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"Killing things for no reason has never been so good."

In the second installment of the Doom series, the first thing your going to notice is that absolutely nothing is new. A few new monsters maybe, and a new weapon, but thats about it. Then, once you begin to play more, you realize that this doesnt matter at all. Even though there isnt much new, its still got the perfect gameplay, control, and sounds that we all know and love from the first Doom game.


This has been very nearly perfected. All the things you love about Doom are here. The really big thing to note here are the maps. They took the maps from the first Doom and just made them ten times better. They are huge and complex, brimming with demons wanted to rip your head off, with weapons galore.

Speaking of which, lets move on to the weapons. All of them from the first Doom are back, like the shotgun, plasma gun, your trusty pistol and the uber powerful BFG. The one new (welcome) addition to the troop is the "super" shotgun. It fires two shells at once and reloads twice as slow. Nothing spectacular, but a helpful add-on nonetheless. Overall, the gameplay is great.

SOUND - 8/10

This isn't really a game where you are going to be amazed by its sounds, but they are there and need to be addressed. Most of the background music is very good, and all of the sounds for the weapons and demons are good. Nothing amazing, but enough to get the job done.

STORY - Who cares?/10

Who needs a story in this kind of game? In a nut shell, you cleared out Mars only to return to earth to find the demons have infested the earth. Grab your pistol, Doomguy. Lets stop hell again. Thats it, really. Even though the story kind of sucks, it doesnt make a huge difference.


Like sound, your not going to be amazed by the graphics, but you shouldnt be upset. The backdrops of the sky and such are decent, the castles/buildings/rows of human faces (what?) all look okay. The demons all look well done, but nothign amazing. Overall, a good job, but not a great job.


There are a plethora of secrets to find in all the levels, which makes it fun to go and find them. There are also two secret levels to find, which are nice additions and hommages. And lets not forget that the game can be beaten on the utterly ridiculous difficulty that is NIGHTMARE mode. I have still yet to beat this game on anything above ulrta-violence. Other than those things, the game runs very thin on replay opportunities, but it is fun just to go back and play again. Maybe go for a speedrun? Who knows.


Absolutely buy this game, no question about it!!! You wont have a better time killing demons, I assure you! You wont regret an investment in this game.

Overall score - 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/06/07

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