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"The Greatest FPS of all time, now even greater! (Did I mention it's the greatest?)"

When Doom came out, most people had the shareware version, (those cheap people, the game was only $30) so only the first episode was available. But it was so fun, no one needed the other two episodes? So everyone thought Doom was the coolest. They were wrong. Doom II: Hell on Earth came out, and it took the tried-and-true Doom formula and somehow made it better.
Story 9/10- Since it was the same story from Doom, (I actually bought Doom, so I had all three episodes), I decided to give this a 9. The only difference is that Hell is on Earth, hence the title, Hell on Earth.
Gameplay 10/10- Now Doom II features two secret levels and 30 new levels. If I am able to add correctly, that should make 32 whopping levels of Doom madness. Plus, a NEW WEAPON! Okay, if you had the shareware version, technically the Plasma Rifle and BFG 9000 would have been new, but a new weapon is the Super Shotgun, a big double-barreled shotgun. NEW ENEMIES! Doom II still has Demons, Cacodemons, and Cyberdemons, but know there are Chaingun Commandos, Hell Knights (the baby brother to Hell Barons; they're white, not pink), Arachnoids, and the coolest enemy ever, the Arch-Vile. This dude actually revives dead monsters. That means the dead Cyberdemon is now back to haunt you in your sleep. Cool, huh? Another aspect of gameplay is that Doom II is joystick compatible, which I highly recommend. The 32 levels are huge, and Level 30 has a man's face on a balloon who doesn't attack but it's called the Ultimate Foe. What will ID think of next?
Graphics 9/10- Still blocky, but adds to the futuristic look of the game. From far back, those Hell Barons look cool, but close up and they look pixilated. Of course, when you're shooting rockets in their friggin' face, you really don't care. Of course, when you consider I used to get nightmares from those freaky Cacodemons, I really don't think graphics are even an issue. Let's move on.
Multiplayer 10/10- FUN! You'll stay up late designing deathmatch maps, then killing your ''friends'' on them. 'Nuff said.
Verdict- Doom II: Hell on Earth is what Doom was, but better. Packing better graphics, new weapons, new enemies, and new levels, and even the codes are still there, you know this game is not some cheap follow-up, but almost an entirely new game. Buy this game, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/01, Updated 05/11/02

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