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"If it's up here, what's down there....?"

Doom II: Hell on Earth is one of the best FPS's i have played. Sure, the graphics would not make you think that you were actually killing demon spawn from the underworld, but hey! Good music, control, sound, and gameplay make up for that! Now, on the the meat of the review.

Gameplay: 10

Quite basic, really. Run around and shoot anything that moves. There is no weak point, no weakness, no protected spot, just point and pull the trigger. It is this basicness, though, that makes doom great. Also, the millions of add-ons make the gameplay even better, as you can play with new levels, weapons, monsters, etc.

Sound: 10

Sound in this game may be one of the things that keeps you alive. All monsters have a ''sound'' that they make when they are away from you/cant see you. With zombies, you would hear heavy breathing, imps, snarling, and the Cyberdemons, loud, heavy, footsteps. All of the guns sound real, except for the Plasma gun, and the BFG. Think about it.

Music: 10

Not exactly what maestro would like, but it fits very well in here. Dark and creepy on some levels, others it is very fast paced. And on a few, downright scary! The music gets the job done, but you probably wont hear a lot of it.

Control: 10

Simplicity always works best. And it is pretty darn simple here. Arrow keys to move around. See a demon, press Ctrl to shoot it. Space opens doors. Shift runs. No jumping is in this game, and all the better, i say. One less control to be worried about in the heat of a gunfight with a demon.

Graphics: 7

The only place where doom makes a downfall is graphics. Up close, demons look very pixellated and blocky. However, this is not commonly a problem, and they probably did this on purpose to prevent slowdown from a horde of demons assualting you. Besides, you probably dont want the demons to come up in your face. That is called asking for it.

Overall: 10

Doom is a gaming experence that should not be missed. Really, anybody old enough to not be scared of it would probably enjoy this game.

The Good:
Easy Control
Point n' shoot, no aiming required!
Great sound and music

The Bad:
Graphics are blocky up close

The Ugly:
100% of the bad guys

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/12/02, Updated 06/12/02

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