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"One of the best games ever made"

Opening Note

First of all I've been playing games for a long time and they weren't very interesting until The Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis came out. I played the first Doom on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo and it was so good.It was unbelievable.Now...after I've beaten it a few times I was really wish for another Doom game.Well my wish was granted.

Now for my review:

Game Play 10/10

This game is really fun just solving puzzles collecting cards and shooting down demons,zombies and a lot of stuff from Hell. Is this game hard???? Well maybe yes and no. Because you can pick up to four or five difficulties that will really make the experience a whole lot harder or a whole lot easier. So the difficulty in this game is your choice. The controls on PC games are usually really hard to get used to but for Doom II it's a cinch.

Up arrow = Move up
Down arrow = Move down
Left arrow = Move left
Right arrow = Move right
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 = Switch to different weapon
Ctrl = Attack (shoot or punch)

Story 8/10
You are some sort of soldier and you just defeated zombies and demons and everything.He thinks there is finally peace in the world but he was so wrong.Hell breaks loose and everyone is getting killed. He is one of the very few people alive and he gets his guns out and gets ready to kick some demon butt. He must kill all of these demons and their leader to bring peace to earth finally.

Audio and Video 9/10
First of all I think the graphics in this game are great they are more like a cartoon than real that is good. Because I think if the game was more real looking it would be sort of weird. The sky and building and those things look great though.The sound of the shooting is wonderful it is as though they recorded real gun shots for this game.You can hear yourself breathing and your foot steps as well which makes the sound in the game realistic. The music is okay I thought it was good,but after you play for awhile it tends to become a real nuisance.

Replay Value 10/10
There are over 31 levels on this game very long levels,some challenging,some easy.I think that this game doesn't get old. Even if you've beaten it 5 times (like I have). It's pretty long,it will take awhile to beat. It is wroth playing again. Because every time you play it,it will be different. You kill this guy in one shot,you play again you don't kill him and he kills you it's always different.

To buy or to rent? - This game is such a gem. Buy it. Without a doubt.

Replay Value 10/10
Audio and Video 9/10
Story 8/10
Game Play 10/10
To Buy or to rent? Buy!

Overall this is one of the best games ever made.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/09/02, Updated 04/01/03

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