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"The greatest first-person-shooter ever, not if the best game ever..."

ID Software comes back with a sequel to the already sweet DooM. It's called DooM II: Hell on Earth and it kicks demon crack to the fullest extent. Now, I have been playing DooM since 1993, and it has to be my favorite game of all time. So, you can trust me with this one.

Now, you may think the graphics suck, but back in 1993, they rocked. So, comparing them to Return to Castle Wolfenstein wouldn't be fair. I think the game is very detailed, and everything looks sweet. The monsters are very detailed, especially the Spider Mastermind, and the weapons look very nice. Graphics score a 10

Id did a brilliant job with the controls. I think every command is set to the perfect button. Anyone could sit down and learn them in a matter of 30 seconds. Controls score a 10

DooM has incredible depth for it's time. However, it is not split up into episodes like the previous DooM. You would beat a certain amount of levels, and it would have a little dialogue saying what you have just done and what is your next mission is. Depth scores a 10

Now, after playing this game for 8 years, I memorize every tune for each level, and they all rock! The music has to be the best ever! You got to check it out. There's some Alice In Chains and Pantera in there too, turned into MIDI. It's crazy. Now to the SFX, sometimes the sounds can be repetitive, but they sound great. Audio scores a 10

-Replay Value-
I could play DooM II for the rest of my life, and love every gory, hell-spawned minute of it. I may know where everything is by now, but it's so fun, you could play it over and over for years. I still play it everyday for at least 3 hours. See how good DooM is? Replay Value scores a 10

Everyone should play DooM, and you should all love it, because you get to kill the devil, have fun, find secrets, watch the guy's face show pain and pleasure, explode demons into a bloody pulp, and beat all your friend's in Deathmatch. Wow, I love this game.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/19/02, Updated 03/19/02

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