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"You thought it was over, Marine? Think again!"

Doom. What thoughts does this word give you? The sound of a shotgun pump after you fired it? Or the whirring sounds of the chainsaw as you tear through that demon that charged you? What about the sinister roar of the Baron of Hell after it realizes you only have 3 Rockets and 6% health left? Or even better, meeting the Cyberdemon for the first time, only to get a faceful of missiles seconds after?

If any of the thoughts applied, welcome to the club.

Ahh...enough sappy talk. Doom II is the sequel to the legendary FPS of 1993, Doom. ID Software's sequel to the original megahit brings us more demon killing, puzzle solving and keycard hunting than ever before. With some new tailored features, Doom II is an awesome FPS game that should not be missed by a fan of the series, a FPS freak, or the common gamer in general.


At the end of Doom, we are shown a story of the marine how he kicked the Spider Mastermind's hind and saved Mars-yep, one lowly soldier had become a hero of legends by turning mankind's greatest nightmare-hell-into a smouldering pile of ash while he was at it. Hell decides to "play fair" and allows the human to return to the real world once more.

The Doomguy returns to Earth-only to see a city under siege from the very enemies he had fought earlier.

They had invaded Earth. But of course, you're not going to stand by like a helpless child and let them eat your fellow humans' brains. Grab that shotgun, Marine. It's phase two of demon extermination, and this time, it's on your own turf.


Same thing as the original Doom. No new features, except for the Super Shotgun that pumps out more lead than any machine gun can anyday.

The Super Shotgun is an awesome addition to Doom II. While the previous shotgun was good for holding medium-class demons at bay, it was not as effective against Cacodemons and swarms of Demons. However, the SSG (Super Shotgun) outrightly slaughters them. Not even Barons of Hell will stand under prolonged fire from this little bucket of death. You will need this weapon-trust me. New monsters are the reason.

Tons of new enemies await you-yes, Hell had decided to bring out its heavy artillery ever since your last encounter. A robot spider with a plasma gun or a fat, hulking behemoth with dual flamethrowers that pumps out fire like it was the Fourth of July are just a few of them. A personal favorite of mines is the Arch-vile. Even the most seasoned Doom veteran will shiver upon hearing is maniacal him and you'll know why.

There is also one new item added, the Megasphere. It can be considered as a bonus life-it instantly maxes out all your Health and Armor in a flash. Sweet, huh? Use them sparingly, though. You'll need them for the harder difficulties.


There is a whole new soundtrack added to the game, so it will really depend on the user's taste of music. I personally liked a few select songs. Who wouldn't love Map 07's soundtrack? It definitely fits the mood of pumping lead down those fat Mancubi while the song plays out.


You'll find nothing really new here-with the exception of new monster sprites, the Super Shotgun's model and the Megasphere's model, there's really nothing new added. You may find some differences in the terrain, but they don't really matter. But hey, when did graphics in Doom even matter? As long as it was viewable, it was playable. Simple as that. The gameplay, in general, is so addicting that graphics won't get in your way at all. There are, however, some quirks within the graphic engine, but they aren't much of an issue.

In conclusion:

If you like the original Doom, then you will definitely love Doom II. With 32 levels to play, you will be blasting Hell's minions to shreds from the moment you start the game to the last level of the game.

Buy this game if you're a FPS fan. Even though this game's kinda old and out-dated, it's still fun because even old games can be fun plus they are what make up the FPS game of the modern day. And if you loved the classic Doom, you definitely CANNOT miss out on this.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy this game and go kick some Hellish tushy already!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/22/09

Game Release: Doom II (US, 09/30/94)

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