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"I'm surprised I could write this, considering I threw up 6 times yesterday."

Doom II is the sequel to the classic FPS, Doom, obviously. Doom revolutionized the FPS genre, bringing tough game play and great 3D graphics into the mix.

Game Play-

Mommy, mommy, I wanna see either the Lost Soul, or the Baron of Hell. I can’t decide.

The game play hasn’t changed one noticeable bit on the outside, something I usually don’t like, but a man can change. (I liked Crazy Taxi 2’s minor additions, which made the game all the more interesting) The game remains simple. Shoot the enemies to death, leaving a pile of monster carcasses and not an ounce of mercy. The game features a bumped up difficulty. I’ve actually beaten both games at least 50 times. Expect at least 5 hours of game play. (I have to play it safe, ya know. I’m only half-human, but twice as attractive)


NO. Don’t shoot. I’ll give you everything you want.(BOOM)

The keyboard works really well with this game. I wouldn’t use the mouse if I were you. (You’d like to be me, considering I’m so handsome, wouldn’t you?) The game responds well to both, but the mouse is really slippery and hard to direct sometimes. Game should be keyboard-only.


Follow me, my minions, and we shall wreak havoc on the civilians armed with guns. HA HA HA HA (cough) (cough). I need Dr. Mom, FAST.

The soundtrack is crap compared to the original. You can barely hear some of it, it is more of a background music. It’s like elevator music. You want it at first, but then you realize it’s basically “It’s Not Unusual” on a continuous loop. The tracks in this game sound pretty much the same. The sound effects are killer (pun). The sounds are the same from the first Doom. The sounds of the grunts and screams of the people dying is good. Not “good” as in, well you know what I mean, hopefully.


Technically, the “undead” are those who aren’t dead. So I’m actually undead, not the opposite as my doctors have predicted.

The graphics are exactly the same too. They haven’t changed a bit. Sure, the level design has changed, but the graphics engine hasn’t.


I wonder what happens if I shoot these radioactive barrels? AH, it burns, it burns.

The game is so much better if you think of it as a tougher add-on for doom than a full-fledged sequel. At least 5 hours of game play, and that’s just me, a guy who’s been playing video games his whole life.

Score Rundown
Game Play-8/10 – Mindless shooting
Control-7/10 – Keyboard Good: Mouse Bad
Audio-6/10 – Killing sounds rule
Graphics-7/10 – Graphics engine, unchanged
Enjoyability-7/10 – Think of it as an add-on



If you like FPS’ you should get this game. Expect at least a few hours of game play from this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/07/01, Updated 05/20/02

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