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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NHeiden

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    Diablo 2 Quest List, Walkthrough, and Character Help for PC. Version 2.0
    By Nik Heiden. Copyright July 18, 2000 (creation)
    (.2.)Version History
    (.3.)Quest List
    (.5.)Character Help
    (.6.)Horadric Cube (and special thanks)
    (.7.)Diablo 2 Expansion: The Lord of Destruction
    (.8.)Copyright and Legal Stuff
    (.2.)Version History:
    Version 1.0: FAQ Creation.
    Version 1.1: Added Missing waypoint in Act 2
    Added Horadric Cube section
    Deleted fake waypoint in Act 2
    Version 1.2: Changed many minor typos and mistakes
    Updated Horadric Cube section
    Version 1.3: Updated Horadric Cube section
    Many more minor changes in writing
    Version 1.4: Updated Horadric Cube section
    Updated Character help
    Fixed still more minor typos and changes
    Added Special Thanks
    Version 1.5: Added hidden doors in act 1
    I must be a bad typist because I fixed many more typos
    Version 1.6: First update since 8-22-00
    Character help update
    Added little save trick (after character help)
    Version 1.7: Another character help update
    Nothing major. Few minor notes added to Horadric cube.
    Version 1.8: 1st update in a long time.
    Few character help mistakes have been fixed.
    Many typos fixed.
    Added quest rewards.
    Updated special thanks list.
    Version 1.9: Nothing major or minor that I changed.
    Version 2.0: Major update.
    Added Expansion Set information.
    Finished with the !@#$ typos.
    Added a little here and there throughout the walkthrough.
    (.3.)Quest List:
    ACT 1:
    1.)The Den of Evil: This is your first quest of the game. It is pretty
    and you should have no trouble completing it. Given to you by Akara.
    Reward: 1 skill point
    2.)The Sister's Burial Grounds: This is harder than the first quest but
    it is still pretty easy. Given to you by Kashya after completing the Den
    of Evil.
    Reward: A free hireling from Kashya
    3.)Saving Deckard Cain: This quest is (I thought) easier than The
    burial grounds. It also allows you to return to Tristram. Given to you by
    Akara after completing the sister's burial grounds.
    Reward: A ring (magical=normal, rare=nightmare and hell)
    4.)The Corrupted Tower: This quest is the easiest way to make money in
    first act. The tower's bottom floor has 3 treasure rooms. Given to you by
    a book in the Dark Wood.
    Reward: Treasures at level 5 of the tower.
    5.)The Horadric Malus: This quest allows you to get a rare item out of a
    normal item from Charsi. Given to you by Charsi after entering the Black
    Marsh and completing the tower.
    Reward: An imbue from Charsi
    6.)Killing Andariel: The hardest (obviously) of all the quests in Act 1.
    Andariel is the boss of the first act. Given to you by Deckard Cain after
    beating the Horadric Malus.
    Reward: A gem of normal perfection and access to Act 2
    ACT 2:
    1.)Clean out the sewers: This quest is pretty easy if you don't rush
    corners swinging your weapon. The enemies are easy also. Given to you by
    Reward: 1 skill point
    2.)The Horadric Staff: This quest is easy but not easier than the sewers.
    is completed near the END OF THE ACT. Given to you by Deckard Cain.
    Reward: Access to Duriel
    3.)The Tainted Sun: This quest is also easy. Just kill the enemies before
    they get you. Given to you by walking around the Far Oasis and Lost City
    and by talking to Drognan.
    Reward: None
    4.)The Arcane Sanctuary: This is HARD!! Anyone will definitely die twice
    his or her first time playing this place. Given to you by Drognan after
    making the Horadric Staff.
    Reward: Access to the Canyon of the Magi and you get the correct tomb
    5.)The Summoner: This guy is easy but he has lots of minions. He dies so
    fast. Given to you after finding the summoner in the Arcane Sanctuary.
    Reward: He just guards the end of the arcane sanctuary so the same
    as the arcane sanctuary quest
    6.)Finding Tal Rasha's Tomb and Killing Duriel: Finding Tal Rasha's Tomb
    easy. Killing Duriel is not. Given to you by Deckard Cain after finding
    the Horadric Cube.
    Reward: A rare and/or a unique item(s)
    ACT 3:
    1.)The Golden Bird: This is easy after you find the statuette. Given to
    after finding the statuette.
    Reward: 20 permanent life points
    2.)Blade of the Old Religion: This is VERY easy. Given to you by talking
    Hratli after completing the first quest.
    Reward: A hireling and a rare ring
    3.)Khalim's Will: This quest is not hard but not easy. The "parts" are
    over a large area. Given to you by Cain after completing the first quest.
    Reward: Entrance to the Durance of Hate
    4.)Lam Esen’s Tome: This quest is kinda hard but not very hard. Given to
    by Alkor after entering Lower Kurast.
    Reward: 5 stat points
    5.)Killing the Council Members: This is kinda easy. Just don't get
    surrounded. Given to you by Ormus after entering the Kurast Causeway.
    Reward: Khalim’s flail
    6.)Killing Mephisto: This is hard but not extreme. I still died a lot.
    to you by Cain after destroying the Compelling Orb.
    Reward: A rare and/or unique item(s) and his soulstone
    ACT 4:
    1.)Killing Izual's condemned spirit: This is easy. Again, just don't get
    surrounded. Given to you by Tyrael.
    Reward: 2 skill points
    2.)Destroying Mephisto's Soulstone: This is harder than it looks. The
    keeps killing you. Given to you by Cain.
    Reward: 4 gems: 1 normal, 2 flawlesses, and 1 perfect
    3.)Terror's End: This is actually pretty easy. Diablo comes alone so he
    kinda easy. Given to you by Cain after completing the second quest.
    Reward: A rare and/or unique item(s) and beating the game.
    ACT 1:
    Waypoints: Rouge Encampment, Cold Plains, Stony Field, Dark Wood, Black
    Marsh, Outer Cloister, The Jail Level 1, Inner Cloister, and The
    Catacombs Level 2.
    You start off in the Rouge Encampment. Charsi is the blacksmith, Akara is
    the leader of the rouges and she sells potions, scrolls, and staves,
    Kashya is the leader of the rouges in battle and she lets you hire rouges
    from her after killing Blood Raven, Gheed is a merchant and he gambles,
    sells UNIDENTIFIED items at extreme prices (I got death's touch from a
    gambler (see character help for more information on gambling)), and sells
    keys, and Cain (after you save him) identifies your items for free. After
    talking to everyone, you will have your first quest, the Den of Evil.
    Find the exit to the town and explore the Blood Moor completely. Don't go
    into the Cold Plains yet. After killing everything in the Blood Moor, go
    back to town and sell everything you picked up. Put any gems in your
    stash. You can buy better equipment and potions now so go and do that. If
    you still have money, get as many keys as you can but don't get any more
    than 18. After you are situated, leave town and find the Den of Evil and
    kill everything off in there. When you finish, go back to town and get
    your reward from Akara. Every time your inventory fills up, go back to
    town and sell everything. While you are up there, try to buy better
    items. If you need more money, repair things before you sell them and you
    will make more money off them. Talk to Kashya and you will get your next
    quest. Now you can go into the Cold Plains. Explore there thoroughly.
    Helpful hint, ALWAYS activate waypoints. It's easier to travel through
    them than town portals except when running from enemies. Don't go in the
    Stony Field yet. Find the Burial Grounds and kill Blood Raven. She shoots
    arrows at you and, sometimes, fire arrows. Kill her undead helpers first
    and kill her ASAP or she will raise more undead. If you need to, go back
    to town and sell everything. Next, go to the crypt and the mausoleum for
    easy items, gold, and experience. Then, go through the Stony Field. Don't
    enter the underground passage yet. After complete exploration, enter the
    cave and clean that place out. Then go through the underground passage.
    Again, complete exploration. If you are wondering why you must explore
    everything, it is because of three things; gold, experience, and items.
    After getting into the Dark Wood, Find the waypoint before you leave. You
    will return here later. You can ether explore the Dark Wood now, or find
    the Tree of Inifuss and leave. Your choice. Anyway, whenever you decide
    to leave, go to the Stony Field and find the Cairn Stones. Look at the
    scroll and input the pattern by touching the stones. You should see a red
    portal after the lightning show. Enter it. Welcome back to Tristram. TIME
    FOR REVENGE!!! Remember Griswold in the first Diablo? You get to kill
    him!!! Revenge on him for never getting good items until AFTER the hard
    parts of the game. Not only that, but you get to search Wirt's body!!! He
    drops lots of gold and his leg. Maybe it was worth it to pay him so
    much!!! Anyway, click on Cain's Gibbet to let him down and save him or
    you could stare at him and laugh because of his incompetence. Get all the
    gold. I think there is gold in Pepin's house but I'm not sure. Kill
    everything and leave. If Griswold is too hard for you, you don't have to
    fight him. You can just leave him there. I recommend trying anyway
    because he drops a magical item. Anyway, now you can return to the Dark
    Wood. Explore it if you haven't already. Just make sure you read the
    moldy tome book that gives you the forth quest. Then, enter the Black
    Marsh. Explore it thoroughly and go into the tower. Get down to the
    bottom level but explore everything on the way down. On the bottom floor,
    enter the first room on the left. Clean it out. MAJOR GOLD. Next, enter
    the first room on the right. Clean it out. MAJOR GOLD number 2. Go in
    ether the top right or the top left doors and clean the countess off the
    Earth. MAJOR GOLD number 3. Go out the opposite way you came in. Easy
    huh? Hint: If you are low on gold, quit the game and come back here. You
    don't get major gold number 3 but it's worth it. Anyhow, kill everything
    in the pit or the hole or whatever. Then, go to the Tamoe Highlands and
    kill everything. Enter the dungeon and kill all that oppose you. Next,
    you want to enter the Monastery. Wipe up everything in the outer cloister
    and go to the barracks. Clean it out and don't forget Charsi's hammer.
    Helpful hint: if you imbue Wirt's leg, you get a strong weapon off the
    start. Don't imbue it if you have a weapon with 7-16+ damage and more.
    Enter the jail and explore that thoroughly. On your map, you will
    sometimes find squares with no doors on them. Look closely for hidden
    doors. They are usually highlighted or stick out in some way. Inside,
    this secret will be gold, chests, and (sometimes) enemies. Look for these
    in the Catacombs as well. Anyway, back to the game. Go to the inner
    cloister and clear that. Finally, enter the catacombs. On the last level,
    the quest log button will appear to show that it is the bottom level.
    Kill everything until you get to double doors. Yes Andariel is in there.
    She has help so be careful. Try to get Andariel by herself. Then she is
    easier. Be wary of the HEAVY poison she throws at you. Killing her gets
    you a normal (not chipped) gem of some kind and a bunch of other
    (chipped) gems and stuff. DON'T GO TO THE NEXT ACT YET!!! Kill everything
    left in Andariel's chamber first. Then you can leave.
    ACT 2:
    Waypoints: Lut Gholein, Sewers Level 2, Dry hills, Far Oasis, The Halls
    of the Dead Level 2, Lost City, Palace Cellar Level 1, Arcane Sanctuary,
    and the Canyon of the Magi
    Ahh.. Lut Gholein. Desert paradise. Fara is the blacksmith, Jerhyn is the
    leader of Lut Gholein, Drognan sells potions and staves and scrolls, Atma
    gives you the first quest and then becomes useless, Griez lets you hire
    people which die fast and don't do much, Lysander sells potions and only
    potions, and Cain is back. Talk to everyone and clear out the sewers. Try
    to avoid getting surrounded by the undead and kill the guys who raise
    them first. After that, return to Atma for the reward. Next, talk to Cain
    for the next quest. Go into the desert and clean house. Kill 'em all.
    Next, clean up the dungeon in the Rocky Waste. Then, go to the Dry Hills.
    Clean it up and enter the next dungeon. Find the Horadric Cube and take
    it back to Cain. Cain tells you some of its uses and you keep it for the
    rest of the game if you want. It's a good idea because it holds more
    space for you. If you don't want it, drop it and let it disappear.
    Anyhow, finish the dungeon and move on the Far Oasis. Kill all the guys
    and enter the bug hole. Before you enter the bug hole there should be a
    darkness change. It's your next quest. Anyway, be careful here. The walls
    are closed tight so running is hard if there are guys behind you. Kill
    everything and get the shaft for the Horadric Staff. Get to the Lost City
    and kill all the queers. Explore the sewers thoroughly and go to the
    Valley of the Snakes. Kill all as usual. Enter the Claw Viper Temple and
    kill all. It's 2 levels. You complete two quests here pretty much. The
    headpiece is here and it is completing a quest but the game registers it
    complete when you use the Horadric Staff in Tal Rasha's real tomb. The
    other is the Tainted Sun. Kill everything in the Temple. Return to town
    and do your business. Then, talk to Drognan, Cain, and Jeryhn and clean
    out the Palace. On the third level of the cellar, you will find a portal.
    Kill all the bad guys first and then enter the portal. Welcome to the
    Arcane Sanctuary. Prepare to retrieve corpses of your dead bodies. This
    is the hardest part of the game. The guys swarm you and you can run, but
    the waypoint is in a central location and the paths are small. Try to
    clean out as much as possible. If you can, clean out everything. You will
    at least gain some levels. The summoner is somewhere in the level. Find
    him and kill him. He is EASY. The guys in the level are harder than him.
    All he does is curse you. Kill him and read the diary. The Canyon of the
    Magi portal appears. Go in when you are ready. This is easier than the
    Arcane Sanctuary. Go in all the tombs for max items, gold, and
    experience. Don't forget to clear out the Canyon of the Magi first. In
    Tal Rasha's true Tomb, put the Horadric Staff in the glowing altar thingy
    and it blows the wall open. If you were using the Horadric Staff, get a
    new (GOOD) weapon because the boss is on the other side of the wall. Make
    sure you cleaned out the Tomb and enter the wall. Duriel slows you down
    after a few seconds with a freeze aura but you can still move. He is
    strong and fast if you are slowed. He is still not that hard. Hack him up
    and enter the next room. THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS ROOM except Tyrael.
    Talk to him. Go to town and talk to everyone. Do your stuff and talk to
    Meshif. He will take you to....
    ACT 3:
    Waypoints: Kurast Docks, Spider forest, Great Marsh, Flayer Jungle, Lower
    Kurast, Kurast Bazaar, Upper Kurast, Travincal, and The Durance of Hate
    Level 2.
    Welcome to glorious (joke) Kurast. Well, you still get the docks right?
    RIGHT? No. OK. Talk to everyone and buy new stuff. You should not have
    any quests yet so don't worry. Hratli is the blacksmith, Cain is back,
    Ormus sells scrolls, potions, and staves, Alkor sells potions only and
    gambles, and Asheara lets you hire people who are good and sells stuff.
    First off I recommend hiring a person who casts cold magic from Asheara.
    The wildernesses in this area are huge so don't get killed too much. Kill
    off the short guys first and take out the shaman second because the
    shaman doesn't really resurrect them too much. Now leave town. The "Dark
    Wanderer" will walk a little and disappear. Kill the demons. Now explore
    the Spider forest. Along your way, you should find a statuette off a guy
    you killed. Pick it up and go back to Cain. Give it to Meshif and give
    Alkor the Golden bird. Talk to Alkor again and you get 20 permanent life
    points. Now talk to Cain and Hratli. You should get two more quests. Do
    your business in town and finish exploring the Spider forest. Explore the
    dungeons. One will have Khalim's eye in it. Get it and finish exploring
    the Spider forest. Don't forget the waypoint. Next, Clear out the Great
    Marsh. Explore any dungeons and go to the Flayer Jungle. Clear it out and
    explore the dungeons. Somewhere along the way, you should find the Blade
    for your second quest. In one of the dungeons, there is Khalim's brain.
    Don't forget that as well. Next, go to the Lower Kurast. Clear it out.
    Explore ALL the temples. If you don't find the book, don't worry. Go to
    the Kurast Bazaar. Clear it out and explore ALL the temples. You should
    find the black book. If not look in the Lower Kurast and the Kurast
    Bazaar temples harder. If you still didn't find it, get it later and
    explore the sewers. Get Khalim's heart and leave. Explore Upper Kurast.
    Look in ALL the temples. If you still didn't find the black book, look in
    Lower Kurast and the Bazaar again. If you did not find the black book, I
    can't help you. Next, go to the Travincal. Kill off the council members
    and get the flail. Destroy the Compelling Orb with the Transmuted Flail.
    Go through the Durance of Hate killing everything. On the third level,
    Mephisto waits. I actually thought he was harder than Diablo. Look out
    for Mephisto's white sphere thing. It hurts BAD. Sometimes it kills you
    in one shot. The trick is to stay at hand to hand combat because that is
    where Mephisto is weak. He will poison you yes. Don't worry. Keep
    slicing. If you run out of potions go to town and get more. Come back
    down and keep slicing. He will die eventually and you will get his
    soulstone and a bunch of other stuff. Go to town and do your business.
    Talk to everyone. Go back down and clear out the rest of the place. Go
    through the Portal to Hell to get to....
    ACT 4:
    Waypoints: The Pandemonium Fortress, City of the Damned, and the River of
    OK. This is the last Act. Small. Buy your stuff and talk to Cain and
    Tyrael. First 2 quests. Leave and explore the place. Kill off everything
    and move on the Plains of Despair. Kill everything and fight Izual. Talk
    to him when he dies. Next, go to the City of the Damned. Kill everything
    and go to the River of Flame. Kill everything. Good luck on the Smith.
    His strength is really high. He killed my guy in two hits!!! Get the
    hammer off him and go to town. Identify it and get Mephisto's soulstone.
    Go to the Hellforge and put the stone and the altar. Smash it with the
    hammer. Now get all the gems. Go to the Angel guarding the single path
    that says that this is the way to Diablo. Go through the path. Kill
    EVERYTHING on the path. Get to the end and you should be in the Chaos
    Sanctuary. The mages are a big pain. Try to kill them first. When you get
    to a big Star, go left and kill everything. Open the seal(s) and go
    right. Kill everything and open the seal(s). Finally, go up and kill
    everything. Open the seal(s). When you open a seal, there should be more
    guys. Only 3 seals do this. The reason you want to open the top one last
    is because the guys up there are harder than the others. If you did the
    other seals first, then all you have to do is kill the aura enchanted,
    thief, ect. mage. After killing the guys, Diablo will appear in the
    center. Don't get scared. He's kinda easy. Just look out for his red
    lightning. After killing him, you have 70 seconds to do whatever. Do your
    level up if you have one first. Then, get the stuff and go to town.
    Identify everything and sell if you still have time. On to Nightmare
    Difficulty. (I died 10 times on Duriel in nightmare)! The difficulties
    don't change the quests or my walkthru above. Advice: DON'T DIE. I'm
    serious! It's NOT healthy...
    (.5.)Character Help:
    Having problems with your character? Dying too much? Can't find out what
    to get for your guy? Look no farther. The section of the FAQ will help
    you begin your game. The best type of armor (Ornate Armor) requires 170
    strength. You can't get it until nightmare difficulty or level 25 so
    build strength early on. My level 16 Barbarian has strength up to 100.
    Good luck...
    Amazon: One of the easiest classes. She's best with spears and bows. I
    think bows are better but it's your choice. You should get armor that is
    pretty strong as well since you will be using two-handed weapons a lot.
    You can do pretty much whatever you want on skills. Dodge and avoid are
    very good and I recommend raising those as high as possible. You have to
    build your skills depending on what you are using. With spears, Jab is my
    favorite skill. It will speed up attacks with pikes and lances. With
    bows, it depends on what the enemies' magical resistances are. You should
    work on multiple shot as well. Guided arrow is probably my favorite bow
    spell. Build that up too. A good amazon will kill guys in PvP (player vs.
    player) that are 20 levels higher or maybe even better. The deadliest
    class in dueling.
    Barbarian: I think this one is the easiest. Just get a weapon and
    possibly a shield and go kill things. Armor is not immediate, but it will
    help. Two-handed weapons are good and two weapons are even better if they
    are both good. Skills are your choice mostly. Some good ones are
    whirlwind, the masteries, double swing, find potion, find item, and howl.
    Whirlwind is THE best skill a barbarian gets. Upgrade it to 20 ASAP. Howl
    will keep the enemies away if you are surrounded. Great spell. The
    masteries are great if you build them up high enough. Double swing will
    make your attacks very strong with two weapons. Bash is OK if you build
    it up high enough as well but leap attack is better in my opinion. You
    will not usually use skills with him but they are there when you need
    them. Barbarians are the third best PvP class. Whirlwind annihilates many
    players at once and it takes them out in one hit. He isn’t too great
    against an amazon or a sorceress because they use long range attacks.
    Necromancer: The hardest to make effectively. With this guy, don't get
    two-handed weapons until way later. Defense is what you need. Work mainly
    on defense. Get a good one-handed weapon. On your skills, DON'T BUILD UP
    TEETH. Build up corpse explosion, golem and golem mastery, bone spear,
    bone armor, bone spirit, and poison nova. Corpse explosion will clear out
    crowds. Kill a guy and use the spell on his corpse. It damages nearby
    enemies with 60 - 100 percent of the corpse's life. Use it on advanced
    guys for the max damage. Golems will save you a lot. Build these up until
    you can get iron golem. Then fire golem. Bone spear is great. It passes
    through your target and hits another behind it and it passes through him
    and so on. Good for making corpses for corpse explosion. Bone armor will
    save your life time and time again. Upgrade it a lot. Bone spirit is
    great on bosses but it only attacks single enemies. Use bone spear on
    enemies in groups and bone spirit on single guys. Poison nova is good for
    getting rid of the guys around you. Upgrade that a lot also. I did this
    guy without curses but its your choice. Curses are OK. Decrepify will
    slow enemies so you can run. Amplify Damage is pretty good and so is Iron
    Maiden. Use them a lot. Necromancers are the worst duelers. They die from
    pretty much any class. The only spell good in dueling is bone spirit, but
    an amazon will make that useless with her ability to slow projectiles.
    Paladin: If you can't do this guy right, you need help. He is very easy
    to do and a good help for multiplayer games. Just get a good weapon and
    good armor and you are set. He is even good with a bow. Skills are pretty
    easy also. Try to build up on the resistances, might, blessed aim,
    prayer, zeal, and fanaticism. The resistances will help the enemies'
    fire, lightning, or cold damage stay low. However, you should just wait
    until you can get Salvation. Might raises your damage dealt. Blessed aim
    allows you to hit guys easier. Prayer will help you if you have time to
    regenerate your life. Zeal kills a lot of guys with one "swing."
    Fanaticism increases attack speed. Need I see more? Couple zeal and
    fanaticism and you are one really bad guy. Your partners will also like
    you better while you are using fanaticism or concentration. I will let
    you decide what to do with your skills. It won't make too much of a
    difference except in multiplayer. In PvP, a paladin is forth best in my
    book. He can be third and take out barbarians, but when they leap, thorns
    doesn’t work. Using concentration and blessed hammer is the best
    combination of skills for a paladin. He can take out anyone close enough
    to him. Long range is where they perish. Anything that shoots at you will
    kill you in PvP.
    Sorceress: Hard off the start but it gets easier. She is great with
    staves and can use OK armor. Get a staff that raises your skill points or
    raises your resistances. Try to run a lot if you are having trouble.
    Skill points should be put into teleport, frozen armor, shiver armor,
    chilling armor, glacial spike, fireball, hydra, the masteries, frozen
    orb, and fire spells. Teleport saves your butt plenty of times but you
    only need one skill point there. The cold armor spells freeze enemies
    that hit you. Great for melee and even ranged combat. Glacial spike
    freezes multiple enemies. Great for running. Fireball hurts if upgraded
    high enough but fire wall does massive damage when upgraded to level 28.
    Hydra will help a lot but not as much as some of the other spells. The
    masteries help keep your damage up and the lightning spells help keep you
    away from danger. You should not build up on firebolt. Only put one point
    there so you can get fireball. Charged bolt isn't the best ether. Put no
    more than 3 points there. Frost nova and lightning nova aren't the best
    spells ether. Fire spells do the most damage anyways. Get them high on
    levels. Frozen orb is the spell of choice for cold sorceresses. It will
    kill fast and freeze everything in range. Try to focus on only one area
    of spells. I would prefer fire or ice. Lightning just doesn’t do anything
    for damage. Fire does more damage but cold freezes enemies. Fire wall
    does up to 1000 damage per second on level 28 I think. When dueling, a
    good sorceress will be very good at killing other players at any level,
    but it fails to a good amazon unless you hit that amazon first.
    All Characters: Don't try to level off your stats. Try to pour points in
    strength and dexterity. Once in a while, put points on vitality. Energy
    is almost never needed but put points there only if you are a sorceress
    or really REALLY need mana. Like I said before, you need 170 strength to
    use the best armor. You can't use it by leveling off your stats. Another
    hint is to gamble. It may be expensive but it pays off. If you are
    looking for a set, go on the internet and look for the items you need. If
    what you need is a sabre, gamble on sabres. It's almost the only way to
    get full sets in single player (not trading with other people). I think
    that a gambler has 1 or 2 unique, rare, or set items that he hides with
    all of his other worthless things on the gambling screen. Sometimes you
    will get lucky and find a unique item. It's well worth the gold when you
    get something you want. If you don’t know what to gamble on, try amulets
    or rings. If you decide to gamble on rings, know that you probably will
    not get a Stone of Jordan without Nagelring and Manald Heal. BE VERY
    ACTS!!! I completely messed up a perfectly good necromancer because I
    sent him to act 4 nightmare on level 33 (he killed diablo in nightmare
    too!!!) and now I can’t get him to make levels. Make as many levels as
    nesscessary before moving on. When playing multiplayer, don’t leave your
    teammates alone or make weaklings play the front line with necromancers
    or sorceresses. That’s poor management. The Barbarian (or Paladin) should
    be at the front line ahead of EVERYONE else. Paladin second. Then,
    spellcasters and Amazons. Another thing, when you have a necromancer in
    your party, try not to turn everything into ice cubes. The necro needs
    corpses. With a sorceress and a necro, try to make the sorceress use fire
    instead of cold. Fire does the most damage. Without a necro but you have
    a sorceress, let the sorceress use cold. It benefits everyone in the
    party except necros.
    Monster’s levels depending on difficulty:
    Nightmare: +30 levels
    Hell: +50 levels
    Ex: level 1 monster in normal = level 31 monster in nightmare and level
    monster in hell
    Levels you should be around if you explored everything:
    Normal: After Act 1: around level 15 (doesn’t really matter)
    After Act 2: around level 22 or 23 (again doesn’t really matter)
    After Act 3: around level 25 to 28 (kinda matters)
    Nightmare: Before starting: level 30 (27 with good (GOOD) stuff
    After Act 1: level 33 (matters)
    After Act 2: level 36 to 38 (matters greatly)
    After Act 3: level 41 to 43 (matters greatly)
    Hell: Before starting: level 50 (matters greatly)
    Through Hell, it doesn’t matter much on levels since you will finish the
    game after killing diablo. You can kill him on level 50 and you’ve still
    completed the game. But, if you really need it, I’ll give more average
    After Act 1: level 53
    After Act 2: level 55 to 57
    After Act 3: level 61 to 62
    After Act 4: level 63 or higher
    Note for above and below: This is single player. Not multiplayer.
    Here is a little trick for you guys who die a lot (open characters only):
    copy the entire contents of the Diablo 2 save directory to a backup
    directory. When you die, you can reload the backup to your Diablo 2 save
    directory. Now, you will never lose experience in the harder
    difficulties. Be sure to backup your files after every successful game.
    Be warned, if you found a keepable item(s) and you died before backing up
    your guy, don’t restore the guy unless he dies a million more times or
    you will lose that item(s). This also works with Battle.net open
    characters. You can give away an item(s), leave, restore your guy, and
    then get the item(s) from the guy you were just trading with. Then,
    backup your guy. You might want to talk to the other guy about this so he
    doesn’t think you ripped him off....
    If nothing helped you, e-mail me your problem and I will try to help you
    (.6.)Horadric Cube: This section is about anything I find out about the
    Horadric Cube. So far, I have found that three gems of the same type and
    the same perfection equal one gem that is one higher perfection than the
    last three were. Putting any items in with the gems destroys the item(s).
    Three amulets equal a ring and three rings equal an amulet. Putting
    around 6 gems in with an amulet or ring gives the ring new properties but
    without it's original properties. Don't put 3 gems with the same type and
    perfection or you will only get a gem with a higher perfection, not a
    ring or amulet. After defeating Diablo, start again in normal and get
    Wirt's Leg and transmute it with a town portal tome. This will take you
    to the hidden cow level called the Moo Moo Farm. This is NOT as easy as
    you think. The cows almost never end but you get a lot of items. The Cow
    King drops a lot of stamina potions, some healing and mana potions, and a
    couple items. This whole trick only works once per difficulty AFTER
    killing Diablo. Check out the backup\restore part of character help. If
    you don’t find anything good in the cow level, quit, restore, and try
    again. MOO!
    The following was sent by Derek (sorry I forgot your battle.net name!)
    Put 3 Perfect skulls in with an amulet and you should get an amulet that
    gives you a 1 or 2 skill point-boosting amulet for your guy. It has a 1
    of 1 chance of working.
    Ed: I’ve gotten this to work with any combination of 3 perfect gems. This
    transmution changes the rare amulet and it can have *ANY* new attributes.
    The amulet is random every time you do the transmutation with 3 perfects
    but this will only work with perfects. To force this to work, do the
    backup directory thing (at the end of character help) and try your
    combination(s). If you don’t like what you get, quit, restore your guy,
    and do it again. You will get what you want eventually. HOWEVER, be
    warned that the amulet that adds 2 to your skill levels requires level
    67. The one that adds 1 to your skills levels requires level 22. You may
    not want to try this until later.
    P.S.: My favorite amulet has the following: 
    +2 character skills
    +5% mana steal
    +4% life steal
    Prismatic (around 20 to all resistances)
    +57 to mana
    +59 to life
    Beat that!
    The following was sent by IggyboyAT:
    1 Emerald (of any quality) + 1 ring + 4 Antidote Potions = One Viridian
    Ring. This ring adds to Poison resist. What it adds to Poison Resist % is
    1 Ruby (of any quality) + 1 ring + 4 Exploding Potions = One Garnet Ring.
    This ring adds to Fire resist. What it adds to Fire resist % is random.
    1 Sapphire (of any quality) + 1 ring + 4 Thawing Potions = One Cobalt
    Ring. This ring does the same thing as the Garnet Ring except it adds to
    Cold resist. (These first three formulae do not work with amulets)
    1 spear class item + 1 quiver of arrows = 1 stack of javelins
    1 axe + 2 daggers = a stack of throwing axes
    3 health potions (any quality) + 3 mana potions (any quality) = one
    rejuvenation potion
    3 health potions + 3 mana potions + 1 gem = one full rejuvenation potion
    I add: Please use chipped, flawed, or, if you are desperate, normal.
    Using perfects like this is a BIG waste.
    6 gems (of any kind) + 1 sword class weapon = one socketed long sword
    2 quivers of arrows = one quiver of bolts
    2 quivers of bolts = one quiver of arrows
    3 Perfect Gems (of any type) + 1 magical item = one new random magical
    item. Tends to work better with the items you find in nightmare and above
    difficulties. Be careful about using any of you best items unless they
    suck and can be replaced. You will not get a unique, rare, or set item.
    The following was sent in by Sabin:
    Using IggyboyAT’s tricks above with the resistance rings, if you make one
    and put in your inventory, leave the game and reenter, the ring will be
    different. Sometimes it will be worse and sometimes it will be better. It
    is like gambling. It works with all versions of the game and you don’t
    need to put it in a specific spot in your inventory. Just don’t equip it.
    Ed: I tried this and it works.
    This section will be updated as much as I can. Please send me anything
    else you known about the cube. Warning: Don't put your best items in the
    cube and transmute unless you know what you are doing. You'll see...
    Special Thanks to:
    IggyboyAT for reminding me about the 3 gems equal a gem with a better
    perfection and all of his contributions.
    Derek for his contributions.
    Patrick for reminding me about the hidden doors in act 1.
    Sabin for his contributions.
    {ANS}Koreakilla for being my best online friend
    All my friends on Battle.net
    Only the GOOD people get in my special thanks list.
    If you want to look me up on Battle.net, my logons are Hot~Clan~Ultima
    and {ANS}Owner
    (.7.) Diablo 2 Expansion: The Lord of Destruction:
    Well, the expansion is not out as of yet, but I’ve found out some
    information about it. It will come out in the first half of 2001
    sometime. I think we’re all praying that it’s soon. The expansion will
    add an act to the normal game. It will be act 5, with harder enemies than
    act 4. Act 5 will be about the size of acts 1 and 2 but it will be
    smaller than act 3 and larger than act 4. It will have 6 quests and I
    think there are 9 waypoints. There will also still be 3 difficulty
    levels. You will still only be able to get to level 99 as your maximum
    character level and level 20 as your maximum on your skills. There will
    be new horadric cube formulae and Blizzard says that it will be more
    useful than diablo 2’s cube. You will be able to get elite items, which
    are better than exceptionals. The best example they have of an elite item
    is with a pike. The normal item is a pike, the exceptional is a lance,
    and the elite will be a war pike. You will be able to find unique
    exceptionals, too. I haven’t seen any of those yet. You will be able to
    find jewels, which will increase you weapons’ power if the weapons are
    socketed. As of yet they are magical (one prefix and one suffix), but
    blizzard MIGHT make them rare. You may also find socketed rare and
    magical items in the expansion. If you’ve cheated with your open
    characters then you’ll know what I mean. There will be items that only
    certain character classes can use. Sorceresses get orbs, which do very
    little damage but will increase skills dramatically. I forgot most of the
    other classes’ items so I won’t start listing them. You will have 2 new
    character classes. They are the druid and the assassin. I haven’t seen a
    picture of the druid yet (although I haven’t looked), but if you want to
    see an assassin, goto act 3 in Diablo 2 and look for Natalya. She’s an
    assassin. For skills, druids can change forms into animals and use
    nature-type magic. Assassins get martial arts, traps, and some magical
    abilities. That’s pretty much all I’ve found out so far. If you’ve
    learned anything I haven’t covered here about the expansion, please
    e-mail me and tell me about it.
    (.8.)Copyright and Legal Stuff:
    This document is my work and may NOT be changed in ANY way. It is
    protected by federal law. You have the right to print this off and use
    it, but you may NOT call it your own. If you print this document, you
    must also print this section of the FAQ. Any questions, comments, and/or
    suggestions please contact me at: the1whorulesyou@juno.com. I usually
    respond in about 1 to 2 days. Thanx, Nik.

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