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    Sorceress FAQ/Walkthrough by Samdelazie

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DIABLO 2 v1.2
    by Samdelazie.   Email : samminh@hotmail.com
    Revision History
    SEP 09 2000  Version 1.2
                 - Updated 'Question and Answer'
                 - Updated 'Wish List'
    SEP 02 2000  Version 1.1
                 - Added a new column - 'Question and Answer'
                 - Added a new column - 'Wish List'
    AUG 28 2000  Version 1.0
                 - I finished writing 90% of this FAQ about a month ago. It
                   is not until now that I decided to launch it.  Just
                   finished Threads of Fate and Icewind Dale.  I will now
                   have more time to concentrate on DiabloII.  By the way,
                   if you're wondering, this FAQ was accurate for v1.02
                   patch.  I will try to insert the v1.03 patch changes in
                   the next update.
    For the Sorceress Only
    General Instructions * please read
    General Tips/Strategies
    Walkthrough :
    ACT I   - Rogue Encampment
            - Blood Moor
            - Cold Plains           \waypoint/
            - Burial Grounds
            - Stony Field           \waypoint/
            - Underground Passage
            - Dark Wood             \waypoint/
            - Tristram
            - Black Marsh           \waypoint/
            - Forgotten Tower
            - Tamoe Highland
            - Monastery Gate
            - Outer Cloister        \waypoint/
            - The Barracks
            - Jail                  \waypoint/
            - Inner Cloister        \waypoint/
            - The Cathedral
            - The Catacombs         \waypoint/
    ACT II  - Lut Gholein
            - Sewer                 \waypoint/
            - Rocky Waste
            - Dry Hills             \waypoint/
            - Halls of the Dead     \waypoint/
            - Far Oasis             \waypoint/
            - Maggot Lair
            - The Lost City         \waypoint/
            - Valley of Snakes
            - Claw Viper Temple
            - Harem
            - Palace Cellar         \waypoint/
            - Arcane Sanctuary      \waypoint/
            - Canyon of the Magi    \waypoint/
            - Tal Rasha's Tomb
    ACT III - Kurast Dock
            - Spider Forest         \waypoint/
            - Spider Cavern
            - Great Marsh           \waypoint/
            - Flayer Jungle         \waypoint/
            - Flayer Dungeon
            - Lower Kurast          \waypoint/
            - Kurast Bazaar         \waypoint/
            - Sewers
            - Ruined Temple
            - Upper Kurast          \waypoint/
            - Kurast Causeway
            - Travincal             \waypoint/
            - Durance of Hate       \waypoint/
    ACT IV  - Pandemonium Fortress
            - Outer Steppes
            - Plains of Despair
            - City of the Damned    \waypoint/
            - River of Flame        \waypoint/
            - Chaos Sanctuary
    Bonus Stage! - Moo-Moo Farm
    Boss Strategies - Blood Raven
                    - The Countess
                    - The Smith
                    - Andariel
                    - Radament
                    - Fangskin
                    - The Summoner
                    - Duriel
                    - High Councils
                    - Mephisto
                    - Izual
                    - Hephasto the Armorer
                    - Diablo
    Sorceress Skills - Cold Spells
                     - Lightning Spells
                     - Fire Spells
    Something You Should Know
    Wish List
    Question and Answer
    Copyright Samdelazie 2000
      This FAQ cannot be reproduced and can only be used in its original
    form.  Do not use it to gain profits of any sort because it was not
    meant to be used like that.  This FAQ is by gamer for gamers.  It is
    also my way of expressing appreciation towards the game and I will not
    tolerate any misuse of this guide.
      Permission for any commercial use will definitely be denied but
    other reasons may be considered.  You may get my permission by
    sending an e-mail to -samminh@hotmail.com- and receive a reply,
    stating permission is granted.
    P.S.  Despite the copyright warning, I wonder why my works still get
          ripped off.  They would, of course, shamelessly deny it.  Anyway,
          it has proven one thing though - that the tips and strategies are
          truly great :)
       This FAQ is intended to help out those who have problems/questions
    regarding the sorceress in DiabloII.  I may not be the best person to
    ask, but I will try to help out with what my limited knowledge and
    wisdom can provide, so that it can be combined with the others to make
    out a perfect strategy guide.
       This FAQ is not written to satisfy all needs.  it is aimed the help
    the beginners especially.  They are the ones who needed an FAQ or
    walkthrough to get them started.  If my FAQ was able to help ONE new
    gamer to like the game as much as I do, I already consider myself being
    very successful.
    For the Sorceress Only
       This FAQ is dedicated to the sorceresses in DiabloII.  So, if you are
    playing other than the sorceress, go somewhere else!  Some tips and
    strategies may not work for other character classes anyway.
       Also this is an in-depth FAQ, so don't expect to see some kind of
    literature craps here.  If you are looking for other informations like
    the list of items/rares/uniques/HCRecipes or strategies for other
    classes, you won't find it here.
    General Instructions
       This FAQ is best viewed in Microsoft Wordpad with Courier New(Western)
    fonts size 10.  If you notice some crappy spacing, change the fonts.
       Read the tutorial in other websites such as DiabloII.net.  They have
    done a great job with it.  My knowledge was solely based on what is
    written and this FAQ will not repeat what's already in there.  So, I
    would assume that you have read it and possess some basic knowledge
    about EVERYTHING.
       I did this FAQ all by myself, no copying from any other source
    without giving relevant credits.  Maybe I shouldn't be saying this but
    if you really going to rip off my work,  make sure you do a nice job.
    Don't let me, or anyone notice the similarities.  If I get emails like
    'hey, did you copy from %#$@$'s FAQ?' or anything that indicates I'm the
    copycat. Well, who knows what I'm gonna do.  I'd be too furious to know!
    (Of course, you can always try the good ol' way : ask permission)
       I think I should mention this.  This WHOLE FAQ is based on my gaming
    experience and observations.  Basically, it's all MY OPINION.  Nothing
    official from Blizzard.  So, read at your own risk and don't send me
    e-mails saying that I lied or something.
       This FAQ can only be found in www.gamefaqs.com.  If you have read
    this FAQ elsewhere, please e-mail me about this as soon as possible.
    All information is much appreciated.
       My final instruction is that this FAQ IS and WILL NOT be a COMPLETE
    guide to the game.  The way to use this FAQ/Walkthrough or whatever you
    call it, is to complement it with other wonderful FAQs on the internet,
    which will cover all other subjects in much greater depth.
    General Tips/Strategies
    1)   Check out the wares in the blacksmith on each Act.  Take note of
         the Strength requirements, so that you will know how many points
         to put into Strength.
    2)   Do NOT miss out on chests, barrels, urns etc. These are the most
         common places to find rares.  Characters now kick to destroy
         urns/barrels.  So don't worry about losing weapon's durability.
    3)   You can guess some of the monsters resistances by checking their
         names.  You don't think monsters with names like 'Burning Dead'
         will be scared of fire, do you?
    4)   Try to keep the rejuvenation potions.  Although it only recovers a
         relatively small portions of life and mana, the healing is instant
         and is based on percentage. Besides, you don't get much for selling
         it anyway.
    5)   For the sorceress, it's advisable to run always.  Learn to dodge
         attacks in this mode too, whether it's missiles or melee.  When
         you're low in stamina, pause for a while and then press 'R' to walk.
         If you're forced to walk when there's monsters nearby, either take
         a stamina potion, or you can try this.  When you see the monster is
         going to make a strike, press 'Ctrl' to make a boost.  I would
         expect you to have a little bit stamina left to make a boost.  This
         way, the monster will still continue his attack BUT miss.  By then,
         you're already at a distance and can continue walking.  Remember,
         one of the sorceress' main strength lies in her mobility.
    6)   You may ask, running makes the sorceress have almost zero defense
         against attacks.  I would say : the best way to dodge missile
         attacks is to run away from it.  As for melee, yeah, you are
         vulnerable to melee attacks when running.  But, not if you cast
         -Frost Nova- or -Glacial Spike- beforehand, or have some speed
         boots.  You WILL manage to escape before they hit you.  Frankly,
         I've been doing this all the time, and I've been receiving far
         less hits this way.  Moreover, I don't seem to entrust the life of
         the sorceress to her defense anymore; especially after suffering
         from that '8% a level ? will hit you' incident.  More about this
    7)   If you find it hard to decide on how to put in skill points, you
         can always try buying staves from merchants.  Choose the staff with
         the skills that you want, and then try it out to see how you like
         it.  Don't worry,  the sorceress is probably the richest character
         in the game.  In fact, she's so rich, I don't know how to spend the
         money.  I rarely use the money to repair her equipments because
         the sorceress seldom get hits.  So I spend it all on buying staves
         and gambling.
    8)   If you think you can fight the monsters without much of a struggle,
         reserve the skill points.  Learn to live with the annoying presence
         of the skill tab.  Quit complaining about it because it's already
         something that cannot be changed.
    9)   An observation about cold : It seems that having resistances
         against cold will not only reduces the damage taken, but it will
         also shorten the duration time as well.  This applies to both
         normal cold and freezing attacks.  Furthermore, it will even
         affects the slowness one would get when hit with cold attacks. If
         a monster with high cold resistance is hit with cold attack, it
         will receive less cold damage, shortened chilling/freezing length
         and less penalty in terms of speed.  I think the same applies to
         human players too.
    10)  A note about items of Regeneration.  If you don't have an item that
         replenishes life, your life will NOT be healed by time AT ALL.  It
         acts much like the Paladin's -Prayer- aura, but without the mana
         consumption.  In fact, I have the Amulet and the Armor that gives
         me like 'replenish life +6' in total.  Now, I can always enter a
         battle with my life at full.
    11)  Almost everything that's 'fast' will benefit the sorceress.  I'm
         talking about equipments like 'fastest hit recovery', 'fastest
         walk/run' and 'fastest cast rate'.  So give priority to these
         attributes when you have to make a choice between two equally good
    12)  I've read about chances of getting unique/rare items from Jarulf's
         Diablo Guide.  If I remember correctly, it says something like :
            "Chances of finding rares/uniques will be increased if you
                clear up the whole level and killed all monsters"
         And this is what I think :
            When a game is generated, the locations of rare/unique items is
         set on the map at the same time.  The rare/unique for the map may
         be in one of the chest or on one of the monsters itself.  So, if
         you open that loaded chest or kill that particular monster, you
         will get the rare/unique items for the level.  Which leads back to
         what I've read.  If you clear up the whole level, open all the
         chests and kill all the monsters, it will almost ensures that you
         wlll get the rare/unique item for that level.
         But it will only work if:
            a) It implies to DiabloII as well as its predecessor.
            b) rare/unique items are NOT generated in real time in DiabloII.
            c) the levels have rare/unique items.  If the level does not
               have it, you won't find it no matter what.
         This tip is definitely not confirmed, but I see no serious harm for
         applying it either.   So, the next time you want to move on to
         another level,  make sure you search the current level thoroughly.
         You may miss out some good stuffs.
    13)  " It's always good to go back and check places you've already
           visited.  You might find rare items and stuff you missed
           earlier. " - Threads of Fate
         It's a norm for me to play a few games at the same time, and I'm
         playing both DiabloII and Threads of Fate(Playstation) right now.
         I come across this quote when playing Threads of Fate and I can't
         help to notice that this principle seems to apply to DiabloII as
         well. Although this tip can never be verified (by me at least),
         but I think it's worth sharing it to the DiabloII gamers.  You can
         try this.  When you have reached ACT IV, go back to Lower Kurast
         in ACT III.  For some reasons, you will find a lot of rares this
         time round.  I'm not sure if there are other contributing factors,
         but it's working.  Another method you can try is when you have
         finished the game once.  Let's say you have just finished Normal
         and started Nightmare.  Play a few rounds in ACT I Nightmare and
         then go back to ACT IV Normal.  It seems like you'll be playing
         a brand new map, so it's not surprising if you find rares. Then
         switch back to ACT I Nightmare and then back to ACT IV Normal
         again.  Repeat until you're sick of it.
    14)  When choosing a battleground, look for features like :
            a) an exit
            b) refilling shrine/well nearby
            c) wide and spacious
            d) platforms with different heights
            e) obstacles that block melee attackers from charging towards.
    15)  A note about mapping skills to left mouse click.  There will be
         times when you want to cast spells on the left button, but ended up
         charging to enemies instead.  To avoid this from happening, press
         'Shift' + left button.
    16)  You gotta love shrines - wells, mana shrine, mana recovery shrine.
         If you happen to find one, try this.  Lure a bunch of enemies near
         the shrine.  Then cast as many spells as you can.  When you're
         empty, go hit the shrine and start killing again.  The best spell
         to do this is of course -Frozen Orb-!
       I've included some information on the most common monsters in each
    area.  It seems that the amount of experience changes as you level up.
    It depends on your character level.  I don't know the exact formula
    for it, so I would suggest that you visit other websites for more
    information.  Anyway, I still make notes of the experience gained, so
    that you can figure out the best place to level up.  Try to look at it
    as percentages and you'll get the rough idea.  Bear in mind that some
    monsters in some areas DO NOT give you experience when defeated.  So,
    it's better not to waste your time and resources in those areas.  I
    hope you will find it as useful as I did.
       Also, there are some information on the uniques that I've encountered.
    I'm not sure how it may help you, but it's still nice to know whether
    it's worth the effort to kill it.  I myself have more problems dealing
    with unique monsters than with major bosses (damn those lightning-
    enchanted bastards!)
       The level indicated is the level at the time I reach the place.
    Experience is accumulated WITHOUT doing optional areas or activating
    experience shrine, but killing ALL other enemies.  This bit of
    information is useful when you want to make a character plan.  For
    example, you know that you're going to deal with Andariel at level 13,
    so make sure that you already have an effective 'boss strategy' planned
    out at level 13.
     Act I
    I) Rogue Encampment
       NPC : Akara  - healer
                    - Den Of Evil (free 1 skill point)
                    - The Search for Cain (magical ring, free item
                                           identification from Cain)
             Kashya - Sister's Burial Grounds (mercenary ally)
             Charsi - Tools of the Trade (imbue)
             Warriv - takes you to Lut Gholein (Act II)
       [ Note ] : 1) Talk to Akara for a personalised conversation.
    II) Blood Moor - evil beware!
        Level         : 1
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : Den Of Evil - this place is trouble
                                    - this cave has been purged of evil
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Fallen              Exp 18 (1st time)
                        Fallen Shaman       Exp 32
                        Gargantuan Beast    Exp 48
                        Quill Rat           Exp 21
                        Zombie              Exp 33
        Unique        : Corpsefire          Exp 165
                        - Zombie
                        - Spectral Hit
        Spells Recommended : -Firebolt-, -Charged Bolt-
        [ Note ] : 1) Fallen will net you experience only when slain for
                      the first time.  If they're raised, you get 0 exp
                      for killing it again.
    III) Cold Plains
         Level         : 3
         Waypoint      : Cold Plains
         Quest Area    : None
         Optional Area : Cave
         Enemy         : Dark Hunter         Exp 31
                         Dark Spearwoman     Exp 36
                         Fallen              Exp 18 (1st time)
                         Fallen Shaman       Exp 32
                         Gargantuan Beast    Exp 48
         Unique        : Bishibosh           Exp 160
                         - Fallen Shaman
                         - magic resistant, fire enchanted
                         Stone Break the Jagged   Exp 180
                         - Dark Spearwoman
                         - mana burn
         Spells Recommended : -Firebolt-, -Charged Bolt-
         [ Note ] : 1) -Charged Bolt- is quite useful in this area. The
                       bolts that missed may hit the monsters at the back.
                    2) There are actually two types of Fallen Shaman here,
                       one will raise Fallen and the other is a mere minion.
                       But they give the same amount of experience.
    IV) Burial Grounds - there is dark magic in work here
        Level         : 5
        Waypoint      : None
        Quest Area    : None
        Optional Area : Crypt, Mausoleum
        Enemy         : Hungry Dead   Exp 44 (pre-existent)
                        Skeleton      Exp 34
        Unique        : Dark Raven    Exp 181
                        (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Blood Raven' for more
        Spells Recommended : -Firebolt-, -Charged Bolt-
        [ Note ] : 1) Hungry Dead summoned by Blood Raven will NOT net you
                      any experience.  Only those pre-existent ones will.
    V) Stony Field
       Level         : 5
       Waypoint      : Stony Field
       Quest Area    : Cairn Stone
                       The Moldy Tome (initiate 'The Forgotten Tower' Quest)
                       Underground Passage
       Optional Area : None
       Enemy         : Carver               Exp  42
                       Dark Ranger          Exp  54
                       Foul Crow            Exp  22 (pre-existent)
                       Foul Crow Nest       Exp  88
                       Hungry Dead          Exp  44
                       Moon Clan Champion   Exp 162
       Unique        : Moon Cloud           Exp 110
                       - Foul Crow
                       - fire enchanted
                       Rakanishu            Exp 210
                       - Carver
                       - lightning enchanted
       Spells Recommended : -Firebolt-, -Charged Bolt-
       [ Note ] : 1) The Foul Crows that come out from the nest give no
                  2) This 'Rakanishu', is he some kind of a hero to the
                     Carvers?  I often heard them calling out his name.
                     (Frankly not only them, I also often called out his
    VI) Underground Passage
        Level         : 6
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : to Dark Wood
        Optional Area : Underground Passage level 2
        Enemy         : Fallen            Exp  18 (1st time)
                        Fallen Shaman     Exp  32
                        Misshapen         Exp  56
                        Skeleton Archer   Exp  62
                        Vile Hunter       Exp  54
        Unique        : Gray Claw         Exp 280
                        - Misshapen
                        - mana burn
        Spells Recommended :  -Charged bolt-, -Ice Bolt-, -Inferno-,
                              -Ice Blast-, -Frozen Armor-.
        [ Note ] : 1) This is where things can get a bit hard.  I would
                      assume that you have reached level 6 by now and should
                      have one of the spells mentioned above.
                   2) The location of unique monsters varies for every game.
                      If you are unlucky like me, you will encounter the
                      unique (in my case it's 'Gray Claw') straight on.  As
                      you should realize it by now, the sorceress needs a
                      wide battleground.  So, at first, you may think you
                      can find a decent place to fight it if you venture
                      deeper.  DON'T! You will end up meeting more monsters;
                      and getting surrounded by those creepy crawlies is the
                      last thing you want for the sorceress. (at least for
                   3) What should you do?  One of the biggest improvement
                      DII over its prequel is that, travelling between two
                      areas involves no significant loading time.  So, take
                      advantage of it!   Stay near the entrance.  Avoid the
                      urge to move too far.  Take down as many regular
                      monsters as you can, especially those near the
                      entrance.  When you are near death, forget about
                      healing. Go up the entrance first, then heal.  You can
                      take some time off for -Warmth- to take effect too
                      while you're there.
                   4) You may think I'm wasting my time here since this is a
                      fairly easy area.  Well, don't say it too soon. You'll
                      be thanking me for this tip when you're playing on
                      Nightmare/Hell difficulty or in other similar areas.
    VII) Dark Wood
         Level         : 7
         Waypoint      : Dark Wood
         Quest Area    : Tree of Ignifuss - this ancient tree has a magic
                                            aura about it
         Optional Area : None
         Enemy         : Brute             Exp 84
                         Carver            Exp 42 (1st time)
                         Carver Shaman     Exp 64
                         Skeleton Archer   Exp 62
                         Spike Fiend       Exp 49
                         Vile Hunter       Exp 54
         Unique        : Blade Tongue      Exp 210
                         - Carver
                         - stone skin
                         Treehead Woodfist   Exp 420
                         - Brute
                         - extra strong, extra fast
                         Plague Cloud the Quick   Exp 310
                         - Skeleton Archer
                         - extra strong
         Spells Recommended :  -Charged bolt-, -Ice Bolt-, -Inferno-,
                               -Ice Blast-, -Frozen Armor-
         [ Note ] : 1) Here's a tip : this is a wide area.  Move along the
                       sideway when exploring.  Don't rush into the middle.
                       Conquer the sideways first and then proceed slowly
                       into the middle.  That way, you won't have to deal
                       with a large pack of monsters.
    VIII) Tristram - Tristram was no match for Diablo's fury
          Level         : 8
          Waypoint      : Dark Wood
          Quest Area    : Cain Gibbet - Deckard Cain, get to the Rogue Camp!
                          Wirt's Corpse
          Enemy         : Carver                   Exp  42 (1st time)
                          Carver Shaman            Exp  64
                          Carver Shaman Champion   Exp 192
                          Night Clan               Exp  72
                          Returned Champion        Exp 204
                          Skeleton Archer          Exp  62
                          The Returned             Exp  68
          Unique        : Griswold                 Exp 955(!)
                          - Walking Dead?
                          - cursed
                          Rot Fang                 Exp 310
                          - Skeleton Archer
                          - cold enchanted
                          Sharp Fang               Exp 310
                          - Skeleton Archer
                          - teleportation
          Spells Recommended :  -Charged bolt-, -Ice Bolt-, -Inferno-,
                                -Ice Blast-, -Frozen Armor-
          [ Note ] : 1) Explore the area SLOWLY.  Secure a battleground and
                        lure a small pack of enemies into it. Defeat the
                        regular ones first, then proceed with the champion/
                     2) If you're wondering about Griswold's 'cursed', here's
                        what it'll do:  if he successfully land a hit on you,
                        you'll be inflicted with the 'Amplify Damage' curse
                        at the same time. 'Amplify Damage' will cause the
                        next non-magical attack to hit for double damage
                        until the curse expires.  (I learned this from
                        playing the necro).
                     3) Many will tell you to pick up Wirt's Leg.  I'd say
                        DON'T!  Not yet.  If you pick it up now, you have no
                        where to put it but in the stash.  It would be
                        stupid to let it occupy the inventory space for the
                        rest of the game.  So, only pick it up when you want
                        to play the cow level.  Oh, but pick up Wirt's gold
                     4) As you might have noticed it by now, the champion
                        edition of monsters gives triple the normal
                        experience.  The unique gives 5x the experience.
    IX) Black Marsh
        Level         : 8
        Waypoint      : Black Marsh
        Quest Area    : Forgotten Tower
        Optional Area : Hole
        Enemy         : Blood Hawk               Exp  29 (pre-existent)
                        Blood Hawk Nest          Exp 177
                        Brute                    Exp  84
                        Carver                   Exp  42 (1st time)
                        Carver Shaman            Exp  64
                        Night Clan               Exp  72
                        Night Clan Champion      Exp 216
                        The Returned             Exp  68
                        Vile Archer              Exp  63
        Unique        : Ooze Crawler             Exp 320
                        - Carver Shaman
                        - cursed
                        Bile Lust the Slayer     Exp 360
                        - Brute
                        - extra strong
                        Sin Vex the Unclean      Exp 340
                        - Carvers Shaman
                        - cursed
        Spells Recommended :  -Charged bolt-, -Ice Bolt-, -Fire bolt-,
                              -Frozen Armor-
        [ Note ] : none
    X) Forgotten Tower - this place holds many secrets
       Level         : 9
       Waypoint      : none
       Quest Area    : none
       Optional Area : none
       Enemy         : Blood Clan               Exp  81
                       Dark Archer              Exp  81
                       Dark Stalker             Exp  78
                       Devilkin                 Exp  53
                       Ghost                    Exp  83
                       Ghost Champion           Exp 249
       Unique        : Fireweb                  Exp 265
                       - Devilkin
                       - lightning enchanted
                       Bone Horn the Jagged     Exp 415
                       - Ghost
                       - fire enchanted
                       Wind Maim                Exp 415
                       - Ghost
                       - extra strong
                       Gray Slime               Exp 405
                       - Dark Archer
                       - mana burn
                       The Countess             Exp 390
                       (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : The Countess' for more
       Spells Recommended :  -Charged bolt-, -Ice Bolt-, -Fire bolt-,
                             -Frozen Armor-, -Static Field-.
       [ Note ] : 1)    This is probably the first time you meet with the
                     Ghost-like creatures.  They often come in packs and
                     attack in packs.  Although, they move slowly, they
                     are very dangerous to go melee with them.  The fact
                     that they have excellent defense and life, plus their
                     insanely high attack rating makes them nothing easier
                     to fight with than a unique monster.  I once fought
                     them with a barbarian with defense that goes like '8%
                     a level ? monster will hit you'.  At first I thought,
                     'Wow, 8%, that's low'.  So, I charged in confidently
                     without any strategy in mind; and boy, I got beaten up
                     so badly, I couldn't even take one of them down with
                     me!  To make things worse, they can manage to stack
                     themselves up into like one entity and perform
                     continuous streams of attacks, which is needless to
                     say, fatal.
                        So, thank goodness you're playing a sorceress.
                     -Frost Nova- them and they'll go REALLY slow.  Later
                     on, when you have -Chain Lightning-, these guys are
                     the no.1 target for gaining easy experience.
    XI) Tamoe Highland
        Level         : 9
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : none
        Optional Area : Pit
        Enemy         : Carver                   Exp  42 (1st time)
                        Carver Shaman            Exp  64
                        Dark Lancer              Exp  90
                        Dark Stalker             Exp  78
                        Devilkin                 Exp  53
                        Razor Spine              Exp  77
                        Returned Mage            Exp  55
                        Returned Mage Champion   Exp 165
        Unique        : none
        Spells Recommended :  -Charged bolt-, -Ice Bolt-, -Fire bolt-,
                              -Frozen Armor-.
        [ Note ] : none
    XII) Monastery Gate - Uh.. the Monastery, Andariel's stronghold
         Level         : 10
         Waypoint      : none
         Quest Area    : none
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Returned Mage            Exp  55
         Unique        : none
         Spells Recommended :  -Ice Bolt-, -Fire bolt-.
         [ Note ] : none
    XIII) Outer Cloister
          Level         : 10
          Waypoint      : none
          Quest Area    : none
          Optional Area : none
          Enemy         : Razor Spine              Exp  77
                          Black Rogue              Exp  86
          Unique        : none
          Spells Recommended :  -Charged Bolt-, -Ice Bolt-, -Fire bolt-
          [ Note ] : none
    XIV) The Barracks
         Level         : 10
         Waypoint      : none
         Quest Area    : Horadric Malus
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Black Rogue              Exp  86
                         Bone Archer              Exp  98
                         Bone Mage                Exp  66
                         Death Clan               Exp 108
                         Death Clan Champion      Exp 324
                         Devilkin                 Exp  53
                         Devilkin Shaman          Exp  88
                         Devilkin Shaman Champion Exp 264
         Unique        : Rust Fist the Jagged     Exp 490
                         - Bone Archer
                         - extra strong
                         Storm Hack the Quick     Exp 430
                         - Black Rogue
                         - lightning enchanted
                         Viper Shard the Cold     Exp 490
                         - Bone Archer
                         - multiple shots
                         The Smith                Exp 890
                         - extra strong
                         (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : The Smith' for more
         Spells Recommended :  -Charged Bolt-,-Ice Bolt-, -Fire bolt-,
                               -Static Field-.
         [ Note ] : none
    XV)  Jail - if there was magic here, it's long gone now
         Level         : 11
         Waypoint      : Jail level 1
         Quest Area    : none
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Bone Archer              Exp  98
                         Bone Archer Champion     Exp 294
                         Bone Mage                Exp  66
                         Death Clan               Exp 108
                         Death Clan Champion      Exp 324
                         Gargoyle Trap            Exp 197
                         Tainted                  Exp 104
                         Wraith                   Exp 110
         Unique        : Gut Maul the Dark        Exp 550
                         - Wraith
                         - cursed
                         Gloom Cloud              Exp 490
                         - Bone Archer
                         - extra fast
                         Pitspawn Fouldog         Exp 520
                         - Tainted
                         - cursed, cold enchanted
                         Direhawk the Mad         Exp 490
                         - Bone Archer
                         - extra fast
                         Icefeast the Slayer      Exp 490
                         - Bone Archer
                         - aura enchanted
         Spells Recommended :  -Charged Bolt-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-,
         [ Note ] : 1) At this point of the game, I already treat myself a
                       nice staff that grants me +3 to -Inferno- and +1 to
                       -Ice Bolt-.  So, this place seems like a breeze to
                       me.  As I've already said, the sorceress is rich, or
                       going to be VERY rich.  Start trying out on those
                       fancy spells and see which one you like best.
                    2) There's a room in level 1 that SEEMS to have no
                       entrance.  At first you may thought it's the way it
                       is because you can grab the gold WITHOUT getting into
                       the room anyway.  But the truth is the room IS
                       accessible, that is by touching one of the walls
                       nearby.  This is supposed to be a BIG secret, but no
                       one's making a big fuss about it.
                    3) You actually gain experience for destroying a trap.
                       Don't miss out on it.
    XVI) Inner Cloister
         Level         : 12
         Waypoint      : Inner Cloister
         Quest Area    : none
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Razor Spine              Exp  77
         Unique        : Flamespike the Crawler   Exp 385
                         - Razor Spine
                         - cursed, fire enchanted
         Spells Recommended :  -Charged Bolt-,-Ice Bolt-, -Fire bolt-,
         [ Note ] : none
    XVII) The Cathedral
          Level         : 12
          Waypoint      : none
          Quest Area    : none
          Optional Area : none
          Enemy         : Dark One                 Exp  71 (1st time)
                          Dark Shaman              Exp 104
                          Wraith                   Exp 110
                          Wraith Champion          Exp 330
          Unique        : Storm Pus the Mad        Exp 520
                          - cursed
                          - Dark Shaman
                          Bone Ash                 Exp 465
                          - Burning Dead Mage
                          - magic resistant, extra strong, cold enchanted
          Spells Recommended :  -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-
          [ Note ] : none
    XVII) The Catacombs - this place chills me to the bone
          Level         : 12
          Waypoint      : Catacombs level 2
          Quest Area    : none
          Optional Area : none
          Enemy         : Afflicted                Exp  112
                          Afflicted Champion       Exp  336
                          Arach                    Exp  147
                          Dark One                 Exp   71 (1st time)
                          Dark Shaman              Exp  104
                          Dark Shaman Champion     Exp  312
                          Ghoul                    Exp  152
                          Ratman                   Exp   95
                          Tainted                  Exp  104
                          The Banished             Exp  154
          Unique        : Puke Crawler the Hunter  Exp  520
                          - Tainted
                          - cursed
                          Viper Horn               Exp  520
                          - Dark Shaman
                          - aura enchanted
                          Foul Maim                Exp  520
                          - Dark Shaman
                          - teleportation
                          Star Spawn the Dead      Exp  735
                          - Arach
                          - mana burn
                          Bone Shade               Exp  770
                          - The Banished
                          - teleportation
                          Mold Jade the Slasher    Exp  560
                          - Afflicted
                          - mana burn
                          Foul Maggot the Witch    Exp  560
                          - Afflicted
                          - cursed
                          Andariel                 Exp 1281
                          (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Andariel' for more
          Spells Recommended :  -Ice Bolt-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                                -Fire Ball-.
          [ Note ] : 1) It's obvious that beating monsters in this place
                        will net you the best experience in Act I.  So, if
                        you think a few more level ups would help to deal
                        with Andariel, do so.
     Act II
    I) Lut Gholein
       NPC : Atma    - Radament's Lair (10% discount on all items)
             Cain    - The Horadric Staff
             Drognan - Tainted Sun
             Fara    - healer
             Jerhyn  - Arcane Sanctuary
             Meshif  - takes to the Kurast Docks (ACT III)
       [ Note ] : 1) Talk to Drognan for a personalised conversation.
                  2) No discount for repairing items after the 'Radament's
                     Lair' quest.
    II) Sewer
        Level         : 14
        Waypoint      : Sewer level 2
        Quest Area    : Horadric Scroll (chest)
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Burning Dead             Exp  130 (1st time)
                        Burning Dead Archer      Exp  137 (1st time)
                        Burning Dead Mage        Exp   93 (1st time)
                        Dried Corpse             Exp  132
                        Horror                   Exp  143 (1st time)
                        Huntress                 Exp  119
                        Sand Raider              Exp  179
        Unique        : Rot Spawn the Slayer     Exp  685
                        - Burning Dead Archer
                        - lightning enchanted
                        Moon Flame               Exp  660
                        - Dried Corpse
                        - cold enchanted
                        Radament                 Exp 2230
                        - Extra Fast
                          (Refer to 'Boss Strategies: Radament' for more
        Spells Recommended : -Ice Bolt-, -Ice Blast-, -Fire Ball-,
        [ Note ] : 1) The only place the enemy wlll get resurrected is in
                      level 3.  So, stick around the first two levels if you
                      want to gain experience.
                   2) The Burning Dead (archer,mage) are fire-resistant.
                      I've tried using  both -Ice Bolt- and -Fire Bolt-
                      against them.  As expected, the -Ice Bolt- takes them
                      down with less hits. So, it's not really a mere guess.
    III) Rocky Waste
         Level         : 15
         Waypoint      : none
         Quest Area    : none
         Optional Area : Stony Tomb
         Enemy         : Carrion Bird              Exp 140
                         Dung Soldier              Exp 140
                         Slinger                   Exp 113
         Unique        : Snot Growler the Hungry   Exp 700
                         - Dung Soldier
                         - spectral hit
                         Star Hack                 Exp 700
                         - Dung Soldier
                         - spectral hit
         Spells Recommended : -Ice Bolt-, -Ice Blast-, -Fire Ball-,
                              -Lightning-, -Inferno-.
         [ Note ] : 1) Dung Soldier releases charged bolts if hit by non-
                       magical attack.  Now aren't you glad you're playing
                       the sorceress?
    IV) Dry Hills
        Level         : 15
        Waypoint      : Dry Hills
        Quest Area    : Halls of the Dead
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Cave Leaper          Exp 174
                        Saber Cat            Exp 140
                        Spear Cat            Exp 113
                        Undead Scavenger     Exp 154
        Unique        : Foul Growler         Exp 770
                        - Undead Scavenger
                        - extra fast
                        Sharp Break          Exp 770
                        - Undead Scavenger
                        - teleportation
        Spells Recommended : -Ice Blast-, -Fire Ball-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-.
        [ Note ] : 1) Cave Leaper will heal if it manage to hit you.
                      Furthermore,  it will be knocked back when being
                      attacked too.  So the best spell to use against it for
                      now is -Ice Blast-, as it will freeze it in position.
                      Therefore, it cannot heal itself and experience no
                      further knockback.
    V) Halls of the Dead
       Level         : 16
       Waypoint      : Halls of the Dead level 2
       Quest Area    : Horadric Cube (chest)
       Optional Area : none
       Enemy         : Decayed               Exp  160 (pre-existent)
                       Desert Wing           Exp  151
                       Hollow One            Exp  252
                       Hollow One Champion   Exp 1260
                       Mummy Sarcophagus     Exp  608
                       Returned              Exp    3 (1st time)
                       Spear Cat             Exp  113
       Unique        : Storm Wing            Exp  800
                       - Decayed
                       - fire enchanted
                       Bloodwitch the Cold   Exp  565
                       - Spear Cat
                       - extra strong, cursed
       Spells Recommended : -Frost Nova-, -Ice Blast-, -Fire Ball-,
                            -Lightning-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-.
       [ Note ] : 1) This place is a real piss off : those skelies just keep
                     coming back!  I remember getting most annoyed when
                     playing the Amazon(Bowazon) here as I wasted so many of
                     my arrows and -Town Portal- scrolls.  What's worse, I
                     only get 3 exp for doing that!
                  2) Again, thank goodness that you're playing the sorceress.
                     It could never be easier for other characters.  All you
                     used up is just mana.  If played right, you won't need
                     to use mana recovery potions at all.
                  3) Here's a quick way to deal with them.  Whenever you see
                     a pack of skelies charging towards you, just -Frost
                     Nova- them.  Then, casually run past them to seek out
                     the Hollow One, which should be nearby.  If you
                     encounter some more of skelies, cast -Frost Nova- again.
                     Remember, you don't have to deal with them yet.  If you
                     find Spear Cats among the swarm, take them down first
                     if you want, because they can deal some serious damage.
                  4) When you finally found the Hollow One, cast -Ice Blast-
                     to freeze him.  Then, use something damaging like
                     -Inferno- to kill him quickly.  You may also want to
                     seek out more of the Hollow Ones nearby before finally
                     dealing with the swarm.
                  5) When it's just the skelies left, cast -Blaze- to
                     create some streams of fire.  Then sit back and watch
                     them burn!
                  6) There is a more straightforward method to use when you
                     have -Chain Lightning-.  More on this later.
                  7) You get experience for destroying a Mummy Sarcophagus.
                     But the Decayed that comes out of it will not.  So try
                     this fun method : use -Inferno- right in front of the
                     Mummy Sarchophagus.  It's like killing two birds with
                     one stone.
    VI) Far Oasis
        Level         : 16
        Waypoint      : Far Oasis
        Quest Area    : Maggot Lair
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Death Beetle       Exp 170
                        Itchies            Exp 124
                        Undead Scavenger   Exp 154
        Unique        : Beetleburst        Exp 850
                        - Death Beetle
                        - magic resistant
                        Haze Maw the Mad   Exp 620
                        - itchies
                        - teleportation
        Spells Recommended : -Frost Nova-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                             -Fire Ball-.
        [ Note ] : none
    VII) Maggot Lair
         Level         : 16
         Waypoint      : none
         Quest Area    : Maggot Lair
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Black Locusts            Exp 136
                         Death Beetle             Exp 170
                         Rock Worm                Exp 261
                         Rock Worm Egg            Exp   1
                         Rock Worm Young          Exp  88
                         Sand Maggot              Exp 238
                         Sand Maggot Young        Exp  80
                         Scarab                   Exp 187
         Unique        : Plague Eater             Exp 935
                         - Scarab
                         - magic resistant
                         Death Venom              Exp 850
                         - Death Beetle
                         - cursed
                         Cold Worm the Burrower   Exp 865
                         - cold enchanted, magic resistant
         Spells Recommended : -Lightning-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                              -Fire Ball-.
         [ Note ] : 1) Take advantage of the narrowness of tunnels.  When
                       encounter enemies like Scarab and Death Beetle,
                       cast -Blaze- and run through narrow tunnels.  They
                       will chase after you, but not for long.  Stop when
                       you think you have done enough and trace back to
                       where you started.  Repeat if there's still some
                       left.  Collect goodies along the way.
                    2) -Lightning- works wonders here.  Line the enemies up
                       in a narrow tunnel and two shots of -Lightning- is
                       all it takes to take most of them out.  The same
                       applies for high level -Inferno-.
    VIII) The Lost City
          Level         : 17
          Waypoint      : Lost City
          Quest Area    : none
          Optional Area : Ancient Tunnels
          Enemy         : Fire Tower (trap)   Exp   14
                          Marauder            Exp  261
                          Marauder Champion   Exp  783
                          Night Slinger       Exp  142
                          Plague Bearer       Exp  245
                          Tome Creeper        Exp  211
          Unique        : Dark Elder          Exp 1225
                          - Plague Bearer
                          - extra fast, magic resistant
          Spells Recommended : -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-, -Fire Ball-.
          [ Note ] : none
    IX) Valley of Snakes
        Level         : 17
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : Valley of Snakes
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : none
        Unique        : none
        Cool Find     : none
        Spells Recommended : You don't need spells here.
        [ Note ] : none
    X) Claw Viper Temple - I sense strong magic within this place
       Level         : 17
       Waypoint      : none
       Quest Area    : Tainted Sun Altar - Top of Horadric Staff
       Optional Area : none
       Enemy         : Bone Warrior             Exp   3
                       Claw Viper               Exp 144
                       Claw Viper Champion      Exp 432
                       Embalmed                 Exp 213
                       Guardian                 Exp 336
                       Salamander               Exp 192
       Unique        : Foul Skull the Impaler   Exp 720
                       - Claw Viper
                       - cursed
                       Fangskin                 Exp 960
                       - Salamander
                       - lightning enchanted, extra fast
                       ( Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Fangskin' for more
                          details. )
       Spells Recommended : -Lightning-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                            -Fireball-, -Frost Nova-.
       [ Note ] : 1) Claw Vipers and Salamanders are deadly.  Their only
                     weakness is their low health.  Avoid any chance of
                     getting surrounded by these creatures.
                  2) -Ice Blast- will be able to freeze them, but it's slow
                     and single targeted.  Other cold spells seems to have
                     little or no effect on them.  Their dashing cold
                     attack seems to defy the chilling effects.  I still
                     find that the safest way is to use -Blaze-.  Create
                     well-placed streams of fire for them to walk over it,
                     hoping they will not survive the flames due to their
                     low health.
                  3) But the main priority is to avoid their attacks by all
                     means.  They have the tendency to deliver multiple
                     consecutive attacks, which leaves you not much of a
                     chance for recovery.  For the sorceress, it would means
                     instant death.
    X) Harem
       Level         : 18
       Waypoint      : none
       Quest Area    : none
       Optional Area : none
       Enemy         : Blunderbore   Exp 282
                       Dune Beast    Exp 238
                       Invader       Exp 288
       Unique        : none
       Spells Recommended : -Lightning-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                            -Fireball-, -Frost Nova-, -Chain Lightning-,
                            -Glacial Spike-.
       [ Note ] : none
    XI) Palace Cellar
        Level         : 18
        Waypoint      : Palace Cellar level 1
        Quest Area    : Portal
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Blunderbore     Exp  282
                        Dune Beast      Exp  238
                        Horror Archer   Exp  221
                        Horror Mage     Exp  123
                        Invader         Exp  288
        Unique        : Spine Snarl     Exp 1440
                        - Invader
                        - aura enchanted
                        Gore Skin       Exp 1410
                        - Blunderbore
                        - cold enchanted
                        Fire Eye        Exp 1440
                        - Invader
                        - extra fast, fire enchanted
        Spells Recommended : -Lightning-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                             -Fire Ball-, -Frost Nova-, -Chain Lightning-,
                             -Fire Wall-, -Glacial Spike-.
        [ Note ] : 1) There are many ranged attackers.  So -Fire Wall- is
                      quite handy here.  Cast it on them, and they will
                      just stand still and take damage.  Obviously, those
                      skelies are resurrected without brains :)
                   2) The Horror Mages are a bit aggresive.  They will seek
                      after you if detected.  Take advantage of this and let
                      them come to you.  Destroy them first, this way you
                      can avoid a heavy 'projectile fight'.
    XII) Arcane Sanctuary - this place actually distorts reality...
         Level         : 18
         Waypoint      : Arcane Sanctuary
         Quest Area    : Horazon's Journal
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Ghoul Lord               Exp  299
                         Hell Clan                Exp  245
                         Lightning Spire (trap)   Exp   14
                         Specter                  Exp  251
         Unique        : Gore Fang the Shade      Exp 1495
                         - Ghoul Lord
                         - cursed
                         The Summoner             Exp  305
                         (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : The Summoner' for more
         Spells Recommended : -Lightning-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                              -Fire Ball-, -Frost Nova-, -Chain Lightning-,
                              -Fire Wall-, -Glacial Spike-.
         [ Note ] : 1) This is my most favorite place in DiabloII.  Great
                       settings, tons of treasures, easy to kill monsters;
                       Man, this whole place is like a bonus stage to me!
                       Highly recommended if you want to gain a level or
                       two, or even three!  It is certainly the best place
                       to gain experience in Act II.
                    2) The Specters and Ghoul Lords often drop rings,
                       amulets, staves, wands and scepters. Needless to say,
                       these are much sought after items, not only for the
                       sorceress but also for the necro and the paladin.
                       They would sell for a good price too.  So, this is
                       when you should start considering about 'gambling'
                       and upgrading your equipments.
                    3) I have an incredibly fun time using -Chain Lightning-
                       here.  This is what I did. When there's enemies,
                       doesn't matter if it's Specters, Ghoul Lords or Hell
                       Clans; first cast -Frost Nova- then -Chain Lightning-
                       them to death.  It only takes about a few seconds.
                    4) There are actually four routes to take. One of them
                       will lead to The Summoner, but it is random. The
                       others will have treasure chests at the end of it.
                    5) I believe there would be one route suitably designed
                       for each character.  For the sorceress, I prefer the
                       route with lots of platforms as to take advantage of
                       the different heights.
                    6) Here's what I did.  I finish one of the route in
                       about 10 minutes, save and exit game, then start a
                       new game, and begin killing monsters in the same
                       route again.  It nets me tons of magical items and
                       experience points this way.  You should try it too,
                       as it's really effortless, with absolutely no risk
                       of dying.  (This is exactly when I undoubtedly feel
                       that the sorceress rules!)
                    4) The Ghoul Lords can drain life, but it makes no
                       difference to me.  They still die like the rest.
    XIII) Canyon of the Magi
          Level         : 20
          Waypoint      : Canyon of the Magi
          Quest Area    : Tal Rasha's Tomb   (true)
          Optional Area : 6 Tal Rasha's Tomb (fake)
          Enemy         : Crusher               Exp  328
                          Devourer              Exp  317
                          Devourer Egg          Exp    1
                          Devourer Young        Exp  107
                          Hell Slinger          Exp  182
          Unique        : none
          Spells Recommended : -Lightning-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                               -Fire Ball-, -Frost Nova-, -Chain Lightning-,
                               -Glacial Spike-.
          [ Note ] : none
    XIV) Tal Rasha's Tomb (true)
         ---------------- ------
         Level         : 20
         Waypoint      : none
         Quest Area    : Orifice
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Apparition     Exp  276
                         Gorebelly      Exp  341
                         Unraveler      Exp  406
         Unique        : Dragon Skull   Exp 2030
                         - Unraveler
                         - teleportation
                         Duriel         Exp 6005
                         (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Duriel' for more
         Spells Recommended : -Lightning-, -Ice Blast-, -Inferno-, -Blaze-,
                              -Fire Ball-, -Frost Nova-, -Chain Lightning-,
                              -Glacial Spike-.
         [ Note ] : 1) A different set of spells is needed for the fight
                       with Duriel.  If you have problems defeating him,
                       I'd suggest that you gain some levels, to 24 if you
                       must, in Arcane Sanctuary or Canyon of the Magi.
     ACT III
    I) Kurast Dock
       NPC : Alkor   - The Golden Bird (elixir +20 life)
                     - Lam Esen's Tome (free 5 char points)
             Asheara - Blade of the Old Religion (free mercenary)
             Cain    - Khalim's Will
                     - Blackened Temple
             Hratli  - Blade of the Old Religion
             Meshif  - The Golden Bird (Golden Bird of Ku Y'leh)
             Ormus   - healer
                     - Blade of the Old Religion (magical ring)
       [ Note ] : 1) Talk to Hratli for a personalised conversation.
                  2) Act III is all about annoyance.  You may want to
                     consider hiring a mercenary to ease things up a bit.
                     Asheara is the one to talk to if you're interested.
                     By the way, listen to her gossips while you're there.
                     Really cool tips.
    II) Spider Forest
        Level         : 20
        Waypoint      : Spider Forest
        Quest Area    : Spider Cavern
                        Jade Figurine - I don't sense any magic about this
                                        item.. very strange.
        Optional Area : Arachnid Lair
        Enemy         : Fetish                      Exp  260 (1st time)
                        Fetish (range)              Exp  214 (1st time)
                        Fetish Shaman               Exp  276
                        Flesh Beast                 Exp  330
                        Jungle Hunter               Exp  317
                        Thorned Hulk                Exp  403
                        Thorned Hulk Champion       Exp 1209
        Unique        : Spirit Ripper the Tainted   Exp 2015
                        - Thorned Hulk
                        - teleportation
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Nova-, -Blaze-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-, -Fire Wall-,
                             -Chilling Armor-.
        [ Note ] : 1) You get 276 exp for blowing the Fetish Shaman's cover.
                      Killing the Fetish that comes out of it will net you
                      another 260 exp.
                   2) Flesh Beast are the critters that come out from the
                      Dark Wanderer that you meet at the entrance of the
                      Kurast Dock.
                   3) Jade Figurine may not necessarily dropped by the first
                      unique that you encounter.  I remember finding the
                      Jade Figurine by defeating the unique in the Spider
                      Cavern when playing the necro.  That is the third
                      unique.  Sometimes it may not be carried by a unique
                      at all but a champion.
                   4) -Nova- made its first appearance in the list of
                      spells recommended.  Although you may already get it
                      earlier on, it is around this time that you can
                      actually afford to use it on regular basis.
                   5) But THE spell to use here is the everyone's favorite
                      -Glacial Spike-.  Cold attacks that only chill are
                      less effective against the ultra fast Fetish.  But
                      freeze works wonders.  Not only you can halt them
                      from attacking, you can reliably shatter them into
                      pieces as well.  Needless to say, it's the best way
                      to prevent them from getting resurrected by the
                   6) Another spell worth mentioning is -Chilling Armor-.
                      With it activated, it will send out ice bolts when
                      being attacked by those ever-so accurate ranged
                      Fetish.  Although the ice bolts does minor damage, at
                      least the Fetish will be slowed with it, thus attack
                      less often.  Also, you can determine where those
                      pellets came from and throw some -Chain Lightning-
                      towards that direction.  That would teach them not to
                      play with that toy anymore.
                   7) The Fetish would make you love and hate them at the
                      same time.  While they are doing incredibly well in
                      making your life a living hell.  But at the same time,
                      you will actually find them.. adorable.  Personally,
                      I couldn't help but to imitate the sounds that they
                      make everytime I fight them - those 'ugh', 'eeyah',
                      'uuah' and their very own warcry - 'ablelelele'.  I
                      like the fact that they try so hard to sound
                      'threatening'.  Some of them even disguise themselves
                      as the self-proclaimed Shamans, as if putting on their
                      mothers' wigs and aprons and dunno-where-they-get-from
                      flamethrowers would scare off invaders.  But the truth
                      is they're just a bunch of innocent small kids trying
                      their best to protect what's left of their territory.
                      Can't really blame them for it, can you?
    II) Spider Cavern
        Level         : 21
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : Khalim's Eye (chest)
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Fiend                 Exp  222
                        Flame Spider          Exp  410
                        Giant Lamprey         Exp  383
                        Giant Lamprey Young   Exp  129
                        Giant Lamprey Egg     Exp    1
                        Poison Spinner        Exp  372
        Unique        : Sezark the Burning    Exp 2050
                        - Flame Spider
                        - extra strong, cursed
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-.
        [ Note ] : 1) It's -Blaze- time again!  Get the spiders to follow
                      you into the blazing flame.  Then pause, turn back
                      and cast either -Glacial Spike- or -Ice Blast- to
                      freeze them in place.  Another fun area.  So, you can
                      consider gaining some experience here if you want.
                   2) -Frost Nova-/-Chain Lightning- combo works well too.
                      But -Blaze-/-Glacial Spike- use up less mana.
    III) Great Marsh
         Level         : 22
         Waypoint      : Great Marsh
         Quest Area    : none
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Bog Creature                Exp  396
                         Bramble Hulk                Exp  444
                         Drowned Carcass             Exp  395
                         Fetish                      Exp  260 (1st time)
                         Fetish (range)              Exp  214 (1st time)
                         Fetish Shaman               Exp  276
                         Gloam                       Exp  241
                         River Stalker               Exp  258
         Unique        : Shadow Maim the Hunter      Exp 2220
                         - Bramble Hulk
                         - stoneskin
                         Steel Feast the Cold        Exp 1975
                         - Drowned Carcass
                         - extra strong
         Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Nova-, -Blaze-,
                              -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-, -Fire Wall-,
                              -Chilling Armor-.
         [ Note ] : 1) River Stalker is the giant snake that spits poison
                       in the swamp.  They can be annoying sometimes, you
                       get knocked back when hit with the poison.  You have
                       to hit for the head to completely kill it.
                    2) Drowned Carcass is slow.  Perfect target for -Chain
                    3) Gloam has the ability to become invisible.  But you
                       can guess where they are if you look closely. -Frost
                       Nova- and -Nova- will be able to track them down.
                       But they can be cheap sometimes.  The Gloams are
                       large in numbers and can cast lightning from a great
                       distance.  If they come from all direction, it will
                       be difficult to dodge those lightning.  Can be quite
                       painful, let me remind you.  To avoid this from
                       happening, hide behind a tree or something and let
                       THEM come to you.  When they 'materialise', kill
                       them with ice or fire spells.  I suspect they're
                    4) Whoa, camouflage is in the game.  I have to say it's
                       implemented VERY well.  And the rumor has it that
                       the Assassin have a skill similar to it.  Now this is
                       something that gets me excited all over again!  I
                       certainly have high hopes for the Assassin, and
                       Blizzard better not screw it up. -'The Grandmaster of
                       PvP', I can't wait!
    IV) Flayer Jungle
        Level         : 22
        Waypoint      : Flayer Jungle
        Quest Area    : Gidbinn - I must take this to Ormus
                        Flayer Dungeon
        Optional Area : Swampy Pit
        Enemy         : Flayer                      Exp  286 (1st time)
                        Flayer (range)              Exp  235 (1st time)
                        Flayer Shaman               Exp  303
                        Rat Man                     Exp    4
                        River Stalker               Exp  258
                        Slime Prince                Exp  479
                        Winged Nightmare            Exp  330
                        Winged Nightmare Champion   Exp 1650
        Unique        : Death Drool the Hungry      Exp   20
                        - Rat Man
                        - spectral hit
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Nova-, -Blaze-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-, -Fire Wall-,
                             -Chilling Armor-.
         [ Note ] : 1) Death Drool comes out together with a few Rat Man
                       when you activate the Gidbinn altar.  He will then
                       drop the quest item 'Gidbinn' upon defeat.
    V) Flayer Dungeon
       Level         : 23
       Waypoint      : none
       Quest Area    : Khalim's Brain (chest)
       Optional Area : none
       Enemy         : Dark Shape            Exp  334
                       Flayer                Exp  286 (1st time)
                       Flayer (range)        Exp  235 (1st time)
                       Flayer Shaman         Exp  303
                       Gloombat              Exp  295
                       Soul Killer           Exp  315
                       Soul Killer Shaman    Exp  334
                       Undead Flayer         Exp  286
                       Water Watcher         Exp  213
       Unique        : Sin Eye the Hammer    Exp 1175
                       - Flayer (range)
                       - fire enchanted
                       Mind Grumble          Exp 1575
                       - Soul Killer
                       - extra strong
                       Witch Doctor Endugu   Exp 1670
                       - Soul Killer Shaman
                       - magic resistant, fire enchanted
       Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Nova-, -Blaze-,
                            -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-, -Fire Wall-,
                            -Chilling Armor-.
       [ Note ] : 1) This place will be a lot easier if you have -Teleport-.
                     Besides having to avoid travelling through the
                     confusing tunnels, you can also gain some strategical
                     advantage.  Lure the enemy to chase after you. Find a
                     fence and teleport over to the other side.  Then you
                     can cast spells safely from there.
                  2) When encounter Endugu and friends, remember not to deal
                     with them ALL at one time.  Lure a few of them out,
                     take them far and then kill them.
                  3) Sometimes, when you see some golds lying on the
                     ground, you know that you'll activate the traps once
                     you try to pick it up.  Well, use you mind power,
                     -Telekinesis-!  Be a Jean Grey wannabe!
    VI) Lower Kurast
        Level         : 23
        Waypoint      : Lower Kurast
        Quest Area    : none
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Hell Buzzard          Exp  300
                        Thrasher              Exp  488
                        Tree Lurker           Exp  339
                        Zakarumite            Exp  297
        Unique        : Stormtree             Exp 2440
                        - Thrasher
                        - extra fast, lightning enchanted
                        Mind Cloud the Grim   Exp 1485
                        - Zakarumite
                        - aura enchanted
                        Mold Maim the Mad     Exp 1485
                        - Zakarumite
                        - cursed
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Nova-, -Blaze-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-.
        [ Note ] : 1) My advice for this place : sell off everything,
                      leave yourself almost naked.  It's because this is
                      the BEST place to level up in the whole ACT III. The
                      annoyance is over.. at least for now. You may even
                      consider this place as 'The Paradise' because it's
                      a straightforward area, the enemies are easy to
                      kill, no resurrecting creatures, no range attackers,
                      lots of goodies to pick up, and the list goes on and
                      on.  So drop everything and start killing already!
                   2) -Glacial Spike- is still the best spell to use.  The
                      Zakarumite can move very fast, so not even -Frost
                      Nova- will be able to slow them down enough.
                   3) You can forget about -Chilling Armor- for now and
                      switch to -Shiver Armor- or -Frozen Armor- if you
                      haven't do so.
                   4) About treasures in this place, it's quite common to
                      find rare items here.  You'll find lots of rare
                      weapons especially, which will make you envious and
                      wish you could wield that weapon as other characters
                   5) Now, if you have heard of the legendary 'Sigon's
                      Guard', spend some time here and maybe you're lucky
                      to find one.  I found Sigon's Guard for both the
                      sorceress and the paladin right here.  So, it's a
                      good idea to equip yourself some items that
                      increases your chance of finding magical items.
                      Remember, Sigon's Guard are sometimes DROPPED by
    VII) Kurast Bazaar
         Level         : 23
         Waypoint      : Kurast Bazaar
         Quest Area    : Sewers
         Optional Area : Disused Fane*
                         Ruined Temple*
         Enemy         : Hell Swarm                 Exp  219
                         Thrasher                   Exp  488
                         Sexton                     Exp  381
                         Zakarumite                 Exp  297
         Unique        : Grief Grumble the Hungry   Exp 1095
                         - Hell Swarm
                         - spectral hit
         Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-, -Chain
                              Lightning-, -Fire Ball-.
         [ Note ] : 1) * The quest item 'Lam Esen's Tome' may be in one of
                       these optional areas.
                    2) The Sexton has the ability to heal the Zakarumite,
                       and also teleport. So -Fire Wall- does not work very
                       well as they can easily teleport away.
                    3) When I first come across the Sexton, I thought 'Boy,
                       they are corrupted alright to be given a name like
                       that.'  But later I found out that it's actually the
                       name of one of the developers of DiabloII.  No pun
                    4) The Zakarumites have become smarter.  Whenever they
                       are near dying, they will retreat in order to be
                       healed by the Sexton.  So make sure that you kill
                       them before they come back to you with full life.
    VIII) Sewers
          Level         : 23
          Waypoint      : none
          Quest Area    : Khalim's Heart (chest)
          Optional Area : none
          Enemy         : Gloambat             Exp  295
                          Horadrim Ancient     Exp  540
                          Horror               Exp    8 (1st time)
                          Stygian Watcher      Exp  312
                          Undead Soul Killer   Exp  315
          Unique        : Dire Hawk            Exp 1575
                          - Undead Soul Killer
                          - teleportation
                          Sin Crawler          Exp 2700
                          - Horadrim Ancient
                          - spectral hit
                          Icehawk Riftwing     Exp 1475
                          - Gloambat
                          - cold enchanted, teleportation
          Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-,
                               -Fire Wall-, -Frost Nova-, -Chain Lightning-,
                               -Fire Ball-.
          [ Note ] : 1) There are two exits leading to Upper Kurast.  So,
                        the sewers must be a shortcut or something.
                     2) In order to get to the chest with Khalim's Heart,
                        you must first find a lever that will open the route
                        to second level.  To do that, I would advise you to
                        have the automap activated at all time.
                     3) You would really wish for -Teleport- in this place.
                        The area is big and confusing, it's even worse than
                        Flayer Dungeon.
    IX) Ruined Temple
        Level         : 23
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : Lam Esen's Tome - May the black book brings black
                                          days to hell!
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Flesh Hunter              Exp  311
                        Night Lord                Exp  438
                        Spider Magus              Exp  451
                        Wailing Beast             Exp  479
        Unique        : Shadow Snell the Unholy   Exp 2395
                        - Wailing Beast
                        - cursed
                        Pulse Killer the Hunter   Exp 2190
                        - Night Lord
                        - extra fast
                        Blood Kill the Impaler    Exp 2395
                        - Wailing Beast
                        - fire enchanted
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Fire Wall-, -Blizzard-,
        [ Note ] : 1) This is where I found 'Lam Esen's Tome'.  In fact, I
                      found the tome here almost everytime.  I wonder why.
                   2) When you see monsters swarming at you the moment you
                      enter, you know you have come to the right place.  It
                      is no joke, this can be one of the toughest battle in
                      the game.  The combination of monsters here is deadly.
                      You face the powerful Wailing Beast, the fast-moving
                      Flesh Hunter, the poisonous Spider Magus and the most
                      dangerous of all, the life-stealing and meteor-casting
                      Night Lord.
                   3) NEVER venture deep into this place in the beginning.
                      All you'll get is deep shit.  Stay near the entrance.
                      Never let any of those monsters blocking your way out.
                   4) I hope you have -Fire Wall-, -Blizzard- or -Meteor-
                      by now.  The moment you step into this place,  the
                      monsters are sure to give you a really 'warm' welcome.
                      Give them back something in return for their gesture.
                      Now, what could be better than a gift from heavens
                      perhaps?  Cast as many -Meteor- as you can, if you
                      have it, and then leave immediately.  If not, -Fire
                      Wall- or -Blizzard- works well too.  Let them be for a
                      while and then head back to cast some more.  Repeat
                      until the place is not that crowded anymore.
                   5) You can try using -Glacial Spike-, but it will only
                      freezes those at the front.  So use it only when
                      there's no Night Lord around.
    IX) Upper Kurast
        Level         : 23
        Waypoint      : Upper Kurast
        Quest Area    : Sewers
        Optional Area : Forgotten Temple*
                        Forgotten Reliquary*
        Enemy         : Cantor                     Exp  419
                        Faithful                   Exp  360
                        Thrasher                   Exp  488
                        Winged Nightmare           Exp  330
                        Zealot                     Exp  435
        Unique        : Dragon Maw the Destroyer   Exp 1650
                        - Winged Nightmare
                        - aura enchanted
                        Soul Maw                   Exp 1650
                        - Winged Nightmare
                        - cursed
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-, -Chain
                              Lightning-, -Fire Ball-.
        [ Note ] : 1) * The quest item 'Lam Esen's Tome' may be in one of
                      these optional areas.
    X) Kurast Causeway
       Level         : 24
       Waypoint      : none
       Quest Area    : none
       Optional Area : Ruined Fane*
                       Diused Reliquary*
       Enemy         : Infidel             Exp  509
       Unique        : Dire Eater          Exp 2545
                       - Infidel
                       - mana burn
       Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-,
                            -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-, -Blizzard-,
                            -Fire Wall-.
       [ Note ] : 1) * The quest item 'Lam Esen's Tome' may be in one of
                     these optional areas.
    XI) Travincal
        Level         : 24
        Waypoint      : Travincal
        Quest Area    : Compelling Orb
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Council Member           Exp  696
                        Heirophant               Exp  461
                        Night Lord               Exp  438
                        Water Watcher            Exp  172
                        Zealot                   Exp  435
        Unique        : Ismail Vilehand          Exp 3480
                        - Council Member
                        - extra fast, cursed
                        Geleb Flamefinger        Exp 3480
                        - Council Member
                        - extra strong, fire enchanted
                        Toorc Icefist            Exp 3480
                        - Council Member
                        - cold enchanted, stone skin
                        (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : High Councils' for more
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-, -Blizzard-,
                             -Fire Wall-.
        [ Note ] : 1) I don't know whether it is random or not, but the
                      quest item 'Khalim's Will' was dropped by Ismail
                   2) The walkthrough for this area is too lengthy, so I
                      put it in Boss Strategies column.  Be sure to check it
                      out if you have problems in this area.
    XII) Durance of Hate
         Level         : 24
         Waypoint      : Durance of Hate level 2
         Quest Area    : Portal
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Cadaver                      Exp  415
                         Council Member               Exp  696
                         Dark Lord                    Exp  482
                         Mauler                       Exp  550
                         Undead Stygian Doll          Exp  346
                         Blood Lord                   Exp  530
         Unique        : Moon Shard the Sharp         Exp 2750
                         - Mauler
                         - fire enchanted
                         Storm Break                  Exp  1730
                         - Undead Stygian Doll
                         - fire enchanted
                         Bremm Sparkfist              Exp  3480
                         - Council Member
                         - aura enchanted, lightning enchanted
                         Wyand Voidbringer            Exp  3480
                         - Council Member
                         - mana burn, teleportation
                         Maffer Dragonhand            Exp  3480
                         - Council Member
                         - extra strong, extra fast
                         Mephisto                     Exp 10714
                         (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Mephisto' for more
         Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Ice Blast-, -Blaze-,
                              -Chain Lightning-, -Fire Ball-, -Blizzard-,
                              -Fire Wall-.
         [ Note ] : 1) The walkthrough for this area is too lengthy, so I
                       put it in Boss Strategies column.  Be sure to check it
                       out if you have problems in this area.
     ACT IV
    I) Pandemonium Fortress
       NPC : Cain    - Hell's Forge
             Jamella - healer
             Tyrael  - The Fallen Angel (free 2 kill points)
       [ Note ] : none
    II) Outer Steppes
        Level         : 24
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : none
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Corpulent             Exp  604
                        Doom Caster           Exp  482
                        Doom Knight           Exp  486
                        Flesh Beast           Exp    0
                        Flesh Spawner         Exp  622
                        Trapped Soul          Exp    1
        Unique        : Ash Wolf              Exp 3020
                        - Corpulent
                        - lightning enchanted
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Frost Nova-, -Fire Ball-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Shiver Armor-, -Frozen
        [ Note ] : 1) Flesh Beasts that are spat out from Flesh Spawner give
                      0 exp for killing it.  I for one hate killing monsters
                      that gives me no experience.  What's worse that those
                      son of a b*tch are no easy kill either.  No matter how
                      high your defense might be, they can still manage to
                      scratch you.  What a nuisance!
                   2) -Shiver Armor- and -Frozen Armor- can ease a bit of
                      the irritation.  But it's much better to use -Glacial
                      Spike- when dealing with them.  Personally, I enjoy
                      every moment seeing those pests explode into pieces.
                      That's what they get when they keep pestering the
    III) Plains of Despair
         Level         : 24
         Waypoint      : none
         Quest Area    : Izual
         Optional Area : none
         Enemy         : Doom Caster           Exp   482
                         Doom Knight           Exp   486
                         Flesh Beast           Exp     0
                         Flesh Spawner         Exp   622
                         Pit Lord Champion     Exp  1893
                         Trapped Soul          Exp     1
         Unique        : Izual                 Exp 22760
                         (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Izual' for more
         Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Frost Nova-, -Fire Ball-,
                              -Chain Lightning-, -Shiver Armor-, -Frozen
         [ Note ] : 1) Doom Casters seem to resist lightning spells. -Chain
                       Lightning- doesn't work so well against them.
                    2) Doom Knight has high defense especially against
                       missiles.  Even the Amazon's always-hit cold arrow
                       will miss.  I have also seen -Glacial Spike- missed
                       when trying to hit them with it.  Use -Blizzard-
                       instead to avoid this from happening.
                    3) A different set of spells required when dealing with
                    4) If you are wondering if I made a mistake with the
                       experience gained for defeating Izual, I didn't.
                       I have already double-checked it.  Believe or not but
                       he is really THAT generous!  So it's evident that
                       the best place to level up in ACT IV is here.  Kill
                       Izual again and again for easy experience.
    IV) City of the Damned
        Level         : 24
        Waypoint      : City of the Damned
        Quest Area    : none
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Damned                       Exp  470
                        Dark Familiar                Exp  439
                        Maw Fiend                    Exp  891
                        Pit Lord                     Exp  584
                        Stygian Dog                  Exp    0
                        Stygian Hag                  Exp  690
        Unique        : Black Drinker the Unholy     Exp 3450
                        - Stygian Hag
                        - cold enchanted
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Frost Nova-, -Fire Ball-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Shiver Armor-, -Frozen
                             Armor-, -Blizzard-, -Fire Wall-.
        [ Note ] : 1) I remembered encountering Gloam-like monsters here.
                      Now, if you happen to meet them, be careful.  Their
                      lightning attacks are not to be taken lightly, as it
                      is fast and hard to avoid.  It's best that you seek
                      cover first and let them come to you.
                   2) The enemies here always attack in large.  If you have
                      to, retreat all the way to Plains of Despair to thin
                      out the crowd.
    V) River of Flame
       Level         : 24
       Waypoint      : River of Flame
       Quest Area    : none
       Optional Area : none
       Enemy         : Blood Maggot             Exp  627
                       Blood Maggot Egg         Exp    1
                       Blood Maggot Young       Exp  172
                       Grotesque                Exp  918
                       Grotesque Wyrm           Exp    0
                       Pit lord                 Exp  584
                       Strangler                Exp  593
                       Urdar                    Exp  836
       Unique        : Plague Claw the Dead     Exp 4180
                       - Urdar
                       - teleportation
                       Hephasto the Armorer     Exp 7111
                       - extra strong, cursed, magic resistant
                       (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Hephasto for more
       Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Frost Nova-, -Fire Ball-,
                            -Chain Lightning-, -Shiver Armor-, -Frozen
                            Armor-, -Blizzard-, -Fire Wall-.
       [ Note ] : 1) Here's tips on how to use -Blizzard-.  For the best
                     results, cast -Frost Nova- first.  They will be chilled
                     for a longer time when they enter -Blizzard-. They will
                     take more damage when slowed.  When enemies comes in
                     large but have to pass through a narrow path e.g a door,
                     cast -Glacial Spike- instead.  It is to freeze those in
                     the front and block those at the back. Then quickly
                     follow up with -Blizzard- and keep freezing the front.
    VI) Chaos Sanctuary
        Level         : 25
        Waypoint      : none
        Quest Area    : Diablo
        Optional Area : none
        Enemy         : Doom Knight                 Exp   486
                        Oblivion Knight             Exp   717
                        Storm Caster                Exp   711
                        Venom Lord                  Exp   699
        Unique        : Gray Head the Unclean       Exp  3555
                        - Storm Caster
                        - lightning enchanted
                        Lord De Seis                Exp  3391
                        - Oblivion Knight
                        - extra strong, aura-enchanted, thief
                        Infector of Souls           Exp  3664
                        - Venom Lord
                        - extra fast, spectral hit
                        Grand Visier of Chaos       Exp  3364
                        - Storm Caster
                        - extra strong, fire enchanted
                        Diablo                      Exp 28223
                        (Refer to 'Boss Strategies : Diablo for more
        Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Frost Nova-, -Fire Ball-,
                             -Chain Lightning-, -Blizzard-, -Fire Wall-,
                             -Meteor-, -Thunder Storm-.
        [ Note ] : 1) The walkthrough for this area is too lengthy, so I
                      put it in Boss Strategies column.  Be sure to check it
                      out if you have problems in this area.
        This marks the end of the walkthrough.  If you have questions to
    ask, you know what to do.  By the way, what do you get for finishing the
    Normal difficulty with a hardcore sorceress?  Well, you get the title
    'Countess'!  At last, the sorceress can finally escape the fate from
    being 'damned' for once!  Also, if you're not too exhasted, try out the
    bonus stage - Moo-Moo Farm.  Not that it's a good place to level up, but
    it's certainly a place for a good laugh!
      Moo-Moo Farm
      Level         : 26
      Waypoint      : none
      Quest Area    : none
      Optional Area : none
      Enemy         : Hell Bovine              Exp  74
                      Hell Bovine Champion     Exp 222
      Unique        : The Cow King             Exp 335
                      - Hell Bovine
                      - magic resistant, lightning enchanted
      Spells Recommended : -Glacial Spike-, -Frost Nova-, -Fire Ball-,
                           -Chain Lightning-, -Blizzard-, -Fire Wall-,
                           -Meteor-, -Thunder Storm-.
      [ Note ] : 1) To unlock this area, do the following :
                       a) finish the game at one difficulty;
                       b) go back to Act 1 Rogue Encampment of that
                       c) get Wirt's Leg from Tristram;
                       d) purchase a Tome of Town Portal, or if you happens
                          to have one with you, use that;
                       e) put Wirt's Leg and Tome of Town Portal into
                          Horadric Cube.
                       f) press the cube's 'transmute' button, and a portal
                          leading to the Moo Moo Farm will be accessible.
                 2) Just when I thought the Stygian Dogs are too much to
                    handle, the cows give me another shock of my life.  If
                    you can see enemies in the automap, trust me, this place
                    will scare the shit out of you!
                 3) There are many ways to do this area.  But having ice
                    apells will make things a lot easier.  Try this.  Use
                    -Frost Nova- to slow them down first.  When all are
                    chilled, cast -Blizzard- in the midst and run in circles
                    around them.  Then just count the cows as they fall.
                    (By the way, turn on the sound when attempt this.)
                 4) Although this is supposed to be a bonus area, you will
                    still die.  It's totally optional whether to explore
                    this place or not. If you think you can't beat them with
                    the spells that you have, skip it for now.
                 5) Also, because it is optional, the Cow King does not
                    qualify to be in Boss Strategy column.
    Boss Strategies
    Level   : 5
    Attack  : Bow and Arrows
    Special : Fire Arrow
              Summon Hungry Dead
    Exp     : 181
    Spell   : -Charged Bolt-, -Firebolt-
    [ Strategy ] :    Early in the battle, she will constantly summon
                   Hungry Deads from the ground.  That would be your
                   best opportunity to lay some shots.  If you missed the
                   moment,  she'll be so hyperactive, you can hardly ever
                   find her standing still.  So, try to take down as many
                   Hungry Deads and Skeletons as you can, to prepare the
                   battleground.  After the area has been cleared, it will
                   be just you and Blood Raven.
                      As she's always on the move, try to identify her
                   running patterns and make some good guess shots.  By
                   shooting more bolts, it will increase the chance one of
                   them will hit.  -Charged Bolts- seems to work quite
                      Of course, when she starts attacking, you're the one
                   who would be running around instead.  But at the same
                   time, the opportunity to make a clear hit will also
                   arise.  It's kinda risky though, so make sure you
                   brought along a sizable amount of healing potions to
                   keep your life up.
                      Here's a tip for range attackers : When you see her
                   shoots an arrow AND run, chances are her next attack will
                   be *multiple shots.  So, for the *multiple shots sessions:
                   when she shoots the first arrow, dodge it like normal but
                   quickly counter-attack with something fast like -Firebolt-.
                   If she's hit with it, she may run OR continue her shooting.
                   And if she continues, dodge some more and counter-attack.
                   You should be able to land 2-3 hits this way.
                      You can even use melee to defeat her, as you can
                   still score a hit with that Dexterity of yours.  Make
                   sure you're using a 'Fast' or a 'Very Fast' weapon.
                   (Recommended only in Normal difficulty)
                      If all the above methods didn't work for you,
                   there's still one way you can try.  Enter the Crypt or
                   Mausoleum and then back again.  You will notice Blood
                   Raven will start summoning Hungry Deads again.  Hit her
                   when she does it.
                   * When I mention multiple shots, it's not to be mistaken
                     with the Amazon's -Multi-Arrow- or -Strafe-.  It's
                     just a few shots of arrows that's fired successively
                     in normal speed, nothing special.  But you can expect
                     her standing still for quite some time when doing this.
                     That's exactly what I see as an opportunity.
                                 " Rest now, Blood Raven. "
    Level   : 9
    Attack  : Fire Axe
    Special : Fire Wall
    Exp     : 390
    Spell   : Any offensive spell will do.
    [ Strategy ] :    If you have beaten the game once, chances are you
                   couldn't even remember a fight with someone by the name
                   of 'The Countess', as it was an easy and effortless
                   battle.  But I will still make some notes in case
                   someone's stuck with it.  Maybe not in Normal,  but she
                   may pose more of a challenge in Nightmare/Hell difficulty.
                   You never know.
                      First off, she may move in formidable speed, but her
                   attacks are rather slow and weak.  It's easily avoidable.
                   Even if you get hit, it's nothing to worry about either.
                   I've tried standing still to receive a few hits before.
                   It turns out that the damage is not too severe, even for
                   the sorceress.
                      As on how to finish her off, it may requires some
                   strategies though.  Do not try to cast a spell when she's
                   chasing after you; you'll be interrupted. Try doing this
                   instead.  Find a spacious spot and stand still.  Wait for
                   her to come to you.  When you see her trying to make a
                   strike, dash away quickly.  In return, counter-attack
                   with anything of your choice.  Repeat until she's dead.
                      -Static Field- comes highly recommended.  -Firebolt-
                   works well too.  If you have -Frost Nova-, -Ice Bolt- or
                   -Ice Blast-, it almost ensures that you will never get a
                   single hit from her Fire Axe attack.
                      Other things to take note of this battle is that she
                   may cast -Fire Wall- right at the doorways when she first
                   sense your presence.  I think she does this to discourage
                   you from coming in and out as you wish.  This, of course
                   does nothing to stop you from getting those precious
                   treasures.  Also, I noticed that she doesn't like to go
                   out of her 'chamber' often.  I have once lured her
                   outside of it.  But she quickly turned back the moment
                   she stepped outside the door, sorta like she's shy or
                   something.  It's funny watching her doing it.
                           " I hope to find other such treasures! "
    Level   : 10
    Attack  : Hammer
    Special : none, really.
    Exp     : 890
    Spell   : -Ice bolt-, -Ice Blast-, -Frost Nova-, -Fireball-,
              -Static Field-, -Blaze-.
    [ Strategy ] :    He reminds me of 'The Butcher' in Diablo.  He has the
                   same fast stunning attack, which makes him extremely
                   dangerous to go melee with.  So keep your distance ALWAYS.
                   I remember fighting him with Storm in Nightmare
                   difficulty.  Storm had kept her -Energy Shield- and
                   -Shiver Armor- activated.  She also had her life near
                   full at all time.  Then I was careless at one time, as
                   Storm could not dodge one of his attack.  Guess what
                   happened?  The computer lagged for about 5 seconds and
                   POW, she died in one bloody shot!  This is just too
                   ridiculous!  Be extra cautious when dealing with him.
                      As The Smith can move in relatively high speed, it's
                   recommended that you use spells like -Ice Bolt- and
                   -Frost Nova- to slow him down.  Then alternate to use
                   something fast like -Fireball- or even -Static Field- to
                   do some real damage.  Or better,  use -Ice Blast- all the
                   way.  It will slow him down AND deal great damage at the
                   same time.  -Blaze- is also highly recommended.  Make
                   streams of fire along the walls and let him chase right
                      The safest location to have this fight is at the Outer
                   Cloister waypoint, all the way back.  As this battle may
                   take some time, you may want to take a break or something
                   by getting back to the Rogue Encampment through the
                   waypoint.  You can also get the free healing from Akara
                   if you want.  That will lower the risk of the sorceress
                   getting killed.
                      After a few rounds, The Smith will eventually fall.
                   But don't forget to head back to the Barracks to fetch
                   what you're looking for : the Horadric Malus.
                         " I hope the sister appreciate this thing. "
    Level   : 13
    Attack  : Poison Claws
    Special : Poison Spray
              Poison Projectile
    Exp     : 1281
    Spell   : -Static Field-, -Ice Bolt-, -Ice Blast-, -Frost Nova-,
              -Blaze-, -Fire Ball-
    [ Strategy ] :    Our necro guy said that Andariel is NOT using -Poison
                   Nova-, so I made up names for her attacks.  Nothing
                   official, let me remind you.  Well, how am I supposed to
                   know their names!  It's not like she screams out "Poison
                   Spray!" or "Spray of Death!" when she does it.  Geez.
                      Back to the subject, let's discuss about her attacks
                   first.  She has three known types of attack : melee that
                   does both physical and poison damage.  The other two is
                   ranged attacks: one is a single fast-travelling
                   projectile;  the other is a wide-area spray attack.  The
                   projectile, though fast, is quite easy to avoid.  The
                   sprays, however, requires more finesse to attempt an
                   escape.  Both are equally damaging but they will
                   dissipate after travelling some distance.  Take advantage
                   of this.  If you can't avoid the sprays by running
                   diagonally, try to outrun it. Hope that it will
                   dissipates before it reaches you.
                      If you can't avoid her attacks, you will most probably
                   be inflicted with poison condition.  For the sorceress,
                   life seems to drop at an incredibly alarming rate.  So
                   whenever this happened, forget about healing first. You
                   will waste the healing potion anyway.  Quickly find your
                   way back to the entrance and go up to level 3.  While
                   you're there, wait for the poison effect to subside, THEN
                   only consume a healing potion or two.  Don't worry, the
                   poison won't kill you.  Life will stop dropping when it
                   reaches 1.  Go back down when you're ready for the second
                   round.  As for antidote potions and poison resistant
                   equipments; although it may helps, is not a necessity.
                      To take her down, you will need some good spells.  As
                   you are expected to be at level 13, you should have a
                   handful of spells besides everything into -Warmth-.  If
                   you have only -Firebolt-, you CAN defeat her.  But the
                   problem is you will need more of healing potions and not
                   to mention, PATIENCE. It will be a lot easier if you have
                   cold spells like -Ice Bolt-, -Ice Blast- and -Frost Nova-.
                   They work wonders against Andariel.  The slower Andariel
                   gets, the less often she attacks.
                      But it will REALLY be a piece of cake if you have
                   -Blaze-.  The fastest way to defeat her is : cast -Blaze-
                   and make a stream of fire for her to walk over it.  When
                   she's in the middle of it,  you may cast -Ice Bolt- or
                   -Frost Nova- to slow her down.  She will eat more flames
                   this way.  If you can't get her into the fire, try to
                   make use of the doorway.  Make a stream of fire as you
                   walk past a door and taunt her to chase after you.  That
                   should burn her up a little.  Repeat until she's dead.
                      Also, you can try using -Static Field- on her.  It
                   works well too.  But I would suggest that you slow her
                   down first, this way you get less retaliation.
                      Spell NOT to be used in this battle is -Inferno-.
                   This is what happened.  I used a Slvl4 -Inferno- just to
                   try things out.  It turned out that the damage is too
                   slow;  it leaves the sorceress open for attack.  Andariel
                   casts Poison Spray while I'm doing this and the sorceress
                   eats three sprays straight!  Man, you should've seen the
                   instant drop in life.  It will make almost anyone to
                   swear out his/her most frequently-used curses, which in
                   my case, WTF!  So, AVOID using it here if you can.
                               " The evil queen has fallen. "
    Level   : 15
    Attack  : Normal Physical
    Special : Extra Fast
              Poison Breath
              Dark Projectile
              Heal/Raise Minions
    Exp     : 2230
    Spell   : -Static Field-, -Ice Bolt-, -Ice Blast-, -Frost Nova-,
              -Blaze-, -Fire Ball-, -Fire Bolt-.
    [ Strategy ] :    This can be difficult if you don't know the way.  The
                   key to this battle is to prevent the minions from getting
                   the healing and resurrection from Radament.  To do this,
                   you will first need to secure a place FAR away from
                   Radament.  When I said far, I mean really, REALLY far.
                   Radament's 'influence' has a very long reach, it can be
                   about 2-3 screens away.  Once you have found the ideal
                   location, start luring the minions in to get them
                   butchered.  Do this until all minions are down.  This may
                   be a tiring and time consuming task but it is by far the
                   safest way to deal with Radament.
                      Another method you can try is to use -Ice Blast- on
                   each and every of his minion.  By doing this, they will
                   be shattered into pieces by the freezing attack. Thus,
                   it's impossible for them to get resurrected.
                      Without the minions, Radament is nothing to be feared
                   of.  Both his Poison Breath and Dark Projectile only do
                   minor scratches.  His most damaging attack is probably
                   his normal physical attack, but that is nothing either.
                   So, finish him off with anything you like.  You can even
                   insult him by using the measly -Fire bolt- to kill him.
                                " What a misguided monster! "
    Level   : 17 (18 Recommended)
    Attack  : Normal Physical
    Special : Extra Fast, Lightning Enchanted
              Dashing Cold Attack
    Exp     : 960
    Spell   : -Blaze-, -Fire Wall-.
    [ Strategy ] :   You may find it surprising to find a seemingly ordinary
                   unique to be placed under the Boss Strategies column. But
                   in my opinion, he's more than deserving to be considered
                   a major boss in the game, at least for the sorceress.
                   It's simply because Fangskin, a unique Salamander, has
                   everything it takes to be the PERFECT 'sorceress killing
                     The extra-fast attribute for the already speedy
                   Salamander is a major hindrance for any kind of sorceress.
                   It leaves almost no opportunity for the sorceress to cast
                   a spell safely. Cold spells will only do like reducing the
                   speed from 'super ultra fast' to 'ultra fast', which is
                   not much of a help I'd say.  So, conquering by speed
                   would be out of the question.
                      The REAL thing to be feared of is actually his
                   Dashing Cold Attack.  Although his normal attack is as
                   damaging, but it is THIS surprise dashing attack that
                   causes instant death.  One of the attack's main strength
                   is its long reach. At first, you may think that you could
                   cast a spell or two since you were able to keep a
                   distance.  But you can bet that he would suddenly charge
                   towards you with his overwhelming cold attack.  Now, if
                   the attack connects, the sorceress will be pushed back
                   and get chilled at the same time.  Then he will be likely
                   to continue his attack.
                      If the sorceress are pushed against a wall; and she
                   doesn't have any 'fast recovery' and cold resistant
                   equipments on;  in another word being cornered; then
                   undoubtedly, she will be stunlocked to DEATH.  But this
                   seldom happens, especially when you already know that
                   you should avoid being cornered at all times.
                      As if he's not powerful enough, he's been granted
                   lightning enchantment.  Now, what could be worse.  Cast
                   something multi-hitting like -Inferno- and he'll be
                   sweating like hell!  I can assure you, you wouldn't want
                   to try that.  So multi-hitting spells are out.  You will
                   need something that you can cast out fast and deals
                   great damage.  -Static Field- fits the requirements,
                   doesn't it?  But wait, he is lightning enchanted, that
                   means lightning resistant!  -Static Field- will do as
                   much damage as other spells will but you have to get
                   close to score a hit.  Not very wise, I would say.  So
                   -Static Field- is also out.
                      It seems like I can talk about this forever but what
                   you're really interested in, I assume, is how to defeat
                      After such long discussion, you should realised it by
                   now that many spells are rendered useless in this battle.
                   For that, you need specific spells, namely -Blaze- and
                   -Fire Wall-.  I've never been so rigid when it comes to
                   which spell to use, but to ensure a battle with zero
                   casualty, I have to make an exception.  This is exactly
                   how I defeated him.  As I've mentioned before, the
                   position of the unique monster varies for every game.
                   In my case, Fangskin is to the sorceress' left.  The
                   moment I stepped into Claw Viper's Temple level 2,  I
                   quickly move the sorceress to the right, the opposite
                   direction of Fangskin.  If done right, it should not
                   attract Fangskin's attention.  Then deal with the
                   monsters that's already there.  You SHOULD NOT be
                   having problems dealing with them, as I will be
                   wondering how you manage to get this far in the first
                   place.  If you're really stuck, refer back to the
                   'Walkthrough : Claw Viper's Temple' for tips on how to
                   defeat them.  Try to thin out as many enemies as
                   possible, so that you will only have to deal with
                      I will now assume that it's just you and Fangskin.
                   Get his attention and start the fight.  He will start
                   chasing after you.  Cast -Blaze- when he does, and create
                   streams of fire by running away from him.  Let him walk
                   over it and take damage.  Repeat until he's dead.  Sounds
                   easy, doesn't it?  But practically, you should know that
                   you may run a chance of running out of stamina.  You can
                   remedy the situation quickly with a stamina potion OR
                   you can retreat and head back to level 1.  Wait until all
                   stamina is recovered and continue to second round.
                      Another situation may occur is that you encounter
                   Fangskin right in front of the level 2 entrance, together
                   with a bunch of other Claw Vipers.  If you are really
                   that unlucky, then I would suggest that you spend some
                   time levelling up to level 18 to gain -Fire Wall-.  Get
                   -Fire Wall- by either putting a skill point into it OR
                   head back to town and buy a staff with -Fire Wall-.
                      When you have -Fire Wall-, this is what you should do.
                   I would assume that Fangskin and friends are right in
                   front of the entrance, waiting to feast. Bravely, step
                   into level 2 and cast a -Fire Wall-, two if you can, in
                   front of the entrance. Then quickly get back to level 1.
                   The -Fire Wall- that you cast will continue to take
                   effect in level 2 even when you're at level 1.  So wait
                   some time for it to burn.  That would take a few of the
                   them down.  It's normal to get hit when you're doing this.
                   So keep life at full with healing potions.  Then repeat
                   this routine, but try to increase the number of -Fire
                   Wall- casted each time.  More -Fire Wall- deal more
                   damage.  Hopefully, Fangskin will die eventually this
                      There is another method that I found out recently.
                   If you can manage to get past all the enemy and reach the
                   altar, you will have the advantage to cast spells without
                   the fear of retaliation.  It's simply because you're
                   protected by the different height that the altar provides.
                   The best way to do this of course, is to use -Teleport-.
                   That would be the solution when you face him in
                   Nightmare/Hell difficulty.
                   " Who would've thought that such primitive beings could
                                   cause so much trouble. "
    Level   : 19
    Attack  : staff
    Special : Glacial Spike
              Fire Wall
              Fire Ball
              Frost Nova
              Dunno-what curse (doesn't matter anyway)
    Exp     : 305
    Spell   : -Fire Wall- and everything else
    [ Strategy ] :    The only thing to look out for is his Fire Wall.
                   Counterattack with a -Fire Wall- on him and he's dead.
                   That's it. I don't think he deserves further elaboration.
                   But you can try something though, use -Telekinesis- to
                   kill him.  -Fire Bolt- would be too much for him.
                     " That couldn't have been Horazon.  Poor wretch. "
    Level   : 20 (24 if you must)
    Attack  : Claw
    Special : Freezing Aura
    Exp     : 6005
    Spell   : -Frost Nova-, -Static Field-, -Blaze-, -Nova-, -Fire Wall-
              -Thunder Storm-, -Blizzard-.
    [ Strategy ] :    Duriel has been receiving a lot of attention in the
                   DiabloII forum and naturally being throned as the most
                   difficult boss to defeat in the game.  It's not hard to
                   see why.
                       First off, there's one misconception to be cleared.
                   Duriel does NOT have a cold attack.  In fact, he has an
                   attack that stuns, much like the Barbarian's -Stun-.
                   What's chilling or slowing you down is actually the
                   Freezing Aura.  It looks and works like the Paladin's
                   -Holy Freeze- aura.  But the difference is there's
                   nothing holy about it, just cheap.  -Holy Freeze- does
                   no damage, it will only slows one down to a certain
                   percentage.  I would assume that Duriel's Freezing Aura
                   works about the same.  With it, the sorceress will
                   suffer a major slowdown in movement and spellcasting
                      The battle is set in a small chamber with no apparent
                   exit nearby.  By looking at the automap, there IS
                   actually a mark that indicates a door at the north but
                   it's not to be reached.  This means that it's a closed
                   battle : a great disadvantage to the sorceress indeed.
                      You should know by now that the sorceress gains
                   advantage by speed and space.  With this two being
                   seriously handicapped, it would really requires pure
                   skill, and not to mention some really good luck to win
                   this battle.  The fastest way, which is also the best
                   way to defeat Duriel is to use -Static Field-.  I find
                   that he's specially vulnerable against it.
                      This is how you should do it. The first thing you do
                   when you step into Duriel's chamber is cast a -Frost
                   Nova-. You don't have to wait until you see him.  He'll
                   be charging at you in high speed definitely.  If he
                   really missed the -Frost Nova-, cast it again. Make sure
                   he's chilled at ALL time.  Having Duriel in his full
                   speed is too much of a risk to take.  When he's chilled,
                   make a distance and cast -Static Field-.  Hopefully, your
                   sorceress' -Static Field- is at a decent skill level to
                   score a hit.  But you will only manage to lay one or two
                   hits before you have to cast another -Frost Nova-.
                      By right, at this time you will see Duriel's Freezing
                   Aura starting to take effect.  The sorceress will be
                   chilled in an unavoidable situation.  But you can reduce
                   the slowing effect by equipping some boots with 'fast
                      This method requires no aiming, so it's quite easy to
                   pull.  But you should check on Duriel's life from time
                   to time by moving the cursor over him.  When you see that
                   his life is near critical, finish him off with -Blaze- if
                   you have it.  If not, continue to use -Static Field- or
                   any other spells that you see appropriate to kill him.
                   -Nova- is one good example.
                      But this method will only apply if you have -Static
                   Field- that works, which I would say not many young
                   sorceresses can afford it.  I'm talking about -Static
                   Field- of level 3 and above.  I have Slvl3 -Static Field-
                   and still get a lot of misses.  For those with low level
                   or no -Static Field- at all, either gain a few level up
                   to put more skill points into it OR you can try the
                   following methods.
                      You can use -Blaze- all the way.  It sure works but it
                   would take quite some time to finish him off.  So make
                   sure that you bring along loads of stamina potions if you
                   want to attempt this.  Nothing's worse than to be forced
                   to walk in this battle.
                      Although there's no exit to this place, you can
                   actually get out from the scene using -Town Portal-.
                   Take advantage of this.  You can try casting a few -Fire
                   Wall- and leave through the Town Portal, with Duriel
                   kept burning in the flame.  Sure, it would take many
                   -Town Portal- scrolls to do this, but remember, life is
                   more precious than hundreds of -Town Portal- scrolls.
                   Sometimes you just can't afford to die, especially when
                   you're in Nightmare/Hell difficulty.  What's more if
                   you're playing a hardcore character.  Dying is certainly
                   no longer an option.
                      Here's another one.  The first time I beat Duriel is
                   using sorceress Storm.  At that time, I didn't realise
                   the power of -Static Field- yet.  But Storm was already
                   at level 24 by the time she reached Duriel (too fond of
                   hanging around Arcane Sanctuary to collect goodies). So,
                   with the newly gained power,  I used -Frost Nova-,
                   -Thunderstorm- and -Blizzard- to defeat him.  It's quite
                   an easy battle I would say.  I first casted -Frost Nova-
                   to chill him,  then -Thunderstorm- and started running.
                   It wasn't long until he recovered from -Frost Nova-, so I
                   casted another one.  But this time, I added -Blizzard- to
                   deal more damage.  I kept doing this for some time and
                   Duriel fell not much later.  So, you can try this method
                   if you found that none of the above methods applicable.
                      When it's Hell/Nightmare,  Duriel seems to have high
                   resistance against cold.  That means Duriel's on steroid.
                   Well hopefully by then, you already have a pair of
                   'Fastest Walk/Run' boots.  It is the boots that determine
                   the outcome of this battle.  You will have to try
                   something extremely risky, but it works. When he's
                   charging towards you, run diagonally from him.  Example,
                   if he's charging from north, run to east or west.  But
                   you cannot do it too soon.  You have to time your dash-
                   away exactly when you see he is going to stop his charge
                   and start his attack stance.  That's less than a second
                   to do it.  It's tough but if you're used to 'timing'
                   games, it should be a piece of cake.  If you're fast
                   enough, you'll be able to dodge his charge attack.  When
                   you see him stopped to recover, that's when you cast
                   spells.  This is why I said that this battle requires
                   pure skill and some good luck.  If you have listened to
                   me and have been practising with dodging/avoiding by
                   running, you will be able to do it.
    Level   : 24
    Attack  : Normal Physical/Elemental (depends on enchantment)
    Special : Lightning Zap
    Exp     : 3480
    Spell   : -Frost Nova-, -Static Field-, -Blaze-, -Thunder Storm-,
              -Blizzard-, -Meteor-.
    [ Strategy ] :    This battle can be easy, can be tough.  It depends on
                   the preparations that you've done beforehand.  Let's get
                   straight to the map. The map for Travincal is not random,
                   but the shrines are. The position of the Blackened Temple
                   is always North and the waypoint is always at the west.
                   'W' indicates water area.  'WP' means waypoint.  Area (h)
                   is actually the Blackened Temple.  The other alphabets
                   will be explained later on.
    |                                  (d)                                 |
    |    ______________________________________________________________    |
    |   |  ______ _______     ____________________     _______ ______  |   |
    |   | |     _|       |   |                    |   |       |_     | |   |
    |   | |    |     (f) |   | Compelling         |   |  (f)    |    | |   |
    |   | |    |_        |   |    Orb             |   |        _|    | |   |
    |   | |      |       |   |        (h)         |   |       |      | |   |
    |   | |      |_______|   |____________________|   |_______|      | |   |
    |   | |      |  _____      _____        _____      _____  |      | |   |
    |   | | (f)  | |     |    |     |      |     |    |     | |  (f) | |   |
    |   | |      | |  W  |    |  W  |      |  W  |    |  W  | |      | |   |
    |   | |______| |_____|    |_____|      |_____|    |_____| |______| |   |
    |   |                             (g)                              |   |
    |   |  ____    ________    __________________    ________    ____  |   |
    |   | |    |  |        |  |   ________       |  |        |  |    | |   |
    |   | |    |  |   W    |  |  |        |      |  |    W   |  |    | |   |
    |   | | WP |  |________|  |  |        |      |  |________|  |    | |   |
    |(c)| |    |              |  |        |      |              | (e)| |(c)|
    |   | |    |     (e)      |  |   (e)  |      |     (e)      |    | |   |
    |   | |____|              |  |________|      |              |____| |   |
    |   |___________________  |                  |  ___________________|   |
    |   |  ____     ______  | |______      ______| |  ______     ____  |   |
    |   | |    |   |      | |______  |    |  ______| |      |   |    | |   |
    |   | |    |   |  W   |        | |    | |        |   W  |   |    | |   |
    |   | |    |   |______|        | |    | |        |______|   |    | |   |
    |   | |    |_   ____________   |_|    |_|   ____________   _|    | |   |
    |   | |      | |            |    |    |    |            | |      | |   |
    |   | | (b)  | |    (b)     |    |    |    |    (b)     | |  (b) | |   |
    |   | |______| |____________|    |    |    |____________| |______| |   |
    |   |                            |    |                            |   |
    |   |____________________________|    |____________________________|   |
    |                                                                      |
    |__________________________       (a)        __________________________|
                               |_____      _____|
                                     |    |
                                     |    |
                      No matter what strategies you may want to employ, the
                   first thing to do is to secure the waypoint.  Make sure
                   you know the way back when things get ugly later.
                      Once you have done that, you will have quite a bunch
                   of enemies to take care of.  Use your best tactics
                   against them, be it -Glacial Spike-/-Chain Lightning- or
                   -Glacial Spike-/-Blaze-.  It doesn't matter.  As long as
                   you keep yourself on the move, then it's fine.  Those
                   -Meteor- and -Blizzard- will have a hard time hitting
                   you this way.
                      The best sequence to traverse this place is of course,
                   in alphabetical order.  It is to prevent from fighting a
                   large crowd at the same time.  The center area is the
                   most dangerous to explore, so I suggest after securing
                   area (a) and (b), go fight the monsters in area (c). Area
                   (d) is very close to the Blackened Temple, so keep a low
                   profile when you're there.  After finished (d), go all
                   the way back to (a) and start from there.  Area (e) may
                   be a bit challenging, but you now have a wider area to
                   fight.  You gain advantage by that.  Lure a few of them
                   back to area (b) and kill them.  Finish them off little
                   by little.  Once cleared, sneak into area (f) through
                   the sideways.  You don't want to attract the attention of
                   the high councils yet.  Kill the rest of the monsters.
                   When you have done all of the above, by right, it will be
                   just you and the councils in this whole area.
                      Slowly, approach area (g) from (e).  Kill the water
                   watchers if you want.  Stand still in area (g) for a
                   while.  If it doesn't attract anyone, move a step forward
                   to the Blackened Temple.  Wait some more. If there's
                   still no one's coming out, repeat until someone does.  If
                   done right, it should first attract a council member.  It
                   is easy to kill him as he can be frozen.  So start with
                   -Ice Blast- or -Glacial Spike-, then a -Fire Wall- and
                   quickly follow up with -Ice Blast-/-Glacial Spike- again.
                   Keep him frozen until he's dead.  Repeat the luring
                   process to attract some more of the councils.
                      The next in line should be the High Council Ismail
                   Vilehand, and he may be followed by one or two council
                   members as well.  If it is so, then I would suggest that
                   you lure them all the way back to the waypoint.  It's the
                   safest location that I can think of.  Once you get them
                   to the waypoint, it's time to make them regret for
                   following you.  Use your most powerful spells against
                   them without the concern for mana.  Cast like 10
                   -Blizzard- in a row or place -Meteor- like crazy and let
                   them eat all of it.  When you're out of mana, do NOT
                   hesitate to go back to Ormus for refill.
                      I suppose the 'correct' way to deal with them is
                   actually using -Frost Nova-/-Static Field-.  But heck,
                   a chance like this only comes once in a blue moon.  Do
                   you really want to waste this opportunity by using the
                   ol' boring way?  Go have fun with the mindless spell-
                   casting, because that's what playing the sorceress is all
                      If you have successfully killed him, then you will
                   have no problem with the rest.  Remember, you have to
                   kill all three High Councils in order to complete the
                   'Blackened Temple' quest.
                              " The temple's power is in naught. "
    Level   : 24
    Attack  : Normal Physical
    Special : Charged Bolt
              Ice Sphere
              Poison Explosion (when near)
    Exp     : 10714
    Spell   : -Frost Nova-, -Static Field-, -Blaze-, -Fire Wall-,
              -Thunder Storm-, -Blizzard-, -Meteor-.
    [ Strategy ] :    In my opinion, this is the most challenging battle in
                   the game.  I will explain to you why very soon. But first
                   take a look at the map.  'L' indicates lava area.
                   Mephisto will always be at the North, while the rest of
                   the High Councils reside in area (a), (b) and (c)
                   separately.  Area (d) is the panel that will activate the
                   route to the Portal.  But you must defeat Mephisto first
                   before you can do that.  The rest of the alphabets will
                   be explained later on.
                   (a) Bremm Sparkfist - aura enchanted, lightning enchanted
                   (b) Maffer Dragonhand - extra strong, extra fast
                   (c) Wyand Voidbringer - mana burn, teleportation
                           |                      |
                           |      Treasures       |
                           |                      |
                           |                      |
                           |                      |
                 __________|       Mephisto       |__________
                |     |                                |     |
                |  L  |                                |  L  |
            ____|_____|                                |_____|____
           |                                                      |
           |                                                      |
     ______|__    _________________        _________________    __|______
    |               |              |      |              |               |
    |               |________      |  (d) |      ________|               |
    |               |        |     |______|     |        |               |
    |               |        |                  |        |               |
    |                        |                  |                        |
    |      (b)               |                  |              (c)       |
    |               |        |      Portal      |        |               |
    |               |        |                  |        |               |
    |               |        |                  |        |               |
    |               |        |                  |        |               |
    |               |        |      ______      |        |               |
    |               |        |     |      |     |        |               |
    |               |        |     |      |     |        |               |
    |               |        |     |      |     |        |               |
    |               |        |     |  (g) |     |        |               |
    |         (h)   |  (i)   |     |      |     |   (j)  |               |
    |_______________|    ____|     |      |     |____    |_______________|
                 |      |          |      |          |      |
                 |      |          |      |          |      |
                 |      |     L    |      |    L     |      |
                 |      |          |      |          |      |
                 |      |__________|      |__________|      |
                 |                                          |
                 |                    (a)                   |
                 |_________________        _________________|
                 |  |      L       |      |       L      |  |
                 |  |______________|  (e) |______________|  |
                 |                                          |
                 |                                 (f)      |
                 |                                          |
                 |                                 entrance |
                 |                                          |
                 |_________                        _________|
                        What's difficult is not having to deal with Mephisto,
                   but it's the magnificent trio that give the most trouble.
                   Fight all three of them together and you have no choice
                   but to restart the game.  What makes them such a bad-ass
                   is none other than their healing factor.  Have the three
                   united and they will heal among themselves.  Then it will
                   take forever to finish this fight.
                        So the best strategy to employ is 'divide and
                   conquer'.  Take them out one by one.  The first High
                   Council you'll meet is Bremm Sparkfist, who is enchanted
                   with lightning and 'Blessed Aim' aura.  He can be found
                   in area (a).  It's not unusual that he's accompanied by a
                   few of the council members and sometimes a few Blood
                   Lords as well.  Get to area (e) and start from there.
                   Move step by step towards (a), hopefully that will
                   attract the small ones first.  Kill them all with Bremm
                   being the last to remain standing.
                       There is a general way to deal with all of the High
                   Councils.  But it requires -Blaze- to do it.  If you do
                   not have -Blaze-, be in for a tough fight because I'm not
                   sure how to do it either!
                       Before I forget, let's take a break and talk about
                   something else.  In my previous FAQs, whenever I mention
                   a battle being difficult, there will always be someone
                   sending me emails like 'Nah, he was nothing.  I beat the
                   shit out of him in seconds.  You just don't know how the
                   game works.  Ask me any question and I will answer you'.
                   Mails like this never cease to amuse me.  What I really
                   meant was it is difficult to come up with a solution
                   that has the minimum requirements in order to complete.
                   Sure I can easily say 'Level up to 50 and you will have
                   no problem' or 'Fight the monsters in the final dungeon
                   so that they will drop the Excalibur'.  But that is not
                   the solution what most are looking for, and definitely
                   not the way I'm gonna do it.  I'm trying to see things
                   as what a normal kid who has little or no previous
                   gaming experience would see as difficult.  It's also my
                   way of saying 'Hey kid, you're not the only one.  I
                   think he's tough too!'.  So don't think of me as a loser
                   or something.  I certainly have no problem finishing the
                   game.  But I do welcome any other solutions that will
                   help the readers to decide which strategy is the best to
                   employ.  Please send it to this email address -
                       I think you already know how to use -Blaze- by now.
                   Stick to the walls when running and make him chase after
                   you.  Simple as that.  But if you do not have -Blaze-,
                   either buy a staff with -Blaze-, or you can try the
                   following methods.
                   [ Bremm Sparkfist ] : He is lightning enchanted so if you
                   want to use -Static Field-, make sure you put a lot of
                   points into it already.  If not, you will fall faster
                   than he does.  Multi-hitting spells like -Inferno- are
                   totally out.   The best spell to use, in my opinion, is
                   -Blizzard-.  Although it's not as good as -Blaze- but
                   it's okay.  To do it, cast like 3 -Blizzard- in a row
                   along his path.  Or better, since he'll be chasing after
                   you definitely, cast -Blizzard- right in front of you.
                   That will make him catch the cold from the beginning till
                   the end.
                       When Bremm is killed, you now have a choice to choose
                   your path.  Choose either to fight Wyand Voidbringer
                   (mana burn, teleportation) which is on the RIGHT or
                   Maffer Dragonhand (extra strong, extra fast) which is on
                   the LEFT.  Both choices are equally sucks but if I have
                   to make a choice, I would choose the latter.  Of course
                   if you think you're strong enough, take them both out.
                   [ Maffer Dragonhand ] : It wasn't kidding when it says
                   that he is extra fast.  My sorceress is already equipped
                   with the 'fast run/walk' boots and yet, that guy sticks
                   to her like a leech!  I'm telling you, that lewd act can
                   be considered as sexual harassment already if it happens
                   in the real world.  So the opportunity to cast a spell
                   safely is really rare.  To do it, you have to keep
                   running at all time.  When you see him stop to hit you,
                   or stop to cast -Hydra- or heal, that's when you also
                   stop and cast a spell or two.  -Blizzard- is not that
                   effective anymore as he will only be hit once, or twice
                   the most.
                       -Static Field- would be the ideal spell to use.
                   When you have the opportunity to cast a spell, you're
                   normally not too far from him.  Perfect setup for -Static
                   Field-.  But using -Static Field- is not enough though.
                   You will need some other spells preferably to deliver the
                   final blow.  So use your most powerful spell against him
                   when he's dying.  -Glacial Spike- is a good choice.
                   [ Wyand Voidbringer ] : Mana burn should scares you off a
                   bit, but if you are already a master of.. running(?),
                   it's not really a problem.  What should be the concern is
                   his 'teleportation' ability.  At first, I didn't notice
                   the other 'feature' that the enemy's teleport can do.
                   They normally died before they could do it.  But it's not
                   until this battle that I realised that when he teleports,
                   he regains health as well!  I bet this is what really
                   happened : Teleport is actually a time-distortion process.
                   He freezes the time. Then casually, he would take a break
                   and grab a snack from the fridge; sit back and watch the
                   TV or something; and then continue to fight again.  He
                   must have forgotten where he started so he figured
                   anywhere will do.  We wouldn't know all this because the
                   time has stopped.  So, that would explain how he regained
                   health and ended up in different places every time he did
                   it.  (Damn, why can't the sorceress do the same, huh?)
                        To deal with him, you can use the same strategy as
                   with Maffer in the beginning.  When you hurt him enough,
                   he will start teleporting.  Try to get him to area (f) if
                   you can, as to take advantage of the small space there.
                   Now stand right in the middle, he will teleport back and
                   forth within the small area.  Continue to cast -Static
                   Field-, he will be within range to take damage.  As for
                   the finishing blow, the best spell that I can think of is
                   -Thunder Storm-.  -Thunder Storm- will auto-track his
                   position and you can rely on the tempest to end all of
                   his misery.
                       Having a large mana pool really helps in this battle.
                   Time is a main factor as you will want to finish the
                   fight as soon as possible.  The longer you take, the more
                   they will heal themselves.  Mana potions and rejuvenation
                   potions will truly make a difference.  But if you do not
                   have it, it's not a big deal either.  When you're out of
                   mana, go back to level 2 and let -Warmth- do its job.
                   But you must expect that the enemy will also heal himself
                   down there.  So plan to finish him off with one good
                       The best strategy to deal with them all is of course,
                   to combine all of the methods mentioned above.  If you
                   have all the spells mentioned, then it should be a piece
                   of cake.  Cast -Blaze- and -Thunder Storm- in the
                   beginning and starts running.  When you see him paused,
                   cast either -Static Field- or -Blizzard-.  Then continue
                   running.  -Blaze- and -Thunder Storm- will severely do
                   damage on him.  He will eventually fall before you know
                       That's about it for the appetizers.  It's time for
                   the main course - The Lord of Hatred.  Of all the
                   attacks that he has, the one that you should look out for
                   is his Ice Sphere attack. (Again, I made up the names)
                   It travels in demonic speed and the damage usually leads
                   to an instant death.  Even if you manage to survive it,
                   it will leave you chilled for a while.  That will make it
                   hard for you to avoid his other forthcoming attacks.  I
                   have come across a few solutions suggested in the forum.
                   They would advise that you take the advantage of the lava
                   pits as to keep a safe distance from Mephisto.  I think
                   it's a GREAT idea, you should try it too.  Try to make
                   Mephisto get to area (g) and you stay on the other side
                   of the pit - area (i) or (j).  Launch anything that you
                   like since most of the sorceress spells are ranged.
                   There is even one guy who manage to get Mephisto trapped
                   between the stairs in area (g), so he's immobile for the
                   rest of the fight.  What a great move!  But personally, I
                   wasn't able to do it.  But it's definitely worth trying.
                       I have a method of my own on how to deal with him.
                   This is exactly how I will do it.  I first lure him into
                   area (b), then I will quickly move to area (i) and wait.
                   By right, he will be on the other side of the wall-area
                   (h).  I will know when he's there because I can see the
                   spell effects from the other side.  Now, I will quickly
                   charge to the doorway and cast a spell that stays on like
                   -Blizzard-, -Fire Wall- or -Meteor- on him.  Soon after,
                   I will quickly turn back to area (i) again.  The spell
                   will continue to take effect while I seek protection from
                   the other side of the wall.  So I don't have to worry
                   about the deadly Ice Sphere attack.  If at anytime he
                   realise my trick and decides to chase after me, I will
                   run past him and get to area (h), with him in area (i)
                   instead.  Just when he wants to prove that he's not as
                   stupid as I think he is, I repeat the same ol' trick
                   again.  Poor fella, I really pity him.  No cure for
                   stupidity yet.
                        That's how I defeated the almighty Mephisto.  As for
                   the best way to deal with him, it's really your choice.
                   My method would be a bit time consuming but safe, and the
                   suggestions from the forum is more straightforward and
                   fast.  Up to you.
    Level   : 24
    Attack  : Cold Sword
    Special : Frost Nova
    Exp     : 22760
    Spell   : -Frost Nova-, -Static Field-, -Blaze-, -Thunder Storm-.
    [ Strategy ] :    For a fallen angel, I'm quite disappointed with him.
                   He is not much of a threat since he only has two kinds of
                   attack, both are cold-based.  I already boosted the cold
                   resistance to MAX, so HE'S the one who has the trouble
                   killing me!
                      Although a strategy may not be needed, I will make
                   notes of it anyway.  Imitate him by casting -Frost Nova-
                   to slow him down.  Then cast -Static Field- to do damage
                   and continue to run.  Repeat the same process and he will
                   eventually dies.  You can also use -Blaze- to do it.  As
                   usual, cast -Blaze-, get him into the fire and the flames
                   will soon consume what's left of him.  Or if you're too
                   lazy to do anything, cast -Thunder Storm-.  You can just
                   concentrate on running and refresh when -Thunder Storm-
                   runs out.
                      The hell thing must have gotten into him.  I've tried
                   standing still just to test out how damaging his Cold
                   Sword is.  But instead of hitting me with the sword, he
                   casted -Frost Nova-.  Yet I continued to stay within
                   range, hoping for his sword attack.  But what he
                   stupidly did was either stand still and do nothing, or
                   cast -Frost Nova- again.  He never seems to learn that
                   he would kill me a lot faster if he uses his sword
                   instead.  In addition, what's IRONIC is that he called
                   Tyrael a fool.  Well frankly, I really don't think he's
                   qualified to call anyone's a fool except himself.
                      The lack of rationality and not to mention, the losing
                   of his sanity may be due to the fact that he lost his
                   most prized possession - the holy runeblade 'Azurewrath'.
                   If he gets his sword back, then maybe, he will be more of
                   a challenge.
                        " He was corrupted to the core.  I pity him. "
    Level   : 24
    Attack  : Hammer
    Special : Curse - Amplify Damage
    Exp     : 10714
    Spell   : -Frost Nova-, -Static Field-, -Blaze-, -Thunder Storm-.
    [ Strategy ] :     I'll get straight to the point.  This guy is similar
                   to The Smith, but beefed-up in every single way.  He is
                   magic resistant, extra strong and can sometimes inflict
                   the 'Amplify Damage' curse if he manage to land a hit.
                   As with what you use against The Smith, use -Blaze- to
                   kill him.  It's the best spell to use.
                       If you don't have -Blaze-, try the following methods
                   instead.  -Frost Nova-, -Static Field- and run.  Repeat
                   that three simple steps to kill him.  -Thunder Storm-
                   works well too.  Cast it and concentrate on running.
                   Refresh when needed.  If you're wondering about other
                   strategies, consider also the use of -Teleport- because
                   it can be of help too.
                       One thing to remember is to bring along some stamina
                   potions with you.  There isn't a place nearby that you
                   can actually paused the battle and take a break.  But of
                   course, you can always cast a -Town Portal- back if you
                       Now, if you're inflicted with the curse, avoid any
                   chance that you may be hit again.  Even if you manage to
                   get life to full, he can take you down in one shot.  Do
                   not take the risk, especially when playing in Nightmare/
                   Hell difficulty, or when playing a hardcore character.
                   Either let the curse times itself out or go back to town
                   and get healing from Jamella.
    Level   : 26
    Attack  : Normal Physical
    Special : Ice Fist
              Lightning Inferno
              Flame Nova
              Fire Serpent
              Fire Wall
              Bone Cage (when you try to escape through -Town Portal-)
    Exp     : 10714
    Spell   : -Static Field-, -Thunder Storm-, -Blizzard-, -Fire Wall-,
              -Meteor-, -Frost Nova-.
    [ Strategy ] :     Terms like Lightning Inferno, Flame Nova and Fire
                   Serpent was not originated by me.  So does the info on
                   the Bone Cage, as I never had the chance to try it out
                   myself.  It was all taken from the DiabloII forum.
                   However, the strategies provided here are figured out by
                       A map will drawn out to facilitate the explanation.
                   Note that the map may be slightly different for everyone.
                   But the main idea is still there, try to adjust a little
                       There are 5 seals in the Chaos Sanctuary and you will
                   need to break all 5 in order to release Diablo.  But
                   that's not all.  You will also need to defeat the 3
                   guardians which will appear in area (a), (b), (c) when
                   you activate the corresponding seal.  Only then will the
                   Lord of Terror appear in the the center of the map.
                   a) Lord de Seis
                      - extra strong, aura enchanted, thief
                   b) Grand Vizier of Chaos
                      - extra strong, fire enchanted
                   c) Infector of Souls
                      - extra fast, spectral hit
                            |                      |
                            |                  (1) |
                            |          ____________|
                            |         |
                            |   (a)   |____________
                            |                      |
                            |                      |
                            |____________          |
                                         |         |
                             ____________|         |
                            |                      |
                            |                      |
                            |                      |
                            |                      |
     _______       _________|                      |_____           _____
    |       |     |                                      |         |     |
    |  (2)  |_____|                                      |_________| (4) |_
    |____                                                                  |
         |         (b)               Diablo           (c)                  |
     ____|                                                                 |
    |        _____                                  _________       _______|
    |  (3)  |     |                                |         | (5) |
    |_______|     |_________                       |         |_____|
                            |                      |
                            |      __________      |
                            |     |          |     |
                            |     |     _____|     |
                            |     |    |           |
                            |     |    |           |
                            |     |____|           |
                            |            ____      |
                            |           |    |     |
                            |           |    |     |
                            |      _____|    |     |
                            |     |          |     |
                            |     |__________|     |
                            |                      |
                            |                      |
                            |       entrance       |
                            |________      ________|
                                     |    |
                                     |    |
                        No matter what you may want to do, don't activate
                   any of the seals yet.  Concentrate on clearing the WHOLE
                   area first.  As this is the final battle, it's not going
                   to be easy.  The most fearsome enemy here is definitely
                   the Oblivion Knights.  They can cast a variety of curses,
                   the homing Bone Spirit, and the deadly elemental
                   projectile.  It is these guys that make it hard for
                   hardcore characters to survive until the next difficulty.
                   Two shots of projectile and you're gone.  This is why
                   having high resistance in this place really helps.
                        With them so powerful, the only one that will truly
                   find them desirable would be the necromancer. Revive a
                   few of them and the necro is unstoppable.  At this time
                   I feel like the game is trying to tell me something; that
                   the necro is far more superior when it comes to magic and
                   wizardry.  Frankly, I don't have a lvl30 necro yet.  But
                   the potential of Revive and Bone Spirit is so evident, I
                   begin to feel.. envious.  I now consider the necro a
                   character worthy to explore.  Who knows, maybe I will
                   come up with a necro guide next.
                        If you have problems dealing with the enemies here,
                   you can follow the same strategies used to deal with the
                   guardians.  After you have cleared the whole place, you
                   can open the seals in whichever sequence you desire.  If
                   you ask me, I would do Lord de Seis first, followed by
                   Grand Visier of Chaos and finally Infector of Souls. This
                   way I won't be too exhausted when fighting Diablo later.
                   Seal 1 : Lord de Seis
                   Seal 2 : Grand Vizier of Chaos
                   Seal 3 : nothing
                   Seal 4 : nothing
                   seal 5 : Infector of Souls
                        Right after you open the seals, quickly make your
                   way back to the center area.  You will have a wider place
                   to fight there.
                   [ Lord de Seis ] : The hardest among the three.  One
                   thing to note is his Thief ability.  I don't know whether
                   it has to do with the aura or not.  But all I know is
                   that when you're influenced by the aura and if he manage
                   to hit you, a potion in the belt will drop to the ground.
                   Of course, the potion is not gone and you can still pick
                   it up.  But what it's trying to do is to make it hard for
                   you to heal.  You will have to access the potions in your
                   inventory instead.  Hope that won't make it too
                   troublesome for you.
                        To kill him, it may be an extremely risky task.  It
                   depends on what spells that you have.  The ideal choice
                   would be -Fire Wall-.  If not -Blizzard-, -Meteor- and
                   -Thunder Storm- will also do.  Here's how to do it :
                   Stop at your spot and let him settle himself first. When
                   you see him launch his first attack, start running. When
                   the opportunity to cast a spell arise, cast the spells
                   mentioned above.  -Fire Wall- will do the most damage, as
                   he will be standing still.  But what's risky now is that
                   you must keep yourself within his sight.  That is to make
                   him stay at his position.  You can do it by running in
                   circle.  If not, he will chase after you and leave the
                   -Fire Wall-.  Then you will have to repeat the whole
                   process.  So a pair of 'fast walk/run' boots is highly
                   desirable. The faster, the better as it makes it easier
                   to dodge the Bone Spirit.
                   [ Grand Vizier of Chaos ] : -Blizzard- is the spell to
                   use here.  His weakness will be revealed when he cast
                   the homing missiles that drain mana.  For the best
                   results, do this.  As you will deal with him together
                   with his gang, get near them and cast a good -Frost
                   Nova-.  With all of them chilled, cast a -Blizzard- or
                   two right in the midst of them.  Then run in circles
                   around them.  They will be confused with your ever-
                   changing position and will stay within the -Blizzard-
                   area to take damage.  Piece of cake.
                   [ Infector of Souls ] : You can use the same strategy
                   used to deal with Grand Vizier.
                       If you want to witness Diablo's arrival, kill the
                   last guardian right in the center area.  The earth will
                   starts shaking and the walls will start trembling.  Soon
                   after, you will hear someone mumbling something and you
                   will know that the Lord of Terror has come.  Someone in
                   the forum suggested to throw in some of the best spells
                   like -Fire Wall-, -Blizzard- and -Meteor- in where
                   Diablo will appear.  Some even reported that he will be
                   half dead when he comes out if you apply this trick. But
                   I didn't try it.  He's not that difficult in my opinion.
                       The key to win this battle is to have a good grasp
                   of his fighting patterns.  If you keep your distance,
                   he will either cast Fire Wall/Flame Nova or he will
                   charge and attack you.  When you're near him, he will
                   either cast Fire Serpent or Lightning Inferno. Sometimes,
                   he will use Ice Fist if you're close enough.  As of how
                   damaging these attacks are, I'll leave it to your
                       When you know how he fights, it's not difficult to
                   figure out the way to defeat him.  This principle applies
                   to other characters as well.  If you can, try to figure
                   out a way to defeat him on your own.  You will feel more
                   satisfied since this is already the last battle.  But as
                   always, I will still write down my way of defeating him.
                   Here it goes.  Run around for a while in the beginning.
                   This is to reduce the initial lag.  When you see things
                   are getting smoother, it's time to fight.  Repeat the
                   following procedures :  Stay out of sight, meaning the
                   only one you will see on the screen is the character that
                   you're playing.  But have a good estimation of where he
                   is, and in what direction will he be charging at you.
                   When you see him charging at you, dash away diagonally.
                   You will find him paused and basically do nothing for a
                   second or so.  This will be the best opportunity to cast
                   your most effective spells against him : -Static Field-,
                   -Fire Wall-, -Blizzard-, -Thunder Storm-, -Meteor-.  But
                   don't be too greedy, though.  Run when it's time and
                   remain out of sight again.  Simple and easy.
                       I'm not sure if I underestimated him.  But if you
                   have problems dealing with him, do NOT hesitate to send
                   me an email, got it?
       I have absolutely no idea how to do the skills growth charts.  But
    luckily, Larry, who happens to be another DiabloII FAQ writer, was kind
    enough to let me 'borrow' some of his works. What a great guy, huh!
       There is no one way to develop a sorceress, as it really depends on
    how you want to play.  Quite a number of factors need to be considered
    when taking up a skill.  First, you must decide how you're going to use
    the sorceress : Cooperative(CoOp), Single Player(SP), or Player vs
    Player(PvP).  If you're playing CoOp, match the skills according to your
    fight buddies.  In SP, you got to have spells that works for both the
    enemies in groups as well as for boss fights.  When it's PvP, bear in
    mind that some spells may not work well against other human players.
    But the ultimate test is, to develop a sorceress who can deal with ALL
    types of monster AND other characters as well.  Sounds impossible since
    the amount of skill points is so limited but really, the ultimate
    sorceress does exist.  However,  I'm still doing research on it, so
    there's not going to be a level up guide yet.
       Throughout the guide, I'm going to introduce concepts which you might
    already know.  Concepts that you're familiar with but no one comes up
    with the 'official' terms yet.  Well what the heck, I'll be the first to
    do so.  Laugh at it if you want, but what matters is that you get what
    I'm trying to say.
       Basically, sorceress spells can be categorised into 5 main types.
    Active : Instant spells.  Damage is usually done right after it was
             casted. Often comes out as projectiles. Examples - -Ice Bolt-,
             -Fire Ball-, -Lightning-, -Frozen Orb-.
    Third Party : Better known as 'summon' spells.  There are 4 spells that
                  have the word 'summon' in the spell description, namely -
                  -Blizzard-, -Thunder Storm-, -Meteor-, -Hydra-.  Some may
                  refer it as 'cast and forget spells', 'hit and run spells'
                  or 'spells that stayed on'.  But it's the same thing.
    Defensive : Also known as protective spells.  It serves to protect the
                sorceress from possible harms.  Example - -Frozen Armor-,
                -Chilling Armor-, -Energy Shield-.
    Utility : Usually not used for offensive purpose.  But it helps by
              offering strategical advantages in some tacky situations.
              Example - -Telekinesis-, -Teleport-.
    Passive : You already know what it is.
       I hope you get the rough idea about this.  Further explanation will
    be provided as we go through the skills one by one.
                                COLD SPELLS
    Ice Bolt
      Creates a magical bolt of ice that damages and slows your enemies.
                  Slvl   Cold Damage   Cold Length   Mana
                    1        3- 5        6.0 sec       3
                    2        4- 6        7.4 sec       3
                    3        5- 7        8.8 sec       3
                    4        6- 8       10.2 sec       3
                    5        7- 9       11.6 sec       3
                    6        8-10       13.0 sec       3
                    7        9-11       14.4 sec       3
                    8       10-12       15.8 sec       3
                    9       11-13       17.2 sec       3
                   10       12-14       18.6 sec       3
                   11       13-15       20.0 sec       3
                   12       14-16       21.4 sec       3
                   13       15-17       22.8 sec       3
                   14       16-18       24.2 sec       3
                   15       17-19       25.6 sec       3
                   16       18-20       27.0 sec       3
                   17       19-21       28.4 sec       3
                   18       20-22       29.8 sec       3
                   19       21-23       31.2 sec       3
                   20       22-24       32.6 sec       3
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Chills enemy
                      Low mana cost
    [ Weakness    ] : Low Damage
                      Hard to aim
                      Single hit
    [ When to use ] : As it is hard to aim, it's advisable that you map -Ice
                      Bolt- onto the left mouse click when use.  However,
                      it's not to be perceived as a useless spell at later
                      stage.  The main usage of -Ice Bolt- is to chill, so
                      you have to make comparison with other cold spells to
                      decide which has the best cold length.  If the cold
                      length for -Ice Bolt- is greater than -Frost Nova-,
                      then use it instead of -Frost Nova- when dealing with
    [ Comments    ] : This is one of the skills that you get to choose from
                      when you get the first skill point.  If you happen to
                      find a good staff early on but equipping it will make
                      you have no spell to use (like switching the initial
                      firebolt staff with other staff).  Then you can't go
                      wrong by putting a point into this skill, as it is a
                      pre-requisite for -Glacial Spike-.
                      ( Unless of course you have no intention of getting
                        -Glacial Spike-)
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Frozen Armor
      Increase your defense rating and freezes enemies that hit you.
              Slvl   Def Bonus   Duration   Freeze for   Mana
                1       30%       120 sec     1.2 sec      7
                2       35%       132 sec     1.3 sec      7
                3       40%       144 sec     1.4 sec      7
                4       45%       156 sec     1.5 sec      7
                5       50%       170 sec     1.6 sec      7
                6       55%       184 sec     1.7 sec      7
                7       60%       198 sec     1.8 sec      7
                8       65%       212 sec     1.9 sec      7
                9       70%       224 sec     2.0 sec      7
               10       75%       236 sec     2.1 sec      7
               11       80%       248 sec     2.2 sec      7
               12       85%       260 sec     2.4 sec      7
               13       90%       272 sec     2.5 sec      7
               14       95%       284 sec     2.6 sec      7
               15      100%       296 sec     2.7 sec      7
               16      105%       308 sec     2.8 sec      7
               17      110%       320 sec     3.0 sec      7
               18      115%       332 sec     3.2 sec      7
               19      120%       344 sec     3.3 sec      7
               20      125%       356 sec     3.4 sec      7
    [ Type        ] : Defensive
    [ Strength    ] : Freezes enemy
                      Defense bonus
    [ Weakness    ] : Only works for melee
                      Deals no damage
                      Freeze doesn't work against bosses and human players
    [ When to use ] : Have it activated when you want enemies to be frozen.
                      One of such occasion will happen when you encounter
                      enemies like 'Fallen' and 'Flayer'.  These enemies,
                      you don't just want them killed.  You want them
                      destroyed thoroughly so that they cannot be revived.
                      To do this, you need them to be frozen first, then
                      kill it.  The -Frozen Armor- can take care of the
                      freezing, if you don't have -Ice Blast- or -Glacial
    [ Comments    ] : As the description says, -Frozen Armor- freezes
                      enemies that hit you.  This is the main difference
                      between -Frozen Armor- and the other two in the series
                      of cold armors: -Shiver Armor- and -Chilling Armor-.
                      While it would serve adequately in the beginning, it
                      will quickly becomes limited in terms of functionality.
                      First of all, -Frozen Armor- will only freezes enemies;
                      they will not receive any damage from -Frozen Armor-.
                      Moreover, bosses and human players cannot be frozen. So
                      it's not much of use against them.  The defense bonus
                      may yet function, but still it's relatively low
                      compared to the other two.  If you consider to put
                      another point into it, I'd suugest that you reserve it
                      for -Shiver Armor-.
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Frost Nova
      Creates an expanding ring of ice that damages and slows all nearby
                  Slvl   Cold Damage   Cold Length   Mana
                   1        2- 4          8 sec        9
                   2        4- 6          9 sec       11
                   3        6- 8         10 sec       13
                   4        8-10         11 sec       15
                   5       10-12         12 sec       17
                   6       12-14         13 sec       19
                   7       14-16         14 sec       21
                   8       16-18         15 sec       23
                   9       18-20         16 sec       25
                  10       20-22         17 sec       27
                  11       22-24         18 sec       29
                  12       24-26         19 sec       31
                  13       26-28         20 sec       33
                  14       28-30         21 sec       35
                  15       30-32         22 sec       37
                  16       32-34         23 sec       39
                  17       34-36         24 sec       41
                  18       36-38         25 sec       43
                  19       38-40         26 sec       45
                  20       40-42         27 sec       47
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Chills enemy
                      Excellent cold length
                      Wide radius
                      No aiming required
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : Low damage
                      High mana increase per skill point
    [ When to use ] : Mainly used when dealing with bosses.  -Frost Nova- has
                      the best cold length at Slvl 1.  Coupled with its speed
                      and wide area of effect, it's indeed a highly favorable
                      spell to use.  With it so effective, you may also want
                      to use it when dealing with a large horde of low magic-
                      resistance monsters.  Sometimes, you don't need to
                      freeze the enemies, just chill them will be good enough.
                      Moreover, you will be able to chill more monsters with
                      -Frost Nova- than you can freeze with -Glacial Spike-.
    [ Comments    ] : Possibly the best supportive spell in the game.  It set
                      the monsters up, making them stay closely to each other.
                      Not only the sorceress, but other characters will also
                      benefit from the chilling power of -Frost Nova-.  One
                      possible strategy might be : the sorceress will first
                      'arrange' the monsters into one big pack with -Frost
                      Nova-.  Kill one of them and the necromancer can cast
                      Corpse Explosion when the monsters move right within
                      the radius.  Possibly replaced only by -Frozen Orb- in
                      terms of functionality.  But other than that, I
                      strongly recommend -Frost Nova- for both single player
                      and multiplayer game.
                      ( It's not like you have much of a choice either, it's
                        a pre-requisite for those damaging wide area effect
                        high level cold spells that you're dying to get)
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Ice Blast
      Creates a magical sphere of ice that damages and freezes your enemy.
                  Slvl   Cold Damage   Freezes For   Mana
                   1         10          3.0 sec      6.0
                   2         17          3.2 sec      6.5
                   3         24          3.4 sec      7.0
                   4         31          3.6 sec      7.5
                   5         38          3.8 sec      8.0
                   6         45          4.0 sec      8.5
                   7         52          4.2 sec      9.0
                   8         59          4.4 sec      9.5
                   9         66          4.6 sec     10.0
                  10         73          4.8 sec     10.5
                  11         80          5.0 sec     11.0
                  12         87          5.2 sec     11.5
                  13         94          5.4 sec     12.0
                  14        101          5.6 sec     12.0
                  15        108          5.8 sec     13.0
                  16        115          6.0 sec     13.0
                  17        122          6.2 sec     14.0
                  18        129          6.4 sec     14.0
                  19        136          6.6 sec     15.0
                  20        143          6.8 sec     15.0
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Freezes enemy
                      Better freeze time
    [ Weakness    ] : Hard to aim
                      Single hit
    [ When to use ] : Has a better freeze time compared to -Glacial Spike-
                      at Slvl1.  That makes -Ice Blast- a prefered choice
                      when freezing a single enemy for supportive purpose.
                      One of the example is when coupled with -Fire Wall-.
                      You can cast -Ice Blast- to freeze enemy in place
                      while the real damage is done by -Fire Wall- casted
                      right beneath him.  This way, you will enjoy a lower
                      mana cost and a longer freeze time.
    [ Comments    ] : You will most probably get it for it's a pre-
                      requisite for -Glacial Spike- and -Shiver Armor-.  So
                      the question is not whether to get it or not.  It's
                      more like whether to put more points into it or not.
                      Putting more than one point into this skill, I would
                      really think twice.  This situation may occur when
                      you only want to get -Shiver Armor- and have no
                      intention to get -Glacial Spike-.  The only freeze
                      spell that you're going to get is -Ice Blast-.  If it
                      so, think about this for a second - enemies often
                      come in packs and attack in packs.  If you want to
                      put another point into -Ice Blast-, it would be MUCH
                      better to reserve it for  -Glacial Spike-.  You will
                      get better damage per skill level and the bonus of
                      radius effect.  It cost exactly the same - one skill
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Shiver Armor
      Increases your defense rating, freezes and damages enemies that hit
         Slvl   Def Bonus   Duration   Cold Damage   Cold Length   Mana
           1       45%       120 sec      6- 8          4 sec       11
           2       51%       132 sec      8-10          4 sec       11
           3       57%       144 sec     10-12          4 sec       11
           4       63%       156 sec     12-14          4 sec       11
           5       69%       168 sec     14-16          4 sec       11
           6       75%       180 sec     16-18          4 sec       11
           7       81%       192 sec     18-20          4 sec       11
           8       87%       204 sec     20-22          4 sec       11
           9       93%       216 sec     22-24          4 sec       11
          10       99%       228 sec     24-26          4 sec       11
          11      105%       240 sec     26-28          4 sec       11
          12      111%       252 sec     28-30          4 sec       11
          13      117%       264 sec     30-32          4 sec       11
          14      123%       276 sec     32-34          4 sec       11
          15      129%       288 sec     34-36          4 sec       11
          16      135%       300 sec     36-38          4 sec       11
          17      141%       312 sec     38-40          4 sec       11
          18      147%       324 sec     40-42          4 sec       11
          19      153%       336 sec     42-44          4 sec       11
          20      159%       348 sec     44-46          4 sec       11
    [ Type        ] : Defensive
    [ Strength    ] : Chills enemy
                      Best defense bonus
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : Only works for melee
                      Low damage
    [ When to use ] : You can only cast one ice armor at one time.  So
                      choose your armors wisely.  Cast it when there's more
                      melee enemies than ranged.  Also, use it when dealing
                      with bosses and human players.  I have heard someone
                      killed Duriel with -Shiver Armor-.  When it's used
                      for PvP, -Shiver Armor- will chill enemy when melee
                      attacked.  That will prevent stunlocks.
    [ Comments    ] : It's already working fine at Slvl1.  If you want to
                      get more of it, I'd suggest that you use items to
                      boost the skill levels.  Also wear equipments that
                      have 'thorns' ability as well.  It would raise the
                      total damage dealt per hit.  Just let the damage
                      accumulate and -Shiver Armor- may actually kill.
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Glacial Spike
      Creates a magical ice comet that freezes or kills nearby enemies.
            Slvl     Radius     Cold Damage   Freezes For   Mana
             1      2.6 yards      16- 24       2.0 sec     10.0
             2      2.6 yards      23- 31       2.1 sec     10.5
             3      2.6 yards      30- 38       2.2 sec     11.0
             4      2.6 yards      37- 45       2.3 sec     11.5
             5      2.6 yards      44- 52       2.4 sec     12.0
             6      2.6 yards      51- 59       2.6 sec     12.0
             7      2.6 yards      58- 66       2.7 sec     13.0
             8      2.6 yards      65- 73       2.8 sec     13.0
             9      2.6 yards      72- 80       2.9 sec     14.0
            10      2.6 yards      79- 87       3.0 sec     14.0
            11      2.6 yards      86- 94       3.2 sec     15.0
            12      2.6 yards      93-101       3.3 sec     15.0
            13      2.6 yards     100-108       3.4 sec     16.0
            14      2.6 yards     107-115       3.5 sec     16.0
            15      2.6 yards     114-122       3.6 sec     17.0
            16      2.6 yards     121-129       3.8 sec     17.0
            17      2.6 yards     128-136       3.9 sec     18.0
            18      2.6 yards     135-143       4.0 sec     18.0
            19      2.6 yards     142-150       4.1 sec     19.0
            20      2.6 yards     149-157       4.2 sec     19.0
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Freezes enemy
                      Area attack
    [ Weakness    ] : Fixed radius
                      Low increase in freeze time per skill level
    [ When to use ] : This is the highest level freezing spell for the
                      sorceress.  Proven useful on many occasions when
                      enemies are too dangerous to let them do anything at
                      all.  It's also used to 'vaporise' most enemies to
                      prevent them from leaving a corpse thus getting
                      resurrected.  The perfect choice for left button
    [ Comments    ] : As useful as it might be, but I would choose NOT to
                      upgrade this skill with more than one point.  The
                      reason is mainly because of the insignificant increase
                      in freeze time.  Although the damage increase is okay,
                      but there are other spells that give more upgrades per
                      skill point.  I use -Glacial Spike- mainly as
                      supportive spell in order for spells like -Fire Wall-
                      and -Blaze- to deal real damage.  Besides, there is
                      one hidden attribute that -Glacial Spike- has.  It
                      can sometimes cause instant death to a normal enemy.
                      Although it rarely happens, especially with high level
                      enemies,  I still want to get the most out of -Glacial
                      Spike- as it has a chance to kill enemy regardless of
                      the life it has left.  Imagine, 1 shot of Slvl 1
                      -Glacial Spike- that does 16-24 damage kills an enemy
                      that has 300 life.  I'm getting a huge return here!
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Point
      Summons massive shard of ice to destroy your enemies.
                   Slvl   Cold Damage   Duration   Mana
                    1       16- 24        4 sec     23
                    2       20- 28        5 sec     24
                    3       24- 32        6 sec     25
                    4       28- 36        7 sec     26
                    5       32- 40        8 sec     27
                    6       36- 44        9 sec     28
                    7       40- 48       10 sec     29
                    8       44- 52       11 sec     30
                    9       48- 56       12 sec     31
                   10       52- 60       13 sec     32
                   11       56- 64       14 sec     33
                   12       60- 68       15 sec     34
                   13       64- 72       16 sec     35
                   14       68- 76       17 sec     36
                   15       72- 80       18 sec     37
                   16       76- 84       19 sec     38
                   17       80- 88       20 sec     39
                   18       84- 92       21 sec     40
                   19       88- 96       22 sec     41
                   20       92-100       23 sec     42
    [ Type        ] : Third Party
    [ Strength    ] : Chills enemy
                      Wide Area attack
                      Great against all enemies
    [ Weakness    ] : Sometimes miss
                      High mana cost
    [ When to use ] : The only third party spell in the cold tree. But it's
                      all you ever needed as it's already sufficient to use
                      it against all types of monsters.  To use it, you must
                      first learn the nature of this spell.  When you cast
                      -Blizzard-, the spell will affect a wide area.  But
                      within that area, there will be blind spots where
                      no damage will be dealt.  If an enemy happens to be
                      on that spot, he will be safe from the damage.  Also,
                      the ice shards that fall may need some time to hit
                      target.  If the enemy is running too fast, he will be
                      able to run through -Blizzard- without taking any
                      damage at all.  So from the two reasons mentioned, it
                      can be deduced that -Blizzard- is best used when
                      dealing with slow moving monsters.  Now what could
                      have been better in keeping enemies in slow-mo if not
                      -Frost Nova-?  Cast -Frost Nova- first and then
                      -Blizzard-, you will see enemies take more damage.
                      Another question you may ask : What about range
                      attackers?  They don't have to move at all.  There is
                      always a chance that they may stand right in the blind
                      spots.  So does this means that -Blizzard- doesn't
                      work well against them?  Well, when it comes to range
                      attackers, I always prefer to use either -Fire Wall-
                      or -Meteor-.  But -Blizzard- is not totally hopeless
                      in this situation.  One of the main strength of
                      -Blizzard- is that it can stack.  So stack up a few
                      -Blizzard- in the same area to eliminate the blind
                      spots.  That would make -Blizzard- just as effective
                      as -Fire Wall- or -Meteor-.
    [ Comments    ] : Fantastic spell!  For every skill point put into it,
                      not only will you get increase in damage, but also
                      increase in spell duration and cold length as well.
                      The only concern is that the mana cost will also
                      increase.  So make sure you do not neglect -Warmth-
                      when taking up this skill.  A high level -Warmth- will
                      ensure that you won't be too exhasted after a few cast
                      of -Blizzard-.  Above all, I would say that -Blizzard-
                      is a must for those who wish to specialise in cold.
                      ( Let's face it, a spell that bears the same name with
                        the developer itself can't be sucks, can it?)
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Points
    Chilling Armor
      Increases defense and discharges an ice bolt in retaliation against
      ranged attackers.
              Slvl   Def Bonus   Duration   Cold Damage   Mana
                1       45%       144 sec      4- 6        17
                2       50%       150 sec      5- 7        17
                3       55%       156 sec      6- 8        17
                4       60%       162 sec      7- 9        17
                5       65%       168 sec      8-10        17
                6       70%       174 sec      9-11        17
                7       75%       180 sec     10-12        17
                8       80%       186 sec     11-13        17
                9       85%       192 sec     12-14        17
               10       90%       198 sec     13-15        17
               11       95%       204 sec     14-16        17
               12      100%       210 sec     15-17        17
               13      105%       216 sec     16-18        17
               14      110%       222 sec     17-19        17
               15      115%       228 sec     18-20        17
               16      120%       234 sec     19-21        17
               17      125%       240 sec     20-22        17
               18      130%       246 sec     21-23        17
               19      135%       252 sec     22-24        17
               20      140%       258 sec     23-25        17
    [ Type        ] : Defensive
    [ Strength    ] : Chills enemy
                      Defense bonus
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : Only retaliates against range attacks
                      Low damage
    [ When to use ] : When attacked with range attacks, be it magical or
                      non-magical, it will send out ice bolts to the
                      the enemy that does it.  Useful when dealing with
                      Quill Rats and Fetish with range attacks.  It's also
                      great to have -Chilling Armor- on when duelling with
                      with an Amazon or another sorceress.  Both of them use
                      range attacks most of the time.
    [ Comments    ] : A way to counterattack against range attackers - it's
                      something that even the paladin's 'Thorns' aura could
                      not provide.  While it does no serious damage, you
                      will at least know where the attacks came from.  You
                      can cast -Chain Lightning- towards that direction or
                      summon -Hydra- to take care of it.  In addition, the
                      ice bolts do help by slowing the enemies down.  That
                      will reduce the frequency of the enemy's attack.
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Frozen Orb
      Creates a magical globe that sprays a torrent of ice bolts to lay
      waste to your enemies.
                  Slvl   Cold Damage   Cold Length   Mana
                   1       32- 35         8 sec       25
                   2       38- 41         9 sec       27
                   3       44- 47        10 sec       29
                   4       50- 53        11 sec       31
                   5       56- 59        12 sec       33
                   6       62- 65        13 sec       35
                   7       68- 71        14 sec       37
                   8       74- 77        15 sec       39
                   9       80- 83        16 sec       41
                  10       86- 89        17 sec       43
                  11       92- 95        18 sec       45
                  12       98-101        19 sec       47
                  13      104-107        20 sec       49
                  14      110-113        21 sec       51
                  15      116-119        22 sec       53
                  16      122-125        23 sec       55
                  17      128-131        24 sec       57
                  18      134-137        25 sec       59
                  19      140-143        26 sec       61
                  20      146-149        27 sec       63
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Chills enemy
                      Great Damage
                      Covers almost the whole screen
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : Sometimes miss
                      High mana cost
    [ When to use ] : It's best that you get -Frozen Orb- right at level 30.
                      With it, you can breeze through Nightmare difficulty
                      with ease.  However, at later stage such as in Hell
                      difficulty, enemies will have higher HP.  It's going
                      to take more than a few casts just to kill a SINGLE
                      enemy.  The high mana cost will also hinders you from
                      keep on using this spell as main offense.  For that,
                      you will need the help of -Static Field- in reducing
                      mana consumption.  With -Static Field- as the main
                      offence and -Frozen Orb- as the starter(to initially
                      chills enemy) and the finisher, Hell will indeed be a
                      lot easier to conquer.
                      Casting Frozen Orb requires some aiming.  I have
                      drawn out some diagrams so that you have a hint on
                      how to use effectively.
                                          # enemy
                                          # you
                      This is one of the most common situation you'll be
                      facing.  If you cast -Frozen Orb- aimed at the enemy,
                      chances are the enemy will not take any damage at all.
                      It's simply because the orb itself deals no damage.
                      What damages is actually the ice bolt that's sprayed
                      out of it. So the correct way to do it is to place the
                      pointer right next to the enemy.  The ideal location
                      to place the pointer is shown in the next diagram as
                      X.  Note that it's better to also keep a small
                      distance when doing it.  Then cast -Frozen Orb- with
                      it mapped onto right mouse button, or press together
                      with 'Shift' button if mapped onto left mouse button.
                                         # enemy
                                           # you
                     If done right, the enemy will take up to 5 ice bolts
                     from -Frozen Orb-.  That make it around 160 damage at
                     Slvl 1.  Not bad, huh?  With it so damaging, you won't
                     even bother to switch to other spells when you're only
                     dealing with a single enemy.  If they attack in groups,
                     try to 'rearrange' their formations into something like
                                            # E1
                                     # E2          # E3
                                   # E4              # E5   # E6
                                            # you
                                   # E7
                     This would be the PERFECT setup for -Frozen Orb-.
                     Enemy 4 and 5 will most probably take the most damage,
                     while E1, E2, E3 will manage to get 2-3 hits.  E7 will
                     also eat ice but normally only 1 ice bolt will reach
                     it.  As for E6, the ice bolts will be blocked by E5 and
                     therefore takes no damage.  If you manage to set
                     enemies like this always, you will then get the biggest
                     return for every cast of -Frozen Orb-.  You may even
                     end up using less mana that you would have if you opt
                     to use other spells like -Glacial Spike-.  Here's
                     another formation which will also optimise the usage of
                     -Frozen Orb- :
                                           # E3
                                           # E2
                                           # E1
                                             # you
                      As you can see, it's a straight line.  E1 will usually
                      takes 5 ice bolts while E2 and E3 will only take 2-3
                      separately.  If you want E2 and E3 to take more ice
                      bolts, move closer to E1 when casting the orb.
                      The formations mentioned above are just a few examples.
                      Monsters are ever moving - that will leads to almost
                      unlimited possible setups.  So I'll leave the rest to
                      your discovery.
    [ Comments    ] : " It was love at first sight.  She looked simply
                      amazing in every way.  But after a while, I found out
                      she's not what I expect her to be.  So I ditched her.
                      But fortunately, it was not too late for me to realise
                      what a fool I've been.  I should've appreciate the way
                      she is.  Now we're back together and things have never
                      been the same again.  I simply cannot live without her.
                      She's the greatest. "
                        Does this sound familiar to you?  That's exactly
                      what happened to me and 'Frozen Orb'.  The first look
                      at it, it really stunned me.  It makes -Glacial Spike-
                      looks like some kind of a joke.  Everything fell with
                      only one cast and I'm very impressed.  Well, that's
                      everything, EXCEPT one.  It's the one that I'm
                      SUPPOSED to kill!  I keep casting -Frozen Orb- but he
                      just won't die!  Like he's invincible or something. I
                      got so fed up, I switched back to the good ol'
                      -Glacial Spike- to finish him off.  When I look at the
                      mana, it's already empty.  Urggh, one real sucker that
                      is!  So, after considering the high mana cost and the
                      absurd 'misses', I decided to put it aside for good.
                        Everything went back to normal, I continue to use
                      -Glacial Spike-/-Chain Lightning- combo.  Easy hack-
                      and-slash.  Then when I reached Act II Nightmare,
                      things have changed somehow.  Suddenly all the
                      skeletons refused to be freezed and went on hyper mode.
                      I wonder what the shaman's been feeding them when I'm
                      dealing with Diablo.  -Chain Lightning- also suffered
                      a power loss and inflicted damage next to nothing.
                      There I found myself struggling when killing monsters.
                      Then I thought to myself - maybe it's time to change
                      strategy.  Due to the increased magic resistance of
                      monsters, I considered combos with -Glacial Spike- and
                      -Frost Nova- were out at the moment.  Those spells
                      were not able to slow or freeze them long enough.  So,
                      I have to wait until I have more skill points to
                      allocate into -Cold Mastery-. Then will I be able to
                      use them again.  That leaves me not much of a choice,
                      so I figured I'd give -Frozen Orb- a second try.  I
                      always keep myself open to the possibility that maybe
                      it's not the spell that is flawed.  Maybe it's just me
                      who do not know how to use it yet.
                        The second time I used it, man, it's like a totally
                      new experience.  It's really strange, y'know.  What
                      started out being perceived as a useless mana sucker
                      turns out to be the most powerful spell in my arsenal.
                      What a fool I am to complain about the lack of
                      powerful spells available, when I already had it all
                      along with me!  It's like she's always there and I
                      was just too ignorant to even learn how to appreciate
                      the way she is.  Luckily, it was not too late to mend
                      my ways.
                        Right now, -Frozen Orb- and I are inseparable.  I
                      will NEVER start another sorceress without -Frozen
                      Orb- ever.  She will always be in my special place,
                      for the place shall always be reserved just for her.
                      She's simply the best!
                      (In case you're wondering, the special place is
                       actually the 'F5' button)
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Points
    Cold Mastery
      Passive - increase the damage of your cold attack by piercing enemies
      resistances to cold
                             Slvl   Percentage
                              1         23%
                              2         34%
                              3         42%
                              4         49%
                              5         55%
                              6         59%
                              7         63%
                              8         65%
                              9         69%
                             10         71%
                             11         73%
                             12         75%
                             13         77%
                             14         79%
                             15         80%
                             16         82%
                             17         82%
                             18         83%
                             19         84%
                             20         85%
    [ Type        ] : Passive
    [ Strength    ] : Reduce cold resistance
                      No mana consumption
    [ Weakness    ] : Diminishing value for every skill point added
    [ When to use ] : Activated all the time.
    [ Comments    ] : Before the game comes out, I have prejudice about this
                      skill.  I mean reduce resistance, what good is that?
                      -Fire Mastery- increases damage, now that is good.
                      -Lightning Mastery- reduces mana consumption, good for
                      conserving mana.  But reduce resistance?  I don't
                      think so.  For this skill alone I thought of dropping
                      the whole Cold tree and concentrate on Fire and
                      Lightning.  But THAT is before I realise what Cold
                      does in the game.  To understand the usefulness of
                      this skill, you must first understand what cold
                      resistance does.  If a monster with high cold
                      resistance is hit with cold attack, it will receive
                      less cold damage, shortened chilling/freezing length
                      and less penalty in terms of action speed.  If you
                      manage to lower enemy's resistance, then you will get
                      the exact opposite effects - more damage, longer
                      chilling/freezing length and more slowdown in action.
                      Cold's main strength is to slow and to freeze,  so
                      -Cold Mastery- is really appropriate.  We should be
                      glad that -Cold Mastery- deals with resistance, and
                      not doubling the amount of damage alone.
    [ Recommended ] : 5-7 Skill Points
                              LIGHTNING SPELLS
    Charged Bolt
      Creates multiple, randomly directed bolts of electrical energy.
                  Slvl   Lightning Damage   Bolts   Mana
                   1          2- 4            3      3.0
                   2          2- 4            4      3.5
                   3          3- 5            5      4.0
                   4          3- 5            6      4.5
                   5          4- 6            7      5.0
                   6          4- 6            8      5.5
                   7          5- 7            9      6.0
                   8          5- 7           10      6.5
                   9          6- 8           11      7.0
                  10          6- 8           12      7.5
                  11          7- 9           13      8.0
                  12          7- 9           14      8.5
                  13          8-10           15      9.0
                  14          8-10           16      9.5
                  15          9-11           17     10.0
                  16          9-11           18     10.5
                  17         10-12           19     11.0
                  18         10-12           20     11.5
                  19         11-13           21     12.0
                  20         11-13           22     12.0
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Increase number of bolts
                      Great for large pack of enemies
                      Great for PvP too
    [ Weakness    ] : Not all bolts will hit
                      Low damage
    [ When to use ] : When encounter enemies that comes in large pack. Also
                      useful in PvP where the bolts move in unpredictable
                      manner.  Players will then find it hard to dodge.
    [ Comments    ] : Now if any spell gets upgraded more than just in
                      terms of the amount of damage it will deal, it's
                      definitely a good spell.  Not only will -Charged Bolt-
                      increase in damage with every skill point added, it
                      will also increments the number of bolts by 1 as well.
                      At Slvl 20, it deals out 22 bolts - that is A LOT!
                      The mana consumption is negligible too, if you manage
                      to put a few points into -Lightning Mastery-.  The
                      only weakness I can see is the low damage it dealt.
                      Apart from that, let's put it this way.  If this skill
                      is given to the paladin, I will have no doubt to boost
                      it as the first skill to reach level 20.  But for the
                      sorceress, there are many other choices that are way
                      much better than -Charged Bolt-.
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Point
    Static Field
      Creates an electrical field that reduces life of all nearby enemies
      by one third
                             Slvl    Distance
                              1      3.3 yards
                              2      4.0 yards
                              3      4.6 yards
                              4      5.3 yards
                              5      6.0 yards
                              6      6.6 yards
                              7      7.3 yards
                              8      8.0 yards
                              9      8.6 yards
                             10      9.3 yards
                             11     10.0 yards
                             12     10.6 yards
                             13     11.3 yards
                             14     12.0 yards
                             15     12.6 yards
                             16     13.3 yards
                             17     14.0 yards
                             18     14.6 yards
                             19     15.3 yards
                             20     16.0 yards
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Damage dealt according to enemy's health
                      Constant mana cost
    [ Weakness    ] : Sometimes miss
                      Can be resisted, as with all lightning spells
                      Misleading radius of effect
    [ When to use ] : It started out as a weak spell.  Mainly used when
                      dealing with bosses.  But its true power will be
                      revealed once reach Nightmare Difficulty.  Then it
                      shall stay and never leaves its throne as the most
                      effective spell for the sorceress.  To fully optimise
                      this skill, equip yourself with items that gives you
                      'fastest cast rate'.
    [ Comments    ] : If you ask a paladin about how they feel about Thorns,
                      or ask a necromancer about Corpse Explosion, you can
                      expect exactly the same reply if you ask a sorceress
                      about -Static Field-.  This is the ONLY sorceress
                      spell that is enemy-dependent, meaning this spell
                      deals damage according to the monsters' health.  If a
                      monster is high in life, it will receive more damage.
                      That makes it highly favorable when you wish to play
                      in harder difficulties.  More health means more
                      damage.  So plan to get a high level -Static Field-
                      before going for Nightmare.  But there is one other
                      thing that I would like to mention as of what I have
                      experienced.  -Static Field-, although it is a spell,
                      can actually miss.  Here's why I said that.  I think
                      I have a good estimate of how far a skill with 4.6
                      yards could reach, thanks to my experience with the
                      Barbarian's Leap.  So I'm quite sure the enemy is
                      well within range when I cast a 4.6 yards -Static
                      Field-.  It turns out that -Static Field- sometimes
                      hit, sometimes miss.  Which leads me to think, does
                      -Static Field- has a hidden attribute that indicates
                      the chances to hit?  Or maybe it misses because of
                      resistance - perhaps lightning resistance will not
                      only reduce the amount of damage, but will also
                      reduce the radius of effect as well?  Maybe some of
                      you who are smarter could figure this out?
    [ Recommended ] : 3-20 Skill Points
      Uses the power of your mind to pick up items, use objects and
      knockback enemies.
                        Slvl   Magic Damage   Mana
                         1         1- 2         7
                         2         2- 3         7
                         3         3- 4         7
                         4         4- 5         7
                         5         5- 6         7
                         6         6- 7         7
                         7         7- 8         7
                         8         8- 9         7
                         9         9-10         7
                        10        10-11         7
                        11        11-12         7
                        12        12-13         7
                        13        13-14         7
                        14        14-15         7
                        15        15-16         7
                        16        16-17         7
                        17        17-18         7
                        18        18-19         7
                        19        19-20         7
                        20        20-21         7
    [ Type        ] : Utility
    [ Strength    ] : No distance constraint
                      Great for multiplayer
    [ Weakness    ] : Low damage
    [ When to use ] : Used mainly to pick up items and open/kick chests,
                      urns, barrels etc.  Excellent for multiplayer when
                      the sorceress will have a better chance to first lay
                      her hands upon the goodies dropped by monsters.  Too
                      bad -Telekinesis- cannot be used to loot corpse.
    [ Comments    ] : Believe it or not, I have used -Telekinesis- to kill.
                      You may ask - why would I wanna do that?  It's simply
                      because -Telekinesis- is the least damaging spell for
                      the sorceress.  The perfect tool for show offs.  I
                      used it mainly to ridicule, to taunt and to insult
                      some weak opponents like The Summoner.  Then I can go
                      around saying 'Nah, he was nothing.  I didn't even
                      raise a finger to kill him.  My mind power is already
                      too much for him!'
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
      Creates an expanding ring of lightning to shock nearby enemies.
                      Slvl   Lightning Damage   Mana
                        1         1- 20          15
                        2         8- 27          16
                        3        15- 34          17
                        4        22- 41          18
                        5        29- 48          19
                        6        36- 55          20
                        7        43- 62          21
                        8        50- 69          22
                        9        57- 76          23
                       10        64- 83          24
                       11        71- 90          25
                       12        78- 97          26
                       13        85-104          27
                       14        92-111          28
                       15        99-118          29
                       16       106-125          30
                       17       113-132          31
                       18       120-139          32
                       19       127-146          33
                       20       134-153          34
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Fast
                      Wide radius
                      No aiming required
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : High mana cost
    [ When to use ] : Good for thinning out a crowd of enemies.  The best
                      setup for this spell is having enemies surround you
                      from every direction.  The more enemies it hit, the
                      more it's worth the mana consumption.  Also useful
                      as a non-aiming spell when dealing with bosses and
                      human players.
    [ Comments    ] : High mana cost but only does average amount of damage.
                      The usefulness of -Nova- is completely overshadowed
                      by -Frost Nova-.  Although -Frost Nova- does less
                      damage, it serves its purpose as the excellent
                      supportive spell.  Whenever an opportunity to cast
                      a nova spell arise, I would always choose -Frost Nova-
                      over -Nova-, just for the extra chilling effects.
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Point
      Creates a powerful lightning to lay waste to your enemies.
                      Slvl   Lightning Damage   Mana
                        1        1- 40           8.0
                        2        1- 48           8.5
                        3        1- 56           9.0
                        4        1- 64           9.5
                        5        1- 72          10.0
                        6        1- 80          10.5
                        7        1- 88          11.0
                        8        1- 96          11.5
                        9        1-104          12.0
                       10        1-112          12.0
                       11        1-120          13.0
                       12        1-128          13.0
                       13        1-136          14.0
                       14        1-144          14.0
                       15        1-152          15.0
                       16        1-160          15.0
                       17        1-168          16.0
                       18        1-176          16.0
                       19        1-184          17.0
                       20        1-192          17.0
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Fast
                      Area attack
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : Slow recovery time
                      Low minimum damage
    [ When to use ] : Don't be deceived by the look of it.  Enemies do not
                      have to be run through by the lightning bolt in order
                      to take damage.  Enemies being near enough will also
                      be afflicted.  To help you understand how lightning
                      works, I've drawn out some diagrams to explain it.
                                   # enemy                 ^ # enemy
                                 X            ------>      ^
                                 # you                     # you
                      This is a common situation.  If you aim -Lightning- by
                      placing the pointer in X, the bolt will manage to deal
                      damage to the enemy, even though the bolt does not
                      directly passes through it.  If you understand this,
                      then you would have no problem understanding the next
                                 # E1                          # E1
                                   # E2                        ^ # E2
                                            --------->         ^
                            E3 #                          E3 # ^
                                 X                             ^
                                 # you                         # you
                      What would you do in a situation like this?  If you
                      aim lightning at E2 or E3, it would be stupid.  The
                      correct way is to aim for either X or E1.  Then all
                      three of them will be hit by the lightning attack.
                      Think of it as a piercing attack, and you'll see
                      that -Lightning- is more favorable to use if against
                      enemies that run in a straight line.  I hope you get
                      what I mean so far, as I will further use this basic
                      information to explain -Chain Lightning-.
    [ Comments    ] : My advice, don't stop at -Lightning-.  You ain't see
                      nothing yet.  Go for the next skill in line, -Chain
                      Lightning-.  If you think -Lightning- is good, wait
                      till you see -Chain Lightning- in action.  It rocks!
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Chain Lightning
      Creates a bolt of lightning that arcs through several targets.
                      Slvl   Lightning Damage   Mana
                       1         1- 40           9.0
                       2         1- 50          10.0
                       3         1- 60          11.0
                       4         1- 70          12.0
                       5         1- 80          13.0
                       6         1- 90          14.0
                       7         1-100          15.0
                       8         1-110          16.0
                       9         1-120          17.0
                      10         1-130          18.0
                      11         1-140          19.0
                      12         1-150          20.0
                      13         1-160          21.0
                      14         1-170          22.0
                      15         1-180          23.0
                      16         1-190          24.0
                      17         1-200          25.0
                      18         1-210          26.0
                      19         1-220          27.0
                      20         1-230          28.0
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Fast
                      Area attack
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : Slow recovery time
                      Low minimum damage
    [ When to use ] : -Chain Lightning- works best when dealing with enemies
                      more than one.  If you're only dealing with one, it
                      will work just like what normal -Lightning- would do.
                      I'll go straight to how you should aim when using
                      -Chain Lightning-.
                                          # E1
                                             # E2
                                       # E3
                                         # you
                      This is a simple one.  No matter who you aim, -Chain
                      Lightning- will be able to make connection with the
                      three of them.  The reason is that the enemies have
                      kept just the right distance for -Chain Lightning-;
                      not too near and not too far.
                                          # E1
                                             # E2
                                       # E3
                                          # you
                      This situation is more likely to occur compared to the
                      previous one.  Now if you aim for E3, which I'm sure
                      most will, chances are the lightning will NOT arc to
                      those at the back.  You will waste it as the distance
                      between E3 and his closest target may be too far.  For
                      this, I suggest that you aim for E1.  Use what you
                      have learned from -Lightning-.  This way, all three of
                      them will be struck by the first stream of -Chain
                      Lightning-.  From there, -Chain Lightning- will try to
                      connect with as many enemies as it can.  If E1 is off
                      screen, aim for X instead.
    [ Comments    ] : One of my favorite spell in DiabloII. I will never get
                      tired seeing -Chain Lightning- in action.  The way it
                      bounces back and forth hitting enemies is really a
                      sight to behold.  But sadly, this spell will only be
                      upgraded by damage.  Unlike the Amazon's Lightning
                      Strike, there is NO increase in number of hits.  Too
                      bad, if not for that, I would surely recommend this
                      spell to everyone I know.
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Point
      Instantly moves to a destination within your line of sight.
                                Slvl  Mana
                                 1     24
                                 2     23
                                 3     22
                                 4     21
                                 5     20
                                 6     19
                                 7     18
                                 8     17
                                 9     16
                                10     15
                                11     14
                                12     13
                                13     12
                                14     11
                                15     10
                                16      9
                                17      8
                                18      7
                                19      6
                                20      5
    [ Type        ] : Utility
    [ Strength    ] : Come out instantly
    [ Weakness    ] : High mana cost
                      Limited by the small viewable range
    [ When to use ] : Because of the small viewable range of the game, this
                      skill may not seem to be as useful as some may
                      thought.  A fast enemy will easily catch up with you
                      when you try to escape.  Therefore, it's recommended
                      that you don't do only one cast.  Do a double or even
                      a triple consecutive -Teleport- to really gain some
                      distance.  But be careful not -Teleport- yourself
                      into a bigger mess!
    [ Comments    ] : Like the Barbarian's Leap attacks, this skill is
                      limited by viewable range.  To say that this spell
                      is a must for the sorceress may not necessarily be
                      true.  You can live without it.  But you will lose out
                      on some advantages it will provide if you do not have
                      -Teleport-.  One example is like in Claw Viper's
                      Temple.  With -Teleport-, you can gain advantage by
                      settling yourself on the altar.  Therefore you will
                      suffer no harm.  Conversely, not having -Teleport-
                      will confirm an unavoided confrontation with the
                      sorceress killing machine, FangSkin.  A bad choice
                      indeed.  But then, you can always opt to use staff to
                      grant you this skill.  The need for -Teleport- is
                      strictly occasional in my opinion.
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
      Summons a deadly thunderstorm that strikes your enemies with bolts of
                    Slvl   Lightning Damage   Duration   Mana
                      1         1-100          32 sec     19
                      2        11-110          40 sec     19
                      3        21-120          48 sec     19
                      4        31-130          56 sec     19
                      5        41-140          64 sec     19
                      6        51-150          72 sec     19
                      7        61-160          80 sec     19
                      8        71-170          88 sec     19
                      9        81-180          96 sec     19
                     10        91-190         104 sec     19
                     11       101-200         112 sec     19
                     12       111-210         120 sec     19
                     13       121-220         128 sec     19
                     14       131-230         136 sec     19
                     15       141-240         144 sec     19
                     16       151-250         152 sec     19
                     17       161-260         160 sec     19
                     18       171-270         168 sec     19
                     19       181-280         176 sec     19
                     20       191-290         184 sec     19
    [ Type        ] : Third Party
    [ Strength    ] : Great Damage
                      Auto aim
    [ Weakness    ] : Short duration
                      Sometimes miss
    [ When to use ] : -Thunder Storm- may sometimes miss.  To avoid this,
                      keep enemy as slow and stationery as possible.  Think
                      of it like.. Ion Cannon.  Target will be locked and
                      the coordinates will be taken.  But it requires a few
                      miliseconds to send down the lightning attack.  So
                      it's necessary at your end to keep enemy not too far
                      away from where the explosion may take place.
    [ Comments    ] : As I've said before, if a spell gets upgraded not just
                      in power but in other things as well, it's definitely
                      a good spell.  So what does a skill point means to
                      -Thunder Storm-?  With every point added, the spell
                      will get an increment of 10 damage to both minimum and
                      maximum damage(!), a longer duration time, an increase
                      in frequency of attack, while the mana consumption
                      stays the same.  At Slvl 20, -Thunder Storm- deals
                      191-290 damage for about every second and lasts for
                      184 seconds.  Now the question is : Is there any other
                      spell that will give you so many upgrades for one
                      skill point?  You should know the answer by now.  I
                      think I made it clear enough for you to make a
    [ Recommended ] : 20 skill points!
    Energy Shield
      Creates a magical shield that consumes mana instead of health when you
      take damage.
                         Slvl   Absorbs   Duration   Mana
                           1      15%      144 sec     5
                           2      23%      192 sec     5
                           3      30%      240 sec     5
                           4      35%      288 sec     5
                           5      40%      336 sec     5
                           6      43%      384 sec     5
                           7      46%      432 sec     5
                           8      48%      480 sec     5
                           9      51%      528 sec     5
                          10      52%      576 sec     5
                          11      54%      624 sec     5
                          12      56%      672 sec     5
                          13      57%      720 sec     5
                          14      58%      768 sec     5
                          15      59%      816 sec     5
                          16      61%      864 sec     5
                          17      61%      912 sec     5
                          18      62%      960 sec     5
                          19      63%     1008 sec     5
                          20      63%     1056 sec     5
    [ Type        ] : Defensive
    [ Strength    ] : Share damage between health and mana
                      Low mana cost
    [ Weakness    ] : Damage absorbed may be too low
    [ When to use ] : A note about -Energy Shield- based on my observation.
                      There are times when I will run past enemies to avoid
                      melee attacks.  I'm already very good at it.  So I
                      know when a melee attack will hit and when it will
                      miss.  But when I have -Energy Shield- activated, it
                      seems like even though the attack missed, I still
                      suffer the mana loss from it.  The reason I'm saying
                      this is that there's no drop in the the health bulb
                      and the sorceress didn't let out a groan or something.
                      What I noticed was a small lightning sparked from the
                      golden sphere and mana was then reduced.  But why
                      would mana be deducted from a miss?  It really had me
                      puzzled.  Anyway, to avoid mana loss from the
                      expected-to-miss melee attacks, cast -Energy Shield-
                      only when there's range attackers around.  (That's
                      what I've been doing right now)
    [ Comments    ] : Insignificant at Slvl 1.  So if you're serious into
                      getting this skill, be sure to allocate at least 3
                      skill points into it in order for it to work
                      effectively.  Otherwise, skip it totally.  But be
                      sure not to neglect Vitality if you wish to drop
                      this skill.  Low in life and no support from this
                      skill, you will not survive even a single blow from
                      hell creatures.
    [ Recommended ] : 3-9 Skill Points
    Lightning Mastery
       Passive - reduces the mana required to cast your lightning spells.
                                 Slvl   Percentage
                                   1         15%
                                   2         23%
                                   3         30%
                                   4         35%
                                   5         40%
                                   6         43%
                                   7         46%
                                   8         48%
                                   9         51%
                                  10         52%
                                  11         54%
                                  12         56%
                                  13         57%
                                  14         58%
                                  15         59%
                                  16         61%
                                  17         61%
                                  18         62%
                                  19         63%
                                  20         63%
    [ Type        ] : Passive
    [ Strength    ] : Reduce mana consumption of lightning spells
                      No mana consumption
    [ Weakness    ] : Diminishing value for every skill point added
    [ When to use ] : Activated all the time.
    [ Comments    ] : I think the description is clear enough.  If you have
                      invested into many lightning spells, be sure to put
                      at least a point into it.  Then just let your
                      equipments raise the skill level.  Remember, this
                      skill does NOT directly make your spells more
                      powerful.  They just become more mana-friendly.
    [ Recommended ] : 1-9 Skill Points
                                   FIRE SPELLS
      Creates a magical flaming missile.
                            Slvl   Fire Damage   Mana
                              1       3- 6        2.5
                              2       4- 7        2.5
                              3       6- 9        2.5
                              4       7-10        2.5
                              5       9-12        2.5
                              6      10-13        2.5
                              7      12-15        2.5
                              8      13-16        2.5
                              9      15-18        2.5
                             10      16-19        2.5
                             11      18-21        2.5
                             12      19-22        2.5
                             13      21-24        2.5
                             14      22-25        2.5
                             15      24-27        2.5
                             16      25-28        2.5
                             17      27-30        2.5
                             18      28-31        2.5
                             19      30-33        2.5
                             20      31-34        2.5
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Low mana cost
                      No mana increase
    [ Weakness    ] : Low Damage
                      Single hit
    [ When to use ] : If you have both -Ice Bolt- and -Fire Bolt-, it's
                      advisable to alternate between the two.  First use
                      -Ice Bolt- to slow enemy, and then switch to -Fire
                      Bolt- to do damage faster and with lower mana
                      consumption.  It can be easily done by mapping -Ice
                      Bolt- to the left button and -Fire Bolt- to the right
                      or vice versa.
    [ Comments    ] : This is the first spell that you get to play with.
                      It comes with the staff.  But is it worth a REAL
                      skill point into it? If it serves as a pre-requisites,
                      then I would advise that you put one but only one
                      skill point into it.  There is really no purpose to
                      invest heavily into this spell.  Skill points are
                      better invested elsewhere.
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
      Passive - increase the rate which you recover mana.
                                Slvl   Percentage
                                  1        30%
                                  2        42%
                                  3        54%
                                  4        66%
                                  5        78%
                                  6        90%
                                  7       102%
                                  8       114%
                                  9       126%
                                 10       138%
                                 11       150%
                                 12       162%
                                 13       174%
                                 14       186%
                                 15       198%
                                 16       210%
                                 17       222%
                                 18       234%
                                 19       246%
                                 20       258%
    [ Type        ] : Passive
    [ Strength    ] : Increase mana recovery rate
                      No mana consumption
    [ Weakness    ] : none
    [ When to use ] : Activated all the time.
    [ Comments    ] : I'm sure you have heard a lot of comments about
                      -Warmth-.  Most will say to boost it Slvl 20 as soon
                      as you can.  You will never go wrong with it.  But I
                      would like to remind you of something.  -Warmth- does
                      not DIRECTLY make you more powerful.  It will only
                      improve your overall gameplay.  When you're stuck with
                      some major bosses, putting the reserved skill points
                      into -Warmth- won't help in getting you through.  You
                      need points into some real spells.  Knowing this, a
                      maximum 20 would seems to be too much.  I would
                      suggest that you balanced out the skill points into
                      other spells as well.  The number of points into
                      -Warmth- depends on the spells that you have.  If your
                      main strategy revolves mostly with high level fire/ice
                      spells, then more points into -Warmth- seems
                      appropriate.  But if you are using mostly spells with
                      low mana cost (lightning spells), you don't need a
                      high level -Warmth-.  A low level -Warmth- means you
                      need to have more patience and wait for mana to
                      recover at a slower rate.  That's all.
    [ Recommended ] : 7-20 Skill Points
      Creates a continuous jet of flame to scorch your enemies.
                        Slvl   Fire Damage   Range   Mana
                          1       3- 6        3.3      7
                          2       4- 7        3.3      7
                          3       6- 9        4.0      8
                          4       7-10        4.6      9
                          5       9-12        5.3     10
                          6      10-13        5.3     10
                          7      12-15        6.0     11
                          8      13-16        6.6     12
                          9      15-18        7.3     13
                         10      16-19        7.3     14
                         11      18-21        8.0     14
                         12      19-22        8.6     15
                         13      21-24        9.3     16
                         14      22-25        9.3     17
                         15      24-27       10.0     17
                         16      25-28       10.6     18
                         17      27-30       11.3     19
                         18      28-31       11.3     20
                         19      30-33       12.0     21
                         20      31-34       12.6     21
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Powerful upgrade per skill point
    [ Weakness    ] : Damage is slow
                      Immobile when casting
    [ When to use ] : The biggest weakness of -Inferno- is that you have to
                      stand still to deal damage.  So it's best that you
                      freeze, or at least chill enemy before continue with
    [ Comments    ] : Great looking spell.  At high level, you can use this
                      spell to challenge Diablo in an Inferno fight.  Cool
                      huh?  If you are serious about -Inferno-, make sure
                      you reserve a lot of skill points for it.  It sucks
                      at low level.
    [ Recommended ] : 3-20 Skill Point
      Creates a wall of fire in your wake to scorch your enemies.
                   Slvl   Average Fire Damage   Duration   Mana
                             (per second)
                     1          18- 37             4.6     11.0
                     2          28- 46             5.6     11.5
                     3          37- 56             6.6     12.0
                     4          46- 65             7.6     12.0
                     5          56- 75             8.6     13.0
                     6          65- 84             9.6     13.0
                     7          75- 93            10.6     14.0
                     8          84-103            11.6     14.0
                     9          93-112            12.6     15.0
                    10         103-121            13.6     15.0
                    11         112-131            14.6     16.0
                    12         121-140            15.6     16.0
                    13         131-150            16.6     17.0
                    14         140-159            17.6     17.0
                    15         150-168            18.6     18.0
                    16         159-178            19.6     18.0
                    17         168-187            20.6     19.0
                    18         178-196            21.6     19.0
                    19         187-206            22.6     20.0
                    20         196-215            23.6     20.0
    [ Type        ] : Third Party
    [ Strength    ] : Great against melee attackers
                      Low mana consumption
    [ Weakness    ] : Easily run out of stamina
    [ When to use ] : Best used against melee fighters because the way
                      -Blaze- deal damage is to have the enemy followed
                      exactly the sorceress' footsteps.  So avoid running
                      in zigzag, keep it as straight as you can.  You can
                      make use of the geography too.  Look for features like
                      doors, walls, narrow tunnels etc to help you.
    [ Comments    ] : Well, I don't think I have to say anything more of
                      this spell.  It's the most mentioned spell throughout
                      the whole guide.  Frankly, I don't have -Blaze- the
                      first time I played the sorceress.  I really
                      struggled especially when dealing with enemy that uses
                      fast melee attack like the Smith.  Now if you ask me
                      to play again without -Blaze-, the answer would
                      definitely be NO!
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Point
    Fire Ball
      Creates an explosive sphere of fiery death to engulf your enemies.
                            Slvl   Fire Damage   Mana
                              1       6- 14       5.0
                              2      13- 21       5.5
                              3      20- 28       6.0
                              4      27- 35       6.5
                              5      34- 42       7.0
                              6      41- 49       7.5
                              7      48- 56       8.0
                              8      55- 63       8.5
                              9      62- 70       9.0
                             10      69- 77       9.5
                             11      76- 84      10.0
                             12      83- 91      10.5
                             13      90- 98      11.0
                             14      97-105      11.5
                             15     104-112      12.0
                             16     111-119      12.0
                             17     118-126      13.0
                             18     125-133      13.0
                             19     132-140      14.0
                             20     139-147      14.0
    [ Type        ] : Active
    [ Strength    ] : Area attack
                      Fast recovery
    [ Weakness    ] : Small radius compared with -Glacial Spike-
    [ When to use ] : It's best used when enemies are travelling closely to
                      each other like Ghosts.  One of -Fire Ball- main
                      strength is its fast recovery.  So if the strategy you
                      want to use is hit and run, -Fire Ball- is a much
                      prefered choice.
    [ Comments    ] : Smaller radius of effect makes -Fire Ball- inferior
                      to -Glacial Spike-.  As the two are very much alike in
                      terms of the strategy they provide, you will see not
                      much of a use for -Fire Ball-.  I personally do not
                      favor active spells.  The less the better.  Even if I
                      want to have a strong active spell, I would choose
                      -Glacial Spike- over -Fire Ball- as the damage
                      increase is about the same.  So I will either skip it
                      or put only one point as pre-requisite.
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
    Fire Wall
      Creates a wall of flame that blocks or burns your enemies.
                    Slvl   Average Fire Damage   Duration   Mana
                              (per second)
                      1          32- 42             4.6      22
                      2          51- 60             5.6      24
                      3          70- 79             6.6      26
                      4          89- 98             7.6      28
                      5         107-117             8.6      30
                      6         126-135             9.6      32
                      7         145-154            10.6      34
                      8         164-173            11.6      36
                      9         182-192            12.6      38
                     10         201-210            13.6      40
                     11         220-229            14.6      42
                     12         239-248            15.6      44
                     13         257-267            16.6      46
                     14         276-285            17.6      48
                     15         295-304            18.6      50
                     16         314-323            19.6      52
                     17         332-342            20.6      54
                     18         351-360            21.6      56
                     19         370-379            22.6      58
                     20         389-398            23.6      60
    [ Type        ] : Third Party
    [ Strength    ] : Wide Area attack
                      Great against range attackers
    [ Weakness    ] : Hard to aim
                      High mana cost
    [ When to use ] : Especially useful when dealing with range attackers,
                      as they will normally stand still when launching
                      their attacks.  Perfect setup for -Fire Wall-.  Place
                      -Fire Wall- right beneath them, they'll be toasted
                      within seconds.  -Fire Wall- is also great in PvP too.
                      Place a -Fire Wall- right in front of you, I'm sure
                      no one will be stupid enough to try using melee
                      attacks on you.
    [ Comments    ] : If you're looking for the spell that gives the most
                      damage per skill point, search no more.  -Fire Wall-
                      is easily the most damaging spell in the game.  Not
                      only will it deal insane damage, it will also get
                      upgraded in duration and distance with every skill
                      point.  Too bad the mana cost will also increase as
    [ Recommended ] : 3-20 Skill Points
      Enchants equipped weapon of targetted character or minion
      Adds fire damage to melee weapons
      Adds one-third fire damage to ranged weapons
                      Slvl   Fire Damage   Duration   Mana
                        1        8-10       144 sec    25
                        2        9-11       168 sec    30
                        3       10-12       192 sec    35
                        4       11-13       216 sec    40
                        5       12-14       240 sec    45
                        6       13-15       264 sec    50
                        7       14-16       288 sec    55
                        8       15-17       312 sec    60
                        9       16-18       336 sec    65
                       10       17-19       360 sec    70
                       11       18-20       384 sec    75
                       12       19-21       408 sec    80
                       13       20-22       432 sec    85
                       14       21-23       456 sec    90
                       15       22-24       480 sec    95
                       16       23-25       504 sec   100
                       17       24-26       528 sec   105
                       18       25-27       552 sec   110
                       19       26-28       576 sec   115
                       20       27-29       600 sec   120
    [ Type        ] : Unique
    [ Strength    ] : Great for multiplayer Coop
    [ Weakness    ] : Doesn't benefit sorceress much
                      Low damage increase per skill point
                      High mana cost
    [ When to use ] : In Coop, when there's not much you can do to help
                      your party members, you can always enchant their
                      weapons or their minions's.  Every bit helps.
    [ Comments    ] : Practically the most useless spell for the sorceress.
                      A wise sorceress will not engage herself into a melee
                      battle.  -Enchant- is one of the early spells
                      developed.  There are actually some other skills that
                      will work together with -Enchant-.  But they were
                      taken out as seen inappropriate.  Why -Enchant- is
                      not taken out as well, I ask the same question too.
                      Perhaps there is something about this skill needs to
                      be discovered?
    [ Recommended ] : 1 Skill Point
      Summons a meteor from the heavens to crush and incinerate your
                Slvl   Fire Damage    Average Fire Damage     Mana
                                         (per second)
                  1       40- 50            16- 21              17
                  2       52- 62            23- 28              18
                  3       64- 74            30- 35              19
                  4       76- 86            37- 42              20
                  5       88- 98            44- 49              21
                  6      100-110            51- 56              22
                  7      112-122            58- 63              23
                  8      124-134            65- 70              24
                  9      136-146            72- 77              25
                 10      148-158            79- 84              26
                 11      160-170            86- 91              27
                 12      172-182            93- 98              28
                 13      184-194           100-105              29
                 14      196-206           107-112              30
                 15      208-218           114-119              31
                 16      220-230           121-126              32
                 17      232-242           128-133              33
                 18      244-254           135-140              34
                 19      256-266           142-147              35
                 20      268-278           150-154              36
    [ Type        ] : Third Party
    [ Strength    ] : Wide Area attack
                      Great against range attackers
    [ Weakness    ] : Long delay time
                      Hard to aim
    [ When to use ] : Especially useful when dealing with range attackers,
                      as they will normally stand still when launching
                      their attacks.  Perfect setup for -Meteor-.  But
                      when dealing with melee attackers, you can still use
                      -Meteor-.  The trick is to place it IN FRONT of you.
                      Make some good guess on when it will land and try to
                      keep him near the spot by running around.
    [ Comments    ] : I love all third party spells.  Although -Meteor- is
                      hard to aim due to the delay time, but I still find
                      it favorable.  Have a good grasp of its timing and
                      it can be as powerful as -Fire Wall- when mastered.
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Points
      Summons a multi-headed beast of flame to reduce your enemies to ashes.
                   Slvl   Hydra Fire Damage   Duration   Mana
                     1          6-12           12 sec     21
                     2          8-14           13 sec     23
                     3         10-16           14 sec     25
                     4         12-18           15 sec     27
                     5         14-20           16 sec     29
                     6         16-22           17 sec     31
                     7         18-24           18 sec     33
                     8         20-26           19 sec     35
                     9         22-28           20 sec     37
                    10         24-30           21 sec     39
                    11         26-32           22 sec     41
                    12         28-34           23 sec     43
                    13         30-36           24 sec     45
                    14         32-38           25 sec     47
                    15         34-40           26 sec     49
                    16         36-42           27 sec     51
                    17         38-44           28 sec     53
                    18         40-46           29 sec     55
                    19         42-48           30 sec     57
                    20         44-50           31 sec     59
    [ Type        ] : True third party spell
    [ Strength    ] : Great as scouts
                      Excellent against range attackers
                      Great for PvP
    [ Weakness    ] : High mana cost
                      Low damage(?)
    [ When to use ] : The only TRUE third party spell for the sorceress.
                      So -Hydra- is a spell that have the advantages that
                      no other spell could provide.  Take a look at the
                      situations below :
                           # enemy                           # enemy
                        --------------                    --------------
                           barriers                          barriers
                        --------------                    --------------
                        2 screens away     ------------>        X
                            # you                             # you
                      The situation above is quite normal to happen.  The
                      enemy is not seen, about 2 screens away.  What can you
                      possibly do to hit the enemy without moving forward?
                      It's none other than by casting -Hydra- at X.  That
                      way the sorceress will suffer NO possible retaliation.
                      An extremely useful strategy to use against the likes
                      of the Oblivion Knights.  Here's another one.
                                           X .         # enemy
                                           |   |
                                           | w |
                                           | a |
                                           | l |
                                   # you   | l |
                      The dots indicate a barrier that acts like a fence
                      that will only allow missiles to pass through.  How
                      do you take advantage of this situation?  You can try
                      to move forward and expose yourself to the enemy.
                      Then cast other third party spells and quickly run
                      back to your original position.  But this method may
                      still run a chance of getting hit.  If you cast
                      -Hydra- in X, you won't have to worry about the risk.
                      This situation is common in places like Jail and
                      Flayer Dungeon.  Also applicable when dealing with
                      To get the most out of -Hydra-, it's advisable that
                      you cast at least 3.  Here's how you should do it.
                                               # enemy
                                          X         X
                      This is what I called 'The -Hydra-'s Deadly Triangle'.
                      If you look at it, no matter where the enemy may go,
                      at least one of the -Hydra-s will score a direct hit.
                      Of course if you can, try to keep the enemy right in
                      the middle.  You can use spells like -Glacial Spike-/
                      -Frost Nova- to freeze/chill enemy.  Or you can use
                      -Teleport- or run around in circles to confuse him.
                      If applied, you will find that none of it will not
                      be wasted.
                      That is for the idiotic monsters.  What about human
                               <-----------    # enemy  -------->
                                          X         X
                      The triangle can be easily broken by smart human
                      players.  That is, by running in the directions
                      indicated by the arrows.  Well, they only think they
                      are smart.  Actually, they are heading exactly where
                      you would want them to be.  When you know where
                      they'll be heading, you know what to do.  So -Hydra-
                      is also an excellent manipulative spell to use when
                      it comes to PvP.
                      Hydra's Deadly Triangle
                      I will give you some tips on how to setup the triangle.
                      With the basics, use your creativity to outwit your
                                          # enemy
                                          # you
                      This is a common situation.  Now where would be the
                      first ideal location for hydra?  If you cast it in
                      between you and him, he can easily avoid it by running
                      upwards.  The smart way is to place it in X.
                                          # enemy
                                          # you
                      If you cast it in X, what will he do?  If he continues
                      to charge at you, he will receive direct hit from
                      hydra.  Then you can easily avoid his attack by a cast
                      of -Teleport- and set yourself up in the exact
                      positions but in the opposite directions.  Then the
                      second and the third hydra can be casted in the same
                                           # you
                                           # enemy
                      That is usually the situation when dealing with
                      monsters.  Human players will probably choose another
                      direction.  Let's say he breaks off by running to left
                      or right.
                          X                                 X
                             # enemy                          # enemy X
                          # you                             # you
                      No matter where he goes, block him by placing a hydra
                      right in front of him.  Right now, you should cast
                      something to protect yourself.  Cast -Blizzard- right
                      at your spot to prevent him from running at you.  If
                      he's smart and still wants to attempt an escape,
                      there's not much of a choice left but to run in
                      between the two hydras.  I think you will now know
                      where to put the final hydra.
                                               # enemy
                                       # you
                      There it is.  The triangle is set.  Now he will be
                      so confused, he will not know the right way to escape
                      the attack anymore.  No matter where he goes now, he
                      will be right in the middle of a triangle, one after
                      another.  Just place a hydra in front of him and you
                      set yourself another triangle.  There's absolutely no
                      way he could escape not being hit by one of the hydras.
                      While you can depend on the damage done by the hydras
                      to kill, it's advisable that you use other spells as
                      well to finish him off more quickly.  Use lots of
                      third party spells if you can and also -Frozen Orb-.
                      They are all great for PvP.
                      This setup is tried and true.  I have killed quite a
                      number of players with it.  Whether you will be able
                      to do it or not, it's strictly individual-dependent.
                      What I've said may not reflect what truly happened
                      either.  Everything happened so fast.  I may have
                      inserted -Blizzard- and some other spells every now
                      and then.  But what you must understand is the
                      concept of it.  Be ever changing and unpredictable
                      when dealing with human players.  It is not really
                      the same thing as when dealing with those empty-
                      headed skeletons, you know.  After all, as what I've
                      told everyone, you are NOT COMPLETELY finished with
                      DiabloII unless you tried PvP.  Really, dealing with
                      computer AI will bore you someday.  But with human
                      players, trust me, they will surprise you everyday.
                      Even at this moment, this guide may already be cracked
                      by other players and becomes a thing of the past.
    [ Comments    ] : I have heard complaints about the low damage done by
                      -Hydra-.  Frankly I don't really see their point.
                      The numbers indicated are supposed to be the damage
                      done PER BOLT.  Without taking considerations of
                      resistance, let's do some calculations, shall we?
                      Let's start with Slvl 1.  One bolt deals 6-12 damage.
                      So the average damage would be 9. There will be 3 fire
                      serpents taking care of the aiming.  They spit bolts
                      for about every 1 second.  So that makes it : 3 x 9 =
                      27 damage per second.  The spell lasts for 12 seconds.
                      So, the total damage would be 27 x 12 = 324 damage.
                      That's for Slvl 1.  Now let's do the same with Slvl 20.
                      -Hydra- does 44-50 damage per bolt for 31 second.  So
                      it roughly does 47 x 3 = 141 damage per second and
                      141 x 31 = 4371 total damage.  Now tell me, THAT is
                      low?  It IS relatively low when compared with -Fire
                      Wall-.  But what ISN'T?  -Fire Wall- is the most
                      damaging spell in the game.  No doubt about it.  If
                      every spell is compared to it by the damage dealt, all
                      others will look like sh*t.  It's not fair being
                      compared like that.  -Hydra- has to be the most unique
                      spell on its own.  There are situations where only
                      -Hydra- will be able to take advantage of.  No other
                      spell will do.  Compare the damage dealt with both
                      spells on different types of enemies.  I bet -Hydra-
                      will have a better score in some situations.  Try to
                      look at -Hydra- as for the strategy it provides, and
                      you will do this spell some justice.
                      Other questions you may ask :
                      1) Monsters have resistance for it, so the total
                         damage will be much lesser than expected.
                         - -Fire Mastery- should take care of it.
                      2) That's the damage if the monster is stupid enough
                         to stand still to take damage.
                         - this is why it's important that you don't cast
                           only ONE hydra at a time.  Strategically place
                           three of them, you will get the effect as if
                           they're standing still.  Besides, what are
                           spells like -Glacial Spike- and -Frost Nova- for?
                      3) The damage is too slow.  I'd probably be dead
                         before -Hydra- finish the rest of their ammos.
                         - You DO know that you can move after casting
                           -Hydra-, don't you?  Well, don't be lazy!  Run
                           around and do something to support your buddies.
                      4) The serpents do not always spit fire at the same
                         direction.  That prevents them from scoring maximum
                         - Would you rather have a big giant snake that does
                           triple damage instead of 3 separate small ones?
                           Maybe it's a matter of preference but I think 3
                           small ones is better.  It raises the chances to
                           hit.  It's better to deal damage little by little
                           than to have a big ball of fire that often misses.
                      That's all I can think of.  Feel free to challenge me
                      for a debate on this.  If you can convince me NOT to
                      take this spell, trust me, I won't be offended.  In
                      fact I'd be grateful.  (I'm contradicting what I've
                      said earlier, am I not?)  It's because I love this
                      spell so much, it's hard for me to let go.  The
                      limited number of skill points doesn't consent my love
                      for it.
    [ Recommended ] : 1-20 Skill Points
    Fire Mastery
      Passive - Increase all damage caused by your fire spells.
                             Slvl   Percentage
                               1        18%
                               2        32%
                               3        43%
                               4        52%
                               5        60%
                               6        66%
                               7        70%
                               8        74%
                               9        79%
                              10        81%
                              11        85%
                              12        87%
                              13        90%
                              14        92%
                              15        93%
                              16        96%
                              17        97%
                              18        98%
                              19        99%
                              20       100%
    [ Type        ] : Passive
    [ Strength    ] : Increase damage of lightning spells
                      No mana consumption
    [ Weakness    ] : Diminishing value for every skill point added
    [ When to use ] : Activated all the time.
    [ Comments    ] : I think the description is clear enough.  If you have
                      invested into many fire spells, be sure to put
                      at least a point into it.  Then just let your
                      equipments raise the skill level.
    [ Recommended ] : 1-9 Skill Points
    Something You Should Know
       DiabloII gamers are complaining about the sorceress being too weak.
    If I can, I would use all my wits to prove how wrong they are.  However,
    what they said is not entirely wrong.
       I'm going to reveal some information that may not be known by most.
    Hope you will have a slightest idea on why the sorceress becomes what
    she is now.  As a victim of favoritism myself, I really feel for her.
    It's not really her fault.  It's just some jerks who don't like magic
    users, wanted her to be as weak as possible.  So the next time you
    wanna say something bad about the sorceress, think about what I'm about
    -Static Field-
       What seems to be the most powerful spell for the sorceress is full
    of limitations.  It can be resisted and can actually miss.  Not only
    that, instead of reducing 1/3 of enemy's life, it becomes 1/4 as
    opposed of what it's originally intended.  The first Whoopee.
    -Energy Shield-
       It was meant to absorb 100% of magic damage and 50% of physical
    damage.  That's for Slvl 1.  By adding more skill points, it will be
    absorbing more physical damage.
       And what has it becomes now?  It absorbs 15% of all damage.  Is that
    something to be happy about?  You may say - you have to put in more
    skill points into it!  So, even if I succeeded in allocating all 20
    points into it, what do I get?  A maximum of 63%.  Whoopee.
       When the game first came out, -Energy Shield- is the FIRST spell I
    checked.  It's because I know how much it means to the sorceress.  It is
    this spell that will save her from NOT having the passive skills like
    the Amazon's evade/avoid/dodge, the Barbarian's Natural Resistance, the
    Necromancer's Bone Armor and the Paladin's all-powerful Salvation aura.
    You can bet I have a tremendously high hope for this spell.  And did it
    fail me?  You already know the answer.
       If you tell me that the sorceress will be way too powerful if given
    the original -Energy Shield-. Then let me ask you, will she NOT suffer
    the mana deduction from it?  Will she NOT die when both the mana and
    life becomes empty?
       If you want to raise the penalty, fine.  Do like increasing the mana
    consumptions to 100, that's the price I'm willing pay.  Or reduce the
    duration is okay too.  But certainly not reduction in power, anything
    but that.
    -Frozen Orb-
      It's actually a freezing spell.  Otherwise it wouldn't be called
    'Frozen' Orb, would it?  It is supposed to be the MOST damaging spell
    for the sorceress, something for the sorceress to die for.  Now it only
    chills.  Whoopee.
    -Warmth- and -Enchant-
       Warmth was intended to recover HEALTH.  What does this means?  It
    means that in the original plan, a fighter mage prototype actually
    existed.  So, it's not ridiculous when someone was trying to create a
    melee aorceress.  To further proving this, take a look at -Enchant-.
    -Enchant- was one of the early skills developed. It may seems like a
    useless skill right now.  It's not like other players is going to be
    oh-so grateful when you enchant their weapons.  Do you know why it's
    like that?  Because it was meant to cast on herself!  With -Warmth-
    that will keep her life at full and -Enchant- to inflict more melee
    damage, that means she actually has the option to becomes a fighter!  A
    fighter mage to be more precise.  Just imagine having to cast -Glacial
    Spike- and then bong someone with her staff, I would say it's a deadly
    combo!.  If she has the option to be a fighter mage, early spells like
    -Charged Bolt- and -Ice Blast- would last longer.  Getting high level
    spells may not be necessary anymore.
       Why can't she do it now?  She can, but she will struggle, and
    struggle for nothing.  To be a fighter, she needs to have high attack
    ratings and also life.  What she's lacking is the skill that resembles
    something like 'Staff Mastery'.  A skill that will increase both the
    damage and the most important of all, the attack ratings.
       Why the plan was taken out, I'm not sure.  Maybe they couldn't
    figure out where to fit the mastery into one of the trees, so they
    dropped it totally, and made -Warmth- to recover mana instead.  Whoopee.
    -Ice Bolt-
       Even -Ice Bolt-, you may ask.  I ask the same question too.  What
    makes the sorceress so fearful that people want to ensure the sorceress
    stay as low as possible?  -Ice Bolt- was intended to chill for 8 seconds
    at Slvl 1, and gets another 8 seconds for every skill level. If it is as
    good as the original, I may consider to put points into it.  Imagine
    having Slvl 5 -Ice Bolt- that chills for 40 seconds.  You don't have to
    worry about Duriel stay chilled!  Duriel will be in slow-mo all the time.
    But now, it starts out with 6 seconds and incremented by 1.4 seconds
    for every skill point into it.  Whoopee.
       And some may say that would be too powerful.  WTF is so powerful
    about it?!  The damage is still weak, it still comes out slow and hard
    to aim, that's the price to pay!  Geez, I don't think I will ever
    understand what they're thinking.  All they know about is making the
    character weak, they forgot about making the character playable.  There
    goes the hint on why the sorceress the way she is now.  It is because of
    SOME f**king beta testers, that's why.  When asked for feedbacks, they
    only say the sorceress being too powerful, and NOTHING else.  Only the
    sorceress get mentioned as being too powerful?!  I should be playing the
    beta instead of them!  Heck, you can bet when the next project's coming
    up,  I'm not going to sit back and let them screw my character again!  I
    will buy a plane ticket and fly all the way to Blizzard headquarter and
    BEG Bill Roper to let me play the next beta.
    (Or is there a simpler way?)
       I've been a sorceress fanatic long before the game comes out.
    Thankfully, DiabloII.net has been very faithful in feeding me with the
    latest info.  The notions of the necromancer is going to rock or the
    paladin is going to rule, has long existed then.  But I didn't care.  My
    eyes would only get widely open when there's an article on the sorceress.
    I would read the same article a couple of times, over and over again.
    Then I would fantasize about the adventure-would-be with the sorceress.
    How she's going to toast monsters with the point of her finger, crush
    them into pieces when she thinks they are too ugly for her style or zap
    them just to see how funny they will look.  It feels good to even think
    about it.  I have sworn to make the sorceress the best character there
    is in DiabloII.  But hmm, I guess Blizzard forgot that there's such a
    person like me existed.  So they figure they can screw up the sorceress
    because nobody will notice it anyway.  But to me, it's either the
    sorceress or no DiabloII at all.
       The necromancer gets all the power up he ever needed at level 30 -
    Revive, Fire Golem and Bone Spirit.  That is what he gets for being
    labeled as the weakest character against Andariel in the beginning.  The
    end rewards make all the endurance worthwhile.  Now, can I say the same
    about the sorceress?  You may think the sorceress is still a strong
    character despite of the 'nerfing'.  Maybe you're right.  You may also
    think I'm making a big fuss over a small matter. You're not wrong either.
    But I'm not drawing a conclusion here.  Only time will tell whether
    Blizzard has done the right thing.
    [ Patch 1.03 ] :    Gosh, they really did it!  They nerfed the necro and
                     the barbarian!  But hey, it's not my fault, okay?  This
                     FAQ was released AFTER the v1.03 patch.  At first I
                     thought of removing the whole 'Something You Should
                     Know' column because it has become dated.  But later
                     when I think back, it's because of that column this FAQ
                     exists.  That's the first article I wrote.  So I
                     decided to leave it unaltered, sorta give a background
                     history about the sorceress if anyone's interested.  So
                     don't send me your curses as I'm not the real culprit
                     here.  Even if the FAQ was released before the patch
                     comes out, what I said may not be taken seriously
                     anyway.  If you wanna blame someone, it's not going to
                     be me.
                        If you ask me if I'm happy about it, well NOT to say
                     that I am happy but sort of.. 'enlightened'.  Right now,
                     many things have become clear to me.  The patch really
                     tells a lot.  If you have followed the development of
                     DiabloII right from the beginning, you will know that
                     what Blizzard did was merely fulfilling what they have
                     said earlier.  They are keeping their promises.  If
                     there are some necro fans who are f*cked up by this
                     decision and try to take the sorceress down as well,
                     they can forget about it.  The sorceress has already
                     been nerfed BEFORE the game was out.  Of course the
                     sorceress struggled but she has learned to live with it.
                     Perhaps this is something everyone should learn.
    Wish List
       After seeing what they did to the sorceress, I have decided to come
    up with a wish list for the upcoming Expansion for DiabloII.  No, it's
    NOT all about complaining.  Rather, it's just a small reminder on what
    Blizzard might have left out apart from their original intentions.
    With it, I will make myself heard by sending the list to Blizzard
    everyday via email.  Maybe everyday is not frequent enough.  Let's make
    it every one hour.  No, make it EVERY 10 MINUTES!  My hope is that out
    of every 10 things I wrote, ONE will make it into the final product.
    ( It is something I should've done when they were doing beta-testing.  I
      really regretted for not doing anything to stop the sorceress from
      getting seriously nerfed.  Luckily, it's not too late afterall! )
    1)    Set items are too underrated.  I believe it is intended that there
       will be arguments like 'Set Items vs Unique Items' or 'Set Items vs
       Rare Items'.  The bonuses for a complete set should be more rewarding,
       more unique.  Instead of the usual bonuses that can be found in other
       single items, a complete set should give something that will make
       players to really scratch their head over the choices.  Bonuses like
       'cannot be frozen', 'freezes target' and '+5 to mana after each kill'
       are examples of some tasty bonuses which I'm sure, most would wish to
       see more in complete set items.
          Personally, I wish to see something that favors the sorceress
       especially.  Something like '10% of magic damage turns to physical
       damage'.  Meaning, if the sorceress is equipped with items that give
       a bonus like that, her spells will deal 10% of physical damage, 90%
       of magic damage.  This will open up a whole new world for the
       sorceress :
         a) Sorceress will be less dependent on -Static Field-, which
            allows other possible setups when building a sorceress;
         b) It's an alternative way to deal with high resistant monsters as
            well as other human players;
         c) Like Bone Spear, Vampire/Bat or Leech/Locust items will work
            for the sorceress through spells;
         d) Combination with -Enchant- will raise the physical damage of it,
            thus improve the usefulness of -Enchant- (not necessary to be
          Having it will not make the sorceress being too powerful.  When
       dealing with enemies that have low resistance, the amount of damage
       dealt should be the same.  What it does is just raising the minimum
       damage the spells will do when dealing with high resistant enemies.
       That's all.  If you think that power must come with a price, then
       what you can do is to make it.. harder to get.  Make it as a
       complete set bonus.  Then players will have the argument on what
       equipment setup will be the best for the sorceress - Set Items vs
       Unique/Rare Items.
    2)    I don't know if I should say this, but I think gambling is one of
       the biggest imbalance element in the game.  Remember what Blizzard
       said about a unique item being truly unique?  It doesn't hold true
       anymore.  Almost everyone has the same standard equipments, mostly
       consist of unique items.  It's all thanks to gambling.  So much for
       coming up with a more user-friendly trading system.  As you can see,
       nobody trades anymore.  Who wants to trade when money is so easy to
       acquire and you can basically gamble for everything you ever need?
          To balance things out, gambling should be taken away.  That will
       make other items as much desirable, if not more, as unique items.
       Then the trading system will start rolling again.  But to take away
       gambling entirely will surely create havocs among the gamers.  Also
       NPCs like Gheed will have nothing else to do if not for gambling.
       So what I suggest is that if can, make gambling conditional. Meaning
       players can only gamble under certain conditions.
          a) Make it only available in Hardcore game - not only will it
             encourage more people to play Hardcore, but I seriously think
             the idea of gambling is for Hardcore(HC).  In HC, players
             need to depend heavily on equipments in order to survive.
             As HC character will die permanently, it's important that
             players will be able to create the SAME character over and
             over again.  Gambling will be able to provide the solution.
             Then they won't grief so much over a loss of a HC character,
             thus will not be discouraged to try again.  So gambling should
             remain fully functional in Hardcore.
          b) In Single Player and Multiplayer game, well it's a bit
             complicated.  First, implement a button that will refresh the
             equipments available with one push.  It will allow players to
             not having to leave the trade menu.  This is a very important
             feature as what I'm suggesting is to make gambling limited in
             terms of the number of times one can gamble.  I suggest to make
             gambling made available only ONCE every level up.  That means
             every time a player levels up, he/she will get a chance to
             gamble with the money that he/she currently has.  If the player
             have decided to gamble, he/she should gamble it all in one try.
             After that, he/she will have to wait for another level up to
             gamble again.  Players will have another reason to look forward
             to the next level up.  Of course if players do not wish to
             gamble for now, they can always reserve it for future use as it
             can be accumulated.
       It's not really the same thing with or without this feature
       implemented.  With it, players will try to get as much gold as they
       can before gambling.  But with the limited amount of gold that can be
       deposited in the stash, it will force players to carry the gold with
       them.  When players are loaded with gold, they tend to be more
       cautious with their surroundings and scout for any Player Killer in
       the game.  This calls for a different kind of strategies indeed.
       Needless to say, the game will become more challenging.
    3)    At first I thought the idea of having a mercenary was to have a
       companion that will travel with the player right from the beginning.
       The mercenary levels up with the player, watches his back while
       fighting hordes of monsters, casts a healing or protective spells
       when either one of them is hurt.  While human players are not
       entirely reliable, players can count on their mercenary to keep their
       precious findings.  Sort of like he/she will grow up with the player.
       Players will be thankful for their company as they will no longer
       have to face the forces of evil alone anymore.  That would create a
       special bond between players and their mercenaries.  Victory is
       shared and becomes more meaningful.
          When it comes to PvP, it will be more challenging too.  Not only
       will the players have to defend themselves, but protecting their
       mercenary is just as important.  Sometimes it's better for YOU to die
       than to have the mercenary slaughtered. For if the mercenary dies, it
       will really gets to the player.  Players will mourn for their deaths
       and blame themselves when they fail to protect.  It's like losing a
       brother/sister or a close friend.  It may take another few months to
       raise another mercenary with the same high level.  So through this,
       players will learn that sometimes it's better for them to block the
       fatal blows rather than by their mercenaries.  Then they will learn
       the true meaning of 'sacrifice'.  Something which I think not many
       games out there will be able to let players experience this.
       (Hint : good selling point, eh?)
       ( Imagine, just when you thought you are powerful enough to take out
         any human player.  In a duelling mishap, you failed to even protect
         your own mercenary.  Now, can you continue to claim yourself to be
         the most powerful and unrivaled?  What is the new meaning of 'true
         power' to you?  Which power do you think requires greater strength
         and intelligence : the power to destroy, or the power to protect?
         Think about it )
          I believe this is what Blizzard was intended to do at first.  I
       know idea like this is nice to have but hard to implement.  So I am
       not terribly disappointed when the idea of mercenary didn't turn out
       the way I expected.  The reason I'm writing this down is just as a
       reminder.  Who knows, maybe I will get to see it in Diablo III or
       Warcraft III?
    4) One handed weapons for Sorceress and Bowazon
          Let's talk about Bowazon first.  Almost every character in the
       game has the option to equip a shield without sacrificing much of
       power.  Barbarian can always opt to equip a shield when needed (if
       he choose to master sword, mace or axe).  Sorceress can equip a
       shield too.  You can hardly find a sorceress with a staff anymore.
       They will either be equipped with a Sigon's Guard or a triple Diamond
       shield.  Necromancer is a natural user of shield.  It's because
       wands, the class-specific weapon for necro, can be wielded single-
       handedly.  As for paladin, well, shields are tailor-made for paladin.
       Nuff said.  That's about every character, except for a Bowazon.  I
       know, if an amazon wants to equip a shield, she should concentrate
       more on Spear and Javelin skill tree.  In another word - play a
       Javazon that throws javelin.  But what if players still prefer bow
       to javelin/spear.  There isn't a way for a bowazon to accommodate
       both a shield and a bow.  That would be one of the biggest
       disadvantage when playing a bowazon.  So it is my suggestion to make
       crossbow a one-handed weapon.  I know it's not going to be easy,
       because there's got to be a way to indicate what arrows/bolts to use.
       It is now being done by putting the arrows/bolts on the left and the
       bow on the right.  For this, I would like to suggest further that
       arrows/bolts should be accessed directly from the inventory, not
       from the left hand anymore.  This way, the left hand can be used to
       equip a shield instead.  That would make a Bowazon possible of
       equipping a shield.  If a penalty should be imposed, then decrease
       the damage like what's done with the barbarian for wielding a two-
       handed weapon with one hand.  If there is a problem about the
       artwork for it, then maybe a new type of bow can be invented perhaps.
       I would imagine something like a one-handed bowgun.  Yeah, I think
       that's it - a bowgun.  I bet it's going to look extremely cool on the
    5) As for the sorceress, maybe it's just me but I think she looks kinda
       stupid wielding a war sword (Culwen's Point) but never uses it to
       slash enemies.  It's just not her style.  For that, I would suggest
       a new class of exceptional weapons be created just for the sorceress.
       This time make it one-handed.  But I don't have the idea what it
       would be.  Almost every type of weapons has been covered and can be
       seen in DiabloII.  Out of crazy ideas, maybe it can be a sling or
       something.  Then the sorceress will be like a gladiator and acts
       like in 'David vs Goliath'.  Or it can be a knuckle that fits into
       her hand.  With it, she can slap any b*tch she encounters and causes
       a knockback.  Or it can be a crystal ball that has a homing ability,
       much like a boomerang.  But no matter what kind of weapons it might
       be, what's important is that there will be a one-handed weapon that
       can give +2 to all skill levels (Arch-angel modifier) exclusively
       for the sorceress.
    That's not the end of it.  But it's all I can think of for now.  I will
    try to get as many ideas as I can until the expansion is out. Hopefully,
    3-5 ideas will manage to get into it.  So, wish me luck!
    Questions and Answers
       This part may contain some offensive materials that may upset
    certain groups of people.  It mostly does not have to do with the guide,
    just some rantings, self-justifications, comments and stuffs.  If you
    find it too.. disturbing, please discontinue reading.
       You can send e-mails to me, and I hope to post the answers here. You
    don't really have to ask a question.  Just drop a mail saying things
    like 'I know how you feel, bro.  Damn those lightning bastards!' or
    'Asheara's cool but I like Charsi better.  Do you know she has a
    'thing' for the Barbarian?  Love it when she flirts!'.
       I have also received comments on my 'unconventional' way of writing
    FAQ.  Some like it, some don't.  Judging by the way I'm writing, I may
    not stand the chance to be the best FAQ writer around.  But it doesn't
    matter to me.  As I've said earlier, I don't write FAQ to impress
    ANYONE, and certainly not trying to win an award or something.  It is
    just my way of showing how much I love the game.  If I like a game or a
    certain aspect of it, I will write an FAQ for it.  Simple as that.  I
    don't seek fame nor recognition.  If I do, there are many other ways
    besides literally spending days writing an FAQ with basically NO PAY at
    all.  What can I possibly get from all this?  Basically nothing.  Hoping
    to even get appreciated seems to be too much to ask for nowadays.  But
    does that stop me from writing FAQs?  Hell NO!  I have already had my
    schedule all lined up for the next generation of games.  It takes more
    than 'your FAQ sucks!' or 'you make me sick!' to stop me from writing!
    ( Having the time to write and the money to buy the upcoming PS2 and its
      games are my biggest obstacles yet. )
    1. Who's your favorite NPC in the game?
       Okay, I know.  No one would ask a question like that.  But I want to
    answer it anyway (this is my FAQ, remember?).
       It's none other than 'Asheara' (Act III). I like her attitude. One of
    her most memorable lines would be 'Why play fair, when you can hire some
    of us.'  Sounds cool, isn't it?  In my opinion, maybe the Amazon should
    sound more like her.
    2. This FAQ's great.  So are you going to come up with an Amazon or a
       Paladin guide?
       I'm afraid the answer is no, for the time being.  I mean I do like
    other characters, but I'd rather stay focused on the sorceress.
    3. Who's your favorite character in DiabloII?
       Isn't it obvious enough?  I dedicated the whole FAQ for her!
    4. My computer is lagging. Do you know how to fix it?
       I'm no techie, so I can't really answer technical questions.  For
    any technical problems, please report it to support@blizzard.com.
    5. Why don't you give out the details of your sorceress level up, and
       we'll decide for ourselves?
       Are you sure you need that?  I'm sorry to say that I didn't keep a
    record of it.  But even if I do, don't you think it's better NOT
    revealed?  Being secretive can be advantageous sometimes.  Here is what
    happened when I played a multiplayer game with some friends.  At first,
    they thought I put a lot of points into -Meteor- since they see me
    casting it so frequently.  So they started gathering those fire
    resistant armors.  But the fact is, I don't even have a single point in
    -Meteor-!  You can actually FAKE the skill points with the sorceress.
    Isn't it cool?
    6.  I can't beat Duriel.  Help!!!
       Please try not to send emails like this.  It's hard for me to give
    the right advice.  Give more details like what skills you have, which
    part of the guide didn't work for you, and so on.  Then I'd be gladly
    to help, if I can.
    7.  How to beat a Barbarian in PvP?  He used Whirlwind and Leap
        Attack all the time!
       I have received lots of emails about duelling.  But most of it
    lacked some crucial information like what skills your opponent used,
    the skills that you're using(specify what you have AND what you used),
    what tactics did he used that killed you and so on.  I can't always
    list out every possible strategy as it is indeed a tiring task.  So
    please help me out by providing more details, okay?
       Duelling in DiabloII is not much different from playing fighting
    games like Street Fighter or King of Fighters.  The key in defeating
    a Barbarian is PATIENCE.  If what he used is Whirlwind and Leap Attack,
    it will not be that hard.  Personally, I fear a Frenzy Barbarian more
    but that's a different story.  To know how to beat him, first know the
    weakness of his attack.  Let's start with Whirlwind.  Whirlwind's
    weakness is obvious - slow.  Sorceress gains advantage by speed and
    space.  If the barbarian volunteered to slow himself down, why not make
    the best out of it? When he uses Whirlwind, run diagonally to escape it.
    As it is so slow, you will manage to escape it if you keep in mind that
    you should ALWAYS keep a distance.  Then you can cast ANY spell to kill
    him.  If it is Leap Attack, do the same but keep a longer distance.
    Leap Attack is deadly when close.  If you manage to escape it, cast
    anything you like.
       That is if he attacks first.  If he waits for you to cast a spell
    first and THEN attack you, then I would suggest that you try to keep a
    distance and cast -Hydra- instead.  -Hydra- will manage to piss him off
    a bit.  Hopefully that will make him lose his patience and attack you.
    If he attacks you with Whirlwind or Leap Attack, you know what to do.
    Do you get the concept right now?  Just remember, he who attacks first
    loses the battle.
    8.  Aren't you taking the sorceress thing a bit too personal?  I like
        the necromancer but doesn't mean I don't like other characters as
        well.  I've played with all of them.  I think all characters have
        their own strengths and weaknesses.  I don't think the sorceress
        has been treated unfairly like what you have said.  The sorceress
        is a very powerful character.  She can go solo in Hell/Hell in an
        8 player game.  I think the sorceress is fine the way she is.
       Well, I don't know how to answer an email like this.  I don't always
    have the answer for everything.  What I will do is either to agree or
    disagree with it.  For this one, I will have to agree with most of it.
    Maybe the sorceress had just gone through a normal balance routine which
    happened in other games as well.  So it shouldn't be a big fuss.  But
    whether she is still a powerful character or not, I would say it's too
    early to tell.  Until now, I still think playing the sorceress is not
    easy.  The main reason is her weak -Energy Shield-.  It makes it
    impossible to make one careless mistake.  And we all know careless
    mistakes are hard to avoid in spite of the lag.  If they fix -Energy
    Shield- or come up with a solution that will make the sorceress not die
    in one shot, I will keep my mouth tightly shut.  I promise :)
    9.  Why do you emphasize on changing the items?  If you want to
        improvise the sorceress, why not change the sorceress' skills
        instead?  That is more effective.
       Yes, changing the skills directly is more effective.  I agree.
    But, I think we have to be more realistic of what we want to change.
    Modifying the skills will have greater impact than just adding a few
    lines into the source codes.  There are still the balance factors need
    to be considered also.  With all the planning and restructuring, it
    may not be feasible in terms of time and money.  But requesting to see
    more varieties of items in the expansion is not too much to ask for in
    my opinion.  So I'd rather see the characters being improved in terms
    of the items can be equipped than to have the skills being upgraded
    or downgraded for that matter.
    10. What would be a good strategy for an Amazon to defeat Duriel?
        I tried several times but in that small place, with me being
        frozen most of the time seems rather impossible!  I tried to use
        cold and freezing arrows, fire and explosive but nothing!!
        I'm at level 22 and it's boring trying to make anoter level!!
       First of all, you do know I'm writing a sorceress FAQ, don't you?
    It surprises me to find someone asking an Amazon question.  But anyway,
    if I know how to do it, I'd be gladly to help.  I suppose the best way
    to deal with Duriel with an Amazon is to use Jab.  If you can, put one
    point into it and find yourself a nice pike.  Then Duriel wil be piece
    of cake.  If you insist on NOT putting a point into Jab, well be in for
    a tough fight. I hope you have AT LEAST a 'fast walk/run boot' equipped.
    The faster the better.  As you may already know, there's not going to be
    much of an opportunity to launch a strike safely because of the
    freezing aura and stuffs.  What I would suggest you to do is this :
      1) First cast -Town Portal- INSIDE the tomb when you get in.  This
         way you can find a way out when things get ugly later;
      2) Keep yourself running at all time.  So bring along some stamina
         potions with you if you can.
      3) While running, avoid Duriel's deadly attacks by running diagonally.
         Run to the side.  Then you will find Duriel stopped for a brief
         moment to catch his breath.  It's less than a whole second but that
         is exactly when you should launch your attack.  I would suggest
         that you use Ice Arrow.  That's the best attack to be used against
         him for now.  Since the damage done by Ice Arrow is minor compared
         to the life that Duriel has, do expect the battle to take some
         time.  Leave through the -Town Portal- to refresh yourself when
         needed.  Don't be stingy about the -Town Portal- scrolls.
         Remember, your life is more precious than hundreds of them.
    As you can see, it's a tough act to pull.  But it's certainly NOT
    impossible.  I have used the same strategy with the sorceress.  The
    only difference is to replace Ice Arrow with -Static Field-, that's all.
    11.  My sorc has 10 in vitality and only 85 HP.  She is Clvl 22.
         Since I'm planning to play her up to lvl 50 or more, I'd like to
         know how to avoid getting killed by even the smallest of monsters.
         What in earth should I do?  Monsters have 11% chance of hitting
         me and that's with -Shiver Armor-.  Should I allocate more points
         into Vitality or should I just try to completely avoid all
         attacks, (physical and magical)?
       I've read the debate on this issue before in DiabloII forum.  You
    can expect many will answer your question with a no, and a few will beg
    to differ.  As for me, I would say THAT is not a simple question to be
    answered with a vague yes or no.  Although your email can be considered
    as lengthy, it still lacked some crucial information I need in order to
    help.  It's because putting points into Vitality depends heavily on
    which skills you take.  It would take a long time to go through all
    possible options.  To make things short, I will only discuss one small
    aspect of it - -Energy Shield-.  Consider the following :
                    Less/No Energy Shield = More Vitality
                       More Energy Shield = Less Vitality
    If you think concentrating on certain skills will help you beat monsters
    with little life, then it's not going to be -Shiver Armor-.  Don't
    believe entirely on what's said about '11% a level 22 monsters will hit
    you'.  These are the reasons :
      a) Monsters are usually of higher level than you.  Those in hell are
         of level 70+.  So defense doesn't reflect exactly the chances enemy
         will hit you.
      b) That's 11% monsters will hit you with a NORMAL attack.  Many
         monsters have special attacks like Charge and Leap that will boost
         their attack ratings.
      c) Defense will only work when standing still.  I would say that's
         the stupidest thing for a sorceress to do.
      d) Defense is useless when it comes to magic attacks.  They always
    That's all I can think of.  But I'm sure there's going to be more
    reasons on why you shouldn't rely on defense so much.  So I think the
    best way to avoid attacks is still to run away from it or avoid the
    possibility enemy will hit you.  Therefore, the skills you should be
    considering instead are -Teleport-, -Hydra-, -Glacial Spike- and
    -Thunder Storm-.  These skills will greatly lower the risks of getting
    even a single hit.  When you can avoid from getting hit at all, then
    defense and the amount of life you have doesn't really matter anymore,
    does it?  If you think you need a clearer answer than this, then I
    would suggest that you send in your
      a) skill allocation plan - state which skills you're planning to use
                                 against the monsters in hell.
      b) dream equipments - what's important is to state which items that
                            help avoid attacks e.g. Sigon's Guard, or
                            items that reduce damage e.g. triple Diamond
                            shield and life boosting equipments.
    Then I would be able to provide a more specific answer to your question.
    12.  One thing I completely disagree with you is on -Warmth-.  I
         think this is the most important skill in the game in the game!
         I mean you still need attack spells, but I put 10 points into
         -Warmth- by the time I was level 20!  Because it's a set time
         that your mana comes back, regardless on how much you have when
         you level up.  You put more points into Energy which gives you
         more mana and it also regenerates quicker!  Now at Slvl 12, my
         -Warmth- helps me bring back the man from a level 9 -Frozen Orb-
         in 3-4 seconds!!!  So I really never run out of mana especially
         cause -Glacial Spike- is SO low (which you also looked down upon,
         which is my favorite spell out of all the classes!) so I think
         you should rethink the importance of -Warmth-, and maybe put
         something in your FAQ about how it worked wonders for me.
       The original post is actually much longer than this, so I think of
    writing a summary would be more appropriate.  From what I can make out
    of it, I think your skills allocation should be something like this.
                Clvl 42;
                Few points into -Chain Lightning-,
                Slvl 12 -Warmth-;
                Slvl 20 -Glacial Spike-;
                Lots into -Static Field-;
                Building up -Frozen Orb-;
       First of all, I would like say something about emails.  Yeah, I
    enjoyed reading the comments and the praises that you have for my FAQ.
    I really REALLY do, so don't stop and keep 'em coming!  But I would
    really appreciate it if you separate your real question from the other
    stuffs.  That would definitely save me a lot of time figuring out what
    you truly wanted to know.  Therefore, you can get your reply sooner!
       Let's start with -Warmth-, shall we?  No, I didn't say -Warmth- is a
    bad skill to invest into.  I mean who wouldn't enjoy a Slvl20 -Warmth-?
    With mana recovered to full in just a blink, -Warmth- is definitely a
    skill not to be neglected.  But sadly, the number of skill points
    available is very limited.  Like it or not, some choices, and not to
    mention sacrifices have to be made.  Let's do a comparison with -Warmth-
    and -Fire Wall-/-Thunder Storm-.
    With every one skill point invested, you'll get :
    -Warmth- : an increase of 12% in mana recovery.
    -Fire Wall- : an increase in damage (19/18 MIN, 18/19 MAX),
                  a wider radius,
                  a longer duration.
    -Thunder Storm- : an increase in damage (10 MIN, 10 MAX),
                      a longer duration,
                      an increase in frequency of attack.
    Of course, it's not fair to be compared like that.  But what I want you
    to understand is the preciousness of ONE SKILL POINT.  Isn't it clear
    that a skill point is better spent into spells like -Fire Wall- and
    -Thunder Storm- than in -Warmth-?  Just imagine you're duelling with a
    necromancer.  What would you rather have : a Slvl 20 -Warmth- or a Slvl
    20 -Fire Wall-?  Is mana recovery more important to you or killing your
    opponent more quickly your main priority?  Moreover I can always remedy
    the loss in mana recovery rate with mana/rejuvenation potions or with
    equipments.  But for the power in spells, I never seem to get more than
    enough of it.  I hope I made it clear enough for you to see things from
    my point of view.  Now you understand what I said about -Warmth- earlier
    is not without base.
       As for -Glacial Spike-, hey, it's MY favorite too!  I always have it
    mapped on the left click and it never leaves.  But whether it's worth
    more points into it, I would say it depends on your playing style.  I
    have seen people using only -Glacial Spike- for ALL types of enemies.
    Surprisingly, they are doing quite well, even up to hell difficulty.  I
    bet you must be one of them.  But this is what I thought.  Which combo
    will make enemy fall faster?   Glacial Spike(GS)/GS or GS/Fire Wall(FW)?
    Imagine this.
       a) GS/GS : GS, GS, GS, GS, GS, GS...
       b) GS/FW : GS, FW, GS, GS, FW, GS...
    I think you should know the answer by now.  As for my playing style,
    killing enemy fast is my main priority.  It's a harsh world out there
    on the battle.net, you know.  If I put all the skill points into
    -Glacial Spike-, I wouldn't have survived the constant challenges from
    PKer around the world.  Using -Glacial Spike- against NORMAL monsters
    is excellent.  But if I were to use only -Glacial Spike- against PKer,
    I'll be laughed at so badly, it will be a disgrace to the sorceress.
    So I will always use -Glacial Spike- or -Frost Nova- for supportive
    role, not for main attack.  I still think that -Glacial Spike- is only
    worth one true skill point.
      I'm writing all this down is by no mean to say or prove how wrong you
    are.  I always encourage everyone to figure out their own character.
    Make it and love it.  So it's not my style to say that you're wrong and
    I'm right.  And I'm NOT always right either.  But you are always
    welcomed to challenge me for a debate, and I wlll try my best to let
    you know what I think otherwise.
      I did this FAQ all by myself, so there are not many people that I can
    give credits to.  Just want to express my special thanks to :
      a) God for everything,
      b) My family for being so tolerant of my anti-social behavior,
      c) CJayC for posting this FAQ in www.gamefaqs.com,
      d) DiabloII.net for writing such nice things on the sorceress,
      e) Larry for helping me up with the Sorceress Skill section,
    I think that's it for now.
    The End.

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