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    Necromancer FAQ by Fiefo!

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/08/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DIABLO II Necromancer FAQ ver. 1.0
    by: Fiefo! (fiefo@hotmail.com)
    A. Legal Stuff and Where to Find This FAQ
    B. Revision History
    C. What is This FAQ For?
    D. Necromancy 101
         1. Curses
         2. Poison and Bone Spells
         3. Summoning Spells
    E. Training Your Necromancer
    F. Necromancer Walkthru
         1. Act I
         2. Act II
         3. Act III
         4. Act IV
    G. Boss Guide
         1. Act I Bosses
         2. Act II Bosses
         3. Act III Bosses
         4. Act IV Bosses
    H. Tips and Hints
    I. Help Me!
    J. Credits
    A. Legal Stuff:
         All the information here is for public viewing and should not be 
    used for profit and the expressed permission of the author. Please do 
    not use the information in here for any personal gain. This FAQ, being 
    published in the Internet is automatically is protected by international 
    copyright laws.
         In other words, this is mine! Don't remove my name and say, "This 
    is my FAQ and I'm taking all of the credit for it!" Got it?
         This FAQ can only be found in these places for now...
           1) www.gamefaqs.com (Lots of faqs here. Duh! The first update 
                                will ALWAYS be here!)
           2) DLH.net (European site! Pretty cool design here!)
           3) neoseeker.com (More like a host page, but it does got a few 
                             good FAQs as well!)
           4) gameadvice.com (Actually has TWO sites within it!)
    B. Revision History
    1.0 October 1, 2000
         First draft. More to come?
    1.1 October 3, 2000
         Boss Guide Update. Thanks to Werebear and DragonSlayer2500.
         More websites where this FAQ can be found!
    1.2 October 8, 2000
         MAJOR REFORMAT of borders and spaces. Thanks to Thomas Schuering.
         UPDATE on almost everything! Thanks to Ja Mes Kor and Jason
           Lane (and the "Lurkers")for the big amount of info.
    C. What is This FAQ For?
         First things first, although this FAQ gives hints on how to play 
    the game as a Necro, you can use a lot of the information, like the 
    walkthru and the boss guide. But, it shows on how to use a Necromancer 
    efficiently, because... HE'S TOUGH TO USE!
         Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work!
    D. Necromancy 101
         This is a general runthrough on the Skill Tree of the Necromancer. 
    As you know, there are some skills that are useful and some, well, 
    plain suck. This goes for all of the Classes. But more so for the 
    Necromancer! A lot of his skills are not useful, but he sure has some 
    powerful stuff. This is just to make sure you don't get a lemon-like 
    skill (which he's got a lot of!).
    1. CURSES
         The weakest part of a Necromancer's Skill Tree. A lot of the stuff 
    here is plain useless... but there are a few gems here... not much, but 
    the few that are actually good you'll probably use until the end of the 
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Curses: You've underestimated the power of this entire tree.  You're 
            not the only one.  Various people have played curse-specialized 
            Necromancers. The curses are so powerful that it does in fact 
            work - all the way through the higher difficulty levels.  This 
            tree is fully as powerful as the other two, if employed 
            properly. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
         The great thing about curses is that they don't use up a lot of 
    Mana points.
    Skill Name   : Amplify Damage
    Required     : None
    Skill Effect : Double damage to a group of enemies in a set radius.
    Pros         : Makes killing bad guys much, much easier!
    Cons         : Radius range and time of effect is limited.
    Comments     : One of the better skills a Necromancer has to him. 
                   You'll probably use this in almost all instances when 
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Amplify Damage:  Actually reduces the 'resist physical' attribute. 
                     This is largely irrelevant, but it does mean that 
                     melee attacks against the Insects will do 11 times as 
                     much damage as normal (they have 90% physical 
                     resistance), and similar effects will be seen against  
                     anything with the 'resist physical' attribute - 
                     Wraiths would be an example.  Not as powerful as you 
                     think it is, in comparison to other curses. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Dim Vision
    Required     : Level SIX (6)
    Skill Effect : Cursed monster's light radius is greatly reduced. 
                   Affects a certain area or group of monsters.
    Pros         : Opponents can't see far ahead, making it easier to do 
                   sneak attacks or just sneak past opponents.
    Cons         : Once you get close to the bad guys, it becomes pretty 
    Comments     : Not really that good. It's pretty useful against 
                   monsters with projectile attacks, tho. 
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Dim Vision:  This can completely freeze many monsters in their tracks -
                 melee attackers as well as ranged.  The major trick is 
                 that if it's already targeting something, it will continue 
                 to chase and target it. 
                 If it has to pick another action - ranged attackers do 
                 this for each attack - it'll realize it's blind and stop.  
                 I've noted earlier in this email that BONE WALL and FIRE        
                 GOLEM cause their victims to pick a new action.  :)  Of 
                 course, if it's attacked melee, it'll just 
                 counterattack... but this can still be used to effectively 
                 immobilize many opponents in many circumstances. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Weaken
    Required     : Level SIX (6)
    Skill Effect : Casts a curse in a set radius that makes that group of 
                   monsters strike with less strength, thereby reducing the 
                   damage inflicted.
    Pros         : Hey, damage done to you is reduced! Makes you like 
                   longer, right?
    Cons         : A whole group of monsters, even while WEAKENed, can 
                   still take you out!
                   Damage reduced isn't that much, unless you really put 
                   Skill Points here.
    Comments     : Better off putting the Skill Point into AMPLIFY DAMAGE. 
                   That way, you can kill the monsters before they can even 
                   get a chance to cause damage!
    Skill Name   : Iron Maiden
    Required     : Amplify Damage, Level TWELVE (12)
    Skill Effect : Casts on a group of monsters, this will cause them to 
                   receive some damage that the cursed ones dish out.
    Pros         : Opponents can actually kill themselves!
    Cons         : You can still get killed!
                   Doesn't seem to work on Elemental attacks.
    Comments     : Good for fighting against those "Extra Strong" monsters.
                   Cast it on them and then let your minions take the 
                   damage. Or just cast BONE ARMOR on yourself and let
                   yourself get attacked and recast BONE ARMOR again and 
                   again until the monster dies!
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Iron Maiden: In and of itself, is vastly powerful in combination with
                 any minions - more so than the minions attacking in and of 
                 themselves. This is the single most commonly cast 
                 Necromancer curse on higher difficulties.  It's worth it.]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Terror
    Required     : Weaken, Level TWELVE (12)
    Skill Effect : Causes monsters to flee!
    Pros         : Good when surrounded!
    Cons         : You'll have to chase your opponent!
    Comments     : Not that useful. Just try not to get surrounded and you 
                   won't need this skill at all. Besides, CORPSE EXPLOSION 
                   works better in clearing out a room if you are 
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Terror:  A wonderful curse.  As I said in the BONE WALL entry, this can
             be used to end fights instantly.  But wait, there's more! 
             TERROR sets a bit of information on the monster, called its 
             'flee flag'.  This means that REGARDLESS of whether TERROR is 
             actually on it, the monster will continue to flee.  Yes, this 
             means that you can effectively stack another curse on TERROR.  
             Why would you want to?   Wait. :) ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Confuse
    Required     : Dim Vision, Level EIGHTEEN (18)
    Skill Effect : Cursed monsters attacks anyone in range, friend or foe!
    Pros         : Can make the opponent fight one of his partners.
    Cons         : They still can attack you!
                   You have to have learned DIM VISION!
    Comments     : Kinda fun to use... but is it worth getting this skill? 
                   Not really.
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Confuse: A beautiful, beautiful curse.  Its basic effect is to cause
             CONFUSED monsters to attack any non-CONFUSED monster they see.  
             The first note regarding this is that this only becomes 
             effective when they decide what to do - ie, a FIRE GOLEM's 
             aura affects them.  So, I just said that TERROR was so useful.  
             Because you can stack CONFUSE the fleeing monsters.. and they   
             will run off at warp speed to find non-CONFUSED monsters to 
             Another huge application of this skill comes from the fact 
             that Uniques, Champions, and Bosses are basically immune to 
             most curses - including this one.  So if you cast a CONFUSE
             over the Unique and his army of Minions, all of the Minions 
             will become CONFUSED... and the Unique won't.  CONFUSE makes 
             CONFUSED monsters attack non-CONFUSED monsters.  Poor, poor 
             Unique. :) ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Life Tap
    Required     : Iron Maiden, Level EIGHTEEN (18)
    Skill Effect : When any of your party hits a monster inflicted with 
                   this, they will get back 50% on what they inflict.
    Pros         : You can get your life back without using a potion!
    Cons         : You have to hit to get life back!
    Comments     : Use this on one-on-one battles only! You won't get 
                   enough life back if you try to fight back against a 
                   horde of baddies to survive.
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Life Tap: You should never be meleeing anything as a Necromancer.  If
              you play the game single-player, this curse is basically 
              useless.  If you ever play the game multiplayer, and use LIFE 
              TAP with the right people around, they will follow you around 
              like lost puppies.  (Much as Barbarians do regarding my 
              Paladin's high-level Concentration aura. Something about 
              doing more than four times their usual damage, I think.)  
              Because LIFE TAP basically makes a melee Paladin or a 
              Barbarian completely invincible.  They do so much damage that  
              having half of it return to them means it looks like they 
              drank a Rejuvenation potion anytime they hit.  LIFE TAP will 
              make you lots and lots of friends. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Attract
    Required     : Confuse, Level TWENTY-FOUR (24)
    Skill Effect : Cursed monsters attack each other!
    Pros         : Hey! Any damage not done to you is great!
    Cons         : You have to have learned DIM VISION!
    Comments     : Watch the monsters fight each other! They kill each 
                   other and you and your minions can finish off the 
                   leftovers. Problem is, you've gotta learn DIM 
                   VISION, and that sort of sucks!
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Attract:  Like CONFUSE, worship this curse.  The applications should be
              fairly common-sense - ATTRACT and CONFUSE basically make 
              living monsters into your minions.  Why bother with corpses?  
              Note that like CONFUSE and DIM VISION, the effects of ATTRACT
              depend on having the monsters "decide what to do next".  If 
              they're already targeting something, you have to shake them 
              off of it to make ATTRACT work. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Decrepify
    Required     : Weaken, Level TWENTY-FOUR (24)
    Skill Effect : Cursed Monsters move sloooooooooowly.
    Pros         : Makes opponents use slowly so's you can chase them down!
                   Also does AMPLIFY DAMAGE and WEAKEN at the same time!
    Cons         : Nothing really... but it's such a pretty stupid skill 
                   for a Level 24 curse.
    Comments     : You and your minions  will have an easier time smashing 
                   up baddies and avoiding the blows of the baddies! 
                   Still... at this point, you won't really need this 
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Decrepify:  An evil, evil curse.  Its main application is in player-vs-
                player curse.  This curse massively slows its victim, has 
                an effect similar to a weaker AMPLIFY DAMAGE, AND WEAKENs 
                things more than WEAKEN does.  A high-level DECREPIFY and a 
                high-level BONE SPIRIT are a very lethal combination in 
                [player-vs-player] indeed. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Lower Resist
    Required     : Decrepify, Life Tap, Level THIRTY (30)
    Skill Effect : Affected monster takes extra damage from elemental 
    Pros         : When used in conjunction with your poison attacks, FIRE 
                   GOLEM and SKELETAL MAGES, you can pump up the damage 
                   pretty fierce.
    Cons         : AMPLIFY DAMAGE is better, and you can get that at 
                   Level 1, right from the start!
    Comments     : For one thing, AMPLIFY DAMAGE is much more powerful when 
                   you've got a FIRE GOLEM and a good weapon.
                   Another thing, it may increase the elemental damage 
                   caused, but you've got to have SKELETAL MAGES that live 
                   long lives to make this useful.
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Lower Resist:  Not all that useful.  It's noteworthy that if you
                   associate with a character whose primary attack forms do 
                   elemental damage and cast this Curse, they will worship 
                   you, follow you around, try to become your friend, etc..  
                   Sorceresses would be the major example.  I've had a 
                   Necromancer cast this spell for my Sorceress. Things 
                   die.  Immediately.  So a single, lonely point might be 
                   worth it. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
         A much better set of spells compared to Curses! Has some pretty 
    powerful damaging spells and quite a few weak ones as well.
    Skill Name   : Teeth
    Required     : None
    Skill Effect : Throws a spread of magical bone projectiles.
    Pros         : Your first magical projectile.
                   Has spread damage.
                   TEETH can pass thru opponents, harming the one behind 
                   the creature!
                   The next spell after this is POWERFUL!
    Cons         : Extremely SUCKY damage.
    Comments     : Lot of pros, but pretty weak! Teeth becomes useless very 
                   Put one point into it, so you can learn the spell after 
                   this, which it pretty powerful!
    Skill Name   : Bone Armor
    Required     : None
    Skill Effect : A revolving shield of bones protect the Necromancer from 
                   melee and non-magical projectile attacks.
    Pros         : If this is active, you take no damage from melee and 
                   non-projectile attacks from baddies.
    Cons         : Doesn't protect against elemental and magical attacks.
                   It can get destroyed.
    Comments     : Great spell! Just watch the BONE ARMOR closely. If it 
                   gets damage, recast it again! Upgrade this a lot early 
                   in the game!
    Skill Name   : Poison Dagger
    Required     : Level SIX (6)
    Skill Effect : You can cause poison damage when using a dagger.
                   Also amplifies attack rating when used.
    Pros         : Poison damage with this spell is pretty good.
                   You pump up the attack rating with this move, almost 
                   getting a sure hit.
    Cons         : You need a dagger!
    Comments     : When the hell are you gonna use a dagger?
    Skill Name   : Corpse Explosion
    Required     : Teeth, Level SIX (6)
    Skill Effect : Cast on a dead monster. The surrounding monsters will 
                   take 60-100% of the corpse's  hit points!
    Pros         : Does a heck of a lot of damage!
    Cons         : You need a dead body to use this.
    Comments     : Bound to be one of your favorite spells! Kill a monster. 
                   Lead baddies to the dead monster and let loose with 
                   this! If the group of baddies don't die, they should be 
                   easy pickings! If some of them die, use this again...
                   Use in conjunction with AMPLIFY DAMAGE for lotsa mayhem!
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Corpse Explosion: The first spell I've found you overestimating the
                      effectiveness of.  While this is a wonderful 
                      offensive spell, as of version 1.03 the damage does 
                      not scale with monster hp.  
                      Say you use this against a monster that has 1000 hp.  
                      In a single-player game, this will do 600-1000 damage 
                      and, of course, be wonderful.  In an eight-player 
                      game (common in Realm play), however, it will STILL 
                      do 600-1000 damage.. while the monster will now have 
                      huge numbers of additional hp.  REVIVED and other 
                      methods become more effective methods of doing damage 
                      at ths point. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Bone Wall
    Required     : Bone Shield, Level TWELVE (12)
    Skill Effect : Creates a wall of bone to block your opponent's path.
    Pros         : You can either use this to escape or prevent monsters 
                   from escaping!
    Cons         : Pretty useless in almost all situations!
                   Hard to aim properly!
                   The SKELETONS that you re-animate will actually try to 
                   destroy it!
    Comments     : Don't waste your time here. By this time, running should 
                   be easy with AMPLIFY DAMAGE-CORPSE EXPLOSION combo.
                   Besides, you've got minions to sacrifice when you want 
                   to escape!
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Bone Prison : These two spells are widely agreed, by those who use
    Bone Wall     them, to be the most widely underestimated Necromancers 
                  spells in the game.  BONE WALL is up there with TERROR, 
                  in general, as one of the best spells for ending a fight 
                  that's not going your way IMMEDIATELY. Very, very unfair 
                  kills are possible against the Smith and Hephasto with 
                  BONE WALL.  One of these spells' major advantages, and 
                  one that's very hard to find out about, is the fact that 
                  their HP scale with difficulty level.  In Hell 
                  difficulty, BONE WALL has a base of 400+ hp. 
                  Furthermore, EACH SECTION has that many hp - meaning that 
                  attacks on unrelated sections of the wall don't 
                  effectively combine. The destruction of one section, of 
                  course, results in the destruction of the whole wall.  
                  It's worth noting here, because it'll become relevant 
                  when I get to Curses, that BONE WALL causes monsters to 
                  stop and think about what to do next. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Poison Explosion
    Required     : Poison Dagger, Corpse Explosion, Level TWELVE (18)
    Skill Effect : Poison explodes from a corpse.
    Pros         : Works well against monsters with good defense.
    Cons         : Not as powerful as CORPSE EXPLOSION.
                   You have to get POISON DAGGER... which is very useless!
    Comments     : Stick with CORPSE EXPLOSION. This is only useful against 
                   opponents who have high defense ratings... but you've 
                   got AMPLIFY DAMAGE so there's no need to worry against 
                   high defense monsters, correct?
    Skill Name   : Bone Spear
    Required     : Corpse Explosion, Level EIGHTEEN (18)
    Skill Effect : Throw a magical bone projectile at opponents.
    Pros         : Very powerful, very fast.
                   The projectile will pierce thru monsters, hitting 
                   baddies who are behind them.
                   Good for creating long distance CORPSE EXPLOSIONS.
    Cons         : Lots of mana needed.
    Comments     : I love this one! Useful in tight places when you can 
                   just line up the baddies and let loose with this 
                   multiple times to kill all of them quickly!
                   Use against multiple baddies.
    Skill Name   : Bone Prison
    Required     : Bone Wall, Level TWENTY-FOUR (24)
    Skill Effect : Surrounds monsters with Bone Walls.
    Pros         : Makes monsters stop running so you can pelt them with 
    Cons         : Useless in most cases.
                   The SKELETONS that you re-animate will actually try to 
                   destroy it!
    Comments     : Like BONE WALL, don't waste your time here... but then 
                   again, you wouldn't be able to learn this in the first 
                   place unless you wasted your time with BONE WALL, right?
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Bone Prison : These two spells are widely agreed, by those who use
    Bone Wall     them, to be the most widely underestimated Necromancers 
                  spells in the game.  BONE WALL is up there with TERROR, 
                  in general, as one of the best spells for ending a fight 
                  that's not going your way IMMEDIATELY. Very, very unfair 
                  kills are possible against the Smith and Hephasto with 
                  BONE WALL.  One of these spells' major advantages, and 
                  one that's very hard to find out about, is the fact that 
                  their HP scale with difficulty level.  In Hell 
                  difficulty, BONE WALL has a base of 400+ hp. 
                  Furthermore, EACH SECTION has that many hp - meaning that 
                  attacks on unrelated sections of the wall don't 
                  effectively combine. The destruction of one section, of 
                  course, results in the destruction of the whole wall.  
                  It's worth noting here, because it'll become relevant 
                  when I get to Curses, that BONE WALL causes monsters to 
                  stop and think about what to do next. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Poison Nova
    Required     : Poison Explosion, Level THIRTY (30)
    Skill Effect : Necromancer produces foul-smelling Body Odor (hehe).
    Pros         : All monsters surrounding the Necro takes a big, powerful 
                   whiff of poisonous, and deadly body odor, or something 
                   like that.
                   You don't need a corpse or a whimpy dagger!
    Cons         : You need to learn POISON DAGGER!
    Comments     : In the first place, you shouldn't get surrounded! Also, 
                   it takes time to kill with poison, so you can still die 
                   while waiting for the monsters to die!
    Skill Name   : Bone Spirit
    Required     : Bone Spear, Level THIRTY (30)
    Skill Effect : Aim at a baddie and cast this. The projectile will hunt 
                   down the target!
    Pros         : Follows the baddie wherever it may go!
                   Extremly Powerful!
    Cons         : Dissipate with time.
                   Doesn't hit multiple monsters like BONE SPEAR and TEETH.
                   You have to aim it to make sure it hits the desired 
    Comments     : Extremly useful, especially against fast moving monster 
                   who are hard to aim with the BONE SPEAR.
                   Use this against single opponents.
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    All of the Poison spells: Poison, for numerous reasons, is horribly
                              buggy in Diablo 2.  It fails to work in a 
                              whole multitude of nasty ways.  No one who's 
                              not deliberately playing a difficult 
                              character should consider these spells at 
                              all. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
         Although you only use these spells from time to time (re-casting 
    your Golem, trying to get a better Skeletal Mage, etc.), these are 
    probably your most useful spells in the game for the Necromancer!
    Skill Name   : Raise Skeleton
    Required     : None
    Skill Effect : Raises a Skeleton Warrion from a dead monster to fight 
                   for you.
    Pros         : Have an extra ally when you need it!
    Cons         : Pretty dumb (can get in your way in tight corridors)
                   Very low HP.
                   Pretty much useless by the end of Act I.
    Comments     : Putting Skill points into this will increase the number 
                   of SKELETON WARRIORS you can create at a time. By the 
                   end of Act I, these guys pretty much die with a few 
                   hits, so I suggest you don't put too much reliance on 
                   these guys.
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Raise Skeleton: It would be a good idea to make the entry for Raise
                    Skeleton read more like: "This skill is completely 
                    useless after Act I Normal, and in the higher 
                    difficulties becomes a complete joke.  Do not even 
                    think about putting a second point into this skill.  
                    Ever." ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Skeleton Mastery
    Required     : Raise Skeleton 
    Skill Effect : Raises the damage and health of all types of SKELETONS 
                   and REVIVED creatures.
    Pros         : Makes your SKELETONS stronger and tougher to kill!
                   Being a PASSIVE Skill, this requires no Mana.
    Cons         : The boost in life and damage really isn't sufficient to 
                   put a lot of points into this skill.
    Comments     : You may want to put a few points here, but in the long 
                   run, it would be better to put the points into GOLEM
    Skill Name   : Clay Golem
    Required     : Level SIX (6)
    Skill Effect : Creates a creature from the ground to fight for you.
    Pros         : Stronger and tougher that your Skeleton creatures in 
                   every way.
    Cons         : You can have only one Golem, of any type, at a time.
                   Pretty dumb (can get in your way in tight corridors)
    Comments     : Putting points here will give the CLAY GOLEM more life 
                   and strength, NOT the ability to make more GOLEMS.
                   This is better than the SKELETON WARRIORS in every way. 
                   But they do become useless by the middle of Act II.
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Clay Golem: I'm told that various odd strategies involving them are
                possible, mainly revolving around Iron Maiden and the fact 
                that they cost very, very little to cast. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Golem Mastery
    Required     : Clay Golem, Level SIX (6)
    Skill Effect : Increases the life and speed of your Golems.
    Pros         : Your Golems will live longer and move faster.
                   Being a PASSIVE Skill, this required no Mana.
    Cons         : Doesn't increase the attacking power of your GOLEMS.
    Comments     : Put some points into it. You're gonna use GOLEMS a lot, 
                   even in the end part of the game.
    Skill Name   : Raise Skeletal Mage
    Required     : Raise Skeleton, Level TWELVE (12)
    Skill Effect : Summons from a dead baddie a SKELETON that can throw 
                   elemetal projectiles.
    Pros         : Projectile throwing SKELETONS makes it easy to find 
                   They do elemental damage, which is always useful.
    Cons         : Pretty dumb (can get in your way in tight corridors)
                   They die easily in higher stages of the game.
    Comments     : Putting points here increases the amount of SKELETAL 
                   MAGES you can have at a time, So, if you want, put a lot 
                   of points here to have a powerful elemental army!
    Skill Name   : Blood Golem
    Required     : Clay Golem, Level EIGHTEEN (18)
    Skill Effect : Summons a Golem that is linked to your health.
    Pros         : Very tough to kill!
                   When the BLOOD GOLEM hits a monster, you get back a 
                   small percentage of life.
    Cons         : When the BLOOD GOLEM is hit, you lose a small percentage 
                   of life.
                   You can have only one Golem, of any type, at a time.
                   Pretty dumb (can get in your way in tight corridors)
    Comments     : Good for getting life back. Just sit back and watch it 
                   give you life by letting it kill baddies for you. 
                   Unfortunately, if your BLOOD GOLEM gets overwhelmed,
                   you lose some life as well. 
                   Putting Skill Points here will increase the damage
                   and the percentage of life/damage returned to you.
    [FROM: Ja Mes Kor
    Blood Golem: BLOOD GOLEM is your blood of survival till ACT 4. ]
                                                                -Ja Mes Kor
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Blood Golem: You underestimate the current (v1.03) power of BLOOD GOLEM
                 and IRON MAIDEN.  While BLOOD GOLEM is nothing special in 
                 and of itself, damage inflicted by IRON MAIDEN is counted 
                 as damage inflicted by the GOLEM.  Meaning that the GOLEM 
                 will heal itself, and you, thus making the two of you 
                 practically immortal.  Note that this is widely agreed to 
                 be a bug, and will probably get nerfed (weakened).  
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Summon Resist
    Required     : Golem Mastery, Level TWENTY-FOUR (24)
    Skill Effect : All your minions gets resistances to elemental attacks.
    Pros         : Your minions don't die that easily from elemental magic.
                   Being a PASSIVE Skill, this required no Mana.
    Cons         : Your minions still will die from elemental attacks!
                   This skill DOES NOT increase YOUR resistance to 
                   elemental attacks.
    Comments     : Not really that useful in my opinion since it doesn't 
                   help you defend against the elements. Better off putting 
                   that point in the MASTERY skills if you want them to get 
    Skill Name   : Iron Golem
    Required     : Blood Golem, Level TWENTY-FOUR (24)
    Skill Effect : Creates a Golem from any weapon or armor made of metal.
    Pros         : The IRON GOLEM takes on the properties of the object 
                   it's created from!
                   At level 2, the IRON GOLEM has a THORNS Aura, which 
                   returns damage that it takes from close melee attacks.
    Cons         : You NEED a metal weapon for this to work!
                   You can have only one Golem, of any type, at a time.
                   Pretty dumb (can get in your way in tight corridors)
    Comments     : Buy a magical weapon made of metal then cast this spell 
                   the instant you leave town. Now you don't have to worry 
                   about finding a metal weapon with good magical 
                   properties. Can be expensive, tho.
                   With the THORNS Aura, baddies can actually kill 
                   themselves... and with the AMPLIFY DAMAGE curse working 
                   in your favor...
    Skill Name   : Fire Golem
    Required     : Iron Golem, Level THIRTY (30)
    Skill Effect : Creates a Fire Golem... 'nuff said.
    Pros         : FIRE GOLEMS actually ABSORB Fire elemental damage to 
                   it's life!
                   Has a Fire Aura that hits for small damage when a baddie 
                   is visible.
                   Creating a new or Unsummoning a FIRE GOLEM, or if it 
                   dies, willl cause it to explode for extremely powerful 
                   fire damage.
    Cons         : Very consuming on the Mana!
                   You can have only one Golem, of any type, at a time.
                   Pretty dumb (can get in your way in tight corridors)
    Comments     : You'll love this guy! This is the reason why I leveled 
                   up until Level 30!
                   Send this guy into the fray. If he gets surrounded and 
                   you've got Mana to spare, blow him up! Big time damage, 
                   setting up for the CORPSE EXPLOSION chain attack for the 
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Fire Golem:  One note.  This GOLEM's fire aura, while nearly useless in
                 higher difficulties in terms of damage dealt, is 
                 significant in that it's counted as an attack against 
                 anything it targets - causing the monster to stop and 
                 think about what to do next (more about this later, under 
                 Curses), and under most circumstances causing them to then 
                 turn and attack the GOLEM.  This makes this GOLEM VERY 
                 good at attracting monsters. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Skill Name   : Revive
    Required     : Raise Skeletal Mage, Level THIRTY (30)
    Skill Effect : Revived a dead monster to fight for you! 
    Pros         : Works on all dead baddies!
                   They get a life boost!
    Cons         : Time limit sucks.
    Comments     : If it weren't for the time limit, this would be the 
                   Necro's best spell.
                   Raise a baddie that you had a tough time killing so that 
                   the rest of the remaining monsters can feel the 
                   hardships that you endured!
    [FROM: Jason Lane
    Revive: You underestimate the power of Revived.  Revive is unbelievably
            useful - any conventional Necromancer in NightMare+ difficulty 
            will have a bunch floating around.  Ten at a time isn't at all 
            unusual.  You cannot revive Bosses, Uniques, or Champions, 
            unfortunately.  Mephisto will not get up and follow you around.  
            Pity. :) ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    E. Training Your Necromancer
         Okay, let me get this out first. The Necromancer is very, VERY hard 
    to make effective, seeing that his Skill Tree has a lot of useless 
    stuff in it. But, the useful spells that he can learn are, without a 
    doubt, the most powerful spells in the World of Sanctuary.
         Below are the strengths and weaknesses of a Necromancer. They are 
    not really 100% correct for your character because you'll be 
    distributing your stat and skill points the way you think. I'm just 
    basing this on my experience in the game.
    1) He doesn't go to the gym that often.
         The Necromancer's starting strength is pretty low. He is on par 
    with the Sorceress strength-wise. Not exactly a young Hercules, is he? 
    Which brings us to his defense. Seeing that he cannot carry heavy 
    stuff, heavy armor will be a problem!
         This is easily remedied by pumping up his strength stats early on 
    in the game, rather than his other abilities. It's easier to get useful 
    items that increase you Attack and Defense Ratings, the amount of Mana 
    and Health you have, rather that equipment that boosts your strength ratings.
    [FROM: Jason Lane
         Your stat advice fails to take in one major factor.  In higher
    difficulty levels, defense is basically completely meaningless, unless
    you're a Barbarian with Shout and Iron Skin so as to achieve 3000+
    defense.  The 1k defense my paladin has is just a nice addition to
    shield blocking.  The basic reason for this is that monster Attack
    Rating is a multiple of what it should actually be, and the bug causing
    it isn't likely to be fixed for game balance reasons.  In Hell
    difficulty, it's 16 times what it should be.  Defense is useless,
    especially for spellcasters.  Go for modifiers instead.  Even for melee
    classes, non-defense equipment is now desirable - check out what 
    Iceblink, a unique splint mail with low defense, is trading for these
         This means that Strength, in your strategy, is... kinda useless.  
    Don't ask me what to go for instead.  I'm still thinking about it. :) ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    2) For a Spell-Caster, he doesn't have a lot of Mana.
         His Mana is really limited, unlike the Sorceress, who has a 
    Passive skill that will increase the rate of her Mana recovery. 
    Thankfully, his Summoning spells are pretty low, and the Curses 
    practically use no Mana. The only problem is his Poison and Bone 
    which are pretty Mana-expensive.
         It's a good thing that Mana potions give him a lot of Mana when 
    compared to other classes like the Barbarian.
    3) Health Potions are not too effective on him.
         Health Potions, when compared to, say, a Barbarian class warrior, 
    doesn't give him much health. Pumping up on his energy is out of the 
    question, because you should be concentrating on putting those Stat 
    Points to Strength.
         To offset this (sorta), the Necromancer has the BLOOD GOLEM, which 
    gives life back to you with each successful attack it does, and the 
    LIFE TAP Curse. Still, your better off bringing a whole herd of Health 
    and Rejuvenation potions instead.
    1) Necromancers got good eyesight!
         The initial dexterity is really high for a Necromancer! This means 
    that he has good initial Attack and Defense Ratings. Sadly, this won't 
    be much use for a Necromancer. The reason is...
    2) You're almost never gonna fight alone!
         With the ability to create minions, you don't have to buy friends 
    like the other classes. You can MAKE friends! They will do most of the 
    fighting for you, while you just concentrate on the baddies that cause 
    the most trouble for you (monsters that heal and ressurect other monsters, 
    enchanted creatures, etc.), or you can just hang back and watch the 
         Still, you shouldn't over-rely on your minions, especially against 
    Uniques and Bosses. They are generally throw pillows to them. You 
    definitely need to help out in these cases.
    3) Dead bodies is the ammunition of your Necromancer.
         CORPSE EXPLOSION is super damaging... and it can kill a whole mess 
    of creautes in a hurry... creating more corpses for your CORPSE 
    EXPLOSION! Also, you need corpses to create your Undead army!
    4) The few Curses that are useful are REALLY useful!
         AMPLIFY DAMAGE makes baddies easy pickings for your minions and 
    CORPSE EXPLOSION. IRON MAIDEN is great against bosses because they 
    actually whack the crap out of him or herself! They smash up your 
    minions? Just make some more! They kill them again? Make more! They'll
    eventually kill themselves! Sneaky, huh?
    F. Necromancer Walkthru:
         Although this is for Necromancers, other classes can get ideas for 
    their own battles.
         A SPECIAL NOTE! This Section has some spoilers on the storyline. 
    So, read with caution.
         A note before I start with the walkthru. You will eventually find 
    gemstones while defeating the monsters and such and you will find Gem 
    Shrines, which will give you a gemstone if you don't have one or 
    upgrade a gemstone in your inventory.
         I suggest the instant you find a Gem Shrine, try to make sure that 
    you upgrade the Diamond, the Skull and Emerald Gemstones to Perfect if 
    you can. You'll need them when you are in the final Act.
         Another note: These are notes for casual players of Diablo II.
    That means, no heavy levelling up. Just enough leveling up. No extra
    levels (like the Moo Moo Farm, Nightmare or Hell levels). Just for the
    ones who are having a devil of a time with the game.
    1. Act I
    Town/City: Rouge Encampment
    People : Akara  - Heals you for free when you talk to her.
                      Sells specific class weapons (wands for example), 
                      potions and scrolls.
             Kasha  - Lets you hire Amazon archer warriors.
             Charsi - Repairs your equipment.
                      Sells weapons and armor.
             Gheed  - Sells weapons and armor.
                      Sells unidentified equipment (Gamble option).
             Cain   - Identifies items for free (only after Quest III)
             Warriv - Brings you to Lut Gholein (only after Quest VI).
    QUEST I: Den of Evil
       Available when    : after talking to Akara.
       Goal of Quest     : Kill all monsters in the Den of Evil.
       Reward given      : Free Skill Point.
       Recommended Level : 1 - 6
         After talking to Warriv (the first person you see), he directs you 
    to talk to the leader of the camp, Akara. Go speak to her (she is 
    located in the east part of the encampment). She tells you that there 
    is a cave that is filled with the minions of evil. If you are truely 
    their friend, you will help them. So, off to the Blood Moor, which is 
    just outside the camp.
         I suggest you train a bit so that you can get at least one more 
    SKELETON WARRIOR or a CLAY GOLEM in the Blood Moor. Oh, and get AMPLIFY 
    DAMAGE while you're at it. If you can, get TEETH now. It's probably the 
    only time it will be useful in th game. 
         Anyway, eventually, you'll come across a cave (the Den of Evil) in 
    the Blood Moor. Enter and the quest box will change and say that you 
    must kill all the baddies in here. Well, at least it's not one-on-100.
         This is pretty easy. Let your minions do most of the work for you 
    and assist them if they start to get overwhelmed or you encounter 
    Fallen Shamans which ressurect dead Fallens. You don't get experience 
    from killing raised Fallens again so it's better to kill them off 
    quickly. None of the mosters should give you a terrible time.
         After cleaning you the entire cave of monsters, light will shine 
    in, proclaiming that the cave is now pure from evil. Go back to Akara 
    to get your reward or walk around a bit outside to get more experience.
         When you return back to the Rouge Encampment, talk to Akara and 
    you will get a free Skill point. Learn anything you like, but remember 
    the recommendations I gave you in Necromancy 101. I recommend getting 
    BONE ARMOR if you haven't yet or CORPSE EXPLOSION if you are at 
    Level 6 by now.
    Quest II: Sisters Burial Grounds
       Available when    : talk to Kasha after Quest I.
       Goal of Quest     : Kill Blood Raven.
       Reward given      : Free Amazon Warrior.
       Recommended Level : 3 - 8
         Now, talk to Kasha. She tells you that one of her best warriors, 
    Blood Raven has been corrupted by the evil and is now fighting against 
    them. She asks for your help.
         Go past the Blood Moor and into the Cold Plains. You'll know that 
    you are near the Cold Plains because you'll encounter Flaivie, the 
    Rouge guarding the entrance to the Blood Moor from the Cold Plains.
         This is where it gets tougher because you're not exactly fighting 
    the undead anymore. You're fighting humans that have been converted to 
    the side of evil! They can be tough, even if you have a lot of minions 
    by your side. My advice is to find the Waypoint in the area here as 
    soon as possible and retreat back to the Rouge Encampment via Waypoint 
    if you get in trouble. 
         Also, there is a cave in this area. While it doesn't really have 
    anything to do with your quest, this would be a good place to get some 
    extra experience points if you want to level up some more.
         From the Cold Plains, there will be two paths that you can take. 
    One will lead to the Burial Grounds and the other will lead to the 
    Stony Field. Since Blood Raven is at the Burial Grounds, head there if 
    you want to fight her immediately, or go the the Stony Field if you 
    want to level up a bit before you fight her. It's up to you.
         This is a small area and the place is just overflowing with the 
    undead. Run around the outer boundary of the area, killing up monsters. 
    This is just in case you have to make a hasty retreat later if you get 
    overwhelmed in the middle with Blood Raven and her army of Undead 
    Zombies. Retreat to town if you need to get health up. Don't use the 
    potions in your belt just yet. Save them for Blood Raven.
         For my recommendations on how to beat Blood Raven, look at 
    Section G, Boss Guide.
         After beating her, and getting the stuff she drops, explore the 
    area a bit and find the Crypt and Mausoleum. They don't pose much of a 
    challenge and they contain Golden Treasure Boxes, which are just full 
    of valuable treaure and filled with cash.
         Return to the Rouge Encampment and receive your reward from Kasha, 
    a free Rouge.
    Quest III: The Search for Cain
       Available when    : talk to Akara after finishing Quest II.
       Goal of Quest     : Rescue Deckard Cain in Tristram.
       Reward given      : Cain is rescued, and will identify your magical 
                           items for free!
                           Random Ring.
       Recommended Level : 6 - 10
         This is one of the hardest quest because the monsters are pretty 
    tough, so I advise you to level up like mad before undertaking this 
    quest, especially the ending part of the quest (when you go to the town 
    of Tristram).
         Akara realises that you and the Sisterhood needs a good advisor. 
    And that person is Deckard Cain. But he has been imprisioned in the 
    town of Tristram. You must first get the Scroll of Inifuss which is 
    found on the Tree of Inifuss in the Dark Wood. So, off you go once 
         Go to the Stony Field. If you search around here, you can find a 
    Waypoint, a cave (the Underground Passage you need to go to the Dark 
    Wood), the Carin Stones (which will be needed later in your present 
    quest), and a Moldy Tome. Reading the Tome will activate The Forgotten 
    Tower Quest now. 
         Enter the Underground Passage. There are two levels to this 
    dungeon. Although you only need to stay at Level 1, Level 2 is really, 
    really small, but jam-packed with monsters and goodies to take, so 
    explore that area as well. 
         Passing through the Underground Passage, it would be helpful if 
    you've got CORPSE EXPLOSION by now, seeing that there are a huge amount 
    of monsters here! BONE ARMOR also helps greatly if you get surrounded 
    before you can make a corpse for the CORPSE EXPLOSION.
         After reaching the other side of the Underground Passage, you 
    emerge at the Dark Wood. Search for the Tree of Inifuss (I still don't 
    understand why a tree has a scroll. Oh, well). After you search it and 
    get the Scroll of Inifuss, look for the Waypoint and go back to Akara 
    for advice (namely, how to use the damn scroll in the first place). Or, 
    stay awhile and fight baddies before returning. The monsters here are 
    kinda strong but they do give good experience.
         Back at the Rouge Encampment, Akara reads the Scroll and gives it 
    back to you. She tells you to find the Carin Stones found in the Stony 
    Field (remember them?) and touch them in the order she marked in the 
    Scroll of Inifuss to create a Portal to the Town of Tristram. So, use
    the Waypoint to the Stony Field. 
         At the Stony Field, find you way back to the Carin Stones and 
    right-click on the Scroll. A pattern will show the order you need to 
    touch the Stones to activate the Portal. Do so and a red Portal with 
    accompanying flashes of light will appear. Now, get ready to face a 
    whole lot of monsters and uniques in Tristram...
         If you played Diablo 1, you may find that the town of Tristram 
    sure has changed a lot. The monsters here are sure tough! Your minions 
    may die a lot so be ready with Mana potions or a quick escape back to 
    the Rouge Encampment via Town Portal. You'll probably meet Griswald
    (remember him?) and a Unique off the bat the instant you walk a few 
    steps. They are tough so you will really need to help out your minions 
    against them, using melee attacks, casting AMPLIFY DAMAGE and CORPSE 
    EXPLOSION often just to thin things out. Having a SKELETAL MAGE 
    at this point with a Cold attack really helps out tremendously since 
    they freeze the target for a limited time.
         After you defeat them, reorganize and create a few minions again. 
    There are still some Uniques to fight, althought they aren't as tough 
    as Griswald. Walk around the edge of town first to find Wirt's body 
    (remember him? He's the kid with the super expensive stuff in Diablo 
    1). Loot his corpse and get a fountain of gold coins and... his leg? 
    (actually, his leg has a purpose but as of now, it's not needed so you 
    don't have to get it. You can get it at the end of the game if you feel 
    like playing an extra stage.) 
         Go to the middle of the town. Here you'll find a whole lot of gold 
    and Deckard Cain hanging in a cage. Free him and he'll thank you but 
    he's not greatful enough to allow you to go with him by the Town Portal 
    he uses to get to the Rouge Encampment :).
         With that over, return to the Rouge Encampment. But, save the game 
    first before talking to Akara. Copy the save file to a separate folder. 
    Load the game again then talk to Akara. She'll give you a ring. If you 
    think that the ring is just crap. Copy the save file from your separate 
    folder back to the save directory in Diablo and load that game. Repeat 
    until you get a good ring... or if it feels like too much work, never 
    mind. Just talk to Akara.
         Finally, talk to Deckard Cain, he says he's greatful for saving 
    him and as a reward, he'll follow you wherever you go and identify the 
    magical items you get along your way! Yahoo! No need to waste money on 
    Identify Scrolls ever again!
    Quest IV: The Forgotten Tower
       Available when    : read the Moldy Tome in the Stony Field
       Goal of Quest     : Kill the Countess found in the Forgotten Tower.
       Reward given      : nothing really. But you do get a whole lot of 
                           cash for your effort!
       Recommended Level : 8 - 13
         Remember the Tome you read back at the Stony Field? Well, it tells 
    you about the Countess and the riches that she had hidden. So, off you 
    go to find if she's still wealthy although she's been corrupted by 
         Off you go past the Dark Wood and into the Black Marsh. Here 
    you'll find a cave which leads to a Hole. You'll want to go here for 
    the experience and the treasure that it has. The monsters in the Hole 
    are not that tough, but in the second level of this dungeon, there's a
    whole horde of several hordes (in other word: much more than a mess of 
    monsters to fight), and a few Unique monsters so lots of magical 
    equipment and experience to get, but also becomes easy to get killed, 
         Also in the Dark Wood is the passage to The Forgotten Tower. It's 
    easily identified 'coz the entrance looks like a trapdoor. The first 
    level doesn't have any monsters so no problem there...
         Along the way, to the depths of the Celler (I thought it was a 
    Tower? Never mind.), you will probably have your first battles with the 
    Ghost-like creatures. They drain Mana as well as hurt you, so it would 
    be wise to back-off and let your minions doing most of the work, while 
    you lay back and CORPSE EXPLOSION the ones that die to help out. 
    Hopefully, by this time, you've got a good SKELETAL WARRIOR and MAGE 
    troop to go along with your sidekick CLAY GOLEM. That way, the SKELETAL 
    MAGES can attack while the Ghosts approach and the rest of your minions 
    close in for the kill, attracting their attention from you.
         Eventually, you'll reach the bottom of the Cellar and find lots 
    and lots (and I do mean LOTS) of gold just lying around! And with all 
    that gold, you should conclude that the Countess should be close by. 
    Beef up your Minions to full then face her and her court.
         Refer to the Boss Section to find my recommended method of beating 
    the Countess.
         After the battle, (I'll tell you ahead of time. She's a cakewalk) 
    return to town so that you can store your piles of gold in your stash 
    immediately. You wouldn't want to die with all that gold, now would you?
    Quest V: Tools of the Trade
       Available when   : talking to Charsi after activating Quest IV.
       Goal of Quest    : Return the Horadric Malus to Charsi.
       Reward given     : Charsi will imbue one piece of equipment with 
                          magical abilities.
       Recommened Level : 10 - 16
         Now, talk to Charsi. She says that she lost her Horadic Malus in
    the Barracks. So now, she wants to get it back because, with it, she 
    will imbue one (Why only one? How about all?) piece of your ordinary 
    equipment with magic abilities (basically, she'll take that item and make 
    it into a Rare item. Pretty good, huh?) to help you on your quest.
         This quest will allow you to level up pretty fast, seeing that all
    the monsters you're gonna fight are tough and plenty of them to go 
    around. Also, it's a long way to the next Waypoint, so I suggest 
    finally getting a Tome of Town Portal so you can keep a lot of those 
    Scrolls of Town Portal easily in your limited inventory.
         Anyway, use the Waypoint back to the Black Marsh and find the 
    Tamoe Highland. Here, even the weak Quill Rat versions (the Razor 
    Spine) can really rack up the damage because they not only fire at a 
    rapid pace, they also fire in a spread fashion, making it hard to 
    dodge... and they usually come in groups of three or more!
         You'll probably face the Returned Mage, which are Evil's version 
    of your SKELETAL MAGE. Since, you should know by now, they attack with 
    elemental projectiles, it would be wise to take these guys out quickly 
    if you're really weak at your resistances to the elements.
         Now, your next destination will most probably be at the entire 
    upper right of the place, which is the Monestary Gates. This area is 
    very small, so you should breeze thru this place and quickly enter the 
    Outer Cloister. 
         The Outer Cloister is where you'll find the next Waypoint, and, 
    boy, are you gonna need it! The baddies here are overwhelming, easily 
    killing your SKELETAL WARRIORS with a few strikes, and your SKELETAL 
    MAGES will probably your main attack force, keeping the monsters at 
    bay. Hopefully, the MAGES you've summoned attack with Ice spells, 
    slowing your opponents down so you and your CLAY GOLEM can rush in and 
    break them into little pieces before they can attack.
         Unfortunately, there are a lot of Razor Spines here, too. So, your 
    SKELETAL MAGES will get wiped out pretty quickly also, but at least not 
    as quickly as your SKELETON WARRIORS. Once again, AMPLIFY DAMAGE and 
    CORPSE EXPLOSION work their magic...
         Next, you should eventually enter the Barracks where the Horadic 
    Malus is contained. Hopefully, a Well will be easily found. You may 
    find yourself running back to the well more often than not with all the 
    baddies here. Be careful! One of the doors you open will open up to the 
    Smith Boss, who guards the Horadic Malus with his life!
         Refer to the Boss section with my way of killing the Smith.
         After the Smith is defeated and you've got the Malus, go back to 
    the Rouge Encampment and return it to Charsi. She says you can now give 
    her a piece of ordinary equipment for her to enchant it. 
         DON'T USE THE IMBUE YET! (Note that I even used a separate 
    paragraph to tell you not to Imbue any of your equipment yet.) Save it 
    until Act IV, when the equipment you'll get are already powerful by 
    themselves when compared to the magic equipment you can get now! Trust
    me! You can come back here anyway via Waypoint easily, even all the way 
    in Act IV!
         By the way, DON'T USE THE IMBUE NOW!
    Quest VI: Sisters to the Slaughter
       Available when    : talking to Cain after Quest V.
       Goal of Quest     : Kill Andariel in the Catacombs.
       Reward given      : passage to Lut Gholein (Act II). Also, you get 
                           to see a new movie!
       Recommended Level : 14 - 18
         Cain tells you that the evil here is probably cause by Andariel, 
    the one who is responsible for banishing Diablo, Mephisto and Baal into 
    the realm of the living in the first place. Killing her will probably 
    stop the evil from propagating in the Rouge Monestary. So, off you 
         After the Barracks, the next area will be the Jail. Now, the Jail 
    has three levels to it and all of them are large and brimming with 
    evil. It would be a good idea to have a full accompanyment of your own 
    minions, especially the Skeletal Mages. This is because of the bars. 
    You cannot run thru the bars but projectile attacks, like the ones that 
    your SKELETAL MAGES use. Thankfully, there's a Waypoint here.
         After the hellish trip thru the Jail, you'll finally find yourself 
    in the Inner Cloister. There will be a lot of those Razor Spines again 
    hurling their quills at you, but since this in an open area, they 
    should be easily dealt with when compared to the Jail levels. You will 
    also find a Waypoint, which is good. After walking in the Jail for a 
    long time, it's good to see progress (and now you can go back easily if 
    you haven't sold or identified your magical items since your descent 
    into the Jail).
         After clearing out the Inner Cloister (you have been cleaning out 
    the areas for the experience, right?), enter the Cathedral. This area 
    isn't so tough if you've gotten used to killing the Shamans early on 
    when you encounter them. If you've reached Level 18 at this point, it 
    would be good to have learned BONE SPEAR now because now you have an 
    effective long range weapon against the Wraiths who suck up your Mana.
         With the Cathedral cleared, enter the last area of the entire act,
    the Catacombs Being the last area, you can bet that this area will be 
    chock-ful of evil's minions. And you'd win that bet hands down! Not 
    only that, you and your minions will be facing a lot of Uniques, too! 
    That's okay, tho, because the Waypoint will be at the 2nd level of the 
    Catacombs for you to return to sell your unnecessary magical equipment 
    you get from them and to heal after those battles!
         Level 4 is where Andariel is located so don't say I didn't warn 
    you. She will be tough, no matter how prepared you are (unless you've 
    managed to really get super-unheard of levels). She should be behind 
    the big double doors, so clear out the minions on your side. Check your 
    equipment and open the doors and face her.
         To see my suggestions on how to fight Andariel, check out the Boss 
         After the battle (hopefully she's the one dead), a red portal will 
    open close to her body. You may want to get the stuff she drops and 
    clear out the rooms for any extra baddies you may have missed before 
    using the red portal back to town.
         With Andariel dead, the Rouges thank you for cleansing their 
    Monestary of the evil and now Warriv can pass to the desert city of Lut 
    Gholein. Talk to all the Rouges and bid them goodbye. Tell Warriv 
    you're ready to leave and off you go to Act II!
    2. Act II
    Town/City: Lut Gholein
    People : Jerhyn   - Leader of the City. Not really a useful NPC. He'll 
                        give you a quest.
             Cain     - Identifies items for free.
             Warriv   - Brings you back to the Rouge Encampment.
             Kaelan   - Guards the palace. He really has nothing to say but 
                        guard the palace.
             Elzix    - Has the Gamble feature that Gheed had, but with 
                        better equipment.
             Griez    - Has warriors that you can hire.
             Drognan  - sells you the specific class equipment like wands 
                        and staves.
                        Also the one selling attacking potions and scrolls.
             Atma     - Gives you a quest. After that, she's useless.
             Geglash  - Totally useless.
             Lysander - Sells you various potions.
             Fara     - The weaponsmith. She'll repair your equipment when 
                        She's also the healer!
             Meshif   - Takes you to Kurast, the location of Act III after 
                        you finish off the quests of Act II.
    QUEST I: Radament's Lair 
       Available when    : After talking to Atma
       Goal of Quest     : Kill Randament found in the Sewers of Lut 
       Reward given      : all vendors will give you a discount.
       Recommended Level : 16 - 20
         Jerhyn will greet you first in the city. He tells that he is the 
    leader of Lut Gholein but evil has been creeping in slowly in the lands 
    that he controls. In fact, something has already befallen one of the 
    townspeople and directs you to Atma.
         When you talk to Atma, she tells you that her husband and child 
    were killed by monsters that climbed up from the sewers. Although the 
    sewers are closed up, she wants revenge. She implores you to kill the 
    monster that killed her husband and son in cold blood. No problem, 
         There are two ways into the Sewers. One is close to Griez, the 
    other one is next to the docks. Either way is fine. Most of the 
    monsters (if not all of them) are undead. One of them (the Dried 
    Corpse) releases a cloud of poison smoke after you re-kill them. In 
    other words, don't get close to them after you kill them. In fact, let 
    your minions kill them and CORPSE EXPLOSION on them.
         This place is pretty easy with a full accompanyment of undead 
    evils to face. But, this place is a cakewalk. The Waypoint is on the 
    second level. Going a level below that and you'll find Randament, the 
    monster who killed the husband and son of Atma (I'm assuming). He's the 
    Boss of the area.
          Look at the Boss Strategy on advice to beat Randament.
          After killing him (again?), the Quest is over! Go back to town 
    and talk with Atma. She'll tell you that she has talked to the vendors 
    and they have agreed to give you discounts on the wares they show you.
    QUEST II: The Horadic Staff
       Available when    : you show the Horadic Scroll (found in the 
                           Sewers) to Deckard Cain.
       Goal of Quest     : Find the Horadric Cube, Horadric Shaft and Viper 
                           Amulet. Combine the Horadric Shaft and Viper 
                           Amulet with the use of the Horadric Cube.
       Reward given      : The Horadic Cube and Horadic Shaft (also the 
                           Viper Amulet)
       Recommended Level : 18 - 22
         This is a super massive quest. In fact, it encompasses another 
    Quest! So, when you finish this quest, you also finish another one! Two 
    for the price of one! Cool! Also, the reward, the Horadic Cube, is one 
    of the most useful items in the game! I'll just list the things you 
    have to do that doesn't belong with the other quests.
         With the Horadic Scroll in your inventory, talk to Deckard Cain. 
    He will explain that you need to find the Horadic Staff which was 
    broken up into two parts. You'll need to repair the Staff with the 
    Horadic Cube. The Horadic Staff is the key to enter the prison of 
    Baal, one of the Three Prime Evils.
         First thing to do, exit the Town and enter the Rocky Waste. You'll 
    find the Stony Tome here. There is a Gold Chest in the Stony Tome and a 
    whole lot of monsters to battle, but, they upside is you can get a 
    whole lot of experience here... but they are tough if you are at a low 
    level. Even a Level 18 Necromancer can have a hard time!
         Afterwards, from the Rocky Waste, find the passage to the Dry 
    Hills. Here, you'll find a Waypoint and two paths to different areas. 
    Also, you'll see the entrance to the Halls of the Undead. This will 
    lead to the Horadric Cube, the first item of your quest.
         In the Halls of the Undead, there are a lot of monsters, most of 
    them undead. There is also a creature (the Hollow One) that will 
    ressurect your killed undead monsters, so as much as possible, take him 
    out first or all your hard earned killing with be for nothing. There is 
    a Waypoint here on the second level, and it's a good thing, too! You'll 
    probably lose a lot of health fighting those monsters. 
         Finally, a the bottom of the Halls of the Undead, you can find a 
    Gold Chest. It contains the Horadric Cube which you need. It'll 
    probably be surrounded by monsters. A lot of them! It would be wise to 
    lead them out or BONE SPEAR them from a distance and use CORPSE 
    EXPLOSION to take them out en masse! Take the Horadric Cube to Cain and 
    he'll congratulate you and explain how it works. You can also use the 
    Horadric Cube to combine the same type of gems that you've gotten and 
    combine three of them to upgrade them. You can also use the Horadric 
    Cube to hold items!
         Next, by the Dry Hills is the entrance to the Far Oasis. There is 
    a Waypoint here and the entrance to the Maggot Lair. You'll face a lot 
    of Death Beetles here, which can be a pain because of their Lightning 
    counterattack, so let your minions do the work in taking them out. 
    You'll also have your first encounter with the Swarms (they're called 
    Itchies here) and they can drain your Stamina with their attacks. More 
    of a hassle rather than a problem, they can be taken out with relative 
         Anyway, enter the Maggot Lair. Hopefully, you've got BONE SPEAR 
    because this is the most useful areas to use this spell! The hallways 
    are so narrow that the monsters will have no choice but to line up! 
    You'll face the Rock Worm and Sand Maggots. These monsters have the 
    ability to lay eggs that hatch out their young version. But, with the 
    BONE SPEAR and the small hallways, you can take them out with ease.
         In the third level of the Maggot Lair, you'll find Coldworm the 
    Burrower, surrounded by a ton of Sand Maggots! And where there are Sand 
    Maggots, you'll find their Young! This could, and will get ugly pretty 
         Read the Boss Guide to find out how easily Coldward the Burrower 
    is defeated!
         After the battle, you'll find the Gold Chest which contains the 
    Horadric Shaft. Take it and make your way back to Lut Gholein (or use a 
    Town Portal, but it's not necessary if you've cleared out all levels of 
    the Maggot Lair). Show the Horadric Shaft to Cain and he will tell you 
    that you now need the Viper Amulet and the combine that item with the 
    Horadric Staff with the Horadric Cube to finally get the Horadric 
    Staff, which you will need to open The Tomb of Tal Rasha, the reason 
    why you're here in the first place.
         This will be accomplished in a later quest, specifically, the 
    Tainted Sun quest.
    QUEST III: The Tainted Sun
       Available when    : The sun goes dark. This happens when you enter 
                           the Lost City area.
       Goal of Quest     : Find the cause of the Solar Eclipe over Lut 
                           Gholein and fix it.
       Reward given      : Viper Amulet (Top part of the Horadric Staff)
       Recommended Level : 18 - 22
         Find your way to the Lost City. When you enter the area, all of 
    the sudden, it will become night.  You may want to find the Waypoint 
    and kill a few monsters to gain experience since you're here anyway. 
         Once you go back to town, talk to Drognan. He'll explain that the 
    darkness is caused by something blocking the sun (Duh!). He wants you 
    to find the source of the problem, which is probably close to the Lost 
    City. So, off you go!
         Back at the Lost City, you'll have to find the path to the Valley 
    of the Snakes. But, take a side trip to the trap door in the area that 
    leads to the Ancient Tunnels. It's only one level and the monsters are 
    pretty easy if you have a full compliment of minions with you. There's 
    a Gold Chest here, so you know there's a lot of goodies to be had in 
    the Ancient Tunnels.
         Anyway, when enter the Valley of the Snakes, there's only one 
    place to go. That place is the Claw Viper Temple. That's where you'll 
    find the Viper Amulet and what's blocking the sunlight. You'll fight 
    the Claw Viper, who can charge at you that can cause Cold damage, and a 
    Salamander who can do the same. Use the AMPLIFY DAMAGE and CORPSE 
    EXPLOSION combo. Also, BONE SPEAR is great here if you happen to face a 
    lot of them at once. It won't happen too much, but it's good to help 
    your minions with this once in a while.
         On the second level, you'll face a swarm of Salamanders and a 
    Unique. The Unique here is Extra Fast, so it would be in your best 
    interest to help out your minions in taking out the monsters in the 
    area quickly. Either take out the Unique first or the normal Salamander 
    creatures (which I recommend so you have ammo for your CORPSE 
         In the center of the second level of the Claw Viper Temple, you'll 
    find the altar that contains the Viper Amulet. Apparently, the snake 
    beings managed to use the Amulet to block out the sun (Why?). So, once 
    you get the Viper Amulet from the Altar, the sun will shine in Lut 
    Gholein again.
         Back at Lut Gholein, Cain will tell you that the Viper Amulet is 
    actually the top part of the Horadric Staff. Place the Horadric Shaft 
    with the Viper Amulet inside the Horadric Cube and Transmute the two 
    item to create the Horadric Staff, the key into the Tomb of Tal Rasha.
    QUEST IV: Arcane Sanctuary
       Available when    : Talking to Drognan after completing Quest III.
       Goal of Quest     : Find the Portal to the Arcane Sanctuary 
                           underneath the Palace.
       Reward given      : Entrance to the Arcane Sanctuary and a path to 
                           the Canyon of the Magi
       Recommended Level : 19 - 24
         After restoring the Horadric Staff, talk to Drognan. He will tell 
    you that the entrance to the Tomb of Tal Rasha should be around the 
    area. But, it was lost. There is a person who witnessed the 
    imprisonment of Baal and Mephisto. He was the Summoner Horazon, who can 
    control the forces and wills of different creatures. Drognan tells you 
    to talk to Jerhym, who has requested to see you, and to tell you more 
    about this.
         Go to the palace and talk to Jerhym. He tells you that the palace 
    has been overrun by foul demons, which is why he hired Greiz's warrior 
    mercenaries to guard the city. The palace guards are too busy 
    protecting the palace from the demons. He also tells you that the 
    bowels of the Palace must be where the entrance to the Arcane Sanctuary 
    of The Summoner must be. The Arcane Sanctuary will also lead you to the 
    Canyon of the Magi, where the Tomb of Tal Rasha is located.
         In the palace, you and your minions will face a lot of long-range 
    projectile slinging undead creatures, like the Horror Archers and 
    Horror Mages. They are plain annoying since the walls are grates which 
    they can shoot thru while you are busy finding a door to get to them. 
    If you are too lazy to do so, let your SKELETAL MAGES take them out 
    from a distance with you casting BONE SPEAR and CORPSE EXPLOSION to 
    quicken the process. The other baddies are no problem. Even the hulking 
    Blunderbore, who will Stun you and your minions if his attack connects, 
    are pretty easy to kill by now.
         Eventually, you'll find a portal that leads into the Arcane 
    Sanctuary. Fortunately, the Waypoint is very close to the portal exit 
    in the Arcane Sanctuary. So, return back to Lut Gholein for healing. 
    This is gonna be a tough area!
         The Arcane Sanctuary has four paths to take. Three of them will 
    lead to goodies and the fourth will have you battling the Summoner 
    (hehe). The monsters here are tough! Suitable defense against Fire is 
    great here. 
         Specters have good attack ratings, can fly so they don't have to 
    follow the paths and bridges that you are limited to, and a whole pack 
    of them can occupy the same place! Not only that, they suck your Mana! 
    It's best to let your minions face them and you BONE SPEARing them from 
    a distance so your Magic won't get sucked away.
         Hell Clan members are easy to deal with, even without your 
    minions! So, no problem here. Just take them out in melee combat or let 
    your minions do them in. No sense in wasting Mana on them. In fact, 
    it's fun to let your SKELETAL MAGES kill them when you're in a 
    different bridge than the Hell Clans are!
         Now, the toughest monsters in my opinion the the Arcane Sanctuary 
    would have to be the Ghoul Lords. They can cast Fire Wall with deadly 
    accuracy, throw Fire Balls with tremendous accuracy and, when they hit 
    you with their melee attacks, they'll absorb some of your Health to 
    theirs! As much as possible, get close to them quickly and kill them as 
    fast as you can! They can be a tremendous bother in large packs of 
    monsters because they can assault you with their Fire spells and the 
    other monsters block your avenues of escape. 
         The next quest, the Summoner, will finish off the Arcane Sanctuary 
    quest as well.
    QUEST V : The Summoner
       Available when    : you get close to the location of the Summoner in 
                           the Arcane Sanctuary
       Goal of Quest     : Kill the Summoner of the Arcane Sanctuary.
       Reward given      : Learning the true symbol of Tal Rasha
       Recommended Level : 19 - 24
         When you get to a certain place, you'll see a new quest pop up. 
    This means you are close to the Summoner and completing Quest IV as 
    well. You'll also have to face a lot of monsters getting to him. Lead 
    them away from the Summoner and take them out one by one.
         To find out how wussy the Summoner is, read my Boss Guide.
         After you take out the Summoner, or while in battle with the 
    Summoner (Yes! He IS that easy to kill!), read the Horazon's Journal. A 
    portal will open, gaining you access to the Canyon of the Magi.
    QUEST VI: The Seven Tombs
       Available when     : talk to Jerhym after Quest I
       Goal of Quest      : Kill Duriel.
       Reward given       : passage to Kurast Docks (Act III). Also, you 
                            get to see a new movie!
       Recommeneded Level : 19 - 24
         You can get this quest very early if you talk to Jerhym after 
    killing Randament. But, this is the only time you can do something 
    about it. Anyway, when you talk to Jerhym after Quest I, he will tell 
    you about the Seven Tombs and one of them is the Tomb of Tal Rasha.
         Going thru the portal from the Arcane Sanctuary, you will end up 
    in the Canyon of the Magi. Activate the Waypoint here since it's so 
    close. Head back to town and heal up and repair equipment and stuff.
         Return via Waypoint and search the surrounding area. You will find 
    seven Tombs of Tal Rasha. Six of them are fake, and only one of them is 
    the one you are looking for. In front of each tomb is a symbol. Look at 
    your Quest Log and you will see the symbol for the True Tomb of Tal 
    Rasha. When you see it in front of a Tomb, that's the one that will 
    lead you to the final battle of Act II.
         But, like before, enter each of the fake Tombs first to build up 
    experience. The bad guys here give a hefty amount of experience, and 
    believe me, you're gonna need it for the Boss of Act II. Besides, the 
    monsters here aren't so tough and each of the fake tombs has a Gold 
    Chest. In fact, you may want to save and load the game a few times just 
    so you can level up a few times.
         When you do decide to enter the True Tomb of Tal Rasha, you'll 
    eventually find an Orifice, where you should place the Horadric Staff 
    in order to unlock the entrance to the burial place / prison of Tal 
    Rasha and Baal. Once you do so, a passageway will open that leads to 
    the Boss of Act II.
         Sadly, you are too late! The Dark Wanderer has already been here 
    and released Tal Rasha / Baal from his prison. In his place, the 
    Wanderer has left Duriel, I assume is one of the Lesser Evils.
         To read why Diablo II players are calling him the toughest Boss in 
    the entire game of Diablo II, refer to my Boss Guide. (PS. I agree with 
         After the toughest battle yet, and Duriel is down, the cave will 
    start crumbling, revealing a pathway leading to where Baal was 
    imprisioned. You will find the Archangel Tyrael. He tells you that 
    Diablo / The Dark Wanderer and Baal / Tal Rasha have left for the town 
    of Kurast. They seek to revive the last imprisioned Prime Evil, 
    Mephisto. Tyrael gives you the holy mission to follow them and stop 
    them before its too late. At this point, a portal leading back to Lut 
    Gholein will open. Step in.
         Say your goodbyes to the townspeople of Lut Gholein and then talk 
    to Meshif. Now that he is able to leave the docks, he tells you that he 
    will gladly bring you to the port town of Kurast.
    3. Act III
    Town/City: Kurast Docks
    People : Hralti  - Weaponsmith. Repairs your weapons.
             Cain    - Identifies items for free.
             Natalya - Useless NPC.
             Ormus   - Heals you for free when you talk to him.
                       Sells specific class weapons (wands for example), 
                       potions and scrolls.
             Asheara - Has warriors for you to hire.
                       She also sells weapons!
             Alkor   - Sells potions. 
                       He's also the one with the GAMBLE feature.
             Meshif  - Takes you back to Lut Gholein if you want.
    QUEST I: The Golden Bird
       Available when    : You find the Jade Figurine
       Goal of Quest     : Trade specific items to the townspeople to make 
                           them happy?
       Reward given      : Added 20 points to Life
       Recommended Level : 22 - 25
         Once you talk to all the townspeople and go for the exit, you'll 
    SEE THE DARK WANDERER just taking a stroll. When you get close, he 
    dissapears and small demons appear. Kill them off easily, but it does 
    tell you that you are close to the ending, huh?
         Enter the Spider Forest. Here, you'll encounter the Fetishes and 
    the Fetish Shamans. The Fetishes with daggers aren't much of a problem 
    because they have to get close to you to attack, but they can wreck 
    havok on your minions, especially the SKELETAL MAGES, since they rely 
    on long-ranged attacks. The Fetishes with blowdarts are worse, 'coz 
    they can pelt you from long-range, across rivers and offscreen. Not 
    only that, they run pretty fast when you get close.
         Now, the worse of the Fetishes, the Fetish Shaman. He has a Flame 
    Breath attack that can wipe out your Life quickly for the unprotected. 
    Better use the BONE SPEAR rather than get close and risk getting hit by 
    it. By the way, once you kill the top part (actually, the top part 
    isn't real! It's just a doll that the lower Fetish is using to fool the 
    other Fetishes to follow him! So, you cannot ressurect the Fetish 
    Shaman corpse), there will be another Fetish that you have to kill!
         While in the Spider Forest, you'll eventuall kill a Special 
    Monster (Unique or Champion) which will drop a Jade Figurine. Well, you 
    have no use for it, right? But, maybe Deckard Cain can identify it's 
         Once back in Kurast, talk to Cain. He'll identify it as... a 
    statue. That's it? What the hell am I gonna... oh, wait... Cain then 
    tells you that on your way to Kurast from Lut Gholein, Meshif mentioned 
    to Cain that he (Meshif, that is) collects statues like the one you've 
    got. So, go have a chat with Meshif.
         Showing the Jade Figurine to Meshif, he's happy 'coz now he 
    finally completed his collection of Jade Figurines. In return for the 
    Jade Figurine, Meshif trades it for a Golden Bird statue. Now, you 
    still have no use for this, so go show it to Cain.
         Cain takes a look at the Golden Bird statue and remembers a story 
    about a great man who died and was cremated. His ashes were put in a 
    statue just like the Golden Bird. So, what now? Alkor may have a use 
    for this, so go to his tent and show him the statue.
         Alkor takes the statue from you and tells you to return in a 
    while. He's going to make a potion from the ashes inside the Golden 
    Bird. Talk to him again and he'll give you a Potion of Life. Drink it 
    down and you'll get 20 points to Life permanently.
         That's it! Lame quest, wasn't it?
    QUEST II: Blade of the Old Religion
       Available when    : After Quest I, talk to Hralti
       Goal of Quest     : Retrieve the Gidbinn.
       Reward given      : Random Ring and a free Mercenary
       Recommended Level : 23 - 26
         Hralti tells you that the barrier that is currently protecting the 
    Kurast Docks is getting weaker and weaker as time goes by. It isn't 
    going to last for long. The only thing that will strengthen it again is 
    the Gidbinn, a legendary weapon with mystical properties. Ormus will 
    use the Gidbinn's powers to reinforce the barrier.
         Back in the Spider Forest, find the Spider Cavern. It's filled 
    with Spiders (Duh!) and has a Gold Chest. Clear out the Spider Cavern 
    for good experience. You can also try out getting a mercenary from 
    Asheara to be impressed with his skills in killing them. Watch out, 
    tho! If he gets poisoned, he's dead for sure!
         Pass the Spider Forest, enter the Great Marsh. Explore the area 
    and you'll eventually find a Gold Chest in the area as well. Watch out 
    for Gloam, who has a Lightning Spell. Not only that, the Gloam is hard 
    to see. You can see him while invisible by looking at the light radius 
    surrounding him. Also, watch out for River Stalkers. They are hard to  
    hit with melee weapons, but projectile attacks work well on them!
         After the Great Marsh, you'll go to the Flayer Jungle. You'll meet 
    the Flayers, brothers of the Fetish, but much tougher. Also, you'll 
    find the Swampy Pit. The Swampy Pit isn't needed to finish anything, 
    but that OK. You can get a whole lot of experience here.
         The Flayer Dungeon is also located here, and you'll need to 
    remember the location 'coz you will need to go there for the next 
         Anyway, continue searching the the Flayer Jungle, and the Gidbinn 
    will be found in a village. But when you touch it, the Gidbinn burns up 
    and then Rat Men and a Unique will appear. Kill them off, especially 
    the Unique because he's the one carrying the real Gidbinn. Redeem the 
    Gidbinn and return to Kurast Docks.
         Back in town, give Ormus the item and he will use the weapon to 
    reinforce the barrier. For a reward, Ormus will give you a ring (Random 
    abilites. Save the game and copy the file to a different folder. Replay 
    the game. If you don't like the ring, simply exit the game and then 
    copy the save game back to the save directory of Diablo II.) and you  
    can go talk to Asheara to get a free mercenary volunteer (or not if 
    you don't want to).
    QUEST III: Khalim's Will
       Available when    : Talking to Cain after your encounter with the 
                           Dark Wanderer
       Goal of Quest     : Find Khalim's Eye, Khalim's Brain, Khalim's 
                           Heart and Khalim's Flail scattered all over 
                           Kurast. Use the Horadric Cube to combine all 
                           these items into Khalim's Will.
       Reward given      : Khalim's Will
       Recommended Level : 24 - 30
         You can get this quest after the first quest even though you 
    haven't gotten the second quest. I have to mention that this quest is 
    pretty similar to Quest II in Act II, the Horadic Staff. You have to 
    find four items this time and then use the Horadric Cube on the four 
    items to create Khalim's Will.
         Cain will tell you that since your mission here is to find and 
    destroy Mephisto, he tells you about the Compelling Orb, which hides 
    the lair of Mephisto. The only way to detroy it is to find the body 
    parts of Khalim, the former Que-Hegen of the Zakarum Church. His body 
    part were scattered all over the land of Kurast. You need to combine 
    the said parts with Khalim's Flail to create Khalim's Will, the only  
    weapon that can smash the Compelling Orb.
         First off, you have to go back to the Spider Forest. Find the 
    Spider Carvern, the other dungeon other than the Aracnid's Lair in the 
    area. Like the Aracnid's Lair, the Spider Cavern is filled with giant 
    spiders. There are also Giant Lampreys, which are like the Sand Maggots 
    back in Lut Gholein. Find the Gold Chest in the area to find Khalim's
    Eye, the first item.
         Next, go back to the Flayer Jungle and find the Flayer Dungeon. 
    The baddies here are previous monsters you have encountered while on 
    the surface, so at least you already know what you're up against. Go to 
    the third level of the dungeon and open the Gold Chest you find to 
    retrieve Khalim's Brain. Two down. Two to go!
         For Khalim's Heart, go to Lower Kurast, the area just after the 
    Flayer Jungle. Lower Kurast has new monsters, namely the the Tree 
    Lurker, which are just tougher Cave Leapers, and Zakarumites, former 
    follwers of the Order of Zakarum. The monsters here are pretty easy to 
    kill, and there's very little chance to get overwhelmed, thanks to your 
    minions. Since this is a relatively safe place, Lower Kurast is a great 
    place to level up a bit.
         Now, go past Lower Kurast into the next area, Kurast Bazaar. Here, 
    you will find the Sexton. Sure, she has a funny name but her abilites 
    are hard to laugh at! She can heal the Zakarumites and teleport around. 
    Because of this, you will usually see the Zakarum now run away when you 
    hurt them, so they can get healed by the Sextons. This area can get
    tough if, all of a sudden, you get surrounded by Zakarumites and a 
    couple of Sextons.
         Anyway, find the Sewer entrance. There should be a couple of them. 
    Enter either one. It doesn't matter. The Sewers is a very big place, so 
    it would be wise to check the map once in a while if you don't leave it 
    on. You could get lost. Khalim's Heart is located on the second level. 
    But you have to open the door to the second level with a lever. So, 
    find the lever, then find the entrance to the second level of the 
    Sewers. On the second level, find the Gold Chest and pick up Khalim's 
    Heart. You're almost there...
         The last item you need, Khalim's Flail will be finished in another 
    Quest, specifically, Quest V, The Blackened Temple.
    Quest IV, Lam Esen's Tome
       Available when    : talk to Alkor after entering Lower Kurast
       Goal of Quest     : Give Lam Esen's Tome to Alkor.
       Reward given      : added Five (5) stat points.  
       Recommended Level : 27 - 29
         After entering Lower Kurast, return to Kurast Docks. Talk to 
    Alkor. Since you can go to Kurast and face the monsters there, Alkor 
    remembers Lam Esen, who has done studies on the effects of the Three 
    Prime Evil on the world. It will be of great help to you and the world 
    if it were to be found again. It was lost in one of the temples of  
    Kurast. So, back you go into Kurast!
         There are six temples in Kurast which are accessable by stairs you 
    have to touch to open them. But, Kurast is split into three parts, 
    Kurast Bazaar, Upper Kurast and, finally, Kurast Causeway. Each of 
    these areas have 2 temples each. Lam Esen's Tome is located in one of 
    those temples and it seems that it is always placed in the Ruined 
    Temple, found in the Kurast Bazaar area. But explore all the temple 
    anyway for experience.
         Once you find it, return to town and give Lam Esen's Tome to 
    Alkor. As a reward, Alkor will boost your character stats with five 
    points. Too bad it's not a level up, tho.
    Quest V: The Blackened Temple
       Available when     : Talk to Ormus after you enter Travincal
       Goal of Quest      : Kill all Council Members of Travincal and 
                            destroy the Compelling Orb.
       Reward Given       : Access to Durance of Hate
       Recommended Level  : 27 - 30
         Once you enter Travincal, return to Kurast Docks. Have a chat with 
    Ormus. He'll tell you basically that the Zakarum Council Members have 
    already been corrupted by Mephisto's dark powers. Now, those former 
    holy people are now guarding the Compelling Orb, which appears to be 
    controlling the evil in the area. He hopes that you are able to destroy
    the Compelling Orb and kill the Council Members guarding it. Since it 
    is one of your quests anyway (Remember Khalim's Will?), go ahead!
         Now, enter Travincal and activate the Waypoint if you haven't yet! 
    This is a really tough area! Not only are the Zakarumites (now called 
    Zealots) and Sextons back in full force, they are now joined by the 
    Night Lords, which are tougher versions of the Ghoul Lords! Night Lords 
    have all the spells and properties of the Ghoul Lords, they also have 
    the spell Meteor! If you're standing on a piece of ground that has a 
    circle of red, GET OUT OF THAT SPOT IMMEDIATELY! That's where the 
    Meteor is gonna hit.
         I suggest that you clear out the upper border levels first of 
    monsters and slowly work your way to the upper center of the area where 
    the High Council members are located. It's bad enough to face all the 
    baddies at once, but add a Council Member or two into the mix, you'll 
    soon find your way running all the way to the Waypoint to escape!
         It's also in your best interest to take on once Council Member at 
    a time, so move to the upper center structure slowly and wait for a 
    Council Member to come out then run away and lead them (the Council 
    Member and his minions) to a safe place where you can move around and 
    take them out from a distance with BONE SPEARS, AMPLIFY DAMAGE and 
    CORPSE EXPLOSIONS. Your minions will take a beating but they will 
    distract the monsters chasing you from your Necro. 
         Anyway, one of the Council Members has Khalim's Flail. So, when 
    you find it, return to town and use the Horadric Cube to combine 
    Khalim's Eye, Brain, Heard and Flail together to obtain Khalim's Will. 
    Return to the upper center structure and enter the building to find 
    the Compelling Orb. Equip Khalim's Will as your weapon and smash the
     Orb. The stairs in the center of the room will open up, leading you 
    into The Durance of Hate, where you will find Mephisto and the rest of 
    the High Council Members waiting to take you out.
    Quest VI: The Guardian
       Available when    : talk to Ormus after returning the Tome of Lam 
                           Esen to Alkor
       Goal of Quest     : Kill Mephisto.
       Reward given      : passage to the Pandamonium Fortress(Act IV). 
                           Also, you get to see a new movie!
       Recommended Level : 27 - 30
         Now, to find Mephisto. The mosters in the Durance of Hate are real 
    tough. Not only that, it's harder to run away from them since it isn't 
    an open space like in Travincal. Take it slowly and keep your supply of 
    minions up. It's a good thing there is a Waypoint in the second level 
    of this dungeon. But you know what this means. Mephisto is on the third 
    level. Clear out all the baddies in the second level so you can run up 
    quickly if the battle gets too intense on the third level. 
         On the third level of the Durance of Hate, the instant you enter, 
    you'll probably encounter a few Blood Lords and a Council Member. They 
    are tough, but don't get any bright ideas of running away into any 
    unexplored area of the third level of the Durance of Hate! Mephisto 
    lies waiting and also two more Council Members and their minions. So,  
    if you get into trouble with the monsters you are facing now, run up 
    into the second level, heal up and return to town, if necessary.
         Mephisto lies just opposite of the entrance of the third level, so 
    you may want to go to the other areas (the left and right areas if 
    north is where Mephisto is), before taking on the big guy right now. 
    This way, you take out the other High Council Members out before taking 
    on the eldest of the Prime Evils.
         Once you've cleared the area of the Council Members and Uniques, 
    refer to Section G, Boss Guide to see how to take on Mephisto.
         After your battle with Mephisto and he is broken, a Red Portal 
    will open up. But before you enter the portal to the Pandamonium 
    Fortress, collect the Soulstone from Mephisto's body. You'll need it 
    for later.
    4. Act IV
    Town/City: Pandemonium Fortress
    People : Tyrael  - Gives you a quest. But that's it.
             Cain    - Identifies items for free.
             Halbu   - Weaponsmith. 
             Jamella - Healer, sells potions and specific Class weaponry.
                       Not only that, she provides the Gamble option.
    QUEST I: The Fallen Angel
       Available when    : Talk to Tyrael
       Goal of Quest     : Kill Izual
       Reward given      : Two free Skill Points
       Recommended Level : 28 - 31
         The Pandamonium Fortress is the last remaining outpost of Heaven 
    in the relm of Hell. With this in mind, it's painfully obvious that 
    there are no mercenaries available to you! Thank God for your minions! 
    But first, it's nice to outfit yourself with the best equipment you can 
    have. Remember the Imbue reward way back in Act I? Now, it's time to  
    use it!
         Get the best armor you can buy. If you can get Superior Gothic 
    Armor with high Defense and Durability, get it. It'll be worth it! Save 
    the game and copy that file to a separate directory. Now, load the game 
    again and take that armor to Charsi and Imbue it to get a new piece of 
    Unique Armor! If you don't like what comes out, simply exit and copy  
    the old save game back to the Diablo II save directory.
         [FROM: Jason Lane
         Imbues.  Don't even use them in Act IV.  Wait til at least 
    level 40 or so to use them.  Imbuing is entirely dependant on character 
    level, and I waited until level 50 to use mine. :) ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
         Talk to Tyrael, and he will tell you about Izual, a former Angel 
    who has become corrupted by Diablo and his brothers. As punishment, 
    Izual's body has been twisted and reshaped to show what his soul looks 
    like... hideous and monstrous. Tyrael cannot take this anymore, so he 
    charges you to kill Izual and relieve him of his eternal torment.
         When you leave the Pandamonium Fortress, you'll immediately know 
    that this is indeed Hell. New monsters abound and they are plentiful! 
    The first area, just outside the stairs of the Pandamonium Fortress, is 
    called the Outer Steppes. There are a lot of monsters here... so 
    getting surrounded here is pretty easy.
         You'll face the Flesh Spawners, who can spit out Flesh Beasts, 
    which are just like the ones you've encountered when you got close to 
    the Dark Wanderer at the start of Act III. Take out the Flesh Spawners 
    quickly or you could get overwhelmed by a swarm of Flesh Beasts.
         The Doom Knights, which are just like Paladin warriors are good at 
    swords attacks and pack a mean wallop. It's a good thing your minions, 
    especially your IRON or FIRE GOLEMS are tough enough to stand up to 
    them. Help out your minions with AMPLIFY DAMAGE and CORPSE EXPLOSIONS.
         Finally, the Corpulents, who can eat dead bodies to replenish 
    life, aren't that tough, but they do possess a poison spit attack. They 
    are pretty easy to kill, but if they are surrounded by the others, this 
    could get ugly.
         Make your way to the Plains of Despair. Izual is here, and a few 
    more monsters, like the Doom Casters, who are like the Gloams but with 
    auto-tracking projectiles and the Pit Lords, big hulking brutes whose 
    blows can stun you. 
         Before facing Izual, you may want to read a good way on defeating 
    him in the Boss Guide.
         After Izual is dead and his soul released, Izual reveals that it 
    was he who told the Three Prime Evils how to corrupt the Soulstones, 
    so, in fact, he wasn't corrupted by them. He was corrupted already!
         With your coversation with Izual is over, head back to Tyrael. 
    He'll say that he is dissapointed with his brother, but since you did 
    complete your mission, he allows you to develop your skills with two 
    Skill Points.
    QUEST II: The Hellforge
       Available when    : Talk to Cain after completing Quest I
       Goal of Quest     : Collect the Hellforge Hammer and smash 
                           Mephisto's Soulstone.
       Reward given      : Lots of gems.
       Recommended Level : 28 - 31
         Now, Cain will tell you that in order to destroy Mephisto's evil 
    forever, you must smash his Soulstone that contains his essence. In 
    order to do so, there is only one place and one item that can do so, 
    the Hellforge and the Hellforge Hammer. Both are located in the River 
    of Flame.
         Return to the Plains of Despair and pass it to enter the City of 
    the Damned. More new baddies are located here and all of them are 
    tough. It's a good thing there's a Waypoint in the area for you to make 
    a quick escape back to the Pandamonium Fortress. But, they do give off 
    a healthy chunk of experience points!
         Pass the City of the Damned and enter the next area, the River of 
    Flame. Here, you'll find new and improved monsters to kill. All of them 
    are just revisions of the monsters you have faced before. But, they are 
    plentiful and tough. Use your minions to take most of the heat away 
    from you while you pelt away with BONE SPEARS and CORPSE EXPLOSIONS.
         Here, you will also face Hephasto the Armorer, and he holds the
    Hellforge Hammer. So, you have to kill him to redeem the Hammer. He is 
    bound to be surrounded by a group of Blood Maggots (like Sand Maggots) 
    and the like, so be careful!
         To see how to defeat Hephasto the Armorer, refer to Section G. 
    Boss Guide for info.
         After Hephasto is dead, he will drop the Hellforge Hammer. Pick it 
    up and then take it to the Hellforge, which should be pretty close to 
    where you encountered Hephasto. Once again, the place will be swarming 
    with baddies. Clear them all out with AMPLIFY DAMAGE and CORPSE 
    EXPLOSIONS with your minions help, of course.
         With the place clean of monsters, you can now work in peace. Place 
    Mephisto's Soulstone on top of the Hellforge. Equip the Hellforge 
    Hammer and use it to smash Mephisto's Soulstone into small fragments. 
    The fragments are various gems, so pick them up. 
          Move past the Hellforge a bit and find the Waypoint so you can 
    return to Tyrael and give a report. But first...
         Since you've got all these Gems, and you have been saving and 
    upgrading Gems since the start of the game, it's time to finally use 
    them! It's near the end of the game anyway. Better make the best 
    Headgear and Shield you can now before the final battle!
         Go back all the way to the Pandamonium Fortress and get a really 
    good Socketed Crown or Socketed Great Helm and stick in a Skull. This 
    will replenish some life and Mana while you run around avoiding 
    attacks. Also, stick in an Emerald in that piece of Head Gear. This 
    will increase your Dexterity value, so you can hit more accurately and 
    dodge attacks better.
         Go get a Socketed Gothic Shield. Now, put in as many Diamonds (two 
    is good enough) so your resistance to all elemental attacks will 
    increase. You may want to stick in a Skull so that damage will be 
    returned to the monsters who do manage to strike you. But I prefer to 
    add an extra Amethyst instead of a Skull to increase your Defense 
         [FROM: Jason Lane
         Your advice telling everyone to build 3d (triple diamond socketed)
    shields is dead on.  However, make them Tower Shields, not Gothic.
    Higher blocking is the best attribute a shield can have, and
    imperative..  If you have trouble locating a Tower Shield, wander Act 3
    for a while.  They show up there regularly. 
         Gems in equipment, other than a 3d shield, are basically garbage
    compared to exceptional rares.  Gems at higher difficulties are mainly
    useful to brew up full rejuvenation potions - and you want your shield
    to be three diamonds, not two diamonds and a sapphire, because of the
    resistance reduction in the higher difficulties! ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
         After getting the best mix of Gemmed Headgears and Shields, talk 
    to Tyrael. He will give you two more Stat points for you to better your 
    skills. You're gonna need it! Why? It's nearly the end of the game!
    QUEST III: Terror's End
       Available when    : Talk to Tyrael after completing Quest II
       Goal of Quest     : Kill Diablo.
       Reward given      : The Epilogue cinema of Diablo II.
       Recommended Level : 28 - 32
         With Mephisto's Soulstone out of the way, Diablo is next. Diablo 
    is being protected in the Chaos Sanctuary. He is your target now. 
    Tyrael charges you to find Diablo and finally destroy his evil forever. 
    Easier said than done, pal!
         Use the Waypoint and use it to go to the River of Flame. You will 
    meet Hadriel, the Angel guarding the path to the Chaos Sanctuary to 
    ensure that the forces of evil do not suddenly charge forth into Earth. 
    He lets you pass and informs you that Diablo is protected by 5 seals. 
    In order for Diablo to appear, you must break all 5 seals and the Lord 
    of Terror will appear in the center.
         You will have to pass a series of floating bridge islands to reach 
    the Chaos Sanctuary, where Diablo resides. But, blocking your way are 
    Hell's full force of lower monsters. A whole herd of baddies are to be 
    fought on these island bridges. And you haven't even entered the Chaos 
    Sanctuary proper yet!
         After wading thru the hordes of monsters, you will finally enter 
    the Chaos Sanctuary. Being the last line of defense of Hell, all the 
    monsters you will fight here are gonna be hard to defeat!
         First and foremost, the Storm Casters can suck up Mana points, 
    become invisible and shoot tracking projectiles at you and your 
    minions. It would be wise to lead them away and let your minions take 
    most of the heat. BONE SPEAR works great here in taking them out en 
    masse while the baddies are busy trying to whack your minions.
         The Venom Lords are just like the Pit Lords. But, by this time, 
    they just look imposing. Even in large groups, they aren't too hard to 
    defeat especially with a FIRE GOLEM and AMPLIFY DAMAGE. 
         The hardest monsters here would have to be the Doom Knights and 
    Oblivion Knights! You may have faced Doom Knights before, but when they 
    are this plenty and have an Oblivion Knight, who can cast Iron Maiden 
    and Decrepify Curses on you, with them, you can die in a blink of an 
    eye! Oblivion Knights are just like Undead Necromancers! They have  
    various curses that they can cast, and they also have the Bone Spirit 
    tracking spell with them! As much as possible, kill the Oblivion 
    Knights off first! They can be a bitch!
         I prefer to have a lot of Town Portal Scrolls in a neat Tome just 
    in case. This is where the use of FIRE GOLEMS are greatly appreciated. 
    It loves to charge into the middle of a group of monsters. And, WHEN it 
    dies (you can be sure it will die after being overwhelmed), the 
    resulting explosion will kill of the baddies surrounding him! Create a 
    new FIRE GOLEM quickly and repeat. Help out the process with AMPLIFY 
    DAMAGE and CORPSE EXPLOSION to take out the baddies quickly.
         After polishing all of the monsters in the Chaos Sanctuary, go 
    find the seals. But be careful, 3 of the seals will also release 
    monsters and very tough Uniques! This is when you should use those Gems 
    you've been collecting and the Imbue reward from Charsi from way back 
    in Act I! 
         Since the sealed Uniques are tough, read Section G, Boss Guide to 
    see ways on how to defeat them.
         After all the seals have been broken and all the Uniques have been 
    killed, Diablo will emerge from the center of the Chaos Sanctuary for 
    the final face-off against Good and Evil! I hope you're ready!
         The final battle with Diablo is described in Section G. Boss 
    Guide. Get ready!
         After the aurodous battle with Diablo, collect the magic Items 
    that he drops because they are almost always good! If you still have 
    time, talk with Tyrael and Deckard Cain to hear their words of praise 
    for your work!
         [FROM: Jason Lane
         Above all, you need to keep in mind strategically that Act 4, 
    Normal difficulty, is not the end of the game.  Heck, to anyone who's 
    actually been through the entire game ([Nightmare]/Hell), everything 
    through level 30 is the beginning, and one that only takes a day or two 
    to get through at that. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
         That's it! You have finished Diablo II! Now, all you've got to do 
    is wait for the add-on to find out what happened to Baal! 
    G. Bosses Guide:
         NOTE: It's always good to have BONE ARMOR active when battling the 
    Bosses to limit the physical damage done to you. Re-cast BONE ARMOR 
    when it gets destroyed, but be sure to run away from a Boss anytime you 
    feel your Necromancer is about to bite the dust. Heal up and then go 
    back to the Boss.
    Act I Bosses:
    1) BOSS   : Blood Raven
    ABILITIES : Bow and Arrow attack
                Fire Arrows
                Rapid Arrow
                Summon Undead
    STRATEGY  :    Blood Raven is pretty easy if you're totally ready for
                her. As I said in the walkthru, it's smart if you clear out 
                the baddies around the border of the area. Afterwards, move 
                in to the center of the Cemetery to face her and her 
                   It would be great if you had a long range attack, but 
                all you have now is TEETH, and that's pretty useless! And 
                I'm not suggesting to switch to bow and arrows for this 
                battle either. So, you'll have no choice but to go toe-to-
                toe with her. But she won't like that, being an archer.
                   With your minions by your side, charge in quickly! 
                Almost surely, they will attack HER minions and not her, so 
                they won't be of much help for this battle. So, you're the 
                one who has to smash her without relying on your minions 
                for the first time.
                   Run towards her in a zig-zag fashion to avoid her 
                arrows. When you get close, wail at her with your weapon! 
                It's a difficult battle only because she runs extremely 
                fast for a tall girl (not that I'm saying all girls run
                slowly! I mean, I admire the WNBA players!). You'll have to 
                chase her around a lot. If you've got a weapon that can 
                inflict COLD damage, the battle will be easier 'coz she
                won't be able to run fast anymore when she's frozen.
                   What you need is against Blood Raven is actually good 
                Stamina! As long as you have got the Stamina to chase after 
                her, Blood Raven shouldn't be a problem.
    2) BOSS   : The Countess
    ABILITIES : Fire Axe
                Fire Wall
    STRATEGY  :    Cakewalk. She doesn't really seem like a boss when you 
                face her! It may be a bit hard because she has assistants 
                with her. But you've got an army of undead monsters with 
                you, so no problem!
                   Once you enter the room where she's at, she'll cast Fire 
                Wall at the entrances of the area so you'll take an 
                enourmous amount of FIRE damage if you try to leave the 
                battle. But, you've got Town Portal Scrolls, so you can 
                actually escape at any time you want. The joke's on her! 
                Not that you'd want to leave, tho.
                   Anyway, lay back and let your minions smash up her 
                assistants, helping out with your AMPLIFY DAMAGE and CORSE 
                EXPLOSION spells. If some of your minions die, no problem! 
                Just make new ones during the battle. Eventually, The 
                Countess will be all alone against your entire army of 
                minions. AMPLIFY DAMAGE on her and let your minions have 
                fun smashing her to pieces.
                   In fact, the Countess doesn't really feel like a Boss. 
                The only thing that makes her tough is if you get trapped 
                between her minions and get stuck in her Fire Wall attack.
    3) BOSS   : The Smith (Extra Strong)
    ABILITIES : Overhead Smash
    STRATEGY  :    Hard to beat! It gets easier on the higher levels. But 
                as for now, let's say your Necromancer is around Level 12 
                to 16. Not high enough to have BONE SPEAR, where you can 
                just pelt at him from long range. So this isn't an option 
                yet. He's extra strong, which means one swipe from his 
                attack will cause that red globe at the lower left of your 
                screen become transparent pretty quickly! Your minions 
                don't fare well against him, especially the SKELETONS, who 
                pretty much crumble with one swing. So, what's a poor 
                Necromancer to do? There are two ways, actually, which I
                found to be effective, and they all involve the WELL in the 
                   When you meet up with The Smith, chances are he's with a 
                bunch of Devilkin and Shamans, so take the battle away from 
                there! The Smith is hard enough by himself and with those 
                pesky ressurecting fiends there... it's gonna be triple 
                hard! So, run away and lead The Smith (and a few Devilkins) 
                away from their room. Run all the way to the WELL, but kill 
                of as many Devilkins that manage to follow you.
                   Now, when it's just you and The Smith with the well 
                close by, you've got two options. Both of them are Mana 
                extensive but work very well! 
                   The first way is to cast AMPLIFY DAMAGE and create 
                minions constantly, using the dead Devilkins for SKELETON 
                WARRIORS and MAGES and CORPSE EXPLOSION if The Smith is 
                close by. Also, run close and hack away at him and quickly 
                run away to avoid his attack. Use the Well to replenish 
                your Mana and let it recharge by running around The Smith.
                   Another method is to use his Extra Strong ability 
                against him! Cast IRON MAIDEN on him and let him attack 
                your minions and yourself with the BONE ARMOR active on 
                you. Rush him and take the damage and let your minions die 
                but create new ones immediately. If your BONE ARMOR gets 
                destroyed, re-cast it again and let yourself get hit by The  
                Smith as long as you have IRON MAIDEN cast on him. Run to 
                the Well if you're getting pummeled or run out of Mana to
                have the BONE ARMOR cast. This is a shorter method, 
                although more dangerous because you might die all of a 
                sudden if you're not careful.
                   Both methods are dangerous against him, because one big 
                blow from him and it means it's all over for you! Just be 
                alert on your Health Status and run to the Well when your 
                Health drops to about 1/3 of it's full level.
    4) BOSS   : Andariel
    ABILITIES : Poison Slash
                Poison Cloud
                Poison Spray
    STRATEGY  :    Now, she's the last Boss of Act I, so you can bet your 
                bottom dollar and your mother's freshly baked cookies that 
                Andariel will be ultra hard! And ultra hard is just putting 
                it mildly.
                   First and foremost, she'll be surrounded by a ton of 
                monsters in her room. Make sure you clear the room before 
                her when you're going to face her. She's tough enough 
                alone, but with her minions, it's going to be Hell! Her 
                attacks cause you to be Poisoned so it would be helpful if 
                you've got items that will increase your Poison Resistance 
                of reduce Poison Length. Andariel's Poison Cloud has her 
                spit out a fast moving cloud of Poison and her Poison Spray 
                has her fire a spray of Poison Clouds in a spread fashion. 
                   Now, how to beat her. There are three methods, actually. 
                One of them is extremely dangerous, and the other two are 
                safer but still dangerous. There is no easy way to beat 
                her, other than leveling up really big, but that would
                take too long.
                   Before I tell you the methods I used to beat her, I have 
                to tell you one important factor about Poison Damage. It 
                may kill your minions and your hired Warriors, BUT IT WON'T 
                KILL YOU! You'll be reduce to 1 point of Life only. But, of 
                course, that means you're and easy target. One slight tap 
                would kill you at that point, but this is important 'coz 
                you can run away if that occurs.
                   The first method is to use dead bodies for CORPSE 
                EXPLOSIONS. Why is this dangerous? You'll have to face a 
                ton of monsters in her lair and use them as ammo. This 
                means, you'll have to kill a ton of monsters while avoiding 
                Andariel's Poison attacks, and they can drain your health 
                pretty quickly. You can use this method but it's risky.
                   The second and third way is much like the methods used 
                to defeat The Smith. You can use IRON MAIDEN on her but 
                you'll need to get close to get hit, 'coz it seems that 
                Poison and other Elemental Damage done to you won't cause 
                the IRON MAIDEN Spell to return damage back to Andariel. 
                So, this is risky to do as well.
                   So, the third and safest method is also the most 
                brainless method. First, lead her out of her chamber and 
                goad her into following you close to the stair leading the 
                the upper level of the Catacombs. This way you can escape
                anytime you want if you get inflicted with poison. Simply  
                go up the stairs, wait for the poison to subside (you won't 
                die, remember?) and heal (or use Town Portal if you want).
                   Now, you have a means to escape if you get too hurt to 
                fight. But how do you take out Andariel? AMPLIFY DAMAGE on 
                her and have you and your minions team up and surround her, 
                wailing away at her! You'll get hurt, so run back up the 
                stairs, heal and then go back to beat on her some more. 
                Repeat until Andariel bites the dust, finally.
    Act II Bosses:
    1) BOSS   : Randament (Extra Fast)
    ABILITIES : Cross Smash
                Shadow Projectile
                Poison Breath
                Raise Dead Minions
                Heal Minions
    STRATEGY  :    He's tough when Randament is with his minions. Alone? 
                He's a wuss. So, take out his minions first... but, then 
                again, don't! Randament has the ability to raise his fallen 
                warriors when you kill them. There are two ways. One is the 
                long method, and the other is the short method.
                   The long method involves you leading Randament's minions 
                away from him then killing them. And I mean FAR, FAR, FAR 
                away! Randament can heal and ressurect them at quite a 
                distance, even if he can't see them! Anyway, afterwards, 
                when all the minions are just piles of bones, go back to
                Randament and take care of him.
                   The short method may be quick, but you run a risk of 
                dying. Have your minions attack Randament's minions and 
                then lead Randament towards the pile of dead bodies. Then 
                CORPSE EXPLOSION as much as possible. This way, he cannot 
                ressurect the dead because they're all blown away! This is 
                Mana expensive but can be quick if you're lucky.
                   I suggest using the short method, because once you've 
                defeated Randament, any leftover minions are going to be 
                easy to mop up since they cannot be brought back to life.
    2) BOSS   : Coldworm the Burrower (Cold Enhanced, Magic Resistant)
    ABILITIES : None
    STRATEGY  :    As a Boss, it's a real creme-puff! In fact, it doesn't 
                do a single solitary attack! All it does is sit there! So, 
                the only time it will cause damage to you is when it dies 
                (it explodes with an ice ring and a poison fountain). So,
                it's not him you're worried about. The Sand Maggots and the 
                Sand Maggot Young monsters are the one who dish out the 
                   You'll probably face the Sand Maggot Young first. You'll 
                know you're near Coldworm the Burrower when the tunnel 
                becomes filled with Sand Maggot Young. Pretty easy when 
                you've got BONE SPEAR! You just fire at them and they'll
                die the instant it connects in one fell swoop!
                   Next, clear out the Sand Maggots. Let your minions enter 
                the room with Coldworm the Burrower and the other Sand 
                Maggots and have them kill one of them. Then, here comes 
                the fun part! Just AMPLIFY DAMAGE on the ones close to the 
                dead Sand Maggot then start the CORPSE EXPLOSION chain 
                reaction! All the Sand Maggot will be dead in a few 
                   Coldworm the Burrower will be the only one left. Sit 
                back and let your minions kill it! Don't bother helping 
                out. It'll fall soon enough. Keep your distance because 
                when it does die, it will explode with an ice ring that 
                causes Cold damage. Also, it's death will have it spruting 
                a fountain of poison. 
                   In fact, I killed it without any damage to me! He's that 
    3) BOSS   : The Summoner
    ABILITIES : Fire Wall
                Fire Ball
                Frost Nova
                Glacial Spike
                Amplify Damage Curse
    STRATEGY  :    Think of him as a Coldworm the Burrower with attacks... 
                but easier! You don't have to worry about him. Worry about 
                his companions, because there's a lot of them, namely Ghoul 
                Lords and Hell Clans. 
                   Lead the Ghoul Lords and Hell Clans away from the 
                Summoner and kill the baddies one by one. It would be best 
                to join in the fray with your minions 'coz they ARE tough.
                   Once they are taken care of, all you have is the 
                Summoner to worry about. Then again, you don't need to 
                worry about anything! Simply go up the stairs where the 
                Summoner is and have your GOLEM follow. Let the GOLEM swing 
                and connect WITH JUST ONE HIT AND IT'S ALL OVER! The 
                Summoner will get killed with that one hit! That's it! I 
                guess the Summoner has only 5 hit points.
                   In fact, when I faced him for the first time, I read 
                Horazon's Journal accidentally while chasing after him, 
                then my Blood Golem came running in, slashed him once, and 
                that was it!
    4) BOSS   : Duriel
    ABILITIES : Claw Swipe (can Stun)
                Holy Freeze Aura
    STRATEGY  :    Now, this guy's a BOSS! Ultra-tough Starship Troopers-
                like creature. Not only is he fast, he's stronger than than 
                Extra Strong, Duriel has a Holy Freeze Aura that will 
                freeze you, but not cause COLD Damage. Did I mention that 
                he's tough?
                   First and foremost, Duriel can smash you up real quick 
                since Super Strong. Your minions will die faster than you 
                can say the word "DIE", so you can count them out of the 
                battle. Now, with Duriel's Holy Freeze Aura freezing you 
                and slowing you down, he can quickly catch up with you 
                easily with his six legged sprint that can chase you down 
                   CORPSE EXPLOSION, your most useful spell, can't be used 
                because, well, there aren't any corpses to explode! For 
                once, you'll be hoping for the Boss to have minions to help 
                you out. 
                   Now, how to beat him. The instant you enter the area, 
                open up a Town Portal. You'll need it for a quick escape 
                back to town, and believe you me, you're gonna need it! A 
                few swipes with his claw can kill you! So, it's good to run 
                back into Town the instant you start to get beaten up to 
                regroup and replenish your minion supply.
                   He has a Holy Freeze Aura, so having items to help you 
                with COLD will be good right now. But, it won't be useful 
                'coz he'll just get close to you and you'll get frozen 
                again! So, never mind getting those equipments to help you 
                against the COLD. 
                   Duriel, although he runs very fast, is still very easy 
                to avoid. Just run parallel (ie. across) to where he's 
                running. In other words, when he's charging at you, run to 
                the left or right. He won't be able to stop quickly and you 
                can get a few blows in.
                   But, wait a minute! By this time, you're bound to have 
                BONE SPEAR at this point in the game! So, run left and 
                right to avoid his attack. Then, fire BONE SPEARS at        
                Duriel. When your Mana level is low, replenish with a Mana 
                potion, run around a while so your Mana builds up or return 
                to town and get healed by Fara.
                   There is another way, but dangerous. I did this against 
                him a bit before I switched to the above strategy. This 
                method works good, but not as well as the BONE SPEAR way. 
                Simply cast IRON MAIDEN on Duriel and have your minions get 
                killed by him. Have BONE ARMOR cast on you and let him get 
                a few strikes in before running away and activating your 
                BONE ARMOR (It'll probably be blown away with one swing of 
                Duriel's Claw Swipe). If you're too beat up, use the Town 
                Portal to get back to Lut Gholein, heal, exit the town and 
                create a full compliment of minions and return and repeat 
                the process. This method is dangerous because Duriel can 
                get a good swipe in and, all of a sudden, you will be 
                scrambling for the Town Portal.
                   I recommend pelting Duriel with the AMPLIFY DAMAGE and 
                BONE SPEARS, rather than the IRON MAIDEN method.
                   Good luck! Did I mention that he's tough?
                [FROM Werebear:
                   Fighting Duriel isn't as hard as what you think. I find 
                 him easier though a bit more dangerous than Mephisto. Why? 
                 Let's see..
                   BLOOD GOELMS and IRON MAIDEN works to very good effect. 
                 IRON MAIDEN returns whatever damage back by a BIGGER 
                 percentage and the damage done is by whoever it strikes. 
                 When you consider a BLOOD GOLEM steals 33% of damage done 
                 by itself...and it means even by IRON MAIDEN. Let's see, 
                 Duriel got a BIG BAD attack as you said in your FAQ. So if 
                 you boost your IRON MAIDEN enough, the damage return will 
                 be much more BIGGER. :> Like what you said, Mephisto deals 
                 lotsa elemental attacks and yeah, they don't hit back with 
                 IRON MAIDEN, thus useless. 
                   And I remembered killing Duriel with BLOOD GOLEMS and 
                 BONE SPEAR in like 15 seconds. Though the COLD damage will 
                 kill your golem if your mastery is too low...
                 PS : Oh yah, you can try gambling for Tarnhelm early on so 
                 when you go for Duriel, you have easily a higher skill lvl 
                 on BLOOD GOLEM(More blood stealing and damage), IRON 
                 MAIDEN (More damage returned) and BONE SPEAR. ]
                 [FROM DragonSlayer2500:
                    Hello, nice faq. I would like to say that the necro has 
                 a very cheap trick against Duriel, which makes him easy.
                    Just have a GOLEM spell, and as many SEKELETAL MAGES as 
                 you can. What you do is simple... Duriel always goes for 
                 the GOLEM as long as he is the closest. So keep making 
                 CLAY GOLEMS as they die while you stay out of reach and
                 the SKELETAL MAGES shoot him down! This is EXTREMELY safe 
                 but EXTREMELY Mana consuming though. ]  
                [FROM: Ja Mes Kor
                   Firstly, I fought Duriel, Izual, Mephisto and some other 
                bosses in ACT 2 & later using the BLOOD GOLEM. Firstly, I 
                would have to invest a few more points in GOLEM MASTERY. 
                BLOOD GOLEM with IRON MAIDEN on the above bosses allow you 
                to attack the boss while he is busy entertaining himself 
                with your GOLEM and you do get the blood back from your 
                cute BLOOD GOLEM. I find it useful and so far but I have 
                not met Duriel in Nightmare yet...In normal, this is 
                feasible as one of my friend who did it, agreed with my 
                tactics so far. ]
                                                                -Ja Mes Kor
                [FROM: Jason Lane:
                   Regarding Duriel, unless you wear the sash from the 
                Death's set (which prevents ALL freezing), no COLD item in 
                the game will do a single thing about his Holy Freeze aura.  
                They won't let you move one inch faster, and it won't end 
                until he dies anyway.  You also fail to note that Duriel 
                gets a free attack while the game loads him into existance.
                While this is a negligible problem for a Necromancer (since 
                the minions will happily eat the damage), it's a huge one 
                for members of any other class. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Act III Bosses:
    1) BOSS   : Mephisto
    ABILITIES : Death Swipe
                Charged Bolt
                Ice Ball
                Poison Explosion
    STRATEGY  :    Oddly enough, Duriel, a Lesser Evil, is a whole lot 
                tougher than Mephisto, in my opinion, anyway. Sure, 
                Mephisto may have a lot of abilities compared to Duriel,
                but, he is still easier!
                   First thing you got to do is to make sure that all the 
                other mosters and Uniques are taken care of. In other 
                words, they should be dead. Now, it's just going to be you 
                and Mephisto in a one-on-one match... Nah! You've got 
                minions! Use them!
                   The best way is to face Mephisto head on! Mephisto will 
                only use Charged Bolt, Lightning and Ice Ball when you are 
                at a distance from him. Being that these are his more 
                damaging attacks, you can have him not use these spells by 
                simply getting close to him!
                   Now, the only spells Mephisto will use are Poison 
                Explosion and his physical attack, the Death Swipe. But, he 
                will have to contend with you, a GOLEM, a bunch of SKELETON 
                WARRIORS and SKELETAL MAGES. So, odds are he'll be kinda 
                busy striking all of you and distributing his time on his 
                   So, cast either AMPLIFY DAMAGE or IRON MAIDEN on 
                Mephisto. Either you and your minions kill him quickly, or 
                Mephisto kills himself!
                   But, he isn't a cakewalk. He CAN still kill you with his 
                powerful strikes. If you need to get away, go behind a wall 
                so that Mephisto cannot reach you. Use potions to heal you 
                or return to town and restock on health and repair your 
                equipment. Return to Mephisto and repeat. But, you won't 
                have to do this that often when you compare the battle to 
                the one you had with Duriel.
                [FROM DragonSlayer2500:
                   Mephisto is really easy for a necro. Just stay away from 
                him, and everytime he shoots something, sidestep it and 
                shoot a couple of BONE SPEARS at him. Make sure you have 
                Mana and Stamina potions on your belt when you do this.
                   You can do the same for Diablo. ]
                [FROM: Ja Mes Kor
                   Firstly, I fought Duriel, Izual, Mephisto and some other 
                bosses in ACT 2 & later using the BLOOD GOLEM. Firstly, I 
                would have to invest a few more points in GOLEM MASTERY. 
                BLOOD GOLEM with IRON MAIDEN on the above bosses allow you 
                to attack the boss while he is busy entertaining himself 
                with your GOLEM and you do get the blood back from your 
                cute BLOOD GOLEM. ]
                                                                -Ja Mes Kor
                [FROM: Jason Lane            
                   Regarding Mephisto.  On higher difficulty levels, the 
                High Council members stationed down there with him are far, 
                far, far more dangerous than Mephisto can dream of being. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    Act IV Bosses:
    1) BOSS   : Izual
    ABILITIES : Freeze Slash
                Frost Nova
    STRATEGY  :    Now, I actually found this fallen angel harder than 
                Mephisto! What's up with that, huh? He may be twisted to 
                match his soul, but I thought that Izual looked really 
                good! Really cool looking!
                   Izual is tough enough alone because of his freezing 
                attacks that will slow you and your minions down quickly. 
                This, when combined with an army of Doom Casters and other 
                baddies, will slow down you and your minions enough for
                Izual and the rest of the monsters to surround you. So, one 
                of your goals in facing this Boss is to avoid this. 
                   Having suitable resistances to Cold attacks is optional 
                but recommended for this battle. But, it's more important 
                to clear out an area free from the normal monsters, 
                preferribly close to the stairs that lead back to the Outer
                Steppes or a corner of the area. This is where you should 
                battle Izual. Once you've got Izual in this area, you've 
                got two choices to go to beat him.
                   The first way is to go toe-to-toe with him, attacking 
                him face-to-face and have your minions join in. Cast 
                AMPLIFY DAMAGE or IRON MAIDEN on Izual to help out on the 
                damage delivering. This is very dangerous but the quickest
                way to do so. Just heal up and cast BONE ARMOR when doing 
                this method.
                   The other way is safer, but as usual, Mana-expensive. 
                Simply keep a distance from Izual and pelt him from long 
                range with your BONE SPEAR or BONE SPIRIT. You may want to 
                cast AMPLIFY DAMAGE to double the damage. Usually, he will 
                go after your GOLEM while you run around pelting him with 
                your offensive spells. Obviously, your GOLEM will 
                eventually die. Run away and replenish your Mana then
                return to him and resume the assaul with a new GOLEM in 
                   Obviously, I would recommend the safer method. Sure, 
                it's longer, but any way you defeat Izual means you defeat 
                him! Also, when you kill Izual, you'll be amazed at the 
                amount of experience you get! The little white bar above 
                your Stamina Meter goes up a good notch or two!
                [FROM Werebear:
                    There're lotsa other boss that die without much to do 
                like Izual. He dies fairly easily with a BLOOD GOLEM 
                standing there for him to hit and damage himself with IRON 
                MAIDEN casted on him. Even the ermm Venom Lord Uniques? The 
                Storm Caster Unique? All their damage doubles back to 
                themselves or even 4 times back. BOOM. I just leave my 
                BLOOD GOLEM there with IM and all of them dies. Cheap on 
                Mana, and by just watching.
                [FROM: Ja Mes Kor
                   Firstly, I fought Duriel, Izual, Mephisto and some other 
                bosses in ACT 2 & later using the BLOOD GOLEM. Firstly, I 
                would have to invest a few more points in GOLEM MASTERY. 
                BLOOD GOLEM with IRON MAIDEN on the above bosses allow you 
                to attack the boss while he is busy entertaining himself 
                with your GOLEM and you do get the blood back from your 
                cute BLOOD GOLEM. ]
                                                                -Ja Mes Kor
    2) BOSS   : Hephasto the Armorer (Extra Strong, Cursed, Magic 
    ABILITIES : Hammer Smash 
                Amplify Damage Curse
    STRATEGY  :    He's probably the Smith's (Remember him way back in 
                Act I?) older, tougher bully of a brother. He's really 
                scary to face! Not only is he Extra Strong, Hephasto has an 
                Amplify Damage Curse, ensuring pretty much instant death if
                he connects, even with BONE ARMOR active! Also, since he is 
                Magic Resistant, using your offensive magic spells like 
                BONE SPEAR and BONE SPIRIT won't be as effective on him.
                   So, what's a poor Necromancer to do? Well, the first 
                thing to do is to take him away from the other monsters he 
                has surrounding him. An excellent place will be the stairs 
                leading back to the City of the Damned so you can quickly 
                climb up the stairs to safety and use the Waypoint to heal 
                up from the massive damage he dishes out. Once he's 
                isolated, there are two ways that work well against 
                Hephasto the Armorer.
                   One way to kill Hephasto the Armorer when you take him 
                on is to slow him down! So, have a SKELETAL MAGE with COLD 
                Magic is great. When he gets frozen, you can get close 
                enough to him to get in a few whacks with your own AMPLIFY
                DAMAGE Curse cast on him. When you see him raise his mighty 
                hand to hit you, quickly run away from the blow! Have your 
                SKELETAL MAGE freeze him up again, and strike him a few 
                times once more.
                   But, obviously, this is really a long process. Not only 
                that, very risky! Another way is to use his Extra Strong 
                stat against him. Cast IRON MAIDEN on him and let your 
                minions do the fighting for you. When he strikes your 
                friends down, he is actually killing himself! Actually, 
                having an IRON GOLEM here with THORNS on him is better than 
                having a FIRE GOLEM! This is because the THORNS aura 
                combined with the IRON MAIDEN Curse on him will triple the 
                damage returned to him! And with him being Extra Strong, he 
                should be gone pretty quick!
                   The second method is easy and safe, but the first method 
                works pretty well! I used the first way on Hephasto and I 
                didn't get scratched! All it takes are real good reflexes 
                to avoid the blows of Hephasto.
                [FROM Werebear:
                   Now, imagine [a] BLOOD GOLEM going to kill Hephasto with 
                IRON MAIDEN. Remember, Hephasto do[es] AMPLIFY DAMAGE on 
                the GOLEM and only do melee damage....
                   Hope you find this useful. ]
                [FROM: Jason Lane
                   Regarding Hephasto the Armorer, use any sort of minion 
                whatsoever and cast Iron Maiden on him.  I've seen this in 
                action, it makes for a very short fight, even on Hell 
                difficulty - since he deals so much damage. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    3a) BOSS  : Infector of Souls (Extra Fast, Spectral Hit)
    ABILITIES : Power Strike
    STRATEGY  :    Infector of Souls is a Venom Lord Unique. He is also the 
                easiest of the three sealed monsters of the Chaos  
                Sanctuary. Think of him as a beefed-up Venom Lord. Sure 
                he's strong and got a lot of hit points. But, without his
                minions with him, he's pretty much nothing.
                   Simply cast AMPLIFY DAMAGE on his minions and BONE SPEAR 
                them. When one of them is down, use CORPSE EXPLOSION. And 
                again if there are any leftovers. Once all of the Infector 
                of Souls' minions are down, he should also be badly beated 
                with all of the CORPSE EXPLOSIONS done on him in the 
                   Now, all you got to do are a few more CORPSE EXPLOSIONS 
                on the pile of bodies you've done with AMPLIFY DAMAGE on 
                him and, poof!, no more Infector of Souls!
    3b) BOSS  : Grand Vizier of Chaos (Extra Strong, Fire Enchanted)
    ABILITIES : Spark Melee Strike
                Homing Mana Drain Missiles
    STRATEGY  :    Grand Vizier of Chaos is a Storm Caster Unique. He has 
                those annoying Homing Mana Drain Missiles which make it 
                hard to keep a distance and attack with BONE SPEAR and BONE 
                SPIRIT because if you get hit with those missiles, your 
                Mana will empty out pretty quick.
                   This is an easy battle if you've got a FIRE GOLEM with 
                you. Run around the Grand Vizier of Chaos and his minions 
                so that they won't be able to get a bead on you. If they 
                can't aim at you, they won't be able to hit you with those 
                missiles. And running around them is a good distraction, 
                too! Your FIRE GOLEM will kill a few of the minions off 
                with a little help from your SKELETAL MAGES and a AMPLIFY 
                DAMAGE Curse. With a few of them down, you've got your ammo 
                for CORPSE EXPLOSION fun! Keep on running around and 
                casting CORPSE EXPLOSION on the dead carcasses of the 
                minion Storm Casters.
                   Another good thing about the FIRE GOLEM is if it does 
                die, there is a good chance that the resulting explosion 
                from its death will take some of those baddies along with 
                him! This still means that you're gonna get ammo for your 
                CORPSE EXPLOSIONS!
                   But, what if you haven't gotten a high enough level for 
                a FIRE GOLEM? Well, this will be a hard fight! What you 
                have got to do is pretty much the same thing, but you 
                really need to be a bit more active!
                   You still have to have your Necromancer run a circle 
                around all of the baddies while your minions are in the 
                fray. Once in a while, stop and cast BONE SPEAR in the 
                crowd of baddies. Hopefully, you've got some Mana or 
                Rejuvenation Potions with you to replenish your Mana. When 
                a few of them are dead, use your CORPSE EXPLOSION on the 
                dead Storm Casters and keep on doing so until all of them, 
                including the Grand Vizier of Chaos is dead.
    3c)  BOSS : Lord De Seis (Extra Strong, Aura Enchanted, Thief)
    ABILITIES : Thief Swipe
                Bone Spirit
                Iron Maiden Curse
                Decrepify Curse
    STRATEGY  :    First of all, Lord De Seis is an Oblivion Knight Unique.
                And you know what a pain ordinary Oblivion Knights are!    
                Now, he's a buffed-up Oblivion Knight surrounded by an army 
                of Doom Knights and Oblivion Knights! Now, THIS is gonna be 
                   This battle will be extremely tough because, not only is 
                he a Oblivion Knight, Lord De Seis is surrounded by a horde 
                of Doom Knights and a few Oblivion Knights. He is also 
                Extra Strong, so his attacks, the Thief Swipe and Bone 
                Spirit, do a heck lots of damage to you and your minions! 
                   He also has Iron Maiden and Decrepity Curses. When he 
                casts Iron Maiden on you, just run away quickly! You'll 
                know it's Iron Maiden when you see the same tiny fireworks 
                display over your head. His Decrepify Curse will make it 
                difficult for you to run and strike with your weapon. So, 
                run away as far as possible, too, when you get hit with 
                this curse.
                   His Thief ability means that each time he connects with 
                his Thief Swipe, one of your potions from your belt gets 
                knocked off. Get hit a few times and you're going to have 
                an empty belt! So, this will make it hard for you to heal 
                with your potions.
                   With this in mind, Lord De Seis is going to be extremly 
                difficult to kill. But, of course, it is possible. With 
                great skill on you, your Necromancer, the assistance of all 
                your minions, and a bit of luck, he will die.
                   This easiest way to kill Lord De Seis is to have a FIRE 
                GOLEM in your party. Cast AMPLIFY DAMAGE on the herd of 
                baddies that are coming after the FIRE GOLEM. Now, while 
                they're all busy beating on your FIRE GOLEM, quickly create 
                another one, preferribly close by Lord De Seis' position.  
                With your AMPLIFY DAMAGE over the herd of Doom and Oblivion 
                Knights that went for the old FIRE GOLEM, the resulting 
                explosion of creating a new one will kill almost all of 
                them! Clean up is then easy with a few CORPSE EXPLOSIONS. 
                Now, all you're left with is Lord De Seis. Run up to him 
                quickly and whack him. Staying close to him and hitting him 
                with your weapon will prevent him from casting Bone Spirit 
                on you. Sooner or later, Lord De Seis will bite the dust.
                   Without a FIRE GOLEM, you have to rely on your BONE 
                SPEAR to kill as many minions as possible. Just aim for 
                Lord De Seis with the BONE SPEAR and make sure that the 
                BONE SPEAR will strike the group of baddies heading toward 
                you. Make sure you've got AMPLIFY DAMAGE on him and his 
                minions while doing this. Afterwards, when a few of the 
                baddies are dead, CORPSE EXPLOSION on them to clear them 
                out, leaving Lord De Seis all by his lonesome. Get close to 
                him, and attack! 
                   At any time, during any of the above methods, you feel 
                that you're gonna get killed, just run away! I mean it! If 
                you do die at this point, it is going to be tough returning 
                to your corpse and get back your equipment with all the 
                tough monsters still in the area surrounding your dead 
                   Personally, get the FIRE GOLEM and use the first method. 
                It's really easy with that method! As long as Lord De Seis 
                is alone, he's really not that hard to beat!
    4) BOSS   : Diablo
    ABILITIES : Ice Claw
                Fire Nova
                Fire Wall
                Fire Bolts
                Lightning Wave
                Bone Cage
    STRATEGY  :    Here it is! The final battle to decide the fate of 
                humanity! The concluding match between the forces of good 
                vs. evil! More importantly, the last boss of Diablo II! 
                Kill Diablo and the game is over! Sure, you're gonna miss 
                the long, sleepless nights playing the game! You're going 
                to remember the good times you had with your faithful 
                GOLEMS and SKELETON WARRIORS. It's been one hell of a ride 
                (In fact, the ride took you right into Hell!), but now it's 
                time to end it! Once and for all!
                   Diablo has three ranges for his attacks. Get close to 
                him, he will either try to strike you with his Ice Claw 
                melee attack or unleash his Lightning Wave. The Ice Claw is 
                really nothing to fear by itself. But, get hit with it, and 
                you'll slow way down, making it easy to follow it up with 
                another Ice Claw or strike you with his Lightning Wave. The 
                Lightning Wave is a multi-hitting lightning attack, much 
                like the Fetish Shaman's Inferno. The Inferno does lots of 
                damage, but Diablo's Lightning Wave will do a colossal 
                amount of damage if you stay still, even with the best 
                LIGHTNING Defense on the entire planet! So, close range is 
                very risky.
                   At mid-range, Diablo will unleash his Fire Nova (imagine 
                a Poison Nova, only it's made of fire), Lightning Wave, 
                Fire Wall and Fire Bolts (much like a Charged Bolt of 
                fire).  The Fire Nova will outright kill your SKELETON 
                WARRIORS and SKELETAL MAGES. And, with your SKELETAL MAGES 
                always keeping a distance from a baddie, Diablo will use 
                Fire Nova for sure to get them!
                   At long-range, Diablo's attacks are just limited to Fire 
                Bolts, Fire Nova and his Fire Wall (which he won't do too 
                much). This is where you should be! Keep a good distance 
                from Diablo! He can't do much damage with his Fire Wall if 
                you keep moving. The Fire Bolts are pretty easy to dodge as 
                well and the Fire Nova will spread out, so you can move in 
                between the fire balls with precise movement.
                   Now, while keeping a distance, run around Diablo, just 
                enough so you can still see him in the screen. Stop 
                occasionally to cast AMPLIFY DAMAGE on him and your long-
                range offensive spell on him. I hope by this time, your 
                Necromancer has already learned BONE SPIRIT! Having this 
                spell will eliminate the need for you to accurately aim. 
                BONE SPEAR can work, but if Diablo's moving around as well, 
                so it is pretty easy to miss with BONE SPEAR.
                   Having a FIRE GOLEM is good, too! He will absorb any of 
                Diablo's Fire attacks into his health, but since his main 
                close range attacks are non-fire based, your FIRE GOLEM 
                will die pretty quickly. Which is, actually, a good thing! 
                The FIRE  GOLEM will explode next to Diablo, giving off a 
                few extra points of damage (I'm guessing Diablo's got good 
                defense against Fire). Any extra damage is good! Just don't 
                bother creating a new one. It's better to do it solo (for 
                   If you need to run back to town via Town Portal, run 
                away from Diablo! I mean, FAR AWAY! Diablo will usually 
                cast Bone Prison around Town Portals! So, if you're going 
                to use a Town Portal, either go behind a wall so Diablo 
                can't see the Portal, or open it up far away from him.
                   In conclusion, in facing Diablo in the final battle, 
                pelt away with your BONE SPIRIT or BONE SPEAR spell with 
                AMPLIFY DAMAGE on him. It'll take a long, long time, but it 
                is the easiest method I found to kill Diablo!
                [FROM: Ja Mes Kor
                   As for Diablo in Normal, my friend actually suggested to 
                 use the BLOOD GOLEM instead of FIRE, and you need to re-
                 cast your BLOOD GOLEM numerous times (he was at level 31). 
                 I tried and found that you may still need to run around a 
                 bit like you suggested. My stand is: BLOOD GOLEM is your 
                 blood of survival till ACT 4. ]
                                                                -Ja Mes Kor
                [FROM: Jason Lane
                   Regarding Diablo tactics.  The very best tactic for a 
                Necromancer against Diablo, from what I've seen, is to get 
                someone else to help you.  This is easy enough, as many 
                characters, in higher difficulties, have major problems 
                with Hephasto.. and an IRON MAIDEN-wielding Necromancer 
                will, as I said, laugh at him. ]
                                                                -Jason Lane
    H. Tips and Hints
         Although you won't be needing to get up close and personal with 
    the baddies most of the time, it's better to be safe and sure. In order 
    to increase your Defense Rating, you'll need good armor of have good 
    Dexterity. Unfortunately, increasing your Dexterity won't do much for
    your Defense Rating when your Necromancer is at a very high level.
         So, what you want is a good armor, shield, etc. In order to do 
    that, you need to be strong enough to carry the stuff. This is why 
    Strength increase should be the Character stat you should be putting 
    your points into. Getting items that can increase your Attack Ratings
    is pretty easy to find!
         In the last Act, where a lot of the baddies do huge Elemental 
    damage to you. That's why you need to get those Gemstones and upgrade 
    them. Diamonds, when attached to a Shield will increase all your 
    Elemental Resistances. Putting an Amethyst in your Shield will increase 
    it's Defense. Adding a Skull into your Helm will increase your Mana  
    recovery and will recover Life! Finally, the Emerald in your Headgear 
    will increase your Dexterity!
         Since you won't be fighting that much, you'll want a weapon that 
    hits hard and fast for quick getaways. I know that you'll probably find 
    a weapon that does Enchanted Damage or get a Hammer that does more 
    damage than your very fast sword, but the fast hit-and-run style really 
    works well for a Necromancer.
         But don't go overboard on the speed department! If you get 
    surrounded, and you've got a fast weapon but does little damage (for 
    example, a Dagger), you won't be able to clear out the bad guys around 
         Also, two handed weapons aren't meant for the Necromancer. Since 
    you need two hands on a two handed weapon (Duh!), you won't be able to 
    carry a Shield! And your Shield is needed for added Defense, and if 
    you've added Gems into your Socketed Shield, it's needed to take most 
    of your Elemental Damage.
         Swords work well. They have fast attacking speed while delivering 
    modest damage to the opponent. There are other weapons that have 
    Enhanced Attacking Speed so, even though those type of weapons are slow 
    weapons normally, the added speed will be welcome while doing the same 
    amount of damage.
    [FROM: Ja Mes Kor
         In another Necro FAQ, someone actually suggested to use a really 
    damaging 2-handed weapon in later ACTs...I think this may be true in 
    Nightmare...I found one Maul and went back to get it imbued and it does 
    nearly 90 dmg on average and it kills off enemy faster. A gemmed shield 
    is useful when you meet up with those irritating elemental attacks... 
    otherwise I keep the shield for later uses. ]
                                                                -Ja Mes Kor
         You've gotta love those spells the Necromancer has! Sure, a lot of 
    them suck big time and aren't worth getting, but the ones that really 
    work well, really work damn good!
         AMPLIFY DAMAGE is bound to be one of your faves! It costs only a 
    few Mana points, yet it will double the damage you and your minions can 
         CORPSE EXPLOSION does a huge amount of damage! Kill a baddie and 
    cast it on the body! BOOM! A few more baddies are bound to die, setting
    up for more CORPSE EXPLOSION attacks! Also, exploding a corpse prevents 
    the dead body from being ressurected by creature that have the ability 
    to raise the dead.
         BONE SPEAR and BONE SPIRIT also does a lot of damage! BONE SPEAR 
    is great for huge groups of monsters. The BONE SPEAR will eliminate a 
    few of them, setting them up for CORPSE EXPLOSION. The BONE SPIRIT, on 
    the other hand, will only hit one baddie, but will to massive damage, 
    and will chase the targeted monster!
         Any SKELETON WARRIOR and MAGE are really good in times when you 
    need assistance quickly. They can provide distractions if you need to 
    run away. Not only that, using those spells will deny the body to be 
    ressurected ever again.
         REVIVED creatures, although they are active for a limited time, 
    are really powerful if you use this spell on Champions and Uniques. 
    They also get a big boost on their life stats. It's great on Bosses, 
    like Mephisto (if you manage to get Level 30 at that time) and Diablo! 
         Finally, the jewel of your Summoning monsters, the GOLEMS! The 
    CLAY GOLEM is tough enough to last till the end of Act I, and BLOOD 
    GOLEMS work wondrous against huge amount of baddies. IRON GOLEMS are 
    real bad boys! They can take a beating and dish it out as well! It's 
    THORNS Aura also help it kill tough monsters, especially the Extra  
    Strong, by returning 150% of the damage back to the attacker.
         And, last but not least, the FIRE GOLEM will absorb Fire Elemental 
    attacks to its health, has a Fire Aura as well and really hits hard! 
    Another ability that the FIRE GOLEM has that no one really exploits is 
    the fact that, when it dies, it explodes, delivering Fire Damage to the 
    surrounding baddies!
         The Summoned Monsters are Mana expensive, but, then again, YOU 
    ONLY HAVE TO CAST IT ONCE! Unlike your other spells, like AMPLIFY 
    DAMAGE and BONE SPEAR, the effect of the spell and the damage it does 
    either has a time limit or is instantaneous. They can last for a long 
    time. And, when they do die, you can always make another one, and  
    return to the nerest town and recharge you Mana!
         In Act I, when you return the Horadric Malus to Charsi, she'll say 
    that she'll Imbue one of your ordinary Items with Magic properties. It 
    may be tempting to use it immediately, but don't! Save it until Act IV!
         In Act IV, the ordinary Item you can buy are really good! So, 
    Imbuing an item that you get during Act IV, and Imbue that Item, you'll 
    get a really powerful item!
         I suggest Imbuing the best armor you can get later in the game, 
    then go back all the way to the Rouge Encampment. Go to Charsi and give 
    her the armor and have her Imbue it. After that, she'll give you your 
    new, powerful Magic Armor!
    7) CHEAT!
         You heard me right! Cheat! For example, if you're gonna Gamble or 
    get a Ring as a reward, save the game first! Then, go back to Windows 
    (you don't have to exit the game) and copy all the save game data from 
    the save directory of Diablo II to another directory.
         Now, load the game again and do whatever you want. If you get a 
    lousy item from Gambling or a crummy Ring for a reward, go back to the 
    Main Menu of Diablo II by saving the game. Since you didn't want what 
    you got, simply overwrite that save game with the one you copied to a 
    different directory! You're back again without the said Item and you can try again!
         Do this when you're about to use the Imbue! Imbue it and then, if 
    you think the new Imbued Item sucks, just do the above process!
         Why? Playing with friends is just darn fun! I played with my 
    friend. I was using my Necromancer while he used his Paladin character. 
    No matter how powerful the baddies were, the fights were pretty easy!
         Imagine the combinations! Your Necromancer and his minions, with 
    the help of a Paladin with Prayer, Might or Thorns Aura. You, your 
    Undead army, a Golem with an Amazon pelting the baddies from long 
    range. Two Necromancers with a ton of minions! Your Necromancer casting 
    Amplify Damage while a Barbarian totally killing the forces of evil! 
    Letting your minions distract a horde of monsters while a Sorceress 
    friend cast Frozen Orb on the lot of them! Or, ALL CHARACTER CLASSES 
    against the army of the Evil Dead! The possibilites are endless!
         Also, you can trade your items! With the help of your online 
    friends, it's pretty easy to complete the Set Items! Help your friends 
    by giving him items that you don't need anymore! Or they can help you 
    in the same way!
    I. Help Me!
    Send me some comments or suggestions to make this FAQ a better one. 
    They are always welcome! Contact me at fiefo@hotmail.com. 
    J. Thanks!
    www.gamefaqs.com (CJayC)- a great site for your faqs! Thanks for 
                              putting this one up! You get credit now for 
                              being the first one to do so!
    DLH.net (Bernd Wolffgramm) - thanks for asking to put this up!
    gameadvice.com (Al Amaloo) - thanks for asking to put this up!
    neoseeker.com (Peter Judson) - thanks for asking to put this up!
    Blizzard - for making Diablo II. I hope you guys can read this FAQ! 
               'Coz I wanna say thanks for the great game that Diablo II 
    Werebear (Chris Chua) - Gave me a few pointers on how to defeat Duriel, 
                            Izual, Hephasto the Armorer, and even Diablo 
                            himself! That's quite a lot of help!
    DragonSlayer2500 - Gave advice to beat Duriel and Mephisto, two major 
                       Bosses! Thanks!
    Ja Mes Kor - For some great advice to beat Duriel, Izual, and Mephisto.
                 Diablo, too!
    Jason Lane - For tons of advice in the game! And I mean TONS! Go ahead!
                 weight it! It's about 2,000 lbs!
    The "Lurkers" - Friends to Jason Lane. They gave Jason Lane a huge bulk
                    of the info he sent.
    Thomas Schuering - For pointing out to me that my FAQ was a bit wonky
                       in it's former setting.
    Norman Lee - for letting me play Diablo II for the first time at his 
                 house! And for playing with me online! Thanks, pal!

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