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"Any game that allows you to inflict pain with a chainsaw is good in my book!"

Doom 2. In several minds, the greatest FPS of all time. In my mind, the third greatest FPS of all time. Everybody has at least heard of Doom. Or you should have unless you're 7 or have been living under a rock and missed it and it's billions of add-ons and follow ups. Doom 2 will always remain the best in the series though. Which only proves that sequels can actually be as good as or better than the original.

Graphics: 9
Okay, the graphics weren't the best I'd ever seen but they were pretty good for their time. Plus, I didn't really care since my main purpose was to destroy as many ugly looking things as I could. The enemies all have a unique look, mostly disgusting, and there are plenty of different textures to make each area look special. The weapons all look pretty realistic sitting in your hands, and when fired make you think you're actually there. Only a few different death animations, but the one where the enemy goes *splat* is still my favorite. When outside of buildings the sky looks realistic, probably the best thing about the graphics. The down part here is that the enemies are very pixelated when you get close. But who cares when you're busy pumping them full of lead.

Sound: 9
The background music can be frightening, it can be fast-paced, or it can be slow. In every way it gets the job done. It puts you in the mood to play the game. The sound effects are also top quality. The shotgun sounds like a shotgun, the pistol sounds like a pistol, and the BFG sounds like...well, whatever a BFG would sound like if it were real. They did the best with what they could in the sound department and it came out great.

Control: 10+
Okay, I might be a little biased toward the control. I loved the controls in Doom 2. Everything was so simple. The reason I don't play FPS on my computer any more is probably due to the control. Everything got so damn complicated. I love the days when all you had to do was run and gun. If an enemey is on a ledge it automatically shoots up there. It was simple. You could control everything with two hands on the keyboard. You could also use a mouse if desired but I never did. Strafing was also a big key to the game but the buttons were never out of reach. The controls of this game are idealistic.

Gameplay: 8
Gameplay suffers a little bit. The basic story is this: Bad monster-things have come back to earth because they're ticked at you for whupping their @$$ on their home planet. It's up to you to stop them with friggin' big guns.'' Not the most original but I didn't really care. So, what you do is go around in every level, find the biggest guns you can, kill as many bad monster-things as you can, find the keys if necessary, and exit the level to the next one. There are 30 different levels with 2 secret stages. Of course, at level 30 you have to kill the big-bad-boss-monster-thing. Once you do you win. It's plain, it's simple, but it's still pretty fun.

Replay (without a pal and a modem): 7
Replay (with a pal and a modem): 10
This game goes pretty fast in single player. The levels get huge and it can get tiring but once you beat it the only thing to do is to go on to the next skill level. Some of which are ridiculously difficult. I never did. I beat it and I was done. Now, if you have a pal and a modem this game never gets old. At least it didn't for me. You can play Co-op or deathmatch over the modem. The big pluses for playing this game over the modem are A) They can't see your screen (ex. Goldeneye, although it doesn't bother me at all...probably since I always won) and B) There is no slowdown (ex. Quake, and game over the internet). Another thing that adds to the replay value is the ability to create your own maps. You can create a perfect deathmatch level for you and your friend and play it forever. The only downside of this is that making them can be a little difficult if you don't know what your doing. My suggestion would be to get a modem and a pal with the game for the greatest amount of replay value.

Final Synopsis: Sure, this game may be old and we may have graduated to better things but the bottom line's fun. It was the best at it's time and is still one of the best. If my friends weren't graphic freaks I'd still be playing this game over the modem. It's still the best FPS for the computer.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/19/00, Updated 08/19/00

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