Rasputin
    Destroy Aires
    Destroy Cancer
    Destroy Traitors
    Disable Omega
    Destroy Virgo
    When you arrive there will be one wing of Horus Interceptors (Aries
    wing), one wing of Anubis fighters (Cancer wing), and two wings of
    Apollo fighters (Alpha and Beta wings).  Target Omega and order all
    fighters to ignore it.  Then target the Rasputin's engines.  Take them
    out using your Disruptor cannon.  GT Intelligence 1 (Elsylum) and GT
    Intelligence 2 (Valkyrie) will jump in to capture it.  Next target
    Omega's engines.  Disable it using the Disruptor cannon.  The GTT Comet
    will jump in to capture it.  By this time your wingmen should have
    taken out all the fighters but if they haven't proceed to do so
    yourself.  Soon after you disable the Omega, one wing of Anubis
    fighters (Virgo wing) will jump in to attack the Omega.  Destroy them
    quickly so they don't hurt Omega too much.  Then the Comet will dock
    with and jump out with Omega.  Return to base at this point.
    We were able to recover the Avenger prototype.  Good job.  McCarthy has
    been apprehended and will go to trial soon.
    Intelligence has told us that you were cautious and managed to disable
    the Rasputin.  Key Vasudan personnel were onboard, and their capture
    will assist our cause.
    This was an intelligent decision on your part, and you are to be
    commended for your attention to detail.
    Out of the Dark, Into the Night
    Difficulty Rating: 4 1/2 of 10
    With the Antares system nearly secure, Command has decided that the
    GTSC Plato will carry the prototype for the Avenger Attack Cannon
    through the Antares system.  It will proceed to the Ribos system, where
    production of the Avenger will begin.
    Intelligence has determined that only one Vasudan cruiser remains in
    this system, the Taurus.  If the Vasudans decide to attack the Plato on
    its way to Ribos, they will certainly use the Taurus.
    The number of Vasudan attack craft in this system is minimal.
    Intelligence estimates at most two strike squads.  If something should
    go wrong, the Plato is equipped with an escape pod.  The escape pod
    will attempt to make the subspace jump to Ribos.
    Alpha wing will provide cover for the Plato, and, if necessary, the
    Plato's escape pod.  The safety of the prototype is vital, and all
    Vasudan threats must be eliminated.
    Pay special attention to any Vasudan bombers that may arrive.  Bombers
    will be the greatest threat to the Plato during this operation.
    When you've cleared the area of hostile bombers, eliminate other
    threats and continue escorting the Plato to the intersystem subspace
    Preferred Ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred Laser: 2 Ml-16
    Preferred Missile: Fury
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Escort the crew of the Plato to the node
    Secondary Objectives
    *Visually identify the unknown ships
    Bonus Objectives
    *Kill the unknown fighter
    Escort Plato
    Destroy Aires
    Destroy Virgo
    Get visual on unknowns
    Destroy Taurus
    Everything is quiet for a while until 3 Anubis fighters and 1 Osiris
    bomber (Aries wing) jump in. Take out the Osiris bomber.  Don't
    hesitate to use a lot of your Fury missiles on it.  Then help your
    wingmen take out the rest of the fighters.  Then all is quiet for quite
    some time until the Taurus jumps in and with it four Anubis fighters
    and one Osiris bomber (Virgo wing).  They will be about 9,000 units
    away so stay with the Plato.  Then four unknowns ship class fighters
    (2 Scorpion and 2 Shaitan) will attack the Taurus.  Notice that when
    the Vasudan fighters attack the Shiv, uh, I mean unknowns, the attacks
    hit this invisible shield that shows up when you hit it.  Command will
    order you to visually identify the ships.  Ignore them, just stay with
    the Plato.  When you receive the message, "What the hell, they took out
    the Taurus already," get ready for some action.  The four unknowns will
    jump out and four more will attack the Plato.  The Shaitan class ships
    are the bombers and look kind of flat.  The Scorpions are the fighters
    and will be flying around in all directions.  Go after a Scorpion.  Hit
    it with the Furys.  The Ml-16 laser will be useless.  Just keep hitting
    the Scorpion.  The Plato will be destroyed and the escape pod should
    make it without difficulty.  The bombers will jump out and one
    Scorpion will remain in the area.  Keep hitting it.  Eventually it will
    die and you will complete your bonus objective.  Jump out now.
    From your ship's sensor's records, it appears there was little you
    could have done to protect the Plato.  Its loss will be mourned, but at
    least her crew is safe.
    Intelligence has analyzed the data you provided from the attempted
    visual identification.  There is no record of such ships.  They do not
    appear to be Vasudan.  The conclusion is that they belong to a new
    These ships are not detectable by our sensors.  Worse, they appear to
    have some type of energy shielding system, making them nearly immune to
    our attacks.
    But the greatest concern is their weapons.  They are more powerful than
    anything in the GTA or VPE arsenals.
    We believe the data you gathered will prove valuable in discovering a
    weakness in this new adversary.
    In all of their recent attacks in Terran Space, not one of the unknown
    fighters had been destroyed.  Your destruction of one of these new
    enemies has already boosted morale.  Well done, pilot.
    Paving the Way
    Difficulty Rating: 2 of 10
    Command Briefing
    The Shivans
    Terran Command has confirmed the existence of a new species.  Until
    further contact is established, Command has designated them "Shivans".
    The Shivans have inflicted heavy casualties to both Terran and Vasudan
    forces in the Beta Cygni and Vega systems, and appear to be making a
    rapid push into other key systems along the Terran-Vasudan front.  All
    contact has been lost with our forces in the Ikeya and Ross 128
    The Vasudans
    The Vasudan government has contacted the GTA and proposed a cease fire.
    Considering the reports regarding the Vasudan and Terran losses to the
    Shivans, this should not come as a surprise.
    Terran Command has not yet responded.
    Expect to hear more from Terran Command on this later today.
    Hostile Contacts
    All Shivan forces should be considered a serious threat.
    You are authorized to engage any Shivan ship that stands in the way of
    your mission objectives.
    Attempts to establish communication with the Shivans have failed.
    Intelligence will continue its attempts to learn about this new
    Shivan Technology
    What little information has been learned about Shivan technology
    concerns their fighter shielding system.  This shield system makes them
    nearly impervious to our Ml-16 laser.
    R & D is currently modifying the Avenger Prototype Cannon to make it
    more useful against the shields.
    Additionally, our fighters cannot target their ships due to our lack of
    data regarding the Shivan electronics systems.  Plans are currently
    underway to remedy this situation.
    Terran Intelligence is working around the clock to give us more
    Until then, we have been ordered to move into the Beta Cygni system to
    monitor any activity.
    Due to increased encounters with Shivan forces, Terran Command has
    ordered the Galatea to the Beta Cygni system to monitor Shivan
    activity.  The Galatea has taken a beating since her last repair, and
    there isn't time to follow the safest route.
    The Antares-Beta Cygni Jump Node lies in the center of a dense asteroid
    field, making it one the least used jump nodes in the galaxy.  Standard
    procedure would have us circumvent this node completely, requiring two
    jumps.  Now we have no choice.
    Weapons systems have taken damage from enemy bombers.  The Galatea
    should be able to make it through the asteroid field, but Alpha wing
    will be deployed to destroy approaching asteroids.
    Alpha wing will fly point for the Galatea and destroy any asteroids
    that cross its flight path.
    Asteroids that are considered a threat to the Galatea will be marked
    with white targeting brackets.  Destroy these asteroids first.
    Once the Galatea has jumped out, you are to report to the GTD Bastion,
    stationed at Antares.  The Bastion will take you to Ikeya for your next
    mission.  Your wing will rendezvous with the Galatea in Beta Cygni upon
    completion of that mission.
    In the event of enemy attack, you are to cover the Galatea's escape
    from the system at any cost.
    Preferred ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred laser: 2 Ml-16
    Preferred missile: Fury
    Available ships: Apollo, Valkyrie
    Available lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Available missiles: Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Escort Galatea to the Jump Node
    Secondary Objectives
    *Ensure Galatea hull remains above 50
    Destroy asteroids
    Protect Galatea from Shivans
    This is a very easy mission.  Fly around destroying the asteroids with
    white targeting brackets around them.  Your Mx-50s are useless in this
    mission because the missiles don't home in on the asteroids.  That is
    why you should have Fury as your secondary weapon.  Near the end of the
    mission, two Shivan bombers (Shaitan) will attack.  Alpha two will
    engage them so keep destroying asteroids.  Once the Galatea has reached
    the jump node, it will jump out.  Make sure that you are not in front
    of the Galatea when she jumps out, though, or you will be killed in the
    collision.  If you think that your job of destroying asteroids is not
    important, order Alpha 2 to depart and don't do anything.  Watch the
    Galatea's hull integrity meter rapidly flow down towards zero.
    Welcome to the GTD Bastion.
    We just received a transmission from the Galatea.  She's doing fine and
    the bridge thanks you for the skillful escort through the field.
    You will rendezvous with her in the Beta Cygni system soon.  We are
    currently under way to the Ikeya system for your next mission.
    Pandora's Box
    Difficulty Rating: 3 of 10
    Welcome to the GTD Bastion.  The Bastion is on a special ops mission to
    investigate and acquire Shivan technology.  This includes weaponry,
    shielding, and stealth technology.  Intelligence has determined that at
    least one point of entry into our space lies in the Ikeya system.
    At least five cargo depots of unknown origin have been located in
    Ikeya.  These cargo formations are different than any Vasudan or Terran
    formation, and are believed to belong to the Shivans.
    Reconnaissance indicates that the depot is protected by six sentry guns
    on the outer edges.  This depot provides a prime opportunity to gather
    more information about the Shivans.  Their offensive activity in this
    system is at a minimum and we do not believe they will make a serious
    attempt to defend this depot.
    Long range scanners indicate that some of these cargo containers
    contain unusual electronics.  They appear similar to those used to give
    the Shivans their shielding technology.  A short range scan of these
    containers is the primary objective in this operation.
    Further reconnaissance indicates another container group may contain
    parts for a Shivan sensor array.  A short range scan of this group
    should provide crucial data needed to adjust ship sensors to attain
    radar lock on Shivan fighters.  Scanning these containers is your
    secondary objective.
    You will jump in approximately six kilometers from the cargo depot.
    Proceed to the cargo depot quickly, and eliminate all sentry guns.
    This will enable our freighters to collect the cargo after you have
    scanned it.
    Preferred ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred laser: 2 Ml-16
    Preferred missile: Mx-50
    Available ships: Apollo, Valkyrie
    Available laser: Ml-16, Disruptor
    Available missile: Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Destroy All Sentry Guns
    *Investigate Any Remaining Cargo
    Secondary Objectives
    *Use Your Sensors to Scan the Shivan Cargo Containers
    Inspect all cargo
    Destroy Sentries
    Investigate remaining cargo
    Jump back to base
    When you enter the mission, your wingmen and Command will chat.  Head
    toward the cargo depot.  A Dragon-class fighter will jump in and
    quickly jump out.  Continue toward the depot.  Another Dragon will
    enter and exit quickly.  When you get reasonably close to the cargo,
    some of the cargo containers will begin to explode.  When they are all
    done, there will only be six left when there was 36 to begin with.
    This will trigger the arrival of three wings of Shivans (2 Manticore
    and 1 Scorpion) and the Taranis cruiser.  The Taranis is invulnerable.
    You can't kill it.  I have hit it with twenty Shivan Super Lasers and
    it didn't die.  You waste your time attacking it and it has one wing of
    Manticores guarding it.  Command will order you to scan the remaining
    cargo.  Scan the remaining cargo.  2 will have nothing and 4 will have
    Sensor Arrays.  Then you may proceed to jump out.
    I have noticed that after doing this mission correctly, I didn't get
    the normal recommendation.  If anybody can get the normal
    recommendation, please e-mail me and tell me how.  See the top
    for my address.
    It is fortunate that you were able to escape the Shivan trap.  Your
    persistence in obtaining the data we needed is commendable.
    While you were unable to gather the shield data, another of our Ikeya
    task forces was successful in acquiring it.
    The data you did gather about Shivan sensor technology will be vital in
    combating the Shivan forces.  Our technicians now believe they will be
    able to implement a targeting solution for Shivan ships.  Good work,
    The Hammer and the Anvil
    Difficulty Rating: 5 of 10
    Command Briefing
    Cease Fire
    The GTA has signed a cease-fire and non-aggression pact with the
    Vasudans.  Command has already expressed great relief, largely due to
    the huge drain on military and economic resources the war has caused in
    the past few years.
    The end of a 14-year war should bring peace.  Unfortunately there is no
    time to breathe easy.
    After the 3rd fleet lost the GTD Amadeus in the Vega system, the GTA
    and the Parliament of Vasuda have both declared open states of war
    against the Shivan forces.
    Vasudan Dissent
    Unfortunately, not all Vasudan forces have agreed to the cease-fire.
    Reports of attacks by a rogue group of Vasudans calling themselves the
    "Hammer of Light"
    Hammer of Light (HOL) appears to be willfully aiding the Shivan cause,
    citing some Vasudan legend of an all-powerful race.
    If you encounter any HOL forces, you are to treat them as hostile and
    are to use any force necessary to neutralize them.
    New Technology: Shivan Tracking
    With the vital data gathered by the Galatea at the Ikeya depot, our
    technicians now know enough about Shivan technology to successfully
    target their ships.  You should also be able to track them on radar.
    New Technology: Avenger Cannon
    The Avenger Cannon is now being loaded on every Terran and Vasudan ship
    in the galaxy.  You will find these cannons far more effective against
    the Shivan shields.
    New Technology: Shield System
    A strike squad sent from the 5th fleet into the Ikeya system was able
    to recover some Shivan prototypes.  Fully functioning versions of this
    technology are being developed for use on GTA fighters.
    The shields themselves are being transferred through the Beta Cygni
    system to the Ribos system.  This shipment must arrive in Ribos.
    Report to mission briefing in 30 minutes.
    At roughly 1400 hours a large convoy carrying one of our newly
    developed shield prototypes was deployed.  It was expected that the
    Shivans would attack the convoy.
    The Shivans destroyed the convoy.  What the Shivans do not know is that
    the convoy was a decoy.  There were a total of 4 working prototypes,
    only one of which was destroyed.
    You are to take two wings of fighters to escort the three remaining
    shield prototypes.  The Shivans should just think you are just another
    shipment headed for Beta Cygni.  This is not the direct route to Earth,
    which should divert the Shivans from our true intent.
    You are to accompany the freighters until the Vasudans arrive to escort
    them on the second leg.  Do not leave the freighters until they have
    jumped to the Beta Cygni system.
    The Shivans have hit everything sent from this installation.  Expect
    resistance.  Many pilots lost their lives today that the chances for
    success on this mission would be greater.  You will succeed.
    Preferred Ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred Laser: 2 Avenger
    Preferred Missile: Mx-50
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury
    Primary Objectives
    *Escort shield prototypes
    Bonus Objectives
    *Escort all prototypes to jump node
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Krishna
    Destroy Rama
    Destroy Durga
    Return to Base
    Let me tell you now, this is a hard mission.  First all will be quiet.
    Then two wings of two Basilisks (Arjuna wing) will jump in.  After that
    the Andromeda, Omega 1-3, and Rho will jump in.  The Andromeda will
    call for assistance as Hammer of Light forces have already damaged it
    down to the mid thirties.  Order Rho to protect Cargo Gamma and ignore
    the Andromeda's pleas.  If you save it you do not receive anything, and
    it is extremely tough to do anyway.  Just let the two wings of Hammer
    of Light ships toy around with it and then they won't hurt you.  Quite
    soon after the Andromeda is attacked, Krishna wing will arrive.  It
    will attack the cargo.  Destroy them quickly.  Next will be Rama wing.
    Destroy them quickly also.  Lastly will be in succession two wings of
    Basilisks.  After you dispatch them your Vasudan reinforcements will
    arrive.  They will chat but don't waste time.  Target one of the Seth
    fighters and shoot it.  Trust me.  Target the other Seth and shoot it
    too.  Ignore Command yelling at you.  Shoot the Anubis's if you have
    time.  Omicron 1 will jump in and tell you that the reinforcements are
    really the Hammer of Light.  That is why you should have shot the
    reinforcements.  They will be easy to kill now.  After you destroy the
    Hammer of Light ships stay by the cargo and wait until they reach the
    jump node and jump out.  Then proceed to do the same.
    You did a superb job defending the shield prototypes.  You were able to
    save all three, which not only gives us the technology, but will help
    expedite its mass production.
    Your performance will go down in the books as a standard for future
    pilots to follow.  Simply outstanding, pilot!
    Advanced Training #2
    Difficulty Rating: 1 of 10
    Welcome to advanced training
    As you know, research has been completed on the new shielding
    technology.  Shields are being added to all fighters and bombers.  In
    this training mission, you will be instructed on the use of your shield
    In addition to the shield technology, the new Interceptor Aspect
    Seeking Missile is now available.  They are more powerful than the Mx-
    50s but they require a lock before they may be fired.  You will learn
    how to properly use the Interceptor in this mission.
    The shield is an important addition to your ship.  And the Interceptors
    are a formidable addition to your arsenal.  You must learn how to use
    them well.
    Preferred Ship: Apollo
    Preferred Laser: 2 Ml-16
    Preferred Missile: 2 Interceptors
    Available Ships: Apollo
    Available Lasers: Ml-16
    Available Missiles: Interceptor
    Target freighter 1
    Fire Interceptor
    Fire Interceptor
    Target Weapons subsystem
    Destroy Weapons
    Destroy Freighter 1
    Destroy Drones
    Destroy DroneB Fighters
    Balance Shields
    Maximize front quadrant
    Maximize rear quadrant
    Just do what the instructor tells you.  You will pass it with no
    trouble.  Don't you love those Interceptors?
    The Darkness and the Light
    Difficulty Rating: 4 of 10
    The radical splinter group known as the Hammer of Light has been
    conducting many suprise attacks on convoys throughout Beta Cygni.
    These attacks must be stopped.  The Hammer of Light presence is to be
    eliminated from this system once and for all.
    A Hammer of Light cargo depot which is believed to be the primary
    supply center for all Hammer of Light activities in this system has
    been located.
    This depot is guarded by a wing of Seth class fighters as well as an
    Aten class cruiser, the Ramses.  The Hammer of Light does not have
    shielding technology, so this operation should be simple.
    Your primary objective is to capture the Aten cruiser Ramses.  You are
    to disable and disarm it with Disruptor cannons, then protect the Omega
    transports while they capture it.
    Do not destroy the Ramses.  The crew will be interrogated to learn more
    about the Hammer of Light.
    Once the Ramses has been disabled and disarmed, destroy all cargo in
    the area.  The Hammer of Light can not be permitted to resupply.  The
    containers store Vasudan supplies useless to the GTA.
    You are to lead Alpha wing on this operation.  Your ships are equipped
    with our new shielding system.  In case of any unforeseen problems,
    await further orders from Command.
    Preferred Ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred Laser: 2 Avenger
    Preferred Missiles: Mx-50
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Interceptor
    Primary Objectives
    *Capture the Ramses
    Secondary Objectives
    *Destroy Cargo Depot
    Bonus Objectives
    *Destroy any freighters
    Capture Ramses
    Destroy Cargo
    Destroy Aires
    Destroy Virgo
    Once you arrive, order your wingmen to ignore the Ramses.  Go destroy
    one of the Satis freighters to complete your bonus objective.  Then
    destroy all the cargo, one by one.  Forget about the Ramses.  Soon you
    will see why.  By the time you destroy the cargo, unless you are a
    speed demon, the Taranis should have jumped in.  Order your wingmen to
    depart.  You now have a choice to make, you can either jump out now, or
    choose to destroy the Shivan fighters and bombers.  The Shivan fighters
    and bombers are no real threat so if your hull integrity isn't very low
    engage the fighters.  If you see that the Ramses is down to about 4%
    hull or around there, proceed to kill it yourself.  Your resume looks
    better with a kill of an Aten on it.
    Unfortunately, the Taranis has been interfering with all operations in
    the Beta Cygni system.
    The destruction of the Ramses, while unfortunate, was not your fault.
    It is good that you destroyed the cargo before the Shivans could
    capture it.
    The destruction of the escaping freighters is important.  The Hammer of
    Light will have a difficult time starting up their Beta Cygni
    operations again without supplies.
    It is disturbing that the Hammer of Light fighters have shield
    technology after all.
    It seems this rebellion is far greater in scope than we had initially
    First Strike
    Difficulty Rating: 6 of 10
    Command Briefing
    The Taranis
    Initial attacks have gone off without a hitch, and the Taranis is on
    her last leg.  Delta and Epsilon wings have destroyed most of the
    Taranis' fighter escort.  It is time to finish the job.
    To this end, Terran Command has sent a full wing of Athena bombers,
    equipped with the newly developed Stiletto Bomb.
    New Technology: Athena Bomber
    The Athena is our most maneuverable bomber.  It carries a massive
    payload, yet, in dogfights, is nearly as effective as a fighter.
    New Technology: Stiletto Space Bomb
    The Stiletto bomb has now been thoroughly tested back in Sol and is
    ready for use.  It can be used to destroy subsystems on any ship and
    should prove more effective than the Disruptor cannon.  The electronics
    seeking device should make it simple to use.  Just point and shoot.
    Stiletto homing capabilities are limited, so make sure you get a clean
    shot before you launch.  The Stiletto should be especially useful in
    destroying the Taranis' engines and weapons subsystems.
    All Athena bombers will be equipped with Stilettos and will be piloted
    by Alpha wing.
    The Cain-class cruiser Taranis has been chased from the Beta Cygni
    system back to the Ikeya system.  It is low on supplies, and, due to
    recent engagements, is lightly guarded.
    Long range sensors indicated that only two fighters and three bombers
    remain to protect the Taranis.
    The Taranis is heading to the Beta Cygni subspace node, where it will
    probably resupply.  This will allow for a small window of opportunity
    in which to conduct a strike.
    Your primary objective is to disable and disarm the Taranis in order to
    enable its capture.  This will be our first attempt to capture a major
    Shivan vessel.  Three wings will be assigned to this task.
    Alpha wing will be flying Athena bombers.  These bombers just arrived
    on the Galatea and are equipped with the new Stiletto bomb.  The
    Stiletto is capable of destroying subsystems in one hit.  Alpha's
    primary responsibility will be to disarm and disable the Taranis.
    Beta wing is assigned to escort Alpha and protect it from fighter
    attacks.  Beta will fly
    Apollo-class fighters.
    Gamma will fly Valkyries and should engage any hostile fighters and
    bombers in the area.  If needed elsewhere, they can be assigned to any
    task that you see fit.
    Once the Taranis has been disarmed and disabled, Omega transports will
    arrive and capture it.  When the Taranis has been captured, you are to
    return to the Galatea for debriefing.
    Do not allow the Taranis to escape or be destroyed.  Good luck.
    Preferred Ship: Athena
    Preferred Laser: 2 Avenger
    Preferred Missile: Stiletto, Fury
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie, Athena
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Stiletto
    Primary Objectives
    *Capture the Taranis
    Secondary Objectives
    *Disable the Taranis
    *Disarm the Taranis
    Disable the Taranis
    Destroy Indra
    Disarm the Taranis
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Krishna
    Oversee Capture of Taranis
    Destroy Rama
    Destroy Vishnu
    Return to Base
    Order your wingmen to ignore the Taranis.  They will engage all the
    fighters and bombers button your way to the Taranis you might want to
    throw a missile or two at one of them.  Switch your secondary weapon to
    Stiletto with /.  Target the Taranis's engines and take them out with
    the Stilettos.  Then take out the turrets using your Stilettos.  You
    target turrets and missile launchers using {k}.  Then Omega 1 and 2
    will jump in.  Omega 1 will dock with the Taranis but say the
    attachment was unsuccessful.  Then Omega 2 will dock and try to
    penetrate the hull.  After a short time Omega 2 will give up.  After
    that the Halkins will jump in and dock with the Taranis.  The Halkins
    will ask for time to brace the attachment and then head to the jump
    node.  All this while you are fighting 4 Rama Basilisks and 2 Vishnu
    Scorpions throughout the mission.  After the Halkins has departed with
    the Taranis, return to base.
    Congratulations, Alpha 1.  You were instrumental in the first capture
    of a major Shivan vessel!
    The Halkins is taking her to the Tombaugh station, where engineers will
    be able to study their technology and learn more about their methods
    and motives.
    Meanwhile, feel free to relax for a few days.  You deserve it.
    And so begins the Lucifer saga... (dum, dum, dum)
    Difficulty Rating: 3 of 10
    Command Briefing
    Tombaugh Station Attack
    We've just received some discouraging news from Terran Command, pilots.
    At 0300 today, after the captured Taranis was towed to Tombaugh
    installation in the Ribos system, the Shivans staged a major ambush.
    There isn't a lot of confirmation from the footage yet, but its clear
    that a Shivan destroyer of massive proportions jumped in and destroyed
    Tombaugh Station, along with all its defenses.  We have designated this
    new class of Destroyer "Lucifer".  (Dum, dum, dum)
    Debris from the station is still falling from orbit on Ribos 4.
    The Lucifer
    Terran and Vasudan cruisers engaged the Lucifer but were wiped out
    quickly.  Footage suggests that the Lucifer was using a new type of
    shield impervious to any of our attacks.  Needless to say, this is grim
    news.  If the Shivan have managed to shield a vessel of that magnitude,
    it's merely a matter of time before they wipe out all front line
    installations and march through to our home systems.
    System Status
    At this point, the Shivans have control of Beta Cygni, Betelgeuse, Ross
    128, Ikeya, and Regulus.  Most of the Vasudan forces are gathering in
    Vega for a counterstrike, while we are gathering our fleet in Antares
    for an effort to retake Ribos and Beta Cygni.  Oddly enough, the
    Shivans don't seem to be interested in taking control of any planets in
    the systems, or collecting natural resources.  Instead, they seem to be
    focused on controlling individual jump nodes.
    New Technology: Flail Cannon
    Research and development teams at Sol have recently completed
    development on a few new weapons.
    A group of Terran scientists has returned from a previously unexplored
    system known as Laramis, and bring with them a new weapon called the
    The Flail is quite different from our typical energy cannons.  Please
    consult the weapons database in the Tech Room for more details.
    New Technology: Interceptor Missile
    Our communications with Vasudan technicians have yielded the
    Interceptor missile.  By combining the Vasudan-designed engine with a
    Terran warhead, we were able to produce the most powerful anti-fighter
    weapon yet.  It's an aspect-seeking missile, and requires a few seconds
    to lock on to the enemy's engine signature, but its speed and accuracy
    make it lethal.  Use it well.
    The survivors of the Tombaugh attack must be evacuated from the Ribos
    system immediately.  We do not have sufficient firepower to retake
    Ribos at this time.  Your wing's objective will be to escort the Iota
    Other wings will be accompanying this convoy.  Alpha wing will be in
    charge of this operation and will have command authority.
    The convoy must reach the designated check point.  Escort from this
    point onward will be provided by allied Vasudan forces, led by the PVD
    Hostile forces have been spotted all over this system, and there is a
    good chance that our convoy will be attacked by Shivan forces.
    All hostile forces should be eliminated.
    The PVD Pinnacle will be arriving at the designated check point.  This
    Typhon class Destroyer has one of the most skilled crews in the PVE.
    It will escort the refugees for the remainder of the journey.
    Help the Pinnacle until it has dismissed you, then return to base.
    Many lives depend on this mission.  Good luck.
    Preferred Ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred Laser: 2 Avenger
    Preferred Missile: Interceptor (Yeah!)
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie, Athena
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Stiletto, Interceptor
    Primary Objectives
    *Escort Iota to Meet with the Pinnacle
    Secondary Objectives
    *Destroy All Remaining Fighters
    Escort Iota
    Destroy Vishnu
    Destroy Indra
    Destroy Krishna
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Rama
    Destroy Bheema
    Destroy Asura
    You will like the Interceptor a lot, I guarantee it.  At first your
    wingmen will chat.  Around 1:30 into the mission the GTFR Nelson will
    startle you and jump in.  Quickly press {c} then {1} then {Page Down}
    then {5} then {3}.  This will order the Nelson to depart, in turn
    allowing you to destroy Vishnu wing who would have jumped out after
    quickly destroying the Nelson.  After that many wings of Shivan
    fighters and bombers will jump in and attack.  There will be lots of
    them so just pick them off, one by one, going after the bombers first.
    Before you know it, you'll be done or the Pinnacle will jump in.  If
    there are any leftover Shivans when the Pinnacle jumps in, they will
    jump out and make you fail some directives.  Once the Pinnacle has
    arrived, two wings of Basilisks will attack.  They are easy, just kill
    them and jump out.
    Great job, Alpha 1.  You managed to save all three of the Iota
    transports from the Shivan attacks.  We were told by the crew of the
    Pinnacle to congratulate you on a job well done.  The civilians on
    those transports owe you their lives as well.
    The Big Bang
    Difficulty Rating: 5 of 10
    Red alert!  The GTS Asimov and the GTC Ravage are under attack in the
    Antares system.
    The GTS Asimov was working on project Tsunami, which involves
    hyperactive substances.  These substances are extremely volatile.  If
    the Asimov is destroyed, the reagents are likely to reach critical
    mass.  Analysis predicts a shockwave of up to five kilometers in
    The station is in bad shape.  We need to clear the area, then transport
    the scientist out of there.
    When the area is secure, the GTT Spomer will jump in and retrieve the
    scientists.  After they have been safely evacuated, return to base.
    We have five ships in the hangar.  We have no time to get them fully
    loaded out.  Suit up!  You're launching in two minutes.
    Preferred Ship: Apollo
    Preferred Laser: Avenger, Ml-16
    Preferred Missile: Mx-50
    Available Ships: Apollo
    Available Lasers: Avenger, Ml-16
    Available Missiles: Mx-50
    Primary Objectives
    *Protect GTS Asimov
    Secondary Objectives
    *Protect GTC Ravage
    Destroy Rama
    Destroy Indra
    Destroy Vishnu
    Destroy Krishna
    Destroy Bheema
    There will be a lot of Shivans in the area when you arrive.  Kill Indra
    wing first and then any Scorpions that are still left.  Pay special
    attention to any bombers that arrive.  Destroy them first.  When the
    area is clear of Rama, Indra, and Vishnu wings, the GTT Spomer will
    jump in and dock with the Asimov.  Then it will depart.  Then you
    should kill any leftover fighters and leave.
    Great job, pilot.  You managed to protect the Asimov.  All the data for
    project Tsunami has been secured, and it should be completed within
    The crew of the GTC Ravage thanks you for saving their lives.  The
    Shivans will find their assault on Antares far more difficult with the
    Ravage on board.
    La Ruota Della Fortuna
    Difficulty Rating: 4 of 10
    Command Briefing
    Our Mission
    The Hammer of Light has decimated the Vasudan fleet at Vega.  Most of
    the surviving Vasudan forces have retreated to Deneb and Antares.
    Because our fleet is also holding Antares, relations between the VPE
    and the GTA have been strained.
    In order to quell the tension, we have been ordered to eliminate all
    Hammer of Light outposts in the vicinity.  Fortunately, we have some
    new tools to assist us.
    New Technology: Phoenix V Missile
    Our first new weapon is the Phoenix V anti-bomber warhead.  This
    missile can puncture the thickest of shields, and can also be used
    against larger targets, like freighters.  More details are available in
    the Tech Room.
    New Technology: Medusa Bomber
    We have also acquired a wing of the new Medusa bombers.  Though they
    are slower and less maneuverable than the Athena, they are far more
    powerful.  Once again, details can be found in the Tech Room.
    New Technology: Tsunami Space Bomb
    The new Tsunami bomb is the ultimate anti-cruiser weapon, and can be
    carried by the Medusas.  Just a few of these will take out any cruiser,
    and the Hammer of Light Aten-class cruisers are no exception.  You'll
    be using this bomb quite often against major Hammer of Light outposts.
    Here in the Antares system we have detected a small HOL base of
    operations.  Your squadron is being sent to eliminate it.
    You will destroy all Hammer of Light ships, then jump back to the
    Galatea.  The Galatea will be monitoring you in case the situation gets
    out of hand.  Good luck.
    Preferred Ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred Laser: 2 Avenger
    Preferred Missile: Interceptor
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie, Athena, Medusa
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Stiletto, Interceptor, Phoenix V,
    Primary Objectives
    *Eliminate Hammer of Light presence in Beta Aquilae
    (Where did Beta Aquilae come from?)
    *Destroy All Shivans in Area
    Secondary Objectives
    *Ensure Galatea Hull Greater Than 50
    Destroy Durga
    Destroy Indra
    Destroy Asura
    Destroy Vishnu
    Destroy Krishna
    Destroy the Hellions
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Rama
    When you arrive, the Hammer outpost will be gone and some damaged
    Shivans will be around.  Destroy them quickly and wait for the
    Galatea's assistance.  Once the Galatea arrives, Hellions 1 and 2
    will arrive.  Order all fighters to attack Hellions 1 while you destroy
    any fighters or bombers.  Once Hellions 1 is down, order your wingmen
    to destroy Hellions 2.  You should still be attacking all fighters that
    threaten the Galatea.  Once the area is clear and the Galatea has left,
    jump out.
    We are pleased that you were able to suppress the Shivan influence in
    the Beta Aquilae system.  Their arrival was unexpected, and battling
    the Shivans always takes a heavy toll on our forces.  Fortunately, we
    can take some bitter comfort in the fact that they "helped" us
    eliminate the Hammer of Light presence in Beta Aquilae.
    Where Eagles Dare
    Difficulty Rating: 2 of 10
    In this mission we will be assaulting a secondary supply and rearming
    facility under Hammer of Light control.  It is located in an asteroid
    belt in the Antares system.
    Intelligence indicates the main defenses will be two sentry guns and
    one wing of Vasudan fighters.
    Recently, the transfer of cargo in this area has increased
    dramatically.  It appears to be coming from the Ribos system.
    This jump node to the Ribos system is approximately ten kilometers
    away.  It will be the only means of escape.  All of the Gemini
    transports must be destroyed before they reach the subspace node.
    A wing to GTA freighters will jump in to recover remaining cargo.  Keep
    the area secure until they are finished.  Good luck.
    Preferred Ship: Athena
    Preferred Laser: 2 Avenger
    Preferred Missile: Interceptor, Stiletto
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie, Athena, Medusa
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Stiletto, Interceptor, Tsunami
    Primary Objectives
    *Clear the Area of all Hostile Ships
    Secondary Objectives
    *Destroy Gemini Transports
    Destroy Gemini
    Destroy Virgo
    Destroy Cancer
    Destroy Aires
    When you arrive, there will be two wings of three Seth fighters.
    Destroy them.  Then take out the Gemini transports.  After you have
    done that go to the jump node and destroy the sentry gun and the six
    Anubis fighters that should have arrived by now.  Once the sentry is
    down, your freighters will arrive to take the cargo.  Taurus wing will
    have arrived by now so just destroy them.  Once the area is secured,
    return to base.
    Excellent work.  The area has been secured and no Hammer of Light ships
    escaped.  Your persistence in accomplishing your objectives is to be
    With Cheats: 0 of 10
    Without Cheats: 7 of 10
    In this mission it is okay to use cheats.  I suggest you look at the
    cheats section before you play this mission.  It will help you in the
    next mission.
    Command Briefing
    The Tombaugh Attack
    Terran Intelligence has spent the last two weeks analyzing flight data
    from the Tombaugh station attack.  The data on the Shivan Lucifer has
    been given special attention.  Intelligence believes the Shivans were
    tracking the captured Taranis cruiser through subspace to the station.
    The Lucifer
    Intelligence doesn't know how the Shivans tracked the Taranis escort,
    but they've got a team of engineers trying to figure it out.  They are
    also analyzing the shield system on the Lucifer.  Unlike the shields on
    Shivan fighters and bombers, this shield appears impervious, not merely
    resistant, to all of our weapons.
    The Shivan Attack Plan
    With the loss of Tombaugh station, the Shivans have gained control of
    the Ribos subspace node.  That leaves now only two subspace jumps
    between the Lucifer and the Vasudan homeworld.
    We must defend Vasuda Prime.  Not only is it the humane thing to do,
    but it's in our own interests as well.  If the Shivans gain control of
    that system, it will be a short walk to Earth, itself.
    The Location of Sol
    While their proximity to Earth is cause for concern, we have no reason
    to believe that the Shivans know the location of our homeworld.  There
    are dozens of star systems of the Ribos subspace node and the Shivans
    will likely have to examine them all.  It is obvious, however, that
    they are narrowing it down, and we can't afford to give up one more
    Our Orders
    The Lucifer-class Destroyer was last sighted in the Ribos system,
    leading us to believe that Antares is the focal point for the next
    Shivan offensive.  We're going to move the Galatea and its fleet to the
    Beta Aquilae system, in case the Shivans decide to attack Vasuda Prime
    through there.  Command is sending another Orion-class destroyer the
    GTD Bastion, to the Antares system to help us with the blockade.  But
    for now we're the only defense.
    New Technologies:  Hercules Fighter and Synaptic Cluster Bomb
    I am pleased to announce that we have two new weapons to use against
    the Shivans, the Hercules Heavy Assault Fighter, and the Synaptic
    Cluster Bomb.  You may study these in the Tech Room.  They will prove
    very useful.
    Report in twenty minutes for your mission briefings.
    In order to protect Vasuda Prime, the GTD Galatea will be moving from
    Antares to Beta Aquilae.
    Alpha and Beta will provide support.
    The sentry guns surrounding the jump node were severely damaged in the
    recent Hammer of Light attack.  Alpha wing will inspect sentry guns to
    determine if they are salvageable.  Beta wing will provide cover.
    The Galatea will jump into Antares, reset its coordinates, then jump to
    Beta Aquilae.  Lately, the Hammer of Light has been attacking all ships
    passing through the jump node.  It is your responsibility to destroy
    all enemy ships that you encounter.
    After the Galatea jumps to Beta Aquilae, you will be contacted by the
    Detiula Installation in the Antares system.  There you will receive
    your briefing and move on to your next mission.  Intelligence has
    specifically requested you and your wing for these missions.  Good
    luck, pilot.
    Preferred Ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred Laser: 2 Ml-16 for cheats, 2 Avenger for no cheats
    Preferred Missile: Mx-50 for cheats, Interceptor for no cheats
    Available Ships: Apollo, Valkyrie, Athena, Medusa, Hercules
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Stiletto, Interceptor, Tsunami,
    Primary Objectives
    *Protect the Galatea until it jumps
    Secondary Objectives
    *Inspect the sentry guns
    Inspect the sentry guns
    Destroy Aires
    Destroy Leo
    Destroy Libra
    Destroy Gemini
    Guard the Galatea
    Destroy Scorpio
    Destroy Virgo
    Destroy Cancer
    Destroy Taurus
    Destroy Mauler
    Strategy for Cheaters (Winners)
    As soon as you jump in, type "www.volition-inc.com".  Then use ~ + I.
    If you haven't already done so, use ~ + w.  Next target Alpha 2 and hit
    ~ + {Shift} + I.  Do this with Alpha 3 and Beta wing.  Next hit ~ +
    Shift + 0.  Your primary weapon slot 1 should now be Shivan Super
    Laser.  If not, then you forgot Shift or you didn't start with Ml-16.
    Repeat this with your other Ml-16 selected.  Now, if not already
    accomplished by your wingmen, scan the sentries.  Use ~ + k while they
    are targeted to kill them.  Quickly use ~ + 9 repeatedly until your
    secondary weapon is Hornet.  Use ~ + I + Shift to make the Galatea
    invincible.  Now kill all the fighters.  When you start the next
    mission, you will have the weapons you switched to in this mission.
    Strategy for No Cheats (Losers)
    Scan sentry gun.  Kill sentry guns.  Kill all fighters.  Continue to
    kill all fighters when the HOL attack wing jumps in.  Once the Rammer
    jumps in, order your wingmen to kill it while you watch.  Conserve your
    weapons.  Don't lose wingmen.  Your wingmen's hull, your hull, and your
    secondary weapon stock will transfer to the next mission.  Uncool.
    No debriefing
    Shell Game
    Difficulty Rating if you used cheats in the last mission: 3 of 10
    Difficulty Rating if you didn't use cheats in the last mission: 8 of 10
    We have reason to believe that the Shivan Destroyer Eva is in the
    Antares system near the Antares-Vega jump node.
    You will jump to this subspace node and investigate.  Destroy any
    Further orders will be given to you in mission.
    Delta wing will be flying Medusa bombers and will assist you.  If you
    need further assistance, call in Epsilon.  Galactic Terran Intelligence
    Note:  The ship, number of weapons, and hull integrity that you had
    when you exited the last mission will be the same in the beginning of
    this mission.
    Primary Objectives
    *Destroy Shivan Transports
    *Protect the Shivan Cargo
    Secondary Objectives
    *Destroy the Shivan freighters
    Destroy Freighters
    Destroy Transports
    Destroy Rama
    Destroy Krishna
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Bheema
    Identify Cargo 4
    Strategy for cheats in last mission (recommended)
    Use the Shivan Super Laser to kill the Transports.  Then wait for the
    freighters to release their cargo and then destroy them.  Kill all
    fighters and later watch the Dobbs and Stern blow up.
    Strategy if you didn't use cheats in the last mission (not recommended)
    Call in Epsilon wing fast.  Order each wing to destroy one of the
    freighters, then pick one of the freighters and blow it up.  Ignore any
    fighters until all freighters and transports are dead.  Continue to
    kill freighters until they are all dead and then quickly take out the
    transports.  Then proceed to kill all fighters.  You will most likely
    have to try this one over many times before successfully completing the
    mission.  When you do, stay tense, the hardest and most annoying
    mission of the game is only one mission away (yay)!
    We have recovered two of the abandoned cargo containers.  Intelligence
    believes analysis will prove useful so the Stern and Dobbs won't have
    been lost in vain.
    It took great skill to destroy the freighters while preserving the
    cargo.  Well done, pilot.
    That you were also able to destroy all Shivan transports is impressive.
    Enter the Dragon
    Difficulty Rating: 7 of 10
    Command Briefing
    Our Orders
    We are under general quarters because a fighter patrol detected ships
    from the Lucifer fleet approaching Vasuda Prime.
    Somehow, the Shivans have circumvented our blockade at Antares, and now
    have control of the Deneb system.  We are en-route to Deneb as we
    spead.  ETA is thirty-five minutes, so when you leave here, report to
    your wing station for immediate mission briefings.
    The Lucifer itself is behind the vanguard force, so we can expect it to
    make an appearance at any time.
    New Technology: Ulysses Advanced Fighter
    The Terran-Vasudan Ulysses project has been completed, and the Galatea
    has received a full compliment of these fighters.  It is the most
    maneuverable craft ever developed by the PVN or the GTA, and it should
    be extremely useful in the next series of sorties.  It can also be
    equipped with the Prometheus cannon, the most powerful cannon weapon
    we've ever developed.  Use them both well.
    Capturing a Shivan Fighter
    Intelligence has concocted a daring plan to enable us to learn more
    about the Shivans.  We are going to attempt to capture a Shivan
    fighter.  Suit up and report to mission stations immediately.
    The Shivans have established quite a base of operations in the Deneb
    system.  They have multiple supply depots scattered across the system,
    as well as several repair centers for their damaged fighters.
    Each of their repair stations consists of a Cain-class cruiser and
    extra supplies.  The Shakti is one such cruiser in the area.
    All fighters in the area around the Shakti badly damaged and in need of
    repair.  This makes them easy targets.  One of our objectives is to put
    this repair station out of commission.  This will greatly reduce Shivan
    capacity in the Deneb system.
    One of the fighters being repaired by the Shakti is a Dragon-class
    fighter, designated "Arjuna 1."  The Dragon is the Shivans' most
    maneuverable craft, and the most dangerous.
    Intelligence has requested tat we capture the Dragon for research
    purposes.  Since the Arjuna 1 Dragon is very low on power, it is in a
    weakened state, and is the best candidate for this operation.  You must
    disable Arjuna 1 by destroying its engine subsystem.
    Once Arjuna 1 has been disabled, the Charon will dock with it and jump
    back to the Galatea.  We must capture Arjuna 1.  We cannot allow it to
    be destroyed.  To this end, we've equipped it with our advanced
    disruptor cannon.  Use it to take out its engines.
    Since this station is so poorly defended, we are only sending Alpha and
    Beta to attack.  Alpha will cover Beta until the Shakti has been
    destroyed.  Then Alpha will attempt to disable Arjuna 1.
    If Alpha fails to disable Arjuna 1, Delta wing will be available.  As
    Delta is currently guarding the Bastion, we will only send them if it
    is imperative.  However, we believe you can do it without their help.
    Because we are custom outfitting your ship, you will not be able to
    customize your loadout.  You have your orders.  Dismissed.
    Available Ships: Ulysses
    Available Lasers: Prometheus, Advanced Disruptor
    Available Missiles: Interceptor
    Primary Objectives
    *Destroy the Cain cruiser Shakti
    *Disable and capture the Arjuna 1 fighter
    Bonus Objectives
    *Disable Arjuna without Delta's help
    Destroy Shakti
    Disable Arjuna 1
    Destroy Morkali
    Destroy Lorkonius
    Capture Arjuna
    Here goes.  Attack the fighters but order your wingmen to ignore Arjuna
    1 otherwise they will destroy it (smart wingmen).  Destroy Morkali
    which is docked with Shakti, then kill sentries, cargo for fun, and
    join in against the Shakti.  When the Lorkonius jumps in, order all
    wingmen to kill it.  If you don't, you won't have time to kill it.  It
    only stays for about 45 seconds.  Then order everyone to ignore Arjuna
    1 again and party on with the Shakti.  Once the Shakti is dead, switch
    to Advanced Disruptor and disable Arjuna 1.  It can't recharge its
    shields so once you hit the shields, the damage is permanently done.
    Be patient!!!  Once it is disabled, wait until the Charon has departed.
    Then jump out.
    For fun, use the Advanced Disruptor on the fighter that is disabled at
    the beginning.
    Great work, Alpha 1.  We've destroyed a Shivan repair depot, and
    managed to get a hold of an intact Shivan fighter.  Our technicians are
    currently working on reverse engineering it.
    Playing Judas
    Difficulty Rating: 5 of 10 (an understatement)
    Let me tell you now, you will not enjoy this mission.  You will be
    relieved to get it over with.  Trust me.  Do not get frustrated if you
    fail this mission ten times before completing it.  It happened to me.
    Frustration is your worst enemy in this mission.
    Command Briefing
    Our Orders
    We have now entered the Deneb system.  After your investigation of the
    Lucifer at Antares, Terran Command has deduced that the Shivans will be
    attempting a multiple pronged attack on Vasuda Prime coming from Deneb
    and Antares.
    The Intrepid and the Minnow will be in charge of protecting the
    Antares-Vasuda Prime node, while the Galatea and the Bastion will be
    guarding Deneb.
    The Shivan Attack
    We expect the main force of the Shivan attack will come through
    Antares, led by the Lucifer.  A smaller force, led by the Demon-class
    Destroyer Eva, will come through Deneb.  The Shivans already control
    the Vega-Deneb jump node, so our defense will have to be at the Deneb-
    Vasuda Prime Jump Node.
    Finding and destroying the Eva destroyer is our top priority.
    The Captured Shivan Dragon
    As you know, we captured a Shivan Dragon class fighter in Beta Aquilae.
    Our technicians have retro-fitted this alien fighter with Terran
    instrumentation and gotten it into working condition.
    However, there are a few flaws with our redesign.  We could not get the
    Shivan weaponry to operate, so this fighter has been equipped with
    Terran weaponry.  We also could properly operate the lateral thrusters
    or afterburners, so the ship's maneuverability is limited.
    We also have had some difficulty with the Shivan engine systems.  In
    test runs, the Dragon broke down for short periods of time.  We are
    looking into this problem as we speak.
    The capture of this Shivan fighter will bring great strides in fighter
    technology to the Alliance.
    In this mission we will be using the captured Shivan Dragon-class
    fighter on a scouting mission in the Deneb system.
    The Shivans seem to be bringing in a large number of vessels into the
    Deneb system through the Vega Jump Node.  We believe this is in
    preparation for a preliminary assault on Vasuda Prime.
    Because the Shivans have tight control over the Vega-Deneb jump node,
    we cannot send in a Terran scout.  By flying the Shivan Dragon, we
    believe you will be able to slip in undetected.
    There are four Shivan fighters in the area, maintaining tight patrol.
    If you come into close contact with these fighters, they will certainly
    scan your ship, detect your presence, and open fire.  Avoid contact
    with any of the Arjuna fighters.
    Arjuna seems to be maintaining consistent patterns in their patrol.
    On arrival, observe their flight pattern and plan your course to avoid
    In the event that you are engaged by Arjuna wing, return to base
    Your primary objective is to conduct a close scan of all ships that
    pass through the Vega-Deneb Jump Node.  This includes warships,
    freighters, and transports.  Try to determine the contents of any cargo
    in the area, as well.
    We have reason to believe that a Shivan Demon-class Destroyer, the Eva,
    will be passing through the area.  If it does, it is imperative that
    you scan it.  Remember that your fighter is only partially functional,
    (hint, hint) and it's flight systems will behave unpredictably.  Be
    careful.  Command out.
    Available Ship: Shivan Dragon
    Available Lasers: Avenger, Prometheus
    Available Missiles: Interceptor
    Primary Objectives
    *Scan all Destroyers and Cruisers
    Secondary Objectives
    *Scan all Freighters and Transports
    Bonus Objectives
    *Scan all Cargo
    Inspect Cargo
    Scan Kali
    Scan Durga
    Scan Ratri
    Scan Genma
    Scan Eva
    Scan Lucifer
    Enter Docking Bay
    Return to Base
    O geez!  Whatever you do, don't shoot anything.  You may want to play
    this mission with cheats a few times to get the hang of it.  Fly toward
    cargo 1 and 2.  Scan them.  Scan the Kali freighters that have by now
    warped in.  Next quickly scan cargo 3 and 4.  Bang!  Bonus objective.
    More freighters.  Scan them.  A brief pause.  Monitor Arjuna 1-3 to
    make sure you are far away.  Last group of freighters.  Scan them.
    More pause.  Repeat monitoring Arjuna.  Warp drives die.  Eva jumps in.
    Scan it.  Pause.  Repeat monitoring Arjuna.  Lucifer (hello!) jumps in.
    Scan it.  Put your shield level up by pressing {Home} two times (hint,
    hint).  Scroll through the Lucifer's subsystems until you see
    Fighterbay 1.  Fly by it.  Don't go in it.  Rama will detect you.  Fly
    around in random directions or attack the fighters until your jump
    drives have come back online.  Jump out fast.
    If you ever want to play this mission again, when you scan Ratri wing,
    look at their engine subsystems.  One of the engines should have 2100%
    Pilot, you bring us terrible news.  If both the Eva and the Lucifer are
    here in Deneb, it will be extremely difficult to stop the Shivan
    attack.  Still, you did an excellent job scanning the Shivan warships.
    Well done.
    The fact that you were also able to scan the Shivan supply ships is
    truly outstanding.  Your courage and piloting skills are to be
    However, the news is bad.  The Shivans have enough supplies in these
    ships to sustain a lengthy assault on Vasuda Prime.  We believe their
    attack force will consist of at least eight full squadrons of fighters,
    both Genma cruisers, the Eva, and the Lucifer.  Things do not look
    The cargo you identified contains parts for Shivan fighters.  This
    leads us to believe that the Shivans will set up a base in the Deneb
    sector, near Vasuda Prime.  This information will be invaluable in
    planning our counterstrike.
    Difficulty Rating with Cheats: 0 of 10 (it takes about 5 seconds, too)
    Difficulty Rating without Cheats: 6 of 10
    The Eva has entered the Deneb system.  She is fully armed and poised to
    attack the Deneb-Vasuda Prime Jump Node.
    She is protected by Arjuna and Krishna wings.
    Alpha wing will lead an attack squadron to destroy the Eva.  Alpha wing
    will fly bombers.  Gamma and Beta will cover them.
    We suggest you damage the weapons system on the Eva before you launch
    your Tsunami bombs.  This will prevent the Eva from shooting them down.
    You may need to call in a support ship to rearm yourself.  It is
    estimated that at least twenty Tsunami bombs will be needed to take the
    Eva down.
    Destroying the Eva is imperative.  With the Lucifer in the system as
    well, we cannot tolerate the presence of another Shivan capital ship.
    Good luck.
    Preferred ship: Hercules
    Preferred laser: 2 Prometheus
    Preferred missile: 2 Interceptor
    Note: Make Gamma wing bombers equipped with Tsunami bombs.  You'll
    understand why next mission.
    Available ships: Ulysses, Apollo, Valkyrie, Hercules, Athena, Medusa
    Available lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus
    Available missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Interceptor, Phoenix V, Synaptic,
    Stiletto, Tsunami
    Primary Objectives
    *Destroy the Eva
    Destroy Eva
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Krishna
    Strategy for cheats
    This is easy.  Enable cheats.  Make all friendly targets invincible one
    by one (including yourself).  Kill all fighters.  Change your weapons
    to whatever you want them to be.  Kill the Eva in whatever way pleases
    you (Shivan Super Laser, anyone???).  Wasn't that fun.  Yell at your
    Alpha wingmates for jumping out.
    Strategy for no cheats
    Destroy Arjuna first.  Then take out Krishna.  Then order everyone to
    disarm the Eva.  They will inflict a great deal of damage while doing
    it.  Kill the fighters that jump in and between breaks unload on the
    Eva.  When the Eva gets below 20% hull integrity, call in a support
    ship.  By that time you will probably gotten the hurry up call from the
    Galatea.  Ignore it, you'll do fine.  Once the Eva is dead, you will go
    the next mission.  That is why I said to rearm yourself.
    No debriefing
    Difficulty: 5 of 10
    The Galatea is under fire from Shivan forces and looks sure to be lost.
    Long range sensors indicate at least four wings of bombers and
    interceptors.  The Lucifer is also somewhere in the area.  The Galatea
    must be protected until we can evacuate the personnel.
    The ship type, weapon type, hull integrity, and number of remaining
    weapons will be the same at the start of this mission as when you
    jumped out from last mission.
    Primary Objectives
    *Protect the GTD Galatea
    Secondary Objectives
    *Protect the escaping escape pods
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Indra
    Destroy Bheema
    Destroy Rama
    Destroy Asura
    Protect Escape Pods
    This mission is pretty straight-forward.  First destroy all the bombers
    and then the fighters.  Keep doing so.  Repeat.  Before you know it the
    escape pods will be gone and the Lucifer will jump in.  At this time,
    move to about 2,000 units away from the Galatea, and then wait.  For
    all you pyromaniacs, enjoy the giant explosion of the Galatea (sigh).
    The Galatea has been destroyed.  Many lives, many friends are gone.
    Everyone in the Terran Alliance feels this loss deeply.
    Yet, greater is the tragedy of the Vasudans.  There is nothing between
    the Shivan fleet and Vasuda Prime.  Soon their homeworld will be gone.
    Our fighters fought bravely to preserve the Galatea, but there was
    nothing to be done.  The Lucifer was too powerful.
    Many lives were saved by the Hermes escape pods.  For that we are
    thankful.  But we mourn the loss of Admiral Wolf.  He was a great
    commander and he died with the ship he loved.
    All surviving pilots are reassigned to the GTD Bastion.  Though we all
    lost friends on the Galatea, there is no time to mourn the dead.  The
    fate of the Alliance is grim.
    Difficulty Rating: 7 of 10
    Command Briefing
    New Assignments
    This is Admiral Shima.  I'll be delivering your command briefs while
    you are onboard the GTD Bastion.  I extend a welcome to all pilots
    formerly stationed on the Galatea.  I wish your reassignments could
    have come under better circumstances.
    The loss of the Galatea is a great blow to all of us.  We've lost many
    friends and loved ones.  We also lost many great pilots.  We will need
    to double our efforts if we plan on stopping the Shivan fleet.
    Destruction of Vasuda Prime
    This brings me to the reason for this briefing.  As some of you may
    have already heard, shortly after the destruction of the Galatea at
    nineteen-hundred last night, we received word that the Shivan Lucifer
    made the jump to Vasuda Prime.  The Lucifer fleet bombarded Vasuda
    Prime from orbit for thirteen hours straight.
    Aftermath of Vasuda Attack
    Most escaping transport ships were destroyed.  All major Vasudan cities
    were leveled, and most of the landmass was rendered uninhabitable.  All
    of our attacks launched from the nearby installations were defeated.
    We have lost contact with all Terran ships in the area, but it appears
    that the Shivan fleet has now moved on.  It's estimated that at least
    four billion innocent Vasudans lost their lives in the attack.
    Terran Command is preparing to help evacuate all survivors to other
    habitable worlds in the area.
    Our Orders
    What we need to concentrate on now is keeping the Lucifer fleet from
    making further moves toward Earth.  We've been put on standby status
    and ordered to assist in all evacuation operations in Vasuda Prime and
    the surrounding systems.
    We've lost Deneb.  Antares is virtually undefended.  Vasuda is a
    contested system.
    New Technology: Banshee Laser
    The Banshee laser is now ready for deployment.  We just received a
    partial shipment of them.  The Banshee is specifically designed to take
    down Shivan shields.
    New Technology: Hornet Swarm Missile
    We have also received a full supply of Hornet Swarm Missiles.  These
    are the best anti-fighter missiles in our arsenal, and we expect they
    will receive heavy use on the Bastion.  Full details are available in
    the Tech Room.
    Pilot Attend:  As you know, Vasuda Prime has been devastated.  Our
    focus must now turn to the evacuation of the survivors.  You are to
    take your wing to the subspace node cluster in the Alpha Centauri
    There are 3 subspace nodes in this sector.  They lead to Vasuda,
    Aldebaran, and Sirius.  Civilians will be transported from Vasuda to
    Vasudan warships will travel to and from both the Sirius and Vasuda
    Jump points.
    Because of the strategic importance of this system, we expect the
    Shivans to try and secure it quickly.  You will ensure the safe passage
    of all Allied vessels in the area.  Additional orders will be sent to
    you as they arise.
    Preferred ship: Hercules
    Preferred laser: Prometheus, Banshee
    Preferred missile: Hornet, Interceptor
    Available ships: Ulysses, Apollo, Valkyrie, Hercules
    Available lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Banshee
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Hornet, Interceptor, Phoenix V,
    Primary Objectives
    *Protect Allied Ships
    *Secure Area until Relief Arrives
    Secondary Objectives
    *Protect the Mecross
    Bonus Objectives
    *Safely escort all ships
    Escort Mu
    Escort Kappa
    Escort Theta
    Destroy Cruisers
    Protect Mecross
    Again, this is a very simple strategy.  Stay with the ships you are
    supposed to escort, and then kill the Shivans when they jump in.  First
    you will escort Kappa wing.  Then you will escort another Kappa wing.
    Then Mu wing will jump in.  The third Kappa wing will pass through the
    sector.  Then you will escort Theta wing.  Finally a break in routine.
    The Cain and the Abel will jump in (Cain and Lilith classes, in that
    order).  Destroy them.  Then the Mecross will jump in.  When the
    Shivans attack, go for the Nephilim bombers first.  I cannot emphasize
    this enough.  If you kill the Basilisks first, then the Mecross will be
    toast and you will have wasted 15 minutes of your life.  KILL THE
    NEPHILM BOMBERS FIRST.  Get the point?  Finally you will be done
    after about 20 minutes.  That was the longest mission in the game.
    You did an outstanding job in protecting the Vasudan transports.
    Through your actions we were able to save countless lives.  You should
    feel proud of this accomplishment.
    You were also able to keep the area secured until we established a
    stronger foothold in the system.  Well done.
    What we are most impressed with, however, is your protection of each
    and every ship.  We did not lose a single freighter or transport, and
    the Mecross is safe from Shivan bombers.
    Last Hope
    Difficulty Rating: 8 of 10
    The PVD Hope is leaving the Antares system after an intense battle.  It
    has sustained moderate damage and will be jumping to the Beta Aquilae
    We are sending two wings to help cover the Hope while it is being
    repaired.  The Vasudans are sending their own fighters to stand guard
    over the Hope, but it will be some time before they
    The Hope should be in the system when you arrive.  We do not believe
    the Shivans have enough forces in the system to mount a serious attack,
    but their strategies are difficult to predict.
    Preferred Ship: Hercules
    Preferred Laser: Prometheus, Banshee
    Preferred Missile: Interceptor, Phoenix V
    Available Ships: Ulysses, Apollo, Valkyrie, Hercules, Athena, Medusa
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Banshee
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Hornet, Interceptor, Phoenix V,
    Synaptic, Tsunami
    Primary Objectives
    *Protect the Hope
    Return to Base
    Don't be fooled by the number of directives in this mission, this is
    really tough.  The strategy is very simple though.  GO AFTER THE
    THE AREA.  Got it?  Okay.  The Hope will jump in pretty soon after you
    jump in.  It will be at 36% hull integrity.  3 Nephilm bombers will
    jump in at nearly the same time as the Hope.  Then 5 Nephilm bombers
    will jump in to entertain you.  2 more will attack once the rest are
    down.  Time for a change in pace.  The Isis Repair should be here by
    now.  1 Dragon will jump in.  Then 2 Shaitans accompanied by 2
    Manticores will attack the Hope.  Then the Lightning (Cain) will jump
    in.  You will be suprised how quickly it goes down if you
    order everyone to attack it.  Then the Thunder (Cain) will jump in with
    2 Manticores as an escort.  The Mecross will jump in to help you.  3
    more Dragon class fighters will attack you now.  2 rounds of 4 Nephilm
    and 2 Scorpions will finally test you.  Now the Vasudan reinforcements
    should arrive and you should be done.  That was a little intense,
    wasn't it?
    Well done, Pilot.  This mission was quite a bit more intense than we
    had expected, thanks to the Shivans.  Fortunately you were able to hang
    on until the Vasudan reinforcements arrived.  Very impressive.
    A Failure to Communicate
    Difficulty Rating: *10 of 10* (GEEZ!)
    Difficulty Rating with cheap trick: 1 of 10 (GEEZ!)
    Red Alert!  The Beta Aquilae installation is under attack.  The Lucifer
    has been sighted in the area.  Protect it at all costs.  Additional
    orders will be given to you on site.
    Available Ship: Valkyrie
    Available Lasers: Prometheus, Avenger
    Available Missile: Phoenix V
    Primary Objectives
    *Protect Aquilae Installation
    *Defend Communications Station
    Bonus Objectives
    *Protect all four escape pods
    Destroy Deva
    Destroy Karna
    Destroy Krishna
    Destroy Asura
    Destroy Rama
    Destroy Bheema
    Destroy Arjuna
    This mission is nearly impossible to complete unless you know exactly
    what to do.  This strategy will be very detailed.  As soon as you
    arrive, put drop your shields and weapons and put up your engine power
    to the max.  Target the Lucifer and go toward it.  Order your wingmen
    to attack it.  Two Dragons, Deva wing will arrive from the Lucifer's
    fighter bay.  Order all fighters to attack one of the Dragons, take out
    the other yourself.  Use your Phoenix V missiles to do the job.  When
    you have destroyed one of the Dragons, attack the other Dragon if it is
    not already dead.  If any of the Escape Pods are destroyed, restart the
    mission.  Head toward Escape 4 and order your wingmen to protect it.
    Pretty soon Karna wing will jump in.  Order your wingmen to engage
    enemy while you help out.  Once Karna is no more, head back to Escape
    4.  Krishna will be your next foe.  Destroy them quickly.  That was the
    hard part.  Now quickly head toward the Communications Terminal.  Order
    your wingmen to guard it.  Asura and Rama will jump in and attack the
    Terminal.  Destroy them quickly.  Once they are down, order your
    wingmen to cover you.  Keep attacking the waves as they come.  Before
    you know it, the Hope will be in position to guard the Terminal.
    Mission complete!
    If you don't save all the escape pods, don't worry.  I can't save them
    all on the medium difficulty.  You don't get anything special for
    saving them all except a bonus objective.
    Let one member of Krishna wing survive.  Tell your wingmen to ignore
    it.  The other wings will not arrive until all of Krishna is toast.
    Wait until the Hope reaches its waypoints and then kill it.  Mission
    There was nothing you could do to preserve the Aquilae.  There was too
    little time and the Lucifer is too powerful.
    Protecting all the escape pods is most impressive.  The survivors thank
    you and hope we can avenge the destruction of the Aquilae.
    By protecting the Beta Aquilae Communications Terminal we are able to
    keep in contact with out forces in the outer systems.  Losing the
    communications terminal would have been a severe blow.  Well done
    Reaching the Zenith
    Difficulty Rating with cheats: 0 of 10
    Difficulty Rating without cheats: 7 1/2 of 10
    Command Briefing
    State of the Alliance
    We have now lost vital ground to the Shivans in the Antares system and
    Sirius.  The number of systems between the Shivans and Earth are
    dwindling fast.  Fortunately, we were able to save the Beta Aquilae
    Communications Terminal.  Aside from that single post, we have lost
    communications with every outer colony.
    Transmission from Altair
    The following transmission was picked up by the Terran Listening
    Outpost in the Beta Aquilae system.
    "We are a group of Vasudan refugees seeking the assistance of any
    Terran ships.  We were onboard a Vasudan science outpost when it was
    destroyed by the Shivans.  We managed to land on this uncharted planet
    when our escape pod lost power.  It's uninhabited, but we uncovered the
    remains of an ancient civilization.  They were neither Terran nor
    Vasudan nor Shivan.  Our scanning equipment was able to locate a
    storage device of some sort.  It was heavily protected, which suggests
    it stores something quite valuable, possibly information or technology.
    We are attempting to decipher the language of the device, but are
    fearful of Shivan attacks.  I say this because it is immediately
    apparent that this planet was also destroyed by Shivan weapons.  This
    is difficult to believe, considering the age of the remains, but the
    evidence is conclusive.  What we ask is for rescue and escort away from
    this planet.  Our scientists are not normally a superstitious group,
    but having one's homeworld destroyed tends to shake your beliefs.
    Please send an armed rescue as soon as possible to these coordinates."
    Our Orders
    Your next series of missions will require both massive firepower and
    intelligence.  For this reason, I am assigning Alpha 1 to lead these
    missions.  We will be attempting to rescue the Vasudan refugees from
    New Technology: Jump Drives
    This mission will be facilitated by the new subspace drive we have
    received.  For years the GTA has tried to give a fighter the ability to
    do intersystem jumps.  After monitoring the Beta Aquilae engagements,
    the GTA Science Colony at Sol has finally been able to solve the
    puzzle.  All GTA fighters are currently being equipped with intersystem
    subspace drives.
    New Technology: Project Ursa
    Research and development have nearly completed Project Ursa, which
    should be our best bet at defeating the Shivan Lucifer Destroyer.  For
    those of you who haven't been keeping up, Project Ursa is an attempt to
    make a new type of Heavy Bomber capable of carrying the Harbinger Bomb.
    We expect a wing of Ursas will be available to you on your return trip
    from Altair.
    New Technology: Harbinger Bomb
    The Harbinger will assist us greatly in any attacks against capital
    ships.  Until recently, Harbingers were reserved for planetary attacks
    only.  With this project nearing completion, we may be able to finally
    defeat the Lucifer.
    New Technology: Disruptor Missile
    You may or may not want to use the new Disruptor missile to assist you
    in the next few missions.  It is the only missile in our arsenal which
    allows us to completely shut down a cruiser for a short amount of time.
    It's definitely worth a look, details are in the Tech Room.
    As you already know, the Shivans have begun a massive offensive.  They
    have completely cut us off from all of the outer colonies, and have our
    forces confined to nine systems that form the heart of Terran space.
    However, in what used to be Vasudan space in Altair, a group of Vasudan
    refugees has apparently unearthed records from a long dead
    civilization.  Terran Command believes the information in these records
    to be of great importance.
    We have located on potential weak point in the Shivan barrier
    encircling us.  The Deneb jump node to the Altair system is being
    guarded by only one cruiser, the Zenith.
    The Zenith is currently on patrol with just two wings of Shivan
    fighters, the Arjuna interceptors, and the Rama superiority fighters.
    However, we believe they are able to call in reinforcements.
    Your primary objective will be to destroy the Zenith.  Take out the
    Zenith's communications system first to prevent it from calling in
    reinforcements.  If you're unable to do that, go after all weapons
    systems, including turrets and missile launchers.
    Alpha wing will provide cover for the bombers.  Gamma wing will assist
    Alpha and attempt to take out the communications system on Zenith.
    Beta will be equipped with Tsunami bombs, and will be targeting
    suspected weak points on the Zenith's hull.
    After you have completed these tasks, stand by for further orders.
    Good luck, Alpha 1.
    Preferred Ship: Valkyrie
    Preferred Laser: Prometheus, Banshee
    Preferred Missile: Interceptor
    Available Ships: Ulysses, Apollo, Valkyrie, Hercules, Athena, Medusa
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Banshee
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Fury, Disruptor, Hornet, Interceptor,
    Phoenix V, Synaptic, Stiletto, Tsunami
    Primary Objectives
    *Disarm the Cruiser Zenith
    Secondary Objectives
    *Destroy the Cruiser Zenith
    Bonus Objectives
    *Destroy the Benedict
    Destroy Zenith
    Disarm Zenith
    Destroy Benedict
    Strategy for cheats
    Enable cheats.  Make all friendly targets invincible.  Give all ships
    unlimited weapons, kill Zenith, kill fighters, wait, kill Benedict.
    Strategy for no cheats
    Order all fighters to take out Zenith's communications system.  You
    should engage any fighters around the Zenith.  Once the Zenith's
    communications system is down, order your wingmen to disarm it.  If
    they complete this task before they actually kill the Zenith then order
    them to kill the Zenith.  All the time you should engage all Shivan
    fighters.  There are about 3 or 4 waves of each wing of fighters.
    After that, the Benedict should have arrived.  Order everyone
    to kill it.  You should take out the fighters.  See a pattern?  The
    reason for this is that your wingmen can't dogfight to save their lives
    but hopefully you can by now.  After the Benedict is down, you will
    download new orders.
    No debriefing for this mission.
    This document Copyright 2001 Chris Dodge.  All rights reserved.
    Running the Gauntlet
    Difficulty Rating: 8 1/2 of 10
    As you already know, we are sending scientist to the Altair system to
    investigate records found on Altair 4.  Command hopes they will aid us
    in our war with the Shivans.
    The Rosetta is currently carrying the scientists.  It will rendezvous
    with the two transports, Omega 1 and Omega 2.  All three ships should
    be arriving within a few minutes.
    Omega wing will dock with the Rosetta as soon as they arrive.  Oversee
    this personnel transfer, then escort Omega 1 and Omega 2 to the Jump
    The ship class, weapon type, hull integrity, and remaining weapons will
    be the same at the beginning of this mission as the end of last
    Primary Objectives
    *Get at least one Omega to the Jump Node
    Secondary Objectives
    *Get both Omegas to the Jump Node
    Bonus Objectives
    *Protect the Rosetta until it departs
    Oversee Omega 1 Docking
    Oversee Omega 2 Docking
    Escort Omega 1 to the Jump Node
    Escort Omega 2 to the Jump Node
    Let me tell you now, this mission is pretty tough.  The Rosetta and
    Omega wing will jump in soon after you arrive.  Then 4 Shaitans will
    jump in and attack the Rosetta and Omega wing.  There are 5 waves of
    Shaitans so once you have destroyed the fifth head toward the jump
    node.  Soon after the Omega 2 docking is done the Lucifer will jump in
    behind the Jump Node (suprise, suprise!).  It will launch fighters at
    Omega wing.  Easy.  Take out the Basilisks first then take out any
    FIRST!  If you lose one Omega during this stage restart the mission
    until you succeed.  You can gain a lot of kills in this mission because
    the Lucifer will stay in the area and will continue to launch fighters
    at you after both Omegas have departed.  Once you hull integrity is
    low, just jump out.  This was the mission I earned my Triple Ace in.
    You managed to get both transports to the Altair system.  If the
    information on Altair 4 proves as valuable as the Vasudan refugees
    suspect, then the Terran and Vasudan people will owe you a great debt.
    The crew of the Rosetta sends their thanks.  When the Lucifer jumped
    in, they all but gave up hope for survival.  Your squadron was able to
    hold off the enemy and that is most impressive.
    Black Omega
    Difficulty Rating: 6 of 10
    We have successfully extracted the records from Altair 4.  They have
    been partially deciphered and are being moved back to Terran Space.
    Omega transports will once again be handling the movement of the
    scientists and the records.
    Unfortunately, the Altair system is still controlled by Hammer of
    Light.  One of their flagships, the Anvil, is stationed here, and has
    gotten word of our presence in this system.  It is currently blocking
    the vector to the subspace node.
    The Anvil carries with it a powerful contingent of Vasudan fighters.
    Intelligence reports two squadrons:  one of advanced Thoth space
    superiority fighters, and one of Horus Interceptors.  These fighters
    have defended the Anvil well.
    Intelligence has also detected the presence of a third wing of Vasudan
    bombers in this system.  They will undoubtedly attack our fleeing
    Your strike force will once again consist of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
    wings.  Gamma will provide escort for Alpha while Alpha attacks the
    Anvil.  Beta will ensure the safety of the transports and maintain our
    fighter superiority.
    The Anvil must be destroyed.  We are equipping Alpha with Harbinger
    bombs.  These bombs require exact placement and careful maneuvering,
    but will do massive damage to the Anvil.  Beta and Gamma must ensure
    that the Harbingers reach their target.
    Our primary goal, however, is to ensure that Omega 1 and Omega 2 reach
    the jump node.  Destroying the Anvil is the best way to ensure that
    this goal is accomplished.  This mission is of grave importance.  Do
    not fail, pilot.  Good luck.
    Preferred Ship: Ursa
    Preferred Laser: 2 Prometheus
    Preferred Missile: Hornet, 2 Harbinger
    Available Ships: Ulysses, Apollo, Valkyrie, Hercules, Athena, Medusa,
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Banshee
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Disrupt., Fury, Hornet, Inter., Pho. V,
    Synaptic, Stiletto, Tsu., Harbing.
    Primary Objectives
    *Escort Omega to Jump Node
    Secondary Objectives
    *Escort both Omegas to the Jump Node
    *Destroy the Anvil
    Escort Omega 1 to Jump Node
    Escort Omega 2 to Jump Node
    Destroy the Anvil
    The first thing you should do is enable cheats by typing www.volition-
    inc.com and then give yourself unlimited weapons by typing {~} + {w}.
    Then hit {Esc} and restart the mission.  You will have unlimited
    weapons without using cheats.  Once the mission has restarted, hit
    {Shift} + {/}.  This should put in dual fire mode for your secondary
    weapon.  Now head toward the jump node.  While you head to there, order
    your wingmen to engage enemy.  By this time the Leo bombers should have
    arrived.  Destroy them.  Now you are free to attack the Anvil.  Use
    Harbingers and be suprised at how much damage two of them will do.
    Switch to your other slot of Harbingers and shoot them at the Anvil.
    If fighters start attacking Omega 2, tell Gamma wing to protect Omega
    2.  Once the Anvil is down, destroy any remaining fighters and then
    stay with the transports until they depart.
    Mission accomplished, Pilot.  We haven't been briefed on the full
    importance of the ancient records, but Terran Command is extremely
    pleased.  Further orders are expected soon.
    It is impressive that you managed to destroy a primary flagship of the
    Hammer of Light.  Perhaps this will put an end to their resistance.
    Fighting the Hammer of Light has been a great strain on the Terran-
    Vasudan alliance.
    Clash of the Titans
    Difficulty Rating: 9 of 10
    Command Briefing
    The Lucifer
    The Shivans have finally determined the location of the Sol system.
    The Lucifer has moved into position here in Sirius for the subspace
    jump to Delta Serpentis.
    From Delta Serpentis, she will certainly make the jump to Sol to
    destroy our homeworld.
    New Information
    From the records you retrieved in Altair, we have discovered the means
    to destroy the Lucifer.  As you know, our shields do not work in
    subspace.  The same holds true for the Lucifer.  More importantly, the
    records contain the information to enable us to track a capital ship
    into and inside subspace.
    If we can track the Lucifer into subspace, we believe a small strike
    force may be sufficient to destroy it.
    Our Orders
    We have been assigned the task of destroying the Lucifer before she
    reaches Sol.  The Bastion is currently en route to intercept the
    Lucifer at the Sirius-Delta Serpentis subspace node.
    The Bastion will attempt to provide close cover, while Ursa bombers
    deliver a payload of Harbingers.  We believe that without the shielding
    system it's relied on so heavily, the Lucifer will be vulnerable.
    Keep in mind that this is a time critical operation.  If we do not
    enter subspace soon after the Lucifer, we cannot launch our attack.
    Destroying the Lucifer
    From your earlier scans of the Lucifer in the Deneb system, we have
    determined that it is powered by five primary reactors.  These reactors
    are spread out across the Lucifer.
    If all five reactors are destroyed in a short period of time, the
    Lucifer won't have a chance of surviving.
    We don't have much time.  Report to mission briefings immediately.
    We have few chances to stop the Lucifer.  It is heading to the Sol
    system but we have an opportunity to head them off at Sirius.
    If you encounter the Lucifer in Sirius hold it off until the rest of
    the fleet can catch up to you.
    Preferred Ship: Ursa
    Preferred Laser: 2 Prometheus
    Preferred Missile: Interceptor, 2 Harbinger
    Available Ships: Ulysses, Apollo, Valkyrie, Hercules, Athena, Medusa,
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, Avenger, Flail, Prometheus, Banshee
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Dis., Fury, Horn., Int., Pho. V, Synaptic,
    Stiletto, Tsunami, Harbinger
    Primary Objectives
    *Escort the GTD Bastion to the Lucifer
    Secondary Objectives
    *Keep the GTD Bastion's hull above 35
    Bonus Objectives
    *Destroy the SD Tantalus
    Destroy Krishna
    Destroy Arjuna
    Destroy Indra
    Destroy Bheema
    Destroy Vishnu
    Destroy Asura
    Immediately put your engines on max power and go as fast as possible
    toward the Jump Node.  Since you are an Ursa, this may take a while.
    After your wingmen chat, the Bastion will jump in.  Soon after, the
    Demon-class Tantalus will jump in with two fighters.  Now head for the
    Tantalus.  Ignore the fighters, they will not attack you.  Make sure
    you have unlimited weapons and are in dual fire mode for your secondary
    weapon.  When you reach the Tantalus, head towards its rear, where the
    "arms" point down.  Fly around these arms and keep hitting it with
    everything.  Shoot off your Harbingers every chance you get.  There are
    no turrets in this area and it is an easy and vulnerable area.  Once
    the Tantalus is down, get your rear out of there and put your shields
    on max quickly.  They will absorb the explosion.  Then go to the
    Bastion and kill the fighters with your Interceptors.  If the Bastion's
    hull is at 60% right now, you are doing excellent.  Once the fighters
    are down, wait until Vishnu and Asura wing jump in.  KILL THE SHAITANS
    DON'T LET IT HAPPEN.  Once they are down, relax and wait for about two
    minutes until the Bastion jumps out.  Now that wasn't too hard
    Here is a strategy by redalert19243 on the DF message boards:
    "The following is a fairly successful strategy I used to beat the
    level..... I couldn't beat it without letting the Bastion's hull drop
    below 35..... When I used this strategy the Bastion's hull remained
    somewhere around 70 (which is excellent) and I really had no trouble at
    First, make all of Alpha wing Valkyries (including yourself) since they
    have a high top speed and acceleration, which is ideal for intercepting
    bombers, and equip them with Banshee and Prometheus cannons since
    Ulysses can't use them. Give them Hornet missiles, but give yourself
    interceptors (you'll see later). Assign Alpha wing to protect the
    Bastion. Make all of Beta wing Ursa bombers and equip them with
    Harbingers, Synaptics (for defense) and Stillettos. Have them attack
    the Tantalus while you provide cover for the Bastion (sounds like
    suicide). Your job is to target all of the bombers first (VERY
    IMPORTANT) before they can reach the Bastion. The ones to look out for
    are the Nephilims (initially) and Shaitans (later). A helpful way of
    protecting the Bastion is to target all of the megabombs being
    delivered if you can't intercept all of the bombers in time. Target
    them with T since hostile (H) targeting won't pick them up. Use the
    intercepts that you equipped to target the bombs since they have a
    faster lock and velocity. Once you cleaned them up, go for rest of the
    packs, especially Basilisks since they have nasty swarm bombs. When
    your done with them, the Tantalus should be very low on health and feel
    free to destroy it with whatever remaining fighters you have. In a
    moment the Bastion will jump out and the mission will be complete."
    The GTD Bastion is in prime condition to assault the Lucifer.  We are
    proceeding to Delta Serpentis now.
    The Great Hunt
    Difficulty Rating with cheats: 1/2 of 10
    Difficulty Rating without cheats: 7 of 10
    In a few minutes we will be entering the Delta Serpentis sector.  We
    will then begin the most important engagement in our history.  We will
    fight for the very survival of Earth.
    Our plan is to rapidly close the distance with the Lucifer so that the
    Bastion is able to enter subspace just behind her.  Once in subspace,
    we will attack and destroy the Lucifer.
    Your task will be to provide cover for the Bastion so that it can
    quickly converge on the Lucifer.
    That Destroyer must be stopped at all costs.  Failure is absolutely not
    an option here, pilots.
    Preferred Ship: Ursa
    Preferred Laser: 2 Prometheus
    Preferred Missiles: Interceptor, 2 Harbinger
    Available Ships: Ulysses, Apollo, Valkyrie, Hercules, Athena, Medusa,
    Available Lasers: Ml-16, Disruptor, D-Advanced, Avenger, Flail,
    Prometheus, Banshee
    Available Missiles: Mx-50, Dis., Fury, Hor., Int., Pho. V, Synaptic,
    Stiletto, Tsunami, Harbinger
    Primary Objectives
    *Escort the Bastion to the Jump Node
            *changes to*
    *Reach the subspace node
    Escort Delta to Node
    You really don't need a strategy for cheats.  You can destroy the
    Lucifer twice for fun.  If you use cheats and do the {~} + {k} cheat
    about seven times on the Lucifer it will blow up.  Then you can kill it
    again in the next mission.  Cool, huh?
    Strategy for no cheats
    First, a word about the directive.  This directive is correct.  It will
    not appear when you play most of the time unless you are slower than a
    tortoise with three legs and a stomach cramp.  You must be within 2000
    units of the node and wait for Delta wing to go to the node and depart
    before the directive will appear.  This will occur with about three
    minutes left.  Okay.  Get ready for a lot of action.  Attack the six
    Basilisks (Deva and Arjuna) in front of the Bastion first.  Then
    head toward the node.  Command will order you to go to the node
    quickly.  Expect resistance, a lot of resistance.  6 Manticores
    (Krishna and Rama) will be the first to challenge you.  Then
    4 Basilisks (Bheema) will attack.  3 Hammer of Light Thoths (Virgo)
    will be next in the gauntlet.  3 more Basilisks (Asura) will keep you
    on your toes.  4 Scorpions (Indra) will next be stepping in your way.
    By 3:55 Epsilon wing will be ready.  4 more Thoths (Aries) will
    challenge you.  Durga wing with 4 Basilisks will be your next foe.
    Genma wing will be a mirror image of Durga.  The Prophecy (Typhon) is
    exactly what you need at this point.  You'll never destroy it (unless
    you use cheats) so keep going.  Lastly (finally), 3 waves of 3 Dragons
    (oh, great) will be your last enemy.  If you kill every single of these
    ships without using cheats (including the Prophecy) and still make it
    to the jump node in time, I will put your screen name in a special
    section.  If you manage to destroy all the fighters, then I will put
    your screen name in a special but lesser section.  If you have
    accomplished this feat, then please include the mission time that you
    finished in along with your accomplishment.  Now that was a lot of
    No debriefing
    Good Luck
    Difficulty Rating with Cheats: 0 of 10
    Difficulty Rating without Cheats: 4 of 10
    Your objective is to destroy the Lucifer.  The Lucifer has five
    reactors located on its main hull.  In order to eliminate the Lucifer,
    these reactors must be destroyed.
    All your stats from the last mission will be the same going into this
    Primary Objectives
    *Destroy the Lucifer
    Destroy Reactor 1
    Destroy Reactor 2
    Destroy Reactor 3
    Destroy Reactor 4
    Destroy Reactor 5
    This is extremely easy if you know a secret.  Order Gamma wing to
    disable the Lucifer.  Simple.  Now you have no time limit.  Tell all
    other wings to engage enemy.  That was easy.  As long as the Lucifer is
    disabled, it can't depart after 10 minutes.  You now have no time
    limit.  After Delta is done, tell them to attack the reactors one by
    one.  If you have the hull integrity, use a Harbinger to take out one
    by yourself.  Once you are done the mission goes into a cutscene.
    Enjoy the ending! You have now beaten Descent Freespace: The Great War.
    Try it on a harder difficulty and see how many times you die!
    No debriefing
    8.	   Stats of Weapons
    Thanks to the Tech Freespace website for these stats at
    GTW Ml-16
    Hull Damage: 5 per shot
    Shield Damage: 1.4 per shot
    Subsystem Damage: 1.5 per shot
    Range: 900 m
    Energy use: .2 per shot
    GTW Disruptor
    Hull Damage: 7.5 per shot
    Shield Damage: 1.5 per shot
    Subsystem Damage: 15 per shot
    Range: 641 m
    Energy use: .25 per shot
    GTW D-Advanced
    Hull Damage: 0 per shot
    Shield Damage: 25 per shot
    Subsystem Damage: 25 per shot
    Range: 862.5 m
    Energy Use: .75 per shot
    GTW Avenger
    Hull Damage: 20 per shot
    Shield Damage: 13.6 per shot
    Subsystem Damage: 5.6 per shot
    Range: 997 m
    Energy Use: .3 per shot
    GTW Flail
    Hull Damage: 1.5 per shot
    Shield Damage: 12 per shot
    Subsystem Damage: .6 per shot
    Range: 1200 m
    Energy Use: .1 per shot
    GTW Prometheus
    Hull Damage: 26 per shot
    Shield Damage: 14 per shot
    Subsystem Damage: 7 per shot
    Range: 900 m
    Energy Use: .4 per shot
    GTW Banshee
    Hull Damage: 18.2 per shot
    Shield Damage: 31.2 per shot
    Subsystem Damage: 9.1 per shot
    Range: 975 m
    Energy Use: 1.6 per shot !ouch!
    GTM Mx-50
    Hull Damage: 25 per missile
    Shield Damage: 10 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 25 per missile
    Range: 1500 m
    Cargo Size: 4 per missile
    GTM D-Missile
    Hull Damage: 0 per missile
    Shield Damage: 0 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 1 per missile
    Range: 1200 m
    Cargo Size: 8 per missile
    GTM Fury
    Hull Damage: 30 per missile
    Shield Damage: 15 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 18 per missile
    Range: 900 m
    Cargo Size: .5 per missile
    GTM Hornet
    Hull Damage: 50 per missile
    Shield Damage: 25 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 7.5 per missile
    Range: 1300 m
    Cargo Size: 1 per missile
    GTM Interceptor
    Hull Damage: 150 per missile
    Shield Damage: 120 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 75 per missile
    Range: 1250 m
    Cargo Size: 4 per missile
    GTM Phoenix V
    Hull Damage: 350 per missile
    Shield Damage: 170 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 280 per missile
    Range: 1750 m
    Cargo Size: 8 per missile
    GTM Synaptic
    Hull Damage: 60 per missile
    Shield Damage: 45 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 60 per missile
    Range: 225 m
    Cargo Size: 15 per missile
    GTM Stiletto
    Hull Damage: 7.75 per missile
    Shield Damage: 0 per missile
    Subsystem Damage: 775 per missile
    Range: 2250 m
    Cargo Size: 8 per missile
    GTB Tsunami
    Hull Damage: 1,500 per bomb
    Shield Damage: 30 per bomb
    Subsystem Damage: 3,000 per bomb
    Range: 1500 m
    Cargo Size: 15 per bomb
    GTB Harbinger
    Hull Damage: 3,200 per bomb
    Shield Damage: 32 per bomb
    Subsystem Damage: 51,200 per bomb (WOW!)
    Range: 1,500
    Cargo Size: 40 per bomb
    9.	Alternate Missions
    Thanks to azstraph@yahoo.com, I now know about alterations in some
    missions.  These can be achieved by failing some primary, secondary,
    and bonus objectives.  These are the ones that I have found so far.
    1.  If the Orff gets damaged (below 80% I believe) in the first
    mission, then the Vasudan Ace will not be mentioned in the next
    briefing nor will he appear in the mission.
    2.  If you do not kill the Vasudan Ace, the freighters in the next
    mission will jump out about 4:00 into the mission.  This is a change
    from about 5:00 for freighter 1 and 8:00 for freighter 2.  When these
    freighters jump out, an extra wing of fighters will jump in and attack
    you.  This has been verified and does work.
    3.  If you don't kill the freighters in the third mission, then the
    freighters will appear in the fourth mission with more fighters
    escorting them.  This has been verified and does work.
    4.  If you don't kill the freighters in the third mission, and you
    leave before the Orff has arrived, then the Rasputin will not appear in
    the fourth mission.  This has been verified and does work.
    5.  I don't know the trigger for sure yet, but I know that the Galatea
    will start with 83% integrity in the sixth mission if you fail (I
    believe) the visual identification objective of the fifth mission.
    This has been verified and does work.
    6.  If you jump out after the Shivans ambush you in Pandora's Box
    without scanning the cargo, then in the Hammer and the Anvil, the
    Vasudan reinforcements will never arrive, and the Hammer of Light
    will jump in as hostiles, and say, "We are the Hammer of Light, the
    prophecy is your doom."
    7.  If in the Darkness and the Light, you don't destroy the cargo
    containers or the freighters, then in First Strike, the Taranis will be
    at 98% hull with all of its subsystems damaged moderately.
    8.  If Sigma wing is destroyed in Aftermath, then Indra wing will
    severely damage the Asimov before you reach it in The Big Bang.
    9.  If the Lorkonius escapes in Enter the Dragon, then there will be
    four Arjuna fighters as guards in Playing Judas.
    10.  If the Mecross is destroyed somehow after Zeta wing arrives in
    Exodus, then it will not appear in Last Hope to help attack the Thunder
    (not that the Thunder is hard, anyway).
    11.  If Omega 1 is destroyed in Running the Gauntlet, then only Omega 2
    will be in Black Omega or vice versa.
    12.  If the Bastion is at or below 35% hull integrity when it departs
    in The Clash of the Titans, then the Bastion will have 35% hull in the
    Great Hunt.
    If you know of any more alternations in the missions, please e-mail me
    and tell me.
    10.	Cheats and Secrets
    Cheats & Secrets
    Cheat Mode- Type www.volition-inc.com
    If you did this correctly the text "cheats enabled" will appear in the
    top-left corner of the screen.  The cheat mode must be entered again
    every mission.  In most missions, enabling cheats will make you unable
    to accept the mission.
    Send message to enemies:  ~ + C
    Toggle countermeasures for all ships:  ~ + {Shift} + C
    Kill selected target:  ~ + K
    Destroy targeted subsystem:  ~ + {Shift} + K
    10% damage to your ship:  ~ + {Alt} + K
    10% damage to your target:  ~ + {Alt} + {Shift} + K
    Invincibility:  ~ + I
    Toggle invincibility for your target:  ~ + {Shift} + I
    Toggle Descent-style physics:  ~ + 0  ???(does it work)???
    Unlimited weapons for all ships:  ~ + {Shift} + W
    Unlimited weapons for only your ship:  ~ + W
    Note that this cheat, once enabled, will work for the rest of the game
    until you exit.  Use cheat mode, then enable this cheat, then hit {ESC}
    and restart the mission.  You will have unlimited weapons for the whole
    All primary goals complete:  ~ + G
    All secondary goals complete:  ~ {Shift} + G
    All bonus goals complete:  ~ + {Alt} + G
    Scroll forward through secondary weapons:  ~ + 9
    Scroll backward through secondary weapons:  ~ + {Shift} + 9
    Scroll forward through primary weapons:  ~ + 0
    Scroll backward through primary weapons:  ~ + {Shift} + 0
    Rearm request for target:  ~ + R
    Enter "freespacestandsalone" in the Tech Room to gain access to all the
    FMV videos.
    Any mission that directly links into another mission by "downloading
    new orders" can be majorly cheated on.  In those missions, you can use
    cheats and still accept the mission.  You can also use ~ + Shift + 0
    until you get Shivan Super Laser and use it in the next mission.
    It is kinda cheap, isn't it!
    11. Thanks to... and legal junk
    If you want to see your name here, e-mail me and give me information
    about something that I have missed or challenged you to do.  If you
    have any questions that are not covered in this walkthrough please feel
    free to e-mail me.  If I add something because of you, your name will
    go here.
    I want to give credit to Volition, Parallax, and Interplay for making
    Descent Freespace.
    I also want to thank myself for writing this FAQ/Walkthrough.  It was
    rigorous.  I would also want to thank anyone who sent me information
    that I added to the FAQ.
    I mostly want to thank the fool who sold this game used to a store so
    that I could buy it for $6.00.
    Thank you to Tech Freespace for allowing me to use their weapon stats
    Thanks to shortstuff_ta@yahoo.com for telling me how easy Playing Judas
    is for them.
    Thanks to azstraph@yahoo.com being the first to tell me about the
    alternate missions.
    Thanks to Heretic for the detailed strategy for destroying the Neptune.
    Thanks to redalert19243 for the great strategy for Clash of the Titans.
    Thanks to Game FAQs for posting my guide and keeping my updates intact!
    Thanks to anyone who asks me if they can put this guide on their site.
    This guide is Copyright 2001 Chris Dodge.  All rights reserved.  If you
    want to use any of this document, you must ask me first.  If I give you
    permission to use it on your site, make sure the document is kept in
    its original text.  If you post this on your site without my permission
    or alter this document in any way, I have the power to sue you.  So
    This document Copyright 2001 Chris Dodge.  All rights reserved.

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