Additional Game DesignEric Sexton
Additional OrchestrationAndrea Pessino
Additional Sound EffectsJoseph Lawrence
Background ArtistsAlan Ackerman
Background ArtistsBen Boos
Background ArtistsDavid Glenn
Background ArtistsAlex Munn
Background ArtistsMark Sutherland
Background ArtistsMarc Tattersall
Background ArtistsFredrick Vaught & Realm ProgrammingCarl Chimes & Realm ProgrammingPeter Hu & Realm ProgrammingMike O'Brien & Realm ProgrammingMike Scandizzo & Realm ProgrammingPat Wyatt and Realm Network EngineerAdrian Luff
Character ArtistsCheeming Boey
Character ArtistsEvan Carroll
Character ArtistsMichael Dashow
Character ArtistsBen Haas
Character ArtistsKelly Johnson
Character ArtistsJohn Kubasco
Character ArtistsMichio Okamura
Character ArtistsKris Renkewitz
Character ArtistsAnthony Rivero
Character ArtistsChris Root
Character ArtistsEric Sexton
Character ArtistsBob Steele
Character ArtistsPatrick Tougas
Cimematic Voice Acting (Baal)Milton James
Cimematic Voice Acting (Marius)Frank Gorshin
Cimematic Voice Acting (Mephisto)Paul Eiding
Cimematic Voice Acting (Tal Rasha)James Harper
Cimematic Voice Acting (The Wanderer)James Harper
Cimematic Voice Acting (Tyreal)Ed Trotta
Cimenatic Design LeadNick Carpenter
Cinematic Animation SupervisorHarley Huggins
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsJohn Burnett
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsNick Carpenter
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsJohn Chalfant
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsJeff Chamberlain
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsJay Hathaway
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsPaul Hormis
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsHarley Huggins
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsPaul Limon
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsMatthew Mead
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsMatt Samia
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsMark Skelton
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsPatrick Thomas
Cinematic Artists/AnimatorsTharyn Valavanis
Cinematic DirectorMatt Samia
Cinematic EditorJoeyray Hall
Cinematic MusicJason Hayes
Cinematic MusicGlenn Stafford
Cinematic Script WritersJoeyray Hall
Cinematic Script WritersHarley Huggins
Cinematic Script WritersPaul Limon
Cinematic Script WritersChris Metzen
Cinematic Script WritersMatt Samia
Cinematic Sound DesignTracy Bush
Cinematic Sound DesignVictor Crews
Cinematic Sound DesignTami Donner
Cinematic Sound DesignJason Hayes
Cinematic Sound DesignGlenn Stafford
Cinematic Strike TeamStieg Hedlund
Cinematic Strike TeamMatt Householder
Cinematic Strike TeamScott Petersen
Cinematic Strike TeamPhil Shenk
Cinematic Technical ArtistsJohn Burnett
Cinematic Technical ArtistsPaul Hormis
Cinematic Technical ArtistsTharyn Valavanis
DesignStieg Hedlund
Executive ProducerMike Morhaime
Irvine Play-Balance TeamKevin Beardslee
Irvine Play-Balance TeamShane Dabiri
Irvine Play-Balance TeamEric Dodds
Irvine Play-Balance TeamGeoff Fraizer
Irvine Play-Balance TeamDave Hale
Irvine Play-Balance TeamMike Heiberg
Irvine Play-Balance TeamScott Mercer
Irvine Play-Balance TeamChris Millar
Irvine Play-Balance TeamTed Park
Irvine Play-Balance TeamDean Shipley
Irvine Play-Balance TeamJeremy Smith
Lead Character ArtistPhil Shenk
Lead ProgrammerRick Seis
Level DesignDerek McAuley
Level DesignStefan Scandizzo
Level DesignGrant Wilson
Macintosh Graphic DesignTed Park
Macintosh Graphic DesignPeter Underwood
Macintosh ProgrammingBrain Fitzgerald
Macintosh ProgrammingDave Lawrence
Macintosh ProgrammingJohn Stiles
Macintosh ProgrammingTony Tribelli
Macintosh ProgrammingBrett Wood
MusicMatt Uelmen
Network Administration and Technical ServicesJoe Morrissey
President's Special Strike TeamCarl Chimes
President's Special Strike TeamBrian Fitzgerald
President's Special Strike TeamFrank Gilson
President's Special Strike TeamBill Roper
ProducerMark Kern
ProducerKenneth Williams
Production AssistantCharlotte Grant
Production ManagerKarin Colenzo
ProgrammersTed Bisson
ProgrammersPete Brevik
ProgrammersDoron Gartner
ProgrammersPeter Hu
ProgrammersPete Kemmer
ProgrammersDoug McCreary
ProgrammersJesse McReynolds
ProgrammersJon Morin
ProgrammersDivo Palinkas
ProgrammersJason Regier
ProgrammersMike Scandizzo
ProgrammersJonathan Stone
ProgrammersTyler Thompson
ProgrammersSteven Woo
ProgrammingBrain Fitzgerald
Project and Design LeadsDave Brevik
Project and Design LeadsErich Schaefer
Project and Design LeadsMax Schaefer
Senior ProducerMatt Householder
Senior ProducerBill Roper
Sound DesignScott Petersen
Sound DesignJonathan Stone
Sound DesignMatt Uelmen
Story and DialogKurt Beaver
Story and DialogStieg Hedlund
Story and DialogMatt Householder
Story and DialogPhil Shenk
Story and DialogBob Vieira
Story Concept and Script EditorChris Metzen
Strike TeamAllen Adham
Strike TeamEric Dodds
Strike TeamGeoff Fraizer
Strike TeamMark Kern
Strike TeamMike Morhaime
Strike TeamRob Pardo
Strike TeamTed Park
Strike TeamBill Roper
Strike TeamChris Sigaty
Strike TeamIan Welke
Technical ProducerMichael Huang
Technical Strike TeamRob Bridenbecker
Technical Strike TeamCarl Chimes
Technical Strike TeamMark Kern
Technical Strike TeamAdrian Luff
Technical Strike TeamIsaac Matarasso
Technical Strike TeamMike Morhaime
Technical Strike TeamMike O'Brien
Technical Strike TeamPat Wyatt
Voice Acting (Akara)Eve Brent
Voice Acting (Alkor)Brain George
Voice Acting (Amazon)Jessica Straus
Voice Acting (Andariel)Lani Minella
Voice Acting (Asheara)Jennnifer Smithee
Voice Acting (Atma)Roz Witt
Voice Acting (Barbarian)David Jean Thomas
Voice Acting (Blood Raven)Lani Minella
Voice Acting (Cain)Michael Gough
Voice Acting (Charsi)Tiffany Hayes
Voice Acting (Diablo)Bill Roper
Voice Acting (Drognan)Brain George
Voice Acting (Elzix)Tony Pope
Voice Acting (Fara)Martita Palmer
Voice Acting (Flavie)Nina Minton
Voice Acting (Geglash)Castulo Guerra
Voice Acting (Gheed)Brain George
Voice Acting (Griez)James Harper
Voice Acting (Guard)Tony Pope
Voice Acting (Hadriel)Bill Roper
Voice Acting (Hratli)Bernie Wilkens
Voice Acting (Izual)Ed Trotta
Voice Acting (Jerhyn)Jim Killeen
Voice Acting (Kashya)Glynnis Talken
Voice Acting (Lysander)Frank Gorshin
Voice Acting (Mephisto)Paul Eiding
Voice Acting (Meshif)Deam Bristow
Voice Acting (Narrator)Paul Eiding
Voice Acting (Natalya)Carrie Gordon
Voice Acting (Necromancer)Michael McConnohie
Voice Acting (Ormus)Fredrick Bloggs
Voice Acting (Paladin)Larry B. Scott
Voice Acting (Sorceress)Liana Young
Voice Acting (Tyrael)Ed Trotta
Voice Acting (Warriv)Michael McConnohie
Voice CastingJason Hayes
Voice CastingStieg Hedlund
Voice CastingMatt Householder
Voice CastingTom Keegan
Voice CastingChris Metzen
Voice CastingBill Roper
Voice Casting AgentsRick Briar
Voice Casting AgentsDean E. Frock
Voice Casting AgentsDonald Paul Pemrick
Voice DirectionJason Hayes
Voice DirectionChris Metzen
Voice EditingTami Donner
Voice EditingJason Hayes
Voice EditingScott Petersen
Voice Recording EngineerRich Seitz


Data and credits for this game contributed by necropenguin, Ubersuntzu, odino, Blk_Mage_Ctype, and oliist.

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