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"Doom 2, making perfection out of a legendary game"

Doom is is widely considered to to be the granddaddy of all first person shooters and one of the most inspiration and innovative shooting games of all times, and for good reason. Yet, when most people talk about Doom they will probably first think of Doom 2. Why? Because Doom 2 managed to take a classic game of innovation and greatness and somehow make it even better.

Doom 2 manages to become even better than the original by taking the same interface, engine, and core design and merely adding more to it. If you were to play Doom, and then play Doom 2 the games would look identical in design and the interface. They are. What Doom 2 did was expand upon the abilities of Doom, give brand new levels, and a brand new story that follows the original.

The Story of Doom 2 is, to me, even better than the first Doom. It follows right after the events of the first Doom, and involves you saving humanity from an invasion of Hell by first making it safe for the humans to escape Earth, then literally plunging into Hell to stop the core of their invasion. Doom 2 is not separated into chapters, the whole game could be played continuously. Instead, after certain levels there is a small interlude where dialogue tells you what is going on and what your ultimate objective is. I find Doom 2's story to be superior to that of it's predecessor because it closes on a solid note, and a satisfying one. The interludes unfold the story as does the gameplay and the way the levels change over time, and this time the ending feels much more satisfying, much more proper, and it gives proper closer to everything that has happened. Not to mention, the climax that this one builds up to tops it's predecessor. Saying more would be giving away spoilers, but rest assured that the final boss featured in Doom 2 is one of the most awesome and epic climaxes ever, in gameplay as well as story.

Doom 2's other changes largely fall under giving new enemies and items. All the previous enemies return, along with a lot of brand new ones. There are almost twice as many enemy types now, and new monsters include machine gun wielding dudes, fat monsters that wield flamethrowers, and fast moving evil healers that can revive almost any monster you already killed! It bumps up the variety and the challenge immensely, and Doom already featured good variety and challenge. Also, the enemies that were deemed bosses in the first game now appear throughout Doom 2 sparingly, but more often than a one-time appearance. The new enemies are well designed, well implemented, and fit the world of Doom monsters very well. As it result, it's the same awesome shoot and run gameplay featured in the first game with even more things to blast apart, which is as good as it gets.

To deal with the new enemies, a new weapon is also featured: The super shotgun. Essentially a double barrel shotgun, the super shotgun is a much more powerful shotgun that gives much more power at the cost of a slower rate of fire. The super shotgun is considered a favorite among Doom players, and for good reason. It's an amazing add-on. One really well designed weapon is better than several "okay weapons." It's a prime case of quality over quantity.

The levels designs are fantastic, each with a unique layout and feel. The level designs add to the immersion and the story as your character goes from the starting space base to the towns of Earth and into eventually Hell itself, with the design appropriately changing overtime to reflect to the progress and the location. The graphical engine itself has not changed at all, but there are new design artwork details involved to give the game a different visual feel in ways from the first game, and it pays off well. There are a total of 30 levels in Doom 2, plus 2 hidden levels to be found, and each of them has their own feel and layout.

Doom 2 also features a completely new soundtrack. Doom had an amazing soundtrack. I don't know if I can say Doom 2's is better, but it is certainly on par with the original. It's that same mix adrenaline pumping intensity mixed with more eery and spooky feelings, and once again it creates the perfect atmosphere and immerses you into the setting of fighting the legions of hell at full force, while at the some time being cautious of your own survival. The music for the final level All the original sound effects for weapons and enemies return, which is certainly not a bad thing. New enemies get their own screeches and roars when they discover you as well as their own grunts as they search for you, and they are all as creepy sounding as the original sound effects can get.

Overall, Doom 2 took what Doom had and perfected it. There is a reason this is the Doom game most people remembered. It expanded upon the core design of the first game rather than try to reinvent it, and made an even better game. More enemies, new levels as well as more of them overall, and a better story with one of the best climaxes and final showdowns I've ever seen in a game. This is a must play for any shooter fan, or anyone who likes games in general.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/14/12

Game Release: Doom II (US, 09/30/94)

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