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"A wonderful trip into Hell. But..."

Doom 2 is a FPS developed by Id Software. Lets make one thing clear… Doom 2 is COMPLETELY unchanged from the original. Sure a couple of new enemies have been added along with new and more challenging levels but the game is the same, which means 2 things… if you hated the first one you'll hate this one too & if you expected something new you'll be disappointed… however it still remains a great game that Doom fans will enjoy.

Story: N/A

In Doom 2 you are the same marine who stopped the demonic space invasion by killing the mastermind behind everything, in its very hideout in hell. But now the demons have somehow managed to invade earth while you where away and now you must kill every single one of them. Did you expect an actual plot from a Doom game? Neither did I…

Gameplay: 8/10
ReplayValue: 8/10

In Doom 2 like in the original, it is you against hordes of dangerous creatures. You'll find many weapons, like shotguns, chainsaws, miniguns, rocket launchers and so on and this time you'll also find a double barreled shotgun which takes longer to reload but kicks major alien buttocks! There also some new enemies that are very good with my personal favorite the arch-vile who resurrects enemies and can kill you in one or if you are lucky 2 blows. The game is still the same fast paced, mindless, trigger-happy, (and very simple and repetitive), game where you grab your gun and kill stuff… dumb stuff! But, the level design is in my opinion much different and in a way downgrades the overall experience. Levels are much larger, more epic, with 3-4 times the amount of enemies compared to the original doom. They are also much harder but not in a good way because the main reason for that is the fact that now the game has become a trial & error experience, where you enter a teleport and end up in an extremely narrow area with tons of enemies all around you. Even the best Doomers, will loose a lot of lives in their first playthroughs. There are also a lot of areas where the difficulty lies in your “platforming” skills, like in a certain level where you must walk in a veeeeeery narrow path and try not to fall in the lava below while lost souls fly around you… not fun at all. Another bad thing is the fact that you'll spend much time in key searching. In Doom key searching was easier and was there just to break the monotony but in Doom 2 levels are more complex when it comes to key searching and while finding keys isn't hard it is quite boring. Apart from these few problems Doom 2 is basically the same game, so you'll either love it or hate it.

Graphics: 9/10
Design: 8/10

While it still looks great, there are some things about Doom 2 that annoy me. First of all Doom 2 is basically Doom 1 with some more sprites and textures included. The old enemies are here, they still look great in all their alien\demonic glory and there are some new folk around that look even better, but the resolution of the game remains the same. Also Doom 2 is darker than the original… WAY darker. So dark that in many parts of the game instead of creating atmosphere it creates extreme amounts of annoyance, like when you try to kill these large demons while you can't see them… in a very small area… with lava all around. We have some new textures since the game this time takes place in earth but most of the new textures are brick and wood… brown brick & brown wood… lots of brown, something that makes the game look a bit ugly or at least not very appealing since it doesn't have the more colorful textures and better overall contrast of the original.

Sound: 10/10
Music: 9.5/10

The same sound effects are used in the game, (it is the same game after all), and why change them? They are simply great. Now regarding the music… we still have MIDI tracks and not “real” music but I don't have a problem with that. However forget about the fast paced, hard rock\metal themes of the original since Doom 2 has more dark and mysterious themes, more ambient… err… ish, or something! I like them but I know some people won't.

-Adrenaline pumping old school shooting fun
-Tons of fun due to literally thousands of Mods

-Simple and repetitive
-More boring key searching from the original
-The same old graphic engine

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Overall: 8.7/10

So that's about it… while not different from the first game, Doom 2 remains a great game, maybe not so good as the original but still quite an enjoyable experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/10

Game Release: Doom II (US, 09/30/94)

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