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"An excellent sequel to the greatest PC game ever!"

DoomII is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece. With all of the levels it has, it must have taken months, or even years for them to design the game. I appreciate games like Doom and DoomII, games that have a lot of time and effort and money put into gameplay, not completely into graphics and sound, because I think that those two categories are the least important out of them all that a video or computer game should score high in.

GRAPHICS: A little bit above average, considering the time and technolgy ID had when they made the game. The graphics aren't horrible, but they aren't the next NFL2K or Sonic Adventure, either. The one thing I must pick at in this category is the fact that whenever you kill an enemy, the enemy falls to the ground in such a fake manner that it isn't funny. That is the only bad thing about the game, however with the possible exception of difficulty.

SOUND/MUSIC: Excellent, at least the few times I have heard them both. My computer is, shall we say, a hunk-'o-junk, and for some odd reason, I can't get the music and sound to work. I've only gotten it working once. But the sounds I heard that one time was pretty good, but it sounded a little too fake. Like theChaingun, the sound of it firing is fake. It doesn't sound like a real gun. I understand that ID doesn't have a lot to work with, but they should have at least been able to do something better with the sound! I could never get the music working, by the way, so I can't really speak for that.

STORY: Another strong point of Doom II. ***SPOILER ALERT*** You are the last ex-marine, and after fighting a long battle with aliens on another planet come back to Earth at last. But wait, that thing in the distance. . . . . it looks like a zombie! You discover that the demons have invaded Earth, and either killed its inhabitants or turned them into bloodthirsty zombies. You, and you alone, must fight to in Earth back from the demons. ***END OF SPOILER*** Pretty darn good, if I do say so myself, which I do.

CONTROLS: Pretty simple, although since it's a computer we're talking about, they can get kind of confusing sometimes. I never liked the idea of always having to use Alt + direction as strafing, it got too clumsy in times of battles. But I do like the idea of the Control button being the fire button, because I always think of it as, "You are always in Control when you fire."

DIFFICULTY: One word: hard. I can only get to level 14 out of 32, and I've had Doom II for over four years. However, I like the fact that it will take a long time to complete, even with cheat codes and walkthroughs.

OVERALL: Definitely buy this game if you're the kinda person who likes first-person shooters. Although no Goldeneye, this game is a pretty decent game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/11/00, Updated 01/11/00

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