The crystal you shattered killed Rastegar, and freed Maya, but at what cost? Find out when you return to the caverns to destroy the black queen. Or step into the arena and play Ogre Hockey, where the players are invincible and a Kobold is the puck. Sharpen your skills and your weapons, this game's not over yet.
- REVISED QUESTS. Explore a new area of the caverns filled with riches, terror and excitement.
- INCREASED CHARACTER SELECTIONS. Play the new quest as Maya, an Orc, Skeleton or one of the other monsters you've wasted in the past.
- COOPERATIVE QUEST MODE. Now, join forces with another player to battle through the treacherous caverns together over modem or network!
- NEW MONSTERS. Face the towering Minotaur or the bug-like Greeble in a battle for survival.
- NEW WEAPONS. Explore different weapon combinations, such as axe with shield, or mace with tower shield.
- BATTLE ARENAS. 4 New battle arenas with moving floors, teleporters and other surprises.
- NEW MULTIPLAYER GAMES. Grab a Kobold as the puck and play a 2-on-2 game of Ogre Hockey. Also play King of the Hill, where all characters challenge each other for ultimate supremacy.
- PLUS. New voicing, new color schemes, and more!

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